Headlines: 9th February 2016

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Richie Allen Review of Phantom Self


‘I’ve just finished David’s new book “Phantom Self (And how to find the real one)” and it’ll prove a bigger and braver book than anything else in 2016. It’s almost surgical how David knits together historic and recent events to throw a glaring spotlight on who and what is manipulating our daily lives. I’ve never read a book before that so clearly and effortlessly illustrates how what we think is our world, what we see as our lives, is nothing more than a virtual reality-type programme, which has enslaved us.

The chapter entitled “Transphantomism” is at once a revelation and a siren call to the masses to get up, stand up and reclaim your own sovereignty from those pushing the trans-humanist agenda. It’s an outstanding book which compliments David’s unparalleled body of work. It’s also full to the brim with positivity and solutions and as I said, bang up to date with current geopolitical events.’



‘This is an article that explains a great deal—but, with apologies, it involves a line of reasoning, in order to reach a conclusion. That means some readers (not my regular readers) may find it odd. Some readers with short attention spans may suddenly want to switch to a wrestling show or a shopping network. To them I say: give this a try; it does have a payoff; it has its own kind of shock and surprise; explosions do go off in the mind; it is like a ten-car pile-up on the interstate in the fog, late at night; and there is a very nasty plot.

Out of nowhere, a month ago, we were told there was an outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil: over 4,000 cases of babies born with small heads and brain impairment.’

Read more: Zika: Who Launched The Fake-Epidemic Story In Brazil?



‘The mobilization of 500,000 soldiers and public-health workers to spray pesticides across Brazil is effectively terminating a controversial British-American biotechnology project that has released millions of gene-engineered mosquitoes in a backfired experiment to combat the dengue fever virus (DENV). The Oxitec gene-manipulation technique called RIDL (Release of Insects carrying a Dominant Lethal) is widely suspected of spreading a new virulent strain of ZIKA virus, and the Brazilian outbreak in turn raises fears of a link to microcephaly or reduced brain size in human embryos. (Oxitec is a corporate spinoff of Oxford University, even though most of its researchers are with less prestigious British schools or from the United States.)

First of all, this essay explains how the recent cases of Brazilian microcephaly were not caused by ZIKA but are instead a “side effect” of the RIDL gene-transfer. The so-called Death Gene blockage, using the GATA binding protein, can affect the same gene in human embryos as in the targeted mosquito pupae.’

Read more: CDC-Oxford ‘Death Gene’ Is Key To The Brazilian Babies Riddle


Untitled (81)‘A newly leaked report has revealed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had threatened EU leaders with a flood of refugees unless Ankara was offered better funding to deal with the ongoing crisis.

On Monday, the euro2day.gr financial news website published what it claimed to be minutes of a November meeting between Erdogan, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, and EU President Donald Tusk.

The report does not state the exact date of the meeting but, according to Reuters, it was probably held on November 16, 2015 in Antalya on the sidelines of a G20 summit.’

Read more: Turkey’s Erdogan threatened EU with flood of refugees: Leaked report


Untitled‘Once again, Russia is being featured as Dr. Evil Incarnate, the villain that regularly plays opposite peace-loving NATO nations, in a BBC program that has Moscow initiating an invasion on Latvia followed up with a nuclear strike on Britain.

And just in time for the military-industrial shopping season.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has failed Western analysts and political pundits in spectacular fashion. Despite a full-court effort to portray Russia as a barbaric, land-grabbing nation obsessed with the idea of restoring imperial real estate, Russia has stubbornly refused to play along.

Why, even dangling the fat bait of Ukraine before Russia’s nose could not get Moscow to react the way NATO had hoped it would.’

Read more: BBC whips up anti-Russia hysteria to apocalyptic levels



‘Responding to inquiries by members of parliament, the Foreign Office neither confirmed nor denied whether British weapons had been used in the mass execution of protesters in Saudi Arabia last month.
The Gulf Kingdom executed 47 people, including Shiite cleric Nimr-al-Nimr and dozens of anti-government protesters, in early January. After hundreds of Shiites took to the streets of Iran in protest over the executions, Riyadh responded by severing diplomatic ties with the country.

In a letter on January 4 to Prime Minister David Cameron, Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake called on the PM for “assurances that no weapons or any other materials made in the United Kingdom were used to prepare or carry out the executions.”’

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‘Rough sleepers are being criminalised by Sussex Police operations to arrest and prosecute those living on the streets and desperate for small change.

The tactics have come under fire by critics who have questioned the “pointless system” that costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds and sees beggars fined hundreds of pounds only to have to go back on the streets.

In a recent case magistrates questioned the public interest in taking to court a rough sleeper who asked for ten pence in the street.’

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Jeremy Corbyn will block a knighthood and peerage for Jack Straw following the ‘cash for access’ scandal.

Rifkind and Straw were exposed but found not guilty by a parliamentary committee of offering to table motions for a fictitious Chinese company in the House for the sum of £5,000.

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