Headlines: 1st December 2015

All day event to start his 2016-17 Worldwide Wake-Up speaking tour that will take him to the United States (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Australia (three cities government visa permitting), New Zealand, Amsterdam, Berlin, Italy, Estonia, Romania, and Manchester (in 2017) with more dates being added.

Limited seating at the Shepherds Bush Empire so book early to ensure a ticket.


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‘There has been a drastic increase in people relying on local councils, rather than loved ones, to bury them when they die. It appears that austerity not only burdens people in life but also in death.

It is a terrible indictment of the Tories’ economic failure that there has been an almost 30% increase in so-called ‘pauper’s funerals’. In these cases local authorities pick up the bill for people who die alone or when relatives are unable to pay the costs.

Councils reluctantly handle the fees when they are unable to trace any family members, and pay the bare minimum – which means an unmarked grave for the dead. This means, in a grim and ironic twist that the savings made by cutting welfare and social services, by further impoverishing people, are now being paid out to cover the costs of these bargain send-offs. The taxes of the living servicing the needs of the dead.’

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‘With all the pages of copy that have been filed in the media about the Tory bullying scandal, it’s surprising how little has been written about the organisation at the heart of the bullying allegations – Conservative Way Forward.

CWF is a VERY important and influential organisation within the Tory Party. It is seen as the gatekeeper of Thatcher’s legacy. Here is its official list of presidents and patrons – a rollcall of Thatcherite luminaries, beginning with Thatcher herself:’

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‘Do not be misled – Jeremy Hunt’s agreement to withdraw his plan to impose a cruel new contract on junior doctors is an admission that he has been defeated, utterly.

Of course, operations and outpatients’ appointments have been disrupted by the Health Secretary’s stubbornness, but it seems likely that a more healthy situation could arise from today’s announcement.

But what does this mean for the Conservative Government?’

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‘The Technology for Mass Holographic Deception and Psychological Manipulation Has Existed for Decades

Imagine if governments could project massive, realistic holograms into the sky above entire societies, such as the image of a deity significant to a region. Imagine the implications if such a vision started speaking – the words appearing ‘telepathically’ as thoughts directly inside people’s heads. Disturbingly, this scenario may not be science fiction, as the technology for mass deception and psychological manipulation on a major scale has existed for decades.’

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‘The Paris terror attacks have prompted Belgium to call for a unified European intelligence agency that would share information to nip future threats in the bud. The idea has been met with skepticism from such EU members as Germany.

The statement was made by Belgium’s Prime Minister, Charles Michel. “We must quickly put in place a European intelligence agency, a European CIA,” in order to “unmask those with hostile intentions,” Michel said on French radio RTL.

His proposal follows the horrific attacks in Paris, which were orchestrated by a terrorist cell out of Belgium. According to the prime minister, the incident brought a lack of information sharing between various European intelligence agencies to light. Michel stressed that Europe-wide protocols could prevent future attacks within the EU.’

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‘In the last 25 years, dolphin-safe labeling of tuna managed to reduce unnecessary annual deaths of the mammals from over 100,000 to only 3,000—an astounding 97% reduction—but the World Trade Organization just effectively nullified this critical program.

In order to placate Mexico as a member nation of the upcoming (and seemingly inevitable) Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the WTO deemed dolphin-safe labeling a “technical barrier to trade”—even though that environmentally-conscious label is voluntary and applies equally to domestic and foreign companies. At issue are fishing methods that exploit the as-yet-unexplained symbiotic relationship between tunas and dolphins. As the Sierra Club explained:’

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‘In the whole period since Israel’s lethal and devastating summer 2014 attack on Gaza, the United Nations has provided assistance to just one family to rebuild its totally destroyed home.

“I held the new keys in my hand; at that moment, I felt relieved and happy, and I wanted to give the keys to my wife and show her the house and everything in it,” Atef al-Zaza said as he took possession of the home he will share with his spouse Fatima and their 12 children in eastern Gaza City, last October.

It replaces the home the al-Zaza family lost in July 2014, during Israel’s bombardment.’

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‘Within 20 years, according to top Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, nearly half of all jobs currently occupied by humans will be automated by computers or robots. What purpose will these formerly employed individuals fulfil?

The elite of society have been discussing this epic moment for decades.

In April of 2000, Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, wrote an article for Wired magazine called “Why the future doesn’t need us.” The premise of the article revolves around the potential for humans to become obsolete. Joy’s work begins by describing his experience of reading a portion of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski’s manifesto.

Kaczynski targeted and injured computer scientist David Gelernter, one of Bill Joy’s friends. To his dismay, Joy had to agree with Kaczynski in his outlook.’

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‘Have the elite already become mutated versions of human beings?

Physicist and former military expert on microwave radiation, Barrie Trower has stated, “There are no safe levels of radiation.” Upon watching Barry Trower’s startling video interview (seen below,) it appears evident that the elite and their techno-nerd minions may already be mutants.

Among other things, Trower’s report includes consideration of the effects of cell phone and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the brainwaves and development of children. Can we conclude that people who are constantly being bombarded by these pernicious EMRs no longer think as ‘normal’ human beings?’

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