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In defence of David Icke

Monday 14 July 2008
Letter from a reader to the Truthseeker website

Dear Editor,

I read your recent article `David and Goliath` with some interest and not a little dismay. As a regular visitor to your site, and an infrequent contributor, I must say that your personal attack on David Icke was not only surprising, but unfair and unjustified.

Whether one agrees with what Mr Icke writes or says, or whether one likes the man personally is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, that he, along with Alex Jones, has worked harder and done more to bring the issue of the gradual implementation of Totalitarian Fascism being imposed upon us all, into the public arena, than anyone else currently engaged in the field of global conspiracy research.

Therein I believe lies the real issue behind your recent `hatchet job` on him. Jealousy !!

Personally speaking, David Icke is nothing to me, other than an information source. There are some fundamental issues upon which he and I would disagree, but the following has to be said about the man. His writing is original in style, compelling, exciting, absorbing and interesting, which is more than can be said for many of the so called `respectable writers`.

Whenever David Icke is referred to, the subject of `Reptilian Shapeshifters` emerges to immediately cast doubt upon all other areas of his work. You yourself in your recent `Anti Icke` diatribe labelled his theories on this matter absurd. What makes you such an authority on this subject. What is your explanation for the countless numbers of people across the world, totally unconnected, who relate almost identical stories of encounters with `reptillian beings`. How do you explain away as absurd the endless themes of `Serpent` and `Dragon` Gods in the ancient texts from all corners of our planet.

Simply saying that the issue is absurd is absurdity in itself. Christians, and many in the conspiracy research field label themselves as such, hold onto beliefs which have been proven conclusively to be nothing more than symbolic fables. Many of the themes in the Holy Texts are deeply profound and relevant to a decent way of life, but are not to be taken literally. The Old Testament was predated by the Sumerian Texts and is generally a recycling of those ancient works. The origins of the New Testament are similarly dubious, and again reworkings of other themes. So which is more absurd; That a Race of Aliens with Reptilian genetics arrived here in antiquity, and have controlled the planet and it’s inhabitants ever since through hybrid bloodlines capturing positions of power. Or that the earth was created in six days, that Jesus walked on water, that a burning Bush spoke etc. ?

I do not know what your personal belief system is, nor does it concern me. You are doing stalwart work with your site, and it is disappointing to read such an unnecessary oral assault on a fellow `voice of freedom` such as David Icke.

You mention that Icke has plagiarised the work of other researchers, then refused to credit them. I have read many books over the past few years by people such as Gary Allen, Jim Marrs, James Perloff, Ivor Benson, Texx Marrs, Henry Makow, Booker and North, David Livingstone, Zechariah Sitchin and not least David Icke. In all of their books similar themes are propagated, some so similar as to be close to `verbatim`. Not every source is listed or credited. Many are, and it is similarly the case with Icke. As far as I can see, anyone writing in this field could be accused of plagiarising, but Icke, because of the spotlight he attracts is the one who is most often accused. The man and his family has suffered the most intense public ridicule. I have read many fellow `researchers` such as yourself condemn him as a `money grabber` and a charlatan, working on behalf of the Illuminati, introducing his reptillian themes in order to discredit genuine research.

Let’s examine this possibility more closely. Have you seen how Icke lives ? He by no means appears to be a wealthy man, and why should he not receive renumeration for his work ? Is it not the norm, that Authors get paid for their `art`. His weekly newletters cost £3 a month which calculates out at around a penny a day, and boy are they worth it.

I served in the Military and the Police for a period totalling 21 years of my life. I am not easily taken in, and am sceptical and questioning by nature. I have read extensively these past 13 years, and consider myself a serious student of History, and I find Icke’s take on said History both generally accurate and refreshing.

