Olympic Focus – Tonight At 8.10pm (sharp) UK Time before the Olympic Opening Ceremony – Please join us – this is so important.


The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics are mass satanic rituals disguised as a celebration of Britain and sport. Their medium is the language of symbolism.

Symbols are electromagnetic information fields that are encoded with information related to what the symbols represent. These symbols can attach to our own electromagnetic fields and psyche when we give them our unknowing attention – energy flows where attention goes.

This week in the build-up to the London Games opening ceremony tonight UK time people have come together around the world to focus upon key symbols to be used in tonight’s ceremony (ritual) with their heart energy and dilute the power they will have.

Tonight we are coming together to dilute the power of the ritual at 8.10pm UK time before the opening ceremony starts at 9pm.

The Olympic Stadium is strategically placed on the earth-energy grid to tap into the immense London and British power centres and this is why Glastonbury Tor, one of the most significant earth-vortex points in the UK, is a centrepiece of the opening ceremony. The microcosm (the model of Glastonbury Tor in the Olympic stadium) draws in the energy from its macrocosm. It is an expression of the holographic principle of ‘as above, so below’. This is how symbolism works.

The Global Cabal seeks to harness this energy on its own satanic frequencies or vibrations. The enormous Olympic bell, the biggest harmonically-tuned bell in the world made specially for the opening ceremony, is designed to dictate that frequency right at the start.

If you watch the Olympic opening ceremony ritual on television today please focus heart-energy on the stadium throughout and especially on the bell at the start of the ‘show’ (ritual), Glastonbury Tor and the lighting of the cauldron.

We have to dilute the power of this energy.

Click here for more about the power of heart energy and to join us tonight at 8.10pm UK time …



The Bell Will Ring

The bell will ring
At the start of the games
The bell will ring
For those with no names

The bell will ring
Don't listen to the tone
The bell will ring
Like a moan,a drone

The bell will ring
For the robot army
The bell will ring
It will ring for you and me

The bell will ring
But it won't for long
The bell will ring
We have to stay strong

The bell will ring
We have to ignore it
The bell will ring
As the fire is lit

The bell will ring
It will take our minds
The bell will ring
For souls of all kinds

The bell will ring
Don't listen to it sing
The bell will ring
If we listen chaos,it will bring

The bell will ring
Look to the souls above
The bell will ring
They will keep you strong with there love.

By Charlotte Smith
Age 13.

The Enchantment of the Olympics and the Earthstars Matrix

‘Amid concerns about a possible false flag attack on the Olympic stadium, what hasn’t yet been mentioned is that the Olympic Park ~ as well as the whole of the Greater London area ~ is protected by a pair of nine-mile-high giant spirits who are quite visible to the naked eye, if you know where to look.

The Olympics Games are being held on the festival of the god Lugh/Lug/Lud, whose visage can be seen engraved into landscape, guarding the east of London. There is also an enormous unicorn that is plainly visible, guarding London to the west ~ just as the lion and the unicorn appear in the Coat of Arms for Great Britain.

The landscape giants of the lion and the unicorn are part of the Enchantment of London and the Earthstars Matrix, which appears to have been put into place long before even the Templars came into these lands, in the days of the Druids.’

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