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David Icke – Creating Your Reality

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:38 By David Icke

A video by Jay4louise

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NATO Announces It Will Deploy on Russia’s Border

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:29 By David Icke

‘NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen has announced military alliance will move troops up to the Russian border in response to resistance by eastern Ukrainians to an operation by the coup government to shut down a secession movement in Donetsk, Slaviansk and other areas of the country.

The move by NATO arrives as the parliament in Transnistria on the Moldova-Ukraine border unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the international community to recognize it as a sovereign independent state. “According to the universally recognized norms of international law, a right of people to self-determination should be the basis of political decisions. Every state should respect this right,” said deputy speaker Sergei Cheban.

A 2006 referendum held in the region that broke away from Romanian-speaking Moldova after the collapse of the Soviet Union showed 97 percent of residents were in favor of independence. The referendum also indicated the majority is interested in joining the Russian Federation.’

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EU spy chief rules out Russian military presence in Ukraine

‘There is no large Russian military presence in East Ukraine, head of EU intelligence, Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff, has said. The spy chief has dismissed multiple accusations from the West alleging Russian involvement in the unrest in the region.

In an interview with Finnish national news broadcaster, Yle, Alafuzoff said the Russian military had nothing to do with the seizing of government buildings in eastern Ukraine.

“In my opinion, it’s mostly people who live in the region who are not satisfied with the current state of affairs,” said Alafuzoff, referring to the situation in East Ukraine. He went on to say that the people are worried for the welfare of those who speak Russian as their first language in the region.’

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Ukraine crisis: Chaos, confusion and itchy trigger fingers reign in the east as Kiev begins ‘anti-terrorist’ mission

‘Pavel Nicolaivitch Kurigin was digging in his garden when four men jumped out of a car and opened fire: he ran inside his house and returned with the only weapon availiable, a crossbow he used for sport. “I wasn’t going to let them harm my family, I have young children, I was doing what I could, we had been warned such things may happen”, he said.

The attack by the figures in black combat uniform and balaclavas was aimed at a checkpoint adjoining his land, and those manning it shot back. The gunmen ran off through the woods, and appeared to have been picked up and driven off on a parallel road.

Such is the febrile and tense atmosphere currently in this part of Ukraine that more than 20 vehicles loaded with armed men raced to the scene; some began to fire off their shotguns, hunting rifles and the few Kalashnikovs they held between them, swearing after seeing shadows among the trees.’

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Humiliation for Ukraine's troops as they roll into restive east in armoured vehicles … and have them SEIZED by pro-Russian militants

‘Ukraine’s offensive against separatists in the east of the country got off to a disastrous start today, with Kiev admitting its armoured vehicles had been seized by pro-Russian militants.

A column of armoured personnel carriers arrived in the rebel-held city of Slavyansk flying Russian flags, carrying men claiming to be Ukrainian soldiers who had switched allegiance.

The defence ministry in Kiev this afternoon then confirmed that vehicles had been captured in the flashpoint area of Kramatorsk.

‘A column was blocked by a crowd of local people in Kramatorsk with members of a Russian diversionary-terrorist group among them,’ it said. ‘As a result, extremists seized the equipment.”

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Cyril Smith ‘protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring’ claims MP

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:20 By David Icke

‘Child abuser Cyril Smith was protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring, the MP who exposed him claimed.

Labour’s Simon Danzcuk said the Liberal grandee was part of an “informal” network of perverts who stalked the corridors of power.

He said: “Had he been prosecuted, then the house of cards would have fallen, in terms of that paedophile network, and it could have brought the government down.

“Once he became a member of Parliament in 1972, I think he joined an, obviously informal, network of paedophiles that existed in and around Westminster.”’

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The People’s Voice – With Your Help This Is What We Can Do Within Weeks … Make It Happen While You Still Can

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:18 By David Icke

The People’s Voice is a TV channel like no other. Reporting balanced news and challenging mainstream media coverage of world events.

We now have an opportunity to broadcast from new purpose-built studios, significantly reduce running costs, restore live news programming and expand our coverage to satellite transmission from Europe to China and across the Middle East and Africa.

This would take us into a whole new stage of communicating the vital information that the mainstream media suppresses or ignores and adds to our 24 hour global Internet coverage and on-demand YouTube service.

