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Petrofraud and the New Depression

Tuesday 01 July 2008
Petrofraud and the New Depression
'They are laughing all the way to their banks in Dubai, Switzerland, and, no doubt, Paraguay. A superb assessment of the pathology of this sociopathic bunch can be found in Charley Reese’s chilling column, America is the Rogue Nation, which details the lengths to which they are going – in our name – to achieve their nefarious goals. We are being robbed into bankruptcy to enrich a relatively small oligarchy, within which an even smaller group are retaining unimaginable wealth.
Once these statements would have sounded outlandish; the ravings of an extremist. Now, however, we all know it to be true. Even those who still fancy themselves “conservative” know what’s happening, though many of them retain their allegiance to the Republicans as a form of faith.'