Headlines: 26th November 2015


Untitled (1)Prime Minister David Cameron is a little boy in short trousers (see Hollande, Obama, etc.) who takes his orders from the Hidden Hand and among them is to secure British bombing of Syria to pull the UK into the vortex of catastrophe that is gathering by the day in Syria and the Middle East.

It’s all been long-planned and outlined in my books for decades. Those Members of Parliament who refused to support the bombing the last time short-trouser-boy tried, but now say they can be ‘persuaded’, should realise that they are being scammed by the horrors in Paris into taking Britain into a multi-country war from which they will not be able to escape.

Stop reacting to events – that’s what you are being manipulated to do – and start using your heads before another point-of-no-return is passed.

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David has been warning in his books and talks since the 1990s of a Third World War planned to be triggered out of the Middle East that would pitch Russia and China against NATO.

We are dealing with a script unfolding – not random events – and that includes the desperate attempts of Prime Minister Cameron to secure support for British bombing in Syria.

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Rothschild Zionist and war criminal David Cameron is trying to reassure critics of his intention to commit the UK to devastating airstrikes in Syria by saying that there would be no civilian casualties due to the precise nature of the ‘Brimstone’ missiles that will be used.

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Untitled (2)‘British authorities should not exclude the possibility of sending ground troops to Syria if they want to defeat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) former Foreign Secretary William Hague has suggested.

In a piece for the Telegraph, he argues the extremist group, which controls swathes of Syria and Iraq, cannot be destroyed without boots on the ground.

“That [military presence]should be Syrians, Iraqis or other Arabs, but it would be a mistake for Britain or other Western nations to rule out some of our own forces operating there if that can make the crucial difference to the outcome,” he writes.’

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‘Like a vengeful Mafia don Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shot down a Russian plane and nudged the Middle East a step closer to all-out war.

A few hours after the attack Obama climbed up on his soap box and said Turkey has a right to protect its national sovereignty.

Erdoğan’s attack, however, had nothing to do with sovereignty or airspace. It was retaliation for Russia messing with his family business.

The son of Turkey’s president is accused of making a fortune on the sale of oil stolen by the Islamic State.’

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‘The US believes the Russian Su-24 bomber shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace, Reuters has reported quoting its source from the US president’s administration.

“The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief incursion into Turkish airspace,” it quoted the official as saying on condition of anonymity.

According to the source, the assessment was based “on detection of the heat signature of the jet,” it said.’



A Greek Air Force officer operates the radar of a Patriot missile system at Tatoi air base.

‘Turkish claims that the downed Russian Su-24 jet “violated” its airspace have sparked outrage among Greeks, who took to social media to say it is a clear-cut case of double standards as Turkish jets breached Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone.

They wondered what would happen if Greece had authorized engagement of Turkish aircraft, which breach the country’s borders on a regular basis.’

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‘In the Arab media information is in circulation that the plan to destroy the Russian Su-24 aircraft was clearly spelled out between the leaders of the US and Turkey. It is reported in particular by Gerasa News.

According to the newspaper, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan allegedly received support from U.S. President Barack Obama with a plan to shoot down the aircraft of the Russian Federation on the border with Syria.

The compromising information in the Arab media was received from a source in the presidential administration of the USA.

Also, reports in the Arab media stated that the moment for the su-24 decision was taken by Obama and Erdogan at the summit of “G20” in Antalya. ‘


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