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‘Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has agreed to hand over the private email server she used when she was secretary of state to the US Justice Department.

The decision comes a week after the FBI launched an investigation in the use of of Mrs Clinton’s unsecured email account.

Back in March, both Republicans and Mrs Clinton’s rivals within the Democratic party demanded to see the emails to determine whether classified information had been sent and stored on a domestic email server from her home in New York.’

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‘The police and surveillance state predicted in the forward-looking 1940s classic “1984” by George Orwell, has slowly, but steadily, come to fruition. However, like a frog sitting idly in a pan of steadily-warming water, too many Americans still seem unaware that the slow boil of big government is killing their constitutional liberties.

The latest sign of this stealth takeover of civil rights and freedom was epitomized in recent Senate testimony by FBI Director James Comey, who voiced his objections to civilian use of encryption to protect personal data – information the government has no automatic right to obtain.’

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The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation says despite their best efforts, huge numbers of children across the US are being sexually exploited. The rate of abuse is reaching “epidemic” proportions.

Tens of thousands of kids across the United States are being sexually exploited every year, and “the level of pedophilia is unprecedented right now,” Joseph Campbell of the FBI’s Criminal Investigation Division revealed to BBC News.

Only six hundred abused children were rescued by the Bureau last year.

Most of children cited in these numbers are American citizens, but there is also a large number of minors illegally transported to the territory of the US from Latin- and Central America, the BBC investigation revealed.’

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‘The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) blames China for a significant surge in economic espionage cases across the United States.

The head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, Randall Coleman, said at a briefing that the bureau has identified a 53 percent increase in the theft of secret trade information from US companies, inflicting hundreds of billions of damages over the past year.

“The predominant threat we face right now is from China,” Coleman said on Thursday.

The exact number of total cases of economic espionage is classified, but Coleman said it is “in the hundreds.”’

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‘News reports of the July 16 shootings in Chattanooga Tennessee already provide some curious features that warrant close scrutiny. Perhaps unsurprisingly, complete oversight of the shooting investigation has been turned over to the FBI. Also, the Israeli-linked SITE Intelligence Group is involved in providing the news frame for alleged shooter Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez.

For over a decade now the FBI has been busy creating phony terror events throughout the US to provide the semblance of a discernible enemy in the “war on terror,” as investigative reporter Trevor Aaronson has documented. This has proven immensely lucrative for the Western military-intelligence-media complex.’

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‘Once again, another convenient shooting has helped supercharge anger, hatred, fear, and division across the Western World after an alleged “Islamist extremist” opened fire on and killed 4 US Marines at a recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Without any knowledge of how the US has in fact created Al Qaeda and its many global affiliates, including vicious terrorist groups plaguing Southeast Asia, and the most notorious to date, the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS), the American public will predictably react in a manner that will simply further justify America’s meddling across the globe amid its self-created and perpetuated “War on Terror.” It will also help in efforts to further tighten control over the American public itself, with increased justifications for expanding police state measures and future pushes to disarm the American people.’

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‘Afshin Rattansi goes underground with James G. Connell III- attorney at the U.S Defense Department, who represents Aamar al-Baluchi. Aamar stands accused of financing 9/11, and the CIA-backed Hollywood film Zero Dark Thirty even based a character on him. James explains how Hollywood producers and directors works with the CIA, and why the U.S considers itself to be exempt from many human rights treaties.’



‘Federal agents raided the offices of a Jewish college that has prospered from millions of dollars in federal aid even though almost all its students live in Israel and hardly any of them graduate.’

Federal officials declined to comment on the reason for the July 7 raid at Michigan Jewish Institute, in a suburb of Detroit. But in 2012, the Forward showed how MJI’s assets soared as the college enrolled thousands of students in distance and online learning courses.

During a five-year period, MJI’s students claimed $25 million under the Federal Pell Grant Program, which is designed for the neediest American students. Almost all those students took degree courses in Judaic studies at yeshivas and seminaries in Israel that they never completed.’

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‘Here we go again. More disturbing news arises about the depth of the U.S. torture program; a few politicians express their disgust at it; the U.S. media complex becomes complicit in the continuation of the program either by their adumbration of torture ( reported extensively on this in December and January), or by their silence; and the torture program itself continues and deepens, until the next report, when the cycle will repeat again.’

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