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*Please note: Viewing figures show that The People’s Voice is gathering pace and popularity all the time – despite all the challenges.

Latest figures electronically recorded with 100% accuracy show that the TPV to-air screen had nearly 1.6 million views last month with this month promising to surpass that.

Taking all views together, the to-air page, YouTube and other sources The People’s Voice has so far had more than six million views since the station went to air only in late November.

The potential is fantastic, especially if we can gain access to two satellites which is now a strong possibility if we get the support.

Support TPV – the dream has only just begun.

Bryan Fischer tells poor people: ‘Kiss the ground’ beneath the richest one percent

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:11 By David Icke

‘Bryan Fischer, the director of Issues Analysis for the fundamentalist American Family Association (AFA), said on Tuesday that people who used welfare and other government services needed to “kiss the ground” beneath the richest 1 percent of Americans.

On his April 15 broadcast, Fischer opined that President Barack Obama was using the Internal Revenue (IRS) service to “go after the 1 percent.”

“The top 1 percent are funding 30 percent of the government!” the radio host explained. “So, rather than the poor, the low income and the middle class being resentful of these people, they should be kissing the ground on which they walk!”’

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Rigged USA Elections Exposed

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:07 By David Icke

Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:03 By David Icke

‘In this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence so let your rational mind be at ease. But first … how is this even possible?

One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality. Early in the 1900′s they proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt with an experiment called the double slit experiment. They found that the determining factor of the behavior of energy (‘particles’) at the quantum level is the awareness of the observer.

For example: electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and then at other times they would switch to acting like waves (formless energy), because it was completely dependent on what the observer expected was going to happen. Whatever the observed believed would occur is what the quantum field did.’

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The Perception Deception, David Icke’s Game-Changing New Book, Now Shipping And Available As An Immediate E-Book Download

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:01 By David Icke

The Perception Deception is destined to be a work recorded by history as the masterpiece that changed the world.

‘I can now see that my whole life has been leading to this book’ – David Icke


Nearly 1,000 pages, 900 images and illustrations and 32 pages of original colour artwork by Neil Hague.

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Google is building up a digital superstate, says German media boss

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 07:00 By David Icke

‘The chief executive of Europe’s largest newspaper publisher has accused Google of abusing a monopoly position in the digital economy to discriminate against competitors and build up a “superstate”.

In an open letter to Google’s Eric Schmidt published in Wednesday’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the head of Germany’s Axel Springer SE publishing house, Mathias Döpfner, said the US company was operating a business model that “in less reputable circles would be called a protection racket”, discriminating against competitors in its search rankings. Google’s motto was “if you don’t want us to finish you off, you better pay”, he said.

Döpfner – whose publishing portfolio includes Europe’s best-selling newspaper, the tabloid Bild, as well as the centre-right broadsheet Die Welt – admitted that his own company was completely reliant on Google, a fact that made him and other publishers scared.’

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Workers approaching retirement will receive a letter from their pension provider … announcing their death date

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 06:42 By David Icke

Everyone approaching retirement will be told when they are expected to die, ministers have said.
‘Life expectancy is measured by linking factors such as smoking, eating habits and socio-economic background.

The Government-backed guidance came as figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed a growing life expectancy gap between North and South – with those in some areas living 14 years longer than others.

The guidance is designed to help pensioners plan how much to spend and save.

Steve Webb, the Pensions Minister, said retirees need to gain a sense of how long they might live to help make such financial decisions.’

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David Icke All Day At The Wembley Arena, London – October 25th

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 06:34 By David Icke

David’s first public presentation for two years and he will be going deeper in the rabbit hole than ever before.

Please Note: People who have bought early birds will receive their tickets 8-10 weeks before the event.



Syria conflict: A shift for fading insurgency as foreign backers look to reverse months of military defeats at the hands of government soldiers

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 06:34 By David Icke

‘In the wake of a series of battlefield defeats for the Syrian rebels over the past few months, there are signs that the opposition’s foreign backers are trying to reverse the tide and salvage what is left of the waning insurgency.

The removal of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the architect of Riyadh’s efforts to overthrow the Syrian government over the last three years, shows frustration within Saudi Arabia – one of the biggest backers of the rebels – at the failure of his policies.

