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‘Prince Andrew was under growing pressure last night to testify on oath about his contacts with alleged underage ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts.

She lodged fresh documents at a Florida court saying her lawyers had served an extraordinary letter on the Duke last week requesting he answer questions – but he ‘refused’ to accept it.

Miss Roberts also issued a stinging attack on ‘false and hurtful’ denials of her claims made by Andrew in the tumultuous past three weeks.

She claimed his police bodyguards left her alone with him the first time he had sex with her and that she was involved in an orgy with the prince and eight other young girls.’

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Prince Andrew sex allegations: 'Slave girl' Virginia Roberts claims she had orgy with duke and EIGHT other girls

‘Prince Andrew’s “sex slave” vows to bring him to justice in a criminal court alleging he was involved in an underage orgy with his paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein and eight young girls.

In court papers filed yesterday, Virginia Roberts claims she was paid $400 to “service” Prince Andrew, who she referred to as “Andy”, while under the age of consent.

She repeats her claim of having sex with him in London then gives more details of times she says she met the Duke at Epstein’s home in New York.’

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Flight records confirm the Duke and alleged victim Virginia Roberts were in the same locations she says she had sex with him

‘Prince Andrew’s ‘sex slave’ accuser could have her case thrown out – as flight log details appeared to back claims she met him three times.

Lawyers acting for the Duke of York’s paedophile pal claim Virginia Roberts she has no right to bring a case.

Attorneys for the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein have sent a stinging rebuke to Roberts’ legal team saying she repeatedly passed up opportunities to make a complaint.’

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‘A few days ago an explosive new West End play opened about Princess Diana who died, of course, with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed after a mysterious Paris car crash on a hot August night in 1997.

Truth, Lies, Diana will stoke controversy not least because it suggests James Hewitt, her lover during her marriage to Prince Charles, is Prince Harry’s father.

Nicknamed the Cad, Hewitt denies ever claiming this, though the former Army officer helped the play’s author Jon Conway by meeting him to discuss his memories of Diana.

The play draws heavily on a new book How They Murdered Princess Diana by John Morgan, who forensically examined 7,000 pages of inquest documents, police statements, and medical reports about her death aged 36.’

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‘It’s no secret that the music industry has a huge impact on the direction of our culture. When the industry’s biggest stars are “obsessed” with the macabre, and their performances and music videos promote evil acts, demon possession and darkness, what kind of culture will be created? Will spiritual values survive in a world where darkness is increasingly embraced and glorified?’

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‘As you know by now, Prince Andrew has been accused by a woman known as Jane Doe 3 of being “forced” by Jeremy Epstein to have sex with him when she was a teenager.

He was named in court documents in the US, although not as a party, and the tabloids have been full of further salacious claims. Buckingham Palace forcefully denies these allegations.

The story will not end there, but for now that is all we can say on this particular scandal. It should, however, raise questions about our monarchy, its role and position, the devious, secret way it operates.’

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‘A woman who claims that an American investment banker loaned her to rich and powerful friends as an underage “sex slave” has alleged in a US court document that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew.

The accusation against the Duke of York is contained in a motion filed in a Florida court this week in connection with a long-running lawsuit brought by women who say they were exploited by Jeffrey Epstein, a multi-millionaire convicted of soliciting sex with an underage girl after a plea deal.’

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‘There could be as many as 11 million victims of sexual abuse in the UK – constituting a “national health epidemic” – an expert appointed to a government inquiry has said.

Graham Wilmer, founder of the Lantern Project, said his estimation was based on “prevalence rates published by the government”, and he called for better support for victims.

He was appointed by the home secretary, Theresa May, as an independent panel member on the historical sex abuse inquiry, which has seen the resignation of two chairs and anger from some victims.’

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‘The Satanic Temple scored a free-speech victory in its quest for equal representation among the Florida state capitol building’s religious-themed holiday displays.

The Satanic Temple — not to be confused with the Church of Satan, with which TST is not affiliated — describes its mission as “facilitating the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty,” as well as “to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people.

In addition, we embrace practical common sense and justice. As an organized religion, we feel it is our function to actively provide outreach, to lead by example, and to participate in public affairs wheresoever the issues might benefit from rational, Satanic insights.”‘

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‘It’s hard to miss the increasing use of esoteric symbolism by popular artists in the music industry. Upside down crosses, pentagrams, all-seeing eye symbols… what does it all mean? What is the source of this symbolism and why is it so prevalent? This article explores the affect these symbols have on our lives and the global understanding of spirituality.’

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