Headlines: 28th August 2015


‘The Turkish government on Tuesday denied allegations it tipped off an al Qaeda-linked group that went on to capture Syrian rebels trained by the United States to battle the Islamic State.

Multiple Syrian rebel groups said the Nusra Front had been alerted by Turkish intelligence, McClatchy reported on Monday.

In a statement, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s office denied “the allegations in the strongest terms possible. The idea that Turkey, a key supporter of the Train and Equip Program, would seek to undermine its own interests in Syria is ludicrous.”‘

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‘The question asked above is critical because the true answer may perfectly explain Governor Brown’s lack of any meaningful response to the catastrophic California Drought. Similar to the crashing of California’s energy (it actually was electricity disemination) market just prior to the Enron scandal breaking wide open, it appears that there is an ongoing plot to collapse California’s water market. The Enron-directed market manipulation took place on the watch of another Democratic governor — Gray Davis — who was ignominiously escorted out of office by California’s first successful recall effort. He was, of course, replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Many of the same elements are at play during the current government fiasco taking place in Sacramento. Even the way that Brown et al. permits foreign corporations like Nestlé to siphon voluminous amounts of precious water in the conduct of their California water-bottling operations is reminiscent of the free hand Davis gave the electricity producers which were then exploited by Enron. It has been frequently “alleged that Davis was lulled to inaction by campaign contributions from energy producers”.’

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‘On 17 August, Issa al-Shatleh, of Beit Jala, Palestine, started his day with news that Israeli soldiers were on the land that had belonged to his family for hundreds of years. When he arrived, he found ‘they were destroying the land, and cutting my ancient olive trees, some hundreds of years old’. ‘They came without a warning,’ he said.

And it is not just al-Shatleh’s land that is being confiscated. Close to 3 hectares of private land were razed that morning and 45 trees, some of them over 100 years old, were uprooted. As landowners tried to stop the destruction, violent clashes broke out, sending al-Shatleh’s brother to the hospital.

Beit Jala is located in the Cremisan Valley, near the Bethlehem area in Palestine. It lies between the illegal Israeli settlements of Gilo in East Jerusalem and the illegal West Bank settlement Har Gilo. Approximately 16,000 people live there, the majority of whom are Christian. Christians number about 2% of the population of the West Bank.’

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‘The European Union’s outgoing envoy to Palestine says the 28-nation bloc is continuing its efforts to pass more measures against illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

John Gatt-Rutter, the envoy to the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, said on Thursday that “there is support within the union to go on” with anti-settlement measures.

Among debated proposals is labeling of products made in settlements. These goods have already been barred from receiving customs exemptions.’

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‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

– US Singer, Songwriter, Producer Geoff Byrd

Please note … rental price is in dollars because of the playout system …

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‘Contactless payment points could be compulsory in every UK shop within the next five years.

Every British retailer will have to offer the tap-and-go system in a move that may also spell the end of £5 minimum spend rules.

Shops will continue to accept regular card payments but under new rules introduced by Visa and Mastercard shopkeepers will be forced to provide a contactless payment method by 2020.’

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‘A former Catholic archbishop charged with sexually abusing children has died ahead of his trial.

Jozef Wesołowski, 67, was found dead in his room – seemingly from natural causes – in the Holy See on Friday morning, a statement from the Vatican said.

“Vatican authorities intervened immediately for first verifications, which indicate his death was due to natural causes,” the statement, posted on the Vatican press website, said.’

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‘Disgraced MPs who cheated on their expenses, a multimillionaire Tory donor, a group of back-room political fixers and an alcohol industry lobbyist have been ennobled by David Cameron, sparking renewed calls for root-and-branch reform of the House of Lords.

The 26 new Tory peers, along with 11 new Liberal Democrats and eight new Labour Lords, will take the membership of the Upper House to more than 800 – making it the second-largest legislative assembly in the world after the National People’s Congress of China.

The new members will cost the taxpayer up to £13,500 a day in expenses when the Lords is sitting. Of the 45 new peers, over 90 per cent were previously MPs, MEPs, councillors, former political staff or party figures.’

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‘Most of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters believe America is the “greatest single threat to world peace” and one in four think a “secretive elite” controls the globe, according to pollster analysis.

Some 74 per cent of the Labour leadership front-runner’s backers would identify themselves as left-wing – around double the amount of any other candidates, according to YouGov research.

The vast majority of Mr Corbyn’s supporters also overwhelmingly back renationalising energy companies and the railway, decreasing private involvement in the NHS and redistributing wealth.’

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