Headlines: 1st August 2015

‘Britain freed hundreds of suspected Nazi war criminals involved in the Holocaust under pressure from the United States, a leading historian has claimed.

Dr. Dan Plesch uncovered United Nations War Crimes Commission documents which prove the Nazis were freed from British prisons under pressure from the US.

Among the suspected war criminals released was Oskar Groening – dubbed the ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ – who was handed a four-year prison sentence for his role in the Holocaust earlier this month.

Other prominent Nazis freed by the UK were Erich von Manstein, Gerd von Rundstedt and Albert Kesselring.’

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‘Almost one in five of the Conservative peers appointed by David Cameron are party donors.
Research shows 13 of the 83 new Tory Lords since 2010 have poured a total of £23million into party coffers.

Labour MP Paul Flynn said: ‘If you look at the people who get to the Lords and compare them with contributions to the main parties, you find this correlation. It’s as if they are virtually buying their places in our legislature.’’

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‘Mobile phones pose a ‘very real risk’ to human health, a new study claims.

Radiation from wireless devices such as phones and tablets could be linked to a number of health risks, from cancer to diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, the researchers state.

They claim this is because the radiation causes an ‘imbalance’ – or oxidative stress – in the body.
Oxidative stress is a damaging process thought to be closely linked to degenerative diseases.

The new study is a review of experimental data on the effects of radiofrequency radiation in living cells – basically how mobiles phones may damage a person’s DNA.’

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‘A US cable network says that it will stage a first-ever act of exorcism live this Halloween. The event will take place on the 66th anniversary of the infamous exorcism of Roland Doe that inspired the creators of the film The Exorcist.

The ‘Exorcism: Live!’ show by the Destination America network will be held at the “Exorcist House” in the suburbs of St. Louis where the notorious exorcism ritual was performed by Catholic priests in 1949.’

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The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation says despite their best efforts, huge numbers of children across the US are being sexually exploited. The rate of abuse is reaching “epidemic” proportions.

Tens of thousands of kids across the United States are being sexually exploited every year, and “the level of pedophilia is unprecedented right now,” Joseph Campbell of the FBI’s Criminal Investigation Division revealed to BBC News.

Only six hundred abused children were rescued by the Bureau last year.

Most of children cited in these numbers are American citizens, but there is also a large number of minors illegally transported to the territory of the US from Latin- and Central America, the BBC investigation revealed.’

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‘The channel continues this brave tradition with Prince Philip: the Plot to Make a King an insightful and revelatory documentary about the Duke of Edinburgh’s transformation from Greek-Germanic sailor of dubious repute into a pillar of the second Elizabethan reign. Deeply researched and judiciously presented, Richard Sanders’ film deserves the bit of luck it has had in appearing just after the fuss about the possible Nazi affiliations of the Queen’s side of the family.

It tells a riveting tale of how the slippery old fixer Lord Mountbatten conspired to marry his nephew, Prince Philip Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, into the British royal family.’

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‘A powerful criminal syndicate with links to money laundering, assassinations and terrorism infiltrated the Bank of England (BoE), a damning new report has revealed.

The scandal was uncovered by BuzzFeed News on Thursday, following an investigation into how the UK’s criminal underworld penetrated ithe state’s central bank.

Operation Beregon, run by MI5 and Scotland Yard, reportedly uncovered a suspected criminal plot so serious that police believed it could “destabilize” Britain’s economy.

Details of the covert operation were unveiled by BuzzFeed News, after it secured access to secret police documents and conducted interviews with a number of key sources.’

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‘Here’s how history might one day look back on the west’s democracy rackets of the last 15 years:

“In the early part of the 21st century, The Revolution Business really took off, as US-funded NGOs around the globe began to nibble away at the social and political foundations of countries all over the planet.

Consultants and ‘agents of change’ were dispatched to places like Georgia, the Ukraine, Tunisia and Egypt. Their task was to help build two kinds of mobs – virtual mobs on Twitter, as well as street mobs. The best part about it was that you can actually make money off of other nation’s misery and social strife. For ambitious young social entrepreneurs, if you could “get in there” with USAID, then you’d be in the chips, as it were.

For hapless activists and their shrewd nation-wrecking bosses in Washington, it was a charmed life of endless globe-trotting, transatlantic social justice junkets and promoting democracy worldwide. Life couldn’t be better.”

It was all going swimmingly well, until the road show hit the wall in Armenia this month…’

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