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‘An inquiry into police handling of historic sex abuse allegations will be launched and led by a retired judge, the Metropolitan Police has announced, amid claims the service has failed to examine claims thoroughly.

The review, led by Sir Richard Henriques, will investigate ways the police can avoid perpetrating “witch hunts” against innocent public figures, while remaining a point of safety for victims.

It is expected to examine the policy which currently states that “the victim should always be believed,” to decide whether it should still be applied in light of recent criticism.

It has been announced following criticism of the police by former military chief Lord Bramall and the late former Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan, who were both investigated following allegations of abuse.’

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Flashback April 2015: Judge who reviewed Lord Janner child sex abuse case was friend of peer’s barrister


‘A judge involved in reviewing the investigation into Lord Janner’s alleged child abuse claims was a close friend of a top barrister hired to defend the Labour peer.

The retired judge Sir Richard Henriques regarded the late George Carman, QC, Lord Janner’s barrister when he was first investigated for sex crimes in 1991, as a friend and mentor at the Bar, a report in The Times claims.’

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‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

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Untitled (2)‘Police have opened an investigation into why allegations against Tory Grandee Sir Peter Morrison of sexually molesting underage boys was dropped.

Paul Connew, former editor of the Sunday Mirror, made the disclosure while speaking at Exaro’s panel debate on child sex abuse.’

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‘Scotland Yard was right to interview the former home secretary Lord Brittan over a rape claim, a police review of the case has concluded.

The review by Dorset Police’s deputy chief constable, James Vaughan, found that the investigation into the claim that Brittan raped a 19 year-old student in 1967 was “necessary, proportionate and fully justified”.’

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‘Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) is a stark reality for some children who are born into Illuminati bloodline families, or military families, or families with connections to mind control, or families with connections to the New World Order manipulators running the world today. Satanic ritual abuse seems to run in families, with each generation passing it along to the next. Psychologists have known for a long time that every perpetrator is also a victim; what makes someone into a purveyor of aggression or violence is normally a deep wounding or trauma they experienced in the past.

Satanic ritual abuse is also carried out against children who are kidnapped, then molded into slaves through the trauma of the abuse. As sad and horrific as this subject is, it is central to an understanding of the worldwide conspiracy and the New World Order. What binds these criminal NWO manipulators together the most is not race, religion or family ties, but an adherence to Satanism, a willingness to invoke dark forces in ritual and an allowance to let those dark forces control their thoughts and actions – which results in all the pedophilia, war, manipulation and deception we see around us.’

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‘Austrian police have confirmed that an Iraqi refugee was arrested over the rape of a 10 year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna in December. He told police he did it due to a “sexual emergency,” local media reported citing the interrogation record.

“A complaint was filed over the rape of a 10-year-old boy in the Theresienbad swimming pool. We determined the suspect is a 20-year old man, who lives in Vienna. He was arrested and later sent to the Josephstadt prison,” Chief Inspector Roman Hahslinger told the Ruptly video new agency on Saturday.’

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‘The Catholic Church is paying compensation to victims of alleged child sex abuse at its schools, but refuses to accept liability.

Leslie Turner, 66, was paid £17,000 in compensation in 2014 after saying two members of the Irish Christian Brothers order sexually abused him at a school in Sunderland in the 1960s.

Turner, a retired primary school teacher, alleges he was molested from the age of 12 by two teachers at St Aidan’s Roman Catholic grammar school between 1960 and 1967.

He decided to sue the Church after he was diagnosed with delayed onset post-traumatic stress disorder in 2012, a condition which he has described as worse than the abuse itself.’

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‘Israel’s former ambassador to the UK has been accused of inviting men and boys for trysts late at night when his wife was not home. A British policeman filed a complaint with Israeli authorities about the incidents. A further investigation by the foreign ministry’s inspector general found that UK-born Ambassador Daniel Taub, who was ambassador from 2011-2015, violated security protocol by not notifying his chief of security of the identity of the visitors.

The purpose of recording visitors is in order to prevent Israeli diplomatic personnel from being blackmailed or compromised. Since MI5 knew of Taub’s activities, the Israeli foreign ministry was concerned that he might be compromised by them or that one of his paramours might attempt to extort payments from him.

Diplomatic security is provided by the Shabak, which would be aware of the incident. But my attempts to elicit comment from an Israeli security source were met with silence. Though the story has been reported in the Israeli media, no one has yet identified Taub by name. This is peculiar because there is no judicial gag order against reporting his name.’

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