Bin Laden death: Security fears for US Navy Seal team


‘Yes, we’re shitting ourselves … increase security …. and, er, send some fish.’

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And just when you thought the world couldn’t get much madder …

‘Meanwhile, Kenya says it is stepping up security around the home of President Barack Obama’s step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, in the wake of Bin Laden’s death. “All visitors going to the home will have to be thoroughly vetted,” said regional administrator Francis Mutie.’ – Source: BBC (Bollocks, Baloney, Crap)

Obama Cousin Rabbit Fear – Security Increased

‘Ooooo, I’m ever so worried, I haven’t slept.’

‘Security has been stepped up today at the cage of the pet rabbit of a tenth cousin, 125th removed, of President Obama. Visitors to the neighbourhood in the Kenyan bush are being subjected to a full body scanner or a ‘pat down’ to prove that they are no threat to the rabbit which is understood to have been part of the Navy Seals team that shot Osama bin Laden.

‘It was our eyes and ears, well, mostly ears, during the raid’, said a White House spokesman as men in white coats slowly led him to a waiting ambulance for transport to the nearest mental asylum, known locally as Capitol Hill.