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You know what, oh Evil Establishment?

Wednesday 14 November 2012

You have fooled and terrified the mainstream media and you have fooled and terrified much of the ‘alternative’ media, but you haven’t fooled me (and I don’t do fear, let alone terrified) – nor do a few others with balls of infinite expansion and even a modicum of intelligence. And, most importantly, you haven’t fooled most of the people.

Nice try, but it’s going pear-shaped and will continue to do so.

You thought you were so powerful, so omnipotent, so, what was that, Jimmy Savile, so ‘untouchable’? Ahhhhh, but that was then and this is now …

The problem with going so public is that you hear a bang behind you as the escape door back to the shadows slams shut. You are suddenly in the public arena and there’s no way back into the shadows. It’s a face-off in public now.

I could not be more happy about that – what about you?

How does it feel when the chickens of decades knock on your door and say ‘I’m hoooome’?

It’s only a matter of time, oh ‘untouchable’ ones … tick, tick, tick