Headlines: 27th November 2015

All day event to start his 2016-17 Worldwide Wake-Up speaking tour that will take him to the United States (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Australia (three cities government visa permitting), New Zealand, Amsterdam, Berlin, Italy, Estonia, Romania, and Manchester (in 2017) with more dates being added.

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‘Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has blamed Tony Blair for the 7/7 bombings.

During a heated exchange on Thursday night’s Question Time he claimed that the former Labour leader ignored intelligence warnings which led to the attacks on London’s transport network that claimed the lives of 52 people.’

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‘Katie Hopkins turned up to speak in a debate at Brunel University. The students, however, had obviously already heard enough of the former The Apprentice contestant. This is the moment around 50 of them, making up 75% of the audience, turned their backs on her and walked out.’

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‘Cash-strapped Britain has announced a £12 billion increase in the country’s war chest, including 8 BAE warships, 9 Boeing maritime patrol crafts, surveillance drones and Lockheed Martin jets. Similarly, the cost for replacing the Trident nuclear programme is spiralling out of control, with another £6 billion added to the budget, bringing the cost to £31 billion, with another £10 billion being set aside for contingencies.

That’s potentially an extra £53 billion that the government is prepared to spend on war, not social services.

Whilst the arms dealers rub their hands in glee at another increase in profits following a terrorist attack, George Osborne announced in his Autumn Statement, that despite reversing some of the cuts to tax credits, he has still made £12 billion in welfare cuts. Coincidentally, this is the same amount being added to the military budget (not including trident), as the poorest in society continue being punished.’

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‘Iain Duncan Smith suffered a major defeat today when the High Court ruled the benefits cap should not apply to unpaid carers.

The Court has ruled that family carers who receive Carer’s Allowance should be exempt from the benefit cap – which limits the amount of benefits a family can receive to £26,000 a year.

Under savage new welfare cuts, the cap is now set to reduce even further to £23,000 in London and £20,000 elsewhere.

Mr Justice Collins found that the decision not to exempt carers was “discrimination” and not lawful.’

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‘These Tories really are incredible. A Tory peer reckons it’s a “paradox” that some people are getting extremely fat while others are forced to use food banks.

Can he really not see that this is the situation across the UK, in microcosm? We have people with money getting extremely fat, while those without are having to rely on charity or face starvation.*

But you know what they’d say if you pointed it out: “That’s correlation, not causation!”

It’s what they do with the DWP deaths, after all.’

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‘The Government has scrapped a deeply controversial ‘work for your benefits’ scheme, which has seen thousands of jobseekers forced into ‘unpaid labour’ since it was first introduced in 2011.

Buried away in the small print of George Osborne’s Spending Review, the government has announced not to renew the ‘Mandatory Work Activity’ programme and compulsory ‘Community Work Placements’.

The move means that the widely condemned schemes will begin to be abolished from next spring, with the last referrals made at this time.’

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‘The human rights group B’Tselem excoriated Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, stating that he is responsible for “the transformation of police officers, and even of armed civilians, into judges and executioners” who slay Palestinians suspected of armed attacks in the streets.

“Your silence in the face of Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan’s saying that ‘every terrorist should know that he will not survive the attack he is about to perpetrate’ is tantamount to consent to this unlawful policy,” B’Tselem said, addressing the Israeli prime minister.

The Israeli rights group said the policy amounts to a de facto death sentence, even though capital punishment is banned in the country.’

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‘Laura Branigan’s hit “Self Control” is the epitome of everything 80s, but is also the epitome of everything MK ULTRA: a disturbing story of a MK slave manipulated by an abusive handler.

Released in 1984, Self Control rocked disco clubs around the world as ladies wearing big curly hair and shoulder pads danced frenetically with men wearing thick mustaches and majestic mullets. All of these beautiful people sang “I, I live among the creatures of the night” without realizing what it truly meant. They thought it was about a girl enjoying the nightlife – but that is only the face value.’

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‘Anyone who is awakened to the worldwide horrors the US, ISIS and their allies are imposing on the rest of humanity knows that the thing that makes these horrors worse is the accompanying deceptive mainstream media 24/7 lies. There’s nothing worse than seeing Western mainstream media continue to portray ISIS as if they are the “enemy” of the US, while the US military and Western-backed nations like Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia continue to support ISIS. As a result, the ongoing bold lies and the obnoxious propaganda is further repelling awakened humanity from mainstream media and driving a permanent wedge between the freed human mind and the entire concept of Western propaganda. The whole thing is sickening and repulsive, and I believe freedom-loving humanity is responding to this worldwide.’

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