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Poverty Stricken Queen Spends £8 million on New Helicopter For William And Kate

Sunday 22nd June 2014 at 05:39 By david-icke

‘Prince William is to get his hands on the ultimate boy’s toy – a luxury helicopter paid for by the Queen.

The six-year-old Agusta A109S Grand, which has already been dubbed ‘Heirforce One’ after the US President’s aircraft, has no previous owners and boasts a top speed of 180mph.

It will be used to whisk William and his wife Kate between official engagements so they can spend as much time as possible at home with their son, Prince George.’

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Queen should no longer be head of Church, says Nick Clegg

Friday 25th April 2014 at 04:59 By david-icke

‘The Queen should lose her constitutional role as head of the Church of England, Nick Clegg has said.
In comments that divided the Coalition, the Deputy Prime Minister became the most senior politician of modern times to propose the disestablishment of the Church.

Mr Clegg believes that the Anglican Church would “thrive” if no longer “inhibited” by its role at the heart of the British constitution.

The Prime Minister immediately rejected Mr Clegg’s call to disestablish the Church, saying that the proposal was “not a Conservative one” and will not be implemented by the Government.’

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Is Myra Hindley really dead?: The mysterious case of Jimmy Savile, VIP pimps, Harriet Harman, Samantha Cameron and Britain’s dirty secrets

Thursday 13th March 2014 at 04:54 By david-icke

‘It’s a little known fact that notorious child-killer Myra Hindley had friends in high places.

Was this because she was working for Jimmy Savile, procuring children to be abused by VIP filth?

One of her supporters was Lord Longford who spent years lobbying for her release.

Lord Longford went on a fact-finding mission in the ’70′s to investigate pornography. He took along Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard.

Jill Dando knew all about the BBC paedo-ring run by Savile and told her close chum Cliff. She was soon shot dead on her doorstep as a warning to others to keep their mouths shut.

Longford was the uncle of Harriet Harman MP, who has recently been embroiled in the recent PIE paedophile scandal.

Harman is in turn a cousin of Prime Minister David Cameron, who is in turn a cousin of the Queen.’

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He can't resign… we have an election to win: What alleged victim of gay sex case MP Nigel Evans claims Tory chief whip told him

‘A senior Conservative ‘sighed with irritation’ at being told Nigel Evans had sexually assaulted a Parliamentary employee, and refused to demand his resignation, a court heard yesterday.

Patrick McLoughlin, then Tory chief whip, told the alleged victim that with the General Election looming, ‘the timing wasn’t right’ to ask Evans to step down, concluding: ‘It can’t be done.’

Instead, Mr McLoughlin – now Transport Secretary – agreed the Conservative MP for Ribble Valley should seek help for his drinking and publicly come out as gay.’

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High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

Sunday 9th March 2014 at 07:07 By david-icke

‘One of Britain’s most senior judges actively campaigned to support a vile paedophile group that tried to legalise sex with children, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Lord Justice Fulford, named last year as an adviser to the Queen, was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which police suspect of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’.

An investigation by the Mail on Sunday has discovered that Fulford was a founder member of a campaign to defend PIE while it was openly calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four.’

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Comrade Calamity: Union thuggery. Financial scandals. And now his links to child sex abuse. Throughout his life, Mr Harriet Harman has got things SO wrong

‘In response to the Mail’s shocking reports about the past links between paedophile activists and the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), in which Dromey was a leading figure, he has behaved like the old union boss he used to be, making his noisy protests and playing the victim card.

The Mail’s stories, he declares, are nothing but ‘a smear’ and ‘a new low in journalism’, as he shows not the slightest shame about the affiliation of the Paedophile Information Exchange to the NCCL at a time when he was not only an executive member but also the civil rights organisation’s chairman.

Dromey even attended the notorious meeting of the NCCL executive in February 1976 that agreed to push for the age of consent to be lowered to just ten — although he has made it clear he did not agree with the proposal.’

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Even the Queen is hit by energy price rises as utility bills soar by £1m as ‘crumbling’ Royal Estate requires £50m in repairs

Tuesday 15th October 2013 at 10:54 By david-icke

‘The Queen has been forced to live in ‘crumbling’ surroundings, with a 60-year-old boiler struggling to heat Buckingham Palace, it was claimed today as it emerged the Royal Estate now requires £50million of repairs.

The monarch has seen utility bills soar by 50 per cent in just a year to hit £3.1million. Palace aides were today challenged about why they failed to ‘fix’ energy tariffs as families are urged to do.

It also emerged courtiers are planning to scrap the Royal Train when the current carriages are taken out of service within the next 10 years, complaining it is too noisy, uncomfortable and expensive.’

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Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.

‘Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.

The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx). This makes her the richest individual on earth.’

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The Richest Monarchs and Royals of the World – 2013

‘Her Majesty’s personal fortune is based upon, Her hereditary property and ownership rights therein as Sovereign of the Realm, including: the land and Property assets of the Duchy of Lancaster, the Crown Estates, the Royal Palaces of Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, St James’s Palace, the Palace of Holyrood, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Palace and Bangueting House, the Crown Jewels and Her family investments, the Royal Art Collection and family properties including Balmoral and Sandringham.

The estimates of Her wealth are often mistakenly valued on the basis that the Crown Estates, Royal Palaces and the Crown Jewels, are in some way inalienable items held and not owned by the Sovereign, this is a misleading and false statement of facts, there are no such documents in existence to proof this false view and as such they are owned, borne and enjoyed as hereditary possessions of the Reigning Sovereign, thus can be legally viewed as personal property of the British Sovereign, being owned and enjoyed under their inalienable rights as Monarch of the Realm.’

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Queen is given an inflation-busting pay rise: Her Majesty to receive 22% increase over next two years after being reduced to her ‘last MILLION’

Friday 11th October 2013 at 11:10 By david-icke

‘The Queen is set to receive an inflation-busting 22 per cent ‘pay rise’ over two years, according to new official figures.

The monarch is said to be ‘down to her last £1 million’, leaving her vulnerable to ‘unexpected costs’, a report has said.

She is now expected to be given £37.9 million in 2014-15 to run her Household and conduct official engagements, up from £31 million in 2012-13.

The figures were released yesterday by the National Audit Office which has, for the first time, been allowed to examine all aspects of the Queen’s funding as Head of State.’

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Talking of which … Prince Philip seeks to use the law to ban reporting of his grotesque family’s secrets

Thursday 12th September 2013 at 10:14 By david-icke

And, wow, there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many that would end the monarchy if they came out – and they will. It is time.

‘Secrets? Yes, they gave me a medal for every one – these are just a few.’

‘Any story about the health of a member of the Royal family will also be banned if Prince Philip’s complaint to the Press Complaints Commission is upheld.
In the past, this would have meant that Diana, Princess of Wales’s bulimia would have remained a secret, as would Princess Margaret’s scalding in her bath and the late Queen Elizabeth choking on fish bones.

The Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said that whilst the Duke had a right to privacy over his medical details, the case raised serious questions about what the public should and should not be told about the Royal family’s behaviour.’

I mean, what could they possibly have to hide?

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