Headlines: 2nd August 2015

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‘Facebook has made changes that allow political campaigns to target any of their 189 million monthly users in the United States, using personal information provided to the site and derived from clues that come from how users behave, such as shopping habits.

“We are guaranteeing you will reach the right person at the right time and eliminate the waste that you might find in email marketing, certainly in TV advertising,” Eric Laurence, who is in charge of political advertising on Facebook, told National Journal. “That’s really the power of Facebook targeting.”

Campaigns can upload a voter file and Facebook will send targeted ads to those users. For instance, those who have given money to a campaign might be asked to give again, while those who merely clicked on a candidate’s link might be asked for an email address.’

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‘Have you encountered stick men, machine elves or other discarnate entities while tripping brains on DMT? If so, you’re not alone. The use of the powerful, fast-acting psychedelic dimethyltriptamine (DMT) generates reports of such entities on a regular basis.

DMT has been around for a long time, although it’s never been that popular—and encounters with extradimensional critters may be part of the reason why. Back in the 1970s, it was known as “the businessman’s trip” because you could take it at the beginning of the lunch hour and be back to normal it was time to go back to work. When smoked, the psychedelic effects begin almost immediately and fade away with half an hour.

It’s also the active psychoactive ingredient in ayahuasca, the mind-melting tea concocted by Amazonian shamans and venerated by the Uniao Do Vegetal (the Union of the Vegetable), a Brazilian church with some 15,000 adherents.’

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‘What could a person possibly gain from insecurity? What could be the reward of feeling undeserving? Why would we harbor low self-esteem? Why do we think against ourselves? These states are not natural to our essence or inner being, so why… where did the urge to give away our power come from?

I grew up in the American Midwest, in a place where people worked very hard for not a lot of reward. And yet, I can’t remember a single instance of a farmer saying ‘I deserve’ a better life. Everyone I knew behaved as if self-denial was humble and spiritual and a sign of goodness, and ‘I deserve’ was presumptuous and greedy.

It’s the ego that makes these comparisons. Ego identity comes with the situation we’re born into, formed by interacting with who and what is in our world, and by what works for us as we go out into our world. It’s the character we think we are, the separate I and me, as we deal with others.’

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‘A gay Staten Island man is suing the NYPD after four officers dragged him from his home last month before violently beating him in the front yard while repeatedly yelling homophobic slurs.

Louis Falcone, 31, told the New York Daily News that officers arrived at the home he shares with his 66-year-old mother on June 19 to investigate a noise complaint. He had been arguing loudly with his brother an hour earlier, who had come home in an “obnoxiously drunk” stupor and left before police arrived to investigate the noise.’

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Kiev is going to receive a new tranche of the $17.5 billion loan from the IMF despite concerns over its growing national debt and shaky truce in eastern Ukraine torn apart by civil war. In return, the IMF expects Kiev to put its economy “on the path to recovery.”

Ukraine is going to get the approved $1.7 billion, a tenth of the $17.5 billion financial assistance program adopted by the IMF executive board in March.

Back in March, Kiev already got $5 billion of initial disbursement under the IMF financial assistance program. The policy of the Washington-based institution, representing 188 countries, implies that the IMF would provide financial assistance only to a country that is “sustainable with high probability” of repaying debt.’

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‘The current global geoengineering regime can only exist with the tacit approval of a large majority of nations. Obviously, the world’s most experienced geoengineers have been enlisted by those who rule the realm to implement this quite purposeful endeavor.

Hence, these covert military chemtrailing operations can only proceed with the full knowledge and acquiescence of thousands of government officials and political leaders the world over. In the USA alone, there are those many NASA administrators, NOAA scientists, NWS meteorologists, FEMA directors and University-based geoengineers who play substantial roles in this ongoing climate engineering drama.

Therefore, it is self-evident that Italy has also permitted these unlawful operations to be conducted overhead. Perhaps the appropriate Italian officials can be consulted by Your Holiness for further edification.’

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‘Plagues of locusts are swarming large areas of southern Russia, threatening thousands of acres of crops and in some places darkening the skies.

A video shot by a local man in Achikulak, a village in the Stavropol region, shows thousands of the bugs swarming towards a church. Other videos, screened by local TV channels, showed clouds of locusts flying overhead.

“It was very frightening,” Lubov Timus, a local woman who lives in Achikulak, told ABC News. “Some were as big as your finger! They came like a clouds.”

The waves of locusts began around July 20, according to Stavropol’s regional agricultural ministry. Vasilii Yegorov, a deputy agricultural minister, told ABC News that locusts appear in the region every year but normally they are able to exterminate them before they hatch.’

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‘Israeli officials have approved the construction of a massive complex which will include 200 houses, shops and a 480 room hotel in Jerusalem. The problem is this; the land that the complex will be built upon is already part of an Islamic cemetery. Although the land cited for the build is already home to a car-park and school, earlier excavations showed that bones and graves remain underneath.

Located just outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls, the Mamilla cemetery is said to be the final resting place of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions as well as thousands of Saladin’s warriors who helped expel the Crusaders from the Holy Land nearly 1,000 years ago. It was declared by Israel’s Religious Affairs Ministry in 1948 to be “one of the most prominent Muslim cemeteries”.’

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‘Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan lost his bid to become Turkey’s supreme leader in last month’s elections. So he’s taken the country to war to increase his popularity and improve his chances of victory in snap elections in November.’

Turkish bombers continued to pound Kurdish positions in Northern Iraq early Thursday after killing an estimated 100 Kurds a day earlier. Erdogan broke off peace talks with the Kurdish militias and launched this latest assault after failing to win enough seats in Parliament to change the constitution. The ambitious Erdogan needed 330 deputies to make sweeping changes to the constitution that would give the president unlimited executive power making Erdogan de facto emperor of Turkey.

His plan was frustrated by the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) that won an unprecedented 13 percent of the vote. The HDP is determined to prevent Erdogan from realizing his dream of becoming Turkey’s imperial sultan . The current war against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq is designed to whip up nationalist sentiment in order to put Erdogan “over the top” in elections that could come as early as this Fall.’

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