Headlines: 31st August 2015


‘NASA employees were caught buying child pornography from a criminal ring in Eastern Europe that distributed images of minors as young as three, it can be revealed.

An investigation by Daily Mail Online found staff members from the space agency paid for pictures and videos of children in sexual situations, but were never prosecuted.

Their names have never been released because of government guidelines which protect their privacy.
The probe found that in 2010, the employees paid for the pornography using personal credit cards or PayPal while working for the government.’

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‘Gun control false flag crisis actors be warned: Facial recognition search software is going to bust you. Funny, the technology is easy enough to use on Facebook, one has to wonder why the mainstream media and police don’t use it for these alleged mass shooter events.

Actually, this is an even bigger warning to the billionaire “philanthropists” who back aggressive gun control initiatives and are likely backing these staged “events.” You’ve hired horrible actors. You’re going to get busted unless you back off. But, alas, we know your allegiance to the UN Small Arms Treaty requires you to push forward despite a growing number who know your game.

The latest reporter shooting hoax in Virginia is getting so easily torn apart by the conspiracy research community that the media’s emotional staging of actors is becoming absurd.’

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19 Intriguing Coincidences Surrounding The Virginia Shooting


‘The problem with repeated false flags and staged events executed for a particular political purpose is that they demand a commitment from the minds of the masses and it has to happen in real-time. You either get it right away that the event is staged or you don’t. That is, you require “proof.” Until you receive that proof or, should I say, until you consciously register a series of information that convinces you that it must have been fake, you will choose to believe mainstream media news and accept it as truth.

On the other hand, those who are fully awakened to the overall agenda in full motion now know right away as soon as another staged shooting takes place. They know exactly which signs to look for or, more specifically, which group of signs to look for. Also there is a sequence of events that usually plays out exactly almost every time.

Once the working minds of these people see that sequence of events play out their natural brain does not allow them to believe the official story no matter how much “proof” the mainstream media presents to convince their viewers that the story is true. This is the natural resistance that humanity is creating to government lies which I’ve discussed in the past.’

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‘The killings of over 2000 unarmed civilians in 2014 by Israeli forces in Gaza under the control of Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, are alleged to have been deliberate policy by a government intent on the illegal settlement of a half a million Israelis on occupied Palestinian land in an effort to abort the establishment of an independent state, in direct opposition to the will of the UN and the EU.

This is a policy apparently condoned by the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby of which David Cameron is a member, as are the majority of his cabinet, notwithstanding the official British government stance that supports a two state solution.

There is currently a petition on the House of Commons website that demands the arrest of Netanyahu should he try to visit the UK in September. This petition is now expected to reach 100,000 signatures within the next few days.’

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‘Most peoples that resist the power politics of Zionism condemn aggressive actions of the outlaw Israeli state regularly. Yet most of the western democracies that are under the control of Talmud media and Khazar finance continue to defend the apartheid policies that are designed to purge any prospect of Palestinian, right to return, to the land of their forced removal. No matter what your politics are regarding the Middle East, the indisputable fact exists that the Greater Israel design for expanded territory is a core impediment of this interminable conflict.

From the beginning, Zionists advocated a “Jewish State” not just in Palestine, but also in Jordan, southern Lebanon, and the Golan Heights as well. In 1918 Ben-Gurion described the future “Jewish state’s” frontiers in details as follows:’

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‘When McKinney, TX police officer David Eric Casebolt brutally took down a teenage girl at a pool party in June, he was using a form of martial arts called Krav Maga in which he trained exclusively. These combat techniques were developed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

This is a small reflection of a larger reality that exists in U.S. law enforcement, one that helps explain the brutality and militarization that now characterizes so many police forces. Since 9/11, cops have been traveling abroad to learn from one of the most repressive and dangerous State forces in the world today—the Israeli military and intelligence apparatus.

Political commentator John Miranda recently stated that police brutality is directly linked to the training some officers receive in Israel.’

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‘Tony Blair has told Labour party members to come to their senses and reject the “Alice in Wonderland” politics of Jeremy Corbyn.

Writing in the Observer, the former Labour prime minister accuses those backing Mr Corbyn for party leader of being in a “parallel reality”.

He says he understands what is stoking “Corbynmania” but a win for the left-winger would spell electoral disaster.

Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper are also seeking the leadership. Recent polls suggest Mr Corbyn, MP for Islington North, is the favourite to succeed Ed Miliband.’

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‘Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed how MPs are given private cubicles and even single rooms in A&E, rather than having to sit in a crowded ward where they could be confronted by members of the public.

Hospital managers at London’s St Thomas’ admitted there were special measurements in place for politicians because of their “enhanced security needs”.

MPs get a personal cubicle while they are being cared for in A&E.

The protocol dictates that any “recognisable” MP is treated away from the public and out of sight.’

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‘This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate.’

– US Singer, Songwriter, Producer Geoff Byrd

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‘Tory eurosceptic MPs have long suspected David Cameron’s campaign for a better deal from the EU is a sham public relations exercise.

They suspect he will secure some minor changes on migrant benefits, hail them as a major breakthrough, then urge people to vote Yes in the referendum.

It seems they’re right to be suspicious. In the past few days, the Tory leadership has banned anti-EU lobbying group The Know.eu from the party conference.’

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