Rudolf Hess – What Secret Did He Take To The Grave?


‘In this essay, I will speculate why. I claim no certainty. What I am writing is strictly conjecture, stitched together from an intriguing pattern of clues. Conventional wisdom has it that the proposal that Hess tried to take to Britain in 1941 was Hitler’s more than generous offer to prevent the ominous bloodshed that would descend on Europe in years to come exactly as the Führer feared, and that even now enough geopolitical and financial investments are still at risk, embedded in the Order that we know, that would embarrass the Powers entrenched in London, New York, and Tel Aviv.

I offer an alternative guess – that Hess was kept from informing the world what he knew, was contained in the UFO files in his possession. His briefcase contained something else that is still being kept securely under lock and key. That “something” is widely believed to have been the secrets of Third Reich space exploration.’

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