The Moon Matrix


Some who have touched her and felt her pale skin,
have come forward and admitted that she has secrets within.
The Anunnaki once invaded us desperate for gold,
could it be stored in her heart not Fort Knox as we’re told?
As the mind pushes past the suppressing control pattern,
our attention is drawn to the gas giant Saturn.
Maybe one day she will pack up and leave,
showing the smoke and mirrors put up to deceive.
Scientists change facts to fit with the theory,
the pox marked white lady is tired and is weary.
When she loses control of us and leaves us in peace,
the cap stone will fall and the suppression will cease.
Before she arrived our queen was the Sun,
connected to consciousness life was such fun.
The lunar intruder she broke our connection,
if we raise our vibration we’ll make the correction.
The sun is our leader as we follow her through space,
we spin in her wake as we try to keep pace.
Information contained in the light she gives out,
the Sun is our friend of that there’s no doubt.
Break the moon matrix and set yourself free,
there truly is no limit to what we can be.