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10-12-2011, 01:07 PM
"L.A. Shooting: Hollywood Reporter Editor Shot, Recalls Incident

Video captured Chris Godley driving to work at The Hollywood Reporter on Friday morning when a gunman opened fire on his vehicle at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street.

THR.com photo editor Chris Godley was shot by a gunman in Hollywood on Friday morning, but was only grazed by a bullet and not seriously injured in an incident that was captured on video by witnesses and widely circulated on the Internet.

A gunman randomly opened fire at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles on Friday morning at about 10:15 a.m. The man was shot and killed by police, who may have been working on a nearby film set. The shooter reportedly fired nine to 12 shots and after running out of bullets, he allegedly pulled out a knife while shouting, "Kill me" and "I want to be killed," the Associated Press has reported. The identity of the gunman has been withheld by authorities.

The shooting occurred while Godley, 27, a Hollywood Reporter staffer since October 2010, was driving into work from his North Hollywood home. Godley's right leg was grazed by a bullet in the incident.

Godley said that while he waited at a red light at the intersection of Sunset and Vine, he noticed two men who were ducking behind objects, but he didn't make much of it because they appeared to be joking around. As he entered the intersection -- driving south on Vine -- the gunman fired a shot into a red Honda Civic, shattering a window. At first, Godley thought he was stumbling upon a movie crew that was filming in the area and had neglected to cordon off the intersection. However, Godley said it quickly became apparent that the situation was dire.

"I processed the information very quickly. I hit my gas pedal and sped through the intersection as fast as I could," Godley said Friday evening. "I knew he was going to take a shot at me. He took a shot and it went through my driver side door, grazed my leg, bounced off of my iPad and went into my passenger side door. It did not come out the other side of the door, so the bullet is in my door."

Footage of the incident shows Godley's black 2003 Toyota Tacoma speeding through the intersection as the gunman, clad in jeans and a white undershirt, fires a shot only a few feet from the driver-side window of the pickup truck. Godley said he did not get a good look at the shooter. Another man, driving a Mercedes-Benz, was shot in the jaw and was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

"If he had aimed a little bit better I could just be gone right now," said Godley. "I am still processing all of that. I think it has yet to really set in.”

After making it past the shooter, Godley continued down Vine to De Longpre Avenue, where he turned right and parked his car. After checking to make sure he wasn't seriously injured, Godley dialed 911. He later returned to the scene, where he spent several hours being interviewed by investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department, who retained his car for examination. Later, at a nearby police station, he was examined by paramedics.

Godley said that he remains puzzled by the men who appeared to be having fun as they ducked away from the gunman's attack. "That seemed odd to me at the time and it seems odd to me now.”

He has not watched footage of the incident. "I think I am going to watch it but not tonight,” Godley said.

Resting at home on Friday night, Godley said he is still processing the incident.

“I'm still pretty numb to the situation right now," he said. "I had a little bit of an awakening in the shower when I really looked at my leg and really kind of processed how close the bullet came to doing a lot more damage than it did."


10-12-2011, 06:59 PM
Kurt Cobain

Title from Atria Books Reveals Evidence that Rock Icon was Murdered
by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin

Did the shot that killed Kurt Cobain come from his own hand? Or was he murdered? An explosive investigation, based on newly uncovered forensic evidence, reveals Cobain was murdered and that his "suicide" was a scientific impossibility!

(PRWEB) --At the time of his 1994 death, Kurt Cobain was leaving his wife Courtney Love and had booked two plane tickets out of Seattle for himself and a mystery woman who Courtney believed to be Kurt’s new girlfriend, according to a new book based on the exclusive case tapes of Love’s former private investigator.

In Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain, published April 3 by Atria Books, investigative journalists Max Wallace and Ian Halperin reveal that only an hour before Cobain went missing from an LA drug rehab facility in April, 1994, he had called United Airlines to book the tickets, which were still unused when Cobain was found dead in a room above his garage a week later.

After a nine-year investigation into the circumstances of Cobain’s death, Wallace and Halperin - former winners of the Rolling Stone Magazine Award for Investigative Journalism - conclude that the rock icon was almost certainly murdered.

Relying on a leaked autopsy report and Seattle Police Department records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, they reveal that the official suicide scenario was scientifically impossible. The records show that Cobain had ingested a triple lethal dose of heroin, before his life was ended with a shotgun bullet, suggesting a murder staged to look like a suicide. The authors interview a coroner who believes the forensic evidence suggests somebody gave Cobain an overly pure dose of heroin, waited for him to lose consciousness and then positioned the shotgun so that it appeared Cobain had pulled the trigger. No legible fingerprints were found on the shotgun, despite the fact that at least three people had handled it that week.

The authors obtained hours of explosive tapes recorded by Courtney Love’s former P.I., Tom Grant, who taped all his conversation with Courtney, her attorney and others in the days immediately before and after Kurt’s death. Grant later went public, implicating Courtney in her husband’s death. In these tapes, Courtney admits that Kurt was in the process of leaving her and that she had filed a false police report in the days before Kurt’s death, suggesting that Kurt was suicidal. The report was instrumental in convincing the police and Medical Examiner that Cobain’s death was an “open and shut case of suicide” when they arrived on the scene where his body was found on April 8, 1994, a suicide note apparently by his side. The media later reported that Cobain had barricaded himself in a room with a stool before killing himself with a shotgun, but police records obtained by the authors contradict this scenario and prove that the murder theory is more than plausible.

In the tapes, Courtney’s own attorney, Rosemary Carroll, who was godmother to the couple’s daughter Frances Bean, tells Grant that she believes Cobain was murdered and that the so-called suicide note was “forged.” She also confirms that the couple were in the process of divorcing. Because Kurt and Courtney had a pre-nuptial agreement, Courtney would have received little if the divorce had gone through.

In the book, Kurt’s grandfather Leland Cobain goes public for the first time, charging that his grandson was murdered. He joins a chorus of others close to Kurt and Courtney who now dispute the official verdict.

Max Wallace has written for the Sunday New York Times and contributed to the BBC while Ian Halperin is a frequent correspondent for Court TV and has contributed to 60 Minutes 2.

10-12-2011, 08:53 PM
I for my part came to the final conclusion, that he committed suicide
because he could no longer stand the sucking hole of love.




Just imagine he would still be alive!

10-12-2011, 10:05 PM
its still a mystery, petras, though I am leaning toward the murder theory
the more and more that I learn about it. One of the main things that swayed me were the clues in the forged (imo) suicide note , (Courtney's possible links to the possible murder of Sid Vicious) (http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=3097&page=422) Courtney was New Yawker (NY'er) for quite some time. She traveled extensively in her youth and was living in NY when she appeared in the film Sid and Nancy, a bio film on the life of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. Manhattan, NY was the home town of the Sex Pistols at the time of Sid Vicious' and girlfriend Nancy Spungeon's purported murder/suicide deaths.


Sid and Nancy


The film is largely based on the mutually destructive, drug- and sex-filled relationship between Vicious and Spungen. Vicious' mother, Anne Beverley, initially tried to prevent the film from being made. After meeting with Cox, however, she decided to help the production. (Odd that mom would help produce a film depicting her recently deceased son as a vicious murderer) Some of the supporting characters are composites, invented to streamline the plot.

Oldman lost weight to play the emaciated Vicious by eating nothing but "steamed fish and lots of melon," but was briefly hospitalized when he lost too much weight. Beverly also gave Oldman Vicious' own heavy metal chain and padlock to wear in the film.

Courtney Love recorded an infamous video audition in which she exclaimed "I am Nancy Spungen." Cox was impressed by Love's audition, but has said the film's investors insisted on an experienced actress for the co-leading role. Cox would later cast Love as one of the leads in his movie Straight to Hell. Instead Love was cast in the relatively minor role of Gretchen (a part that Cox wrote specifically for her benefit) (that's some clout for an unknown neophyte who couldn't act , a role written for her ) one of Sid and Nancy's New York junkie friends. Coincidentally, Love would be compared to Spungen later in life on account of her marriage to Kurt Cobain.

In his 2007 autobiography, Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash revealed that the casting director hired all five members of Guns N' Roses as extras for a club scene, having coincidentally scouted them in different locations without their knowledge. He said "all of us showed up to the first day of casting, like 'Hey...what are you doing here?'" However, Slash was the only one in the group to stay the entire shoot.

Webb and Oldman improvised the dialogue heard in the scene leading up to Spungen's death, but based it on interviews and other materials available to them. The stabbing scene is fictionalized and based only on conjecture. Cox told the New Musical Express: "We wanted to make the film not just about Sid Vicious and punk rock, but as an anti-drugs statement, to show the degradation caused to various people is not at all glamorous."

The original music is by Pray for Rain, Joe Strummer and The Pogues.

The film was rated R in the US for "drug use, language, violence, sexuality, and nudity". Prominent musicians made appearances in the film, including: Iggy Pop, Nico, The Circle Jerks, and Edward Tudor-Pole, of Tenpole Tudor. The film was originally titled Love Kills.


also this tidbit:

does this not remind anyone of Nirvana's final turbulent tour and impending


In January 1978, at the end of a turbulent tour of the United States, Rotten left the band and announced its break-up. Over the next several months, the three other band members recorded songs for McLaren's film version of the Sex Pistols' story, The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. Vicious died of a heroin overdose in February 1979.

Note too that the Sid Vicious 'murder/suicide' scandal came just in time to help publicize the film he was first cast in, released just a year after his death


The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

The movie tells a stylized fictional account of the formation, rise and subsequent breakup of the band, from the point of view of their then-manager Malcolm McLaren. In the film, McLaren claims to create the Sex Pistols and manipulate them to the top of the music business, using them as puppets to both further his own agenda (in his own words - "chaos"), and to claim the financial rewards from the various record labels the band were signed to during their brief history - EMI, A&M, Virgin, and Warner Bros. Records.

The footage was filmed in early - mid 1978, between singer Johnny Rotten's (John Lydon's) departure from the band and their subsequent split. The movie was finally released nearly two years later. Lydon (who was listed in the credits as "The Collaborator") and early bass guitarist Glen Matlock only appear in archive footage - Lydon having refused to have anything to do with the production.

So, Sid Vicious couldn't play bass guitar, but replaced someone who could?

Why would Johnny Rotten leave NY so suddenly and head back to London, while the rest of the band stayed in NY to film The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle?
Maybe Johnny Rotten knew what was coming in advance? The deaths of Sid and Nancy?
Maybe the real 'Rock n' Roll swindle' was the entire publicity stunt
death of Sid and Nancy, which cemented the image of the Sex Pistols
as 'true hardcore artists' in the minds of the public. I mean , Sid
was TRULY vicious, so this Sex Pistols band had to be the REAL DEAL, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe it was a CONSTRUCT.
A publicity stunt experiment involving real murders, occult human sacrificial victims? Or a publicity stunt experiment
involving fake murders, the CIA , and the faked deaths of a couple of London residents, who needed only return
to England and disappear?


Odd that the Jewish Courtney Love (born Courtney Michelle Harrison; July 9, 1964) seems to have named herself
after this:


and then gone husband-hunting for a young rocker to lure with her NY rock world/CIA connections.
Looks to me like Courtney roped in Cobain with promises of stardom, wowing him with her connections
to the NY rock scene and the NY film and record industry. Cobain left his live-n common law wife/girlfriend of 4 years
after meeting Courtney in 1989. Cobain went from an unknown to extraordinary fame within months of linking up
with Courtney and her CIA contacts, though Courtney cunningly concealed her role in making all of that happen
by releasing the purported Cobain 'journals', another probable forgery , imo. The journal depicts Cobain as some
sort of 'genius' (oh god, there's that word again) who masterminded every facet of his own rise from
abject poverty blah blah blah. Right. Hooking up with someone closely connected to the very pinnacle of the CIA rock
underground had nothing to with it. Hooking up with the daughter of Hank Harrison (who organized the Rolling Stones
famous Hells Angels concert at Altamont Speedway in 1969) had nothing to do with it. No, Kurt did it all himself. Uh........huh.
The talentless and unattractive actress Courtney Love had been in two major NY underground rock films before she even
met Cobain (Sid & Nancy, 1986, and 'Straight to Hell' , 1988, featuring Elvis Costello, Grace Jones, and sundry other rock names)
Then you have to remember how the Jewish Nancy Spungeon was purportedly murdered by Sid Vicious, who then dies of a heroin overdose,
a very profitable turn of events for Johnny Rotten and all concerned.

"I am Nancy Spungeon" - Michelle Harrison (aka Courtney Love)

another odd coincidence . The Hells' Angels stabbing at Altamont gave the Rolling Stones
a huge publicity boost, did it not? It cemented their 'bad boy image', did it not?
The killing was conveniently caught on video , was it not? The footage appeared in a film later,
called 'Gimme Shelter', did it not? Remind anyone of anything?

10-12-2011, 10:12 PM

10-12-2011, 10:32 PM
its still a mystery, petras, though I am leaning toward the murder theory
the more and more that I learn about it. One of the main things that swayed me were the clues in the forged (imo) suicide note , (Courtney's links to the murder of Sid Vicious) (http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=3097&page=422) Courtney was New Yawker (NY'er) for quite some time. She traveled extensively in her youth and was living in NY when she appeared in Sid and Nancy, a bio film on the life of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. Manhattan, NY was the home town of the Sex Pistols at the time of Sid Vicious' and girlfriend Nancy Spungeon's purported murder/suicide deaths.


also this tidbit:

does this not remind anyone of Nirvana's final turbulent tour and impending

Note too that the Sid Vicious 'murder/suicide' scandal came just in time to help publicize the film he was first cast in, released just a year after his death

So, Sid Vicious couldn't play bass guitar, but replaced someone who could?

Why would Johnny Rotten leave NY so suddenly and head back to London, while the rest of the band stayed in NY to film The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle?
Maybe Johnny Rotten knew what was coming in advance? The deaths of Sid and Nancy?
Maybe the real 'Rock n' Roll swindle' was the entire publicity stunt
death of Sid and Nancy, which cemented the image of the Sex Pistols
as 'true hardcore artists' in the minds of the public. I mean , Sid
was TRULY vicious, so this Sex Pistols band had to be the REAL DEAL, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe it was a CONSTRUCT.
A publicity stunt experiment involving real murders, occult human sacrificial victims.

Dear Hunkahunkar, sometimes our ego needs to be disciplined.

I don't know much about Kurt. I never consciously listened to his music or read anything about him. He never mattered in my life. But I always see the pictures of his slut on dailyfail and this is what matters to the common people.

These lying media have one advantage: if you are awake they tell you what the common people are to think.

This may be insulting to your ego (intellect) but it reveals a lot about the motivations of the faceless elitist minority who owns mouthpieces like DM galore.

It does not matter to me whether he was killed by CIA/Mossad/MI567 ... and for what reason. He was a wealthy man. He was married. He was a father.

The only relevant question to me is, why on earth is this slut still fighting for his money?

And the answer is: greed

It was a f*cking game between both of them and there were his owners who also f*cked him.

I just don't understand why people keep on discussing this money-f*ck. No relevance to mankind at all. No relevance to the present situation of humanity.

What is the relevance for your personal life?

10-12-2011, 11:34 PM
this is very strange


Sid and Nancy

In his 2007 autobiography, Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash revealed that the casting director for Sid and Nancy hired all five members of Guns N' Roses as extras for a club scene, having coincidentally scouted them in different locations without their knowledge. He said "all of us showed up to the first day of casting, like 'Hey...what are you doing here?'" However, Slash was the only one in the group to stay the entire shoot.

not one to automatically trust Wikipedia, I googled ' Guns N' Roses, Slash, Sid and Nancy" and got About 15,700 results:


So its apparently true.
Courtney and Guns n' Roses were connected before Courtney even met Cobain. So the whole "Axl Rose- Kurt Cobain feud' thing might have
been fake. Wait for it.........a construct.......a publicity stunt.
Axl Rose goes onstage and calls Cobain and Courtney junkies, and they're
all childish enough to take the dispute all the way onto the MTV video awards. Courtney Love was once caught planting a fake news story with the media of herself being in hospital after a drug overdose.

The Murder of Kurt Cobain

April 2, 1994

Kurt arrived in Seattle at 12:47 a.m. He was seen at the airport by fans which he signed autographs for. Linda Walker of Seattle Limousines met with Kurt and he approached her with a "thin smile." She drove him back to his Seattle house.
Kurt went into the house and around 6 a.m. he spoke with Michael DeWitt, the nanny. DeWitt relayed news of speaking with Kurt to Courtney later that day.
At 7.30am a driver for Gray Top Taxi picked up a man from the Lake Washington Blvd address (The Cobain residence). A police report that was filed April 19th about the incident included the following:
"The driver picked up a person who he thought did not match with the residence. He drove around looking for a place to buy bullets, but was unable to find one. This male told the driver that he recently had been burgled and needed bullets. At 8.30am the driver dropped the man off in the area of 145th and Aurora because he said he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat. The man's fare was $27"
Later that day, Courtney planted a fake report in the Associated Press about having an overdose. She claimed she did this to scare Kurt and to get his attention. Courtney has also claimed reasoning that her and Kurt had a 'suicide pact'

Here is the video of Axl Rose onstage feuding with Nirvana:

Axl Rose talks about Kurt Cobain - YouTube

So, this gets odder and odder. Courtney knew the members of Gun's n' Roses before she'd even met Cobain? She'd been in the same film as them
in 1986. So the whole 'feud' was a farce? Fake? A publicity stunt?

Then Duff McKagan of Gun's n' Roses gets his own little slice of Cobain-death publicity when he claims he was with Cobain on Cobain's last flight back to Seattle out of Los Angeles. Uh......huh.

I still doubt the Guns' n Roses/Sid n' Nancy story is even true. Wouldn't it have come out by now? Before Slash revealed it in 2007?
Maybe Slash made it up .

There's one way to find out, the whole 'Sid and Nancy' film is on Youtube:

Sid and Nancy - Part One - YouTube

Lets try to sit through the whole thing and see if Slash shows up anywhere in it. Bear in mind that they were only 'extras for a club scene', which means
they may have been nothing but shadows in the crowd at a rock club. Who knows?
The actual passages from Slash's book are here:


11-12-2011, 12:40 AM


Did Sid really kill Nancy?
Explosive new evidence suggests the punk rocker may have been innocent

By Paul Scott

The murky half-light of a bleak New York winter's morning had yet to penetrate the small rear bedroom of an airless apartment in the city's bohemian Greenwich Village.

Stepping over empty bottles and half-eaten plates of spaghetti (the untidy remnants of the previous night's party), two police officers from the tough 6th Precinct stood in the doorway and surveyed the scene.

Pushed up hard against the far wall was a bed. Lying amid the crumpled sheets, illuminated by the unforgiving glow of a single light bulb, was the naked dead body of a young man.

Tragic love story: Sex Pistol Sid Vicious was accused of the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen

To Manhattan's hardened policemen, it was hardly an unfamiliar scene. But the death of the 21-year-old in the messy ground-floor flat at 63 Bank Street did offer the New York Police Department a rather convenient solution to a potentially messy murder investigation.

Because the dead man, John Ritchie, who had taken his last breath just hours before, was better known as British punk rocker Sid Vicious - the prime suspect in the murder of his American girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.

Now, however, the Sex Pistols bass guitarist, who was on bail charged with stabbing Spungen to death at their Manhattan hotel four months earlier, was dead and the file could be closed with the minimum of fuss.

He killed Nancy, they assumed, then died of an overdose. End of story.

But many of those who knew the couple have always questioned this official version of events.

And on the 30th anniversary of his death, a new film is set for release which presents the fascinating theory that Vicious was innocent of murdering his blonde lover.

Its makers claim to have uncovered evidence which reveals that a series of police blunders and apathy by detectives led the authorities wrongly to pin the blame on the star.

In fact, the film contests, medical tests carried out on Vicious at the time of his arrest showed the musician would have been incapable of the attack, because he was out cold at the time after taking so much of a powerful sedative that it would have killed all but the most hard-bitten drug users.

Instead, the film Who Killed Nancy? asserts for the first time that 20-year-old Spungen, the daughter of a wealthy middle-class Philadelphia family, was killed by another resident at the hotel - a shadowy British man named Michael, who spent that last fatal night in the room with the couple.

As the murderer robbed and killed Spungen for the huge stash of cash they kept there, Vicious, it is claimed, slept through the attack, only waking to find his lover's dead body in the morning.

The documentary's British director, Alan G. Parker, who has spent 24 years investigating the life and death of the star and has written a series of well-received books on the subject, tracked down more than 180 witnesses and unearthed previously unseen police reports.

He also spoke to several witnesses who are adamant that Vicious was innocent. Crucially, Parker says police found the fingerprints of six people who had been in the couple's room at New York's rundown Chelsea Hotel in the early hours, but none was ever interviewed.

One witness, who subsequently became a priest, tried to tell detectives that he thought Vicious was not the murderer, but was given the brush-off by investigating officers.

Meanwhile others pointed the finger of suspicion at the man known only as 'Michael', who one friend of the couple swears remained alone in the room with them during those fateful final hours. He disappeared after the murder and police made no effort to track him.

Troubled: Spungen and Vicious in London, 1978

I have followed this story for over 20 years,' says Parker. 'The more I researched and dug around, the more I became convinced that Sid was innocent. The police thought they had their man, and when he died the whole thing could be put away and forgotten about.'

But just how much of the film's thesis stands up to scrutiny and how much is based on the plethora of wild conspiracy theories that have grown up about the deaths of Sid and Nancy over the past three decades?

Certainly, Spungen's killing did seem, at first, to be a routine murder investigation. A rock groupie who had turned her back on her genteel Jewish upbringing and become a heroin addict, funding her habit at one time by working as a stripper and prostitute, Nancy was found dead in her underwear in the bathroom of Room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel.

The monolithic Chelsea had once been a Mecca for writers and artists. Dylan Thomas, Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan had all once lived there. But by the late 1970s, it was little more than a sprawling drugs den populated by a seedy coterie of Manhattan low-life.

Spungen, who had been dating Sid Vicious for a year, had been stabbed once in the stomach by a hunting knife that London-born Vicious had bought days earlier to protect himself when he ventured out into New York to buy drugs.

It was Vicious himself who phoned police to say he had found her dead body, and an hour later on the morning of October 12, 1978, in a holding cell at the Third Homicide Division, Vicious famously confessed: 'I did it because I'm a dirty dog.'

The police, it seemed, had their man. With his taste for violence, animal torture and swastikas, Vicious was, after all, the repellent face of punk rock in all its snarling ugliness.

His band, the Sex Pistols, had shocked Britain with their foulmouthed rants on TV and their anti-monarchy hit, God Save The Queen.

He had killed his lover, it seemed, in the ultimate act of rock debauchery while out of his mind on drugs.

But Vicious was later to retract his confession, claiming he could not recall anything about the night Nancy - dubbed 'Nauseating Nancy' by the star's own mother - had died.

Hardly surprising, perhaps, given that the police report obtained by Parker reveals Vicious was dosed up on powerful sedatives at the time of her murder. Indeed, witnesses who were at an impromptu party in their room the evening before her body was found claim he took up to 30 Tuinal tablets - a strong barbiturate.

Few could survive such a massive dose, claims Parker, and even those who could would be put into a deep coma for many hours.

Certainly, several witnesses who passed in and out of the couple's first-floor room in the early hours say Vicious was out for the count. And at least two say the previously unknown Michael, who lived on the sixth floor of the hotel, was with Sid and Nancy as late as 5am - around the time she was stabbed.

So what could have been a possible motive for the killing? In a word: money. Vicious, who had quit the Sex Pistols nine months earlier after a bitter fall- out with the group's lead singer Johnny Rotten, had gone on to have a Europe-wide solo hit with a tuneless version of the Frank Sinatra classic My Way.

Just days before Nancy's death, he had received $25,000 in cash - royalty payments from Richard Branson's Virgin Records.

Witnesses say that on the night before Spungen's death, the room was awash with money. The following morning, however, the cash was gone, and Michael was later seen carrying a large wad of cash secured with one of Nancy's purple hair ties.

So just who was the mysterious Michael? Details of the alleged killer are sketchy, but he was described by witnesses as a young, slim, blond man with a penchant for alligator shoes. He spoke with a British accent and had moved into the hotel recently, befriending Vicious and Miss Spungen.

Several of the couple's friends remember seeing him with them in the days before Nancy's death, and one, musician Neon Leon, who had been with the couple on the night of the killing, says he rang Nancy shortly before the time that she is estimated to have been stabbed. He says he could hear the man he knew as Michael talking in the background.

Another resident of the Chelsea, Victor Colicchio, also stopped at the couple's door shortly before the stabbing and says Michael was inside.

But none of the witnesses knew Michael well, and his last name remains a mystery. Only one hand-drawn picture by the couple's friend, singer Steve Dior, offers any evidence of what he looked like: slimly built, with shoulder-length hair.

Dior is adamant that this is the man he believes killed Nancy and who disappeared soon after with the bundle of the couple's cash.

Another resident at the sleazy Chelsea Hotel was a would-be actor called Rockets Redglare - who had been born 'Michael Morra'. Interestingly, within days of Nancy's murder he allegedly confessed to a friend that he was the real killer.

Redglare, who was raised in a tough district of Brooklyn, had been an unofficial minder and drugs dealer to the couple. He was a well-known figure on Manhattan's Lower East Side and went on to star with Madonna in the Hollywood movie Desperately Seeking Susan and with Tom Hanks in Big. One English friend of the couple, Zoe Hansen, met Redglare after the killing and says he admitted to her he had been in the room that night and told her: 'I did it.'

Redglare, himself an addict, died, aged 52, in May 2001 of a combination of kidney and liver failure caused by his years of drug use.

But despite his mysterious confession, witnesses insist that Redglare - who was American, dark-haired and 25 stone - was not the man they blame for Nancy's murder. That Michael, it seems, vanished without a trace.

And so, with no other suspects to hand, the police charged Vicious with Nancy's murder. He was remanded in custody, but his manager, the colourful Malcolm McLaren, hired a top New York lawyer called James Merberg to win him bail.

Within days, Vicious was free on a $50,000 licence which had been put up by his record label boss, Richard Branson.

A little more than a month later, however, Sid was back inside the maximum security Riker's Island jail after glassing a man in a fight in a New York club. He spent nearly two months behind bars in the prison's detox wing before he was again released on bail.

By then, Vicious had a new girlfriend, a would-be actress called Michelle Robson. On the day of his release - February 1, 1979 - Vicious, his mother Anne Beverley and a few friends went back to Robson's apartment for a celebration meal.

After eating spaghetti bolognese, Vicious asked his mother - herself a hopeless addict - to find him some drugs. He complained that what she brought him was not strong enough, and another friend was dispatched to get some more.

But unknown to Vicious, this second batch of heroin was more than 95 per cent pure and nearly three times stronger than most of the heroin sold on the streets of New York. After taking it, Sid collapsed.

He was revived by his girlfriend and mother, but they decided not to call an ambulance because they feared he would be thrown back in jail for breaking his bail conditions. It was to prove a fatal mistake.

Later that night, alone in the bedroom, he injected more of the powerful heroin. The following morning, he was found dead.

A pathologist who examined his body said the star's tolerance to the drug had been weakened by his period behind bars. That, and the potency of the heroin, had killed him.

Police quickly announced they were not looking for anyone else in connection with Spungen's death.

Meanwhile, Anne Beverley discovered what appeared to be a suicide note in the pocket of her son's jeans. Written some days earlier, Vicious told his mother he wanted to be reunited with 'his' Nancy.

The discovery of the letter led some friends to speculate that Nancy's death had been a suicide pact that had gone wrong, and Spungen had administered the fatal knife wound herself.

In fact, ten days after her death, Vicious had attempted to slash his wrists, and just a few months earlier the couple had told a British music magazine of their plans to take their own lives.

After his death, the punk rocker's mother requested he be laid to rest in the same plot where Nancy was buried, but her parents refused. The following week, Anne flew with her son's ashes to the Philadelphia cemetery and secretly sprinkled them over Nancy's gravestone.

His mother, who committed suicide in 1996, remained convinced of her son's innocence until her dying day.

'Before she died, Anne told me to clear her son's name,' says Parker. 'Everything I have found out since makes me believe that Sid was innocent.'

It is unlikely we shall ever now know for sure. But could it be that the undeniably unpleasant and violent Vicious really was the victim of an injustice after all?

Who Killed Nancy? is released on February 6.

11-12-2011, 12:46 AM
Not that I expected a response ...

11-12-2011, 10:59 AM
Sid was nothing but a scapegoat.

11-12-2011, 11:01 AM
"L.A. Shooter Tyler Brehm: Recent Breakup, Drugs May Have Led to Gunman's Rampage

More details have emerged about the man who opened fire on a bustling Hollywood intersection on Friday.

More details are emerging about Tyler Brehm, the gunman who opened fired on drivers in Hollywood on Friday morning injuring at least two men: The Hollywood Reporter’s photo editor, Chris Godley, who suffered an injury to his leg, and music industry executive, John Atterberry, who was shot in the face and neck, who is listed in critical condition at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.

Brehm’s ex-girlfriend, Alicia Alligood, came forward on Saturday. She and Hollywood resident, Brehm, had broken up earlier this month after dating for four years, she tells KTLA. She says that may have triggered the rampage.

She didn’t even know he was the shooter until Saturday morning when she discovered she had 14 text messages on her mobile phone and at least one voice message from Brehm, which was left around 12:30 am on Friday morning, saying that he loved her.

The ex-girlfriend also says that he had been “really stressed out lately” and began taking pills given to him by someone he believed to be a pharmaceutical salesperson. She says that was out of character for him.

"He was very anti-pharmaceutical," Alligood, 24, says of the drug use. She also says he wasn’t the same after he started using them.

Brehm’s Facebook page shows Carlisle, Pa. as his hometown. Alligood says she attended junior high and high school with Brehm in Pennsylvania, but they didn’t start dating until they were in college. She paints a fairly positive picture of Brehm calling him a “humanitarian” who was "extremely motivated to change the world for the better." Apparently, he also managed a nonprofit organization for a friend.

The two formerly lived together and a neighbor says she heard Brehm yelling from the hallway and banging on their door approximately two weeks ago.

According to his Facebook page, he changed his relationship status to “single” just four days ago. He lists his interests as knowledge, friendship, family, money, success and "things that go fast." Police say he was unemployed.

According to the LA Times, Brehm’s rampage began at 10:19 am on Friday when he began shooting .40-caliber Smith & Wesson gun into the air and menacing people in their car in a McDonalds parking lot. He then walked toward Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street where he shot at a silver Mercedes-Benz coupe, among others. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz, Atterberry, was hit three times in the neck and face. THR's photo editor, Godley, drove the black truck Brehm shot at, which can be seen in video taken of the incident. No other injuries have been reported, though several cars’ windows were broken by gunfire.

Brehm continued shooting into the air and at passing cars while witnesses say bystanders were confused thinking it was part of a movie being filmed in the neighborhood.

That may explain why Godley says he was puzzled by men who appeared to be having fun as they ducked away from the gunman's attack.

Pedestrians began to run for cover once they realized the bullets were really hitting the passing cars. Police believe he fired off about 20 rounds, which means he reloaded at least once.

"He was just kind of shooting spontaneously," William Wiles, a Hollywood resident who witnessed the shootings through his window, says. "He didn't really have any mission or purpose or anyone in particular."

The shooting ended at around 10:22 a.m. Two officers, including a motorcycle officer who was off-duty and working on a nearby movie production, asked him to drop the gun. Instead, he pointed it at the motorcycle officer and Brehm was pronounced dead at the scene in what's police are calling an "officer-involved shooting."

11-12-2011, 11:03 AM
Still irrelevant, paedophilia will never disappear... Its worse than a hydra...

"China breaks up child-trafficking rings

Chinese police have broken up two child-trafficking rings after a six-month nationwide investigation, rescuing 178 children and arresting 608 suspects, Press TV reports.

The Asian country's Ministry of Public Security has called the operation the biggest achievement yet in a national campaign against human trafficking that has so far rescued more than 18,000 children.

The case started after police investigating a road accident in the western province of Sichuan stumbled across one trafficking gang. Links were then found to at least 26 other gangs across the country.

“China is a developing country and trafficking is a major problem in Asia especially in the border states,” Dale Rutstein of UNICEF told Press TV.

“Whenever people are in a very poor area and they do not have opportunities, they become mobile. Therefore, it is an absolutely common thing in poverty especially when people are living in remote conditions and they are looking for opportunities,” he added.

Child trafficking, with centuries of history in China, remains a problem in spite of vigorous efforts by the Chinese government to stamp it out.

Critics blame the national one-child policy and lax adoption laws for the thriving child trafficking market."

11-12-2011, 01:02 PM
When you think about it , Courtney Love may have made every effort to keep Cobain on heroin
and in the news about it. She was constantly playing the media, so it would not surprise me to learn that she (or whoever 'handled' the whole bunch of them) had cooked up the whole 'Nirvana vs. Guns n Roses' public feud and sold Axl Rose on it as a publicity stunt , to create a stir, and keep both bands in the public eye.

The Rolling Stones were at times more famous for the death of Brian
Jones, the Hells Angels stabbing, the drug arrests , etc., than they were for their music, and
became fabulously wealthy as a result. In the case of Nirvana, it appears that someone was a good
student, and may have followed the Stones blueprint to a T., from contrived drug scandals (ie: the fake Axl speech calling Nirvana junkies) to the planned high profile death of Kurt Cobain.

It appears that both Guns n' Roses and Nirvana got their 'big shot at fame' from the same source.

11-12-2011, 09:35 PM
Myt theory gets a bit more interesting when you find out that both Guns n' Roses and Nirvana were signed with Geffen record company.

In fact , G n' R was with Geffen as early as 1986. It looks as though Axl and his band hooked up with the 'Sid and Nancy' rock underground milieu and were signed by Geffen shortly thereafter:

Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide

Geffen Records released an EP in late 1986 to keep the interest in the band alive while the band withdrew from the club scene to work in the studio. The four song EP Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide came out on the ostensibly independent "Uzi Suicide Records" label (which was actually a Geffen subsidiary). Only 10,000 vinyl copies of the EP were produced. On Halloween night in 1986 Guns N' Roses performed at UCLA's Ackerman Ballroom as the opening act to Thelonious Monster, The Dickies, and the headlining Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The record was billed as a live recording, although Rose would reveal years later, that it was simulated. The EP consisted of four songs from the band's demo tapes with overdubbed crowd noise. It contained covers of Rose Tattoo's "Nice Boys" and Aerosmith's "Mama Kin", along with two original compositions: the punk anthem "Reckless Life" and the classic rock inspired "Move to the City", both of which were co-written by Hollywood Rose's founding member Chris Weber.[

11-12-2011, 10:40 PM
Graphic video of David Parker Ray's high-tech torture trailer released October, 2011:


October 10, 2011

By: Russell Contreras, The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Police have reopened the unsolved case of an Albuquerque woman missing for 16 years after authorities received new information connected to a man who boasted in writings that he was responsible for around 40 victims.

Albuquerque police are set to join FBI agents and New Mexico State Police on Tuesday in a search around Elephant Butte Reservoir and nearby caves in southern New Mexico where they believe David Parker Ray may have buried some of his claimed victims.

Police suspect that 22-year-old Jill Troia is among the possible victims.

Ray wrote detailed accounts of sexual tortures and burials of victims, including one whose description fits Troia.

Troia was last seen leaving an Albuquerque restaurant with Roy's daughter.

Ray died in prison in 2002.

Authorities are hoping that previously unknown victims will come forward.

11-12-2011, 11:14 PM
Graphic video of David Parker Ray's high-tech torture trailer released October, 2011:


(if you pause the video at 1:04 mark (using the slider, not the pause button) you will see a military officer
style uniform hanging on the wall of the trailer)

October 10, 2011

By: Russell Contreras, The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Police have reopened the unsolved case of an Albuquerque woman missing for 16 years after authorities received new information connected to a man who boasted in writings that he was responsible for around 40 victims.

Albuquerque police are set to join FBI agents and New Mexico State Police on Tuesday in a search around Elephant Butte Reservoir and nearby caves in southern New Mexico where they believe David Parker Ray may have buried some of his claimed victims.

Police suspect that 22-year-old Jill Troia is among the possible victims.

Ray wrote detailed accounts of sexual tortures and burials of victims, including one whose description fits Troia.

Troia was last seen leaving an Albuquerque restaurant with Roy's daughter.

Ray died in prison in 2002.

Authorities are hoping that previously unknown victims will come forward.

12-12-2011, 01:00 AM
note the CB Radio in David Parker Ray's trailer. If
he worked alone, why did he need radio contact
inside his trailer, and why was he so mobile ?
Also, is that a camera tripod or a video camera tripod?

I tried to read the card on Ray's surgical supply table
by downloading this picture and blowing it up but my
software is not the greatest. As far as I can tell it
says SAA Productions - All ACCESS. It looks like
a security pass of some sort. The logo appears
to be a stylized SAA acronym , with the title
of the organization below it. Some sort of association?
SA Productions or SA Association?
Can a reader who is better at this figure out what it

this picture of David Ray's property reveals what could
be as many as four different trailers and at least one
boat. Even his house is a converted mobile home by
the looks of it. How did Ray pay for all this?

There were video cameras installed in the trailer ceiling, and
this article mentions the videotapes discovered in the trailer:

Videotape shown in retrial for David Parker Ray


In an interview with KOB Eyewitness News ten years ago, Ray denied torturing anyone.
He said: 'It was a source of entertainment, to me, to create these tapes. That's why there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the tape stating that it was for adult entertainment only.

'My fantasies are not that unusual. There's approximately two million people in the United States that have, basically, the same fantasies.
There's organizations, there's clubs ... it's in the closet, what can I say. It's not that unusual.'



12-12-2011, 09:37 AM
"Sex abuse claims prompt look at youth sports culture

BOSTON (Reuters) - Millions of children are lacing up sneakers and skates, donning swimsuits and grabbing rackets to join the ranks of youth sports teams and leagues across the country, often with minimal parental supervision.

But accusations of abuse last week against a major figure in amateur athletics have renewed concerns that the dynamics of youth sports could provide predators easy access to children in an environment where abuse could go undetected.

Young athletes may spend significant amounts of time with coaches or team volunteers on the playing field or traveling to tournaments or taking part in camps. Rarely does this happen with close parental supervision.

"You don't necessarily know a lot about these people except they know how to coach basketball," said Jarrod Chin, director of training and curriculum at Northeastern University's Sport in Society program, citing basketball as an example.

The Amateur Athletic Union said on Saturday it was investigating allegations of child sex abuse against its former president Robert W. "Bobby" Dodd dating back several decades. The union contacted police in Memphis, Tennessee, who said they have opened a probe into the matter.

The allegations against Dodd surfaced after a series of accusations of child sexual abuse against assistants to high profile coaches at Penn State and Syracuse universities rocked the world of major college athletics.

Sports network ESPN has reported that two players who accused Dodd of abuse said he had engaged in a pattern of inappropriate touching and sex acts in hotels during tournaments and that he gave alcohol to underage players.

Dodd, who has not been charged with a crime, was not available for comment. An attorney for Dodd has not yet been identified.

Past instances of alleged sexual abuse in youth sports have ranged from a figure skating coach accused of molesting students to youth baseball and basketball coaches accused of abusing boys, the National Council of Youth Sports said.

Nor has the abuse been limited to boys. Coaches of girls' track and volleyball teams have also been accused of interacting inappropriately with young women, the council said.

"It's a larger social issue, and sport is one avenue where sexual predators find ways to assault young people," Chin said.


The National Council of Youth Sports has been trying to find the best way to screen coaches for at least a decade, and some sporting organizations have made background screening mandatory, executive director Sally Johnson said.

The National Council, whose members include the AAU, recommends guidelines for such screening as well as use of a third-party company to process comprehensive checks. Johnson also wants to see better training and reference checks about past behavior by coaches.

The AAU, one of the nation's largest youth sports groups, has said it planned to review the safeguards it has in place to protect youngsters, but did not elaborate on what those procedures were.

Despite an eagerness for their children to join sports teams, especially those organized for all-star youth athletes, parents often don't have the financial means to travel along for tournaments, which means an inordinate amount of trust is handed to coaches.

Johnson said parents and children needed to trust their gut reactions.

"I think children get a feeling if something's not right, and they need to be comfortable coming forward to report that," Johnson said.

Northeastern's Chin said that publicity from the abuse probes of coaches at major universities may be spurring victims to speak up.

"I think a lot of people are feeling like they can say something, tell their story, that they are not alone," he said, adding that the Sport in Society program works to educate coaches, parents and teammates to recognize the signs of possible sexual abuse and to address it.

David Clohessy, director of Chicago-based support group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said that it was always hard for victims of child sexual abuse to speak up.

"It's especially hard when the predator is a popular, well-loved individual," he said, adding that in his experience it helped victims to hear about other people coming forward.

"Somehow as a society we've got to come to grips with the fact that people who sing, dance, coach, preach or perform well in public can also have horrific private demons," he said."

12-12-2011, 08:22 PM
ZOOEY DESCHANEL, Monarch butterfly&silence trigger

http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/8240/zooeydeschanel03580x435.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/846/zooeydeschanel03580x435.jpg/)

http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/7407/zooeydeschanelcomplexco.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/20/zooeydeschanelcomplexco.jpg/)

12-12-2011, 08:56 PM

Mind Control: Wizard of Oz Programming

Mind Control: Wizard of Oz Programming - YouTube

12-12-2011, 10:43 PM
In the above photo of David Parker Ray's property,
you can see his torture trailer, or one of them,
at the bottom , center , of the photo, with what
appears to be a satellite transmitter attached to it.
The transmitter is not unlike the satellite transmitter
shown below:


So what exactly was David Parker Ray transmitting from his property,
via satellite, and to whom was he transmitting it? Anyone notice
that none of this was mentioned in the press reports?
Could it be that those ceiling cams in Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment
were also collecting footage that found its way onto a similar
transmission , to basically the same people? The same satanic

David Parker Ray and Jeffrey Dahmer were both in U.S. army.

here's a bit of background on Ray:


btw, the town closest to Ray's property is named 'Truth or Consequences, New Mexico', but
it was originally named 'Hot Springs, New Mexico'. It is the site of a naturally flowing hot spring
of geothermally heated water and health spa resort.


In 1950, NBC television and radio producer Ralph Edwards, wanted some town in the United States to change its name to Truth or Consequences, the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce saw it as an opportunity to make the town unique, and the town's residents voted for the change of name.

None of David Ray's 'bodies' were found, though he wrote forty accounts of torture and murder in his diaries/stories.
He called these fantasy stories of his, but investigators suspected that they were real accounts.

Maybe not all of these ended in murder. Maybe some of these women were successfully programmed and that is
why their bodies were never found. Maybe they just disappeared into some underground complex some place
with a new identity . Parker had an electroshock device in his trailer.


To aid in the identification of any possible victims, state police released photos of jewelry and clothing items, including a couple of purses, that were among the 2,000 pieces of evidence that they and agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized from Ray’s lease lot property on Bass Road in the Hot Springs Landing area of Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

15-12-2011, 03:25 PM
Its interesting that Serbia seems to come up in relation to a lot of MK stuff. The country happens to be the locale for Angelina Jolie's directorial debut which tells the story of a Serbian war victim who falls in love with her rapist. Some of the scenes on set promise lurid depictions of the gruesome atrocities of war, including those suffered by children.

Consider Jolie's membership in the CFR, her ties to the UN, and her adoption of children from key war torn countries who (interestingly enough) all come from mothers who were either drug addicts or rape victims.

Also interesting is that Amy Winehouse was reported to be looking into adopting a child from the Caribbean before her untimely death and her last performance was in Serbia.

Jolie on set of her new movie


Angelina Jolie to shoot film on Bosnian war

Indo-Asian News Service

Thursday, July 15, 2010 (Belgrade)

"Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is planning to direct her first film in the Balkans. She will also play a leading role in the movie, a love story set in the Bosnian war.

Jolie will visit Serbia in August to discuss planning of the film and scout locations, Belgrade daily Press reported.

In the film, a Muslim woman is raped by a Serb at the beginning of Bosnia's bloody 1992-1995 war. But they eventually fall in love and go together through horrors of the war in which more than 100,000 people were killed. Serbian media magnate Zeljko Mitrovic, owner of a private television Pink Media Group and film studios on the outskirts of Serbian capital, will be involved in the project, according to Press.

Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency UNHCR. She and her husband Brad Pitt visited the Balkans in April, taking a short vacation in Montenegro and visiting refugee camps in Bosnia."

Angelina Jolie's In The Land Of Blood And Honey has just been honoured with the Stanley Kramer Award for “illuminat(ing) provocative social issues in an accessible and elevating fashion."

16-12-2011, 05:50 PM
Cabalist Banksters Are Cuckolding Men

November 7, 2011

Cuckold - "A man whose wife has been unfaithful."

Men have looked on passively as Rockefeller-sponsored feminism stole their women.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present and with the next meal."

--Harold Rosenthal

There has been a spate of media lately about high achieving women in their late thirties who can't find suitable marriage partners.

They don't realize that they aren't supposed to. Rockefeller social engineers want them to have careers instead of marriage and families.

(After the banksters finish destroying heterosexuality, the State will take over procreation altogether.)

Do these women really think the Rockefellers who funded Mengele's gruesome experiments at Auschwitz, and accepted the dental gold of gassed inmates, really care about women?

They are re-engineering society by convincing women to postpone marriage and family until it is too late. This article by Kay Hymnowitz describes some of the programs used to "empower" girls to supplant men. Of course, the main programming takes place on TV, music videos and movies where the push for girls to seek careers and promiscuity has reached a fever pitch.

Only a society that has been subverted by a malevolent alien power would attack marriage and monogamy, the only stable foundation for family.


Kate Bolick, 39, is one of many "bright" women who were programmed to miss the boat.

She cuckolded the men in her life by giving her loyalty to career. At the same time, these men allowed the banksters to steal Kate's loyalty. In the end, both sexes have been cuckolded.

Now Bolick tells her story in All The Single Girls, a 12,000 word article in the latest Atlantic.

Why did Kate miss the boat? Well let's see:

"When Kate Bolick was in Grade 3, her mother sent her to school in tiny T-shirts that proclaimed the Gospel according to Gloria Steinem: "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle" and "A woman's place is in the House -- and the Senate."

When she was 28, she blew off a great man because she "wasn't ready to settle down."

Guess what? Now the good men are all taken.

"Now that she's ready to settle down, there's no one worth settling down with."

Nature doesn't give rain checks.

Women everywhere are being deliberately empowered at the expense of men in order to cuckold both sexes.

Women used to empower men by trusting them and accepting their leadership. This was the basis of marriage. Women want men who are more powerful than they are. They want to be cherished, protected and provided for. Men derive meaning and purpose from doing this.

Instead, women are trained to supplant men and then complain there are no good men left.


Women in the US earned 60 per cent of Bachelor's and Master's degrees last year.

Women also held 51.4 per cent of all managerial and professional jobs. Women hold the majority of jobs in general. Men accounted for nearly 75 per cent of jobs lost in the recession.

The banksters did same number on Black Americans.

There are twice as many Black women who have university degrees as men. Guess what. Seventy per cent of Black women have no husbands.

When men were in the majority, feminists called for equality.

Where are the calls for equality now? There aren't any because "equality" was never the real issue. It was a pretext for something quite sinister.


Society has been colonized by an alien financial cartel that subscribes to a satanic dogma. Most of our political, cultural and economic leaders are colonial administrators, i.e. opportunists, dupes and traitors.

If a man loves a woman, he will not let her be tempted by another man. This applies to the Illuminati banksters too. It's time men fought for the women they want to marry and mother their children.

It's time men rejected the paralysis of political correctness and
fought feminism wherever it rears its ugly head. It's time we demanded that the discrimination against men in the workplace or in the media stop.

It's time we stopped being cuckolds.

16-12-2011, 09:42 PM
Makow is an idiot, ud better realize this.

16-12-2011, 09:43 PM
"Dutch church hit by sex abuse scandal

An independent inquiry in the Netherlands has revealed the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children by Roman Catholic clergy since 1945.

According to the probe, tens of thousands of minors were exposed to "mild, severe or very severe sexual behavior" either by clergy or lay workers in the Dutch Catholic Church between 1945 and 2010, AFP reported.

"Based on 1,795 reports, the commission could find the names of 800 abusers who work or have worked for the bishops," the study said. Out of the 800 perpetrators, 105 are still alive.

The Roman Catholic Church has been faced with thousands of sex abuse scandals in recent years. This is while Pope Benedict the sixteenth has been accused of having tried to cover up the scandal.

Advocacy groups representing victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court against the Pope and three other Vatican officials over the alleged cover-up.

Earlier this month Amnesty International urged Northern Ireland to hold an inquiry into clerical child sex abuse.

Meanwhile, in 2010, some 180,000 Germans left the Catholic Church due to the revelations of priests sexually abusing minors. "

16-12-2011, 09:58 PM
"112 arrested in online child porn swoops in 22 European countries after year-long investigation

More arrests likely after raids find child sex networks

Police have arrested 112 people in 22 European countries after a year-long child pornography investigation, it was revealed today.

Europol's 'Operation Icarus' targeted paedophiles sharing 'extreme' online videos of children, including babies, being sexually abused and raped.

There are 269 suspects so far and more arrests are likely after the raids uncovered previously unknown networks of child sex offenders operating on different Internet chat channels.

Much of the information seized is still awaiting analysis with the sheer volume of encrypted material so vast, the task is described as 'daunting',

A suspect in Switzerland had more than 120 terabytes (1,000 gigabytes) of data - amounting to thousands of hours of high-definition video footage.

The investigation was carried out under the leadership of Danish police Jens Henrik Hoejbjerg, due to Danish expertise in analysing the peer-to-peer networks that were used to share files.

Nineteen men aged 24 to 55 are facing preliminary charges in Denmark.

Mr Hoejbjerg, said 59 computers and 2,430 storage devices had been seized in Denmark alone.

The other nations involved were Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, Norway and Switzerland.

Investigators said one of the men arrested was in the process of grooming a young child and was arrested before an attempted face-to-face meeting.

Speaking from Europol's HQ in The Hague, director Rob Wainwright called the operation a success, but warned technological advances made detection harder.

He said: 'The Internet is helping offenders to develop better techniques for sharing images on a global basis and for protecting their identity.'

'The problems involved are becoming harder to police.'

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said the operation showed the 'importance of co-operation between law enforcement authorities at European and international level to tackle criminal activities that know no borders.'

In March, Europol announced the bust of an even larger ring, with 184 arrests and 670 suspects in 30 countries."

16-12-2011, 10:11 PM
"Exploitation of the Jackson 3: How the singer's children are being cynically controlled by the man whose greed wrecked his childhood

Even by the standards of someone twice her age, there was a quiet assurance about 13-year-old Paris Jackson’s triumphant first solo appearance before the cameras of a U.S. chat show this week.

Gone was the frightened and sobbing child who was reluctantly pushed into the spotlight by her aunties and uncles at her father Michael’s televised memorial service a little over two years ago.

In her place was a young woman, sleekly coiffed by the team of stylists and make-up artists who now travel with her, and with the sort of poise you would scarcely expect of a young teenager.

But then, Paris, who had been wheeled out by the controlling Jackson clan to appear on the sofa of TV chat show hostess Ellen DeGeneres, is hardly your average teenager.

For starters, in preparation for her primetime appearance this week, Paris had been trained rigorously for weeks by the Hollywood actors’ agency that has been newly engaged by her grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson to guide the youngster’s nascent acting career.

Meanwhile, the family are in negotiation with top model agency boss and talent-spotter Michael Flutie, who launched the careers of Cindy Crawford, Milla Jovovich and Stephanie Seymour, to oversee Paris’s planned transition from schoolgirl to catwalk star.

‘I think she’s stunning,’ Mr Flutie said this week. ‘I said I would represent her because that’s how beautiful I think she is.’

He is not alone in spotting the rich pickings on offer for those helping to shape the careers of the King of Pop’s children.

Paris is already set to make her acting debut in a film version of the children’s fantasy book Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys, which is due for release in 2013.

Nor is she the only one of Jackson’s three children who is being pushed — prematurely, some argue — into the white heat of the media gaze from which their father had so desperately sought to protect them.

Michael’s long-time friend Brian Oxman — who also happens to be the Jackson family’s lawyer — told me this week of his concerns that the singer might not have approved of his beloved children being paraded so publicly.

‘Michael’s way of bringing them up was that he wanted them to have a childhood,’ he explained.

‘He wanted them to experience being innocent young people growing up.

‘Since he felt his childhood had been stolen from him, he didn’t want that to happen to his kids,’ he added.

‘It’s hard to say if Michael would be happy about what’s happening. He just wanted his children to be the masters of their lives.’

Yet the push to make the youngsters stars in their own right appears relentless. And it is Katherine and her estranged husband Joe who, together, are the driving force.

Many believe history could be repeating itself here. They remember how Michael’s father Joe would to drive him mercilessly to perform, bullying him emotionally and physically.

‘If you didn’t do it the right way, he would tear you up,’ Michael said, adding, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, that he was so afraid of his father, he was sometimes sick when he saw Joe.

To coincide with her interview with TV chatshow host Miss DeGeneres, Paris and her brothers Prince, 14, and nine-year-old Prince Michael II — known as Blanket — posed together for a major article on them this week in People magazine.

The American celebrity magazine calls the children ‘The Jackson Three’ — a play on words said to have been dreamt up by Joe, their grandfather, who managed the Jackson Five group in which a young Michael found fame with his elder brothers.

Joe had long been estranged from his most famous son and was publicly accused by Michael of being a controlling and violent bully.

Yet this is the man behind Michael’s children’s appearance before the cameras on the U.S. version of The X Factor two weeks ago.

Sources in the States say the publicity drive being coordinated by 83-year-old Joe and Katherine, 81, is all leading up to an announcement that the children have been signed up to appear in their own reality TV show which will give fly-on-the-wall cameras access to their California home.

And this attempt to turn Jackson’s children into highly bankable stars has understandably led to calls that they are being exploited.

Michael’s official fan club has raised its concerns and one influential website, set up to protect the dead singer’s legacy, has already called for an end to what it calls ‘the exploitation of his children for the financial gain of the Jackson family’.

The Michael Jackson Accountability Network website has published an open letter to the clan warning them to call a halt to the series of controversial money-making schemes they have embarked on since Jackson’s death in June 2009 at the age of 50.

The claims of exploitation have now led to a bitter split within the Jackson family, with some of Michael’s eight surviving siblings turning on each other and their parents in the unseemly scramble for cash.

The bad blood came to head two months ago when brothers Jermaine and Randy and sister Janet publicly criticised a star-studded tribute concert held at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium which was organised by their parents.

While their siblings Marlon, Tito, Jackie and La Toya all agreed to appear on the bill, the event became mired in controversy with claims that although some funds would go to charity, and £64,000 to Michael’s children, the promoters could not confirm how much the good causes would actually receive.

Some family members were also angry that the event coincided with the trial of Jackson’s physician Dr Conrad Murray, who was jailed last month for four years for administering a fatal dose of the surgical anaesthetic propofol to the star.

The show also fell foul of the official executors of the singer’s estate, who have had a running battle with Michael’s parents over a series of stunts the Jacksons have dreamt up to cash in on their late son’s fame.

Indeed, the Cardiff event — at which Michael’s children were once again on public display — is said to have taken place in Britain only to get around U.S. intellectual property law.

Even so, the singer’s full name and picture were noticeably absent from the official concert promotion material.

Jackson’s children have been served up for public consumption by their grandparents on any number of occasions.

Earlier this year, when their grandmother was promoting a coffee table book she has written about Michael, Oprah Winfrey was granted access to the compound where they live with her in Los Angeles.

About the same time, the children appeared on the TV show Good Morning America to talk about the death of their father.

Both interviews led Michael’s brother Randy and his sister Janet to criticise their parents for exploiting the children for personal gain.

And the point is Joe and Katherine are rather keen on personal gain. They are currently fighting a lawsuit issued by Michael’s executors, who accuse them of trying to flog unauthorised tacky Jacko memorabilia, including a crystal-encrusted leather belt signed by Jackson’s children.

Earlier this year Joe, who lives for the most part in Las Vegas, was even said to have offered fans the chance to have their pictures taken with Prince, Paris and Blanket in exchange for cash.

Joe, who was left out of his son’s will, has launched a series of court actions to try to win damages over Michael’s death, including actions against Dr Murray, the concert promoters AEG Live, who were bankrolling Michael’s planned 50‑date London tour when he died, and the pharmacy which supplied the drug that killed him.

Meanwhile, Katherine, who along with Michael’s children stands to inherit the singer’s fortune, complains that the £50,000 his executors grant her each month to care for his children is not enough.

Family lawyers are also furious that the estimated £500 million earned by Jackson since his death — including a posthumous £166 million album deal signed with Sony and the £194 million earned by This Is It, the film of Jackson’s rehearsals for his proposed UK shows — has not yet filtered through to his heirs.

But John Branca and John McClain, the entertainment lawyers appointed as executors of the estate, say it could take years to unravel the troubled star’s financial affairs and pay off more than £300 million of debts Jackson had when he died.

Even so, the children and Katherine — who was declared bankrupt in 1999 — are hardly living in penury.

Since March they have been staying at a rented £16,000-a-month estate, complete with its own golf course, in the upmarket LA neighbourhood of Calabasas.

They have moved into the house on a gated community, where neighbours include Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, while the family home in nearby Encino is being refurbished, with the bill being paid by the executors.

This week Paris said on the TV chat show that she felt ‘stupid’ in the masks and veil her father made her and her siblings wear to protect their identity.

Yet she insisted she and her brothers have a regular childhood.

As her grandmother Katherine has said: ‘They have their friends over. They ride their bikes.’

In reality, it is anything but normal.

Each morning, a slow-moving cavalcade of vehicles transports Paris and Prince to the private school they attend on the edge of California’s Santa Monica mountains.

Several bulky bodyguards, sporting Secret Service-style ear-pieces and lapel microphones jump out of the vehicles to usher them into school.

Throughout the day, armed close protection minders shadow the children as they attend lessons at £21,000-a-year Buckley School. The bodyguards eat lunch in the school cafeteria and swim in its indoor pool.

Ever since Paris and Prince enrolled at the school in September 2010, the presence of the hulking security men has been causing complaints from other parents who say they terrify their children.

For his part, Blanket, who is said to be very withdrawn and shy and is the only one of the singer’s children who looks even vaguely like him, is still taught by private teachers in the kitchen of the family’s seven-bedroom house, where he has his own constant bodyguards.

The children are occasionally visited by former nurse Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s former wife and the mother of the two elder children, both of whom are said to have been fathered by a sperm donor. (While Michael Jackson was alive, she was not involved with the children; he paid her off so that he could bring them up himself, with the help of an army of nannies. But when he died, grandmother Katherine agreed that Debbie could have supervised visits.)

The identity of Blanket’s mother and father has never been revealed — Jackson adopted him soon after he was born, and there has been endless speculation as to whether he fathered the child as a sperm donor.

The Jackson family insist that the security presence is very necessary, given that the children, who will inherit their father’s fortune when they reach 30, are at constant risk of kidnap.

The King of Pop’s children are, to put it crudely, very valuable commodities indeed.

Lawyers are expecting to set a trial date on January 31 for the children’s own separate lawsuit against promoters AEG Live.

The Jackson family’s lawyer Brian Oxman told me if they win, the damages could eventually reach up to $1 billion.

He says AEG employed Dr Conrad Murray — a claim it denies — and that this astronomical sum is based on what Jackson could have earned had he lived.

‘The children are the youngest plaintiffs for the largest amount of money in our memory,’ Mr Oxman said.

‘I don’t think there is anywhere that could rival the size of this legal claim.’

Is it any surprise, then, that the children Jackson tried so assiduously to protect have had to grow up so quickly?"

17-12-2011, 12:37 AM



repost removed video link

17-12-2011, 12:37 AM
this is a huge expose, a four hour exhaustive compilation on
the topic, a must see:


Hip Hop Occult, Game Over Part. 1


Hip Hop Occult, Game Over Part. 2


repost removed video links

17-12-2011, 03:47 PM
"Rapper Slim Dunkin slain in Atlanta music studio

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta police say the rapper Slim Dunkin was gunned down Friday evening in a music studio as he was preparing to record a video.

Police Maj. Keith Meadows said the rapper, whose real name is Mario Hamilton, was fatally shot in the chest after getting into an argument with another individual.

He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Meadows told The Associated Press late Friday that police have not been able to identify the shooter. He said investigators have been interviewing those who were inside the studio. He said as many as 20 people were inside the small office-type building at the time of the shooting, which took place around 5:30 p.m. local time, but they were in different places.

Police have not recovered the handgun that was used. Investigators remained at the scene late Friday evening.

"Right now we're just trying to....identify who may have seen what, really just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together," Meadows said. "It seems everybody witnessed something very different. We're just trying to go back and make sense of everything."

Slim Dunkin had appeared on a number of songs with the rapper Waka Flocka Flame. The website Mtv.com reported that the Brick Squad Monopoly rapper was on a solo track and had recently released a 20-track mix tape that featured Gucci Mane, Roscoe Dash and Pastor Troy.

"It appears the victim was scheduled to do a photo shoot," Meadows said of Friday's events. "Before the video shoot took place, it appears the victim and suspect got involved in a verbal altercation. We don't know what that altercation was about."

"The suspect produced a weapon, discharged that handgun one time, striking the victim in the chest," Meadows said.

Meadows said the victim was in his early 20s and resided in the Atlanta area.

Many fans were posting messages late Friday night on a Facebook page for the rapper.

The website AllHipHop.com last February described Slim Dunkin, a Detroit native, as an up-and-coming talent with "a unique lyrical ability and style all his own."

In an interview with the website, he described himself as someone "trying to provide for his family by making something out of nothing just trying to beat the odds."

"I don't have amazing lyrical ability I just know how to speak on what I been through and where I came from," he said.

Asked what to expect from him in 2011, he responded: "Music, music, music!"

17-12-2011, 03:48 PM
"NY Giants Linebacker Investigated for Child Abuse

NY Giants linebacker Michael Boley -- who signed a $25 million contract in 2009 -- is being investigated for allegedly abusing his 5-year-old son earlier this year ... TMZ has learned.

According to the official incident report, taken by the Gadsden Police Department in Alabama -- Boley is accused of the repeated willful abuse of a child under 18 from May 30 to June 5.

Officials will not release details surrounding the nature of the alleged abuse.

A rep for the Gadsden PD tells us the case was investigated and has been handed over to the District Attorney's Office, which will present the case to a grand jury. The grand jury will then decide if there is enough evidence to formally charge Boley with a crime.

Boley's attorney, Randall M. Kessler, tells TMZ ... "These allegations were brought to our attention along with outrageous monetary demands in a contested child support case which she filed over a year ago."

Kessler added, "At final trial about a month ago, she did not seek an order restricting visitation. The only relief she requested from the judge was that child support be more than quintupled to, in her words, 'increase her lifestyle.'"

In light of the allegations, another woman who has a 2-year-old child with Boley, has filed court papers in Georgia asking a judge to require the NFL star to be supervised when spending time with their child.

The judge has not yet ruled on her request."

17-12-2011, 03:54 PM
Notice the eye (and the star) on the back of the laptop monitor (still from the series PRETTY LITTLE LIARS)

http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/5637/prettyliarshacka01.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/prettyliarshacka01.jpg/)

18-12-2011, 12:21 AM


Miss Farmer Drops In for Surprise Visit

She’ll Spend Week Or Two Here With Parents

By Walter Rue

Frances Farmer, gifted star of the stage and screen, lolled in a big easy chair in the family home at 2636 47th Ave. S. W., yesterday afternoon, watching the warm, friendly flames of a log fire in the fireplace.

Her father, Attorney E. M. Farmer, sat in his favorite chair on one side of her, puffing contentedly at his pipe as he read the Sunday paper. On the other side was her mother, reliving days of old as she looked at family pictures.

"This is wonderful," said the blonde, blue-eyed beauteous Frances, who had popped up quite unexpectedly to spend a week or two with her folks. "You can’t imagine what a treat it is to come home like this after a long stretch of picture-making and stock performances."

Called From Hot Springs

The first the elder Farmers knew of Frances’ presence in the Northwest was when she called one day last week from Sol Duc Hot Springs on the Olympic Peninsula.

"What are you doing over there?" asked Mrs. Farmer, who answered the phone.

"Oh, I just took a notion to do a little hiking and camping in the mountains," her popular young daughter replied.

Yesterday Frances explained.

"I drove up alone from Hollywood in my car," she said, "and when I got to Portland I read in the newspapers about Secretary of the Interior Ickes spending a vacation on the Peninsula. Reading about the Peninsula brought back fond memories for me, so I headed straight for Sol Duc. I stayed there long enough to do a bit of hiking, then came home."

It appears that Frances Farmer was wrapped up with civil rights activists,
as was Courtney Love's father Hank Harrison.

Harold L. Ickes
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harold LeClair Ickes was a United States administrator and politician. He served as United States Secretary of the Interior for 13 years, from 1933 to 1946
Ickes was a strong supporter of both civil rights and civil liberties. He had been the president of the Chicago NAACP, and supported African American contralto Marian Anderson when the Daughters of the American Revolution prohibited her from performing in DAR Constitution Hall. He was an outspoken critic of the Japanese American internment during World War II. Also, as an official delegate to the founding United Nations conference in San Francisco, Ickes advocated for stronger language promoting self-rule and eventual independence for the world's colonies.

Harold L. Ickes was the father of Harold M. Ickes:

Harold McEwen Ickes was White House Deputy Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton. He is the son of Harold L. Ickes, who was Secretary of the Interior under Franklin D. Roosevelt. Ickes is a graduate of Stanford University (1964, AB, Economics) and Columbia Law School. Ickes was a student civil rights activist in the 1960s and took part in Freedom Summer. He has practiced labor law for many years in New York City. He was the model for the Primary Colors character Howard Fergerson.

19-12-2011, 06:57 PM
Meria Heller interviews author John Potash on murders of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley etc.



19-12-2011, 09:06 PM

Fri, Jun 3, 2011 blogtalk interview of Dave McGowan,

touches on Laurel Canyon and Apollo:


21-12-2011, 09:27 AM
"Philadelphia columnist retires amid abuse allegations

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Award-winning sports columnist Bill Conlin retired abruptly from the Philadelphia Daily News on Tuesday, the newspaper said, as a rival newspaper published an article accusing him of child sex abuse.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, in an article posted online on Tuesday, said three women and a man claim they were molested as children by Conlin in the 1970s.

One of them, Conlin's niece Kelley Blanchet, was quoted by the Inquirer as saying: "People have kept his secret.

"There were so many people who knew about this and did nothing," she said.

Conlin offered to retire on Tuesday afternoon, said Daily News editor Larry Platt at a news conference.

"I immediately accepted," said Platt. "It was a painful conversation."

Conlin, visited at his condominium in a gated development in Largo, Florida, by a Reuters reporter, said, "I have nothing to say" and provided contact details for his attorney before closing the door.

The condominium is about a mile from beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, and not far from the spring training camp of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team in Clearwater.

Conlin's attorney, George Bochetto, was not immediately available for comment. But he said in the newspaper that the columnist is "obviously floored by these accusations, which supposedly happened 40 years ago."

Prosecutors also could not be immediately reached for comment. A detective with the Gloucester, New Jersey prosecutor's office said in the Inquirer that criminal charges could not be pursued due to the state's statute of limitations.

According to the Inquirer, the four adults said Conlin groped and fondled them and touched their genitals when they were ages 7 to 12.

Blanchet, now a prosecutor in Atlantic City, New Jersey, told the Inquirer she and the others decided to speak out after the child sex abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University brought back painful memories.

At Penn State, former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky faces 52 counts of child sex abuse stemming from accusations from 10 adult men who say he abused them as children.

Also, at Syracuse University, a former basketball coach was accused by at least three men of abuse, and the former president of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is under investigation over allegations of abuse from former youth basketball players.

Both Philadelphia newspapers are owned by Philadelphia Media Network Inc.

"I am sickened by these allegations," said Greg Osberg, publisher of the Inquirer and Daily News, at the news conference in the Daily News' lobby.

"There were several very specific claims from multiple victims and their families to support our decision to publish this article," he said.

Platt said in the Daily News newsroom, there was "a sense of shock, outrage, a sense of sadness for the victims."

Conlin started in 1965 at the Daily News, where he wrote about Penn State and other college football, professional boxing, baseball, the Olympics and tennis.

He was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year."

21-12-2011, 02:57 PM
yes, Emerald, another press/media figure , probably from a generational occult family. Bob Berdella was a restaurant review columnist in Kansas City and did
a show on the local community cable network.
In the Dutroux case, accomplice Michel Nihoul was a radio personality,
and in the Franklin Coverup, one of the named clients of Larry King
was Omaha World-Herald publisher Harold W. Anderson.
Then there was the whole Serene Branson mind control thing,
and all the Laurel Canyon stuff, the hiphop occult stuff.........
the whole media is owned and controlled from the top down by occultists.


Even Michel Nihoul has admitted that abuse networks are used for blackmail in an interview with Der Spiegel in 2001:

"I control the government. ... Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation. ... This is the Belgian disease. ...

Masonic control of the police has been discussed in this thread.

The Omaha police chief, Robert Wadman , was also named as a client/participant in the Larry King sex parties.

Rebecca Carley interviews Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal:


21-12-2011, 03:38 PM
interesting cover of gay publication Next Magazine:

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s320x320/321135_10150350481722512_8371557511_7994641_167517 3189_n.jpg
If you look closely at the Wizard comic, some sort of spell casting or hypnosis is taking place. Maybe there is a bigger
copy of this pic some place.

Next Magazine
www.nextmagazine.com/ - United States
Guide to New York's gay scene with stories, reviews, and events calendar.


21-12-2011, 05:08 PM
checking in on Marylin Manson:

He was interviewed in Michael Moore's political documentary Bowling for Columbine discussing possible motivations for the Columbine massacre and allegations that his music was somehow a factor.
He had been working on his directorial debut, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, since 2004, with Manson also set to portray the role of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Initially announced as a web-only release, it was later decided to give the estimated $4.2 million budget film a conventional cinema release, with a slated release date of mid-2007. The film was to have an original music soundtrack with previously unreleased songs.[17] Production of the film had been postponed indefinitely until after the Eat Me, Drink Me tour.[18] In 2010, studio bosses shut down production on the project, reportedly due to viewers responses over the violent content of clips released on the internet. The film was later officially put on "indefinite production hold".[19] However, Manson will portray metalband lead singer Lars in the upcoming slasher flick Splatter Sisters, for which he will also contribute an original soundtrack.[

It looks like whatever was planned for the shelved Phantasmagoria film
may have been instead rolled into this 'Splatter Sisters' project.

Marilyn Manson to star in Splatter Sisters - YouTube

Retro slasher film "Splatter Sisters," with Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood attached to star.

publicity stunt to promote the film? The two were engaged to be married
in January 2010:

In 2007, Wood's relationship with Marilyn Manson became public.
It was reported in early January 2010 that the couple was engaged to be married.[41] On August 17, 2010, People magazine reported that the couple had ended their engagement earlier that month.[42]

The Wiki of Evan Rachel Wood reveals her to be another former child actor (stage debut at the age of one) , connected to all sorts of possible mind control/occult people/projects, immersed in the steady stream of poison
flowing from the sewers of Hollywood straight into the homes of lonely

Just a few of the things that stood out:


Personal life

Wood has described her religion as Jewish (her mother is a convert to Judaism and her father is Christian).[35][36][37] She briefly attended Cary Elementary, a public school in Cary, North Carolina. She was home-schooled and received her high school diploma at age 15.[38][39]

Early life and family

Evan Rachel Wood was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1987. Her father, Ira David Wood III, is a locally prominent actor, singer, theater director, and playwright who is the Executive Director of a local regional theatre company called Theatre in the Park.[5] Her mother, Sara Lynn Moore (born March 6, 1958), is an actress, director, and acting coach.[3] Wood's brother, Ira David Wood IV, is also an actor; she has another brother, Dana. Her paternal aunt, Carol Winstead Wood, is a Hollywood production designer.[6]

Wood and her brothers were actively involved in Theatre in the Park while growing up, including an appearance by her in the 1987 production of her father's internationally renowned musical comedy adaptation of A Christmas Carol when she was just a few months old.[7] Subsequently, she played the Ghost of Christmas Past in several productions at the theater, and she later starred as Helen Keller alongside her mother (who played Annie Sullivan) in a production of The Miracle Worker, under her father's direction.[8][9]

Early Works: 1994–2000

Wood began her career appearing in several made-for-television films from 1994 onward, at the age of seven. also playing an occasional role in the television series American Gothic. In 1996, Wood's parents separated and later divorced, and Wood moved with her mother to her mother's native Los Angeles County, California.[3][10]

Wood had a recurring role in the second and third seasons of the HBO supernatural drama series, True Blood, from 2009 to 2011 as Sophie-Anne Leclerq.


In April 2011, Wood came out as bisexual in an interview with Esquire.[43]


Wood had roles in two films released in September 2007. King of California, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival,[18] a story of a bipolar jazz musician (Michael Douglas) and his long-suffering teenage daughter, Miranda (Wood), who are reunited after his two-year stay in a mental institution [19]

Across the Universe, 2007, set in Liverpool, New York City, and Vietnam, focused on the tribulations of several characters during the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s. It was set to the songs of The Beatles. Wood, who has described the music of The Beatles as a major part of her life, played Lucy, who develops a relationship with Jude (Jim Sturgess).[20] The film featured her singing musical numbers and she describes the role as her favorite[22]

Wood starred in 2008's Vadim Perelman-directed The Life Before Her Eyes, based on the Laura Kasischke novel of the same name, about the friendship of two teens of opposite character who are involved in a Columbine-like shooting incident at their school and are forced to make an impossible choice. Wood played the younger version of Uma Thurman's character, Diana

Wood has a role in Woody Allen's Whatever Works,[28] which premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.
They all go to Marietta's photography exhibit opening together, and he sees how his ex-wife has changed since she moved to New York. Distraught, he retreats to a bar, drinking away his misery. While there, he meets a recently divorced gay man named Howard (Christopher Evan Welch), and realizes that he is also gay.





21-12-2011, 06:21 PM
the slow and gradual acclimation of children continues..


Dec 20, 12:31 PM EST

Dutch broadcaster will air cannibalism

AMSTERDAM (AP) -- A Dutch broadcaster - renowned for testing the limits of good taste and the law - says it will air a segment in which two presenters engage in cannibalism by eating a small chunk of one another's fried flesh.

A BNN spokesman said Tuesday the men had each had a small piece of tissue surgically removed for the stunt - one from his side and the other from his buttocks.

Presenter Dennis Storm said in a press release that his motivation was a simple desire to know how human flesh tastes.

21-12-2011, 06:59 PM

the Hellfire Club:

LylythTV's Channel - YouTube

21-12-2011, 08:07 PM
interesting cover of gay publication Next Magazine:

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s320x320/321135_10150350481722512_8371557511_7994641_167517 3189_n.jpg
If you look closely at the Wizard comic, some sort of spell casting or hypnosis is taking place. Maybe there is a bigger
copy of this pic some place.

Next Magazine
www.nextmagazine.com/ - United States
Guide to New York's gay scene with stories, reviews, and events calendar.


The dude on the cover looks like ADAM LAMBERT. Coincidence or what? And what is on his chest going down into the water? To me it looks like pieces of shit (literally) and if so this is really offensive to gay men.

21-12-2011, 08:11 PM


21-12-2011, 09:06 PM
The dude on the cover looks like ADAM LAMBERT. Coincidence or what? And what is on his chest going down into the water? To me it looks like pieces of shit (literally) and if so this is really offensive to gay men.

I doubt its a coincidence at all

Its too close a caricature of Lambert:


http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s320x320/321135_10150350481722512_8371557511_7994641_167517 3189_n.jpg

it won some sort of contest for cover artwork for the magazine, so go
figure. The shit blobs also look like Hershey's kisses, which reminds
me of Alistair Crowley's coprophagia rituals and elixirs with human
waste and bodily fluids. The little pink creature crawling up his chest
may represent a penis. It could be his own penis, so could it be some
sort of castration rite depicted? The shit may be emerging from the
comic book, and climbing up onto his chest to confront his
disembodied penis. Or, the pink thing could be some sort of demonic
fetus, clambering up his body. Surely the whole thing has served
its purpose already, in that we are discussing the disgusting and alluding to the lude. We are being desensitized and degraded.


Maybe its some sort of satire on all of the occult/ electronic mind control/media programming revelations happening , where you see the young man being zapped and beamed and moved by the machinery of the system , and also being influenced by the 'shit that he reads', hence the shit that he reads taking him over, literally, as it emerges from the pages? Who knows, its obviously some sort of
inside joke. Desensitization? Shock value?

Adam Lambert
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Adam Lambert

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor from San Diego, California. In May 2009, he finished as the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol.[2] The Times identified Lambert as the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in the United States.


that hairstyle lends itself well to all sorts of one eyed pics
no doubt. (won't bother searching for them all and posting
them. What the hell do you think this is, PseudOccult Media?


21-12-2011, 09:49 PM

22-12-2011, 12:16 PM
I really think this thread and STEPWORD WIVES should be merged into one.

22-12-2011, 12:16 PM
LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - TLC announced at the end of this week's "Next Great Baker" episode that contestant and Iraq War veteran Sgt. Wesley Durden had died -- not mentioning that it was reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The news came at the end of the episode in which Durden, 28, was eliminated as a contestant on the "Cake Boss" spin-off.

Just after the military cook was shown leaving the competition, a TLC in memoriam note revealed his death. TLC's notice offered no further details, but the Jacksonville Daily News, a newspaper in Durden's home state of North Carolina, said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on October 24.

TLC's on-air note read: "In Memoriam, Wesley Durden 1982-2011, TLC extends its deepest condolences to Wesley's family and friends."

The network later released a statement saying, "TLC extends its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Sgt. Wesley Durden, who died October 24. He will be warmly remembered by the cast and crew of 'Next Great Baker.'"

Ft. Bragg Army Sgt. Durden had been deployed twice to Iraq, in 2008 and 2009. He is survived by a wife and two children.

His death follows several other suicides by reality show contestants, most recently that of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" husband Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide by hanging himself in August. His mother later said that he had complained the show was ruining his marriage.

"Mom, they're just going to crucify me this season," his mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, recalled him telling her in an HLN interview. "I don't know what to do. I'll never survive it."

22-12-2011, 12:20 PM
Makes me puke...

"Kardashian Family Reportedly Use 'Slave Labor' to Produce Kardashian Products

The Kardashians -- who make millions of bucks off of their fashion lines -- use "slave labor" and turn a blind eye to shocking working conditions ... this according to a news report.

A human rights group is investigating claims that workers in China -- as young as 16 -- are working in squalid conditions to manufacture merchandise for the K-Dash by Kardashian label, the Kris Jenner Kollection and ShoeDazzle, according to a Star Magazine investigation.

The institute for Global Labour and Human Rights confirms with TMZ ... they have launched an investigation, amidst claims the Kardashians' products are produced in factories reeking of stench from sewage, with temperatures north of 100 degrees. An official from the organization tells TMZ, conditions in the area are "horrific."

There are also claims the employees work up to 84 hours a week, earning $1 an hour. The Kardashians rake in approximately $65 million a year.

Kris Jenner tells TMZ ... the factories manufacture a number of products unrelated to Kardashian lines. Jenner adds, "As far as I know the factories that are used to manufacture the Kardashian clothing and shoes have nothing terrible going on at all and the factories are very well policed and meet factory standards." Kris says she has not visited the factories in China."

22-12-2011, 01:40 PM
These stooges' toupee has no limits...


"Do you hold the missing piece? McCanns release jigsaw image of Madeleine as they speak of 'continued hope' at Christmas

The parents of missing Madeleine McCann today thanked supporters for their help, saying they will move into 2012 with ‘renewed energy and continued hope’.

In a message on the Find Madeleine website, Kate and Gerry McCann said: 'It's Christmas - again. A time of mixed emotions for our family and many others in similar positions around the world. A time to hold together.'

They added that they had ended the year on a positive note, with the launch of the Government’s Missing Children and Adults’ Strategy earlier this month.

Still, the distressed parents appealed for new information, imploring: 'Do you hold the missing piece of the puzzle?'

And last week, Spanish private detectives claimed to have handed Scotland Yard ‘important leads’ in the search for the couple’s daughter.

Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family’s holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 2007 as her parents dined with friends nearby.

Writing on their website today, Mr and Mrs McCann said:

‘Thank you to all our supporters for your help throughout the year and for remaining united with us in our longing and determination to find Madeleine.

'Our search for Madeleine and the Metropolitan Police review of the case are progressing well.

‘In addition, this December saw a landmark event for the protection of, and support for, missing children and their families left behind.

‘The Government’s Missing Children and Adults’ Strategy aims to reduce the number of people who go missing; to protect the missing whilst they are away, and to give families access to support, similar to victims of crime.’

They said the strategy followed 12 months of campaigning by individuals and organisations such as the charity Missing People.

‘Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign and influenced this significant development,’ their message added.

‘This Christmas, please keep Madeleine and all missing loved ones and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

‘The support you give enables us to move into 2012 with renewed energy and continued hope.’

Last week, Spanish private detectives claimed they had handed Scotland Yard up to eight ‘very important leads’ in the search for Madeleine.

Sources said four Metropolitan Police officers held talks with Barcelona firm Metodo 3, which investigated her disappearance on behalf of the family.

Investigator Francisco Marco Fernandez told Spanish TV officers had travelled to Spain to pick up around 30 boxes of documents.

A Scotland Yard spokesman refused to confirm the meeting took place and family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: ‘Kate and Gerry will simply not be commenting whilst the Metropolitan Police review of Madeleine’s case is under way.

‘They remain pleased that the Met team is continuing its work and that progress is being made.’

The Metropolitan Police force has said there would be no limits in its re-examination of the search.

Police have travelled to Portugal three times in connection with the fresh review and a total of 30 people are now working on the force’s Operation Grange.

The review prompted criticism when it was launched in May, with politicians expressing concerns that it would divert resources from other crime victims.

It was sparked after a request from Home Secretary Theresa May supported by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Portuguese detectives, helped by officers from Leicestershire Police, carried out a massive investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance.

But the official inquiry was formally shelved in July 2008 and since then no police force has been actively looking for the missing child."

23-12-2011, 01:08 AM

Jeff Rense interviews author Randy Engel (http://philjayhan.com//audio/44/rense-interviews-randy-engel-on-gay-depopulation), January 2009

How the Catholic church was infiltrated
with homosexuals according to a a deliberate plan to destroy it.

cultural genocide/depopulation.
Randy Engel is the author of the book Rite of Sodomy
which touches on the revelations of illuminist insider Dr. Day, as revealed by Dr. Lawrence Dunnegan:



23-12-2011, 01:50 AM

New Order of Barbarians

Dr. Dunegan recounts a speech he heard in 1969 entitled The New World System. The speaker, Dr. Day, told the attendees to turn off any recording devices and not to take notes. The speaker described changes that would take place in society in the coming decades. This interview is a rare glimpse into the inner machinations of the New World Order.

New Order of Barbarians 1/6 - YouTube

New Order of Barbarians 2/6 - YouTube

New Order of Barbarians 3/6 - YouTube

New Order of Barbarians 4/6 - YouTube

New Order of Barbarians 5/6 - YouTube

New Order of Barbarians 6/6 - YouTube

23-12-2011, 09:53 AM
is no one is reading this thread?

Someone posted a long time ago that there was an automated
hit site artificially upping the view count of this thread. I think they were
right. At the time that it was mentioned, I did a search to find
out if such sites exist, and indeed they do . As a test , I found
one such site and entered the exact URL of this thread into it,
and waited. Sure enough , it worked. It was generating hits
to the thread.

The audio of the Jeff Rense interview that I posted several
hours ago?

Supposedly hundreds and hundreds of readers have
obeen here reading this thread since I posted the link to that
interview several hours ago. I am the one who uploaded
the interview to the audio hosting site.
According to the hit count at the hosting site, in the several
hours that the link has been active in this thread, it has received.....
FIVE hits.

I have noticed this same thing happening on Youtube. I can
post a link to a Youtube video in this thread, with sometimes
thousands of readers a day supposedly coming here,
yet the view/hit count on the Youtubes barely budge from where they
were, previously.
ONE or TWO people reply to this thread on a regular basis.
Wait a minute, make that ONE. It's now down to one, I believe.
Curiously, there is very little sharing of this information elsewhere
on the internet. If this thread is so wildly popular, why is the
information not popping up all over the place? Why is no one replying
to this thread? THousands of readers a day, and no one bothers
responding? Then some David Icke forum moderator gets busy butchering the thread on a regular basis, deactivating video and
audio links, and no one at davidicke.com seems to give a flying fuck.
Maybe I've been had. Maybe I've been wasting my time.
I should post a poll , with the only option being:

Yes, I am a real person who reads the thread

23-12-2011, 10:11 AM
hi hunka......

i understand what your saying about the numbers.... they are being manipulated .

I read your thread alot , I just don't post much....I think it's an important thread....much has been revealed. You've done hard insightful work.

23-12-2011, 10:29 AM
I am a real person that reads this thread.

But I must admit that I've been intimidated into falling really behind due to the sheer number of pages that this beast has grown to! I'm fascinated by the subject matter but there's just so much information to take in, sometimes my head spins like a top!! I really want to get back on this thread and start over from page one, post one and follow it all the way through! Maybe setting myself a goal of "x" amount of posts/pages per day so that I'll have some kind of framework to go by.

Thanks for all the work that you do here Hunka and all the others that contribute to this thread!!

23-12-2011, 12:06 PM
hi hunka......

i understand what your saying about the numbers.... they are being manipulated .

I read your thread alot , I just don't post much....I think it's an important thread....much has been revealed. You've done hard insightful work.

that's good to hear,
are even emails are starting to get blocked?
I came across a couple of anti-fluoridation web pages,
listing email addresses of anti-fluoridation activists.
I helped set up an interview of Jim Roche , the city councillor in
the Tampa Bay area of Florida who nearly single-handedly managed
to remove the forced fluoride from the drinking water of 700,000
residents . Stan Monteith interviewed him on his victory.
I thought this an important boost of momentum for the whole
movement , and set about to email the interview to the names
listed at various anti fluoride sites. Almost none of the emails
got through. There were mail daemon fail to deliver messages
bouncing everything back at me, and it happened at both email
services that I tried. I received not ONE email reply to any of
the emails sent, and I must have emailed the link to the interview
to about thirty or forty people . So the mail demons are hard at
work , along with the video link deleter demon and the Youtube
hit counter demon and all the cointelpro correctoid online demons
paid to be putrid to anyone espousing sanity. Its enough to drive
you mad.

23-12-2011, 12:12 PM
I am a real person that reads this thread.

But I must admit that I've been intimidated into falling really behind due to the sheer number of pages that this beast has grown to! I'm fascinated by the subject matter but there's just so much information to take in, sometimes my head spins like a top!! I really want to get back on this thread and start over from page one, post one and follow it all the way through! Maybe setting myself a goal of "x" amount of posts/pages per day so that I'll have some kind of framework to go by.

Thanks for all the work that you do here Hunka and all the others that contribute to this thread!!

thanks for the flying fuck, phemohilia. I will admit that at times in the past this thread was more bogged than a blog with too much information.
At one point I started to wonder if people were bogging it on purpose,
but I doubt it. There was just a lot of excitement here a couple of years
back, some of us got a bit carried away , including me. :)
THere is a mirror thread of this one on a different forum that you might want to have a look at. Its at Phil Jayhan's 'Let's Roll' forum, and it
has a lot of the video and audio links still intact there. Though I stopped
updating that thread a few months ago, you might find it a good place to catch up on anything that you missed.

24-12-2011, 11:31 AM
"7th person alleges abuse by Philly columnist

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A seventh person has come forward with allegations she was sexually abused by former Philadelphia Daily News sports columnist Bill Conlin.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports (http://bit.ly/sPrYkt ) the woman says Conlin assaulted her at the beach in Margate, N.J., when she was 11 years old in the 1960s.

Conlin retired from the Daily News on Tuesday, hours before The Inquirer posted a story about allegations that he had abused four people decades ago when they were children. Two other accusers have since come forward.

The Inquirer reports the unidentified woman who spoke out Friday says Conlin, a family friend, assaulted her twice while he was visiting the Jersey Shore.

