Here we go … what David Icke has been predicting since the mid-1990s – European Central Bank demands EU ‘Banking Union’ and centralised control of all Eurozone banks


The excuse? Problem-Reaction-Solution.

And still great numbers of people can’t see the obvious and don’t seem to care anyway.

Cue music … the Humanity Concerto …

‘With a proposal Wednesday to put the European Central Bank in charge of policing the more than 6,000 banks in the euro zone, Europe is taking a first step toward creating a system aimed at shielding individual countries from the fallout of bank failures.

The proposal is the beginning of an effort to replace the euro zone’s patchwork of national banking systems and regulators with the uniform rules of a “banking union,” which officials say is necessary to repair Europe’s crisis-hit common currency. Yet even before the proposal was published, there was disagreement over the pace at which this should happen.’

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