Headlines: 13th February 2016

UntitledDavid Icke makes his first Manchester appearance in over a decade as part of his Worldwide Wake Up Tour.

Following his visits to Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Europe in 2016, the Manchester event will kick off 2017 that will see him visit Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Spain, Russia and many other countries.

The world is waking up

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Phantom Self will not be in the shops until late February or March, but we have had a limited number speed-printed for visitors to Davidicke.com

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Includes what David calls ‘the most important chapter I have ever written’.

Deeper in the rabbit hole than ever before, solution-based and right up with current events.


Richie Allen Review of Phantom Self


‘I’ve just finished David’s new book “Phantom Self (And how to find the real one)” and it’ll prove a bigger and braver book than anything else in 2016. It’s almost surgical how David knits together historic and recent events to throw a glaring spotlight on who and what is manipulating our daily lives. I’ve never read a book before that so clearly and effortlessly illustrates how what we think is our world, what we see as our lives, is nothing more than a virtual reality-type programme, which has enslaved us.

The chapter entitled “Transphantomism” is at once a revelation and a siren call to the masses to get up, stand up and reclaim your own sovereignty from those pushing the trans-humanist agenda. It’s an outstanding book which compliments David’s unparalleled body of work. It’s also full to the brim with positivity and solutions and as I said, bang up to date with current geopolitical events.’



‘The United States has for long provided military assistance to militant groups in Syria and its condemnation of the Syrian leader’s pledge to retake the country from terrorists is the “height of hypocrisy,” says an author and internationally-syndicated journalist.

‘The US’s approach to foreign policy in the Middle East for the last 30 years or so has been nothing but utilizing the military option,’ Ramzy Baroud, a consultant at the London-based Middle East Eye, said on Saturday.’

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‘Ever since our early ancestors left the fertile sauna of Africa and headed North, we humans have been searching for ways to fend off sleet and snow and rain and cold. The Inuit once relied on seal and whale intestines to get the job done. Nowadays, we rely on waterproof synthetics.

These modern fabrics represent a certain kind of progress, but they also have a worrisome downside. Some of the fluorocarbon chemicals used in their manufacture are dangerous for our health, and are so stable that their residues will persist in the environment, quite literally, until the next Ice Age. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the industry’s latest alternatives, which are marketed as safer, are much of an improvement.’

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‘Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been ridiculed for announcing a government review into the morale of junior doctors on the same day he said a new, deeply unpopular contract would be forced upon them.

Hunt told the House of Commons the review will look at doctors’ quality of life and well-being, including inflexibility around annual leave, separation from family members and lack of notice about hospital placements a long way from home.’

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‘The continuation of NATO, after its counterpart the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991, is an insanity that’s driving the world inexorably toward World War III.

The trigger for that war is now being set by NATO member Turkey, which wants to invade neighboring Syria, and which has the support of the Gulf Cooperation Council (including the world’s biggest buyer of U.S. weapons, Saudi Arabia) who are massing troops and weapons on Syria’s northern border, in preparation for an invasion southward into Syria.’

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‘A mentally ill man who took his own life after his benefits were axed was ‘murdered’ by the British government, his sister has said.

Paul Donnachie, 50, had his disability benefit payments stopped in June 2015 after he failed to turn up for four work capability assessments organized by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).’

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