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‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

– US Singer, Songwriter, Producer Geoff Byrd

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‘A newborn baby has been removed from his mother by the Israeli police and social workers almost immediately after birth and declared state “property”.

A video of the event was shared at least 37,000 times on Facebook before being removed. All the people who were tagged in the original posting have been blocked by Facebook, some for a week, others for a month.

Last year, an Israeli court granted a super injunction to prevent the reporting of Fanny Vadkin, who was on hunger strike outside the home of the Israel welfare and social services minister to protest against her son being taken away from her. But after the story was reported worldwide and aired on Israeli Channel 10 TV, her son was eventually returned to her.’

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‘More and more, Americans who are guilty of nothing more than noncompliance with the status quo are being targeted by an out-of-control system that bears virtually no resemblance whatsoever to the nation’s constitutional founding principles.

The latest example of “the system” run amok involves a Missouri home schooling family that has filed suit against a local sheriff and another officer after they forcibly entered the family’s home in 2011, used a Taser on the father, pepper spray on the mother and forced their three children into the custody of government social service workers.’

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‘Parents, beware — Big Brother is coming for your kids. Buried deep inside the mammoth “bipartisan” so-called “education” legislation approved last month, dubbed the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA), is a radical expansion of what the statute refers to as “full-service community schools.” The controversial institutions, more accurately described as parental replacement centers, seek to oversee every aspect of your child’s life, ranging from their “mental health” and “well being” to nutrition and even dentistry.

You are in the crosshairs, too, as the Obama administration defines parents as “equal partners” in child rearing. And those are just some of the many unconstitutional provisions in the bill and beyond that aim to turn government schools into parents, and parents into pariahs.’

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‘A Missouri mother has been accused of medical child abuse after requesting a second opinion regarding her 17-year old son’s medical care. Isaiah Rider, who suffers from neurofibromatosis, a rare condition causing tumors on the nerves, was told he could no longer see his mother following a surgery at Luries Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

“One day I woke up, and I was surrounded by a bunch of doctors, and they told me that I wasn’t allowed to see my mother anymore,” said Rider in a YouTube video he made after being placed in foster care following his release. “I was shocked.”‘

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‘One of the most visible members of the armed militia that took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon says his four foster sons were taken away due to his involvement in the standoff, and he blames the federal government who “must have gotten to the governor.”

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and his wife Jeanette have fostered more than 50 boys over the last decade at their ranch near Chino Valley, Arizona. The couple is licensed and has a care contract with the Catholic Charities Community Services. Many of the children came from mental hospitals, drug rehabs and group homes for emotionally distressed youth, he told Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

“My ranch has been a great tool for these boys,” Finicum said. “It has done a lot of good.”’

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‘Raymond Schwab, 40, relied on medical marijuana to treat PTSD after he suffered severe side effects from medicines prescribed by the VA.

“They were making me crazy, they made me worse,” Schwab told The Denver Post.

After living in Kansas for years, Schwab, his wife Amelia and their five youngest children, aged five to 16, decided to leave the state and start a new life in Colorado where marijuana was recently made legal.

Unfortunately before they left, Amelia’s mother reported them to Kansas Child Protective Services as “unfit parents.” After child welfare officials seized the children, her mother said she regreted making the call.’

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‘As cannabis is taken more seriously as a medicine and a treatment, more people are taking a chance and using it as a treatment for terminal illnesses. This treatment has had overwhelmingly positive results for countless people who had no other hope of recovery. Every day more stories and scientific studies are appearing from all over the world where people of all ages, even young children, are cured of life-threatening illnesses with cannabis oil.

More often than not, these patients face legal penalties and even jail time for trying to better their lives. In the case of parents with children who have terminal illnesses, they are forced to break laws to get their kids the treatment that they need.

The father of a 2-year-old with late-stage cancer is facing jail time for using cannabis oil in an attempt to ease his daughter’s suffering.’

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‘It’s happening all across the nation, but it’s something state and medical authorities are afraid to discuss. It’s something called medical kidnapping – the warrant-less seizure of children based on mere suspicion of child abuse. For example, if a parent disagrees with a medical diagnosis placed on their child and they want a second opinion, then authorities may label them “abusive parents.” Child protective Services (CPS) is called in to “rescue” the child, taking custody, leaving concerned parents heartbroken and powerless.

What’s absolutely appalling are the cases where hospital authorities call on state workers to seize children without any reason, warrant or evidence of abuse. In the most intrusive and authoritarian manner, case-workers for Child Protective Services are allowed to act on mere suspicion, barging into homes and kidnapping children without reason or common sense.’

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