Sarkozy: A Legend in His Own Mindtime


Sarkozy: A Legend in His Own Mindtime

‘It was no surprise to learn that Sarko plans to continue as de facto leader of Europe although at midnight France ended its six-month turn in the Union’s rotating presidency and handed over to the Czech Republic. He announced that his latest mission is to bring peace to the Middle East. He is off to trouble-shoot in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Monday, with no mandate beyond his enthusiasm for crisis management and France’s historic weight in the Arab world.

Sarkozy’s intervention over the Gaza strip confirms that he has no intention of taking a back seat after what he sees as the most dynamic turn by any leader in the Union’s rotating chair. With his usual chutzpah — and contorted syntax — he boasted that he has shaped not just France but the whole world since he has been "President of Europe".’

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