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David Icke’s Acclaimed New All-Day Wembley Presentation Now Available To See On Demand

Saturday 31st January 2015 at 05:42 By David Icke

‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

- US Singer, Songwriter, Producer Geoff Byrd

Please note … rental price is in dollars because of the playout system …

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The David Icke Book of the Day: The Biggest Secret

Tuesday 27th January 2015 at 11:03 By David Icke

The book that’s proved to be WAY ahead of its time – which named names in the VIP paedophile rings on both sides of the Atlantic that are now being exposed (but the names still covered up).

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Vindicated: Gladio B, Paris Terror & ISIS Fakery Admitted

Friday 23rd January 2015 at 08:29 By David Icke

‘Sibel Edmonds has done extensive research on Gladio B and has recently made connections between it and Paris evident in her new interview with James Corbett. What comes to the fore is Turkey’s role in training, arming and exporting radical Islamists. Training took place within the NATO domain, in Turkey and Jordan, whereas the New York Times’ report whitewashes it as petty criminals and illegal immigration into China.

Edmonds projects this region to be the next Ukraine, as this area forms what Pepe Escobar terms, “Pipelinestan.” The “democracy” exporting NGOs will now bring weaponized “freedom,” of course. Sound familiar?’

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The Age Of Aquarius And Transhumanism

Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 08:01 By David Icke

‘The Grand Cosmic Year of twenty-six thousand years is grinding to a close and a New Cosmic Age is beginning. Will the age of Aquarius bring a revolution of peace and love as heralded by the sixties–or will it usher in an age of unprecedented misery for humanity?

We have been in the cusp of Aquarian energy for a while, and we can see how the negative aspects of the Aquarian frequency are manifesting in the reality around us. Fracking, gmo’s, chemtrails, engineered diseases, to name a few.

Aquarius is a fixed, male polarity of Air and can be rigid and ruthless in its thinking. In its negative aspects it resonates with the hard, cold intellect of the vivisector, the cruel geneticist, with no heart to hold the balance. On the energetic plane, this is the reptile mindset of the controllers of our planet. The blue blood nests have dangerous thoughts and, the power to make their insanity…reality.’

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The Physical Universe is an Information System

Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 07:58 By David Icke

‘For 5,000 years we have been taught that our physical reality is massive and really hard to change. That viewpoint is limited, however, and is the result of knowledge gained strictly from the limitation of the five bodily senses. In fact, most of the “action” in the physical universe happens on a much subtler level. Quantum mechanics and computer science have taught us that physical objects can be viewed as vibrational information systems. And when we understand that, our solid and immovable reality becomes something much lighter and amenable to positive change.’

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Cosmic Apology

Monday 19th January 2015 at 05:09 By David Icke

The surrender to modern education: brainwashing

Monday 19th January 2015 at 04:57 By David Icke

‘It may be hard for today’s parents to believe, but millions of children in America came through the public education system in the 1940s and ’50s, and learned the basics—without a shred of cheery happy rainbow goo-goo decorations and slogans on the walls of classrooms.

Learning as seduction did not exist. Learning as “get the child interested” didn’t exist.

It wasn’t important or necessary to “uplift the child.”

Audio-visual aids were entirely absent.

Nor were teachers concerned with producing little humanitarians. There was no instruction in “getting along” or “relationships.” Or “cooperation.”’

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Who Let the Ghouls Roam Paris?

Thursday 15th January 2015 at 09:49 By David Icke

‘When they stage an attack like they did in France, they also create a metaphysical vortex of fear, shock and awe. When the head investigator commits suicide, it’s a sacrificial ritual. When the ‘friends’ of the free press further take on the freedom to march for the ‘freedom of speech’, the vortex manifests physically in that event.

It gets so indescribably twisted and profoundly false that I have no problem calling it perverted, and they stick it right in your face. So many mass murderers in one place, along with what they call ‘ordinary citizens’ trusting them, by their side, the deceit can hardly be challenged.

It worries me, that they think they can pull it off, still, and it worries me that the good folks in the Matrix don’t connect the obvious dots: More hate toward Muslims and the grand prize: Every mainstream news outlet, singing the same tune… more surveillance, more surveillance, more decline in civil rights, just the same as they claim to be protesting against. How brainwashed do you have to be really?’

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Health warning: Modern medicine is based on a flawed theory

Saturday 10th January 2015 at 08:16 By David Icke

‘Modern medicine is killing over 100,000 people per year – that’s about 280 people per day – and they’re still in business? Imagine if your company did this to its customers – what would happen to you? Yet, modern healthcare practices continue to cause premature death and injury to millions of people with no end in sight.’

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