The royal decree announcing the removal of Prince Bandar, for 22 years the highly influential Saudi ambassador in Washington, said that he had stepped down at his own request and was being replaced in the job he has held since 2012 by his deputy General Youssef al-Idrissi as “head of general intelligence.”’

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Sources: U.S. urges Israel to attack Syrian forces threatening CIA-trained rebels in Golan

‘The United States is pressuring Israel to attack the Syrian military in the Golan Heights.

Western diplomatic sources said the administration of President Barack Obama has urged Israel to stop a Syrian Army advance toward U.S.-trained rebels in the Golan Heights.

The sources said the rebels, trained and sent from Jordan, reached the divided Heights last month.

“The Americans want Israel to stop a Syrian column from reaching rebel-held areas of the Golan, particularly where the Jordanian-based jihadists are located,” a source told Middle East Newsline.’

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Rothschild Zionist David Cameron puts God back into politics

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 06:27 By David Icke

‘Britain should be unashamedly “evangelical” about its Christian faith and actively hand churches and other faith groups a greater role in society, David Cameron has insisted.

In a declaration of his personal beliefs, he said he had experienced the “healing power” of religion in his own life and insisted that Christianity could transform the “spiritual, physical, and moral” state of Britain and even the world.

Writing in the Church Times, the Anglican newspaper, he heaped praise on the Church of England and described the UK as a “Christian country” despite saying we live in an increasingly “secular age”.’

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David Cameron tells Israelis about his Jewish ancestors

‘David Cameron has said he has Jewish ancestors.

In a speech to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, the Prime Minister said his great-great-grandfather was a Jewish man from Germany.

The link gives Mr Cameron “some sense of connection” to the Israeli people, he said, as he hailed their “extraordinary journey” and history of persecution.

In the address he pledged to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the “vulnerable” state against terrorism, and said the phrase “We are with you” in Hebrew.

“My Jewish ancestry is relatively limited but I do feel just some sense of connection. From the lexicon of my great, great grandfather Emile Levita, a Jewish man who came from Germany to Britain 150 years ago to the story of my forefather Elijah Levita who wrote what is thought to have been the first ever Yiddish novel,” he said.’

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Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:30 By David Icke

‘Good morning, Mr Rothschild – Sleep Well?’

Ooops, sorry Ma’am, didn’t see the tiara.’

David Icke Live at Wembley Arena DVD – Available Now

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:27 By David Icke

Recorded at London’s vast Wembley Arena before a sell-out audience of thousands, and watched live by tens of thousands worldwide on the Internet.

Nearly ten hours of cutting edge information researched, compiled and presented by David Icke that you will hear nowhere else in the world put together in this way.

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French scientists: We’ve lost SARS virus vials

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:24 By David Icke

‘France’s distinguished Institut Pasteur, which was among the first to isolate HIV in the 1980s, admitted on Monday that it has lost some 2,349 vials in 29 boxes, containing samples of the deadly SARS virus.

During a recent inventory researchers realized the vials were unaccounted for and so called in France’s drug and health safety agency “l’Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé” to help with the search, according to a statement from Institut Pasteur.

The drug and health safety people spent four days, from April 4th-12th, doing an ‘in depth’ investigation at the unnamed lab in question and came up empty handed as well. SARS is not the kind of virus you’d want floating around.

You may remember the outbreak of SARS, which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, in the early 2000s in Asia which killed some 775 people and sickened thousands more. It kills roughly 10 percent of those are foundto be infected.’

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North Dakota struggling to deal with radioactive fracking waste

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:18 By David Icke

‘Environmental regulators and North Dakota state officials have expressed concern that the state has failed to adequately adjust to the state’s sudden influx of crude oil output, a worry highlighted by the recent discovery of abandoned radioactive waste.

Last month, the North Dakota Health Department announced that a large pile of oil filter socks –radioactive nets that are used to strain liquid during the oil production process – had been found at an old gas station in Noonan, a small town in the northwestern region of the state.

The bags were covered in dust – an indication they had been there for some time – and dumped illegally at the mechanics station owned by a fugitive named Ken Ward, who reportedly worked in North Dakota’s fledgling gas and oil industry.’

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Congressman Introduces ‘Contempt Act’ to Withhold Eric Holder’s Salary

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:12 By David Icke

‘Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) has introduced a bill called the “Contempt Act,” which would prevent current and future federal employees from collecting their taxpayer-funded salaries as long as they’re being held in contempt of Congress.

