Headlines: 30th November 2015

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‘Britain proves time and again it’s a loyal imperial partner, participating in all US wars of aggression overtly or covertly, rule of law principles be damned.

Washington wants the November 13 Paris false flag along with Brussels violence and lockdown used as a pretext for escalated bombing of Syrian targets, not ISIS and other terrorists. Britain’s David Cameron intends holding a parliamentary vote on greater UK involvement in Obama’s war on Assad – likely this week.

He lied claiming an imminent ISIS threat to Britain’s homeland when the only thing its people need fear is state-sponsored terrorism, a false flag like in Paris.

Defense Secretary Michael Fallon lied like Cameron, saying “(t)he threat to the UK is extremely high. An attack is highly likely so we have to respond. What happened in Paris and Brussels could easily happen in London” or other UK cities.’

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‘The Labour leader is entirely happy to handle the possibility of a rebellion among the vocal minority of MPs who want to support Conservative prime minister David Cameron’s plan to bomb innocent people in Syria and pretend he’s attacking terrorists.

Cameron has no idea where the leaders of Daesh (IS if you like) are hiding. When he does find out, he’ll probably discover that they are lurking in hospitals, schools and anywhere else they can hide behind innocent people, including children.

If he goes ahead with air strikes in such an eventuality, he’ll have innocent blood on his hands, and so will all MPs who vote to support him – especially Labour MPs who will have had the chance to vote him down instead.’

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‘This week Labour MPs are likely to have to cast what will be one of the most important parliamentary votes of their career when the Prime Minister brings his proposal for Britain to join the bombing of Syria to the Commons.

It will be vital for two reasons. The first and most important is that Labour once again risks being tarred as a party of illegal and irrational war.

The 2003 vote to invade Iraq has haunted Labour ever since – losing millions of votes that have yet to be regained and causing around half the party’s membership to resign. Nothing in Labour’s history has traumatised it quite so much perhaps.

Now again Labour is being asked to support a war that lacks clear United Nations sanction – or a coherent purpose.’

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‘Germany is calling for a temporary “special purpose” alliance that will unite major global powers, including the US and Russia, in battle against a common enemy – the Islamic State terror group running wild in Iraq and Syria.

Everyone must take part in the new global alliance, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said in an interview with the Bild newspaper, because any disagreements between actors engaging ISIS only strengthens terrorist positions.

Leyen said that fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) should be the top priority for everyone, especially since a legal mandate was provided by the United Nations.’

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‘Germany plans to deploy 1,200 troops to support a naval frigate as well as reconnaissance and refueling aircraft, which it has pledged to send to the battle against Daesh terrorists in Syria.

The deployment was outlined by Germany’s Chief of Defense Volker Wieker in an interview published by the Bild am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday.

Wieker added that deployments are still pending parliamentary approval but a mandate is expected before the end of the year and that the deployment could “occur very rapidly after mandating.”’

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Untitled (8)‘If you are a policymaker in Washington; it has to be a difficult week for you, as the U.S. backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and their Islamist allies fight the U.S. backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) in the northern Aleppo countryside.

Perhaps, what is even more odd about the U.S. backed rebels fighting the U.S. backed rebels in northern Aleppo is the fact that at least two parties from the opposing sides are factions of the Free Syrian Army; this means the rebels combatting both the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) are actually fighting one another with the same weapons transported to them from the Gulf States and the west.’

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‘The Israeli Air Force attacked Syrian army and Hezbollah targets in the area around Qalamoun in Syria overnight Saturday, Israel Radio reported citing Syrian forces.

The Lebanese media outlet Almustaqbal reported that there were dead and wounded Hezbollah fighters in the attack which hit the area close to the Lebanese border.

Last week, Israel reportedly attacked targets in the same area of Syria.

In that attack, the sources claimed that 13 Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters were killed and dozens were wounded, including four seriously.’

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‘Research carried out by a team of international experts has revealed nine pieces of evidence that Turkey has collaborated with Islamic State since 2014. This latest revelation, when added to the Armenian Genocide, the attempted genocide against the Kurds and the Alevi, when added to the repression, torture and atrocities carried out by Turkey even against its own people, underlines the notion that the State of Turkey is a pariah.’

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Untitled (94)‘Two senior U.S. senators called on Sunday for Washington to nearly triple military force levels in Iraq to 10,000 and send an equal number of troops to Syria as part of a multinational ground force to counter Islamic State in both countries.

Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham criticized President Barack Obama’s incremental Islamic State strategy, which relies on airstrikes and modest support to local ground forces in Iraq and Syria, and said the need for greater U.S. involvement was underlined by this month’s Paris attacks.’

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