The 77-year-old Conlin has vowed through his lawyer, George Bochetto, to clear his name. Messages left for Bochetto were not immediately returned."

24-12-2011, 12:10 PM
Small Monarch butterflies between the eyelashes and notice the caption "What will u be wearing to the opening ceremonies?"

http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/1439/elizabethbanks2750x1024.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/21/elizabethbanks2750x1024.jpg/)

24-12-2011, 03:53 PM
that's good to hear,
are even emails are starting to get blocked?
I came across a couple of anti-fluoridation web pages,
listing email addresses of anti-fluoridation activists.
I helped set up an interview of Jim Roche , the city councillor in
the Tampa Bay area of Florida who nearly single-handedly managed
to remove the forced fluoride from the drinking water of 700,000
residents . Stan Monteith interviewed him on his victory.
I thought this an important boost of momentum for the whole
movement , and set about to email the interview to the names
listed at various anti fluoride sites. Almost none of the emails
got through. There were mail daemon fail to deliver messages
bouncing everything back at me, and it happened at both email
services that I tried. I received not ONE email reply to any of
the emails sent, and I must have emailed the link to the interview
to about thirty or forty people . So the mail demons are hard at
work , along with the video link deleter demon and the Youtube
hit counter demon and all the cointelpro correctoid online demons
paid to be putrid to anyone espousing sanity. Its enough to drive
you mad.

hi hunka...;)...yep, really bad situation now.......they're finding ways to put the lid on.

24-12-2011, 10:10 PM
hi hunka...;)...yep, really bad situation now.......they're finding ways to put the lid on.

Just out of curiosity, since you are a regular reader, can you give
me an idea of how often you actually watch one of the videos
that I post here?
Would you say that you regularly watch the videos, or only when
a video particularly interests you, or generally don't find the time
to watch videos and prefer to sort of skim through the thread
for items that are interesting enough to hold your attention?
Could it be that the embedding of the videos screws up Youtubes
hit counter, and unless people directly watch the vids on Youtube
it doesn't register as a 'view' on the Youtube counter? That still
doesn't explain the Rense interview getting zero listens.

I am getting very curious about all of this.
For example, did you, Lizzy, listen to the Rense interview of female
author Randy Engel on her book Rite of Sodomy?
To this day, the file has a whole five hits. Five people have listened
it, and that total probably includes three or four hits from me,
the uploader, just checking that the file had uploaded and linked
properly, and again testing the link after I posted it in this thread.
IN essence, NO ONE has listened to it.
If there are hundreds of people reading this thread each day,
then lets just see if we get more than five different people replying to this
post to say whether they listened to the show or not.
I'm putting it all on the line here and now.
If I don't get at least five or more replies by New Year' Eve, that's it.
I'm out of here for good. It will confirm to me that only
a few sporadic readers skim through this each day, and I've
been played into wasting hours and years here.
Maybe the programmed response, to dismiss 'Randy Engel' as
some "redneck male homophobe" kicked in and hundreds skipped over the audio interview? The audio file is hosted
at PhilJayhan.com, so unless their hit counter is somehow
compromised, I doubt anyone there is manipulating the number of
listens downward.

Here is some background on who Randy Engel is:

Randy Engel, one of the nation's top investigative reporters, began her journalistic career shortly after her graduation from the University of New York at Cortland, in 1961. A specialist in Vietnamese history and folklore, in 1963, she became the editor of The Vietnam Journal, the official publication of the Vietnam Refugee and Information Services, a national relief program in South Vietnam for war refugees and orphans based in Dayton, Ohio. She recorded for the Voice of America and Radio Saigon. In 1970, she received the Distinguished Service Medal for "exceptional and meritorious service to Vietnam."

In addition to her writings and relief work on behalf of the VRIS, in the mid-1960s, Randy Engel developed an intense interest in pro-life issues including population control, abortion and eugenics, putting her on the ground floor of the emerging Pro-Life Movement. In 1972, she founded the U.S. Coalition for Life in Pittsburgh, Pa., an international pro-life research and investigative agency, and began editing the USCL's official publication, the Pro-Life Reporter. Her four-year study on the eugenic policies and programs of the March of Dimes titled "Who Will Defend Michael?" quickly put the USCL on the map as the finest pro-life research agency in the U.S.

Her investigative findings documenting the rise of the federal government's anti-life programs at home and abroad served as the basis for her testimony before Congressional hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Randy Engel's groundbreaking investigative findings related to US/AID abortion and sterilization programs in Latin and South America, Asia and Africa were instrumental in bringing about major pro-life changes in the Agency for International Development's foreign assistance programs.

Many of her original research publications for the USCL including "A March of Dimes Primer — the A-Z of Eugenic Abortion," and "The Pathfinder Fund — A Study of US/AID Anti-Life Funding" have become pro-life classics and continue to enjoy wide circulation.

In 1995, the veteran pro-life researcher exposed the long-standing eugenic abortion record of Dr. Henry Foster, President Bill Clinton's nominee for U.S. Surgeon General, resulting in the Senate's failure to approve the nomination.

Sex Education — The Final Plague, Randy Engel's first full-length book on the sexual conditioning of Catholic school children was published by Human Life International (Baltimore, MD) in 1989 and later by Tan Publishers (Rockville, IL). Her second book, The McHugh Chronicles — Who Betrayed the Pro-Life Movement? was published in 1997, while she continued to gather researching material and conduct interviews for The Rite of Sodomy.

Over the last forty years, Randy Engel's articles, have appeared in numerous Catholic publications including Liguorian Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Wanderer, Catholic Family News and the Homiletic and Pastoral Review. She has received numerous awards for excellence in investigative journalism including the prestigious Linacre Quarterly Award for Distinguished Writing by the Catholic Medical Association.

Meticulous documentation and references and easy readability are the hallmarks of Randy Engel's investigative writings, and The Rite of Sodomy — Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church is no exception to the rule. The 1,318-page text contains over 3000 endnotes, a bibliography of over 350 books, is fully indexed and reads like a top-flight mystery thriller — except that it is not fiction — it is true.

24-12-2011, 10:16 PM

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 35 (Pietro Pacciani - The Monster of Florence)

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 35 (Pietro Pacciani - The Monster of Florence) - YouTube

24-12-2011, 10:19 PM

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 36 (Herb Baumeister)

Part 1:

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 36 (Herb Baumeister Part 1) - YouTube

Part 2:

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 37 (Herb Baumeister Part 2) - YouTube

24-12-2011, 11:24 PM
Some (Monarch) butterflies feast. Sorry if any of the pics were posted here before.

DISNEY slave VANESSA HUDGENS wearing it not only as a tattoo
http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/9795/fp1774752exclusivevanes.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/6/fp1774752exclusivevanes.jpg/)

FRINGE series
http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/4648/fringever4xlg.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/fringever4xlg.jpg/)

http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/2163/heidibutterfly2.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/859/heidibutterfly2.jpg/)

http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/1958/heidiklumdecorativering.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/268/heidiklumdecorativering.jpg/)

Alternative rock band InME
http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/869/inmewhitebutterfly32685.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/684/inmewhitebutterfly32685.jpg/)

http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/6780/ironbutterflyinagaddada.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/202/ironbutterflyinagaddada.jpg/)

http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/4443/kellialilrbutterfly1met.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/607/kellialilrbutterfly1met.jpg/)

http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/5122/keliali.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/842/keliali.jpg/)

KOHL'S commercial
http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/8492/kholscommercialbutterfl.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/191/kholscommercialbutterfl.jpg/)

24-12-2011, 11:25 PM
Part 2

http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/2078/kingstonmonarchkite.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/708/kingstonmonarchkite.jpg/)

KOBE BRYANT's tattoo
http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/2114/kobebutterfly.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/7/kobebutterfly.jpg/)

http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/252/kyliebutterfly.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/593/kyliebutterfly.jpg/)

http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/6651/mileysmommonarch2.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/513/mileysmommonarch2.jpg/)

http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/548/mischabutterfly.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/16/mischabutterfly.jpg/)

http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/3450/monarchbutterfly.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/192/monarchbutterfly.jpg/)

25-12-2011, 01:28 PM

Jim Traficant talks about Jewish control of America

Jim Traficant talks about Jewish control of America - YouTube

25-12-2011, 10:03 PM
I still follow the thread, listening to Dave McGowan right now.

26-12-2011, 12:48 AM

New Order of Barbarians

Dr. Dunegan recounts a speech he heard in 1969 entitled The New World System. The speaker, Dr. Day, told the attendees to turn off any recording devices and not to take notes. The speaker described changes that would take place in society in the coming decades. This interview is a rare glimpse into the inner machinations of the New World Order.







Niceeee. Thank you for posting this Hunka. I've been searching relentlessy for something on Dr. Day's 1969 speech. I remember reading about Day's chilling message of what was to become of the world in Icke's "Human race" book.

26-12-2011, 01:25 AM
is no one is reading this thread?

Someone posted a long time ago that there was an automated
hit site artificially upping the view count of this thread. I think they were
right. At the time that it was mentioned, I did a search to find
out if such sites exist, and indeed they do . As a test , I found
one such site and entered the exact URL of this thread into it,
and waited. Sure enough , it worked. It was generating hits
to the thread.

The audio of the Jeff Rense interview that I posted several
hours ago?

Supposedly hundreds and hundreds of readers have
obeen here reading this thread since I posted the link to that
interview several hours ago. I am the one who uploaded
the interview to the audio hosting site.
According to the hit count at the hosting site, in the several
hours that the link has been active in this thread, it has received.....
FIVE hits.

I have noticed this same thing happening on Youtube. I can
post a link to a Youtube video in this thread, with sometimes
thousands of readers a day supposedly coming here,
yet the view/hit count on the Youtubes barely budge from where they
were, previously.
ONE or TWO people reply to this thread on a regular basis.
Wait a minute, make that ONE. It's now down to one, I believe.
Curiously, there is very little sharing of this information elsewhere
on the internet. If this thread is so wildly popular, why is the
information not popping up all over the place? Why is no one replying
to this thread? THousands of readers a day, and no one bothers
responding? Then some David Icke forum moderator gets busy butchering the thread on a regular basis, deactivating video and
audio links, and no one at davidicke.com seems to give a flying fuck.
Maybe I've been had. Maybe I've been wasting my time.
I should post a poll , with the only option being:

Yes, I am a real person who reads the thread
Keep it up, if U ask me!
Amazing info here, many perverts wont like it though - let em troll
and get oh so tricky in "debunking", derailing etc...

Be so kind and keep on keepin on the Good work..Thx very much.

26-12-2011, 11:27 AM
Interesting pic of Faye Dunaway

http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/7049/hotslutfayed.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/706/hotslutfayed.jpg/)

26-12-2011, 12:20 PM
A quick look at Zoe Kravitz

http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/7916/12501800w.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/191/12501800w.jpg/)

http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/531/zoekravitztattoo.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/205/zoekravitztattoo.jpg/)

The famous among celebs blue swallow/bird tattoo

http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/1627/zoekravitztattoosshankb.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/215/zoekravitztattoosshankb.jpg/)

Sporting the Kabbalah red bracelet

http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/4434/zoekravitzempirestatebu.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/zoekravitzempirestatebu.jpg/)

26-12-2011, 12:43 PM

http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/4114/coleenrooneylaunchesnew.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/341/coleenrooneylaunchesnew.jpg/)

26-12-2011, 03:38 PM
George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924. He served in World War 2 as a navy pilot. After the war he entered Yale University and he joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and was inducted into the Skull and Bones secret society, helping him to build friendships and political support.

While in Skull and Bones, he was given the nickname of Magog.
The name Magog is often associated with appocalyptic traditions.



(Latin plural of magus; Ancient Greek μάγος (magos); Old Persian �������� (maguš) (Modern Persian مغ (mogh)); Arabic مجوس; English singular magian, mage, magus, magusian, magusaean) is a term, used since at least the 4th century BC, to denote a follower of Zoroaster, or rather, a follower of what the Hellenistic world associated Zoroaster with, which was – in the main – the ability to read the stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold. The meaning prior to Hellenistic period is uncertain.

Pervasive throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia until late antiquity and beyond, Greek mágos, "Magian" or "magician," was influenced by (and eventually displaced) Greek goēs(γόης), the older word for a practitioner of magic, to include astrology, alchemy and other forms of esoteric knowledge. This association was in turn the product of the Hellenistic fascination for (Pseudo-)Zoroaster, who was perceived by the Greeks to be the "Chaldean" "founder" of the Magi and "inventor" of both astrology and magic. Among the skeptical thinkers of the period, the term 'magian' acquired a negative connotation and was associated with tricksters and conjurers. This pejorative meaning survives in the words "magic" and "magician".

In English, the term "magi" is most commonly used in reference to the Gospel of Matthew's "wise men from the East", or "three wise men", though that number does not actually appear in Matthew's account. The plural "magi" entered the English language around 1200, in reference to the Biblical magi of Matthew 2:1. The singular appears considerably later, in the late 14th century, when it was borrowed from Old French in the meaning magician together with magic.

27-12-2011, 11:20 AM

William Cooper - Mind Control


27-12-2011, 03:10 PM
interesting video examining television's effects on children, containing
information such as this:

' The average child has watched the violent destruction of more than 13,000 persons on television by the time they are fifteen years old.

At current rates, the average American will view 45,000 murders or attempted murders on television by the age of 21. '

Illuminati - Satanic American Cartoons !! 2010 - YouTube

27-12-2011, 08:51 PM
" 'Goodbye': Former Saturday Night Live writer leaves online apology before committing suicide

A former writer for 'Saturday Night Live' and co-writer of the first draft of 'Wayne's World,' apparently succumbed his battle with alcoholism and killed himself, cops say.

Three days before his body was discovered at a Los Angeles hotel, Joe Bodolai laid out his life story, his regrets and his successes in a lengthy post on his blog titled 'If this were your last day alive what would you do?'

In the post, he describes an inability to cope with the doom-and-gloom vision of the future he saw for the coming year, including war with Iran and fascism and martial law in America.

The 63-year-old wrote for 'Saturday Night Live' from 1981 to 1982. He also co-wrote the initial version of the 1992 movie 'Wayne's World' with Mike Meyers -- which expanded on a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch.

The funnyman had a successful career as a producer for Canadian comedy television. He produced 20 episodes of the Canadian sketch comedy show 'Kids in the Hall' and helped launch 'Comics!,' which featured stand-up comedy routines for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Despite his funny bone, Mr Bodolai apparently also had a dark side. In his blog post he listed 'My inability to conquer my alcoholism' and 'The things I did because of it' at the top of a section titled 'Things I Regret.'

According to TMZ.com, police found Mr Bodolai dead in his room at the Re-Tan Hotel in Hollywood Monday afternoon with a bottle of anti-freeze and a bottle of Gatorade.

They believe he mixed the two into a poisonous concoction and drank it.

Cleaning staff found him dead Monday at the hotel, which has rooms for as low as $175 a week, where he had been staying for more than a week. It's unclear when he died.

On his blog, he details his life as an activist in the 1960s who campaigned for Bobby Kennedy and fled to Canada to avoid being drafted for the Vietnam War.

In addition to his dire warnings on his blog, he also posted on Twitter. His third-to-last post was simply 'Goodbye.'

He also posted links to promotional videos he produced for a Canadian comedy network he pitched to broadcasters.

Mr Bodolai ends his blog: 'May you all have the happy lives you deserve. Thank you all for being in my life. Love, Joe.'

28-12-2011, 01:58 PM
Keep it up, if U ask me!
Amazing info here, many perverts wont like it though - let em troll
and get oh so tricky in "debunking", derailing etc...

Be so kind and keep on keepin on the Good work..Thx very much.

I think Fred Phelps and his infamously fag-bashing Westboro Baptist Church is an Agent Provocateur . He is showing up all over the place with his 'God Hates Fags' signs, and he's being paid to do it, in order to make Christian opposition to homosexuality look intolerant and aggressive. Somehow he gets all sorts of financial support which lets him and his ragtag band picket all over
the country from Kansas to Missouri to Texas and who knows where else.
He's got this huge web page ,very well put together., etc.



Guess where , of all places, Fred Phelps is based?

Topeka , Kansas. Near Dorothy's home town. William Burroughs lived a thirty minute drive away.

http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/archive/2003/11/1_123125_123087_2076353_2090716_031111_fred_phelps .jpg
Matt in Hell

Monument From Hell

Make room for a Matthew Shepard hate monument in a town square near you.

Emily Bazelon

The Rev. Fred Phelps is a walking migraine for Casper, Wyo. When native son Matthew Shepard was beaten to death five years ago by homophobes, Phelps picketed his funeral, screaming, "God hates fags!" as Shepard's grieving parents entered the church. Now the Kansas reverend wants to put up a 6-foot-tall monument in Casper's Central Park that you can view here (warning: this site contains both incendiary and very graphic matter). A bronze plaque on the monument would read:

Matthew Shepard Entered Hell October 12, 1998, at age 21 in Defiance of God's Warning: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

Cities are hardly obligated to let private groups build monuments in public parks, so ordinarily it would be easy to get rid of Phelps. But since 1965, Casper Central Park has been home to a granite replica of the Ten Commandments donated by the local Fraternal Order of Eagles. That poses a problem for Casper, because if a city wants to open up its property to the messages of private religious groups, it had better be prepared to welcome all of them, however unfortunate. It doesn't solve the problem, as Casper is now attempting to argue, for a city to try to collect and display the monuments it considers historically significant, put them up together, then reject the rest. Picking and choosing between monuments because of their subject matter is just as risky, when it comes to claims of government discrimination, as choosing among them based on their point of view.

That was the conclusion reached last year by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal appellate court with jurisdiction in Wyoming and five other Western states). The FOE has donated replicas of the Ten Commandments around the country. In a challenge involving one set of tablets, the court suggested that a city couldn't give play to the Ten Commandments and not to other religious messages. That case resulted in the following bizarre result: The city of Ogden, Utah, had to let a church called Summum erect a monument inscribed with its seven foundational principles (including "the Principle of Psychokinesis, the Principle of Vibration") because Ogden's Central Park also had a replica of the Ten Commandments, also courtesy of the Eagles. Since the city had given its park over to the messages of private groups, the court said, all groups had to get equal access—otherwise, Summum could argue it was being discriminated against for its point of view, a big no-no under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.

The 10th Circuit rejected Ogden's argument that it could keep the Ten Commandments while keeping out Summum because the tablets had greater "historic relevance" to the city. The court didn't say that no city could ever accept one monument over another based on historic relevance. But because Ogden had no written policy or established practice of choosing monuments based on their history, the court said, the city's sudden, after-the-fact move to exclude Summum looked fishy.

Yet the 10th Circuit's ruling hasn't stopped Casper from trying to buffer its own Ten Commandments in arguments about history, too. Faced with Phelps' monument—Casper's city manager said people there are "repulsed" by the whole thing—the city council voted on Oct. 27 to move the twin tablets to a new public plaza, to a space specifically designed to highlight important moments in legal history. Now the Ten Commandments will be surrounded by other monuments the Casper city officials consider important to American law, including the Declaration of Independence and the preamble of the Constitution.

All this maneuvering might be a nice try for getting rid of Rev. Phelps. But it doesn't ultimately get Casper off the hook—or at least, it shouldn't. Moving the Ten Commandments to History Plaza, or Pick-Your-Topic Quadrangle, simply masks the problem posed by religious monuments on permanent display in public spaces. When a city chooses to let one group promote a religious message because of its "historic importance," it's not really being neutral. It's promoting one faith over others. How different is erecting the Ten Commandments on History Plaza from erecting them in the rotunda of Roy Moore's Alabama courthouse? The city can go on about how its plaza is all about the great tradition of American legal history, but like Ogden, Casper is just scrambling after the fact to preserve the religious message it likes and scrap the one it doesn't. For constitutional purposes, discrimination based on subject matter is as problematic as discrimination based on point of view. The First Amendment doesn't allow the government to fight hate speech by building a new public square in which all speech save for hate speech is welcome.

If you're tempted to shrug off these constitutional concerns as technicalities, out of eagerness to foil Phelps' plan, don't be. A long line of First Amendment cases holds that it's constitutional for the government to set "time, place and manner" limits on what groups put up in public spaces (by setting rules about the proposed monument's size or building materials, say). But when the test for who gets to speak is based on historical relevance, or any other subject matter, the preferences of city officials inevitably creep in. In Casper, the Ten Commandments have been deemed vital to American law, but the Quran and the principles of Summum probably won't be. That's exactly what the First Amendment's Establishment Clause—the provision holding that government "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"—is designed to prevent.

Casper can try to disassociate itself from the Ten Commandments on the grounds that the twin tablets were paid for and put up by the Eagles, not the city. The 10th Circuit muddied things on this front last year by saying that the Ten Commandments in Ogden's park represented the Eagles' speech, and not the city's. But Casper's decision to display the Ten Commandments amid the big symbols of U.S. history only underscores the impression that the city has taken the Eagles' message for its own. Casper could put up a big disclaimer sign on the Decalogue alone, but who would that fool?

And if the new History Plaza signifies that Casper is talking about religion, then what it's saying is something like "Go, Judeo-Christianity!" A private museum designing an exhibit could make the case that the Ten Commandments is a foundational legal document, even foundational to American law. But it means something different when a city makes such judgments. In short, History Plaza is no different from Casper Central Park, in that neither public space can be opened up to some religious endorsements but not others. And pretending that History Plaza is about history, rather than religion, does nothing to solve the constitutional problem.

The Establishment Clause is about preventing cities from going into the religion-picking business. There are, to be sure, Supreme Court decisions that lean the other way. The U.S. Supreme Court said in the 1984 case of Lynch v. Donnelly that the city of Pawtucket, R.I., could have a crèche in its annual Christmas display, unconvincingly explaining away the symbol's religious significance. And last year the court allowed school voucher programs that pay for students to attend parochial schools. But the crèche was permitted because it was deemed a secular holiday symbol. And the programs were deemed constitutional specifically because they treated Pentecostal and Muslim and Jewish and Catholic schools alike. The same can't be said for a city's choice of permanent monuments. If the 10th Circuit was right, and Casper has to make room for every zealot minister, the city's plaza will become wall to wall monuments. That simply cannot be right.

The Establishment Clause is for anyone who goes to the park just to sit on a bench and smell the flowers. If it protects Casper from Phelps and his bile, it means the Ten Commandments have to go, too.

Phelps shows up at the funerals of Iraq War vets doing the same thing.


He has an upside down American flag as the favicon for his site.
Isn't this just exactly their style? They love being magi, magicians
of trickery and illusion.

28-12-2011, 04:33 PM
Jeanice Barcelo interviewed on Hospital Birth Trauma & Baby Mutilation:


Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a birth doula and independent childbirth educator, specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming "Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation." Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings. During the first hour we discuss the disturbing aspects of standard baby delivery protocols and procedures within the hospital. Jeanice will talk about the pain and torture that a baby endures during the birthing process as well as the interference that occurs between baby/parent bonding. Many unnecessary and insane procedures are now commonly acceptable during the birthing process. Where did this begin and why? Later, Jeanice talks about satanic occult rituals that require the blood of infants and the mysterious discarding of "medical waste" of umbilical cord blood and placenta.

28-12-2011, 05:20 PM
I am just coming out of the sidelines to say that THIS thread is The One that keeps me coming back to these forums...and to Thank You for all of your research...

28-12-2011, 09:46 PM
I am just coming out of the sidelines to say that THIS thread is The One that keeps me coming back to these forums...and to Thank You for all of your research...

I'm starting to feel appreciated, thanks for taking a moment to reply. I might
stick around after all.

28-12-2011, 09:53 PM
I'm starting to feel appreciated, thanks for taking a moment to reply. I might
stick around after all.

please do.

29-12-2011, 12:38 AM
Jeanice Barcelo interviewed by Anthony Anderson:

The Anthony Anderson Show - Episode 011 - YouTube

Birth as we know it:


29-12-2011, 10:42 AM
"Priest accused of 55 child sex crimes in Ireland is deported from Brazil after eight years on the run

A fugitive Catholic priest accused of 55 child sex crimes has been deported from Brazil after eight years on the run, it was reported today.

Father Peter Kennedy, 72, was a the centre of a major abuse scandal in 2003 after one of his victims was awarded £271,000 - the largest known pay-out in a clerical sex abuse case in Ireland.

The man claimed the priest had raped him as a 13-year-old boy after coming to his family's County Sligo home to administer the last rites to his father, who was dying of cancer.

Kennedy disappeared weeks later after it emerged up to 18 other individuals had come forward, accusing him of a catalogue of abuse stretching back to the 1980s.

More alleged victims have since made themselves known to police.

At the time, the cleric was rumoured to have fled to Brazil, and in 2004 Interpol issued a 'blue notice' against him, formally requesting his capture and deportation.

Kennedy is now known to have used a British passport to travel from London to Brazil, where he settled in Osasco, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, and made a living by teaching English.

Brazil's Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported today that federal police had been following the priest's movements for the last four months, but didn't make an arrest before necessary deportation documents had been finalised.

A police source told the newspaper that, as Brazil and Ireland don't have a formal extradition treaty, police acted with deliberate caution so as not to arouse suspicion and allow Kennedy time to make legal attempts to block his deportation.

Brazilian Federal officers finally made their move on Monday morning, when they swooped on the priest before taking him directly to Sao Paulo International Airport.

At 11.30pm that night he was then boarded on a plane bound for London, where Irish authorities were waiting for him.

Kennedy was suspended from the ministry in 1986 after claims of abuse began to emerge and he had moved to London, where up until his escape to Brazil he had been working as a taxi driver.

Seven years later the Kiltegan Fathers, the order to which Kennedy belonged, paid the record-breaking compensation to his victim following a settlement of a High Court case.

When news of Kennedy's disappearance broke, the man's victim's brother made a passionate plea to track down the priest and bring him to justice.

The victim's brother, named only as Joe, told how his mother had caught the priest molesting the young boy at their home.

He said: 'My mother heard some roaring from my younger brother's room. She found him on the floor with his pants down. Kennedy was standing over him adjusting his trousers.

'The priest had told him he had power over life and death and the abuse was to have been their secret. My mother ran him from the house and told him never to come back.'

He said his brother had become an alcoholic at the aged of 18, self-harmed and tried to commit suicide as a result of the abuse he suffered.

He said: 'No amount of money can compensate for that. What is 325,000 euros to a man who had 20 years of turmoil? It won't bring back his life.

'Until he is brought to justice the compensation money means nothing.'

Kennedy's brother, named only as Joe, said at the time that he believed the priest had escaped to Brazil in a bid to evade prosecution.

He said: 'We are happy that he (the victim) has had some recognition for what he has been through but nothing will compensate him for the misery he has been through.

'The information available to us is that the gardam wanted to extradite Father Kennedy from London and when they went to get him he was gone.

'It is believed that he is now in Brazil. To me that is a man on the run, there is no extradition from Brazil.'

29-12-2011, 10:58 AM
I remember BRYCE TAYLOR mentioning him in "Thank you for the memories" as being a paedohile too.

"Neil Diamond Awkward Moment With Chick Who Inspired 'Sweet Caroline'

Neil Diamond has said "Sweet Caroline" was inspired by a photo of a 4-year-old Caroline Kennedy -- hence the awkward laughter when Caroline recited the line, "touching me, touching you" back at the singer during the Kennedy Center Honors event last night.

Diamond insists there was nothing pervy about the song -- in 2007, he explained, "It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony ... It was such an innocent, wonderful picture, I immediately felt there was a song in there."

Still, kinda weird ... right?"

29-12-2011, 11:34 AM
"Police: NJ educator videotaped boys in shower

SOMERVILLE, N.J. (AP) — An educator using a secretly installed camera videotaped teenage boys in the shower at a Catholic high school for nearly three years, authorities said.

Patrick J. Lott, who was arrested last week, was arraigned Wednesday on charges he videotaped students in a communal shower area at Immaculata High School in Somerville starting in January 2008. He did not enter a plea.

The prosecutor's office said that there were at least 22 victims and that nine boys identified in the videos are currently under the age of 16. To protect the boys' identities, they were referred to only by their initials in court filings.

Lott, 54, is an assistant principal at a public middle school who volunteered at the Catholic high school. Authorities declined to provide further details about his volunteer position.

Immaculata officials alerted prosecutors when they received allegations of inappropriate conduct by Lott and later removed him from any involvement at the school, diocesan officials said.

Videos of boys showering together were recovered as a result of searches of Lott's home on Dec. 13 and 16, Somerset County prosecutor Geoffrey Soriano said. Detectives later located an area at the school where a camera had been installed surreptitiously, his office said.

Lott said little during his court appearance. His attorney, James Wronko, did not attend the hearing and did not return a telephone call seeking comment.

Lott is a longtime area educator who was active in local and county politics, and he served as chairman of the Somerville Republican Committee.

Bail for Lott was set at $500,000, with the condition he have no contact with any child under the age of 16, any of the boys in the videos or any member of the staff or faculty at Immaculata.

Lott was charged with 22 counts of invasion of privacy, one for each victim, and more than two dozen counts of various degrees of endangering the welfare of a child, prosecutor's office spokesman Jack Bennett said."

29-12-2011, 11:04 PM
Great thread connecting Van Sant, Phoenix, Cobain, Keanu and James Franco


Its also interesting that Franco played James Dean, and Dean was also whispered to have started out as a male prostitute on his way into Hollywood.


30-12-2011, 11:10 AM
Great thread connecting Van Sant, Phoenix, Cobain, Keanu and James Franco


Its also interesting that Franco played James Dean, and Dean was also whispered to have started out as a male prostitute on his way into Hollywood.


Take VC's word with a grain of salt.

30-12-2011, 11:10 AM
"Facebook photos lead to child abuse arrests in Arizona

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Two Arizona parents were arrested by sheriff's deputies after apparently posting pictures on Facebook that showed their children, an infant and a toddler, bound with duct tape, authorities said on Thursday.

Coconino County deputies arrested Frankie Almuina, 20, and Kayla Almuina, 19, on suspicion of two counts of child abuse on Wednesday at their northern Arizona home after being alerted to the photos by an anonymous tip.

The children, a 2-year-old toddler and a 10-month-old infant, were seen online bound with duct tape on their wrists and ankles with their mouths taped shut, Commander Rex Gilliland told Reuters. One of the children was shown hanging upside down on an exercise machine.

The parents told investigators that the photos, posted on the mother's Facebook account, were a joke and that the children were not harmed, Gilliland said.

"It's clear in our minds that these children were placed in a very extreme situation," Gilliland said. "By the look on their faces, they were in sheer terror. I don't know how this could have been a joke."

Authorities were called to the scene after a person who likely knew the couple saw the postings and called the Arizona Child Abuse Hotline, Gilliland said. The caller knew the names of the parents and where they lived.

He said investigators seized about a dozen similar photos, some that were not posted online, from the home north of Williams, Arizona, about 175 miles north of Phoenix.

The couple were being held in a county jail as of late on Thursday. The children have been turned over to another family member, Gilliland said."

30-12-2011, 11:28 AM
Looking back on things and knowing what i know nowadays Thurston Moores( ma - sonic youth ) involvement with kurt seems highly suspicious .. has anyone seen the footage in ( the year that punk broke ) when thurston is rapping on the side of a train track with Kurt ...
thurston and kims deal with geffen whichb also included them as scouts mmm?

just look at the cover of bad moon rising for fucks sake..

31-12-2011, 08:13 PM
Check out this Chicago Reader article on the
Larry Eyler/Professor Robert David Little cult murders.

This article contains SO MUCH strange stuff. Reminds
me of the Robert Berdella murders. Berdella was associated
with the University of Missouri's 'University Club' restaurant,
while Professor Robert David Little was a professor at
Indiana State University. Both cases involved the homosexual
serial murders of gay street hustlers, torture, bodies in garbage bags, connections to occult groups, etc. BTW, both fall guys (Berdella and Eyler)
died in jail while fairly young, of 'natural causes'.
(another interesting thing is that Jeffrey Dahmer's father worked at Iowa State University)

This article is still more fascinating in that it mentions affidavit testimony of
the Chicago Police's Special Investigations Unit (SUI) regularly using male
child prostitutes to frame people.
Also, check out the childhood abuse of Larry Eyler and his 'treatment' for the abuse at Indiana State University at the age of 12. (an obvious mk project?),
plus the obvious implications of the string of homicides continuing after Eyler'
imprisonment, his efforts to implicate 'more than one accomplice' in over twenty unsolved murders, etc. (more alarming are the possible connections between Indiana State University, the Chicago Police SIU, Herb Baumeister's cult activities and connections to the Indianapolis Children's Bureau,
You've got to read this lengthy article.


The Return of Larry Eyler

When he was sentenced to death for the murder of an Uptown boy prostitute, police and prosecutors thought they had brought an end to a long series of gruesome homosexual murders. But the killing hasn't stopped, and now Eyler is returning to court with a story....

By John Conroy

In a Rogers Park alley on August 21, 1984, Joe Balla, a building janitor, made a horrible discovery. Balla, a native of Hungary, arrived at his building at 6 AM intending to take the garbage out to the alley in time for the usual Tuesday morning pickup. As he approached his dumpsters, however, he saw that they had been filled with gray Hefty bags. Balla knew his tenants well--they used cheaper bags--so it was immediately clear to him that this was garbage left by a stranger.

"I was very pissed off a little bit," Balla said later. "So I opened one up, ripped it open. . . . I was very curious what the hell I am throwing out."

Inside was a human leg.

"Why me?" Balla said to himself. "Why I have to see those things?"

But it was thanks to Joe Balla that one of the most notorious figures in local criminal history was taken off the streets. Janitors from neighboring buildings had seen the man who threw the bags into the dumpster, and one of them led police to the apartment of Larry Eyler. Eyler, then 31, was a housepainter who worked intermittently, a weight lifter who was fond of Marine Corps T-shirts (though he had never served in the military), a man of normal appearance who did not seem to have much of a plan for the future. In certain circles he was already well-known, a suspect in the murders of 23 young men whose bodies had turned up in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Many of the victims had links to gay communities in Indiana and Illinois.

In relatively short order, police discovered that the leg in the Hefty bag belonged to Danny Bridges, a 16-year-old prostitute from Uptown. Bridges was unusual in that he had been befriended by policemen, who had introduced him to television and newspaper reporters working on stories about the sexual abuse of children. As a result, his murder rose above the statistics; his photo, taken from a television screen, appeared in newspapers, his words were quoted, his story was told, and for at least a short time the city paid attention.

Almost two years after the Hefty bags were opened, Mr. Balla and his colleagues took the witness stand in the Criminal Courts Building and told their stories. Larry Eyler was convicted of murder and aggravated kidnapping, and on October 3, 1986, Judge Joseph Urso pronounced sentence. Citing the "overwhelming" evidence he said, "If there ever was a person [for whom] the death penalty is appropriate, it's you. You are an evil person. You truly deserve to die for your acts."

Eyler went off to death row, and it seemed as though gay men throughout the midwest could rest a slight bit easier.

But the killings continued. In May 1985, eight months after Eyler's arrest, the body of 17-year-old Eric Allen Roettger turned up off a rural road in Preble County, Ohio. Not many dead bodies turn up in Preble County, which has a population of about 45,000, so when a second body turned up there the following year, David Lindloff, the county prosecutor's sole investigator, began to wonder what was going on. In 1987 a body turned up in Shelby County, Indiana, just across the border from Preble County. By April 1992, 11 bodies had turned up in rural counties in Ohio and Indiana, 4 of them in Preble County, and Lindloff and investigators from Indiana had a pretty good idea of what was going on. The dead men, whose ages ranged from 15 to 32, all had links to the gay community in Indianapolis. They had been found naked or partially clothed in desolate rural areas, in creek beds, ditches, a railroad bed. Many had ligature marks on their wrists, indicating they had been tied up. Most had been strangled (the bodies of two of the victims were too decomposed to determine a cause of death). None of the victims had been killed during the winter; it seemed the killer got the urge only during warm weather. By April of this year, when investigators realized that an 11th body--found in a creek bed in Defiance County, Ohio, in 1989--fit the strangler's pattern, it was apparent that this murderer had been dumping bodies for a decade or more.

There were some significant differences between this string of murders and the ones that Larry Eyler had been suspected of. Eyler's alleged victims were stabbed, and as many as 16 of them may have been murdered within 12 months' time. The other victims were strangled, and their killer seemed less driven, sometimes waiting more than a year between one murder and the next. Still, the similarities were also striking. Both killers concentrated on gay victims and both dumped bodies off Interstate 70 and U.S. 40, two highways that run roughly parallel from Terre Haute to Indianapolis and east to Ohio. Several of the strangler's victims were found not far from Richmond, Indiana, where Larry Eyler's mother had lived. These facts gave rise to the theory that the murders were all connected; perhaps the stabber and the strangler were part of a team that did not retire after Larry Eyler went off to death row.

Police and prosecutors in Indiana and Ohio lean toward this theory, and thus they were excited when Kathleen Zellner, Eyler's attorney, came forward in December 1990 and offered to make a deal. Surprisingly, Eyler was not asking for some hope of distant freedom. He wanted to be taken off death row and be given a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole. In exchange for that, Zellner let it be known that her client would provide information that would solve more than 20 murders in nine counties in Illinois and Indiana, more than half of them involving at least two perpetrators.

Seven of the nine jurisdictions agreed almost instantly, offering Eyler a lengthy prison sentence in exchange for his confession and his agreement to cooperate against any accomplices. Kankakee County held back, waiting to see what Cook County would do. Because the Bridges murder was committed here, Cook County state's attorney Jack O'Malley was the key to the whole deal. If O'Malley did not agree to recommend that Eyler be taken off death row, Eyler would not agree to testify for anyone else.

Through an intermediary, Zellner let it be known that Eyler was willing to attach no conditions to his information; if O'Malley did not think that Eyler's information was useful to law enforcement, he could call off the deal.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the offer had a foul smell about it. On the surface it seemed as though Eyler, having been convicted of one heinous murder, was asking to be rewarded for confessing to others. Zellner, however, insisted that the matter was much more complex; she maintained that O'Malley would face a serious problem if he declined the offer because Eyler's conviction for the Bridges murder was going to be overturned. She predicted that in a second trial Eyler would not get the death penalty and might not even be convicted of the murder. She indicated that she was happy to share her insights and the new evidence she had discovered with the state's attorney's office. From her point of view, the offer boiled down to this: State's Attorney O'Malley could keep Eyler in jail for the rest of his life, solve more than 20 old murders, help bring to justice a killer or killers still on the loose, and save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in appeal costs, or he could see Eyler eventually wind up a free man.

At the time of Zellner's offer, Jack O'Malley had been Cook County state's attorney for only a few weeks. Andy Knott, O'Malley's press secretary, says that his boss sought input from family members of suspected Eyler victims and a variety of law enforcement officials, and that the decision the state's attorney reached was "Screw it. Larry Eyler can sit and rot. He can manipulate everybody else but he is not manipulating us. . . . A bird in the hand is better than 20 in the bush. We put him on death row. Nobody else did. We're not walkin' away from that." O'Malley called a press conference, denounced the proposal, and called Eyler a butcher.

It was O'Malley's first major decision as state's attorney, and he has since portrayed it as a test of his mettle. There was no objection from any quarter, not even from members of the gay community, who perhaps were not aware that bodies were still turning up in creek beds in neighboring states.

But now, as Kathleen Zellner predicted, Mr. O'Malley has a problem.

Larry Eyler was born December 21, 1952, the youngest of four children. He attended Catholic schools and had some difficulty. At age ten he was sent to the Riley Child Guidance Clinic at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, where psychological tests revealed normal intelligence, extreme insecurity, and great fear of separation and abandonment. The staff of the clinic noted that Eyler did not feel loved or secure in his relationship with his parents and that he felt he was damaged and a pawn controlled by others. Clinic staff came to believe that Eyler's home environment was unstable and chaotic, and they recommended that he be sent to live elsewhere. At the age of 12 he went to live in a Catholic boys' home, where he stayed for five months.

In March 1991 Zellner asked Dr. Lyle Rossiter, a forensic psychiatrist, to prepare a profile of her client. In an affidavit filed last spring, Rossiter describes Eyler's family as "highly dysfunctional." He goes on to say that Eyler's "care was often and abruptly shifted among relatives and numerous babysitters unknown to him or else he was left under the supervision of his siblings, the oldest of whom was ten years old." Rossiter contends that Eyler suffered "continuing developmental trauma" as a result of "abrupt and repeated intrusions into his life over many years of multiple adult males dating his mother; his mother's divorce from his natural father when he was two, her remarriage when he was four, her second divorce when he was five, a third marriage when he was seven, a third divorce when he was eleven, a fourth marriage when he was twelve, and a fourth divorce when Mr. Eyler was in his late teens."

Rossiter goes on to say that there was a strong history of alcoholism in the family and that Eyler was "the victim of extreme physical and mental abuse" at the hands of his natural father (who died when Eyler was 18) and his three stepfathers. In his affidavit, Rossiter does not spell out what precisely was done to Eyler, but in a recent interview he said it was one of the worst cases of child abuse he had seen in 20 years in the field. Zellner is bound by an agreement with her client not to divulge the precise details of the abuse until such time as they are required in court. Eyler has said that one of the stepfathers repeatedly punished him by running hot water over his head, but his lawyer says that is just a small example of what went on in the Eyler household.

Perhaps because of his strange home life, Eyler failed to graduate from high school. He eventually got a GED certificate. Not long after leaving high school, he joined a monastery, but he left after a brief time. He then began living a life of low-paying jobs.

In 1978 Eyler came to the attention of Indiana police after he picked up an ex-marine who was hitchhiking in Terre Haute. Eyler allegedly pulled an eight-inch butcher knife on the young man, drove him to a forest, handcuffed him, and stripped him of his pants. According to testimony the marine gave years later (in connection with the Danny Bridges case), Eyler then shed his own clothes and began running the knife up and down his captive's body, mumbling something. The marine managed to run away, but he did not get far. Eyler stabbed him in the chest, left the scene, and then called the police. The marine survived, though his wound required 36 stitches to close. He testified that Eyler's attorneys paid him $2,500 for his trouble; in return, he signed a release and Eyler was not prosecuted.

Two years later, in 1980, dead bodies began turning up in rural Indiana. Indiana state police eventually realized there was a pattern, and a task force was formed to track down the killer. In the spring and summer of 1983, three bodies turned up in Lake County, Illinois. Eventually a connection was made between the Illinois cases and what was happening in Indiana: street hustlers from Chicago's Uptown and from Indianapolis seemed particularly at risk. A caller to Indiana state police headquarters fingered Eyler, and though he seemed to fit the profile of the murderer, the police had no evidence to back up an arrest.

On September 30, 1983, an Indiana state policeman noticed two men leaving a ditch and returning to a gray pickup truck parked by the side of Interstate 65, headed toward Indianapolis. One of the men was Eyler, the other a hitchhiker whom Eyler had solicited for sex. Both were taken to an office of the state police. Eyler was questioned, held for 12 hours, and released without being charged.

Much evidence was gathered, however, as a result of the arrest. A bloody knife was found in Eyler's truck; laboratory tests later revealed that the enzymes in the blood matched those of Ralph Calise, whose body had been found four weeks earlier in Lake Forest, Illinois. The soles of the boots Eyler was wearing matched plaster casts taken of footprints at the site where Calise's body had been found. Plaster casts of tire tracks at the same site matched the tires on Eyler's pickup.

On November 1, 1983, Eyler was charged with Calise's murder. It looked like a very strong case, but the Indiana police had incarcerated Eyler for 12 hours without charging him with a crime, a fairly clear constitutional violation. Three months after the arraignment, Lake County circuit court judge William Block ruled that Eyler had been illegally detained and that the evidence gathered as a result of that detention could not be used against him. With that ruling the case collapsed, and Eyler was once again out on the streets.

At that point he was a suspect in 23 murders. His story had been covered by newspaper, radio, and television reporters in both Indiana and Illinois. He was notorious among policemen and within the gay community, so notorious that boy prostitute Danny Bridges was warned to stay away from him both by police and by a probation officer. That made it all the more surprising when Bridges turned up as victim number 24.