The bill, which has no chance of becoming law in a divided Congress, currently would apply to one man — Attorney General Eric Holder, with whom Farenthold tangled at a congressional hearing last week:

“I’m committed to maintaining the constitutional balance of power and the authority that this branch — this Legislative Branch — has, and I just don’t think it’s appropriate that Mr. Holder be here,” Farenthold told the Judiciary Committee last Tuesday.’

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France is the new cauldron of Eurosceptic revolution

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:09 By David Icke

‘Britain is marginal to the great debate on Europe. France is the linchpin, fast becoming a cauldron of Eurosceptic/Poujadist views on the Right, anti-EMU reflationary Keynesian views on the Left, mixed with soul-searching over the wisdom of monetary union across the French establishment.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National leads the latest IFOP poll for the European elections next month at 24pc. Her platform calls for immediate steps to ditch the euro and restore the franc (“franc des Anglais” in origin, rid of the English oppressors), and to hold a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.’

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TTIP a major change in EU/US relations

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:06 By David Icke

Pressure mounts on UK over CIA’s ‘black site’ jail in Indian Ocean

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:03 By David Icke

‘A human rights group is urging Britain’s Foreign office to “come clean” over claims that a British-administered island in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, was used as a secret “black site” detention center by the CIA.

“We need to know immediately whether ministers misled parliament over CIA torture on British soil,” Cori Crider, strategic director at Reprieve, a legal action charity group, said in a letter to UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

“If the CIA operated a black site on Diego Garcia, then a string of official statements, from both this and the last government, were totally false,” Crider said.

The letter followed a report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee that Britain had allowed the US to run a “black site” prison on Diego Garcia to secretly hold suspects without accountability. The Diego Garcia prison held some “high-value” detainees and was operated with the “full cooperation” of the British government, US officials familiar with the Senate report said.’

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Up to One Million New Yorkers seize opportunity not to register their firearms ahead of the Safe Act deadline

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 05:00 By David Icke

‘The April 15 deadline to register firearms deemed “assault weapons” under Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act has been met by hordes of New York Gun owners not rushing to register firearms, and the ceremonial burning of registration forms.

Unofficial estimates suggest that as few as 3,000-5,000 of the estimated 1-2 million firearms that have been redefined as “assault weapons” under New York’s utterly arbitrary and blatantly unconstitutional law
have been registered. Literally dozens of gun owners in the state of 19.57 million (2012) residents will take the opportunity to register today.

New York’s citizen control groups are taking the news as expected, with raging denial:’

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Flu Shot Kills Healthy Teenager

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:54 By David Icke

Vermont Senate Overwhelmingly Votes for GMO Labeling

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:51 By David Icke

‘Could Vermont be the first state to enact a genetically modified food labeling law?

Senate President Pro Tempore John Campbell, D-Windsor said: We are saying people have a right to know what’s in their food. On Tuesday, the Vermont Senate cast its votes for a bill that would require GMO labels on food products.

Campbell and other bill supporters believe the bill is legally airtight. Nevertheless, they carved out a fund for legalities, such as if food producers who are sure to dislike the bill decide to sue.

A vote of 26-2, however, demonstrates a great desire from the Senate and its constituents for labels bearing GMO knowledge, beginning in July 2016.’

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Scientists find multiple problems with GMOs

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:48 By David Icke

‘”GMO seeds have not been shown to definitively increase yield potentials” and “in fact, the yields of herbicide-tolerant or insect-resistant seeds may be occasionally lower than the yields of conventional varieties.”

A February 2014 U.S. Department of Agriculture report declared what many scientists already knew: There are no significant differences in yields of GMO and non-GMO crops. When asked about the USDA report, the chief technology officer for Monsanto declared, “American farmers are smart and wouldn’t [adopt] a technology that didn’t have tangible benefits.”

Are the USDA and scientists around the world wrong in their conclusion about failure to yield? No.

Agro-economists have shown repeatedly that the best-yielding, most-affordable crop varieties, to “feed the world”, are those derived from conventional non-GMO hybrids (U.N Commission on Trade and Development).’

