Anyone Who Doesn’t Love the Dictator Obama is Crazy


‘In the old Soviet Union one method the communists used to put down political dissent was official oppression under the guise of mental health. If you were the kind of person who could find fault with the communist regime, you were considered mentally deranged. The state would take you into custody and send you to a facility for reeducation, which consisted of a cocktail of mind altering drugs, electroshock treatment, and the occasional torture session.

When you left the facility specifically designed to correct your mental deficiency, you once again believed in the communist ideals and could not speak out against the government as you could not get the words past your numb tongue and the drool running out of your mouth.

The communist insurgency within the United States, following the school shooting in Connecticut, are on the bandwagon calling for massive new powers within their government psychiatric cabal.’

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