Danny Bridges was the youngest of 12 children in a family that also seems to have been dysfunctional. In a social history compiled by Maryville Academy (aka Maryville Scott Nolan Psychiatric Hospital for Children), a residential institution for children in need where Danny was sent to live for a time, the intake worker noted that one of Danny's siblings was in the Audy Home (http://illinoiscommunityjustice.org/Audy_Home), that the whereabouts of three others was unknown, and that the parents had a history of unemployment and "severe alcoholism." In interviews that Danny gave the Tribune and NBC TV a few months before his death, he said that when he was nine years old he was raped by a neighbor. It is not clear exactly when he began to work as a prostitute, but by the age of 15 he was well established in the trade.

He was eventually befriended by members of the Chicago Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which had been established to combat child pornography and the sexual abuse of children. Bridges proved to be an important witness for them in several cases, and at least three men were convicted in large part because Bridges testified against them. Despite that close relationship with the police, however, Bridges never really gave up the street life.

On May 29, 1983, he disappeared. In its daily bulletin, the Police Department ran a "Missing Person" photograph and description, saying that Bridges was needed to testify in pending child pornography trials. It turned out that Bridges had gone to live with a man we'll call Mr. B (for legal reasons, his name cannot appear here). Mr. B kept Danny in a basement as a sort of sex slave. The older man was fond of bondage and left ligature marks on Bridges's wrists. Bridges left him in September and moved to North Carolina. In February 1984, SIU officer Brian Killacky traveled to North Carolina and brought the boy back to Chicago.

At that point both Eyler and Bridges were in Chicago. There is no doubt that Danny Bridges knew Eyler, both by reputation and by face. According to an affidavit given by Bridges's probation officer, the boy had been warned that an acquaintance of his, a housepainter named Ervin Gibson, might have been killed by Eyler. In an interview with an NBC reporter in 1984, Bridges was asked about Eyler and replied, "Yeah, I knew him. He was a real freak. He used to come around Uptown and hang around."

Given that knowledge, why would Bridges climb into Eyler's pickup truck?

Attorney Kathleen Zellner offers one possible answer: Bridges didn't get into Eyler's truck, in fact he never saw Eyler at all on the night he died. He was picked up by someone else, taken back to Eyler's apartment, and killed. Eyler returned home to find the body and, given his reputation, could hardly call the police to report it. Instead he cut the corpse into eight pieces and threw it in Joe Balla's dumpster. Zellner's theory explains why none of Danny Bridges's fingerprints were ever found in Eyler's truck. She argues that her client may be guilty of concealing a homicide, but not of murder.

The "someone else" that Zellner has in mind is Dr. Robert David Little, 54, the short, portly, white-haired former chairman of the school of library science at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. Who's Who in America reports that Little has had a distinguished career as a librarian, that he likes to read and travel, and that he is a former president of the West Central Indiana Chapter of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union.

The professor and the housepainter met when Eyler was briefly enrolled at Indiana State University in 1975. Eyler has testified that he moved into Little's house not long after their meeting, that Little began supporting him financially, and that that financial relationship continued for approximately seven years. In February 1984, after Judge Block ruled that the evidence in the Calise case was tainted, Eyler was released from jail on $10,000 bond and Dr. Little helped him get an apartment in Rogers Park. Little cosigned the lease application, paid the security deposit and the rent, and bought Eyler a bed and a television. It was in that apartment that Danny Bridges would later be killed and carved up.

Little declined to be interviewed for this story, so his characterization of his relationship with Eyler cannot be reported here. Eyler has portrayed it as a two-way relationship, saying that in return for financial support he functioned as a leading man for Little, who because of his appearance needed help attracting sexual partners. In psychiatrist Lyle Rossiter's analysis, Eyler was a man looking for a father who played a childlike, dependent role with Dr. Little. At the start of the Bridges trial, prosecutor Mark Rakoczy portrayed the librarian as an altruistic professor who helped young, struggling students out of the goodness of his heart.

At the trial, Rakoczy called Dr. Little as the state's first witness against Eyler. The professor explained that on the weekend of the murder, he had arrived at Eyler's apartment on Friday and had let himself in with his own key. Little said that he slept in the bedroom and Eyler slept on the couch, according to their usual arrangement, and that the two spent Friday and Saturday night driving around, going to dinner, seeing a movie, and watching television. Little claimed that he left the apartment on Sunday night at about 10:15, that he arrived back in Terre Haute about 2:30 AM, that he slept until 10 or 11 AM, and that he then went down to the county courthouse and paid his property taxes. To back up this story, Little claimed to have been stopped by a freight train in Dyer, Indiana, on the way home. He also produced a receipt for the property taxes on his Terre Haute condominium. The receipt indicated that the professor had indeed paid the bill on Monday, August 20.

Other testimony established that Danny Bridges had left his sister's house between 10:30 and 11:00 on that Sunday night, saying he wanted "to go out and get some air." The next time he was noticed was on Monday afternoon, when Eyler walked past his building janitor carrying two Hefty bags; the janitor later testified that his dog barked viciously, "started to go crazy," and ultimately had to be locked in a toolroom.

Little's testimony was crucial because it put Eyler alone in the apartment around the time that Bridges disappeared. Chicagoan John Dobrovolskis, Eyler's lover, took the stand and seemed to support the prosecution's scenario of the murder. He said that he and Eyler didn't see each other when Little was visiting because it upset the professor, but they often talked on the phone. On that Sunday night at 8:45 PM, Eyler called to say that a date was impossible, that Little was still around, and that it was not clear when he was going to leave. Dobrovolskis testified that this was unusual; ordinarily the professor was gone by that hour.

At 11 PM and again at 11:25, the two talked again, and then Dobrovolskis, fed up with the situation, went out to meet another man. He happened to see Eyler driving his pickup truck near Montrose and Western not long thereafter. A gas station attendant testified that Eyler had stopped to fill his tank at a Union 76 station sometime between 11:45 and 1 AM.

At 2:45 AM, Dobrovolskis called Eyler's apartment. Eyler answered, said that he had been sleeping on the couch, and that Little was still in the bedroom. The two lovers quarreled, two more calls followed, and Dobrovolskis threatened to come over to Eyler's flat. Instead, Eyler agreed to go to his friend's apartment at 4 AM. He arrived late. He left at 5:30 AM. He called Dobrovolskis 45 minutes later to ask where his goggles were, saying he wanted to wear them on a painting job. Dobrovolskis told Eyler where they were, but pointed out that it would be hard to see out of the dark-tinted lenses. Dobrovolskis also testified that Eyler said he had managed to get back into the apartment without waking Little.

And so the prosecution's theory was laid out: Little left for Indiana at 10:15 PM. Eyler picked up Bridges sometime between 11:25 and 2:45. He had killed him by 4, when he went to see Dobrovolskis, and he started cutting him up, wearing goggles, at about 6:15. When Eyler told Dobrovolskis that Little was still in the apartment late Sunday night, it was just a ruse to keep Dobrovolskis from coming over and seeing the corpse.

At the trial Eyler was represented by David Schippers, a bearded, distinguished, and well-respected criminal attorney and former prosecutor. Schippers did not put his client on the stand, and the attorney was careful to open no doors that would allow the prosecution to ask questions about the murder of Ralph Calise or any of the other men who had turned up dead in similar fashion.

Schippers tried to undermine Little's testimony of his whereabouts the morning after the murder. Little had claimed that he had paid his property taxes early because he had the money and simply decided he would pay off some bills. Schippers thought it odd that he had paid the bill in person, while mailing all his other bills, and that he had paid the tax bill in August though it wasn't due until October.

Without ever saying in a straightforward manner that Dr. Little had committed the murder, Schippers tried to raise the thought in the jurors' minds. In his closing argument he pointed out that blood was found in the bedroom, and that it was Little who had been sleeping in the bedroom that weekend. He said that when Eyler told Dobrovolskis that Little was still in the apartment, it was no ruse--Little was indeed still in the apartment. He had not left at his usual time, Schippers said, because the professor did not have to be back early on Monday morning after this particular weekend--he had just started a sabbatical.

Schippers went on to say that Little's payment of his tax bill was an example of someone who was building an alibi, and that his use of a passing freight train to back up his claim that he had left Chicago by 10:15 was ludicrous, as the train went by that crossing at the same time every day of the year. Schippers argued that the freight train story was the equivalent of saying, "I killed a lion on the way in today with a stick and here's the stick to prove it."

The argument didn't wash with the jury. They voted Eyler guilty on their first ballot, and Judge Urso gave him the death penalty not long thereafter. Eyler appealed and lost in both the Illinois appellate and supreme courts, and it seemed as though he was on a fast track to the lethal-injection machine when attorney Kathleen Zellner was asked to take on his case in November 1990.

Zellner--tall, thin, black haired, and aggressive--was asked to take the case by the Capital Resource Center, a branch of the Illinois Appellate Defender's office that specializes in defending indigent clients in death penalty cases. The Eyler case had earlier been given to another attorney who, after reviewing the file, declined to take it on. Zellner is an outsider in Cook County legal circles, having spent most of her career in Du Page County, and is in some ways a very unlikely defender of Larry Eyler: she admits to being a conservative Republican and a supporter of the death penalty.

When Eyler first appealed his conviction, his appellate attorneys minced no words in arguing that Dr. Little had killed Bridges. When Zellner first met Eyler, she told him that she had no intention of pursuing "that crazy theory"--she considered it a waste of money. She intended to mount a psychiatric defense instead. Eyler, however, stuck to his claim of innocence.

Zellner also met with Eyler's trial attorney, David Schippers, and found him cordial and helpful. As a result of that meeting, she says, she came to believe that the state's attorney might have withheld documents that could have been beneficial to Eyler's defense. She began pursuing a second defense based on prosecutorial misconduct.

Zellner's orderly plans were disrupted in fairly short order, however, when she learned that a prosecutor and a sheriff in Vermillion County, Indiana, had reopened the investigation into the murder of Steve Agan, a 23-year-old car-wash employee who had been stabbed to death on December 19, 1982. Eyler was the chief suspect, and Zellner had it on good authority that he would soon be indicted.

At that point, Zellner had been meeting with her client in Pontiac penitentiary about three times a week, and she says that a certain bond had developed between them. She encouraged Eyler to cooperate in the Agan investigation, and on December 4, 1990, Eyler dictated a 17-page confession to the Agan murder.

Eyler's account of the killing, as told in his confession and later in open court, was horrifying, sensational, and remarkable for its detail. He said that on the night in question, he and Dr. Little had been cruising around Terre Haute looking for a sexual partner when Little asked him if he would be willing to "play a scene." Eyler explained that the professor liked to play at being a director, creating and photographing sexual scenes. He testified that both he and the professor understood that such a "scene" involved someone dying. The two picked up Mr. Agan, a stranger, and Agan agreed to be tied up and have fellatio performed upon him. According to Eyler, Little suggested that Agan might be paid for his participation.

After a brief stop at Little's condominium to get cameras and an already-packed bag of bondage gear, Eyler said that the three men went to an abandoned house off Indiana Highway 63. Eyler said he tied Agan's hands to a beam that extended from the house, that he bound Agan's feet, and that on a signal from Little he covered Agan's mouth and eyes with duct tape and an Ace bandage. Eyler said that Little took pictures as this progressed. Eyler took a knife from the bag, held it to Agan's bare stomach, and said, "Make your peace with God." ("I wanted to give him a chance to say a prayer," Eyler said.) A photo was taken, and then, according to Eyler, Little said "OK, kill the motherfucker," whereupon Eyler stabbed Agan. According to Eyler, Little then stabbed the victim, masturbated, and took more photos. The body was left under some leaves, Eyler said, and the two men cleaned up the scene and departed. "I am giving this statement so that the Agan family will know the whole truth about what happened to their son," Eyler said. "I ask God to forgive me because I can never forgive myself for this."

With that confession, Zellner worked a deal with the Vermillion County prosecutor. Eyler pleaded guilty and was given a 60-year sentence. In return, he agreed to testify against Dr. Little.

The library science professor was charged with the murder not long thereafter and was brought to trial in April 1991 in Newport, Indiana. The prosecution was able to establish that Little had an attraction to young men. A man from Madison, Wisconsin, testified that in 1969, at the age of 17, he had posed for nude photos at Little's request and that sexual activity had taken place during the photo sessions. The man went on to say that he had moved in with Little and had been supported by him for two years. A man from Chattanooga described a similar photography session during which Little allegedly kept saying "That's a good scene." Some of the nude photos, taken from Little's house, were produced as evidence, but no photos of the Agan murder were found.

Eyler took the stand and reiterated his confession. There was no physical evidence linking Little to the murder, so Eyler's account was crucial. Little's attorneys attacked quite well. They pointed out that the professor had testified for the prosecution in the Bridges case, making it seem as though Eyler was now accusing the professor just to get revenge. Little's lawyers also asked Eyler about 15 men who had been found murdered; Eyler exercised his Fifth Amendment privilege 19 times. They asked about the dismemberment of Danny Bridges, and Eyler admitted that he had cut off the boy's legs, arms, and head. They argued that if Eyler won his postconviction appeal in Illinois and walked away from the Bridges conviction, he would have worked out a good deal in the Agan case, getting 60 years instead of death. (In fact Larry Thomas, the original prosecutor on the case, had not intended to ask for the death penalty because he did not believe Eyler was eligible.)

Little did not take the stand, but his mother claimed in videotaped testimony that her son could not have killed anyone on December 19, 1982, because he had been visiting her in Florida at the time, though she could not remember the exact dates he was present. Two of his mother's neighbors also testified via videotape that Little came to visit his mother every Christmas, but they couldn't remember his arrival and departure dates either. A garage manager's testimony about the repair of Little's Pontiac Trans Am, however, seemed to put Little in Indiana at the time of the murder.

The jury did not seem to have a great deal of trouble with the conflict of dates. After seven hours of deliberation, they found Dr. Little not guilty.

Although Zellner was disappointed by Little's acquittal--she thought the prosecution made several key errors--the trial proved to be a gold mine for her. While Eyler was in the Vermillion County Jail awaiting the trial, Zellner was able to get Fred Hunter, a polygraph operator, inside the jail. Hunter, who has given more than 17,500 polygraph tests in his career, strapped Eyler to a lie detector, asked him about the Agan murder, and concluded that he had not been lying when he dictated his confession. Hunter also asked Eyler about his charge that Dr. Little had killed Danny Bridges in Chicago. Eyler passed that test as well. Zellner was rapidly coming around to the notion of presenting the "crazy theory" as a defense.

Of course lie detector tests are not evidence, and by themselves would do little to improve the odds of Eyler getting a new trial. Those daunting odds improved considerably, however, when Zellner gained access to evidence taken from Little's house in a raid. Among the boxes carted off by police were some containing financial records, and among those records were invoices from David Schippers sent to the professor. Zellner had always assumed that Eyler's mother and stepfather had paid for his legal counsel. But armed with the invoices taken in the raid, and canceled checks found later, she began to argue that Dr. Little was in fact paying a substantial portion of Eyler's bills.

On the face of it, it seemed incredible--the lawyer of the accused being paid by the prosecution's lead witness, Schippers being paid by the man he was suggesting was the real killer of Danny Bridges. The checks and invoices seemed even more incredible in light of a passage Zellner found in the case's transcript: Schippers told Judge Urso that he was not being paid a nickel for his work on the Bridges case and that he would inform the court if that situation changed. As a result of Schippers's claim, Urso allowed two public defenders to be retained as part of Eyler's defense team.

When Zellner reflected upon Schippers's cross-examination of Dr. Little, she found it lame. Schippers had failed to ask, for example, if Little was gay or if he had had any sexual interaction with male teenagers. If Schippers had been able to establish either of those two facts, as prosecutors had in the Agan case, Little might have come across as a more likely suspect in causing Bridges's death.

Zellner concluded that Schippers made his most egregious error after the jury came back with a guilty verdict. At that point, many lawyers produce psychiatric testimony to show that the accused was psychologically deficient in some way and therefore undeserving of the death penalty. Eyler had a clinical record as a disturbed child and a documented record of having been so abused that authorities thought he should be removed from his house. Schippers had access to that information, Zellner argues, but presented none of it. An associate of his went so far as to phone the psychiatrist Dr. Rossiter about the case, but after that initial contact the doctor did not hear from Schippers or his associate again.

Schippers declined to be interviewed for this story. Given his reputation, which is formidable, his apparent acceptance of payment from the prosecution's lead witness is a mystery. The canceled checks and invoices released in court proceedings indicate that Little paid Schippers for his work on Eyler's behalf in the Ralph Calise case in Lake County, and it appears that that financial relationship simply continued when the Bridges case was added to Eyler's docket.

According to Steven Lubet, a law professor at Northwestern who ranks among the foremost experts on legal ethics in the United States, Schippers labored under a severe conflict of interest and "had a duty to withdraw from the case." Lubet, an expert witness sought out by Zellner, explains that Schippers had contradictory obligations--a financial relationship with the prosecution's lead witness and a legal duty to his client. The financial relationship, Lubet says, "compromised the vigor of Mr. Schippers' representation of his client."

Thus far the state has not disputed that Schippers was paid by Little, but it has denied that there was a conflict of interest and has argued that Schippers's cross-examination of the professor was "meticulous." But even if Judge Urso ultimately comes to believe that Schippers did a marvelous job, the question will remain--would an attorney unburdened by a financial relationship have done better? Zellner argues that the case law is very clear, that a conflict of interest of this magnitude will without question result in a new trial; if Judge Urso doesn't order it, she says, the state supreme court or the federal appeals court will.

It may be that State's Attorney O'Malley recognized this possibility when he was offered the original deal but felt that even if Eyler won a second trial, the state could convict him a second time and put him back on death row.

But there, too, O'Malley may have a problem.

Zellner's prosecutorial misconduct investigation may produce more trouble for the Cook County state's attorney than her claims of conflict of interest. In the course of trying to determine whether state documents had been withheld from the defense in the Danny Bridges murder trial, Zellner subpoenaed Chicago Police Department files on Bridges. The subpoenas, issued in late March 1991, received no reply. A second set of subpoenas, issued in early May, brought some documents, but they raised more questions than they answered.

The documents revealed, for example, a stark contrast in the Police Department's treatment of the two men in Eyler's life--his lover (Dobrovolskis) and his financier (Dr. Little). Dobrovolskis was arrested simultaneously with Eyler (the two were asleep together when police burst into Eyler's apartment). Dobrovolskis was held overnight, questioned at length, and given a lie detector test. Hair samples were taken, and an attempt was made to take fingernail scrapings.

But the police seemed to have no suspicions about Dr. Little. Their evident lack of curiosity seems odd given that the professor had been in the apartment all weekend and that he must have seemed a strange presence--a librarian, an intellectual, who was a close friend of a sporadically employed beer-drinking weight lifter.

Any detective whose curiosity was aroused might conceivably have made a few phone calls to see if Little's name had come up in any of the other cases involving Eyler. Had a curious detective called the police investigating the Agan murder, he or she would have learned that both Little and Eyler were suspects. Moreover, in 1983 the FBI had produced an uncanny profile based on its investigation of three Indiana cases. The profile speculated that there were two killers involved: one was supposed to be fairly intelligent, middle-aged, middle-class, overweight, with a solid job, outwardly normal, and likely to be married but only for appearances (a profile that fit Little but for the fact that he was not married). The other killer was believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s, a laborer who liked to look like a tough guy, a man with a strong upper body, a beer drinker who drove a pickup truck. It seemed likely that the Chicago police had seen that profile, details of which were published in Indiana newspapers. A detective from Area 6 Violent Crimes--the same unit that investigated the Bridges murder--had attended a meeting in Indiana the previous November, during which police agencies from many jurisdictions compared notes on Eyler and their long string of unsolved murders.

Yet in the Chicago documents turned over to Zellner, there is no indication that anyone had given Little a second thought. Fingerprint experts, who had failed to find any indication that Bridges had been in Eyler's truck, do not seem to have been asked to check Dr. Little's Trans Am. No one seems to have asked the professor for hair, blood, or fingernail samples, and there is no indication that a lie detector test was called for. Police seemed to have taken Little's property tax alibi at face value, while Zellner was able to discover, with relatively little effort, that the professor had no previous history of paying his property taxes early. She also points out that Little could have left Chicago by 7 AM on that Monday morning, with Bridges already dissected, and still have made it back to Terre Haute with plenty of time to pay his tax bill by noon.

Other police documents turned over to Zellner raised further questions. Zellner had asked for the files on cases in which Bridges was supposed to testify, and among the files turned over was an arrest report connecting Bridges with Mr. B, the bondage aficionado with whom Bridges had lived briefly in 1983. In trying to raise doubts about the ligature marks on Bridges's wrists in his closing argument to the jury, David Schippers had pointed out that in general, homosexual prostitutes engaged in bondage and that the rope found in Eyler's apartment was so common that some of the jurors probably had some at home. Had Schippers known of the relationship between Danny Bridges and Mr. B, he could have argued much more specifically that Bridges had a history of willing participation in bondage scenes and that the ligature marks therefore did not indicate that he had been tied up against his will. The Illinois Supreme Court specifically cited Bridges's lack of history of bondage as a key factor in upholding Eyler's kidnapping conviction. The issue is crucial because without the kidnapping conviction, Eyler is not subject to the death penalty.

Zellner, armed with the Mr. B file, took the theory even further. She asked Dr. Hartmann Friederici, a forensic pathologist, to examine photographs of the ligature marks on Bridges's body to estimate how long they had been there. Friederici concluded that the marks could have been inflicted up to 36 hours before Bridges died. Given that time frame, it was possible that some other customer had picked up Bridges and inflicted the marks.

And lo and behold, such a customer emerged. In a police document--which again had not been turned over to Eyler's original defense team--Zellner learned that on the morning of the day Bridges was murdered, the boy had been seen with Mr. B. Zellner can now present a history of willing participation in bondage, a theory of ligature marks inflicted by someone else, and a suspect other than Larry Eyler.

Another question, perhaps a larger one, arises from the police notes obtained by Zellner: why were they not turned over to Eyler's defense attorney before the Bridges murder trial?

Prosecutor Mark Rakoczy, now in private practice, says that he is not certain that he reviewed every case in which Bridges had been a witness; there was no computer on which he could type "Danny Bridges" and have a list of cases appear on a screen. He is also not certain that the cases he did review were turned over to Schippers. He hastens to add that in the cases he examined he could see no connection to the Eyler case; the law, however, does not give a prosecutor discretion in determining whether a document is relevant--what a prosecutor thinks is extraneous may prove to be crucial to the defense. (The Mr. B arrest report seems to be just such an example.) Rakoczy maintains that Schippers didn't ask for the material, but Zellner claims that Schippers's discovery motions covered all of the cases in which Bridges was involved.

Zellner also finds something peculiar about the files that were turned over to Schippers: the homicide investigation reports written by Area 6 Violent Crimes detectives treat Bridges as a complete stranger. Bridges may indeed have been a stranger to the writers of the report, but he was very well-known to the officers of the Special Investigations Unit, who operated out of Area 6 headquarters and participated in the investigation of the murder. None of the police reports originally turned over to Schippers make any mention of the fact that Bridges had been an important witness in other cases for the SIU.

Even today, after the failure to turn over documents has become a crucial issue in the case, the Police Department has failed to produce some crucial pages--pages that Schippers evidently did not know of--obtained by Zellner from Gera-Lind Kolarik, author of Freed to Kill (Chicago Review Press, 1990), a book about Eyler.

The alleged witholding of documents identifying Bridges as an important witness for the police, the lack of any acknowledgment of his role as a witness in the files that were turned over, and the still-missing police notes may amount to nothing more than a series of coincidences. Zellner, however, does not believe in coincidence, at least in this case. She believes the state has been trying to hide something.

She suggests that one thing the police might want to hide are indications that the SIU may have been asking child prostitutes to have sex with pedophiles in order to make arrests. In a sworn statement taken by Zellner, one former prostitute says that as a juvenile in 1983, he was told by police to engage in sexual relations with a client and to signal the police to enter the house in order to catch the man "in the act." A second former child prostitute says in a sworn affidavit that he "set-up" pedophiles under threat of being arrested on drug or weapons charges. A third former prostitute, who admits that he "turned tricks" with Bridges as an adolescent and who is now an inmate at Joliet Correctional Center, recalls in an affidavit that he once called a client on the telephone at the instruction of an SIU officer; when the setup fell through because the client could not be reached, the SIU allegedly charged the prostitute with a crime. Two of the three former prostitutes say that Danny Bridges also participated in such setups. None of the three seem to have anything to gain in publicly admitting they were prostitutes and accusing the SIU.

The Police Department's News Affairs office and members of the SIU have declined to comment on any of Zellner's allegations, saying that they do not want to affect Eyler's effort to get a new trial. Mike Corkell, one of the assistant state's attorneys who is fighting Zellner's postconviction petition, says he finds the charges "ridiculous" and unsupported by any evidence. He discounts the testimony of the three former prostitutes, pointing out that "most are convicted felons, and one is doing time for armed robbery."

One member of the Special Investigations Unit, however, seems to have acknowledged that the unit did encourage child prostitutes to have sex with adults in order to make arrests. The acknowledgment appears in a chapter on sex crimes in the book What Cops Know (Villard Books, 1991), by Connie Fletcher, an associate professor at Loyola. Fletcher quotes one SIU investigator saying, "Our opinion is that you should go out and find the crime. What better way to prove the crime than to get it in-progress or to follow somebody home and have him go to bed with a kid? My opinion is it's the only way to do it." Fletcher's list of sources at the end of the chapter names three police officers who have worked in the SIU, but it is not clear who exactly is quoted in the text.

It may be that the missing files on Bridges would have led to exposure of the setups, tarnishing the image of the Police Department but shedding little light on the Eyler case. Zellner suggests, however, that the files are missing because of a direct link between Bridges and her client, namely that the boy had been recruited to set up Eyler and that something went wrong.

Zellner points to an enigmatic passage from Fletcher's book that might--or might not--indicate that the police had sought out Bridges in order to set up Eyler. Fletcher quotes a police officer saying "Danny was a runaway. . . . We got back in touch with him in 1984, when this Larry guy was a suspect in a series of killings in Indiana. . . . We found Danny in High Point, North Carolina. . . . We brought him back. . . . Danny was subsequently back on the street, where he met Larry and was dissected into eight pieces."

Zellner also points to the timing of Bridges's return. On February 6, 1984, Larry Eyler was released from jail in Lake County, Illinois, after Judge Block threw out the illegally gathered evidence on the Calise case. At that point, Danny Bridges had been missing for eight months. Within two weeks, however, the SIU decided to go out and bring the boy back from North Carolina, allegedly to testify in some pedophile trials. Zellner contends that the police had known for several months that Bridges might be in North Carolina.

If there was a connection between Bridges and Eyler, if the boy was brought back to set Eyler up, what happened? Perhaps the setup never took place. Perhaps it did happen on the night Bridges was killed, but that would mean that the police somehow failed to intervene and that Bridges managed to get in and out of Eyler's truck without leaving any fingerprints behind. A third option--and this is the theory that Zellner advances--is that the police were following Eyler that night, but Eyler did not pick up Bridges, and the reason the police notes vanished is that they would have been exculpatory--they would have shown that at least some policemen knew that Eyler had not kidnapped Bridges.

Zellner's contention that Eyler was under surveillance is based largely on a mixture of hearsay and speculation. Eyler had been under sporadic surveillance by Indiana state police during the summer of 1983. When he moved into his apartment in Rogers Park in February 1984, he was a suspect in more than 20 murders and had just walked away from the Calise charges in Lake Forest. Given that, Zellner asks how likely it is that Chicago police would let him go about his business without some attempt to monitor his behavior. Eyler claims that he periodically saw cops following him and that Schippers told him he was being watched, the lawyer allegedly having been informed by a Lake County detective. (In a recent interview, however, the detective denied having said this.)

Former prosecutor Rakoczy dismisses all of Zellner's speculations. He says that there was no surveillance of Eyler, and also that there was no connection between Eyler and Bridges that predated the murder. Rakoczy maintains that he searched hard to find such a connection, believing that it was quite possible that Eyler had conned Bridges as he had conned his lover, his mother, and many other people. Today Rakoczy still believes that if a connection between Eyler and Bridges turns up, it will be favorable to the prosecution, not to the defense.

Despite Rakoczy's confidence and the lack of hard evidence to back up Zellner's surveillance allegation, Eyler's case presents some major difficulties for State's Attorney O'Malley.

Judge Urso, who in sentencing Eyler denounced him as an "evil person," has not allowed that opinion to sway his decision-making thus far. On April 15 he ruled against the state, deciding that Zellner's arguments in Eyler's behalf had enough merit to hold an evidentiary hearing this summer. In Illinois death-penalty cases, about four out of five such postconviction petitions fail to get that far.

At the evidentiary hearing, Zellner will present evidence and question witnesses on the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, on Schippers's alleged conflict of interest, and on his alleged failure to present expert testimony on Eyler's psychiatric history. Schippers will take the stand and tell his side of the story, as will members of the Police Department and the state's attorney's office. When all the evidence is in, Judge Urso will decide whether Eyler's defense was compromised. If he decides it was, Eyler will get a new trial. If he decides it wasn't, Zellner will take the case back to the Illinois Supreme Court. If she is rejected there, she will make her arguments in federal court.

If a new trial is scheduled, States Attorney O'Malley will face a difficult course. The state has at its disposal a lot of evidence about the location of the murder and the finding and disposal of the corpse, but Eyler will not be disputing that the murder occurred in his apartment or that he disposed of the body. He has already served his sentence for concealing a homicide and cannot be given more time for the offense.

That leaves the murder and kidnapping charges. The latter depend at least in part upon the ligature marks; if Zellner can suggest that they could have been put there by Mr. B, or if she can even show that Bridges had willingly submitted to bondage with his clients, she may beat the charges of kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, and unlawful restraint. If she does that, Eyler cannot be given the death penalty. Even if she loses that battle, Eyler might not get the death penalty if his history of being abused as a child is found to be relevant and mitigating.

On the murder charge, the state's case does not look as sound as it did years ago. In a new trial, the credibility of Dr. Little will be severely tested; it is not likely the prosecution will be able to present him as a college professor who helped young students out of the goodness of his heart. And John Dobrovolskis, who testified for the state about his lover's whereabouts and behavior on the night of the murder, will not testify--he died of AIDS two years ago. Whether all or part of his past testimony will be allowed in a new trial will be up to the presiding judge; some of the testimony is beneficial to Eyler, while other portions--mostly his comments about Eyler's demeanor--can be interpreted as damaging.

If Zellner can raise reasonable doubts, if she can get a jury to wonder whether it was actually Little who did the killing, Larry Eyler could be acquitted of the murder.

If he is acquitted, he will only go as far as Indiana, where he would begin serving his 60-year sentence for the Agan murder. But in Indiana's overcrowded penal system, a prisoner gets two days' credit for every day served. Eyler could walk free before he is 70.

All of this raises questions about O'Malley's great pride in Eyler's death penalty, the pride that stood in the way of the deal that would have kept Eyler in jail for the rest of his life. O'Malley's decision to keep Eyler on death row has thus far cost taxpayers approximately $100,000, and by the time the legal battles are over taxpayers will have shelled out far more than they would have paid to keep Eyler in jail for the rest of his life.

It might be argued that economic factors should not be taken into account when considering a deal with a serial killer. But better reasons for questioning O'Malley's judgment continue to turn up in creek beds and ditches in Indiana and Ohio.

A possible 12th reason turned up last April 3. In a trash heap off a rural road in Putnam County, Indiana, a man and a woman who were looking for aluminum cans found a naked corpse instead. The body was not long dead and was missing head, hands, and feet. It has not yet been identified, but it appears that the victim, a white male aged somewhere between 17 and 35, died as a result of stabbing wounds. As he was not strangled, there is some question as to whether he should be added to the list of the current killer's victims; dismemberment would also be a new twist for the strangler. The site where the corpse was found, however, resembles the other 11 sites.

And the body turned up just off U.S. 40, the highway that runs between Terre Haute and Indianapolis.

So this does get interesting .

to recap:

Chicago Police regularly used child prostitutes to frame homosexual pederasts (people within the masonic hierarchy who needed be reigned in or punished/controlled ?) One of the SIU's regular child lures is murdered by
a satanic cult associated with Indiana State University, and the murder is
pinned on an mk project of Indiana University Medical Center, the University which also
apparently paid the man's lawyer to screw up his defense for him before
he 'died in jail'.

Speculation? Does the controlled masonic network have connections to hardcore satanic cult activity and murders, which are used to:

- traumatize mk projects?
- compromise prominent people?
- eliminate targeted people within the network?

Notice that one of the police's mk'd pederast lures, Danny Bridges, himself ended up a murder victim of this cult, after helping the Chicago Police SIU set up and jail targeted clients. So Danny Bridges served his purpose,
and then was silenced, and his murder was covered up as the work
of a 'lone serial killer'. Sound familiar?

31-12-2011, 09:06 PM
Obama is from Chicago, btw.

this stuff on Obama's gay Chicago past is pretty convincing:


given what's come up on U.S. Presidents and Bohemian Grove, etc.,
it's conceivable that Obama has been part of some of this occult
Chicago activity.

01-01-2012, 01:41 PM
Obama is from Chicago, btw.

this stuff on Obama's gay Chicago past is pretty convincing:


given what's come up on U.S. Presidents and Bohemian Grove, etc.,
it's conceivable that Obama has been part of some of this occult
Chicago activity.

Obama is from nowhere.

01-01-2012, 01:42 PM
"Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell cleared of child sex abuse allegations 'due to insufficient evidence'

Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell has been cleared of child sex abuse allegations.

The 46-year-old actor, who had always strenuously denied the claims, had been under investigation by police over the past three months after the accusations.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided there is not enough evidence to go ahead with the case, according to The People.

A police spokesperson was quoted as telling the newspaper: 'No further action will be taken against a 46-year-old man arrested on suspicion of an historic rape.

'A file was prepared for the CPS who decided there was insufficient evidence to charge.'

Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster in the ITV soap, was arrested back in September following the allegations of a teenage girl that she was raped by him in the past.

Following the arrest, Le Vell vowed to do ‘everything in his power’ to clear his name after he was held at his £750,000 home under his real name, Michael Turner.

He was taken to a police station and questioned by detectives for almost eight hours before being released on bail.

In a statement, he said: 'I strenuously deny these allegations and will do everything in my power to prove my innocence.'

Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS North West Area said: 'I have decided that Michael Robert Turner will not face any charges in relation to allegations of historic sexual assault against a child.

'Following enquiries by Greater Manchester Police I have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to put before a court.

'As there is no realistic prospect of conviction it is therefore only right that the allegations against Mr Turner are prevented from going any further and I have informed the police that they should take no further action against him.'

It is believed that Le Vell is aware the charges have been dropped, as is the female who made the allegations.

Shortly after the claims first surfaced, it emerged that Le Vell had split from his wife Janette Beverley following 25 years of marriage.

The actor had apparently parted from Beverley months before the allegations first emerged.

Le Vell and childhood sweetheart Beverley married in October 1986 after appearing together in Coronation Street in 1984.

Le Vell is one of the longest-serving actors in Coronation Street and his character has been at the heart of some of its most dramatic storylines."

01-01-2012, 01:57 PM
"I hear Mum's voice every Christmas. I feel so lucky: Kirsty MacColl's son relives the day she died in his first ever interview

Christmas is a difficult time for Louis Lillywhite. Not only is it the anniversary of his mother's death but the large house in West London that he shares with his brother Jamie – in which they used to live with their mother – falls silent as their other housemates go home for the festive season.

'It's just me and Jamie here and it feels like that first Christmas . . .' Louis says quietly before his voice trails off. He means the Christmas of 2000 when he and his brother were reeling from the tragic death of their mother, the much-loved singer Kirsty MacColl, just one week earlier.

Kirsty, 41, was killed instantly on December 18, when the Percalito, a powerful motor boat belonging to one of Mexico's wealthiest and most influential businessmen, Guillermo Gonzalez Nova, ploughed into her while she was scuba- diving with Louis, then 14, and Jamie, 15, in Cozumel, Mexico.

Louis, giving his first newspaper interview about that terrible day, says: 'I just had this feeling that something was going to happen. I thought it was something to do with Jamie, I had the feeling that he was going to hit his head or something, this really strong feeling, but I ignored it.

'It was the most incredible dive, we saw everything, it was an amazing experience. Then we came up. I was the first one up, then I heard the dive master, Ivan, shout, “Watch out!” I looked behind me and this boat was coming at some considerable speed. I managed to get out of the way – I think Mum pushed me and Jamie out of the way.'

Pushing her sons to safety was the last thing Kirsty ever did. Louis searched the water frantically for his mother, swimming in her blood before finding her floating face-down, a few yards from him. He realised at once that she was dead.

'There wasn't much point in being optimistic,' he says. 'You have to face the facts or you'll be disappointed in the end.

'All I wanted to do was swim over to that boat and show them what I felt. But I mean, what can a 14-year-old boy do, really?'

He feels the sense of loss even more keenly at this time of year when Kirsty's voice – pure, haunting, clear as a bell – fills the airwaves and rings out at every Christmas party.

The Pogues' Fairytale Of New York, released in 1987 and featuring Kirsty's singing, is regularly voted the greatest ever Christmas song and for many it has become the soundtrack of the season. A song about love, loss and shattered dreams is made all the more poignant by Kirsty's death.

In 2000, she was happier than she had been for a long time. Her new album, Tropical Brainstorm, had rave reviews, she was in a new relationship and was, as she put it, looking forward to 'the second part of my life'.

The boat that hit Kirsty was travelling at high speed in an area restricted for divers. The truth about who was driving it became unclear after Kirsty's death. According to early reports, Gonzalez Nova admitted to being at the helm immediately after the accident.

However, hours later, his unlicensed boat hand, Jose Cen Yam, 26, claimed to have been at the helm and, even though witnesses stated the boat was travelling at a minimum of 15 to 20 knots, he said he was doing just one knot.

Cen Yam was found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to less than three years in prison in March 2003. Yet the judge allowed him to walk free after paying a fine of just £61. In addition, he was ordered to pay £1,450 compensation to Kirsty's sons, a sum calculated on the basis of his small salary.

Kirsty's mother, Jean, incensed by what many saw as a cover-up, devoted the next six years to battling with Mexican bureaucracy in an attempt to bring the people she felt were truly responsible to trial.

In 2004, I followed Jean's quest to find the truth in my TV documentary Who Killed Kirsty MacColl? When I talked to Louis for the film, he told me his mother's death was as fresh in his mind as if it had happened yesterday, a memory 'that's not going to go away quickly'.

Seven years later, and now aged 25, his memory is still as sharp because 'nothing's changed'. We meet at his London house which, when Kirsty was alive, was often full of people and laughter and music. Louis has an enduring image of piles of salt on the carpet soaking up wine spillages.

'I'm so glad we didn't sell this house,' he says. 'There are memories everywhere, even in the plates on the wall.' He shows me a plate that he made when he was ten propped on a ledge in the kitchen and I realise the importance of this connection with a past that held his mother.

Jamie and Louis have a lot in common with Princes William and Harry, who were of similar ages when they lost their mother. In 1997, at the time of Princess Diana's death, Kirsty and her music producer husband, Steve Lillywhite, were in the aftermath of a difficult divorce.

'Diana's accident brought my parents a bit closer,' says Louis. 'They weren't speaking and then that happened and they thought, “Poor kids, for that to happen”; to have your parents not on good terms and then one of them goes out like a light. So Diana's death got them speaking and thinking that they should be friends for our sake because, you know, what if?'

And, tragically, 'what if' became a reality when Kirsty wanted to share her love of diving with her sons.

Louis still has trouble going on boats and swimming in the sea and hasn't been able to scuba-dive since.

'If Mum were here, she'd tell me to get over it because what are the chances of that happening again? I hope one day I'll give it a go.'

Louis remembers his mother as 'funny, kind and she didn't take any bull****. She stood up for what she believed in, whether for herself or others who'd been treated unfairly. She'd always try to right wrongs'.

Kirsty instilled in him an enduring love of nature and he enjoys getting out of London with his German girlfriend to visit her native village in Bavaria. He's looking forward to April to see if the tulips he planted in the garden come up. 'Mum taught me that life's never that bad if you can do the things you love.'

Louis works in the food and wine business and dreams of owning 'a nice gastro pub'. His brother Jamie, 26, who manages the singer Ellie Goulding, has not spoken publicly about his mother.

Louis was involved in the Justice For Kirsty campaign and supported his grandmother on trips and attended meetings. Jean is still fighting to have a lasting memorial to Kirsty erected in Cozumel.

'It's a tough battle to fight a multi-billionaire in what is effectively a Third World country when it goes on for years and the ministers keep changing,' says Louis.

He still listens to Kirsty's music and loves hearing Fairytale Of New York. 'It's so nice, I feel lucky to be able to hear her voice on the radio every year. I love hearing it, it's comforting. You hear atrocities on TV every day about people who lose their families in an instant and that's the last time they hear their voice and they can't see them on a video.

'What more could I ask for?'

"The person at the helm of the boat that killed Kirsty was never properly identified". How does it sound to u?


02-01-2012, 07:43 AM
i am just coming out of the sidelines to say that this thread is the one that keeps me coming back to these forums...and to thank you for all of your research...


02-01-2012, 02:40 PM
John Gacy with First Lady Rosalynn Carter in May 1978(check out the grip of the handshake. Look closely.)

those strange Larry Eyler murders in Chicago connected to Indiana State University
remind of John Wayne Gacy's murders
in Chicago. Gacy was a prominent member of the Chicago chapter of the U.S. Junior Chamber (the Jaycees) and a freemason , a member of the Chicago Moose Club which operates
the Mooseheart Child City & School, a 1,000-acre (4.0 km2) community for children and teens in need, located 40 miles (64 km) west of Chicago

Gacy's murder spree ended in 1978, around the same time that Larry Eyler and Robert David Little
were active in Chicago (between 1975 and 1984) and the Chicago police were using underaged male prostitutes to entrap clients.

Gacy had a secret service clearance badge on when he posed with Rosalynn Carter,
and Jimmy Carter has connections to the Bohemian Club and Jim Jone's People's Temple

02-01-2012, 03:18 PM

On the morning of May 9, 1994, Gacy was transferred from the Menard Correctional Center to Stateville Correctional Center to be executed. That afternoon, he was allowed a private picnic in the prison grounds with his family. That evening, he observed prayer with a Catholic priest before he was escorted to the Stateville execution chamber to receive a lethal injection.[146]

Before the execution began, the chemicals used to perform the execution unexpectedly solidified, clogging the IV tube administering the chemicals into Gacy's arm and complicating the execution procedure. Blinds covering the window through which witnesses observed the execution were drawn, and the execution team replaced the clogged tube to complete the procedure. After ten minutes, the blinds were reopened and the execution resumed. The entire procedure took a total of 18 minutes to complete.[147] Anesthesiologists blamed the problem on the inexperience of prison officials who were conducting the execution, stating that had correct execution procedures been followed, the complications would never have occurred. This error apparently led to Illinois' subsequent adoption of an alternate method of lethal injection.

makes you wonder if Gacy was even executed at all

03-01-2012, 11:08 AM
here are four of the 23 murders which were pinned on fall guy Larry Eyler:

And the grim discoveries continued. On October 15, a farmer’s plow turned up skeletal remains of a “John Doe” victim in Jasper County, Indiana, southwest of Rensseler. The bones were notched by knife wounds, indicating death by stabbing. Four days later, mushroom hunters stumbled on the Highway Killer’s private graveyard. At a long-abandoned farm outside Lake Village, Indiana, four more victims were discovered in varying states of decomposition. Three were white males, planted close together, while a black male victim had been found buried on the far side of a tree. Inside a nearby barn, detectives found a pentagram and an inverted cross--considered signs of Satanism--painted on a sagging rafter. Two of the victims would remain forever nameless; the others were identified as 22-year-old Michael Bauer and 19-year-old John Bartlett.

Lake Village, Indiana is far closer to Chicago than it is to Indianapolis, where
Eyler lived. This leads to speculation that the Eyler and Baumeister cases were used as a sort of clearing house operation for all sorts of unsolved ritual killings. Eyler and Baumeister both died young, Eyler in jail, purportedly of AIDS, and Baumeister of a purported suicide under highly suspect circumstances.
In my opinion the Highway Killer or I-70 Killer probably never existed, and was rather a fictitious boogieman that the satanic network pinned all of their crimes on. I think that the Gacy murders , or at least a large number of them, were linked with this network, and Gacy, like Pickton, was in the body disposal business. Gacy, Baumeister, and Eyler. Read it here folks.

