Headlines: 14th February 2016

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How sickening it is to watch those who represent – or have directly ordered – the forces that have killed and maimed multiple millions of civilians in wars of conquest and oppression to focus condemnation on Russia for allegedly doing what they have long done to prepare public opinion to accept a Western war against Russia and China.

Beyond evil

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UntitledDavid Icke makes his first Manchester appearance in over a decade as part of his Worldwide Wake Up Tour.

Following his visits to Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Europe in 2016, the Manchester event will kick off 2017 that will see him visit Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Spain, Russia and many other countries.

The world is waking up

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Phantom Self will not be in the shops until late February or March, but we have had a limited number speed-printed for visitors to Davidicke.com

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Includes what David calls ‘the most important chapter I have ever written’.

Deeper in the rabbit hole than ever before, solution-based and right up with current events.


Richie Allen Review of Phantom Self


‘I’ve just finished David’s new book “Phantom Self (And how to find the real one)” and it’ll prove a bigger and braver book than anything else in 2016. It’s almost surgical how David knits together historic and recent events to throw a glaring spotlight on who and what is manipulating our daily lives. I’ve never read a book before that so clearly and effortlessly illustrates how what we think is our world, what we see as our lives, is nothing more than a virtual reality-type programme, which has enslaved us.

The chapter entitled “Transphantomism” is at once a revelation and a siren call to the masses to get up, stand up and reclaim your own sovereignty from those pushing the trans-humanist agenda. It’s an outstanding book which compliments David’s unparalleled body of work. It’s also full to the brim with positivity and solutions and as I said, bang up to date with current geopolitical events.’



‘Almost two months have passed since Spain held its general elections with no party winning a majority. Uncertainty is now looming, as negotiations between parties remain fruitless. Even the two traditional rivals, the Socialists and the Popular Party, are holding talks to see if they can reach an agreement.’

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‘A war is brewing and perhaps within a few days or weeks, should cooler heads not prevail in the middle east, we will see the opening salvos of World War III. This time it won’t just be a proxy war between various extreme and moderate terrorist organizations. This time, as John Kerry so eloquently noted, the end result may well be war with the Russians.

As we publish, Saudi Arabian forces are readying their air force for bombing runs over Syria. According to reports they are also massing ground troops and awaiting the go-ahead from their Western coalition partners, with the final order likely coming directly from the United States.’

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‘The ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan, shines a spotlight on our nation’s water woes. It is an indictment of our broken democracy.

Every day, we hear a new horror story from Flint: Lead poisoning. Brain damage in kids. Legionnaire’s disease. Permanently damaged pipes that will cost millions to replace. Water shutoffs for families who refuse to pay for poisoned water, but still rely on it for basic sanitation. Officials who knew about the problem months before it came to light, and lied about it.’

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‘What’s happening here, in this campaign, is pretty simple. There’s a bidding war going on for the control of government.

For the first time, the masses of people who’ve been left out of the political process are standing on an equal footing with corporations and the uber rich. Bernie Sanders has given ‘we the people’ a chance to purchase our nation back from vested interests.

It’s a rare opportunity, and if we seize it, we can make our political system work for us, and take money out of the equation forever – or at least until we forget the bitter lessons of the post-Reagan era.’

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‘What can the new economy movement learn from Senator Bernie Sanders’ epic win in the New Hampshire primary? The big takeaway for system-change advocates came just a few minutes into his victory speech when he told a cheering crowd, ‘We have sent a message that will echo from Wall Street to Washington, from Maine to California, and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super PACs.’

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‘The year 2016 is off to a rocky start for the stock market, not just in the United States but also globally. Many economists are predicting a financial crash this year or next. Stocks are overvalued without a foundation to hold them up, production is down and debt is high. Central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, have run out of solutions, and investors have run out of confidence in them. The grand illusion of economic recovery is about to be exposed.

Financial fraud is at the heart of the coming crisis. In 2008 when a sector rife with fraud crashed, instead of having to face responsibility the too-big-to-fail banks were bailed out with public dollars. The public, meanwhile, bore the cost not just in dollars but also in lost jobs, lower wages and home foreclosures.’

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‘In the midst of questioning the United States’ history of overthrowing and meddling in other countries’ governments, Bernie Sanders denounced Hillary Clinton for befriending and taking advice from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Numerous media commentators reacted by mocking the Sanders campaign, believing millennials could not possibly know anything about Kissinger. They suggested millennials did not care about what Kissinger did either.’

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‘In bringing us the 2016 election spectacle, you demonstrate once again that the national mass media in the United States function, consciously or not, as the guardians of ‘managed democracy.’ That is, as the distinguished political scientist Sheldon Wolin observed, democracy that does not threaten the interests of, well, you, the corporate elite.

For much of the campaign your entertainment medium called TV news has been fervently attending to the demagogic campaign of Donald Trump. Competing for audience attention, your cameras gravitate to the latest outrageous comment of Trump (or Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson for that matter). After all, the Donald was already a media-anointed celebrity on reality TV.’

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‘The growing number of indiscriminate bombings in three of the most devastating military conflicts currently underway -– in Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen – are taking a heavy toll on medical personnel serving with humanitarian organizations — along with thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire between government forces and rebel groups.

The U.S. bombing of a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz, Afghanistan last October, and the Syrian government’s attacks on doctors and medical facilities, have been singled out as just two examples of the dangerous environments under which health care workers operate.’

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