Jimmy Savile police investigate sex offence claims against 25 celebrities and expect to arrest six over next few weeks


So when the top political figures and royalty Operation Yewtree?

Cover up, cover up, cover up.

Why do insiders keep telling me that Yewtree is just a Freemasonic damage limitation exercise to protect rich, famous, royal and Masonic paedophiles (the latest of so many)?

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Savile Sex Abuse Officers Arrest Man In His 60s In London

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Occult Symbolism of the Yew Tree

‘Despite the implied greatness, Yew symbolism is rather dark. This tree is known as the death tree almost in all European countries, and its connection with destructive workings is obvious. By the way, this danger is not purely ‘symbolical’; Yew is indeed very poisonous. It contains the dangerous alkaloid which can invoke hallucinations and even cause death …

… The symbolical vitality of this tree is emphasized by some of its physical characteristics: the Yew tree’s branches grow into the ground; and when the central trunk dies, the tree lives on. This fact, probably, has lead to another aspect in the Yew archetype; namely, to its ‘preceding symbolism’, which means connection with past and especially with ancestry (most likely, with ‘ancestry through the blood’, as the Yew tree personifies the material aspect of Being)’

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The Yew Tree

‘Ancient peoples were in the habit of planting yew trees as acts of sanctification near to where they expected to be buried.’

(Like the Savile revelations that threaten the political and royal ‘Elite’.)

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