I wish there were some way to establish who these boys were, who their
parents were, to see if they were all targeted and eliminated in some way, for some common reason. Some pre-emptive action or some punishment or something highly organized behind the scenes, targeting specific families . Is there a common thread anywhere among the victims, or some of them?
The history of Larry Eyler and the life and death of Danny Bridges points to the likelihood of some of the parents being part of the satanic network.

03-01-2012, 11:39 AM
On October 12, 1974, the birthday of Aleister Crowley, student Arliss Perry was brutally murdered and left on display in the Stanford Memorial Church on the campus of Stanford University, nestled in the shadows of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Perry was left lying on her back, with her head toward the altar and her legs spread wide. She was nude from the waist down and an altar candle protruded from her vagina; another altar candle was wedged between her exposed breasts. Her jeans had been neatly arranged in an inverted V-shape and placed across her splayed legs, forming the Masonic symbol of the compass and the square. Five years earlier, the very same symbol had been left carved into the stomach of Manson victim Leno LaBianca, as the 'W' in the word 'War.' The prime suspect in the still-unsolved murder of Perry is a man named Bill Mentzer, who knew Charles Manson and at least one of his victims: Abigail Folger. In fact, Mentzer reportedly had lunch with Folger just a few days before her death. He later was connected to David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz as well and still later was convicted of the Cotton Club murder of aspiring film producer Roy Radin."

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zJQROzxCRC4/Ti4U7GnvYGI/AAAAAAAABeU/5SJCpLfDzK4/s400/170647_10150121693999534_90706889533_7736233_71873 87_o.jpg

more and more , people understand Dave McGowan, and why he has to write the way he does, but the funny thing is as time goes on, and the more one
learns, the easier it gets to read McGowan's stuff:

Without further ado, we begin this journey - for no particular reason - with the aforementioned Phil Hartman, who was a highschool friend of Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who later became a disciple of Charlie Manson, a jailhouse correspondent of John Hinckley, and the attempted assassin of President Gerald Ford, who was once a roommate of modeling entrepreneur Harry Conover, whose wife was the infamous Candy Jones, who was 'treated' by CIA-linked hypnotist William Jennings Bryan, who also 'treated' the purported Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo, whose name was written repetitively throughout the diaries of Sirhan Sirhan, who was also 'treated' by Bryan, who served as the technical director on The Manchurian Candidate, which was directed by John Frankenheimer, at whose beach house a dinner was held on June 5, 1968 whose attendees included "Mama" Cass Elliot, Roman Polanski, and Sharon Tate, who was killed just over a year later by followers of Charlie Manson, whose music was recorded by Doris Day's son, music producer Terry Melcher, who lived with girlfriend Candace Bergen at 10050 Cielo Drive the year before it became a slaughterhouse after being rented by Polanski, who initially was slated to pen the screenplay for Day of the Dolphin, which purported to tell the story of Dr. John Lilly, who was a friend of Timothy Leary, whose Mellon family-owned Millbrook estate was frequently visited by Dr. Max "Feelgood" Jacobson, who once 'treated' Judy Garland and who served as the personal physician of John Kennedy, whose assassination prompted the shelving of the film The Manchurian Candidate by its star, Frank Sinatra, who was a frequent companion of fellow 'Brat Packer' Sammy Davis, Jr., who was an acknowledged member of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, from where Manson recruited killers Bobby "Cupid" Beausoleil and Susan "Sexy Sadie" Atkins, who confessed to her cellmates that she had stabbed to death actress Sharon Tate, who was inducted into witchcraft on the set of the Polanski-directed film The Fearless Vampire Killers by Alexander "King of the Witches" Saunders, who received 'training' as a child from Aleister Crowley, whose followers included Anton LaVey and fellow Church of Satan member Kenneth Anger, who was the roommate (and probable lover) of Family member Bobby Beausoleil, who once appeared in an underground film titled Mondo Hollywood, which also featured hairdresser and Manson victim Jay Sebring, who was a former lover of Sharon Tate, who was a friend of a wealthy widow named Charlene Caffritz, who played host to - and filmed the exploits of - Charlie and some of his girls, who also lived for a time with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, who recorded a song penned by Charlie, who was an occasional member of the entourage of Mama Cass, who was listed as a defense witness for Charlie's trial (but never called), as was her Mamas and the Papas band-mate John Phillips, who was close to Polanski, Tate, Melcher, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Cass Elliot, and film producer Robert Evans, who was working with - and very likely contracted the execution killing of - Roy Radin, whose assistant was Michael DeVinko aka Mickie DeVinko aka Mickie Deans, who married - just a few months before her untimely death - Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland, who as a teen was flooded with phone messages and telegrams by admirer Oscar Levant, whose dead body was found by Candace Bergen, who - as a photojournalist for Life magazine - covered the preempted presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy, who was romantically linked to Marilyn Monroe, who was also linked to Anton LaVey, who appeared in Kenneth Anger's Invocation of My Demon Brother (released in August of 1969) along with Bobby Beausoleil, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who was a guest at the 1968 London wedding of Sharon Tate to Roman Polanski, who - during a nude photo shoot - molested a thirteen-year-old girl at the home of Jack Nicholson, who was a friend of Cass Elliot, as were Robert Evans and Manson victims Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger, who provided funding for the Himalayan Academy, which Kenneth Anger helped form with Timothy Leary, who was at the side of the stage at the 1969 Altamont concert where - while the Rolling Stones played the Process Church-inspired Sympathy for the Devil* - a fan was killed on film by the Hell's Angels, who had been romanticized and transformed into anti-establishment heroes in the film Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger and the book Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson, both of whom have been accused of making snuff films** for private collectors, which was also a favorite pastime of Charlie Manson, one of whose underage recruits was Didi Lansbury, who had written permission to travel with Charlie from her mother, Angela Lansbury, who starred as the control agent in The Manchurian Candidate, which was based on the novel of the same name by Richard Condon, who once served as a publicist for Walt Disney, who once owned the home where the Manson Family slaughtered Leno LaBianca and wife Rosemary, who was involved in the trafficking of drugs, as were many of those in this twisted saga, including Charles Manson, victims Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger, John Phillips and Kenneth Anger, who was a huge fan of the dark and violent imagery of the Rosicrucian-inspired, L. Frank Baum-penned Oz books, which inspired the band The Magick Powerhouse of Oz, which was led by Bobby Beausoleil, who was also at one time in the band Love with Arthur Lee, four of whose members later turned up dead or missing and presumed dead, as did Charlene Caffritz, Cass Elliot (who allegedly choked on a sandwich in 1974), Dennis Wilson (who allegedly drowned on December 28, 1983), and Gram Parsons, whose corpse was stolen and burned at Joshua Tree on the autumnal equinox of 1973 by his band's road manager, Phil Kaufman, who was a good friend from prison of Charlie Manson, who met (at Cass Elliot's house) and received money from victim Abigail Folger, who also funded Kenneth Anger, who at various times lived with both Jimmy Page (who purchased Crowley's home and many of his artifacts) and Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg, whose home - in 1979 - yielded the body of a teenager who had been shot to death, as was John Lennon the next year by Mark David Chapman, who shortly before doing so met with - and offered a gift of live bullets to - Kenneth Anger, whose films were cited as a major influence by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who was implicated by witnesses in the Halloween 1981 execution killing of New York photographer Ronald Sisman (a close associate of Roy Radin), who was reportedly in possession of a snuff film of one of the Son of Sam murders, which were allegedly committed by David Berkowitz, who from prison accurately described the Sisman killing before it happened and who took the fall for the Son of Sam murders to cover up the involvement of others, including possibly Roy Radin and wealthy art dealer Andrew Crispo, who admitted being present at the site of a ritual murder which was committed by a man named Bernard LeGeros, who was the son of a State Department official, as was Pic Dawson, who was a regular member of the entourage of Cass Elliot, as was a one-time bodyguard of publisher Larry Flynt named Bill Mentzer, who was convicted of killing Radin and who was suspected of involvement in numerous other contract murders, including some of those attributed to David Berkowitz, who was 'examined' by psychiatrist/hypnotist Daniel Schwartz, as was Mark David Chapman, who was obsessed with the film The Wizard of Oz and the book The Catcher in the Rye, which was written by reclusive author J.D. Salinger, who served in the OSS with Henry Kissinger, who was a close adviser to Gerald Ford, who once met and shook hands with Mark David Chapman, who was 'examined' by psychiatrist/hypnotist Bernard Diamond, who also 'examined' Sirhan Sirhan, who had connections to the Process Church, as did many of those ensnared in this sordid web, including Kenneth Anger, John Phillips, Roy Radin, David Berkowitz and Charlie Manson, who attended a New Year's Eve party at the home of John Phillips, who wrote the siren song of the 'Summer of Love,' bringing thousands of hippies and flower children streaming into San Francisco and into the hands of such figures as Louis "Dr. Jolly" West, Anton LaVey, Charlie Manson, Bobby Beausoleil, Timothy Leary and Kenneth Anger, who - just three days after the suspicious death of Rolling Stone Brian Jones - filmed the Hell's Angels stomping the crowd at a 1969 Stones concert in London, just five months before they did the very same thing to the crowd at Altamont, which was organized by San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, who consulted with F. Lee Bailey whilst the latter was busily railroading Albert DeSalvo and later consulted with Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez, who was offered an honorary membership in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena, who along with boyfriend Nickolas Schreck staged an event on 8-8-88 celebrating the slaughter of the victims of the Manson Family, who some researchers believe were involved in the murders attributed to the "Zodiac," who called and sent correspondence to Melvin Belli, whose clients included the widow of Hermann Goering and Jack Ruby, who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald, the purported assassin of John Kennedy, whose brother Robert was romantically linked to Jayne Mansfield, as was Anton LaVey, who served as Roman Polanski's technical director on the 1968 film Rosemary's Baby, which was set in New York's Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon was gunned down by Mark David Chapman, who shared a fixation on The Catcher in the Rye with failed assassin John Hinckley, Jr., who stalked actress Jodie Foster, who is working on a film biography of Leni Riefenstahl, who was met by - and admired by - fellow filmmaker Kenneth Anger, who laced his film Scorpio Rising with Nazi imagery, including the prominent use of swastikas, not unlike the one carved into the forehead of Charlie Manson, who - at the Cielo Drive home of Polanski and Tate - had a chance meeting with Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of Frank Sinatra, who was married to actress Mia Farrow, who starred in the Polanski-directed Rosemary's Baby, which was produced by Robert Evans, a friend of Henry Kissinger, who was the righthand man of President Richard Nixon, whose election was ensured by the assassination of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan, who was yet another client of Melvin Belli, as were the Hell's Angels and Nazi-collaborator Errol Flynn, who made two films with Ronald Reagan, who was an occasional visitor to the childhood home of Candace Bergen, who - as a photojournalist - chronicled the short-lived administration of Gerald Ford, who married one of his friend Harry Conover's 'Covergirls,' who later opened the Betty Ford Center, where various celebrities in and out of this web routinely check in for tune-ups.
I could probably go on, but I really have to get back to work on my screenplay.

03-01-2012, 11:52 AM
Here's the text version of a New York Post story:



September 29, 2003 -- The notorious San Francisco Zodiac Killer, who mysteriously dropped out of sight almost 30 years ago after a bloody reign of terror that left five dead, may have been "hiding" in plain sight - locked away in prison for two unrelated murders.

A Post investigation unearthed "compelling" links between 54-year-old killer William Mentzer - who's serving life without the possibility of parole - and the police profile of the Zodiac Killer, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office says.

The dramatic new information has been turned over to the San Francisco Police Department, which for 35 years has searched for the fiendish killer.

"There appear to be some compelling parallels here," said Mark MacNamara, the public-information officer for the San Francisco DA. "We have given the information to the police inspectors for their review."

The Post developed the information after more than 20 hours of interviews with Mentzer at the California state prison in Lancaster.

The Post discovered two dozen links between Mentzer, who is from Los Angeles, and the Zodiac Killer.

For example:

* Investigators say the Zodiac had military training. Mentzer served in the Marines during the Vietnam War and claims 10 kills.

* The Zodiac's murders began in December 1968, shortly after Mentzer returned to California from Vietnam.

* In September 1969, the Zodiac stabbed two of his victims with a bayonet-like knife carried in a handmade sheath fastened with rivets. Mentzer said he had a job making rivets at an aerospace company around CB>the same time of the attack. He also said he carried a bayonet in Vietnam.

* The Zodiac wrote letters to the media taunting the police. Mentzer said, "It was fun to f- - - with them."

* In the letters, the Zodiac drew a diagram of a bomb and threatened to blow up a school bus. Mentzer, who once had a job driving a bus, told The Post he had military training in demolition and kept plastic explosives.

* A survivor of a Zodiac attack said the killer spoke in a slow, monotone with a slight drawl. Mentzer has the same speech pattern.

The Zodiac randomly killed five people and severely wounded two others during his spree, which began in the Bay Area in the late '60s, police said.

But in letters and cryptograms sent to the San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times, the Zodiac boasted that he had committed more than 30 other murders.

He congratulated police for uncovering a 1966 murder in Riverside, Calif., about 45 miles east of L.A. But the Zodiac ominously said, "There are a hell of a lot more down there."

He also threatened to "pick off" children as they came bounding out of their school bus.

The psychotic killer mysteriously dropped out of sight in 1974, after a final letter to the press.

Mentzer is serving a life sentence for the savage L.A. murders of New York theatrical producer Roy Radin in 1983 and of prostitute June Mincher in 1984.

Radin was shot more than 20 times in the head. Mentzer then put a small stick of dynamite in Radin's mouth, lit it and blew off his face.

When Mentzer was asked if he shot Mincher seven times in the head, he told The Post, "No, I think it was eight."

One week after the initial interviews, The Post confronted Mentzer with the information linking him to the Zodiac Killer.

"I am not the Zodiac," he fumed. "I am not some crazed killer, but I think I know who he is."

Mentzer said he met the Zodiac while they were incarcerated at the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi in the early '90s. He described the Zodiac as a 240-pound black man. Police say the Zodiac is white.

After Mentzer was handed the Zodiac links, he began to read the document as his forearms pulsated. He spent about 15 minutes reviewing the information accusing him of being the Zodiac Killer, and made five minor corrections and one significant change.

Mentzer noted that in 1966, he was based at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, Calif., which is near Riverside.

The Riverside killing mentioned in the Zodiac letter took place a few months before Mentzer left for Vietnam. There were no reported Zodiac murders until Mentzer returned to California about two years later.

03-01-2012, 12:13 PM
Cass Elliot (September 19, 1941 – July 29, 1974)

Mama Cass Elliott: Count in her entourage at the time of her death one Bill Mentzer, since convicted for the murder of fledgling Hollywood producer Roy Radin. Mentzer was convicted with an accomplice, Alex Marti, former leader of an Argentine death squad, to life in prison. Cass had recently finished two weeks at the London Palladium. The coroner's report was not conclusive. She "probably choked to death," but there was "a possibility of heart attack."

After The Mamas and The Papas went their separate ways and Cass had become a mother, she turned her own attention to politics. In the Rolling Stone Interview with her in October 1968 she offered: "I think everybody who has a brain should get involved in politics. Working within. Not criticizing it from the outside. Become an active participant, no matter how feeble you think the effort is. I saw in the Democratic Convention in Chicago that there were more people interested in what I was interested in than I believed possible. It made me want to work. It made me feel my opinion and ideas were not futile, that there would be room in an organized movement of politics for me to voice myself.

She went on to explain more about how the 1968 Democratic Convention kindled her political passions: "It made me want to work, made me feel my opinions and ideas were not futile, that there would be room in an organized movement of politics for me to voice myself and change things. I was asked to participate in Bobby Kennedy’s campaign. I thought about McCarthy and I realized I thought McCarthy was a little too lyrical, but I agreed with his ideas. I felt much stronger about McGovern; I don’t know why. But I didn’t participate in any way, for anyone. I was just a voyeur and watched it--- to see tragedy heaped upon tragedy.

She went on, "I’d say I’m gonna be active. I’m gonna do everything I can. Whatever it is, and I’m sure there are people who know what it is, and they’ll tell me. I’m guilty of the sin of omission as much as anybody else. I never spoke up."

A year later she succinctly said, "I feel strongly about the war in Vietnam, about Biafra , about poverty, about ignorance, but these are things which come from love for fellow men, not from words.”

Chatting up George & Eleanor McGovern, 1972

Three years later, in the Spring of 1972, as a supporter of George McGovern's campaign she made good on her earlier commitment, "Our job as entertainers is to ease some pain. So to begin with, you have to know what and where the pain is. I've never campaigned before and I wanted to be damn sure before putting my name behind anyone. I wrote to all the campaign officers to find out what they were. My issue is that it's all very well to sit back and complain but when it's your country you have a responsibility."

Hers was a platform, financial and name recognition strategy, for she once acknowledged: "I wouldn’t be hit on the head with a billy club or have mace squirted in my face. When I was younger...maybe… I don’t want to do that again. It didn’t accomplish anything."

But as a part of the McGovern campaign she tried to accomplish. She ushered at the "Four For McGovern" evening at the LA Forum on April 15th of 1972 and she was a part of the infamous Jane Fonda Anti-War coalition,


Cass & Michelle Phillips at a McGovern fundraiser, 1972

Entertainment Industry For Peace and Justice (EIPJ),--along with Dick Gregory, Michelle Phillips, Tommy Smothers, Donald Sutherland and Ryan O'Neal about the same time. In June, before heading to London to work on an album, she attended a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden for Presidential candidate McGovern with the likes of Warren Beatty, Simon & Garfunkel, and Peter, Paul and Mary. That summer she appeared in London with Americans Abroad for McGovern.

That Cass was interested in the world around her and events which shaped it, is clear. And Ronald Reagan nor Arnold Schwarzenegger had anything on her-- in terms of why those in the entertainment industry might be interested in politics.

Perhaps her remarks to Mike Douglas, over thirty years ago, while she appeared on his show, best capture her particular interest in politics: "I think I would like to be a Senator or something in twenty years. I don't think I really know enough yet. I'm just 30 now and I wouldn't even be eligible to run for office for another five years. But I have a lot of feelings about things. I know the way I would like to see things for this country and in my travels, when I talk to people, everybody wants pretty much the same thing: peace, enough jobs, no poverty and good education. And I've learned a lot. It's funny. So many people in show business go into politics, and I used to say 'What the heck do they know about it?' But when you travel around, you really do get to feel--not to be cliche--the pulse of the country and what people want. I'm concerned and it's not good to be unconcerned and just sit there."

McGovern campaign pin

03-01-2012, 01:03 PM
this is a gig poster for the Cincinatti band Arlis Perry
(named after murder victim Arlis Perry
who put out an album named 'Behold the Ritual')

Behold the Raging Hormones, one boy
has arm on the other or is that Dad? The snake handler
is dominating the snake, the phallic symbol, he's taming it,
holding it erect, at a certain angle........

03-01-2012, 01:19 PM

[ 1985, NY, Rich Satanic killers met at Hell Fire Club in NY "The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam and Beyond", Maury Terry, 1987, Barnes & Noble Books On March 22, Bernard LeGeros, twenty-three, the Son of John LeGeros, an American citizen employed in an executive capacity of the United Nations, came under the charge of murder after being arrested in New York, where his father John LeGeros owned a rural estate in suburban Tompkins Cove, a small community in Rockland County 30 miles north of Manhattan. The rotting body of the victim, Vesti, was found, partly eaten by animals, hooded, handcuffed, shot twice in the back of the head, stabbed, and mutilated, on the LeGeros estate in March of 1985. Vesti had evidently met his death during the culmination of a sado-masochistic sex ritual. Legeros later confessed that the homosexual millionaire art dealer Andrew Crispo, pictured below, had met Vesti at the Hellfire club, then travelled with Legeros to the Legeros estate, where they planned to consumate the ultimate satanic sacrafice. LeGeros said that Crispo had told him to shoot Vesti twice--one shot to kill Vesti's body, the next kill his soul; also, Legeros claimed Crispo was involved in a "satanic cult which drank the blood of its victims."

Source of photo scan: "The Ultimate Evil," by Maury Terry [Note: The name of the nightclub where Legeros met Vesti is the "HellFire Club," a fact of some significance given the fact that in 1725, Ireland's most infamous aristocratic Satanic cult called itself by that name. Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse was Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons, and at the same time, Richard Parsons was also one of the founding members of Ireland's Satanic Hellfire Club. According to Steven Sora, author of "Secret Societies of America's Elite," among those that Benjamin Franklin met on his pre-Revolution travels to England was the infamous Freemason Sir Francis Dashwood, who "moved within the highest circles in England, which became known as the Hellfire Club." (from page 125) "Dashwood's parties were infamous and were said to have included prostitutes dressed as nuns, satanic rites, goddess worship, and orgies." (page 124) In Dashwood's Abbey of Medmenham, which he modified into a pagan monument, a carving over the front entry read: "Do as thou will"--a well-known motto used by satanists and often attributed to the "founder of modern satanism", Mason Aliester Crowley, though if Sora is right, Aliester Crowley evidently wasn't the originator of the motto. According to Micheal Hoffman, Dr. John Whiteside Parsons of the California Institute of Technology, the famous rocket scientist and notorious satanist, was a descendent of one of the founders of the Satanic Hell-Fire Club in Britain, presumably Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse and the Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons.

Eigil Vesti, a twenty-six-year-old Norwegian fashion student, was with several men at a homosexual club in Manhattan on February 22, 1985. The group left the club to go to a house in Rockland County, New York. Vesti believed they were going to a cocaine and sex party. The men, including art dealer Andrew Crispo, forty, drank wine and used cocaine at the house. Vesti was stripped, handcuffed, and sexually abused. A leather bondage mask was tightly placed on his face. He was taken outside and, while Crispo had anal sex with him, Bernard LeGeros, twenty-three, shot Vesti twice in the back of the head. The perpetrators cut a hole in Vesti’s chest, collected blood into a cup, and drank the blood, vowing to keep their criminal actions a secret. A few days after police used dental records to identify Vesti, they arrested LeGeros on the basis of tips and his own calls to police. After his arrest, LeGeros admitted to police that he shot Vesti. LeGeros, who implicated Crispo in the murder, was sentenced to life in prison. Crispo was never charged in the murder. There were rumors that powerful legal and other connections helped him to avoid being charged. 10 Chapter 1 There were thirty-seven documented homosexual serial killers in the United States between 1901 and 1991. Thirty-one of these killers were white, three were black, and three were Hispanic. These perpetrators, who represent thirty cases of homosexual serial murders because some killers worked together, were charged with killing approximately 280 male victims and may have murdered approximately 755 individuals. Sadomasochistic sexual acts and male pedophilia were the most frequent motivation, with lust murders and robbery being second. Ten of the killers killed their victims in Califomia, four in Texas. John Wayne Gacy, who strangled and tortured thirty-three mostly underage victims in Illinois between 1972 and 1978, was executed in 1994. Randy Steven Kraft, who strangled and stabbed twenty-one victims and is suspected of slaying thirty-nine in California between 1972 and 1983, perpetrated sadomasochistic thrill killings. He was sentenced to death on November 29,1989. ”Fag workers” are individuals who either are homosexuals or may pretend to be homosexuals and who, either alone or in groups, frequent gay establishments with the intention of deceiving a “mark,” or victim, through a sexual encounter in order to rob and kill the mark. Homosexual thrill killer Donald Dufour killed five individuals in 1982. Robbery and the thrill of lulling were his motives

03-01-2012, 03:07 PM
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zJQROzxCRC4/Ti4U7GnvYGI/AAAAAAAABeU/5SJCpLfDzK4/s400/170647_10150121693999534_90706889533_7736233_71873 87_o.jpg

more and more , people understand Dave McGowan, and why he has to write the way he does, but the funny thing is as time goes on, and the more one
learns, the easier it gets to read McGowan's stuff:

:eek:That's one hell of a run on sentence! I loved it though. Fantastic. Except I don't believe Manson was a big player here, just useful. And they failed to mention that John Hinckley Jr's father is a long time business associate and friend of GHW Bush, who is CIA, and a drug runner of the highest order, whose father was connected directly to the Nazi party during WWII.

The rabbit hole, as it were. What's at the end of it? How many tunnels are there? GREAT info hunkahunka, many thanks.

03-01-2012, 04:13 PM
:eek:That's one hell of a run on sentence! I loved it though. Fantastic. Except I don't believe Manson was a big player here, just useful. And they failed to mention that John Hinckley Jr's father is a long time business associate and friend of GHW Bush, who is CIA, and a drug runner of the highest order, whose father was connected directly to the Nazi party during WWII.

The rabbit hole, as it were. What's at the end of it? How many tunnels are there? GREAT info hunkahunka, many thanks.

Maury Terry's book 'The Ultimate Evil' can be read here:


03-01-2012, 05:43 PM
Just reading the beginning of Ultimate Evil, which starts out with the murder of Arlis Perry in Stanford Memorial Church.
A couple of things stand out immediately. First , Arlis Perry, a devout Christian, had planned to go out on a Saturday night alone, late , on a university campus, to mail letters.
Maury Terry notes that there is no mail pickup Sunday morning, so why would Arlis mail letters Saturday night? She had planned to go alone, and her husband Bruce Perry had decided to accompany her. It purportedly been his decision to go with her.
She'd also, oddly, had a ridiculous and frivolous argument with her new husband on the way to mail the letters:

At about 11:30 P.M., apparently in good spirits, the young couple strolled from the high-rise campus apartment building.Engrossed in conversation, they ambled across the school grounds and suddenly began to argue. The reported subject was minor; ludicrous, in fact, unless other matters were occupying one's mind at the time. A tire on their car was slowly losing air, and each thought the other should have filled it.The bickering continued as they strode in the direction of the Memorial Church, which loomed before them in the distance. It was about 11:40 P.M.

Ostensibly miffed at Bruce, Arlis halted abruptly, faced him and emphatically stated that she wanted to be alone. She told her husband she intended to visit the church and would see him later at the apartment, which was about a half mile away. Equally annoyed, Bruce turned from his wife and hastened back across the campus, oblivious to the sounds of revelry wafting around him as he walked. He didn't notice whether anyone was watching him. At approximately 11:50 P.M ., Arlis Perry pulled open the massive outer doors of Stanford Memorial and entered the foyer, where another set of portals offered access to the main body of the church.

So right away there are some possibly false premises in this 'story' of what had happened. As already mentioned, the letter mailing: Late Saturday night?

Second, the fake sounding 'argument about tires' story.

The third, is that by sheer coincidence Arlis is going alone into a church right at Midnight on the anniversary of the death of Alistair Crowley , to be ritually murdered.

I still stand by contention that devout Christians would make the most devout satanists, because an atheist believes in neither god nor satan.

So I have a couple of theories on what might really have happened.

Maybe Arlis had planned to meet people, alone, inside the church at midnight
for a satanic ritual. She'd prepared the letters as her excuse to leave the apartment, ostensibly to mail them, and unfortunately her husband had insisted on accompanying her. She'd needed a way to get rid of him, so she
had intentionally started a frivolous and absurd argument , feigned anger and demanded that he leave her at the church and go home alone. She'd pointedly told him not to wait outside for her.


Maybe both of them , Christian husband and wife, went to the church, and Bruce Perry (http://teacher.scholastic.com/professional/bruceperry/) is lying about what happened that night. Maybe he was asked to provide his wife as a sacrifice, so his story about an argument about tires is as false as it is ridiculous. The letters were mailed as an obfuscation, to give him an alibi of some sort, and both had attended church Saturday night voluntarily, with Arlis not knowing what was planned.

How's this for a coincidence?


Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized authority on children in crisis. Dr. Perry is the Provincial Medical Director in Children’s Mental Health for the Alberta Mental Health Board. In addition, he is the Senior Fellow of the ChildTrauma Academy (www.ChildTrauma.org), a Houston-based organization dedicated to research and education on child maltreatment. Dr. Perry has been consulted on many high-profile incidents involving traumatized children, including the Columbine, Colorado school shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Branch Davidian siege. Click here for advice on teaching about 9/11 from child psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Perry.

So let's get this straight. Bruce Perry, whose wife was ritually sacrificed
at Stanford University, trained at mind control central Stanford University,
went on to become a psychiatrist specializing in childhood trauma.
Further, Dr. Bruce Perry is a leading 'expert debunker' of satanic ritual abuse claims:

from: http://swallowingthecamel.blogspot.com/2009/04/two-cases-of-satanic-ritual-abuse-20.html
Anonymous said...

I cannot too highly recommend Bruce Perry's account of the Gilmer, Texas Satanic panic his book "The Boy who was Raised as a Dog".

Turned out the equally serious abuse was being doled out by self-appointed experts in ritual abuse. Children were literally tortured into confessing they had participated in ritual abuse and murder. One child died at the hands of his foster caregivers. Skeptic police officer was accused of murder after refusing to link a recent disappearance to cult activity. It was a mess.

Rest of book is cool too. I'm glad people like Dr. Perry are taking such a sensitive and scientific approach to childhood trauma.
8:26 AM
SME said...

Oh man, I've been digging for info on the Gilmer case for years. Dateline did a 2-hour show on it a long time ago, and of course that would be the one time my Tivo flaked out. Thanks for the recommend, anon.
5:36 PM
SME said...

P.S. Bruce Perry as in Arlis Perry's husband? If anybody would know about Satanic panic, it would be him!
5:46 PM
Anonymous said...

Bruce Perry is a psychiatrist in Houston. He's about the calmest and most scientific doctor you'll ever meet, yet he has incredible empathy for his patients that allows him to treat cases that stump other doctors. He designed the therapy protocol for the Branch Davidian children

The Boy who was Raised as a Dog should be required reading. This is what skepticism combined with compassion looks like.


Kids in the Gilmer case were tortured into confessing, one even to the point of death. Dr. Perry out ways to seperate out false from true claims. There was no satanic conspiracy.

I would also recomend the four hour Frontline documentary "Divided Memories". KUHT aired it in two parts from 10:30 to after midnight so they wouldn't have to show the censored version.

Everything you need to know about Gilmer is in "The Boy who was Raised as a Dog". It will make you cry.
8:27 PM
SME said...

I asked because Maury Terry used the Arlis Perry case as a foundation block in his theory that a Satanic cult has committed murders nationwide. Her murder has not been solved, so there's plenty of room for crackpot theories like that. And it turns out Bruce Perry was married to Arlis (she was killed at Standford when he was a student there).

I was happy to find that my library has a copy of "The Boy...". I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Thanks again!
11:38 PM
Anonymous said...

Never knew much about the Arlis Perry case and it's a small word she was married to Bruce Perry.

He never mentions anything about this in his book, though it explain his "I don't do Satan" comment when he was first asked to asked to interview the Gilmer children.

So, this does get interesting.

Dr. Bruce Perry's wife is satanically murdered at midnight on a the sabbath, he has no idea how that might have happened, and then
goes on to work for the government of Alberta, and a paid expert
for the government of Texas as a specialist in false memory syndrome,
debunking all stories of ritual abuse.

Sounds to me like Arlis found out about something that Bruce and the mk network at Stanford didn't want her talking about, and/or Bruce had been bribed /blackmailed into providing his wife. Carrot and stick.
Threats made to Bruce and his family, rewards offered. A bright future
career awaiting him in assisting the cult.

03-01-2012, 08:10 PM

this is an apparently true story:

Susan Polk Trial: Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy

(PHOTO: Susan Polk)

The murder trial of Susan Polk, accused of murdering her husband Felix Polk, took an unexpected turn, when Pamela Vitale, the wife of Polk's defense attorney Daniel Horowitz was herself murdered in their estate in the exclusive East Bay suburb of Lafayette, California.

Daniel Horowitz with wife Pamela Vitale

The judge called for a mistrial and it is unlikely that Horowitz will continue his spirited defense of the accused woman.

Polk claims she killed her husband in self defense after a life of ongoing abuse, which began when Susan was 15 years old and was placed in the care of Felix, at the time a 40 year old married psychiatrist who hypnotized her, drugged her and broke the law by committing statutory rape on her, his patient, thereby betraying what is considered the most "sacred" standard of his profession, the doctor-patient relationship.

Later, still evidently under his influence, Susan Polk married him and had three children with him, Eli, Gabriel and Adam. Their stormy life of abuse continued until the death of Felix, for which she is currently standing trial.

Now with the mysterious death of the wife of Daniel Horowitz, Susan Polk has lost her best chance for a strong defense.

"The Contra Costa County District Attorney has charged Susan Polk with murder in the death of her 70-year-old psychologist husband Felix Polk on October 14, 2002 on the Polk estate in Orinda, California," writes Bay Area journalist Virginia McCulough. "Susan Polk, through her attorneys Daniel Horowitz and Ivan Golde, claims self defense stating that her husband attacked her in a rage when he realized she was determined to leave him after 20 years of marriage and three sons."

During the opening statements of the trial, "Horowitz stated that expert testimony would be presented concerning Felix Polk's mental history," McCulough continues. "He stated that the evidence would show that Felix Polk had a narcissistic personality disorder with grandiose features. Horowitz said that the defense would show that deep down Felix Polk had great insecurity, gaping holes in his personality that led to delusions interspersed with violence and rage."

According to McCullough, Horowitz played an excerpt of Felix Polk addressing a 1988 conference on ritualistic child abuse, in which Polk railed at the satanic ritual abuse to which his son had been subjected.

Unanswered questions include --

* Was Felix Polk, a mind control victim himself, who was involved in a Satanic cult -- as was his entire family?

* Was the murder of the wife of Daniel Horowitz a "signal" for him not to continue his defense of Susan Polk?

* Or was the murder of Horowitz's wife retaliation for his defense of other high profile clients, which included cases involving alleged drug dealers, killers and most recently the defense of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko in a money-laundering and fraud trial?

This is the entire transcript of the audio tape from which portions were played at the trial


NARRATOR: Our second presenter today is uh, is uh Dr. Felix Polk. Uh...I was...I was asking Felix how he would like to be introduced because he does have letters after his name, uh, and he said he would like to be introduced as the father of a ritualistically abused child. Uh, and he has a story to tell as well. Felix Polk.


FELIX POLK: How do you feel out there? Grim? (Clears his throat) I don't do this easily. Uh, my wife Susan was to have been here with me this morning. She will be talking tomorrow on...on the section called "Hot Topics." I hope at least some of you are there. Or is everyone there for "Hot Topics?" Uh, the reason she's not here...one of the reasons she's not here because my son, Adam, who is a rituals...a ritualistically abused child (clears his throat) uh, is not doing so well right now. That's one of the reasons she's not here. (Pause)

I was going to start in one of two ways. With a poem, but I'm not feeling very poetic right now. So I'll start with a letter that my son Adam, who just turned five, wrote to the governor in uh, uh, just before Christmas. There was a vigil...did any of you watch that on television? And, uh, it was his letter. And he wrote it...he dictated it. (Clears his throat) Most of it.

Dear Mr. Governor: (He didn't write that.)

I love you with all my heart. (Clears his throat) I want you to get the bad people in jail. (We call the bad people the bad people.) And how do you do? I want you to get the bad people in jail because I hate them, Mr. Governor. I want to punch them. (Clears his throat) Daddy wants to punch them too. Everyone in my whole family wants to punch them. And my big brother can punch them really badly. And my daddy can too. But he's not going to do it because he'll get in jail for that. And mommy can bite them. That's all she can do. And I call them bad names and scare them. (Clears his throat) And I send this kiss to you. And my little brother Eli can also throw a truck at them. You should put them in jail because they're bad. All the bad people will get in jail, dear governor. They should get in jail because they hurt me. I hope I don't have any more bad dreams. Make me not have any more bad dreams, governor please.

That's Adam.

I grew up very Victorian and crying was not allowed in my family for men. I've come a long way. I want...I want to identify myself very briefly. I'm a psychologist...a clinical psychologist. I used to be chief psychologist for this county. I've taught at UC Berkeley among other places. Uh, (pause) uh, I want to tell you about the last two mornings of my life. (clears his throat) I woke this morning at 3:17 a.m. Uh, Adam was having another bad dream. This morning's dream, uh, in that dream he was dreaming that his legs had been cut off. Yesterday I woke up at 4:22 a.m. That's pretty good for me...and he was choking. Now the reason he was choking was that...Oh, he didn't have any cold or allergies. He has allergies too but that's not the reason he was choking. He was choking...I believe...he has two ways of choking in dreams. One, uh is choking, uh, sexual meaning...a sexual meaning. He took part in oral copulation so there's that kind of choking. I can tell the difference in choking....the way Eskimos can tell...have seven different kinds of snow and the words for that. He has different kinds of choking. The other kind of choking is the kind he has when he dreams his head is being cut off because that's what he witnessed and he's choking on his own blood. Or so we think.

Multiple personality. My son is a multiple personality. He has at least three clear identities. He's a girl. Why is he a girl? Because he was dressed as a girl, professionally made up, then raped on stage in front of an audience. So he's a girl. He's a killer. He has the eyes of a killer...less so now, much less so now. He has a wonderful therapist and I like to think that he has Susan and I as well. He's a killer because he was looked at by people who were killers. And he's...he has their glance. He's also seen killings. And he has himself. And he's a wonderful little boy. I'll forget about some of the other dreams. About the murder of his mother. About being taken away. (Clears his throat)

I'd like to tell you briefly, if I can, about what happened to our son. It began very innocently. And this is a continuation of a lot of what you had to say. If you had any illusions that this is a singular...that your experience is singular, it's not. And you know that full well. We placed Adam in child care. In a private placement. In a private home with another child. It was advertised in a child care periodical. A woman advertised for her son who wanted a mate. We checked the people out. They were upper, upper middle-class people. And, uh, they had an au pair - so-called au pair. A woman in her fifties. And we left him there for four months. And we checked them out, checked out references. We did all we could that people typically do. While he was there...oh, and he, he spent four months there probably about twenty times. No every day, about six hours each time.

We pulled him out when there untoward signs...like he bit our dog so hard that we had to get rid of the dog that we'd had for years. Loved that dog. We all did. He also developed fears. We didn't understand why, and I'm a psychologist. He was in the hands of professional people. And here's what happened to him.

He was taken from this house after my wife had dropped him off in Berkeley. For those of you who are from around here, you know where that is. It's about six miles from here. He was taken in what he called a school bus to other places. Other children were picked up along the way. He was taken to a number of locations. One of them was...sounds like a warehouse...had cement floors. It had cages. It had a platform for performances and it had an audience, fairly large from his description. The people were dressed in red. They wore masks, triangular masks...and there were ceremonies. There were professional cameras...big cameras...like on TV sets. Uh...there were performances. He was, and other children, were raped on stage...raped in every form imaginable. But there were other performances too. Children were killed. He describes the one that has been hardest for me (Clears his throat)... was his description of a baby put in a plastic bag and hammered to death. He remembers the blood. There were other ceremonies, if that's what they're called...were blood drinking ceremonies...urine, feces eating...eating of throw-up, he says. And there were the eating of bloody substance which could... which is probably flesh from bowls at a table. At the table there were other children as well as adults. Some of the children may have been, uh, retarded. We think they probably were. There were some signs of that. There were black children, white children. They were all young children. And apparently some of them, perhaps a lot of them didn't survive. He has their names. (Pause.)

Uh, I have a semantic issue. What you have just heard described is called...I have to read it...multi-perpetrator, multi-victim ritualistic child abuse. Now we have...we have a tendency in our profession, uh, to find names that neutralize what happens. I don't like that. I know that's meaningful. I know it's a way we can talk to one another. But I think it's helpful to think about...about ritualistic, satanic child abuse in terms other then that. I prefer to think of it in terms of the brutalization of children. You haven't heard the half of what happened to Adam and to the other children with whom he was abused in Berkeley and other locations. So I want to encourage the use of other terms then that one so that you will retain the meaning. So that Joan doesn't have to get up and...and be so con...be as graphic as she is. Or I. And I'm being only as grass... graphic as I let myself be right now.

He saw other things...have you had enough. He saw the burning of children...the live burial of children...the drowning of children. Had enough! He did! Okay. That's what happened.

I like to use more direct language. I rarely hear, if ever...rarely...that when young boy children are sodomized or raped by men...I rarely hear the term homosexual applied to that. And I want to lay that out for you right now. That that's...that, uh, many of these people - the men as well as the women - are homosexual. I just want to say that. It doesn't mean I have a bias against homosexuality. I only want to spell out for you that that's the way it is. Did you hear that? That's just the way it is. I don't know why we can't be explicit about that. I am! In my own mind I am.

I want to tell you briefly about what happened as a result of this. We went to...initially to the Berkeley police. Uh, they are first were not believing and then they did believe us. We went to the FBI. The FBI took it on as a case...investigated it for about a year. Uh, we went to DA's office, state, the county. The thing that Adam had done because he is an exceptionally bright child - I like to say that...I'm proud of him for that - he identified close to a dozen of the people. So we know who they are and they know who we are. And what happened with the investigations by the police, by the state somewhat, mostly by the FBI is NOTHING HAPPENED! ZERO HAPPENED! The people are still living where they live...some of them are fairly eminent in the community. NOTHING HAPPENED! If you read this morning's paper about the McMartin...the Presidio case the last child dropped out. The chances of nothing happening is very high. I doubt very much that the McMartin case will ever...that anyone will ever be convicted in the McMartin case and spend any time in jail.

By the way, the McMartin case and the Presidio case , you may or may not know, are cases of ritualistic child abuse. Are you aware of that? It's not possible to say more of that. So nothing happened.

There's one way in which I did not identify myself. I'm also...I'm an older father. This is my second marriage. I have three children with this marriage. Two by my former marriage. I'm an older father. I am a survivor of the Holocaust. I was in hiding in Europe for over a year...most of that time unable to talk 'cause German soldiers were billeted in the building...in the farmhouse in which we were hiding. So I have a built in sense of survival. I have a commitment to not letting...ever letting anything happen to my children...especially my children what happened to me. It was a horror for us...the three of us...we three children in Europe...in France. So I have no understanding at all for the acceptance of what happened to my child. I had no...I have no...I can't...I don't understand how the parents of a child to whom this kind of thing is done can do nothing...can accept that ...become passive. McMartin parents...many of them are depressed. They're not going to act. See that's not my...that's not my temperament. I've alienated some people...police, FBI, politicians on that basis. I don't give a shit about that. I don't care. I intend to see that something happens. Not just in the case of my son, but also for the children. My rage in omnipresent present. I wake up with it every morning...every morning. And my son, Adam, doesn't have to be choking for me to do that. I am enraged. My fantasy, of course, is to kill them. And I'm a rather moral person. I want to kill them. You don't hear that too often on television either. But I won't. Not now.

My wife and I have formed an organization called "Enough". Some of you I know are here...who are here know that organization. I'm not enamored with organizations around child abuse. I think they're mostly masturbating. They're not acting. I'm not enamored with masturbation in this context. (laughter) I'm interested in action. So is my wife. And nothing short of that. So our group, which has had some exposure now in the media...some people think we're interested in fame and fortune. They couldn't be less...that couldn't be less true of us. Susan and I would love nothing better then to be peaceful with our family and just go on with life. We can't do that and we won't do that until something else has happened for us. We simply will not do that. We long for that. We long for it. Our organization "Enough" has had a media professionals - was it October, November? We've had a vigil at Christmas. Our purpose is to inform people, to - to invite people - adult survivors, parents of children who've been abused, not just in the way our son Adam was abused but in other ways - to invite them to say something, to act, to talk, to identify themselves. We have as an additional purpose, ah, changing legislation. We're not sophisticated in that regard but we know people who are. We have scheduled for the 15th of May in Golden Gate Fields a rally - what we call a rally - where there will be large numbers of people, hopefully a lot of you, politicians . It's a great year to have rallies - there are lots of politicians. We'll do whatever we need to get people so that we can inform them. We invite - we want people in general; we want professionals; we want survivors; we want grandmothers and grandfathers and students. People...people need to be informed.