I first became aware of David Icke last year when I read an article by him on Henry Makow’s `Savethemales` Site of which I am a great admirer. The Icke piece was regarding the `Charity` Common Purpose. It was expertly written and informative and by the way credited the research done by Mr Brian Gerrish. I remembered that Icke had been a Sports Presenter or something on TV, but nothing more than that. I checked him out on the internet and came upon an online copy of his book `The Biggest Secret`. I read the book cover to cover within the space of one night. It took me nine hours. Never before had I read a book without interuption. I was exhausted and a little confused. The following week, my wife and I read it together and were dumbstruck by it. Let me tell you this about `The Biggest Secret`; I have sent the online link to very many people. All have read it, and not one has returned to me with a negative response. I am speaking about people with very diverse and differing belief systems. A Roman Catholic in Italy, a Muslim here in Denmark, a Baptist in Montana, a former reformed member of the Communist Party in the UK, and a Jamican Rastafarian in Sweden. All like me have been astounded at the contents and revelations in this book.

Icke’s books are a phenomena in themselves. Whether one accepts all he writes, some of what he writes, or none of what he writes. No thinking person can simply discount them as absurd.

It is a too common practice today for researchers to debase and denigrade others working in the same field, and Icke has come in for more than his fair share of this. You mention that Dave Davis is sincere in his stance against `Big Brother`. Well please address the following questions;   If Mr Davis is genuine, then why have two MPs who are members of the Henry Jackson Society, a `Neocon` Thinktank come out in open support of Davis’s platform ? The MPs in question being, Ed Vaizey MP, Michael Grove MP, along with Colonel Tim Collins, all three of which are signatories to the pricipals of this `Society` which has proven links with `The Project For The New American Century` and which numbers amongst it’s patrons such `Illuminaries` as Richard Perle, Robert Kagan and James Woolsey together with a host of others of the same ilk ?   If Mr Davis is genuine, why has he accepted paid engagements as a speaker at the `American Enterprise Institutute`, the `sister` of PNAC and the Hudson Institute `Neocon` Thinktank ?   If Mr Davis is genuine, why are people like the Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne, a recent attendee at the Bilderberg meeting in Washington openly supporting his campaign ?   If Mr Davis is genuine, why was Patrick Mercer MP also supporting Mr Davis `Anti Big Brother` stance, when he himself has close business connections to security and surveillance firms who manufacture and sell the very equipment being used to install the `Big Brother` state ?   I could continue, as there are many discrepencies and contradictions involved in Mr Davis’ supposed stand against Totalitarianism. The very fact that you yourself have come out openly in support of him, at the same time defaming, debasing and casting doubt on Mr Icke’s platform could, if one continued the chain of supposition far enough place similar doubt on your own sincerity.   This is how rediculous and impossible the whole scenario has become. It’s a `school outing` for the Illuminists whose very existence and success depends on `Divide and Rule`. Okay, perhaps David Icke has his faults, don’t we all. Pehaps he had never heard of Adam Weishaupt until Dave Starbuck informed him as such. I mean, honestly, is a man really expected to list as a credit all such things, at evey juncture, whenever he is informed in personal conversation by someone about something. Let’s be realistic here. Does Mr Starbuck (whose excellent work I am proud to support) credit every person or source every time ? Probably not.

I believe that the true background to the constant personal attacks made on Icke are due to the fact that he is highly critical of organised religion, and as I have mentioned above, many of the researchers in this field tend to be Christians. It might well be that Mr David Davis MP is truly seeking to use his position as a Member of Parliament to turn back the tide of Authotarianism sweeping across Britain. If so, good for him. But your diatribe against David Icke, was clearly of a personal not academic nature and has done neither yourself, nor your site any credit whatsoever.   There is something in the British Character which seems to be uncomfortable with success and successful people. David Icke has paid his dues through years of vilification, which contunues unabatted and deserves his rewards along with his penance. It is because of his work in the main, that people are at last now beginning to hear about and understand that those `rumblings` of discontentment they felt, due to the impositions being placed upon them by government are not incidental, but orchestrated and designed from the centre, and are actual.

David Icke chose not to remain anonymous. He raised his head above the ramparts and took the arrows fired at him. There is in your article an element of treachery towards a fellow brother in arms. Not only does Icke have to dodge the arrows from the front, but also those aimed at him from the rear.

Jealousy is an ugly and transparently obvious emotion.

Disappointedly yours

Philip Jones