Headlines: 1st December 2015


Untitled (5)‘Jeremy Corbyn will respect the views of his party members by declaring Labour party policy is opposed to airstrikes in Syria. In keeping with his inclusive agenda, however, he will allow MPs a free vote on the issue in parliament.

The decision to make the official position of the Labour party an anti-bombing one is based on a poll the party initiated last week. Labour members were emailed and asked their views about the potential airstrikes. The poll attracted almost 110,000 replies, with around 75% opposed to bombing Syria.

Canvassing members on this important issue, and more to the point, listening to their responses, make for a refreshing change to the way political decision-making is usually done in the UK. It is also desperately needed after the rampant disrespect Tony Blair showed for the public and for parliament, when he ignored one million people marching on the streets in opposition to the Iraq war.’

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David Cameron is desperate to squeeze debate and rush through his masters’ orders and is allowing only one day’s debate on sending the country into yet another conflict. His strings are pulled by the same Hidden Hand that puppeteered Blair and Bush and so of course he is using the same methods of deceit.

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‘Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour Party, is a man of genuine integrity and honesty in his opposition to British bombing of Syria.

Indeed, he is everything the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, is not.

I think we see from the storm in the British press against Corbyn just how much the establishment values integrity and honesty, which is to say, not at all.

Almost every word of Cameron’s on the subject of bombing is deliberately deceptive.’

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‘UK Prime Minister David Cameron has created a phantom army of 70,000 moderate fighters in Syria to justify joining bombing operations, award-winning war correspondent Robert Fisk wrote in the Independent on Monday.

Fisk has covered Middle Eastern conflicts for over 35 years, and is currently covering the Syrian conflict, both independently and embedded with Syrian troops.

“At one point last week, one of Cameron’s satraps was even referring to this phantom army as ‘ground troops.’ I doubt if there are 700 active ‘moderate’ foot soldiers in Syria – and I am being very generous, for the figure may be nearer 70 – let alone 70,000. And the Syrian Kurds are not going to conquer ISIS (ISIL) for us; they’re too busy trying to survive the assaults of our Turkish allies,” Fisk wrote.’

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‘The United Kingdom should stop flooding the Middle East with arms as they fall into the wrong hands, a spokesman for Campaign Against Arms Trade told Sputnik Monday.

The British newspaper The Independent reported on Friday that the United Kingdom’s government could be prosecuted for war crimes after more evidence emerged of the use of UK-made missiles, sold to Saudi Arabia, against civilian targets in Yemen.

“There is no such thing as arms control in a war zone, once weapons have been sold there is no way of knowing where they will end up. One of the reasons ISIL is so well armed is because it has captured and obtained large quantities of Western arms that were originally sold to the Iraqi government. Countries like the UK need to stop flooding the region with arms,” Andrew Smith said.’

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‘As Prime Minister David Cameron attempts to persuade Parliament to back another illegal assault on a country posing no threat to the UK, Syria, it transpires that Britain may anyway face war crimes charges for arms sales to Saudi Arabia, arms being used to decimate civilians and civilian infrastructure in Yemen.

“Advisers to Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, have stepped up legal warnings that the sale of specialist missiles to the Saudis, deployed throughout nine months of almost daily bombing raids in west Yemen … may breach international humanitarian law”, states a report in the Independent.

“Since March this year, bombing raids and a blockade of ports imposed by the Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Gulf states have crippled much of Yemen … thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed, with schools, hospitals and non-military infrastructure hit. Fuel and food shortages, according to the United Nations, have brought near famine to many parts of the country.”’

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‘Are the US-led ‘Coalition’ airstrikes in Syria actually legal under international law?

Theo Farrell of Kings College London is one of many authorities on the subject who doesn’t think so. He asks:

“Most western observers would accept that America is right to use military force against this hideous non-state armed group, which has committed war crimes on a mass scale, displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians, and plunged the region into crisis. But is it legal to do so?”

If today’s western leaders understood history, then they would know that when the harsh lessons of Nuremberg go unheeded, and undeclared wars of aggression are allowed to be waged, these ultimately lead to a state of international lawlessness and anarchy, which in turn, leads to World War.’

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‘Tony Blair went to war in Iraq despite a report by South African experts with unique knowledge of the country that showed it did not possess weapons of mass destruction, according to a book published on Sunday.

God, Spies and Lies, by South African journalist John Matisonn , describes how then president Thabo Mbeki tried in vain to convince both Blair and President George W Bush that toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003 would be a terrible mistake.

Mbeki’s predecessor, Nelson Mandela, also tried to convince the American leader, but was left fuming that “President Bush doesn’t know how to think”.

The claim was this week supported by Mbeki’s office, which confirmed that he pleaded with both leaders to heed the WMD experts and even offered to become their intermediary with Saddam in a bid to maintain peace.’

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‘Russia has received additional intelligence confirming that oil from deposits controlled by Islamic State is moved through Turkey on an industrial scale, said Vladimir Putin. President Recep Erdogan said he will resign if this is confirmed.

Moscow has grounds to suspect that the Su-24 was downed by Turkish jets on November 24 to secure illegal oil deliveries from Syria to Turkey, he said speaking on the sidelines of the climate change summit in Paris on Monday.

“At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on industrial scale,” he said.’

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