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‘According to Sumerian legend, the Anunnaki genetically manipulated our genetics and created three versions of what we know as mankind, today.

The Anunnaki may have reptilian blood too, as they intermixed with their creations.

We don’t specifically know how our DNA was manipulated. What we DO know is that only 20 of the 64 codons in our DNA are active.

Imagine what you could do if ALL of your codons were activated? I address this idea in the article, “How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?“.’

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‘Increasingly, spiritual community sites are talking about an Interdimensional Intervention that’s been taking place here on Earth. Such discussions are met with anything from courageous support, quiet agreement or with resistance and outright incredulity. “Where are they?” is often asked “Where’s the evidence?”

Well firstly the Intervention can be observed by its effects – the creation of a synthetic reality of control. But if you actually want to ‘see’ these entities, it is with the inner eye that you must look. We must be fully tuned into our feelings and thoughts. It is only then that the patterning of behavioural experiences yields a top down, multi-dimensional view. From this perspective, what might the Intervention Agenda be?…’

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The book that’s proved to be WAY ahead of its time – which named names in the VIP paedophile rings on both sides of the Atlantic that are now being exposed (but the names still covered up).

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‘I want to write more about The Economist cover for 2015, which I have previously discussed. Please click here and look at it for reference.

The Economist is among the English-speaking world’s most influential current affairs and policy journals. It must be noted that the globally influential, Rothschild banking family is among its ownership group.

Therefore, when The Economist prints a cover as highly symbolic as it did just a few weeks ago, it is reasonable to assume that the globally influential banking powers, including the Rothschilds, intend to send a coded message to their elite readership and to the informed part of the world that is “in the know.”

So what happened just after The Economist published this esoteric magazine cover?’

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‘The Queen failed to mention her German ancestors in her 1972 Christmas Day TV broadcast for fear of provoking a ‘snide’ public backlash, according to previously unseen official papers.

They show she had planned to refer to her ‘continental relations’ but had a change of heart after talks at the highest levels of government.

The seeming embarrassment about her close family ties echoed that of the First World War, when fierce anti-German feeling led to the Royal Family changing its name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.’

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‘Can technology help humanity realise its full potential? Transhumanists see the merging of man and machine as a natural “next step” in human evolution, but where does consciousness fall in the equation? Instead of bringing freedom, merging ourselves with technology could chain consciousness to the physical body and material world, overriding our natural capacity for spiritual evolution.’

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