...are not in place to protect our children. My son cannot be protected. He cannot be avenged. Now we refuse to go through the process...almost inevitable ...failing process... If the McMartin parents and Presidio parents...and that zillions...a number of other parents have gone through. They come to court...they can't testify... children can't...parents can't in most states. Hearsay is not admissible. How can my son testify? He was a year...he was in diapers when this happened. He was in diapers when he was raped. He can't testify. The law doesn't make room for him to testify. So we intend to change laws. No, we will not change laws. The people who should be changing laws will be change laws. What we hope for is to get so many voices shouting at people to act - legislators - people who are equipped to have influence - the clergy, police - that they cannot be ignored. And we won't stop short of that. We'll up the ante to whatever extent we have to until something happens. We're committed to that. Uh, if you're interested in what we do we have enough literature out there - you can even have a button. There's a basket with buttons, we invite to take that. Jamie's here. She's... Jamie is...identify you Jamie...is a survivor and she's putting together a book written by survivors. And there is literature available for you out there. You will have two reactions out there. I see them now. Some of you will open your eyes and some of you will close them. I've... I see that reaction out there now...it's about half and half. I'm used to that. I'm actually gratified that more of you are opening your eyes rather then closing them. That's gratifying me. It's gratifying. And I...I...as I get more graphic I see those two dramatic reactions...opening and closing. I encourage you to hold them open long enough to see and not to do what is so tempting to do which is to deny...or to relegate to insanity. Something that, if fact, happens on a large scale all over the country. The rallies, by the way, are not limited to San Francisco. They will be in other parts of the country as well. You're invited to participated in that. We want...we need...a lot of help. We have a lot and we need a lot. That's what I wanted to say. Thank you.


Felix Polk was dead four years after delivering this speech.

The unanswered question is why he was killed , and whether his murder
was due to his activism against SRA.
Was his wife part of the occult? Was she the one who placed Adam with
this cult, and was she compelled by them to silence Dr. Felix Polk ?

03-01-2012, 08:46 PM


Horowitz's wife Pamela Vitale was murdered by a sixteen year old possibly Jewish kid, Scott Dyleski, who looks like a possible cult member, a goth who wore makeup and long hair.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Dyleski#Murder_of_Pamela_Vitale_and_criminal _trial

Dyleski was born in San Francisco, California to Kenneth Dyleski and Esther Fielding. His parents separated when he was three years old, and Scott was raised by his mother. During elementary school, Scott moved with his mother to Lafayette, California, and began living in the home of another family, with whom they had long been friends. Dyleski attended Lafayette public schools, including Acalanes High School, where he dressed in dark clothing and was described as a "non-conformist" by a fellow student.

Authorities believe Dyleski was surprised by Vitale during a burglary of her home. They alleged that he killed Vitale by striking her numerous times in the head, possibly with a rock, and then carved a symbol into her back. During the trial, Prosecutor Harold Jewett tried to establish that the symbol found on the victim's back closely resembled the letter "H" in the word "hate" from a bumper sticker reading "I'm for the separation of Church and Hate", which was seized from Dyleski's bedroom.[2] The coroner's autopsy report describes the marks on Vitale's back as an "H-shaped figure cut into skin of posterior torso"[4] and "3 intersecting superficial incisions...forming an H-shaped pattern with extension".[5]

During the trial, the kid cartoon Invader Zim was cited. The prosecution asserted that the defendant had a fascination with images of body parts. They drew attention to comments he had made after watching the episode "Dark Harvest", in which Zim collects human organs in an attempt to appear more human. Witnesses for the defense said that the comments were made in jest.[7] A chilling to-do list was purported to have been written by Dyleski. Dyleski exercised his right to remain silent and did not testify. No DNA experts were called to rebut the prosecution's DNA evidence.

Vitale and Horowitz had been married nearly 11 years when, on October 15, 2005, he found his wife dead at the mobile home in Lafayette in Contra Costa County, California. The couple had lived in the mobile home since they were married although the dream home they had been building on the same acreage was near completion when Vitale was murdered. At the time, Horowitz was defending Susan Polk in her murder trial.[18] Medical examiners have concluded that Vitale died from blunt trauma to the head. When contacted via cell phone by a Bay Area newspaper, Horowitz said, "I can't talk, I can't. It's beyond words." [19]

03-01-2012, 09:15 PM
Dan Horowitz Interview, Widower of Pamela Vitale - YouTube

oddly, Daniel Horowitz is not only a high profile lawyer, but also covered the Scott Peterson trial as a reporter for NBC and covered the Michael Jackson molestation trial.....???? And listen to all the convoluted shenanigans surrounding the handling of the physical evidence of
Scott Dyleski's 'guilt'. Somethings going on....Scott may have been
framed , when all this evidence suddenly appeared implicating him.


Horowitz became a national media personality when he became a regular television commentator during the Scott Peterson trial. Since the Peterson trial, Horowitz has been a commentator on other high profile cases such as the Michael Jackson trial, the Mellissa Huckaby trial in Tracy, California,[3] and the Anna Nicole case.[4]
High Profile Cases

Horowitz, recently represented conservative talk show host, Michael Savage in Savage's lawsuit against CAIR. The judge sided with CAIR and dismissed Savage's lawsuit in 2008 [5]

Horowitz represents San Francisco Police officer Andrew Cohen in Cohen's personal injury lawsuit against San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and police chief Heather Fong. This lawsuit arises out of Cohen's so called comedy video tape that led to the "VideoGate" controversy.[6]

Horowitz also represented Kimberly Bell, the former girlfriend of San Francisco Giants slugger, Barry Bonds. Bell testified against Bonds before the Grand Jury that later indicted Bonds for perjury arising out of his denial of steroid use.[7]

Horowitz' defense of husband killer Susan Polk was portrayed on Dateline NBC.[8]

Horowitz also represented Dr. Wilmer Origel, a chiropractor who was accused of 11 felony charges, of using anesthesiology without a medical license, money laundering, and insurance and workers' compensation fraud totaling $5 million.[9][10] The case became controversial because Horowitz's legal fees were paid by local taxpayers once his client ran out of money to pay for his own representation. Many felt Horowitz's bill would rapidly deplete county funds that were "used to pay local attorneys who represent criminal defendants too poor to hire lawyers themselves.[11]" Horowitz argued that the fees paid to appointed attorneys in Stockton were so low that it almost guaranteed that the clients would receive substandard representation and won the battle over fees. The jury hung 10-2 for acquittal and all charges were later dismissed.[12]

Recently Martin Garbus and Horowitz had mixed results on a case involving author Terry McMillan ("How Stella Got Her Groove Back") who sued her ex-husband for $40 million.[13] The Court of Appeal ruled that McMillan could proceed in her lawsuit against her ex-husband for his alleged misconduct at the time of their divorce but could not proceed against his attorney who they alleged used television publicity to force a settlement of the divorce.[14]

On June 21, 2009, Horowitz hung another jury (8-4)in a high profile murder case involving a PC World editor killed in a home invasion robbery involving marijuana. One co-defendant pled guilty and testified against the other two. The jury convicted one defendant but hung against Horowitz' client.[15]

this stuff is getting into the realm of that famous coroner whose name turns up everywhere, Cyril Wecht

Wecht became famous appearing on television and consulting on deaths with a high media profile. Some of the cases include; Robert F. Kennedy, Sharon Tate, The Symbionese Liberation Army shootout, John F. Kennedy, The Legionnaires’ Disease panic, Elvis Presley, JonBenét Ramsey, Dr. Herman Tarnower (the Scarsdale diet guru), Danielle van Dam, Sunny von Bülow, the Branch Davidian incident, Vincent Foster, Laci Peterson and most recently Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith

these two guys seem to turn up everywhere, sort of like Arlis' husband
Dr. Bruce Perry, only worse. Everywhere its this trail of dead wives
and dead husbands and the occult and mind control and high profile media coverage.

04-01-2012, 02:11 PM
this is a repost

David McGowan on the McMartin preschool coverup, excellent article

http://educate-yourself.orgcnpedophocracypart4mcmartinpreschoolau g01.shtml

August 2001

Rarely has such a strange and little-understood organization had such a profound effect on media coverage of such a controversial matter. The [False Memory Syndrome] foundation is an aggressive, well-financed PR machine adept at manipulating the press, harassing its critics, and mobilizing a diverse army of psychiatrists, outspoken academics, expert defense witnesses, litigious lawyers, Freud bashers, critics of psychotherapy, and devastated parents.
Columbia Journalism Review, July/August 1997

If there is anyone who can relate to the sentiments expressed by the Presidio and West Point parents, it is the mothers and fathers of the children who attended the infamous McMartin Preschool. The McMartin case was, of course, the largest and most well publicized of the multi-victim, multi-perpetrator ritual abuse cases that captured headlines in the 1980s. It was also a case that was grotesquely misrepresented by the media, both mainstream and 'alternative' perhaps nowhere more so than in the appalling writings of Nation columnist Alexander Cockburn, who went so far as to write an op-ed piece entitled The McMartin Case: Indict the Children, Jail the Parents which ran in The Wall Street Journal on February 8, 1990.

Virtually everyone agrees that the children of McMartin were victimized. There is considerable debate, of course, over whether that victimization was by abusive caretakers, or by overzealous therapists and prosecutors. Either way, Cockburns stance on the case was unconscionable and should have sent a clear signal to the progressive community that there was considerably more to the McMartin allegations than met the eye. The harsh reality is that the McMartin Preschool, in conjunction with at least two other Manhattan Beach preschools and one babysitting service, was the center of a very large child prostitution and child pornography ring whose operations appear to have been protected and covered up by any number of local, state and federal officials.

A glimpse of the true nature and scale of the McMartin case is offered by an official correspondence from Sergeant Beth Dickerson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to Agent Kenneth Lanning at the FBI Academys Behavioral Sciences Unit in Quantico, Virginia, dated February 10, 1985:

In August 1983, the Manhattan Beach Police Department began an investigation regarding allegations of sexual abuse occurring at the McMartin Preschool... Altogether, approximately 400 children were evaluated by therapists at Children's Institute International. All interviews were videotaped and 350 children disclosed sexual behavior...

In all, the victims named seven teachers (six women and one male) at the preschool as having molested them. These individuals are currently charged with 209 counts of child molestation. Also named are about 30 other individuals still uncharged, as well as numerous unidentified 'strangers.'

McMartin victims allege sexual abuse occurred on school grounds as well as at a local market, churches, a mortuary, various homes, a farm, a doctor's office, other preschools and other unknown locations...

Most children state they were photographed in the nude... They mention drinking a red or pink liquid that made them sleepy... Children disclose animal sacrificing (bunnies, ponies, turtles, etc.) and some of this occurred in churches. Victims describe sticks put in their vaginas and rectums and also being 'pooped' and 'peed' on. Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted.

In May 1984, another preschool investigation began in the same policing jurisdiction stemming from a McMartin victim who identified the Manhattan Ranch Preschool as a place where he was taken and molested... additional children have begun disclosing sexual abuse (approximately 60) and they have named six or more additional suspects... These children talk of strangers coming to the school and molesting them, being taken off campus and molested, being photographed nude and some talk of animals being abused. The children talk of being hit with sticks and of being 'peed' and 'pooped' on...

[T]he resources of the police department and the District Attorney's office were not sufficient in order to follow up on the multitude of uncharged suspects in both preschools... The Task Force became operational on November 5, 1984. It should be noted that the Task Force has two other preschools under investigation for alleged sexual abuse in addition to McMartin and Manhattan Ranch. One, the Learning Game Preschool, is clearly linked to McMartin.

An astounding 460 children reported being sexually abused at the three closely linked Manhattan Beach schools. Even more astounding, investigative author Michael Newton (among others) has noted that Childrens Institute International determined a full eighty percent displayed physical symptoms, including vaginal or rectal scarring, anal bleeding, painful bowel movements, and the 'anal wick reflex' associated with violent penetration. The stories told by the victim/witnesses were remarkably similar as to the nature of the abuse, the locations where the abuse took place, and the perpetrators of the abuse. And these were not, as is commonly believed, only preschool children telling such stories; some of the witnesses were former students in their teens and twenties, and their stories corroborated those of the children.

The older witnesses were not allowed to testify at the McMartin trials, however, as the statute of limitations for the crimes committed against them had expired. Many of the younger witnesses were unable to offer testimony as well, for various reasons most notably because they were too severely traumatized. Even so, as author Jan Hollingsworth has pointed out, prosecutors had at their disposal more than a hundred child witnesses as old as eleven and a truckload of medical reports bearing documentation of scarred genitals and anuses. The stories told by these children, it should be noted, were not fed to them by some diabolical team of therapists and headline-seeking journalists. Many of them were offered spontaneously to hundreds of parents and scores of childcare specialists. And many of the victims of the McMartin Preschool, all adults now, still tell the same stories today.

Anyone suggesting that the allegations in the McMartin case were true and that a massive cover-up concealed the true nature and scope of the case is likely to be labeled a 'conspiracy theorist.' The most preposterous conspiracy theory surrounding McMartin, however, has always been the notion that some cabal of overzealous therapists was able to implant 'false memories' of heinous abuse in the minds of nearly 500 individuals, and have them persist to this day.

Despite the vast number of eyewitnesses - most of them bearing physical evidence of abuse - and despite the fact that the judge who presided over more than a year of pre-trial testimony ruled that the state had more than enough evidence to proceed to trial, District Attorney Ira Reiner inexplicably dropped all charges against five of the seven McMartin defendants on January 17, 1986. Six days before that, he had summarily dismissed two prosecutors on the case.

At least three-dozen suspects who had been independently identified by numerous witnesses were never indicted at all. One of these was a man named Robert Winkler, who was arrested in neighboring Torrance, California and charged with running a baby-sitting service out of the Coco Palms Motel that authorities described as a front for a sexual abuse ring. Children in the McMartin case recognized Winkler in news footage as the man they had known as the 'Wolfman.' The kids described Winkler as being a frequent visitor to the school, who oftentimes delivered drugs for use in abusive rituals, which were sometimes conducted in churches, a cemetery, or a crematorium. The Wolfman, conveniently enough, turned up dead on the eve of his trial, allegedly of a drug overdose.

Winkler was not the only one to miss his day in court in conjunction with the McMartin case. Judy Johnson, the first McMartin parent to lodge a complaint, never delivered her scheduled testimony. Her body was found sprawled naked on the floor of her home, her death said to be due to complications from her chronic alcoholism. Before her death, she was regularly derided by defense attorneys and their media allies as a deranged crank. In truth, Johnson was not known to have any mental problems, or a drinking problem, before learning of the unthinkable abuse her child had suffered. Considered a key prosecution witness, Johnson received frequent threats before her death and she was followed when she ventured out in public. Many of the other McMartin parents were openly skeptical of Johnsons stated cause of death.

A former Hermosa Beach police officer named Paul Bynum, who had been hired by the parents of victims as a private investigator, turned up dead on the eve of his scheduled testimony as well. His death by gunshot was ruled a suicide, though those close to Bynum dispute that finding. Among other things, Bynum may have testified about his examination of the tunnel excavation project conducted at the school site. This was, of course, the object of much derision by the media. The fact that the children repeatedly told stories of tunnels under the property by which they could be secretly transported to and from the school, and in which they were subjected to horrific abuse in a secret room, was frequently cited as proof that the children's stories were fabrications. It was universally accepted that the tunnels did not actually exist, that being the consensus view of the media and law enforcement authorities. Nevertheless, while it is true that the investigation commissioned by the District Attorney's office found no evidence of tunnels, another investigation, ignored by the media, certainly did.

Many of the parents were not satisfied with the superficial examination by the DA's office and commissioned another investigation of the site when the property was sold in April 1990. To lead the project, they hired E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., a highly regarded archeologist recommended to them by the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Program of the Archeology Department at UCLA. Stickels résumé included serving as a consultant to George Lucas on the Indiana Jones movies. Also brought on board were several other technical specialists. As Stickel wrote in his report on the excavation, by engaging a highly recommended professional archeological team, [the parents] hoped to bring scientific authority to whatever might be found or a definitive resolution for whatever was not to be found. And what the team found was precisely what the children, for the previous seven years, had been telling them they would find:

The project unearthed not one but two tunnel complexes as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children's reports. One had been described as providing undetected access to an adjacent building on the east. The other provided outside access under the west wall of the building and contained within it an enlarged, cavernous artifact corresponding to children's descriptions of a secret room.

Both the contour signature of the walls and the nature of recovered artifacts indicated that the tunnels had been dug by hand under the concrete slab floor after the construction of the building... Not only did the discovered features fulfill the research prequalifications as tunnels designed for human traffic, there was also no alternative or natural explanation for the presence of such features...

If the stories of the children were bogus fantasies, there is no excuse for the tunnels discovered under the school. If there really were tunnels, there is no excuse for the glib dismissal of any and all of the complaints of the children and their parents.

This investigation was completed before the McMartin trials concluded, and yet this devastating evidence was never presented in court by the prosecution team. The existence of this detailed report - complete with photographs and maps of the tunnel complex - was known to the local and national press, but it was never reported. To this day, it is denied that any tunnels ever existed under the McMartin Preschool. The denial of the tunnels is necessary to maintain the illusion that the children were not credible witnesses, that illusion being an essential component of the cover-up. For if the children were credible, the implications run far deeper than the tunnels under the school. There are, for example, the stories told by the children of being pimped out as child prostitutes in private homes and businesses all over the community. They also spoke frequently of being photographed and videotaped while being abused. District Attorney Robert Philibosian publicly declared the McMartin Preschool to be an elaborate front for a massive child pornography operation. Twenty-three parents filed a civil lawsuit making the very same claim.

Other stories told repeatedly by the children were even more disturbing. They told of being forced to witness and participate in the ritual torture, killing and mutilation of animals and, on occasion, of human babies and children as well. They spoke of being forced to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the slaughtered corpses, of witnessing the beheading of infants, and of being forced to stab infants themselves. They told as well of being sealed in coffins with the mutilated corpses. And they spoke of being subjected to every sort of depraved sexual activity imaginable, including necrophilia, coprophilia and bestiality. The abuse was of such stunning brutality that it is almost beyond human comprehension that anyone could inflict such physical and psychological torture on children. And yet these stories were soon being told by thousands of other kids across the country as preschool abuse cases spread like wildfire. Young children from all walks of life, and from all parts of the country, were all telling remarkably similar stories of horrific ritual abuse.

How was this possible? If they were all victims of false memories,how vast a conspiracy would be required for therapists all across the country to implant the very same memories in all of these children? Experts have noted that the victimized children show a level of knowledge that defies rational explanation if the kids have not experienced what they claim to have experienced. For instance, these child victims can accurately describe the look, smell, texture and colors of human viscera. This is an ability, it has been argued, that very few adults possess, other than those who have been trained as surgeons or coroners. These children also display a remarkable level of knowledge of a wide variety of unconventional human sexual practices, including many acts that, again, most adults do not have knowledge or awareness of. If these children did not experience these things firsthand, then how did they gain such knowledge?

In February 1985, officer Sandi Gallant of the San Francisco Police Department submitted a report to her superiors noting the similarities in numerous ritual abuse cases. She had gathered evidence from fellow officers and police departments across the country and summarized the evidence referenced in the police reports submitted to her. An excerpt from her report reads as follows:

The information contained herein is distasteful and bizarre, to such a degree that one would choose to discredit it. However, research that I have done in this area has revealed that numerous cases of this type are surfacing around the country and in Canada. The similarities in the stories of each child victim used in these crimes tend to give credibility to the information revealed by others. Additionally, the psychiatrists and therapists who have been treating the victims state that the consistency of the stories and the explicit details revealed cause them to believe that these children are telling the truth. It is also the belief of each law enforcement officer who submitted information for this report that the victims are being truthful and that, in fact, children would be unable to make such stories up.

During my research, similarities began surfacing which indicate the strong probability that there exists a network of people in this country involved in the sexual abuse and possible homicides of young children. These cases appear to differ from isolated cases of abuse towards children in that the crimes mentioned here have been committed with one common goal in mind that of mutilating and murdering children for ritualistic or sacrificial purposes. Many of the cases reported also reveal the possibility of child pornography beyond the normal type of kiddie porn in that these children are photographed during rituals with some members in robes or other garb and candles, snakes, swords, altars and other types of ritualistic material being used.

Gallant requested that the report be sent on to the chief of police for him to review and then forward to the FBI. Following his review, however, the chief declined to submit the report. Gallant next tried to get the U.S. Department of Justice to review the paperwork, but she was rebuffed there as well.

As for the McMartin case, there has never been any question that the children there were horrifically abused. Though rarely noted in press reports, the jurors were clearly of the opinion that that was, in fact, the case. The hung juries and acquittals in the various proceedings were the result of the jury members inability to identify the perpetrators of the abuse, not the reflection of any belief that there wasnt any abuse. The jurors attributed their inability to identify the perpetrators to the inept presentation of the prosecutions case.

Also rarely noted in the reporting on the trials is that the matriarch of the McMartin family - Virginia McMartin - admitted on the stand that one of her own granddaughters believed that her own children had been molested at the school. Virginia McMartin, incidentally, was more than just your run-of-the-mill preschool operator. In the mid-1960s, she achieved a sort of semi-celebrity status in the childcare field, and traveled extensively as a consultant, including stops in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and England.

Another notable aspect of the McMartin trials is that the defense team was allowed to subject the child witnesses to the longest pretrial hearing in the nations history. Facing a battery of as many as seven rabid defense attorneys, the already severely traumatized children were verbally assaulted for weeks on end in a deliberate attempt to break them. The state made little effort to protect these young victim/witnesses.

In the final analysis, the logical conclusion to be drawn from the McMartin case is that 460 kids did not all conspire to lie about the abuse they suffered. They also did not likely lie about their involvement in child prostitution and child pornography. They certainly did not lie about the tunnels under the school. They probably did not lie about their forced involvement in satanic rituals, in which adults sheathed in black ceremonial robes uttered chants. In fact, at least one such robe was seized from the home of a defendant. And perhaps most tragically, there is good reason to believe that they did not lie about the blood sacrifices either.

1. Constantine, Alex Virtual Government, Feral House, 1997
2. Hollingsworth, Jan Unspeakable Acts, Congdon & Weed, 1986
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7. Stanton, Mike ;U-Turn on Memory Lane, Columbia Journalism Review, July/August 1997
8. Stickel, E. Gary, Ph.D. Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site, Manhattan Beach, California (unpublished report of investigation)
9. Summit, Dr. Roland C. The Dark Tunnels of McMartin, Journal of Psycistory, Spring 1994

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video: TLC documentary on satanic murders

Pact with the Devil:

Part 1

Pact with the Devil - Documentary (part 1 of 3) - YouTube

Part 2

Pact With the Devil - Documentary (part 2 of 3) - YouTube

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Pact With the Devil - Documentary (part 3 of 3) - YouTube

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This is a case which involved two female twins, the Ross twins:

In 1987, three foster children under the age of 10 -- one boy and his younger twin sisters -- were placed in a single Saskatoon foster home. Michael Ross was found to have been sexually abusive to his younger sister, Michelle. He was removed from the family in 1989-SEP, and placed in a new foster home, headed by Lyle and Marilyn Thompson. Shortly after being relocated, he started to tell his new foster parents of bizarre child-adult orgies, baby sacrifice, ritual abuse, and bestiality against a group of 13 adults. He accused his former foster parents Dale and Anita Klassen, as well as Richard Klassen, Dale's brother, his birth parents, and others. His recount was confirmed at the time by his sisters, who were moved into the Thompson home in 1990-MAY. Corporal Brian Dueck of the Saskatoon Police Service investigated the allegations and brought his findings to senior Crown prosecutor Terry Hinz. Hinz refused to have the adults charged because he felt that the police investigation was incomplete. The file was later picked up by Crown prosecutors Sonja Hansen and Matthew Miazga who proceeded with the case.

On 1991-JUL-10, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers arrested Kari and Richard Klassen in Red Deer, Alberta. Their three children -- aged six months, two years and eight years -- were seized and placed in temporary care. The Klassens were charged with sexually abusing the three foster children. The children had stated that the Klassens and many other adults had forced them to consume blood, drink urine, and eat human eyeballs and feces. They were compelled to eat a neighbor's newborn baby who had been skinned, barbecued in the backyard, and buried. No body was ever found. They were forced to engage in sexual acts with dogs. Eventually, 16 adults were arrested and charged with over 70 counts of sexual assault, incest and gross indecency. Terry Hinz studied the file and found that there was no new information added since he had reviewed the case. One of the accused, Pamela Shetterly, said: "I thought these stories could well and easily....be sorted out. I thought there are ways to prove such things, and to me it would only be a matter of recourse once we were in the justice system.'' 3

In a curious twist, on the eve of their trial in 1993-FEB, Klassen's father, Peter, agreed to plead guilty. He already had a previous conviction from years earlier for abusing children. In exchange for his guilty plea in this case, charges against all but three of the other adults were dropped. Peter Klassen said "I was under pressure. I felt I had no alternative. I figured I'd take the fall and relieve (the other adults) of this." He spent four years in jail.

The charges against 12 of the 16 adults were stayed. The children's birth parents, Don Ross and Helen Ross, and their mother's 68 year old boyfriend, Don White, were tried and found guilty. Dr George Fraser testified as an expert witness on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Ritual Abuse (RA). He was allegedly a specialist in Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) at that time, and headed the Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) unit at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, in Ottawa, ON. At the time of the trial, Dr Fraser and many other members of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation (ISSD) believed that MPD was often caused by Satanic, sadistic or ritual abuse to young children. The three defendants were found guilty.

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For those unacquainted with my work on fetal memory and the reenactment of fetal trauma,(25) it may seem arbitrary and excessive to claim that cultic ritual involves regression all the way back to birth. Yet I think this is the only way to make sense out of the specific elements of cult rituals. (Cuits relive each traumatic moment of birth in their rituals. They put children in cages, boxes and coffins as symbolic wombs. They hang them upside down, the position of fetuses. They plunge children into water, push their heads into toilets, and otherwise reenact the experience of being in amniotic fluids and the anoxia that all fetuses feel during birth. They drink victim's blood as fetuses "drink" placental blood. They force children to drink urine, as fetuses do in the womb, and eat feces, as some do during birth. They often hold their rituals In actual tunnels, symbolic birth canals, or within magical symbols that represent wombs or birth canals. In fact, every one of the 16 elements that cult researchers such as Jean Goodwin and David Finkelhor have regularly found In cult rituals(26) are symbolic reenactments of birth traumas. Without birth as the Rosetta Stone of cult ritual, these acts make no sense at all. "Why make rape so complicated?" researchers have asked when they discuss the details of costume and sequencing of sadistic acts In cultic ritual. The answer is: "Because the sequence of acts reproduce a very specific fetal drama that must be recapitulated." When did we all ever "drink" blood? Only in the womb.

Cults often even kill actual fetuses in their ritual. In addition, "death-and-rebirth" elements are overtly made part of the ritual. Cults of the past usually proclaimed the group would be reborn through the sacrifice of children and contemporary cults go through death ritually in graveyards with rebirth elements such as members going through the legs of others in order to he reborn. One ritual described In the literature involves the victim going into a trance, naked and bound, being carried into a cave by a group of naked women, then going through their legs "while the women swayed, howled and screamed as though In childbirth," cutting umbilical bonds, and being sprinkled with water.(27) Michelle remembered her rebirth ritual as follows. A "small baby" was first cut and its blood rubbed on hen She was put next to the dead baby, and then the baby was put between her legs and stabbed with a cross, rubbing the mess" all over her, as though the dead baby's blood had "power" In it. Then she was "painted with red stuff" and made to stick her head between a woman's legs, and "with my head stuck between her legs...she made me crawl out.. she breathed into my mouth and my nose... (28) She also told about another ritual that started with her upside down inside a Devil statue made out of plaster and covered with blood. She said she felt like "toothpaste in a tube" as she was squeezed out: "I'm being born. I have something thick wrapped around my neck. [A man is] cutting that cord around my neck so it doesn’t choke me to death. He says he is giving life to me. “(29) More graphic reenactments of birth could not be imagined.

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http://abcnewsradioonline.com/storage/news-images/122811_MichaelPlumadoreMugshotFlorida.jpg?__SQUARE SPACE_CACHEVERSION=1325105412761


this story of a Fort Wayne, Indiana, babysitter who purportedly acted alone when he murdered a 9 year old girl that he was babysitting raises some red flags:

By Associated Press, Published: December 30, 2011

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A trusted family friend who confessed to police that he bludgeoned to death a 9-year-old Indiana girl in his care then dismembered her just days before Christmas was formally charged Friday in the killing.

Michael Plumadore, 39, was charged in Fort Wayne with murder, abuse of a corpse and removing a dead body from the scene in the Dec. 22 death of Aliahna Maroney-Lemmon.

Edenfield said she couldn’t comment on a possible motive before the case went to trial.

Plumadore had been looking after Aliahna and her two younger sisters because their mother was sick. He had looked after Aliahna’s dying grandfather and her family had considered him a trusted friend and neighbor.

According to court documents, Plumadore told police he hit the girl repeatedly in the head with a brick on the steps of the trailer where he had lived with her grandfather. He then put the girl’s body inside trash bags and stuffed it inside a freezer in the trailer.

Plumadore told authorities that he later used a hack saw to dismember her body.

Police questioned Plumadore several times over the weekend and arrested him on Monday, at which point he told police that he had hidden Aliahna’s head, feet and hands at the trailer and discarded her other remains at a nearby business. Police obtained a warrant to search the trailer and found the body parts.

Allen County Coroner E. Jon Brandenberger has said he won’t be able to determine the cause of death until further tests are completed, including microscopic findings and toxicology results.

The Daily Iowegian reported Friday that Plumadore was accused in November 2010 of making inappropriate phone calls and sending text messages to a 13-year-old girl while he was living with that girl’s father in Moravia, Iowa.

Court records obtained by the newspaper state that Plumadore was allegedly “stalking her, sending her explicit sexual text messages and photographs.”

Plumadore faced a petition for relief of domestic abuse in that alleged case, but an Iowa judge later dismissed the petition because it didn’t meet the relationship requirement for a protective order, the Daily Iowegian reported.

The newspaper also reported that while she was living in Iowa with her mother, Aliahna was the victim of a January 2010 sexual assault in which a 19-year-old man fondled her. That man later pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent contact with a child.


Convicted: James Lemmon, Aliahna's grandfather, was convicted of child molesting

So this is quite the family this girl has. Grampa looks like an old drill sargeant, and is a convicted child molester. She's got a sex offender living alone in her trailer with her and her two sisters, having been sexually assaulted a year before by another sex offender living with her mother in Iowa.
Then she's murdered by a babysitter, on Dec.22nd, suspiciously close to winter solstice, with no witnesses as to where the murder actually took place, her whole body not even present in the trailer.

This reminds me of the daycare cults, where they take children in their care to hell and back, and you just have to wonder how many of the moms know
what's going on, and do nothing to stop it. Same thing in this case. This girl in the care of what looks like a family of pedophiles winds up frozen and dismembered to conceal the actual cause and time of death, right at winter solstice near Fort Wayne, Indiana, and none of that is supposed to look suspicious? I suspect he didn't act alone. I suspect there's some military
mk cult in Fort Wayne connected to this . Just look at this guy:



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Chilling: Michael Plumadore, who allegedly murdered and dismembered 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon (far right), posted this photo of her and her two sisters on Facebook with the words 'Three Little Princesses'

Michael Plumadore

name: Micheal Ken Plumadore
event: Birth
event date: 16 Nov 1972 - correct DOB
event place: Graham, North Carolina
other birth location: Outside County (Unknown)
gender: Male
race: White
father: Daniel Ralph Plumadore
mother: Theresa Lynn Faulkner
page: 47
volume: 28

Daniel R. Plumadore, 54, died August 2, 2005, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division where he was awarded the Bronze Star. Plumadore was a member of Vietnam Veterans of America-Springfield Chapter 866.

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"Frances Bean’s Fiance Says They Are Homebodies

Could Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of '90s rock royalty, the late Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain and his widow Courtney Love, be a homebody? Apparently so, according to Frances Bean's fiancé, Isaiah Silva, who recently spoke to People about his relationship with the 19-year-old.

"We don't go out to clubs so you won't find us stumbling out of them with Lindsay Lohan. We stay at home, read books and watch 'Arrested Development,'" Silva told People.

Silva, who is 26 and fronts the rock band The Rambles, added, "We're each other's everything."

Silva said his attraction to Cobain is more than physical. "I love strong, opinionated, intelligent women."

Until Silva was 18, he and his family were followers of the Fullerton Assembly of God, a strict religious group that, according to Silva, had a different outlook on gender roles. "Women in the [group] were totally oppressed, but I am very pro-woman," he said.

Silva's family eventually stopped following the sect's doctrine and the budding musician pursued his interest in punk and took up the guitar with friends.

"I had to grow up much faster than I would have liked," he said. "I've been through a lot. But now, I'm totally happy."

Silva's band The Rambles have played Los Angeles venues including the Viper Room and are scheduled to perform at SXSW in Texas this March. Their forthcoming EP was recorded with Zac Brown Band producer Keith Stegall.

Silva's bandmate Mark Kuchel said Cobain supports their music. "Frances comes to most of our shows that she can get into," he said. He added, "They're quiet and shy. They're a great couple."

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this book looks like another whitewash put out by the satanists
who own and control everything from banks to publishing houses
to media consortiums, but it does contain some interesting information
by the looks of it:


Book Description
Publication Date: April 25, 1995
In 1988 Ericka and Julie Ingram began making a series of accusations of sexual abuse against their father, Paul Ingram, who was a respected deputy sheriff in Olympia, Washington. At first the accusations were confined to molestations in their childhood, but they grew to include torture and rape as recently as the month before. At a time when reported incidents of "recovered memories" had become widespread, these accusations were not unusual. What captured national attention in this case is that, under questioning, Paul Ingram himself appeared to remember participating in bizarre satanic rites involving his whole family and other members of the sheriff's department.

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'On Wednesday, defense attorneys
unsuccessfully tried to keep him off the
witness stand, saying that as a defense
investigator Bynum shared with them an
attorney-client privilege.'

So Bynum was scheduled to testify against the defense on Friday,
but was found dead on Thursday, the next day after the Wednesday
that the defense had tried to keep him from testifying,
and the day before he was scheduled to take the stand.
Interesting too that his wife was also a Los Angeles police
officer. Now we know who shot him. No doubt she got the
house, whatever insurance , etc.


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Cops & Customs Agents Caught Drug Smuggling

New cases follow September 2007 crash of CIA plane containing 4 tonnes of cocaine

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet

Following last September's crash of a Gulfstream jet used by the CIA for torture flights that contained 4 tonnes of cocaine, more customs officials and cops have been caught in drug smuggling and drug dealing rackets.

Customs supervisor Walter Golembiowski and officer John Ajello face narcotics, bribery and conspiracy charges after they were arrested for helping smuggle drugs and contraband through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

"The investigation has led to the indictment and prosecution of more than 20 people — “from distributors to overseas sources of supply” — and the seizure of more than 600 pounds of imported hashish and other drugs from the United States and France," according to a CNN report.

Meanwhile in Texas, Cameron County Constable Saul Ochoa was arrested by the FBI yesterday morning for possession and distribution of marijuana.

Ochoa's brother is Justice of the Peace Benny Ochoa III of Port Isabel and his cousin is Port Isabel Police Chief Joel Ochoa.

"The grand jury charged Ochoa with possessing five to 10 pounds of marijuana on four different days in May with the intent to distribute. Each of the four counts carries a maximum five years in prison and $250,000 fine," according to a Brownsville Herald report.

While reports of customs agents and cops dealing drugs are almost routine, the real head of the hydra has always been CIA involvement in smuggling drugs that end up on America's streets, a symbiotic process that also helps finance wars and terrorist groups to do the bidding of the U.S. government around the world.

The corporate media will report on lesser drug smuggling scandals involving cops and customs agents, but when it comes to the gargantuan sprawling CIA drug smuggling racket, the silence is deafening.

CIA Torture Jet crashed with 4 Tons of COCAINE - YouTube

In September 2007, a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA was forced to crash land in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula after it ran out of fuel.

After accident investigators arrived on the scene they discovered a cargo of nearly 4 tonnes of cocaine.

Journalists discovered that the same Gulstream jet had been used in at least three CIA "rendition" trips to Guantanamo Bay between 2003 and 2005.

Kevin Booth's underground hit documentary American Drug War features footage of former DEA head Robert Bonner admitting that the CIA was involved in cocaine smuggling operations.

Former DEA agent Cele Castillo, who has appeared on The Alex Jones Show many times, personally witnessed CIA drug smuggling operations funneled through terrorists that were also involved in kidnappings and the training of death squads on behalf of the U.S. government.

Investigative reporter Gary Webb was instrumental in exposing CIA cocaine trafficking operations before his alleged suicide in 2004. In the You Tube clip below, Webb traces the history of Agency involvement in drug smuggling and its links to financing wars in central America.

Gary Webb on C.I.A. Trafficking of Cocaine - YouTube

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"More lawsuits filed over sex abuse of Haitian boys

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Seventeen Haitian men are suing Fairfield University in Connecticut, the Society of Jesus and others alleging they failed to protect them from a man who sexually abused them when they were poor children or young adults attending a school he founded in Haiti.

The lawsuits bring to 21 the number of alleged victims suing Douglas Perlitz and the others. Perlitz was sentenced in 2010 to nearly 20 years in prison for sexually abusing children at Project Pierre Toussaint.

The victims ranged from ages 9 to 21 at the time of the abuse and are now 18 to 29.

The lawsuits seek $20 million for each victim. They contend Perlitz's supervisors disregarded warning signs of inappropriate behavior with boys.

The Rev. Paul Carrier, a Jesuit priest who was Fairfield University's chaplain, saw Perlitz show a student a pornographic video and saw boys in his bedroom, according to the lawsuits. A school board member, Hope Carter, flew to Haiti in 2008 and removed Perlitz's computer, according to the lawsuits.

"It appears that Carter removed the computer or computers to prevent investigators, including, ultimately, federal law enforcement personnel, from discovering pornographic material, which may have included pornography relating to young boys, stored on the computer or computers," the lawsuit states.

Carter delivered the computer to Perlitz in the United States, according to the lawsuit. Authorities later seized the computer, which Perlitz had used to access websites focusing on sexual material relating to boys.

Federal authorities say an investigation is continuing.

The lawsuits say none of the defendants took any steps to protect the children in Perlitz's care.

"On the contrary, they facilitated Perlitz's crimes by continuing to provide him money and facilities to run PPT in the face of evidence that Perlitz was maintaining inappropriate relationships with boys in his care," the lawsuit states.

The Society of Jesus called the crimes "deeply disturbing" but said the school wasn't a mission of the society, also known as the Jesuits. Telephone messages were left Thursday for the other defendants.

The defendants have sought dismissals of the first lawsuits filed last year.

Fairfield University said it did not retain or employ Perlitz and that Carrier was a volunteer officer of the Haitian school, which is separate from the university. Carrier also called himself a volunteer and argued he's immune from liability and that there was no evidence he knew of the abuse. Carter's attorney said there was no allegation that Carter knew of any sexual misconduct by Perlitz or that Carter "consciously assisted" Perlitz's abuse.

The lawsuits argue that Fairfield University, which is operated by the Jesuits, raised more than $600,000 for the school and hired Perlitz in connection with the Haitian school and was negligent in its duty to supervise him. The suits say the Society of Jesus had the same responsibilities with Carrier, who served as chairman of a fund that ran the school.

Those who were abused by Perlitz told school staff, according to the lawsuit. Carrier and Carter failed to speak to the victims in a setting where they could feel safe about reporting what had happened, the suits say.

The school conducted an investigation after learning of the abuse claims in 2007 and 2008, but that probe was designed to discredit the claims and exonerate Perlitz, according to the lawsuits. Carrier and Carter prevented other school board members from questioning independent witnesses, the lawsuit alleges.

Mitchell Garabedian, an attorney for the victims, said the abuse shows rules put into place by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002 were either ignored or ineffective."

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The 15th Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

August 10 – 12, 2012

DoubleTree near
Bradley International Airport
16 Ella Grasso Turnpike
Windsor Locks, CT

Internet conference information:

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Was the band 'The Melvins' named after underground operative
Melvin Belli? Some interesting facts contained in the following article.
It appears that the famous lawyer Melvin Belli was a key operative in hyping the threat of the Zodiac killer. He was involved with what was likely a member of the California paparazzi paid to pose as the Zodiac killer in a publicity stunt, with Belli taking a possibly pre-arranged call from the purported Zodiac killer on a local San Francisco talk-show.
Belli was also involved with the group of people who arranged the Rolling Stones famous outdoor rock concert at Altamont Speedway, where the Hells Angels fatally stabbed a man who was attempting to shoot Mick Jagger.
Courtney Loves father Hank Harrison and Ken Kesey and the whole 'Operation Chaos' slate of operatives have been linked to Altamont.
Belli was also a military trial lawyer. Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, and the Hells Angels were all clients of Melvin Belli. Bellis another one of these
Cyril Wecht types who seem to be up to their eyeballs in everything.

interesting article:

Melvin Belli, the "Birthday" Call and The Zodiac

On the night of October 11, 1969, the Zodiac murdered cabdriver Paul Stine and removed a portion of the victim's shirt. Days later, the killer mailed an envelope to the offices of The San Francisco Chronicle. Inside, the Zodiac had included a blood-soaked piece of Stine's shirt along with a letter that traumatized the Bay Area for decades. In his customary cavalier style, The Zodiac wrote, "School children make nice targets. I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning just shoot out the frunt tire and pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out."

The Zodiac's threat to assassinate school children terrified children and parents everywhere, and created a nightmare of security concerns for police and school officials. Armed men escorted children to and from schools while patrol cars and even aircraft followed along and monitored the surrounding area. As media coverage of Zodiac's murderous plans increased and fears of a horrific ambush grew, a local television station was the setting for a chilling scene.

In the early morning hours of October 22, 1969, the Oakland police department received a phone call from a man claiming to be the Zodiac. The caller said he wanted famous Boston attorney F. Lee Bailey to appear on a local television talk show, but told the operator that he would settle for San Francisco lawyer Melvin Belli in the event Bailey was unable to appear.

Hours later, Belli was the guest on the show with host Jim Dunbar. A man called the KGO television station several times, and, in conversation with Belli, claimed he was the Zodiac and that his name was “Sam.” One exchange revealed that Sam had been interested in Belli for some time.

DUNBAR: Talk to us. Just, tell us what’s going on, inside you, right now. Please.

CALLER: I have headaches.

DUNBAR: Right.

BELLI: How long have you had those headaches, uh, Sam? Been a long time?

CALLER: Since I killed a kid.

BELLI: Well, was it before December that you had the headaches?

CALLER: (pause) Yes.

BELLI: If, did, were you in service, that you might have had an injury in service, did you ever fall out of a tree or down stairs? Were you ever unconscious?

CALLER: (pause) I don’t know.

BELLI: You don’t remember. Does aspirin do you any good?


BELLI: Doesn’t do you any good?



BELLI: Damn stuff never did me any good either.

DUNBAR: - Sam, let me ask you a question. Did you, um, did you attempt to call this program one other time when Mr. Belli was with us? And, you called -


DUNBAR: Did you try to call us one other time about, oh, two or three weeks ago when Mel Belli was with us?


DUNBAR: And you, uh, well –

BELLI: You couldn’t get through, and we were talking?

DUNBAR: And you couldn’t get through, the phones were tied up, is that it?


BELLI: Sam, let me ask you this – There’s some reason why you go to a particular doctor or a particular priest, and some reason why apparently you wanted to talk to me, or Lee? Is it that you feel we have compassion for people who get in trouble? Or, is that you feel that we can do something for you? Or is that you feel we’re, we’re, have enough integrity that if we promise you something, that we’re gonna stick to it?

DUNBAR: Well, let’s find out why he wanted to talk to – Why did you want to talk to Mr. Belli, Sam?

CALLER: I don’t want to be hurt.

At one point during the exchange, the caller threatened, “I’m gonna kill those kids!” Belli persuaded Sam to meet with him in person, but, due to the media circus surrounding the secret meeting, no one was surprised when Sam failed to appear at the agreed upon location. Efforts to trace Sam’s calls to the KGO switchboard were unsuccessful. A surviving victim and two police dispatchers had all spoken with the real Zodiac and, after listening to audio tapes of the caller’s voice, all agreed “Sam” was an imposter.

In the weeks after his televised phone conversations with “Sam,” Melvin Belli worked with rock legends The Rolling Stones as they attempted to find a concert venue somewhere in San Francisco. Belli worked as mediator between The Stones and Dick Carter, the owner of the Altamont Speedway. (These conversations and other footage featuring Belli with the famous band members can be seen in the film GIMME SHELTER.)

