Headlines: 30th August 2015


‘Ankara says it has launched its first airstrikes in Syria as part of the US-led coalition allegedly targeting the Daesh Takfiri terrorists.

Turkish fighter jets attacked Daesh positions across the border in Syria late Friday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced in a statement, adding that the Takfiri terrorists pose a threat to Turkey’s security.

Earlier in the week, the US Department of Defense announced that Ankara would join the so-called anti-Daesh coalition and would start bombing the terrorist group in Syria and Iraq “very soon.”’

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‘”It’s a terribly emotional picture,” says Gissur Simonarson. “You see the look in his face and just the way he holds the pens out, as if those pens are everything he has in the world.”

Last week, the Norwegian activist posted the picture of a man selling pens on the street in Beirut while carrying his sleeping daughter. Within just hours, requests poured in from all over the globe to help the man in the photo. His identity and the person who took the picture were unknown but through social media, the man was identified and with the help of crowdfunding over 80,000 dollars was raised to help him.

It took two days for Simonarson to find street merchant in the Lebanese capital. “Finally found him,” CNN quoted the activist’s tweet. “Been a lot of work, but it was worth it! Now lets help them!”‘

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‘Hungary says the construction of a razor-wire barrier along its southern border with Serbia to curb the influx of asylum seekers has been completed.

“Two days before the August 31 deadline, the first section of the border closure has been completed,” the Hungarian Defense Ministry said in a Saturday statement.

However, the barrier, consisting of three rolls of razor wire, has reportedly failed to stop thousands of refugees slipping into the country.

A four-meter (13-foot)-high wall, currently under construction, is due to follow the fence and will “also provide a defense against illegal border-crossers,” according to the statement.’

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