Headlines: 8th October 2015

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‘On Monday, we had the pleasure of bringing you a report detailing the long overdue obliteration of ISIS by Russian airstrikes in coordination with Assad’s government in Damascus. In that report we heard from Russian Lt. General Andrei Kartapolov, who said that Russia was not only going to continue their airstrikes but also increase their intensity to eradicate ISIS once and for all.

Russia has made good on that promise and the Russian Defence Ministry has just announced the launch of cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea targeting ISIS positions in Syria.

The Ministry said: “Last night the ship strike group of the Russian Navy, consisting of the Dagestan missile ship, the small-sized missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich and Veliky Ustyug launched cruise missiles against ISIS infrastructural facilities in Syria from the assigned district of the Caspian Sea“.’

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‘Failure to resolve the Syrian crisis could lead to “total war” in the Middle East that would seriously affect Europe, French President Francois Hollande said, calling on EU countries to unite in their efforts to resolve the conflict in the war-torn country.

In a joint speech before the European Parliament, delivered with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hollande urged European countries to join forces and cooperate with all parties concerned, including Russia and Iran, to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis.’

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‘Here are some State Department talking points on Syria for cable news anchors:

1) Keep mentioning the barrel bombs. Do not mention how their use was pioneered by the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and how they were used by the US Air Force in Vietnam in Operation Inferno in 1968. Keep repeating, “barrel bombs, barrel bombs” and stating with a straight face that the Syrian regime is using them “against its own people.” Against its own people. Against its own people. Against its own people.

2) Keep mentioning “200,000.” (The UN estimates that 220,000 have been killed in the conflict since 2011.) Declare like you really believe it that this is the number of civilians the Syrian government of Bashar Assad has killed during the war. (Do not be concerned about any need to back the figure up. No one is ever going to call you on it publicly.)’

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‘Russia has sent sophisticated jamming equipment to Syria that could blind NATO pilots in a further escalation of the stand-off in the Middle East.

The Krasukha-4 system has been spotted at a Syrian airfield being used by Russian fighter jets and its presence has been confirmed by US officials. The mobile system can disrupt surveillance by drones, satellites or western early warning aircraft.

It has a range of 300km, can also disrupt the systems of radar-guided missiles and would allow Russia to enforce a no-fly zone over President Assad’s military.’

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‘Representatives of “moderate” rebel groups in Syria opposed to the regime of Bashar al-Assad have asked the U.S. to supply them with surface-to-air missiles to counter Russian air strikes, American media have reported. Russian observers say this is unlikely but caution that arms may be supplied by the key regional sponsors of Syria’s opposition, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.’

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‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

– US Singer, Songwriter, Producer Geoff Byrd

Please note … rental price is in dollars because of the playout system …

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Untitled (8)‘A senior judge, MPs and a member of the royal family intervened to stop former bishop Peter Ball being prosecuted for historic sex abuses, the Old Bailey court heard on Wednesday as Hall was jailed for his crimes.

Ball, the former bishop of Lewes, East Sussex, was jailed for 32 months after admitting sexually abusing 18 young men between 1977 and 1992. He will serve half the term before being released on license.

The judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, said he had taken account of the harm Ball had caused to his victims but also considered testimony of many who wrote in support of his character.’

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The Resolution Foundation think tank’s study concludes that around 200,000 more children will be pushed into poverty by the Tory government’s cuts to  tax credits even when the increase in the living wage is added.

The study’s conclusions come the day after Cameron stated that the government is going to conduct an ‘all out war against poverty.’

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NHS mistakes are causing the deaths of a ‘Plane Crash’ number of victims every week warns Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

He is facing possible industrial action by doctors over his plans for a 7 day NHS and accuses activists of being irresponsible over claims that it is about cutting pay or making them work longer hours.

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