Just in case anyone is having their attention diverted away from this key issue by the pregnancy of Kate Middleton. I am sorry that she has severe morning sickness, but I am more sorry about abused children on a truly unimaginable scale with which Savile, and his close friends the royal family, are fundamentally implicated

Are you watching Operation Yewtree? When are you going to knock on the door of Buckingham Palace and demand answers?

‘Hello, constables, did you know that I am a serial paedophile who provides children for the rich and famous including top politicians and royalty?’

‘Really, Jimmy, that’s great, could I have an autograph for my daughter?’

‘Yeah, Jim, and for my son, too.’

‘Sure lads, should I sign it “Jimmy Savile, child procurer for the rich and famous?”‘

‘That would be terrific Jim, thanks.’

Kate and William: Duchess pregnant, palace says

So are millions of others

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QE2: Beyond Contempt

The mean and vicious Queen takes after her mother – though ‘mum’ kept this face for when the cameras were gone.

Clever lady. The technique of smile when they’re watching made a practicing Satanist the ‘nation’s grandmother’.

‘What I instantly notice about this article is that it starts off well enough by mentioning that Bizzy Lizzy needs two new Gardeners. The junior gardener position pays less than £300 PW and the Senior position pays £340 PW.

The article then casually mentions that the job starts at 7.30 AM. It doesn’t mention the obvious i.e. The job is in Central London. That means the successful applicant will have travel expenses too as well as having to get up in the middle of the night to get to work.

Despite neglecting to mention the obvious, I carried on reading, fully expecting the Daily Mail to be scathing about the Old Parasite. I should have known better. What the article does is actually harp on and on about how Green the Old Bitch is. Is she? Woop tee fucking doo. Let’s throw her a few more millon quid.’

Ladies and gentlemen – and children – these people are taking the piss. How much longer are you going let them?

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Not just 9 months but the rest of our lives – the royal baby