Headlines: 29th November 2015

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David Icke describing current events in June 2014


David has been warning in his books and talks since the 1990s of a Third World War planned to be triggered out of the Middle East that would pitch Russia and China against NATO.

We are dealing with a script unfolding – not random events – and that includes the desperate attempts of Prime Minister Cameron to secure support for British bombing in Syria.


David Icke speaking in 2009 on the planned Third World War involving the West against Russia and China

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David speaking in Croatia on April 19th 2009.



‘Kendrick Lamar’s first album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was a critical and commercial success that skyrocketed the rapper’s career into super-stardom. In addition to featuring crowd-pleasing singles such as B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe, the album captivated music purists with an intricate story that unfolded throughout the opus.

Lamar’s second album, To Pimp a Butterfly, loosely follows the same formula, but with an added level of creative madness. The album is more intense, more bizarre, more profound and more controversial. In fact, To Pimp a Butterfly might very well be one of the most complex albums in rap history. Each song is characterized by its own distinctive concept and, on a larger scale, all the songs are interconnected by a wider narrative that revolves around Kendrick becoming a celebrity in a system owned by “Uncle Sam” and ruled by the “evils of Lucy” (a personification of Lucifer).’

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‘This video shows Israeli forces using a dog to attack and injure 20-year-old Ahmad Shteiwi as he participated in an anti-occupation protest in the West Bank village of Kufr Qaddoum, near Nablus, in March 2012.

It is one of numerous instances of Israeli forces setting dogs on unarmed Palestinian civilians, including children – a violent tactic reminiscent of US police practices against Black citizens.

The Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and Dutch lawmakers are calling on the Netherlands to immediately halt the annual export of dozens of police and military dogs to Israel.’

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‘Some 300 Israelis and Palestinians marched on the Israeli army’s “tunnels checkpoint” south of Jerusalem Friday to demonstrate against the occupation, against the ongoing violence, and in support of two states.

The demonstrators gathered on Route 60, the southern West Bank’s main north-south artery that connects Jerusalem, Beit Jala, the Gush Etzion settlements, and Hebron. For an hour, the demonstrators marched north along the side of the road to drums while chanting political slogans. Israeli and Palestinian drivers passing the protest along Route 60 couldn’t miss the long procession and many reacted — either by yelling and curses, or with calls of support.’

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‘Legislators have just done what many in the alternative media have been predicting would happen for some time. That’s right, children and now adult vaccinations in order to receive family tax benefits and payments.

The new No Jab, No Pay laws (Social Services Legislation Amendment) have passed and will commence as of January 2016. This law was originally promoted and put in place to cease financial benefits to parents of children up to and including age 7 of whom weren’t complying with the immunization schedule set out by the Australian Government. Even the mainstream media pundits were reporting this fact. TV shows, news, newspaper, radio… all bases were covered.

Now however, there appears to be zero coverage in the media of the fact that the Government has snuck in a few small amendments to the law. Among these amendments in a few paragraphs and subsections is one that that states this….

Omit “under 7 and born on or after 1 January 1996”, substitute “under 20”.

That’s right. You read it correctly. UNDER 20!!!’

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‘The whistleblower who exposed wrongdoing at HSBC’s Swiss private bank has been sentenced to five years in prison by a Swiss court.

Hervé Falciani, a former IT worker, was convicted in his absence for the biggest leak in banking history. He is currently living in France, where he sought refuge from Swiss justice, and did not attend the trial.

The leak of secret bank account details formed the basis of revelations – by the Guardian, the BBC, Le Monde and other media outlets – which showed that HSBC’s Swiss banking arm turned a blind eye to illegal activities of arms dealers and helped wealthy people evade taxes.’

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‘A suspected car thief was brutally beaten by multiple Alameda County sheriff’s deputies on Thursday, following a car chase through San Francisco. Surveillance footage of the encounter was released by the San Francisco Public Defender’s office on Friday after witnesses voiced concerns about the arrest.’

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‘A Czech truck driver passing through Calais has narrowly avoided being killed by migrants when they hurled a long wooden stake through the window of his cab before mobbing his vehicle. The driver was able to speed away, but police at the port said they were unable to offer assistance as he was not hurt during the attack.

But the attack, which took place on Wednesday night, has taken its toll on the driver’s career, as the frightening experience has left him unwilling to make the cross-channel journey again.’

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‘The truth is that President Hollande is a cynical charlatan who is conning his own population with audacious lies, and is, like his criminal counterparts in Brussels, London, Ottawa, Sydney and Washington, using staged terror to expedite the Zionist-Globalist agenda, of which he is a loyal servant.’

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UK Border control checking passports at Heathrow airport in Britain

‘A woman being deported from the UK to Pakistan was compliant and cooperative throughout the process. Still, the commercial contractor Tascor, working for the UK Home Office, strapped the woman into a waist restraint belt until after the plane had taken off.

One man on suicide watch was strapped into a waist restraint belt even though there was no evidence that he posed a risk to others. Another man, who refused to board a deportation flight, was belted continuously for eight long hours. His wrists swelled. He was examined by a paramedic.

These cases have come to light in two new reports by HM Inspectorate of Prisons. The inspectors also found that waist restraint belts were used six times on three flights to Pakistan, and that approaches to security were “unduly indiscriminate in some respects”.’

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