On December 6, 1969, crowds gathered at the site of the concert at the Altamont Speedway. Melvin Belli arrived and made his way through the mass of spectators. The infamous motorcycle gang The Hells Angeles served as security, reportedly in exchange for large quantities of beer, and gang members were involved in various hostile and violent incidents with fans throughout the concert. Fans were shocked when Alan Passaro, a 21 year-old Hells Angel, stabbed a man as the band played on.

When the man died, the brutal stabbing quickly became a media nightmare for The Rolling Stones, and a serious legal problem for The Hells Angels. The concert had been recorded on film as part of the upcoming movie, GIMME SHELTER, and the film revealed that the victim had pointed a gun at lead singer Mick Jagger before the Hell’s Angel intervened.

A few days after the December 6 concert, the district attorney called the owner of the Altamont Speedway and informed him that the he and the Hell’s Angels would face charges in the killing of the gunman. The owner then called members of the Hell’s Angels in an attempt to locate the missing gun used by the victim. The owner hoped the gun and the concert footage would prove that Alan Passaro had acted to protect Jagger and others from the gunman and, therefore, should not face charges.

Once the Angels located the weapon, the Altamont owner contacted attorney Melvin Belli, who had helped the Rolling Stones arrange the concert at the speedway. Belli told the owner to put the gun in a shoebox and bring it to his office. The owner followed Belli’s instructions and took the weapon to Belli’s San Francisco office. While Belli was able to help the gang members temporarily avoid prosecution, the district attorney later filed first-degree murder charges against Alan Passaro. (A jury acquitted Passaro in January 1971, and stated that he had acted in self-defense.)

Melvin Belli left San Francisco on December 20, 1969, to attend a conference of military trial lawyers held in Munich, Germany. On that same day, the Zodiac mailed a letter to Belli’s home. Postmarked December 20, the envelope arrived at the attorney’s residence on December 23. Belli’s housekeeper then forwarded the envelope to the attorney’s office. After the Christmas holiday, office employees opened the envelope and found it contained a written plea for help and a blood stained scrap of cloth. Belli’s staff immediately notified the San Francisco Police department.

Handwriting experts concluded that the Zodiac had written the letter, and police confirmed that the scrap of cloth did, in fact, come from the shirt worn by the Zodiac’s last known victim, cabdriver Paul Stine.

Paul Avery, reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle contacted Melvin Belli by phone in Munich, Germany on December 28. Belli commented on the Zodiac letter and offered his help to the Zodiac. Avery’s article (see photos below) appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle on December 29, 1969, and specifically stated that Belli was “en route to Germany” on the day the letter had been postmarked – December 20, 1969. Avery also mentioned that the housekeeper had forwarded the letter. Belli described his travel plans to Avery, who wrote, “Belli said he is scheduled to remain in Europe for several weeks – he has a trial starting next week in Naples, and then plans to fly to Algiers (Africa) to confer with fugitive Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver …”

On January 14, 1970, SFPD Inspector William Armstrong contacted the FBI to report that someone claiming to be the Zodiac had called the home of Melvin Belli and asked to speak with the famous lawyer. (see photo of this report below) The report read:

1 14 70 RE: SAN FRANCISCO AIRTEL DECEMBER TWENTY NINE LAST. On instant date Insp. (name redacted), Homicide Detail, San Francisco Police Department, confidentially advised that UNSUB, who identified himself as ‘Zodiac,' telephonically contacted attorney Melvin Belli's residence in effort to contact Belli. UNSUB was advised Belli was in Europe and stated, ‘I can't wait. Today's my birthday.'

This report was marked “URGENT” and directed to the “Identification Bureau.”

According to the report, San Francisco police requested that the FBI “re-check” the fingerprints of a suspect who had previously been reported to the Bureau, suggesting that the birth date of the caller was the same as the date the call had been made. The name, and birth date of the suspect, were redacted before the report was released to the public, leading to speculation regarding the actual date of the call. The first line of the report read, "RE: SAN FRANCISCO AIRTEL DECEMBER TWENTY NINE LAST," and has been misinterpreted as the date that San Francisco police notified the FBI regarding the "birthday" call. Each FBI report includes the date of the last report referencing the same subject matter. On December 29, San Francisco police contacted the FBI to report the Zodiac's most recent attempts to contact Melvin Belli by mail. Per FBI procedure, the next report to reference the Zodiac's possible attempts to contact Belli cited the most recent report on the subject.

The report stated that the FBI was contacted by San Francisco police “On instant date.” This term is used in official documents to quickly and clearly denote the current date, time, or subject - in short, “instant date” translates to today’s date. As the report is dated January 14, 1970, logic dictates that the "birthday call" took place on or shortly before January 14, 1970.

FBI files indicate that police were quick to report developments to the FBI. The SFPD sent dozens of requests to the FBI for assistance in the investigation, including fingerprint and handwriting comparisons, checks for criminal records, identifications of suspects, suspect information, examination of coded messages, and more, including simple memos to correct the spelling of a suspect’s name. In one instance, police requested copies of the fingerprints belonging to a potential suspect and arranged with the FBI for the evidence to be flown from Washington to California on the same day the request was submitted.

The “birthday” call inspired police to set up a trace on Belli’s home phone in the hopes that future calls from “The Zodiac” would lead to his location and identity. On February 18, 1970, Inspector Armstrong contacted the FBI to report that the individual who had been calling Belli at the television station had been identified and located. The calls had been placed from a mental institution, and the caller, who had used the names “Sam” and “The Zodiac,” was actually a patient named Eric Weil.

An amateur photographer, Eric Weil lived in the Bay Area during the 1960s. "By all accounts, Eric was just one of those guys who showed up everywhere with a camera," wrote a former acquaintance. "My efforts to track down Eric were unsuccessful. One person I interviewed was pretty sure Eric ended up doing time in prison not long afterwards."

On December 3, 1965, songwriter and rock legend Bob Dylan appeared at a press conference held in the studio of San Francisco television station KQED and hosted by the music lover, Ralph J. Gleason. Eric Weil attended the conference and took photographs with a Polaroid camera throughout the event. As the conference began, Weil had an odd question for Dylan.

GLEASON: Who’s first? Come on.

WEIL: I’d like to know about the cover of your, of your forthcoming, or your, uh, uh, album - the one with Subterranean Homesick Blues in it. I’d like to know about the, the meaning of the photograph with you and the wearing of the “Triumph” tee-shirt.

DYLAN: What did you want to know about it?

WEIL: Well, that, you know, that, that’s an equivalent photograph, it means something, it’s got a philosophy in it – (audience laughs; Dylan is amused) – and I’d like to know visually what it represents to you, because you’re a part of that.

DYLAN: (searching for an answer) I haven’t really looked at it that much, I don’t really –

WEIL: (emphatically) I’ve thought about it a great deal.

DYLAN: All right, it was just taken one day when I was sitting on the steps, you know. I don’t, uh, I don’t really remember, really, uh, too much about it.

WEIL: What about the motorcycle as an image in your, in your songwriting? You seem to like that.

DYLAN: Oh, well, we all like motorcycles, to some degree.

WEIL: (quietly) I do.

Weil's fascination with celebrity was evident during the 1965 press conference and during his 1969 telephone conversation with Melvin Belli on KGO television. Speaking as “Sam,” Weil admitted to TV host Jim Dunbar that he had previously attempted to call the television station during Belli’s appearance on the program several weeks earlier. Weil’s behavior indicated that he had become fixated with Belli, and that the calls to Belli’s home were part of his ongoing efforts to establish contact with the publicity-loving lawyer.

In his 1971 summary of the Zodiac case, reporter Paul Avery wrote that Eric Weil had been identified after calls to Belli’s home were traced to the mental hospital. In his 1975 book, GREAT CRIMES OF SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Duffy Jennings stated that police had been able to locate “Sam” after calls to Melvin Belli’s home were traced to the hospital in Oakland. Jennings wrote that police believed the imposter had been responsible for the calls to the television station as well as call to the Oakland police department in October. San Francisco investigators cleared Eric Weil as a Zodiac suspect.

The FBI report is the only official document to mention the so-called “Zodiac birthday call” to Belli’s residence. The call is not mentioned in any of the hundreds of pages of reports produced by the Vallejo police department, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Justice or the San Francisco police department. If authorities had any reason to suspect that the real Zodiac was responsible for the birthday call, the important information regarding the killer’s possible date of birth would most likely appear somewhere in the official files generated during the decades of investigation.

The fact that someone claiming to be the Zodiac had made such a call was not disclosed until 1999, when the FBI files regarding the Zodiac case were released to the public through the Freedom of Information Act.

Robert Graysmith’s 2002 book, ZODIAC UNMASKED, cited the FBI report and claimed that this call was made by the real Zodiac on the December 18 – the birthday of his chosen suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen. No one had ever attributed the “birthday” call to the real Zodiac until Graysmith did so in this book. Graysmith was also the first and only person to claim that the call had occurred on the birthday of his suspect.

Graysmith’s account of the call varies. On page 362 of ZODIAC UNMASKED, under the date "Thursday, December 18, 1969," Graysmith wrote, "Zodiac called the attorney's home, but got his housekeeper instead." Graysmith cited the lone FBI report, # 9 49911 88, dated January 14, 1970, as the source for his date of the call.

Under the date "Saturday, December 20, 1969," Graysmith wrote, "Two days after the call, exactly a year after the first Northern California murders, Zodiac's letter containing a square of Stine's bloody shirt arrived at Belli's home. Unopened, it was forwarded down to his business office to be opened by his secretary." On page 365, Graysmith wrote, "...December 20, a letter from Zodiac arrived at Belli's office."

Graysmith provided a quote from Belli on page 363 of ZODIAC UNMASKED. "On December 18, 1969, the Zodiac mailed me a brief note wishing me a happy Christmas. I went off to safari in Africa. But while I was there, the Zodiac, according to my housekeeper, phoned me several (more) times."

(Graysmith inserted the word, “more,” into Belli’s quote in order to imply that Belli had mentioned a previous call when, in fact, he did not do so.)

Belli dated the letter December 18 but did not provide the date of the phone calls. He stated that he was "off to safari in Africa" while the Zodiac was phoning his home. Belli’s timing of the event indicates that he did not leave San Francisco until after the Zodiac had mailed the letter on December 20, 1969. Belli’s statement, made long after the time in question, indicates he may have been confused about where he had traveled at the time, but his statement that he left after the Zodiac mailed the letter is consistent with the account of his travel plans provided to reporter Paul Avery.

Using the available information, the following timeline accounts for Belli’s whereabouts:

Dec 6 thru Dec 20 = San Francisco

December 20, 1969 = Belli departs for Europe

Dec 20 thru Dec 28 = Munich, Germany

Dec 28 thru Jan 2/3 = Munich, Germany

Jan 2/3 thru Jan 9/10 = Naples, Italy

Jan 9/10 thru Jan 14/on = Algiers, Africa

This rough estimate places Belli in San Francisco until December 20, when he departed for Europe. Belli remained in Europe until he left for Africa some time in the second or third week of January.

If Belli was correct, and the calls to his home were placed while he was in Africa, the calls took place some time in the second or third week of January of 1970. The only FBI report to mention this birthday call is dated January 14, 1970, or the end of the second week of January.

Graysmith wrote that Belli had returned to California after he had been in Naples. According to Belli’s statements, he was scheduled to be in Naples during the first week of January. Belli also said that the Zodiac calls had occurred after he had arrived in Africa. Belli was scheduled to be in Africa sometime during the second or third week of January. If Belli had returned to California he must have done so sometime in the middle of January before he traveled to Africa.

All of the available information indicates that the call occurred shortly before or on January 14, 1970. None of the available information indicates the call occurred on December 18, 1969.

Graysmith’s books served as the basis for a new film directed by David Fincher (Se7en). In the film, the so-called “Zodiac birthday call” serves as a lynchpin of Graysmith’s accusation that his suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, was the Zodiac. Facts are changed and the sequence of events surrounding Belli are rearranged.

One curious scene shows Toschi and Armstrong arriving at the home of Melvin Belli while Christmas music plays. Inside, they find the melodramatic attorney sitting behind his desk and holding a new letter from the Zodiac. Belli reads the letter to the inspectors who are not happy with him. Belli says that the people have a right to know about the letter and Toschi says, “Which is why you contacted the Chronicle.”

Armstrong asks when the letter arrived and Belli says that the envelope came during “the middle of last week.” He believed that the Zodiac had chosen to write to his home because he had been unable to contact Belli at the TV station or “here.” Armstrong asks, “He tried to contact you here?” Belli responds, “Several times,” and explains, “I was out but he spoke with my housekeeper.” Armstrong then runs off to question the housekeeper.

The facts demonstrate that Belli was in Munich, Germany, and not in San Francisco, when the Zodiac’s letter arrived at this home on December 23, 1969. He was not at his home and did not touch the Zodiac letter, nor did he contact the Chronicle before alerting authorities. Belli did not tell police about phone calls to his home because no such calls had occurred at that time. The FBI files state that Belli’s housekeeper did not report receiving any phone calls from someone claiming to be the Zodiac at the time in question but several weeks later in January 1970.

Immediately after this scene of the film, a title on the screen reads, "March 22, 1970 - 2 1/2 Months Later." Approximately 2 1/2 months before March 22, 1970 would date the scene in Belli's home in the second week of January, or the time of the FBI report that mentions the "Zodiac birthday call."

In another scene, Graysmith sits in the home of Melvin Belli, waiting to meet with the famous attorney. Melvin’s housekeeper brings the cartoonist some refreshments while he moans about the length of his wait. He tells her that he is writing a book about the Zodiac case and the housekeeper says, “I talked to him.” Graysmith asks, “With Mr. Belli, about the case?” and the housekeeper replies, “With Zodiac, when he called.” She tells Graysmith that the caller had said it was his birthday.

When asked to recall the date of the phone call, the housekeeper says, “Mr. Belli was away for Christmas, gone for a week…then the letter arrived.” She further states that Belli “came back on Christmas.” Graysmith deduces, “So, the call came before December 20” and says to himself, “So, he (Belli) left on the 18th.”

Graysmith never interviewed Belli’s housekeeper, and he did not learn of this so-called “birthday” call until 1999 with the release of the FBI files on the Zodiac case. These files demonstrate that the phone calls to Belli’s home occurred in early 1970, and that these calls were traced to the patient in a mental hospital.

Belli did not leave for Europe on December 18, but on December 20, as he told reporter Paul Avery. Belli was not in San Francisco for Christmas as the housekeeper described in the film, but in Munich, Germany, as is well documented in press accounts of that time.

After the scene with Belli’s housekeeper, the film shows Graysmith as he breathlessly dials Toschi for confirmation on the “birthday” call. Toschi is evasive but then tells the cartoonist that, had his partner checked on the call, he would have to “put that in a report” for the Department of Justice.

Any reports Armstrong filed with the Department of Justice would have stated that the phone calls to Belli’s home were traced to a mental patient and were not made by the real Zodiac. Toschi therefore had no reason to tell Graysmith otherwise.

Graysmith is also shown speaking with Agent Mel Nicolai of the State Department of Justice in Sacramento, California. Nicolai states that none of the suspects had been born on December 18, the day Graysmith believes the “birthday” call took place. The agent says, “Armstrong checked this out.”

Had Armstrong "checked this out," he would have known that his own suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, was born on December 18. Obtaining a suspect’s date of birth and other vital statistics is usually the first thing on an investigator’s list of things to do. None of the investigators seemed to notice this important fact, indicating that they knew that the “birthday” call did not take place on December 18, and they considered the call to be of little importance in the investigation.

Near the end of the film, Robert Graysmith appears at the home of SFPD Inspector David Toschi, proudly produces Arthur Leigh Allen’s drivers license, and cites the December 18 “birthday” call to attorney Melvin Belli. Toschi seems impressed by Graysmith’s discovery concerning Allen’s date of birth and the date of the “birthday” call. In reality, Toschi knew that the “birthday” call did not occur on December 18, and that the call was placed by a patient in a mental hospital, not the Zodiac.

In the final analysis, several conclusions are inescapable:

- The man who called the TV station on October 22 and spoke with Melvin Belli by phone was not the Zodiac, but Eric Weil.

- The real Zodiac mailed a letter to Belli’s home on December 20, 1969, the day that Belli departed for Europe.

- The letter was received several days later and the SFPD alerted the FBI on December 29.

- The media reported the story in late December while Belli was in Europe.

- The media attention provoked the TV caller to call Belli’s home some time in January of 1970.

- Belli’s housekeeper told the the caller that Belli was in Europe.

- The housekeeper contacted police to report the Zodiac call.

- Shortly after receiving this information, the SFPD alerted the FBI on January 14, 1970.

- SFPD then placed a tap on Belli’s phone and once the man called again, they were able to trace the call to a mental hospital and patient Eric Weil.

- On February 18, 1970, the SFPD informed the FBI that the matter had been resolved.

- The “birthday” call was forgotten because it was not made by the real Zodiac.

- The real Zodiac did not call Melvin Belli.

06-01-2012, 05:42 PM
this book looks like another whitewash put out by the satanists
who own and control everything from banks to publishing houses
to media consortiums, but it does contain some interesting information
by the looks of it:


Book Description
Publication Date: April 25, 1995
In 1988 Ericka and Julie Ingram began making a series of accusations of sexual abuse against their father, Paul Ingram, who was a respected deputy sheriff in Olympia, Washington. At first the accusations were confined to molestations in their childhood, but they grew to include torture and rape as recently as the month before. At a time when reported incidents of "recovered memories" had become widespread, these accusations were not unusual. What captured national attention in this case is that, under questioning, Paul Ingram himself appeared to remember participating in bizarre satanic rites involving his whole family and other members of the sheriff's department.

Isn't this one a classic? Whereas the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
once relied on smearing victims with accusations of having 'false memories',
the above case presented with the little problem that one of the perpetrators confessed to it, a respected deputy sheriff no less.

Their solution? Accuse him of having false memories.
I guess they couldn't just shoot him once it had gone high profile,
especially in the wake of the McMartin scandal and related murders
which had happened in Los Angeles (not far away from Olympia on the West Coast) in just the previous year. A cop had already been shot
in connection with the McMartin case, which also alleged police

06-01-2012, 05:54 PM
Here's yet another incident of those evil filthy minded daycare toddlers and children alleging police involvement in satanic ritual abuse, this time in Saskatchewan:

Martensville satanic sex trial

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Martensville satanic sex trial occurred in Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1992, where allegations of daycare sexual abuse accompanied claims of satanic ritual abuse.


In 1992, a mother in Martensville, Saskatchewan alleged that a local woman who ran a babysitting service and day care center in her home had sexually abused her child. Police began an investigation and allegations began to snowball. More than a dozen persons, including five police officers from two different forces, ultimately faced over 100 charges connected with running a Satanic cult called The Brotherhood of The Ram, which practiced ritualized sexual abuse of numerous children at a "Devil Church".[1]

The son of the day care owner was tried and found guilty.

Children told stories of Rod, Linda and Travis Sterling taking them
blindfolded and gagged, on terrifying rides to a place called the Devil's
Church - a square blue building out in the country with jail cells. They
said that they were raped, confined in cages, penetrated with axe handles
and vibrators, whipped, thrown naked into freezers, thrown naked outside
during winter (Saskatchewan winters are dreadfully cold). The children
talked about witnessing a ritual murder, a child's nipple being bitten off,
drinking of blood, a body dumped into an acid bath, a dogg stabbed to death
and its eyes poked out. One of the children claimed to have had an axe
handle forced into his anus!

A child drew a picture of the vibrator used; it had blue ends and a white
centre. (The police actually had found a vibrator in the Sterling's home.
It was cream coloured. However, when it appeared on TV, the lighting made
it appear to be blue and white). There were suggestions of pornographic
pictures being taken and Satanic rituals.

A total of two women and seven men were eventually charged:
-Rod Sterling husband of Linda, age 46
-Linda Sterling wife of Rod, age 46, operator of a baby sitting service
-Travis Sterling son of Rod & Linda; prison guard
-Darryl Ford previous Martensville police chief
-Ed Revesz Martensville police officer prior to Ford
-Jim Elstad Martensville police constable, 5 yr experience
-John Popowich Saskatoon police officer, corporal
-? Sabourin RCMP officer
-a juvenile

The Sterling family received 60 charges, later reduced to 45. Included
were sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, unlawful confinement,
intercourse with a minor, attempt to render a boy incapable of resistance
by suffocation. Travis was found guilty of 8 charges; his parents and
the police were found not guilty on all charges. The investigation and
trial covered 2.5 years.

god, those evil, foul mouthed little toddlers at it again.
And always having sexual fantasies about anal sex
with the police.... Someone oughta wash their mouths
out with soap. Betcha its some nationwide toddler cult
where toddlers all fantasize about this stuff and plot false accusations.

06-01-2012, 06:19 PM
Pickton inquiry told of police leadership failure
Report says police management 'washed their hands' of missing women mystery

The Canadian Press
Posted: Nov 21, 2011

A massive leadership failure within the Vancouver Police Department stalled the investigation into reports of missing sex workers in the late 1990s, the public inquiry into the Robert Pickton case heard Monday.

That failed leadership extended all the way up to the chief, who was apparently unaware of the most basic details of the case and did nothing to ensure it was taken seriously, according to a review prepared by an outside police agency.

"While some recognized the increased number of missing women as significant, certain officers failed to take ownership and ensure the proper resources were dedicated to the problem," says the report by Deputy Chief Jennifer Evans of Ontario's Peel Regional Police.

Evans' report offers scathing criticism of both the Vancouver police and the RCMP, which together failed to stop Pickton as he hunted sex workers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He was able to continue killing for years after he was first identified as a suspect.

Portions of the report were read at the hearings Monday, as Vancouver's current deputy chief, Doug LePard, entered his second week of testimony. LePard said he agrees with nearly all of Evans' conclusions.

By early 1999, the investigation consisted of just a single dedicated officer, despite growing concern within the community and among Vancouver police officers that the disappearances weren't being taken seriously.
Chief unaware

That officer, Det. Const. Lori Shenher, gave a public presentation in the Downtown Eastside in February 1999, providing an update on the investigation. She told the audience it was her opinion "the majority of these women have met with violence" – an assessment she had already shared with her superiors months earlier.

All of that appeared to come as news to the chief at the time, Bruce Chambers.

"The fact that [Chambers] was shocked at the news in February '99 following Det. Const. Shenher's community meeting demonstrates that senior management was not aware of such an obvious concern to the community," said Evans' report.

"I believe he took no action to address the concern. I believe he did not recognize or take ownership of the missing women issue during his tenure."

The missing women investigation didn't receive any additional resources until April 1999, when Const. Dave Dickson, a well-known beat cop in the Downtown Eastside, was assigned to the case. In May, a review team was created consisting of six officers and a civilian clerical worker.

The problems weren't confined to Chambers, according to Evans' report, but reflected an apathy that defined how Vancouver police management viewed the missing women investigation. That, in turn, prevented the investigation from receiving adequate resources, Evans wrote in her report.

For example, in September 1998, a working group was preparing to launch an investigation into whether a serial killer might be at work in the Downtown Eastside and was weeks away from issuing a news release to inform the public.

But the head of the force's major crimes unit, Insp. Fred Biddlecombe, didn't believe the missing sex workers had met foul play. He successfully argued to have the working group disbanded.

Biddlecombe didn't receive any pushback from others on the force's management team, wrote Evans.

"It's unfortunate that members of senior management could not discuss their concerns regarding the missing women issue in a more constructive manner, instead of deferring ownership and effectively washing their hands of it," said the report.
Succeeding chief took no action

That lack of urgency didn't change when Chambers was replaced and a new chief, Terry Blythe, took over, according to Evans' report.

Blythe was already aware of the missing women's case, having encountered it when he was deputy chief of the section within the force that handles major investigations.

"I believe it was his responsibility to pursue that information and remain informed," said Evans' report.

"He had every opportunity to review what was going on and take action. I saw no evidence of that. I believe he failed to take ownership over the issue and ensure that this growing concern was addressed in the best possible way."

The inquiry has already heard allegations that both the Vancouver police and the RCMP were slow to investigate reports of missing sex workers and neither dedicated enough attention or resources to solve the case.

The Vancouver police has already offered a public apology for failing to catch Pickton, and an internal report released last year admitted a number of failings.

The RCMP has not offered such an apology or admitted there was anything wrong with its investigation.

An internal report prepared in 2002, released at the inquiry lastmonth, offers a relatively positive review of the RCMP'sinvestigation and concludes “nothing would have changed dramatically if those involved had to do it over again."

Pickton was arrested in 2002, when a junior officer who wasn't working on the missing women investigation obtained a search warrant related to illegal firearms.

The arrest set off a massive search of Pickton's farm, where investigators found the remains or DNA of 33 women.

Pickton was eventually convicted of six counts of second-degree murder, though he has claimed that he killed a total of 49.

07-01-2012, 12:45 PM
"Girl, 8, dies 'of dehydration' after vanishing into Australian desert with convicted paedophile

Schoolgirl weighed less than 20kg when she was found because of dehydration
Paedophile Augustine Miller, 38, has been charged with a firearms offence

An eight-year-old girl died of dehydration in the Australian desert after being taken on a hunting trip by a convicted paedophile.

Augustine Miller, 38, took the child on a shooting trip with him but they became stranded.

Although police discovered them two days later, the young girl was so dehydrated that she weighed less than 20kgs when she was found.

Officers who discovered the paedophile and young girl in the desert in Warburton, Western Australia, rushed her to hospital.

However, she fell unconscious as she was driven more than 200 miles to Tjirrkarli and later died.

Following the death, Miller is due to appear in court charged with being in possession of an unlicensed firearm.

However, a police investigation into exactly what happened is still on-going.

The convicted paedophile was jailed in January 2006 for 15 months after being found guilty of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

Police said the man's child sex conviction was 'not relevant' to the investigation.

He was due to appear before Kalgoorlie Magistrates Court over but the hearing was cancelled because he was too ill.

The paedophile - also known as Darcy Miller - has not yet spoken to officers after he was rescued from the desert because he is dehydrated.

He is currently in a stable condition in hospital.

Inspector Bill Munnee said despite police attempts to revive the girl she could not be saved.

'The girl was severely dehydrated, she had lost consciousness and we the police administered CPR for some 60 minutes or more,' he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

'And the heroic efforts of the police are commended here.

'They would not stop and they continued to administer CPR on the eight-year-old girl until the nurse from Warburton community arrived. She also continued and sadly they were unsuccessful and the girl was pronounced dead.'

The pair were found on January 2 in the remote area where temperatures hit 40C. They had disappeared on New Year's Eve.

Police had used helicopters and officers on the ground to search for them. The identity of the girl has not been released and it is unclear if Miller is a relative.

Forensic officers will examine the vehicle and the scene where the girl and the paedophile were found.

07-01-2012, 12:47 PM
Perverts: Alabama Teacher Confesses To Molesting More Than 20 Young Girls Over Period Of 25 Years

An Alabama schoolteacher was jailed on charges of sexually abusing a fourth-grade female student, and police said Thursday the man told them he molested more than 20 other girls over his 25-year career.

Alabaster police said Daniel Montague Acker Jr., 49, was charged with three counts of sexual abuse, and additional charges were possible.

“This is not a one-time event,” said Deputy Chief Curtis Rigney. “This happened over a period of 25 years.”

Acker taught fourth grade at three schools and drove buses in the Shelby County school system from 1985 until he retired in 2009. He was investigated on similar allegations in 1992, but grand jurors did not return an indictment, said Rigney.

A girl who is now 12 or 13 came forward within the last week claiming Acker molested her around 2009, when he was a teacher at Thompson Intermediate School, Rigney said. He wouldn’t say what drove the girl to go to police.

At least one instance of alleged abuse occurred in a classroom in front of other students, Rigney said, but it wasn’t clear whether the children saw anything or realized what had happened.

An attorney for Acker did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Acker was being held in the Shelby County jail with bond set at $225,000. A jail mug shot showed him wearing a vest meant to prevent prisoner suicides.

Acker remained on the school payroll as a substitute bus driver until this week, Rigney said. Acker’s father, Dan M. Acker, is a longtime commissioner in Shelby County, just south of Birmingham, but Rigney said there was no indication his father’s position helped the teacher avoid charges earlier.

Shelby County schools spokeswoman Cindy Warner said Acker was placed on leave while child abuse allegations were investigated in October 1992, and the county school board voted against firing him in February 1993 after grand jurors did not indict him. She said Acker was reinstated as a fourth-grade teacher at Creek View Elementary, where he worked before moving to Thompson Intermediate.

In a statement, Superintendent Randy Fuller said the district was cooperating with police and would no longer use Acker as a substitute bus driver or in any other capacity.

“We can only say that the allegations are shocking,” Fuller said. “We, as a school district, understand that child abuse is horrible with devastating consequences to victims and their families.”

07-01-2012, 02:29 PM
here is Wikipedia's woefully incomplete list of satanic ritual abuse cases,
which is interesting nonetheless because it mentions cases from Ireland
to South Africa, which most North Americans might not have been apprised of. (no doubt wikipedia's volunteer army of occult editors is busy
editing this page)

List of satanic ritual abuse cases

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Perth, Western Australia

In 1991, police in Perth linked Scott Gozenton, a self-professed Satanist, with organized child sexual abuse. His lawyer claimed 13 satanic covens existed in the area, holding bizarre orgies involving children, and that Gozenton had been followed and threatened by "coven" members throughout the court proceedings.[1]

Melbourne, Victoria

In 2001, the Melbourne diocese of the Catholic Church acknowledged as "substantially true" allegations that a Melbourne priest took part in Satanic ritual abuse in which a number of deaths occurred in the 1960s, and paid compensation to a surviving victim.[2]

Central Coast, New South Wales

In 1999, two journalists from the Sun-Herald claimed to have seen evidence of the ritual abuse of children. They interviewed six mothers whose children had disclosed experiences of SRA and organised abuse in New South Wales. The children's disclosures were corroborating, although they had never met one another, and they had been able to draw representations of "satanic" ritual sites which were similar to ritual sites uncovered by police on the central coast of New South Wales. One mother stated that her sons remembered being drugged and hypnotised. "He said they dressed in black robes and had eye and mouth pieces cut out," she said. "I know they're pretty dangerous people. I have had warnings outside the house telling me to stop investigations. We're fearful for our lives. The boys never want me out of their sight.".[3]


During the investigation of a Belgian serial killer Marc Dutroux, a number of women approached police claiming to be adult survivors of a network of sexual offenders.[4] One witness described of satanic ceremonies with a goal of disorienting new victims, causing them to doubt the reality of their memories and prevent disclosure.[5]


The Martensville satanic sex scandal occurred in Martensville, Saskatchewan in 1992, where day care sexual abuse escalated into satanic ritual abuse.


In 2007, a jury at Dublin Country Coroner's court unanimously ruled that the infant found stabbed to death over three decades ago belonged to Cynthia Owen.[6] The infant was alleged to have been murdered by its grandmother [7] The Minister of Justice had previously rejected a request by Cynthia Owen to have the body of the child exhumed, a decision Ms. Owen did not contest.[8] The inquest was prohibited from assigning blame due to the Coroners Act of 1962 and therefore returned an open verdict.[9] Also, the jury was instructed that the standard of proof was not the "beyond a reasonable doubt" benchmark of criminal trials, but rather the lesser standard of determining whether Owen's claims were true based "on the balance of probabilities".[9] Ms. Owen made claims about a stillborn second child buried in the family garden, but police found no human remains after digging up the plot.[10][11] The father of the child is alleged to be a member of the Garda Síochána who raped Cynthia Owen weekly. [12] Owen's parents, as well as her older siblings, deny her allegations of abuse.[12]

During the trial, Owen provided her account of incest, organised abuse, and satanic ritual abuse orchestrated by her parents involving at least nine other men and her account was supported by her psychologist.[13] She claimed that her brother, Michael, and sister, Theresa, were also abused, a charge that was denied by her older brother and father. One of the alleged abusers is Cynthia Owen's older brother, Peter Murphy Junior, while the father, Peter Murphy Senior, is also an alleged abuser [14]. One brother, Martin, [13][12] committed suicide in 1995 after revealing he had been sodomised in his family home, [14] while another brother, Michael, disappeared in 2002 and sister Theresa committed suicide shortly after the discovery of his body in 2005; Theresa's detailed 37-paged suicide note corroborated Cynthia's account.[12] A friend of Theresa's testified at the trial, stating that Theresa had spoken to him at length about her sexual abuse in childhood. Theresa Murphy committed suicide on February 24, 2005 as a result of childhood sexual abuse, this finding was supported by police evidence. [15] Theresa was the child of her older sister, Margaret Murphy. [12]

Following the findings of the Coroner's Court, Owen has raised questions regarding the disposal of her daughter's body and the failure of the police to investigate the murder.[16] In particular, she has highlighted the fact that no blood or tissue samples were kept, that the bag and sanitary towels found alongside the murdered child have gone missing, that the records of the first inquest into the murder have gone missing, and that her daughter was buried in a mass grave alongside other infants.[12] Owen claimed that the police knew about the murder and did nothing.[17] She also stated that she felt robbed of justice by her mother's natural and peaceful death.[17]

Owen's father, Peter Murphy Senior, and three of her sisters won the right to appeal the findings of the inquest from the High Court. The family claimed that the coroner was biased toward Owen, shielded her when giving evidence and was selective in the evidence presented to the jury.[18] According to recent reports, the case of the murdered child remains the subject of an ongoing investigation by the garda.[19] Peter Murphy Senior has since died. [20]


In 1998, six adults in Emilia-Romagna were arrested with allegations of prostituting their children and the production of child pornography. The children were also reported to be involved in satanic rituals.[21] In 2002, four people were arrested for "satanism and paedophilia" in Pescara. Police believed that the group may have abused dozens of children in rituals involving bodies stolen from ceremonies.[22] In April 2007, six people were arrested for sexually abusing fifteen children in Rignano Flaminio. The suspects were accused of filming the children engaged in sexual acts with satanic overtones.[23]

The Netherlands

In 1989 a group of parents published allegations in a conservative magazine that their children had witnessed SRA and had been ritually abused from May, 1987 until October 1988 in Oude Pekela, a city in the north-eastern province of Groningen, the Netherlands. During the initial investigation, only the non-ritual aspects were reported in the press and investigated by the authorities and the allegations were unconfirmed. In 1989 the conservative Christian news program Tijdsein reported allegations that included satanic ritual abuse, to which there was no official response. After attending a conference in which the concept of satanic ritual abuse was discussed, Oude Pekela general practitioners Fred Jonker and Ietje Jonker-Bakker alleged that several children had been abused by unknown men in the context of satanic rituals. This was first reported in a lecture at the Institute of Education of London University and later published in several academic journals in both English and Dutch,[24][25] but their findings were heavily criticised by American and Dutch scholars.[26][27][28][29] National authorities were informed in 1991 and 1992 of the allegations, though no action was taken until the press was informed.[30][31] The State Secretary of Justice responded to the allegations by appointing the Werkgroep Ritueel Misbruik multidisciplinary workgroup to study SRA in the Netherlands, which produced a report in 1994.[32] The report concluded that it was unlikely SRA had occurred or the allegations were factually true, suggested the allegations were a defence mechanism produced in part by suggestive questioning by 'believing' therapists, and that the stories were contemporary legends dispersed through a network of therapists and patients who were concerned with dissociative identity disorder.[32]

South Africa

In 1990, Gert van Rooyen and his accomplice were accused of murdering several young girls, ultimately committing suicide while running from the police.[33] One of the accused's stepsons was later himself accused of murdering a Zimbabwean girl in 1991; the same son claimed his father's victims were involved in international child pornography rings, slavery and Satanism ritual, claims which were partly corroborated with further investigation.[34][dubious – discuss] The case was so similar to crimes committed by Marc Dutroux that multiple agencies investigated a possible international smuggling ring in prostituted children and body parts.[35]

United Kingdom


The Cleveland child abuse scandal featured allegations of SRA.[39]


In 1990 there was a case in Rochdale which around twenty children were removed from their homes by social services who alleged the existence of SRA after discovering 'satanic indicators'.


In 1990-1991 nine children suspected of being sexually abused by their families and a child abuse ring were removed by social services in Orkney. The abuse was also alleged to involve "ritualistic elements".[41] The parents approached the media and made the case national and international news. .[41]


In October, 1987 children were removed from their families in Nottingham, and in February, 1989 a Broxtowe family was charged with multigenerational child sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse and neglect.


In 2003 allegations by three children in Lewis, Scotland resulted in the arrest of eight people for sexual abuse occurring between 1990 and 2000. A 2005 investigation by the Social Work Inspection Agency found extensive evidence of sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect.[46] Police investigation resulted in allegations of an island-wide Satanic pedophile ring.

A key witness who had implicated her family in the abuse and whose evidence was "vital" to the case of satanic abuse recanted her testimony in 2006[47][48] and the media raised questions about the nature of the police interviewing techniques.[47][48] with a police spokesperson replying that the witness was questioned appropriately and that allegations were made by numerous witnesses.[48]


In March 2011, four adults who lived in a cul de sac in the Welsh town of Kidwelly were convicted of multiple sex offences against children and young adults. They were part of a quasi-religious group described as a "satanic sex cult".[49] Members of the cult were initiated in a ceremony involving sex with an adult, and they were threatened with being killed if they did not take part in the ceremony. Some of the victims were forced into prostitution.[50] The prosecution said they practised "free sex" and were influenced by Aleister Crowley. They dressed in hoods and read from Crowley's "The Book Of The Law", and some victims were made to wear inverted crosses.[51]

United States

Main article: Kern County child abuse cases
Main article: McMartin preschool trial
Main article: Ricky Kasso
Main article: West Memphis 3
Main article: Little Rascals Day Care Center
Main article: Oak Hill satanic ritual abuse trial
Main article: Pace memorandum

In the United States, major allegations of Satanic ritual abuse occurred in the Kern County child abuse cases, McMartin preschool trial and the West Memphis 3, which garnered world-wide media coverage.

Jordan, Minnesota

The first such case occurred in Jordan, Minnesota, in 1983, where several children made allegations against an unrelated man and their parents. The man confessed and then identified a number of the children’s parents as perpetrators. Ultimately twenty-four adults were charged with child abuse though only three went to trial with two acquittals and one conviction.[52] Despite strong medical findings of sexual assault, all other charges were dropped after the young child witnesses decompensated under the duress of the criminal trial.[53]

During the investigation, the children made allegations regarding the manufacturing of child pornography, ritualistic animal sacrifice, coprophagia, urophagia and infanticide, at which point the Federal Bureau of Investigation was alerted.[54]

Hosanna Church, New Orleans

In December, 2007 Austin Trey Bernard was found guilty of raping his son and daughter, convicted despite a not guilty plea on the basis of three previous confessions and a detailed diary of his actions.[57] The allegations came to light upon the confession of one of the defendants.[58] Bernard confessed to sexual abuse of the children as well as satanically-themed ritualistic abuse including the use of animal parts and blood.[59] The room had been decorated with pentagrams that were partially destroyed[60] song lyrics and bible verses.[

07-01-2012, 07:19 PM
Lt. Col. Aquino was implicated in the following four cases:

February 26, 1992, MICHAEL A. AQUINO v. MICHAEL P.W. STONE, SECRETARY OF THE ARMY, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, 957 F.2d 139; 768 F.Supp. 529 (1991), Titling of Officer Affirmed;

Overview: Appellate documents, court documents, news articles, and Criminal Investigative Division [CID] transcripts state Michael Aquino, founder of a Satanist group, Temple of Set, was a Lt. Col in the Army Active Reserves. After an investigation at the Presidio Army base where he was stationed, he sued the Army after they "Titled" him under an investigatory report, which was released two months after the criminal statue of limitations ran, for indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing, and for his dismissal from the active reserves. The standard for Titling is “probable cause,” and in 1990 Lt. Col Aquino was processed out of the Army after a ritual child abuse investigation. Only one child victim, the daughter of the Chaplain of the Presidio, was named in the victim block although the word “children” was mentioned throughout the reports.

The child had identified Aquino as “Mikey” and his wife, Lilith, as “Shamby” after she sighted them at an Army PX on August 12, 1987. She told her mother that “Mikey was the ‘blood man’ because he had put blood on her and licked it off.” The CID investigators showed photographs to the child:
“Photographs do show a number of items that corroborate Kinsey’s and other children’s descriptions of the house where they were taken: (1) masks (2) guns (4) toy animals or dinosaurs (4) a lion picture on the wall and lions on the Egyption throne (5) a computer (6) camera (7) a black room with soft walls and (8) a robot.”

The investigation of Lt. Col Aquino, a very wealthy man, and his wife, Lilith, involved multi-jurisdictions and several children interviewed identified him from photo lineups as their alleged abuser, but the identification of Lilith Aquino was not persuasive. A child stated that during their abuse “Mikey” was dressed in woman’s clothes and “Shamby” was dressed in men’s clothing.

On March 15, 1989 the CID interviewed a child victim who gave details of that child’s sexual molestation in the context of satanic rituals by members of a “devil worship club,” during the years 1985-86, which the child said involved Lt. Col. Aquino. The child described the children being forced to chant that they “Hated God,” and “Loved the Devil,” before and after being molested which was filmed, in addition to providing detailed descriptions of murder and cannibalism. The bodies were reportedly kept in a basement and then “dumped” in a lake. The child gave detailed descriptions of the Aquino’s residence which matched the descriptions of other children - - black walls with crosses on the ceiling.

*An article dated Nov. 16, 1987 entitled “Second Beast of Revelation” in Newsweek magazine described the Presidio Daycare case and noted that Lt. Col. Aquino referred to himself as the Anti-Christ and he had an interest in the Nazi SS.

*In 1994, Temple of Set member Lillian Rosoff filed a restraining order against Michael Aquino, claiming he harassed her for leaving his “Church” after being a member for 18 years. [San Mateo County Superior Court Case #CIV-388423 – Case Sealed].

Internal court documents to Aquino vs. Stone can be ordered from: Office of the Clerk, Albert V. Bryan, US Courthouse, 401 Courthouse Square, Alexandra, Virginia, 22314-5798. Michael Aquino has also been associated with the case of Paul Bonacci, [See US District Court v. Paul A. Bonacci, 1999], and the following three cases in this archive.

See “Sect Founder Says Accuser Not a Member,” San Francisco Chronicle, June 25, 1994. See, CID Army Child Interview Tape, March 15, 1989 [can be ordered from the author] “Satanic Chief tied to Mendocino Sex Abuse,” Press Democrat, May 15, 1989; “Preschool Child Sex Abuse: The Aftermath of the Presidio Case,” Journal of Orthopsychiatry 62 (2), April 1992, by Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D; Books: “The New Satanists,” by Linda Blood, 1994; “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home,” by Noreen Gosch, 2000

1989, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, PRESIDIO ARMY DAY CARE CASE, Monetary Settlement with parents

Overview: News reports state that on Jan 5, 1987 Gary Willard Hambright, Presidio Daycare employee, was indicted for molesting one child who had been sodomized, but after a year of investigation, more than 30 victims at the Presidio Army Base had been identified. Children gave statements about being ritually abused, they were taken off base, and they claimed other perpetrators were involved in their abuse. The children alleged they were sexually abused, taken to private homes, forced to urinate and defecate on Gary Hambright – and he would do the same to them - and they were forced to drink urine and eat feces.

One child said she played “pop poo baseball” at the home of one of her female teachers. Some children said they had blood smeared on their bodies, had guns pointed at them, and were threatened that if they told about the abuse their parents would be killed. Many children said their abuse occurred during satanic rituals. Inside a concrete bunker behind the Military Intelligence Building at the Presidio, the words “Prince of Darkness” were painted. Another wall was covered with the numerals 666 and occult drawings.

In the early 1980’s, a gardner’s shack adjacent to the Presidio was raided. They found a pentagram on the floor and dolls heads on the ceiling. Two investigators were given permission to set up surveillance on the shack but they were then told to call it off. “We were sitting there, we’ve got a cult on the Presidio of San Francisco and nobody cares about it,” said one investigator.

Three months after the indictment of Hambright, charges were dismissed without prejudice. The court would not allow hearsay evidence and ruled the victim could not qualify as a witness because of his age. Hambright was reindicted on Sept. 30 1987 for molesting 10 children. At that time he suggested there were other people involved. The US Attorney was criticized for not including children in the case who had persuasive evidence of molestation, but she did not want to present the more “bizarre” elements before a jury. She decided that Federal Jurisdiction in the case ended at the boundaries of the Presidio, which meant children who claimed they were taken off base could not be used as witnesses, and the case was dismissed. Gary Hambright later died of AIDS. The parents alleged a cover-up, and after the investigation 23 children filed a $55 million claim against the Army.

