This is Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish ‘Justice’ Secretary and formerly a lawyer with Levy and McRae, the firm threatening those who seek justice for Hollie Greig


MacAskill’s response to demands for action over the Scottish establishment paedophile ring alleged to have serially-abused Down’s Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, is to make additions to legislation passing through the Scottish Parliament that would effectively gag anyone seeking to win justice for Hollie and other abused children when his government and the police refuse to investigate.

He says: ‘Stalking can be a deeply frightening crime for victims’. Yes, mate, Robert Green can tell you that after he was stalked by your pathetic government law office and the Grampian police – but the multiple rape of children is rather worse. Why is it not being investigated by either your government or the Grampian police? Why is a blatant murder connected to the case being covered up and not investigated by the Grampian police?

What is your response to these legitimate questions, Mr ‘justice’ man? Shut them up. What a bloody disgrace.

MacAskill can be contacted at his official email address – [email protected]

His boss, Alex Salmond, is at [email protected]

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