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Originally Posted by meksar View Post
Aronia should acknowledge that Phelps comes from a Israeli diamond trading family, he openly calls himself a Zionist also. The truth is that the Illuminati is controlled by these elite Jewish bloodlines from a human level. These bloodlines are in every race and religion, however the Zionist Jews stick together and are notorious liars, thief's and exploiters of justice and humanity.
Basically I can tell Phelps is full of it and thats before reading Vatican Assassins
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Eric Jon Phelps is a Jesuit temporal coadjutor.
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It seems that Eric is wrong about todays jews are real jews.


I was never 100% sure he was right or wrong.

See these to links :


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The Khazar theory was promoted by Freemason and League of Nations backer Henry Ford in the Dearborn Independent. He claimed he never read the articles he'd put his byline on.
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I've cleaned this thread up a bit. Please stay on topic. If you disagree with the ideas expressed in the thread feel free to present your side of the debate, however please do so without trolling or dragging off-topic posts all over the thread. It is disrespectful to both the OP and to the forum as a whole. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by 1977 View Post
The Khazar theory was promoted by Freemason and League of Nations backer Henry Ford in the Dearborn Independent. He claimed he never read the articles he'd put his byline on.
i posted about jewish author koestler and israeli historian zand, who both adopted this theory.
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Exclamation The non-Jewish origins of the Sephardic Jews

Originally Posted by amethyst View Post
There are true "ethnic" jews who exist, but their numbers are apparently small in number. These would come from the tribe of Judah, just one of the 12 tribes that make up what is known as "Israel".

The other so called "jews" would be considered "fake" jews, or people who call themselves jewish, but in reality, are not ethnically related at all to real ethnic jews.

That's where it gets confusing to most people, because the majority of dumbed down people have been told that Israel is made up of just jews.......but this couldn't be further from the truth.

There are 11 other tribes also included in what makes up "Israel". And it's not a piece of land in the Middle East either.

True ethnic Israelites are spread out all over the world and most do not even realise that they could possibly be from one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

This suppression of truth is all by design of course by some individuals who don't want anyone to know the real story. Anyone discussing the real truth is immediately labeled "racist".....a convenient way to censor what really is the truth.

The original history of Britain, and by extension, the US, Australia, Europe etc. etc. is all about this suppression of truth......but people have to do their homework and start connecting the dots.

See here what i find.

The non-Jewish origins of the Sephardic Jews by Paul Wexler


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I just came across this text in 'the biggest secret':
"What we call the Jewish race also originated in the Caucasus region and not, as claimed, in Israel. Jewish historical and anthropological sources have shown that only a few of the people known as Jewish have any genetic connection to Israel. In the 8th century a people called the Khazars living in the Caucasus Mountains and southern Russia had a mass conversion to the Jewish religion. Later when that empire folded, these same people made their way north over a long period of time to settle in other parts of Russia, Lithuania and Estonia. From there they entered Western Europe and eventually the United States. The Rothschild family is one of these bloodlines. These are the same people who justified the takeover of Arab Palestine after the last war by saying that ‘God’ had given them an ancient right to that land as his ‘chosen people’. In truth their original homeland is the Caucasus region and southern Russia, not Israel.

See ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free for a detailed and sourced account of this story and the secret society manipulation that was behind the creation of Israel, or Rothschildland as it really is."
Sorry if anyone has posted it already.

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Originally Posted by soulja View Post
The whole hofjuden for the big bad jesuits is a carefully crafted disinfo campaign, a campaign that hit the alternative scene a couple of years ago, with guys like oxley (2tuff) promoting this ''info'' on pretty much every conspiracy related board around. it's designed to muddle the waters, to shift the blame on mainly one group, the jesuits. sure they are part of the elite, sure they should be researched and exposed. but be careful to not fall into the ''they are the pinnacle of power'' trap, a trap which serves the PTB well seeing as the destruction of all conventional religions is on the agenda for the new age.

The vatican lost most of his power a long time ago, it served it's purpose for the elite but now it's time for the vatican's demise. You watch.

As for Phelps, he's a fraud at best, and a willing shill at worst. Vatican Assassins is one of the sloppiest researched books i've ever read. pure conjecture, misrepresentation of quotes to fit the jesuit spin, and the simple technique of attaching the name jesuits to every known conspiracy outthere. After all it was the jesuits who started vietnam, took out kennedy, and are the power behind the rothschilds, didn't ya know?

That's how I see it.

Originally Posted by runciter View Post
the main proponent of the khazar theory was jewish author koestler

writing it sealed his demise / murder in London hotel room .

I see the khazar's as a tribe that survived the last iceage 13,000 yrs ago in the mountian caves....Troglodytes. Before the ice age they inhabited Ethiopia and the Red sea, perhaps 25-50,000 yrs before Bablonia around 7700BC.
They lived on the fleash of cattle and amixture of cow's milk and blood. Those among them who were too feeble to work ,"useless eaters" were stoned to death.
Apparently, itis thought that a number of male elders abscounded before their time and hid in the Caucasus mts.......they preyed on unsuspecting visitors collecting tolls to pass and kidnapping women . Being a phallic (dog priest) lot they disgaurded women after the child rearing task was done, keeping only the lighter skinned offspring.........

I see them as instinctually predatory...animals are better than they are.
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