Was Bubonic Plague the Knights Templar’s Revenge


Was Bubonic Plague the Knights Templar’s Revenge

The Knights Templar were a military and religious order that also accumulated great wealth through their banking and lending practices. They were disbanded and brought under the Inquisition in 1307. They transferred their massive gold and silver holdings to Switzerland and turned their fleet of vessels into Pirates that plundered the vessels of Catholic Europe.

The Order was organized after Plato’s Republic with the "Philosopher Kings" at its head; the second level was the Knights military leadership and the third was its Merchant and Banking Leadership. The Order was reformed as free-masonry and the top three degrees are reserved for the same three levels of leadership. These top three levels became known as the Rosicrucians at first, and now form our present Illuminati leadership. They worship the god Lucifer and his mythical nemesis Satan.’

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