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Release of Medicare data reveals massive fraud, drug company collusion and bilking of taxpayers

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:42 By David Icke

‘Do you know what happens to your earnings after they are swept up and tossed into the Medicare black hole?

A massive, new Medicare data release has uncovered a multimillion-dollar scandal that has been growing through the years. Consumer groups have been pressuring the government to release recent Medicare data and were taken aback when the numbers were finally unveiled.

The data release reveals that government intervention in the marketplace has created a cursed system of fraud, a cycle of inefficiency and a dependency that has catered to special interests governing the medical establishment. Furthermore, the data release shows that the fraudulent Medicare system has been pressuring doctors to fraud taxpayers exponentially, as drug companies grow richer.’

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$64 million in bribes paid to UK doctors last year by drug companies

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:39 By David Icke

‘New data that once again highlights the incestuous relationship between Big Pharma and the medical industry indicate that British doctors were paid some $64 million by drug makers, which was only slightly less than in 2012.

According to Reuters, such industry payments to physicians have increasingly come under scrutiny following several scandals involving drug sales practices, most notably in the United States, as well as concerns that such close ties put commercial interests of drug makers ahead of what is best for patients.’

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The 1% Wants to Ban Sleeping in Cars Because It Hurts Their ‘Quality of Life’

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:36 By David Icke

‘Across the United States, many local governments are responding to skyrocketing levels of inequality and the now decades-long crisis of homelessness among the very poor … by passing laws making it a crime to sleep in a parked car.

This happened most recently in Palo Alto, in California’s Silicon Valley, where new billionaires are seemingly minted every month – and where 92% of homeless people lack shelter of any kind. Dozens of cities have passed similar anti-homeless laws. The largest of them is Los Angeles, the longtime unofficial “homeless capital of America”, where lawyers are currently defending a similar vehicle-sleeping law before a skeptical federal appellate court. Laws against sleeping on sidewalks or in cars are called “quality of life” laws. But they certainly don’t protect the quality of life of the poor.’

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FBI Infiltrates Guantanamo Detainee’s Defense Team

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:33 By David Icke

‘On Monday, the military trial of five 9/11 suspects was put on hold as allegations surfaced that the FBI had enlisted a member of the defense team as a secret informant. This brazen violation of basic democratic norms is a further exposure of an extra-judicial process that has been illegal from the start.

Defense attorneys filed a motion late Sunday night calling for a halt to the proceedings, a review of the FBI’s involvement and the appointing of new independent attorneys for the defendants.

James Harrington, a civilian attorney for Ramzi bin al-Shibh, one of the five accused, told the judge, “We have an impossible situation in terms of representing our client… on any issue.” Harrington added, “To say this is a chilling experience for all of us is a gross understatement.”’

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The Guardian’s Regime Change Propaganda on Syria

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:30 By David Icke

‘The worst, then, is Iraq – a country the UK recently spent over six years occupying. The 6th worst is Afghanistan – a country the UK has been occupying for well over ten years.

You might think that a British newspaper would be interested in focusing on these countries, perhaps in the context of asking just what kind of ‘nations’ British armed forces have helped ‘build’ there over the past decade.

These figures don’t exactly chime with the pro-war narrative of Iraq and Afghanistan being transformed into flourishing, peaceful democracies, after all.’

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David Icke’s Sensational Book

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:27 By David Icke

Nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words, 325 illustrations and 32 pages of original colour art by Neil Hague. A Monumental Work

What is the ‘Moon Matrix’?

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Israel places journalist in incommunicado detention

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:21 By David Icke

‘Israel has arrested and placed in incommunicado detention the journalist and researcher Majd Kayyal, a Palestinian citizen of Israel.

The Electronic Intifada has obtained the closed court transcript and gag order – which Israeli media are strictly forbidden from publishing – extending the detention and interrogation of 23-year-old Kayyal under the auspices of the Shin Bet (also known as Shabak), Israel’s secret police.

The original document and a full translation are available below.

According to the court document, Kayyal is being investigated for suspicion of “unlawful travel to Arab countries” and “contact with a foreign agent.”

