BIG STORY: Irish Children’s Rights Referendum will make children property of the state – U.S. legal expert


‘A proposed “Children’s Rights” amendment to the Irish constitution will make children “creatures” of the Irish state, totally subject to the whims of state officers, who can order them adopted out to strangers without even judicial review, an American legal expert has warned.’

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A must-watch for ALL parents because this is what they want everywhere: Children under threat from Irish State AGAIN

Another attempt to transfer authority over children from parents to the State under the guise of ‘protecting them’ (see Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World).

I have been warning about this agenda for so many years. They want your children – and this is but the latest example.

And in Britain it is just the same … Take more children into care, say MPs despite 20% rise since death of Baby P

The paedophile-infested ‘children’s protection industry’ wants your kids all over the world.

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