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with everything that is emerging on the entire Bohemian Club, California/CIA scene, you can stop believing anything which you were told about anything related to anyone involved.

We were told that Manson was an anti-war malcontent and guru, who, by the sheer power of his bulging eyeballs, had arranged to have Tate and Folger murdered. We were told that Manson got caught, and told that Manson has been in jail for almost 45 years for it. Now it is obvious that it was all a lie. That the Tate murders were faked and staged by the military-intelligence team of Peter Folger and Paul Tate, and that Manson is nothing but an actor who never went to jail and still apparently loves the warm California sun.

What this reveals then , is that a lot of the related 'deaths' have to come under question. If Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger craved a new life elsewhere and agreed to fake their deaths and leave the madness of California to help military intelligence with arguably the biggest Operation Chaos psy-op of all, then you can best believe that others have gone the same route. New identities, maybe higher-echelon existences elsewhere.
Why else would they want to leave the money identity behind?

Do I believe that El Duce was found dead on train tracks because some National Press Club masonic cock sucker decided to issue a press release
to that effect. What if known police informant Eldon Hoke was mixed up in biker war shit and did the whole 'witness relocation program' thing and they put out a fake death story?

The point is that nothing you hear from this whole milieu can be believed anymore.

Another big lie being pushed by the 'murdered Cobain'industry team is that Cobain's blood level of heroin would have made it impossible for Cobain to have shot himself after injecting himself, which is simply not true.

Heroin junkies notoriously miss the mark when injecting and when that happens it takes far longer for them to absorb the heroin into their bloodstream.

They easily and often (while stressed or intoxicated) miss the targeted vein and have to wait longer for the high to kick in. Some people have died of overdoses because they injected intramuscularly by accident, grew impatient waiting for the buzz to take effect, and injected again. Once the original injection absorbed, they were over the safe dose which they could handle and died.

Cobain was an experienced heroin addict. He could have been very high on heroin one night, 'found peace' at the idea of ending it (under the influence of heroin) and decided to end his life. To that effect he could then have injected a suicide dose of heroin, accidentally hit an artery instead of a vein (wrong direction), and realized that he had a nightmarish wait
for the fatal dose to absorb, and shot himself to get it over with.

I am not claiming that I am certain that this is what happened. The fact remains that the constant refrain of "it is impossible for it to have been suicide" is a lie.

The industry shills always insist that Cobain's high blood heroin level proves that Cobain would have been 'instantly incapacitated' by injection of it,and therefore incapable of shooting himself afterward , which is pure bullshit.

For one thing, no one knows how many times Cobain injected
that night. If he did half the dose earlier , and the other half later, it is obvious that it was not all injected in one 'instanty incapaciting' dosage.

He had two fresh injection sites on his body, so there ya go. Divided dose, then shotgun. Suicide.

Judy Garland died of an overdose, and in that case the coroner concluded that she'd done it accidentally and gradually, by too many pills
in too many hours, which would build up the toxin in her blood enough over time to eventually kill her. So she overdosed on pills, but not all in one 'suicidal dose'. Same could go for Cobain.

Maybe the two divided doses allowed him time to shoot himself.

But then that's boring and it doesn't allow for them to put out documentary after documentary puffing up a guy who had ONE hit album and claiming that he'd been the equivalent of Elvis.
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Originally Posted by hunkahunka View Post
So its still looking like a cozy arrangement.

Duff McKagan was in the Seattle 'hard core' punk/metal band The Fartz
before he moved to LA:

Here they played a 1982 gig with The Clash in Seattle:

The Clash (Joe Strummer) with The English Beat and the Fartz (Duff McKagan) August 21st, 1982

Four years later Duff Mckagan's with Courtney Love on the set of
'Sid n' Nancy' (1986)

The year after that Joe Strummer of The Clash is with Courtney on the set
of 'Straight to Hell' (1987) with Grace Slick, Courtney Love's father's friend
from Jefferson Airplane.
The Clash opened for the Sex Pistols and toured England with them

Courtney Love would have been around 14 or so during this time period. Her father was/is an Anglophile / Beatleite , traveling constantly back and forth between the UK and US. As was his daughter. Harrison apparently had fairly close ties to the Beatles contingent of Mi6.

Sid Vicious death : February 2 1979 - when Courtney Love was 15 or 16
John Lennon death: December 8, 1980, when Courtney Love was 16.
So the trail of intrigue seems to lead to Hank Harrison/Courtney Love/David Geffen from Sid Vicious to John Lennon to Kurt Cobain.

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a faked suicide, kurt cobain, mind control, mk ultra

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