These are, according to the attorney representing Shin Bet, “serious offenses against the security of the state.”‘

Read more: Israel places journalist in incommunicado detention

AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:18 By David Icke

‘What the military will say to a reporter and what is said behind closed doors are two very different things — especially when it comes to the U.S. military in Africa. For years, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has maintained a veil of secrecy about much of the command’s activities and mission locations, consistently downplaying the size, scale, and scope of its efforts. At a recent Pentagon press conference, AFRICOM Commander General David Rodriguez adhered to the typical mantra, assuring the assembled reporters that the United States “has little forward presence” on that continent. Just days earlier, however, the men building the Pentagon’s presence there were telling a very different story — but they weren’t speaking with the media. They were speaking to representatives of some of the biggest military engineering firms on the planet. They were planning for the future and the talk was of war.

I recently experienced this phenomenon myself during a media roundtable with Lieutenant General Thomas Bostick, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. When I asked the general to tell me just what his people were building for U.S. forces in Africa, he paused and said in a low voice to the man next to him, “Can you help me out with that?” Lloyd Caldwell, the Corps’s director of military programs, whispered back, “Some of that would be close hold” — in other words, information too sensitive to reveal.’

Read more: AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly

Uganda: Doing Israel’s dirty work

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:15 By David Icke

‘While contemplating potential locations for a Jewish homeland over a century ago, Theodor Herzl – the father of modern political Zionism – proposed Uganda as a temporary refuge for persecuted Jews.

Ironically, Uganda is now on the receiving end of other persecuted peoples, this time African refugees who have sought asylum in Israel only to be imprisoned in detention facilities and then returned to the African continent.

As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported in a February 2014 article titled “Israel secretly flying asylum seekers to Uganda”, harsh conditions in the detention centres plus nominal financial compensation have facilitated the deportation of many migrants under the guise of “voluntary departure”.’

Read more: Uganda: Doing Israel's dirty work

Euro Politics behind Greek Bond Sale

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:12 By David Icke

Syrian Army troops stage massive operation in Homs

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:09 By David Icke

‘Syrian Army troops have staged a massive operation to purge the central city of Homs of foreign-sponsored militants fighting against the Damascus government.

On Tuesday, Syrian troops engaged militants in Jouret al-Shayah, al-Hamidiyah, Bab Hood and Wadi al-Sayeh neighborhoods, killing scores of anti-government gunmen.

Syrian government forces also destroyed several pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns in the al-Houla area.

In addition, Syrian soldiers stormed terrorist hideouts in Ein Hussein, al-Amryeh and al-Dar al-Kabira districts of Talbiseh town, situated 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Homs.’

Read more: Syrian Army troops stage massive operation in Homs

Paris police ordered to purge Roma: Leaked report

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:06 By David Icke

‘A report shows that French police in the capital city of Paris have been ordered to systematically purge the Roma people from the city.

A newly-leaked internal memo, published by the French daily Le Parisien on Wednesday, revealed that police in Paris’ sixth division had been ordered to remove Roma out of the affluent neighborhood.

The memo added that the order came from the French capital’s police headquarters and was effective immediately.

The disclosure has sparked outrage across France, with the country’s Interior Ministry saying the situation has now been rectified.’

Read more: Paris police ordered to purge Roma: Leaked report

Bomb blast hits NATO convoy in northern Afghanistan

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:03 By David Icke

‘Casualties are feared as a powerful roadside bomb explosion has targeted a NATO military convoy in the troubled northern Afghanistan, local and Western sources say.

The Western military alliance says an improvised explosive device (IED) ripped through a NATO military vehicle in Baghlan Province on Wednesday.

Several are said to have been hurt and transferred to a nearby hospital for necessary medical treatment.

Provincial police forces say the bomb had been planted by the Taliban militants. A regional spokesman for Taliban militants has also confirmed that the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.’

Read more: Bomb blast hits NATO convoy in northern Afghanistan

Israeli forces injure 30 Palestinians in al-Aqsa

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 04:00 By David Icke

‘Israeli forces have shot and wounded at least 30 Palestinians in the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Local sources said that clashes erupted between the Israeli forces and Palestinian worshippers in the mosque compound when Israeli settlers entered the holy site on Wednesday.

According to witnesses, Israeli troops raided the mosque to protect the settlers. They said the forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the worshippers.

“About 1,000 Israeli officers stormed the compound,” Palestinian Ma’an news agency quoted Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib, the director-general of Muslim endowments and Al-Aqsa affairs, as saying.’

Read more: Israeli forces injure 30 Palestinians in al-Aqsa