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How The ‘David Icke Is A Freemason’ Photograph Was Faked

Friday 26 March 2010

My god, they must be desperate to discredit me. It must be something I said – and will keep saying.

This won’t be the last attempt to discredit me and my work this year either – not even nearly so – but they can throw all the dirt and diversions they like. I will keep on keeping on no matter what.

But you know what has been utterly amazing to me? The number of people who think they are ‘streetwise’ who have just repeated this fantasy without question – repeaters again – when it is the most blatant piece of Photoshop. Staggering.

Do they not think for a second that the Control System in all its forms has an interest in discrediting me? Apparently not.
I say again … and a few people can’t control the world??