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‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

– US Singer, Songwriter, Producer Geoff Byrd

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‘On 27 August, Polish Radio announced that two people have presented evidence that they have discovered Nazi Germany’s legendary “Gold Train,” containing art and that’s especially “laden with precious metals,” and that the pair are demanding a 10% cut of its value, for finding this nearly 200-yard-long train, in a hidden mountain tunnel in the Polish town of Walzbrych, formerly the German town of Waldenburg. Nazis had constructed the tunnel in 1943, to hide valuables from Soviet forces, in the event that Germany might lose the war.’

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‘Dr. J. Michael Bennett is the associate producer and primary researcher behind the remarkable new documentary film, “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones.” Combining new interviews with some of the key people involved in the guidestones construction with never-before-seen evidence and good old gumshoe detective work, the documentary reveals the identity of the guidestones’ pseudonymous creator, “R.C. Christian,” and in the process uncovers dark connections to the racist, Malthusian pseudoscience of eugenics.’



‘Climate researchers believe we are heading towards a reversal of the planet’s magnetic field, which some fear will lead to the end of the human race and even have wiped out the neanderthals.

Doommongers have predicted that a swap of the magnetic poles from north to south would shift the continents so fiercely it would trigger mass earthquakes, rapid climate change, extinctions and global destruction.

Geologists have said this event has happened a number of times in Earth’s history – with the last one 780,000 years ago during the stone age.’

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‘For the last few weeks in the small, friendly town of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a bizarre sticky substance has been falling from the sky leaving a nasty, persistent coating on everything on the ground below including cars, window and homes. Long time residents of the village have never before seen anything like this and are growing in concern as there seems to be no single explanation that everyone can agree on.

Lucarz, who has lived in Elk Grove for 11 years, said she has never seen the dark residue before. Within just a couple of hours of washing her vehicles, toys and furniture, they are completely covered again, she said.

Residents have contacted the local government about this phenomenon, and so far there are no concrete answers as to what this sticky film could be. Sometimes, it even blacks out windows because it is falls from the sky in amounts that leave a thick enough layer to completely blot out the sun.’

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‘An analysis discovered cannabis residue in 400-year-old clay pipes from William Shakespeare’s garden, the Independent reported. The analysis was made using forensic technology from South Africa, and found cannabis residue in four pipes.

Pipe bowls and stems from Shakespeare’s garden were on loan from the Shakespeare Birthplace and Trust for the study. The analysis was performed by South African research scientists from the Transvaal Museum in Pretoria and used a technique called gas chromatography mass spectrometry. The technique is sensitive to residues preserved in pipes.’

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‘How do you think a super-brain would be constructed? I’m talking about the technocrats’ dream to build a computer that would rival and surpass the human brain, in terms of “reliable data.” And don’t forget, the plan is to somehow connect brains directly to the super-computer, so data can be downloaded into humans.

And this computer would, technocrats believe, come alive.


Because a) it can store far more information than the human brain; b) it can choose how to utilize that information to solve problems; c) it can solve those problems at lightning speed; and d) it can work on millions of problems at the same time.’

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‘Not long ago Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor leaked the very first documentation that proves the existence of clandestine black budget operations. You can read more about that here. So what discoveries lay hidden that are open to reasonable speculation?

When Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House in the 1970s, the whole world thought we were about to enter a new era of alternative energy. As soon as Reagan was elected, however, he took them down, taking us back to the dark ages of energy and marking several more decades of dependency on a polluting, non-renewable substance – oil. Conspiracy theories abound regarding why this happened, but the energy crisis goes down a deeper rabbit hole in Alice’s little wonder world than some of us could have imagined – enter quantum spacecraft, and a few other little secrets.’

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‘Surprising new evidence reveals that the British Government showed an active interest in using psychics for espionage purposes. In a document obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by UFO author and investigator Timothy Good, it was discovered that the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) undertook a study between 2001 and 2002 to investigate the efficiency of remote viewing.

For those who don’t know, remote viewing – also called ‘travelling clairvoyance’ – is the ability to perceive places, persons and actions using psychic means. As is now well known, the US Army and various other tax payer supported government agencies, including the CIA, investigated and utilised remote viewing during the 1970s and 1980s.

Now that it’s been declassified, all of the documentation pertaining to the British MoD’s remote viewing study can be obtained from their website – or so they claim. In one section it states that the results they obtained were largely unsuccessful and “undoubtedly disappointing with no one achieving any useful performance as an RV subject.” However, given the fact that untrained novices were used in the study, as well as the fact that the remote viewing methods they employed left much to be desired, this is not surprising.’

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‘Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed that the recently discovered debris on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

“Today, 515 days since the plane disappeared, it is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of experts have … confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH370,” announced Najib during a press conference in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur early on Thursday.

“We now have physical evidence, that as I announced 24th March last year, flight MH370, tragically ended in the Southern Indian Ocean,” he went on to say, and thanked many nations, organizations, and individuals who had participated in the search.’

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