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was questioned in this case. [See Aquino vs. Stone] See “Satanic Priest Questioned in New Sex Case,” San Jose Mercury News, May 13, 1989; “CHILD ABUSE AT THE PRESIDIO, THE PARENTS AGONY, THE ARMY’S COVER-UP, THE PROSECUTION’S FAILURE, San Jose Mercury News, July 24, 1988. The settlement with the Army is documented by Presidio parent Sue Dorsey.

September 21, 1988, PEOPLE v. DARYL T. BALL, SR. AND CHARLOTTE THRAILKILL, SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SONOMA, SCR 14750-C, Pleaded no contest to lewd and lascivious acts

Overview: This case was described by the prosecutor as involving multi-victims/perpetrators and ritual abuse although only Daryl Ball and Charlotte Thrailkill were the only ones charged. In an arrangement designed to spare the children the ordeal of testifying, Dary T. Ball and Charlotte Thrailkill pleaded no contest to a total of nine counts involving lewd and lascivious conduct with six children. Ball was sentenced to 24 years in prison, Thrailkill was given a 14 year prison term.

Officials who interviewed and examined the children said there was no question they had been the victims of repeated and severe sexual assaults. The probation officers who wrote the presentencing evaluations said the children were in psychological treatment but the damage might be “irreparable.”

The prosecutor described the extreme terror the children experienced and how difficult it was for them to testify. During the 18 month preliminary hearing, the children testified that they were threatened to keep quiet or the perpetrators would eat their mothers hearts and make them eat it too. They described being given injections (or were bled), and being tied up. Daryl Ball threatened witnesses to keep them from testifying. The children also described being molested while being filmed with a banner in the background reading "Super Duper Child Molest Day." They were forced to watch the video of their own molest afterwards. A plea bargain was struck, reportedly to spare the kids from having to testify further.

The Criminal Investigative Division of the Army interviewed some of these same children in this case in their "Titling" investigation of Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set. (Case above).

A May 17, 1989 San Jose Mercury news article reports the statements of several parents:

“Ritual Sex Abuse of children has been under investigation in Mendocino County since at least 1984, when several children at the Jubilation Day Care Center in Fort Bragg said they had been sexually abused, tortured and forced to drink blood and eat feces. Debi Withrow, a Ukiah mother of two children who told police and Army investigators that Aquino abused them, said parents hope that their ‘children will have their day in court.’ Another parent, Dee Hartnett of Santa Rosa, said her daughter also told authorities that Aquino was one of the people who abused her in Mendocino County in 1986. The daughter testified against two of her abusers in a case in Santa Rosa that resulted in plea bargains last year. One of the accused Daryl T. Ball was sentenced to prison for 4 years in connection with the abuse of Hartnett’s daughter and five other children. The other, Charlotte Thrailkill, was sentenced to 14 years in prison.”


See “Child Sexual Abuse case ends with Prison Terms,” The Press Democrat, Sept. 21, 1988; “Mendocino County Cops, Parents seek Help in Child Abuse Probe,” San Jose Mercury News, May 17, 1989

**In Sept. 1998, Charlotte Thrailkill was declared a violent sexual predator -- the first female to have that distinction in California and she was sent to a State Hospital. See, "Thrailkill a Sexual Predator, Ex-SR Woman First in State with Designation," Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Sept. 9, 1998

1984, FORT BRAGG, CALIFORNIA, Barbara and Sharon Orr’s Daycare Closed by State, License Permanently Revoked.

Overview: Pamela Hudson, L.C.S.W. assessed and treated over 27 children from a Fort Bragg daycare case called the Jubilation Daycare in Mendocino County between the years 1983 and 1990. The children stated the daycare operators and their “friends” abused them. Ms. Hudson described having no prior experience or training about ritual abuse but came to understand it after many years of treating these particular victims. Some of the symptoms the children exhibited were defecating on the floor in certain patterns and lying spread-eagled on the floor as if in crucification. She described children reporting being locked in a cage, their parents were threatened, they were buried in the ground in “boxes,” held under water, threatened with guns and knives, injected with needles, bled and drugged, photographed during the abuse, tied upside down over a “star,” hung from poles and hooks, had blood poured on their heads, and witnessed the ritual sacrifices of babies, after which they were forced to chant “Baby Jesus is dead.”

Jubilation Daycare, operated by Sharon and Barbara Orr (who presented themselves as Christians who held “Bible Study” meetings) was closed in 1984 and their license was permanently revoked after the State Department of Social Services investigated and found sufficient evidence of “child endangerment.” There were no medical facilities in that immediate area that could evaluate child sexual abuse, but of all the children taken out of county to medical facilities, all were diagnosed with sexual molestation. Because the perpetrators had four months advanced warning, no other evidence was found, and no criminal charges were filed.

Children from this case also identified Lt. Col. Aquino as one of their abusers. From a 1989 Press Democrat news article:

“Local authorities for almost four years have insisted their investigations are inconclusive about repeated allegations from Debi and Greg Withrow that his two sons, from a former marriage were victims of ritual molestation during ceremonies witnessed by a large group of adults…”

“Last week, criminal investigators with the Army reportedly questioned lt. Col Michael Aquino the satanic priest implicated in the Presidio case, about allegations he was involved in molestation cases in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. Besides the Withrow angle, Aquino was questioned about sexual abuse at the Jubilation Day Care Center in Fort Bragg.”

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino and Lilith Aquino were open satanists and High Priest and Priestess of their own cult, the Temple of Set, for 20 years while Aquino served in the Armed forces. They have never been criminally convicted of any crime.

See book publications: “Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse,” edited by Valerie Sinason, pgs. 71- 81, 1994, and “Ritual Child Abuse: Discovery, Diagnosis and Treatment,” by Pamela S. Hudson L.C.S.W., Jan 1, 1991; “Satanic Chief tied to Mendocino Sex Abuse,” Press Democrat, May 15, 1989; “Ukiah Pair Keep Molest Case Alive,” Press Democrat May 16, 1989;

August 28, 1991, STATE OF OREGON v. MARY LOU GALLUP, COURT OF APPEALS OF OREGON, 816 P2d. 669, 1991 Ore. App. LEXIS 1266, Conviction Remanded // September 6, 1989, STATE OF OREGON v. EDWARD J. GALLUP, SR., 779 P.2d 169, Conviction for Sodomy Affirmed

Overview: Appellate documents state Mary Lou Gallup sought reversal of her conviction for sexual abuse in the first degree. The Appeals Court found error in the local courts ruling that material contained in the District Attorney file was work produced, and exempt from discovery, which resulted in her conviction being vacated.

Mary Lou Gallup operated a private kindergarten in Roseburg, Oregon, called the Gallup Christian Daycare center. Her husband, Edward J. Gallup, an ex-minister of the Nazarene church, operated a separate preschool in that same vicinity. Their son, Edward (Chip) J. Gallup, operated a preschool in Winston, Oregon.

In 1987 defendant Ed Gallup Sr. was indicted for sexually assaulting a young boy who was a student as his preschool, and his son, Chip, was ultimately indicted on six separate charges for sexually assaulting six other preschool students. Chip Gallup was ultimately found guilty of three charges.

In February, 1988, defendant Ed Gallup Sr. and his wife were indicted on new charges for sexually assaulting another child. Ed. Gallup Sr. appealed, claiming that publicity in his case prevented him from having a fair trial. He objected to a State’s witness’ testimony and the fact that he wasn’t allowed to question his expert witness on re-direct. He also objected to the State’s psychologist statement that children who have been sexually abused will very often not report the incident if they have been threatened by the abuser. The appellate court affirmed the conviction of Ed Gallup Sr.

According to a documentary about this case the children reported having to participate in the killing of animals, they were put in cages, the Gallup’s “dunked” children’s heads in buckets of blood, they threatened the children, telling them that if they disclosed their abuse their parents would be killed. The Gallup’s would take toothpicks and make crucifixes or crosses out of them, and would ask, “Who are we worshipping today?... Jesus.” Then on other occasions they would turn the crosses upside down and ask, “Who are we worshipping today?” and the Gallup’s would say “Satan.” A child was worried that she would not go to heaven because she believed she participated in the killing of another person.

See “Introduction to Children at Risk: Ritual Abuse in America,” 1992, Narrated by Mike Farrell, for documentation of the ritual abuse aspects of this case. Ordering information is at: HYPERLINK "http://www.cavalcadeproductions.com/index.html" http://www.cavalcadeproductions.com/index.html

July 30, 1991, COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA v. JASON L. ENDERS, ET AL., SUPERIOR COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA, 407 Pa. Superior Ct. 201, Conviction for False Imprisonment Affirmed.

Overview: Appellate documents state Jason Enders and three co-defendants Scott Francis Liptak, Alexander O. Steinberg and Daniel Nelson were convicted of false imprisonment stemming from their participation in a Satanic cult ritual. The victim stated he wanted nothing to do with them but he was forcibly taken to an abandoned barn and tied to stakes in the ground over a pentagram drawn in the dirt. He had a leather collar with nails placed around his neck and a Satanic ritual was performed over him. One of the defendants punctured the victim’s neck by pressing on the nails, and placed his fingers in the victim's blood, and then to his lips. A medical expert testified to treating wounds to the victims neck. The victim was then released after being warned he would be killed if he told anyone about what had been done to him. Skulls and books on the occult were taken from the perpetrators homes as evidence.

The court described the crimes as ritualistic acts and stated that admitting evidence of the belief in and involvement in Satanism at the time was relevant and probative.

June 11, 1991, NEW YORK, WESTPOINT MILITARY ACADEMY DAYCARE CASE, Monetary Settlement with Parents, Court File Sealed

Overview: News articles state that in 1984-85 a 3 yr. old child from Westpoint’s daycare was diagnosed with physical findings of molest - a lacerated vagina. 50 children who attended West Points Army daycare were then interviewed by the FBI and several of them alleged sexual abuse. The parents in this case alleged a cover-up because no criminal charges were filed. The Times Herald Record reported on June 11, 1991 that the incidents unfolded against a backdrop of satanic acts, animal sacrifices and cult-like behavior. A parent complained that the Army was not prepared to treat satanic abuse and the FBI “botched” the investigation. “The specter of Satanism would later spur U.S. Military Academy officials to change the West Point child-care center’s building number from 666 to 673.”

San Jose newspaper reporter Linda Goldston, who covered the Presidio case, described the Westpoint case as one involving ritual abuse. The children said they had excrement smeared on their bodies and were forced to eat feces and drink urine. They said they were taken away from the day care center.
At that time, U.S. prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani declined to indict any alleged perpetrators and was criticized for potential conflict of interest because he was also defending West Point for the government against civil suits brought by the parents against the Army.

In 1985, the parents of 11 children filed a $110 million civil suit against the Army alleging their children were sexually abused. The Army concluded the case in 1991 by negotiating a monetary settlement with the parents, but no other facts are known because the court case was sealed. See “West Point case provoked $100 million Civil Suit,” San Jose Mercury News, August 9, 1987; “A Legacy of Pain,” The Times Herald Record, June 11,1991“The People v. R. Giuliani,” The Record, Sept. 27, 1987; “CHILD ABUSE AT THE PRESIDIO, THE PARENTS AGONY, THE ARMY’S COVER-UP, THE PROSECUTION’S FAILURE, San Jose Mercury News, July 24, 1988

April 29, 1991, STATE OF MONTANA v. LEON LLOYD WHITCHER, SUPREME COURT OF MONTANA, 810 P.2d 751, Conviction For Sexual Intercourse Without Consent Affirmed.

Overview: Appellate documents state, Leon Lloyd Whitcher, 30, a self-described "high priest" of a Satanic cult, had sexual intercourse with a 14 yr. old without her consent. Prior to the assault, he asked her a series of questions about initiation into his satanic cult, whether she wanted "power," and if she'd "obey a high priest." He told the victim about a creature with a cat head and human body who would protect her.

The Court described “a pentagram, a satanic symbol in the form of a five-sided star inside of a circle with an eye in the center of the star that was painted on the floor of a large room in the house.” Whitcher told the victim to change into a black robe, lie down, and stare at a pentagram painted on the ceiling before he assaulted her.

April 13, 1991, SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF ORANGE, B. , ET. AL V. ROE, ET. AL, Case # 590362: Civil Suit for Child Abuse Won Against Parent

Overview: News reports state a pair of anonymous sisters, Bonnie, 48, and Patty, 38, who said their parents worshiped Satan and forced them to perform incest, ritual abuse and murderous deeds, won a lawsuit against their mother. The daughters told of human sacrifice and sexual abuse by a network of satanic cult members across Southern California who scared them into repressed silence for more than 30 years. They also accused their mother of sexually abusing her granddaughter, then 11 years old. “This [case] involved brainwashing, mind control and hypnosis,” the daughters attorney told an Orange County Superior Court jury. “We’re talking about sick people who enjoy inflicting pain – who get their jollies from being sadistic.”

No monetary damages were awarded, but the jury found that the two daughters suffered abuse and found that the mother was negligent. During the trial, Bonnie told jurors she was 12 when her parents forced her to kill an infant she conceived after being raped by a cult leader. She said her father cut up and burned the child. Patty also testified she was forced to kill a homeless man when she was 12. See “Mother to Trial, Alleging Ritual and Sexual Abuse,” Orange County Register, March 19, 1991; “Sisters Win Suit on Satanic Abuse,” The San Diego Tribune, April 13, 1991

March 12, 1991, STATE OF MISSOURI v. THERON REED ROLAND II , COURT OF APPEALS OF MISSOURI, WESTERN DISTRICT, 808 S.W.2d 855, 1991 Mo. App. LEXIS 371, First Degree Murder Conviction Affirmed.

Overview: Appellate documents state Theron Reed Roland was convicted for the murder of his friend Steven Newberry. According to Roland, he murdered him after becoming involved in Satanism, began using drugs, and after listening to groups like "Megadeth" which advocated sexual and physical violence. After an abusive childhood, he began hallucinating, practiced self-mutilation, tortured and killed animals and "chanted" to Satan for power. He developed a mentor relationship with another teen Satanist and they both decided to sacrifice Steve Newberry by clubbing him to death.

Roland believed this human sacrifice would "cause Satan to appear and give them power." Roland wanted the defense expert on the occult to testify about the effects of Satanism on the mind. The court let the expert testify to other aspects of the occult but didn't feel that he was qualified to testify on psychiatric aspects of the case. The expert, Carl Raschke, testified that Satanists abhor everything that Judeo-Christian morality deems good, and deems good everything Judeo-Christian morality abhors. A Catholic priest, and authority on Satanism, explained the differences between satanic groups for the jury.

December 17, 1990, PEOPLE v. CLIFF ST. JOSEPH, 226 Cal. App. 3d 289, DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA, HABEAS PETITION DENIED, Conviction For First Degree Murder Perpetrated by Torture Affirmed.

Overview: Appellate documents stated defendant, Cliff St. Joseph, was convicted of the murder by torture of John Doe No. 60, and the sodomy and false imprisonment of Ricky Hunter. At trial, the court permitted an accomplice, Mr. Bork, to testify under a grant of immunity to the charges.
As background, four people were arrested for disturbing the peace. One of the parties arrested, Mr. Hunter, had been taken to the apartment two days before by appellant. Ricky Hunter claimed St. Joseph and the others had held him against his will and assaulted him; there was talk of Satanic worship and the other three people had been speaking of "sacrificing" him. At the apartment he was restrained and repeatedly assaulted by appellant, Mr. Bork, and another person by the name of Mr. Spela. Bork was present in the apartment when the murder victim arrived. He left the apartment after he heard screaming from the bedroom and saw appellant slashing the victim’s chest.

A body was later discovered in San Francisco, California on June 15, 1985. "John Doe" had multiple stab wounds, genital injuries, and a pentagram had been carved into his chest. The court notes that there was "substantial evidence" that it was a sadistic, ritualistic human sacrifice consisting of whipping with a chain, slashing the victim's lips, dripping wax into the victim's eyes, burning and carving the victim's flesh with a knife, multiple stabbings, tying the limbs with guitar wire, and genital mutilations. The identity of the victim was never established. One of the offenders stated he had been present when St. Joseph had "John Doe" in his home and he helped St. Joseph dispose of the murdered victim described above. The court found that there was sufficient evidence proving that the injuries had been inflicted on the victim while he was still alive. The Coroner testified that some of the wounds inflicted were consistent with sadomasochistic practices, but the Court made a point of highlighting that the manner in which the victim was murdered, along with inferred intent, indicated that this was a ritualistic sacrifice.

July 14, 1990, DETROIT, MICHIGAN, Agustin Pena and Jaime Rodriguez Jr., Convicted of First-Degree Murder, Sentenced to Life in Prison
Overview: News reports state that Agustin Pena and his cousin, Jaime Rodriguez Jr., were convicted of killing Stephanie Dubay in 1991.

Prosecutors described the slaying as ritualistic activity and part of Rodriguez’s devil worship. Both Pena and Rodriguez lost their appeals in the State court system in the mid-1990’s. The Medical examiner said Dubay, a 15 year old runaway, was killed in a ritual crime, based on her tattoos, wounds and the “meticulous mutilation” of her body.

Dubay was decapitated, her skull skinned and saved in a freezer, and her tongue, right index finger and spleen were removed, all with surgical precision. Dubay had been stabbed 10 times in the back and chest and dismembered in the basement of Pena’s house. Body parts were buried in three plastic bags in a shallow grave, and a fourth bag was found in the front seat of a car in the garage. Law enforcement experts stated that each of these acts had a significance in some satanic belief systems They believe that extraordinary powers can be captured and controlled through stylized sacrifice, mutilation, or taking specific body parts. See “Dismemberment Skills Hint at Other Crimes, Police Say, Detroit Free Press, July 14, 1990; “Beheading Murderer Seeks to Overturn Conviction,” The Macomb Daily, August 27, 2006

February 22, 1990, STATE OF UTAH v. ALAN B. HADFIELD, SUPREME COURT OF UTAH, 788 P.2d 506, Convictions for Sodomy and Child Molest; Remanded Back to Court for Evidentiary Hearing.

Overview: Appellate documents state Alan Hadfield was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse of his children after his children testified against him. He appealed based on claims of "newly discovered evidence." This was an allegation by a paralegal who stated that therapist Barbara Snow, who was involved in counseling Hadfield’s children and others in this Mormon community, was the common factor in these cases, and inferred that the therapist was responsible for the allegations.

The appellate opinion cites that at "least fifteen adults and fifteen children were identified as participants in various unusual sexual activities, including instances of group abuse of children by adults. The activities described by the children involved Satanic ritual, costumes and masks, photography equipment, men dressing in women's clothing, and frequent episodes of playing with and consuming human excrement. A specific instance of abuse related to Dr. Snow by W. and described by her at trial for example, involved defendant's removing feces from W.'s rectum with a spoon and forcing him to play with it." The court stated that the defendants strategy of undermining the believability of the children by attacking the practices of the therapist was ultimately unsuccessful with the jury.

The appellate court remanded the case back to court for an evidentiary hearing to see if the affidavit by the paralegal had merit.

Note: On 9/2/98 Assistant Attorney General Robert Parrish stated to this author that the Judge reviewed the information about claims against the therapist and found that there was no evidence to support the claims of the paralegal. Alan Hadfield's conviction still stands and he was released from probation in 1998. See: Video “Promise not to Tell” which documents the Hadfield case. Ordering information can be found at HYPERLINK "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0889650/maindetails" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0889650/maindetails

November 26, 1989, GIBREVILLE, GABON, Mba Ntem was Found Guilty and Sentenced to Death for Murder and Leading Cannibalism Rites.

Overview: Several members of a religious cult were found guilty of aiding in "cannibalism ceremonies by serving human flesh to worshippers." A victim's mutilated remains were found in another town, and a photo was published of the high priest with a knife in his teeth and a jar containing pieces of a victim's tongue in his manacled hands. In the ceremony led by Mba Ntem, members of the cult ate the victim's stomach, liver, heart, lungs, tongue and genitals in what their leader called a "sacred plate." Some of the worshippers were unaware of the contents, Ntem told the court. The court prohibited other details from being released. The news article states that "Animism" is a loose religious belief popular in central Africa and other parts of the word that a spirit or force resides in every animate and inanimate object. See "Death Sentence for High Priest in Cannibalism Trial," Associated Press, November 26, 1989.

April 6, 1989, HAROLD GLENN SMITH v. THE STATE OF TEXAS, COURT OF APPEALS OF TEXAS, 1989 Tex. App. Lexis 794, Conviction for Murder Affirmed.

Overview: Appellant documents state that Harold Smith was one of a group of young people who planned and carried out the brutal murder of their friend, Dennis Keith Medler. A group tricked him into accompanying them to a cemetery where they tortured him. Forensic evidence established that Medler died from lack of oxygen due to blockage of the airway by foreign objects, his own teeth and blood. Medler’s torturer repeatedly beat him with their fists and kicked him, fractured both his upper and lower jaw, caused two teeth to lodge in his trachea, cut and stabbed him with a knife, burnt his hair, choked him by using a bandana and pipe tourniquet, and used the same pipe to pierce one of his eye sockets in an attempt to gouge out the eye. Medler begged his murders to “knock him out,” once he realized they planned to kill him.

A witness testified that Smith compared the planned murder of his victim with animal sacrifice rituals he had carried out before and the prosecution presented evidence of his Satanic belief system. Mr. Smith appealed this issue but the Court upheld references to Satanism as motive for the crime.

December 30, 1988, STATE OF OHIO v. JOHN L. FRYMAN, COURT OF APPEALS OF OHIO, TWELFTH APPELLATE DISTRICT, BUTLER COUNTY, 1988 Ohio App. LEXIS 5296, Conviction for Murder Affirmed.

Overview: Appellate documents state John Fryman took the victim Monica Lemen to his "sorcery room where he had erected an altar for Satanic worship." He then shot her in the head. The next day he cut off the woman's legs above the knees and disposed of them behind an old church. The rest of the body was never found. Fryman claimed that he had killed her because she had insulted him by bringing another magician to his trailer, and that he disposed of her legs behind the church because "it was the place he practiced magic. By throwing her legs there he increased the power of that spot."

November 25, 1988, SINGAPORE, Adrian Lim, Tan Mui Choo, and Hoe Kah Hong hanged for murder.

Overview: News reports state three cult members, Adrian Lim, 46, his wife, Tan Mui Choo, 34, and his girlfriend Hoe Kah Hong, 33, were convicted in 1983 of murdering Agnes Ng Siew Heok, eight, and Ghazali Marzuki, 10, in 1981. The three perpetrators belonged to a cult that believed sacrificing children could bring “good luck.” The three drank the children's blood after suffocating them in a bathtub.

Another news report states that the "macabre ritualistic killings included drinking the children's blood, trances, and electric shock 'treatments.'" See "Three Singaporeans Hanged for Cult Murder of Children," Reuters, November 25, 1988 and "Three hanged in Singapore for ritual killings" UPI, Nov 25, 1988


Overview: Appellate documents state the mother was appealing an order from Family Court finding she had neglected her children in New York State. She had allowed visitations to continue between the father and his girlfriend even though she knew that the girlfriend’s children had been removed from the home for sexual abuse, but she did not question the situation until the father and girlfriend were arrested on sexual abuse charges.

Social Services discovered that all children had been forced by threats of physical abuse to engage in acts of sexual intercourse among themselves and with adults. In addition, they described participation in forced acts of bestiality, as well as involvement in Satanic rituals involving the sacrifice of animals and the drinking of blood. The court cites there was evidence that the mother may have been involved in these activities as well but that was never proven.

March 30, 1987, HAMILTON, ONTARIO, FAMILY COURT, Children Declared Wards of the Court

Overview: A legal publication reports that two children, “Janis,” 7 years, and “Linda,” 5 years old, were voluntarily placed in foster care by their mother “Sharon Wells” after she had a nervous breakdown. The children began disclosing information about their abuse in satanic rituals to their foster parent after which the foster parent recorded the details in an 165 page journal. The children spoke of being lowered into coffins with rotting corpses, of being forced to eat flesh from freshly murdered children, and starring in child pornography. Disbelieving the young girl’s stories, the police declined to thoroughly investigate their allegations.

The Wardship hearing lasted 17 months, with 150 hearings days, 15,000 pages of transcripts, 61 witnesses and 142 exhibits, including 45 hours of audio and videotaped session s of the children in play therapy. After nine days detailing her traumatic life on the witness stand, the mother collapsed, screaming on the courtroom floor, and had to be taken away by ambulance.

Family Court Judge Thomas Beckett summed up the horrific elements of the case in his ruling:

“The Court heard allegations of murder, of cannibalism, of graveyard rituals, and acts of bestiality. Allegations so horrible, so gruesome, so loathsome, that no one, including myself, wanted to believe any of it. In fact, I wanted very much to believe that none of the allegations made by the two little girls could be true.”… “The descriptions of midnight graveyard scenes with dancing and singing, people with masks, opening of graves and coffins, together with gross sexual acts, suggest cult activities …“And why did the children speak of the number “666” – the symbol used in the Book of Revelations?”… “To say they ‘lied’ or that it was fantasy falls far short of explaining how such things could have been in their minds”… “The children gave graphic descriptions of the murder of children as well as adults, of dismemberment, of cutting flesh from bones.”

Judge Beckett ordered police protection for the mother after she alleged her former husband threatened to kill her, the judges, and lawyers in the case.

On March 30th 1987, Judge Becket ruled that the two girls were sexually abused and forced to eat feces by their parents and the mother’s former boyfriend. He made the girls Crown Wards and also ordered the third child, born to the mother during the hearing, be made a ward of the court as well.

News articles report that in 2006 the mother, Sharon Wells, publicly asked her now two grown daughters to donate a kidney to her, in order to “save her life.” See “The Cannibal Case,” Canadian Lawyer, March 7, 1989; “Questions of Satanism: Tales of ritual Abuse are Common,” MacLean’s, April 21, 1997; ”Sick Mom, Much Sicker Story- Daughters asked to Donate Kidney to Ailing Mother they Accused of Horrific Sexual Abuse,” The Toronto Sun, January 29, 2006

August 15, 1986, STATE OF MAINE v. SCOTT WATERHOUSE, SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT OF MAINE, 513 A.2d 862, 1986 Me. LEXIS 862, Murder Conviction Affirmed

Overview: Appellate documents state Scott Waterhouse was convicted for the murder of a 12 yr. old girl. The presence of semen on the victim’s clothing indicated that the perpetrator masturbated over the victim’s body. 

Defendant claimed that the trial court erred in admitting evidence of his belief in Satanism. The Appeals Court disagreed. The State admitted a taped conversation between defendant and police officer in which defendant described at length both Satanism and the extent of his involvement with that belief. In addition, the State introduced into evidence portions of the “Satanic Bible.” The defendant described sex and destruction rituals as part of the system of satanic beliefs. He stated that Satanism represented the darker side of humanity and urges indulgence of man’s carnal needs rather than abstinence. He characterized the “seven cardinal sins” of the Christian faith as representing abstinence.

The portions of the Satanic Bible that were introduced as evidence were:

*Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

*Satan represented all of the so-called sins as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

*Are we not all predatory animals by instinct? If humans ceased wholly from preying upon each other, could they continue to exist?

*Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!

*Blessed are the powerful, for they shall be reverenced among men -- cursed are the feeble, for they shall be blotted out.

The court stated: “Defendant could view commission of the heinous crime involved in this case as a means of achieving ‘physical, mental or emotional gratification,’ similarly he could believe that a demonstration of strength by domination of a weaker person would bring ‘reverence among men.’ At the expense of who, ‘being weak, deserved his fate.”

Both evidence of Satanic beliefs was considered probative of motive and the identity of the perpetrator.

[Two companion cases are described below]

Overview: Appellate documents state Carl Drew was convicted of the first degree murder of one of his Satanic cult members in Fall River. The victim, Karen Marsden, was identified by a portion of the skull, clumps of hair, clothing, and jewelry. Evidence was admitted describing Marsden and another prostitute Doreen Levesque who were killed.

According to witness testimony... "The killing was performed as a diabolic ritual during which the soul of Marsden was purportedly given to Satan." Earlier, Marsden had tried to sever relationship with the cult. Drew threatened to kill her on several occasions, which he finally did. "Murphy dragged Marsden by the throat and hair into the woods. As she did this, the defendant walked alongside while Fletcher and Davis followed close behind. Murphy and the defendant then began striking Marsden with rocks. After further brutalizing Marsden, the defendant ordered Murphy to slit Marsden's throat and Murphy complied. The defendant then tore the head from the body and kicked it."

Carl Drew later told another person that he had killed Marsden because "she wanted to leave the cult and that he wanted her to feel pain." Several witnesses testified to the defendant’s cult practices and he was asked to remove his jacked to exhibit a tattoo on his arm of a devil’s head with the partially obliterated inscription “Satan’s Avengers.” The Court described the defendant chanting in a low, scratchy voice during rituals, purported to conjure Satan’s presence.
The court specifically stated Drew's involvement in Satanism and the victim's desire to leave the cult was evidentially important to detail the context of the crime to the jury, as opposed to viewing the murders as just random acts of violence.



Overview: Appellate documents state William Smith contested immunity for witness, Robin Murphy, who was to testify against him for the murder of Doreen Levesque. The appellate opinion states "These murders were among a series of ritual killings performed in the Fall River area by members of a Satanic cult.” The witness described the ritual that accompanied the murder, and named various participants. The witness also recanted several times before finally testifying but finally admitted that she had been involved in the murder. She described the practices of the Satanic cult and indicated that both victims, Karen Marsden and Doreen Levesque, had been connected with the cult, either as devotees of the faith, or as associates in a prostitution enterprise.

February 19, 1986, COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA v. FRANK G. COSTAL, JR., SUPERIOR COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA, 505 A.2d 337, Murder Conviction Affirmed.

Overview: Appellate documents state expert testimony regarding Satanism and mind control was admitted into the court record to explain the killings of a mother and her 4 yr. old daughter by Frank Costal. The killings appeared to be in retaliation for the mother's interference in a drug deal and homosexual relationship between her husband and Costal. The state submitted evidence that the murders were performed in a "ritualistic manner." The victims were stabbed in a similar fashion, in the same pattern. Ceremonial robes, books, posters, plastic skulls and bats, and marriage licenses drawn up by Costal and signed by him as a "high priest" of Satan were seized from his apartment. A witness testified that Costal told him of attendance at human sacrifices and that 17 was the number of stab wounds required at these ritualistic killings.

December 3, 1983, DETROIT, MICHIGAN, Arzell Jones was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, single counts of kidnapping and using a firearm during a felony. Linda Greene was convicted of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Overview: News reports state Arzell Jones, a private investigator, and Linda Greene, a Detroit policewoman, were convicted of sexually assaulting a 31-year-old woman who was held for more than three days and forced to take part in Satanic rituals. The prosecutor stated the woman was a victim of some "cultism and some ultimate psychological warfare." See: "Judge Says Victim was Subjected to 'Reign of Terror' Man, Policewoman Guilty of Sexual Assault in Satanic Rituals," Detroit Free Press, December 3, 1983.

07-01-2012, 09:01 PM

Thrailkill, the third of six children, was born with scoliosis and a deformity in her mouth that caused speech difficulties. "She stated that school was difficult for her, not only due to her learning difficulties but also due to constant ridicule by her peers because of her physical deformities," according to a state mental heath report on file in Santa Rosa.

When older children picked on her during elementary school, "she would then bully and beat smaller, defenseless children," according to the May 2000 report.

She told counselors that she had a good relationship with her father, but complained that her mother regularly beat her with narrow leather straps, sticks and her fists. Thrailkill ran away several times between the ages of 11 and 16 and was gang-raped at age 15, she told authorities, by four men who grabbed her off a street.

That same year she was severely wounded in a random shooting and spent nine months in a hospital. She never returned to school.

Thrailkill married a U.S. Marine at 19. They had two daughters. She left him five years later, complaining their marriage was sexless, and won custody of their daughters.

07-01-2012, 10:36 PM

Solstice Sacrifices Exposed Part 2 (Brittany Murphy)

Solstice Sacrifices Exposed Part 2 (Brittany Murphy) - YouTube!

07-01-2012, 11:04 PM
wild stuff, Tiger Woods admits on tape not remembering playing during tournaments and having blackout moments that he doesn't remember

Tiger Woods : Mind control subject

Tiger Woods : Mind control subject - YouTube

also mentions Captain Jay Brunzo

The main task facing sports psychologists is to get players to clear their minds and keep things simple, to throw away all doubts and fears.

Eight-time major winner Woods is probably the best example of this in the modern game with his unwavering ability to stay focused.

"I tend to have these blackout moments when I don't remember," said Woods, who began working on the mental side of golf with Jay Brunza, a captain in the US navy and a San Diego psychologist, in 1989.

"I know I was there but I don't remember actually performing the golf shot. "

08-01-2012, 12:52 AM
Just reading the beginning of Ultimate Evil, which starts out with the murder of Arlis Perry in Stanford Memorial Church.
A couple of things stand out immediately. First , Arlis Perry, a devout Christian, had planned to go out on a Saturday night alone, late , on a university campus, to mail letters.
Maury Terry notes that there is no mail pickup Sunday morning, so why would Arlis mail letters Saturday night? She had planned to go alone, and her husband Bruce Perry had decided to accompany her. It purportedly been his decision to go with her.
She'd also, oddly, had a ridiculous and frivolous argument with her new husband on the way to mail the letters:

So right away there are some possibly false premises in this 'story' of what had happened. As already mentioned, the letter mailing: Late Saturday night?

Second, the fake sounding 'argument about tires' story.

The third, is that by sheer coincidence Arlis is going alone into a church right at Midnight on the anniversary of the death of Alistair Crowley , to be ritually murdered.

I still stand by contention that devout Christians would make the most devout satanists, because an atheist believes in neither god nor satan.

So I have a couple of theories on what might really have happened.

Maybe Arlis had planned to meet people, alone, inside the church at midnight
for a satanic ritual. She'd prepared the letters as her excuse to leave the apartment, ostensibly to mail them, and unfortunately her husband had insisted on accompanying her. She'd needed a way to get rid of him, so she
had intentionally started a frivolous and absurd argument , feigned anger and demanded that he leave her at the church and go home alone. She'd pointedly told him not to wait outside for her.


Maybe both of them , Christian husband and wife, went to the church, and Bruce Perry (http://teacher.scholastic.com/professional/bruceperry/) is lying about what happened that night. Maybe he was asked to provide his wife as a sacrifice, so his story about an argument about tires is as false as it is ridiculous. The letters were mailed as an obfuscation, to give him an alibi of some sort, and both had attended church Saturday night voluntarily, with Arlis not knowing what was planned.

How's this for a coincidence?

So let's get this straight. Bruce Perry, whose wife was ritually sacrificed
at Stanford University, trained at mind control central Stanford University,
went on to become a psychiatrist specializing in childhood trauma.
Further, Dr. Bruce Perry is a leading 'expert debunker' of satanic ritual abuse claims:

from: http://swallowingthecamel.blogspot.com/2009/04/two-cases-of-satanic-ritual-abuse-20.html

So, this does get interesting.

Dr. Bruce Perry's wife is satanically murdered at midnight on a the sabbath, he has no idea how that might have happened, and then
goes on to work for the government of Alberta, and a paid expert
for the government of Texas as a specialist in false memory syndrome,
debunking all stories of ritual abuse.

Sounds to me like Arlis found out about something that Bruce and the mk network at Stanford didn't want her talking about, and/or Bruce had been bribed /blackmailed into providing his wife. Carrot and stick.
Threats made to Bruce and his family, rewards offered. A bright future
career awaiting him in assisting the cult.

Very astute assessment Hunka. based on what you've presented here I would have to agree.

08-01-2012, 10:34 AM
Looking back on things and knowing what i know nowadays Thurston Moores( ma - sonic youth ) involvement with kurt seems highly suspicious .. has anyone seen the footage in ( the year that punk broke ) when thurston is rapping on the side of a train track with Kurt ...
thurston and kims deal with geffen whichb also included them as scouts mmm?

just look at the cover of bad moon rising for fucks sake..



08-01-2012, 09:02 PM


Obamas held a secret Alice in Wonderland-themed party at White House in depths of recession in 2009

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated 8th January 2012

Right as the economy was going down the rabbit hole, the Obamas decided to host an Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween party, complete with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Tim Burton-arranged decorations.

They even talked to Star Wars director George Lucas and convinced him to lend them the original Chewbacca costume for the entertainment of their guests.

The extravagant fantasy world that they created, however, was kept very much under wraps because at the time of Halloween 2009, the economy was in the slumps and the national unemployment rate was still at a dismal 10 per cent.

The details about the lavish affair come from the pages of a new book about the relationship of the first couple during Mr Obama's presidency.

'White House officials were so nervous about how a splashy, Hollywood-esque party would look to jobless Americans — or their representatives in Congress, who would soon vote on health care — that the event was not discussed publicly and Burton’s and Depp’s contributions went unacknowledged,' recounts Jodi Kantor in her book, 'The Obamas'.

As is tradition, the Obamas handed out treats to Washington, D.C. school children earlier in the day, and while that event was covered heavily by the press, their later festivities were very actively kept secret.

Instead of chowing down on the presidential M&Ms, sugar cookies, and dried fruit that Mrs Obama traditionally hands out in her trick-or-treat bags, the guests at the invitation-only party had bone-shaped meringue cookies and fruit punch served in blood vials.

In keeping with her dedication to military families, the invitees were the children of military service men and women along with the children of White House employees.

Mrs Obama has invited the children of military families to many of the events she has hosted while first lady, including more recent Halloween trick-or-treating sessions and the unveiling of the White House Christmas decorations- which even had a Gold Star Families tree dedicated to the group.

The Halloween party took place five months before Mr Burton's Alice in Wonderland film was released, so the kids served as informal taste-testers and gave an indication of how his spooky take on the Disney classic would be received.

As the children walked into the State Dining Room, they were greeted by a fully-costumed Johnny Depp standing on a table decorated with vintage-inspired table cloths and surrounded by giant stuffed animals.

First daughters Malia and Sasha, who were respectively 11 and 8 at the time, were able to invite their close friends to share in the activities, which also included a magic show in the East Room.


Regal affair: Tim Burton decorated the White House in Alice in Wonderland theme five months prior to the release of his film



09-01-2012, 12:39 AM
The cult of perverted toddlers having sexual fantasies
about being anally raped by police was apparently also active
in Gilmer, Texas too. (god damn all these babies and young
children, have they nothing better to do?)

The Gilmer Texas satanic ritual abuse case

In 1990, Ann Goar and Debbie Minshew as employees of the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services were assigned to counsel the children of Loretta and Wendell Kerr. The Kerr children came into foster care upon allegations of sexual abuse leveled against Wendell Kerr. The counseling later expanded to include the children of Wanda Geer Hicks, whom Wendell Kerr had started dating. The Kerr and Hicks children began to tell of being tortured, molested, and sodomized by their parents, grandparents, and various strangers, abuse including satanic rituals involving masks and knives. Their stories related the murder, dismemberment, post-mortem rape, and cannibalism of babies and children by the abusing adults.
Medical examination of the children found genital and anal scarring consistent with sexual molestation. An adult, Lucas Geer, confessed to police that he participated in ritualistic child abuse and child murder, a confession corroborating the stories told by the Kerr and Hicks children. A search of the Kerr property found three shallow grave-like depressions in the soil, a shovel with blood residue on it, an area matching the children's description of where the abuses occurred, two devil masks, a blood-stained mattress cover, and four knives said by the children to have been used to murder and dismember children. Pursuant to a plea agreement, two of the charged adults identified items retrieved from the Kerr household as devices used to restrain and torture children. Finally, plastic bags were found buried on the Kerr property, containing bone fragments. Before Lyford took his evidence to the grand jury, the Texas Human Skeletal Identification Laboratory issued a report stating the remains were most probably human.
In 1993, one of the Kerr children, identified as "R.S.," claimed that Kelly Wilson had been abducted, raped, and murdered by the Kerrs.

Sergeant James Brown was investigating the disappearance of Kelly Wilson. Wilson was 17 when she was reported missing in Gilmer, Texas.
Shortly thereafter, R.S. implicated Brown in the charges of child abuse and the disappearance of Kelly Wilson. He stated that the police would not help, that they were also "bad," and described in general terms a person resembling Brown as having participated in the abuse. Later, Connie Martin - one of the adults involved - also implicated Brown by name. Brown was arrested. First, R.S. implicated Brown in the disappearance of Kelly Wilson. Second, Paulette Kerr stated she was afraid of Brown and that Brown had been datin0g Kelly Wilson. Third, Connie Martin implicated Brown in the disappearance of Kelly Wilson and the abuse of the Kerr children. Fourth, these witnesses were credible because their stories were consistent with one another and because physical evidence from the bodies of the Kerr children and the Kerr property tended to support their stories. Fifth, Brown's investigation of the Wilson disappearance contained suspicious irregularities.

As in nearly every one of these cases, even though perpetrators confessed, and even though arrests were made, the big brass at the state level stepped in and took over, completely whitewashing the whole thing, and dropping all charges.

As in most of these cases also, legal persecution was
commenced against those who had reported the abuse and obtained the initial charges against the perpetrators.

This case also contained police being formally implicated and arrested for
direct involvement , the suspicious 'suicides' of two care givers (James Lapp and Marie Lapp, two days apart) involved in treating the victimized children shortly after they were taken from the abusive/cult setting, etc. This case was also thoroughly whitewashed by False Memory Syndrome Foundation booster Dr. Bruce Perry in his book 'The boy who was raised as a Dog'.
The complete details of this case can be found here:

09-01-2012, 10:51 AM
interesting article on murder (cult?) coverups in Bakersfield, California.

The Lords of Bakersfield

Until recently, it was a little remembered local legend, of interest mostly to conspiracy theorists.

But in the aftermath of Stephen Tauzer's Sept. 13 murder and the subsequent arrest of his former colleague, Chris Hillis, the legend has resurfaced.

Some of the facts of the Tauzer case appear similar to aspects of the Lords legend, which goes like this: For more than a generation, Bakersfield was run by a cadre of men who led double lives. To the public these men were members of the community's most visible institutions, its justice system and the media.

But in truth, according to Lords lore, these men -- a sprinkling of county executives, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, even the newspaper's publisher -- were part of a loose-knit, secretive network.
Some were homosexuals who preyed upon young men and boys, then used their positions of power and influence to protect one another from possible ramifications.

Occasionally, however, the preyed-upon lashed out, leading to a string of murders involving young gay men and their prominent, older male suitors.

Though the Tauzer murder script is a slight variation on that theme, the murder trial may well detour down the same general path.

"We might very well look at similar cases over the years, in which young male hustlers or victims killed closeted homosexual men from Bakersfield," said Kyle Humphrey, Chris Hillis' attorney. "Even if that (direction of inquiry) is an uncomfortable area for people in the community -- prominent people."

The legend took root in March 1985 when Johnathon R. McClaren, a former Shafter police officer, filed suit in U.S. District Court, claiming a pattern of exploitation, protection and cronyism in Shafter.

Then-Shafter City Attorney Richard Oberholzer (who held the same position concurrently with the city of Bakersfield) called the suit a "frivolous" publicity stunt, and McLaren moved to drop it himself four months later.

But the suit gave a measure of credence to the story of the Lords of Bakersfield, a term coined by former Shafter Press editor Rick Lawler, who contributed a 2,200-page addendum, known as "exhibit C," to McLaren's suit.

Exhibit C found its way into the public eye in several ways: condensed as Lawler's own legal claim against the city of Bakersfield, filed in September 1986; as a 1989-90 serialization with supplementary reporting published by three weekly community newspapers, including the Rosedale Roadrunner; and in a 1990 book, "Valley Fire," whittled from Lawler's original document and edited by Bette Blair, a former executive secretary to Ted Fritts, The Californian's co-publisher throughout most of the 1970s and early 1980s.

Some say the Lords legend is far older. A few longtime Kern County residents remember talk of a White Orchid Society, which supposedly existed in the 1950s and consisted of a network of prominent men who led secret homosexual lives.

At least two former Californian reporters remembered hearing talk about it, but nothing more than rumors.

Now, as investigators gather information for Hillis' prosecution this summer, some are wondering if the Lords legend has a belated new chapter -- and if Tauzer's death might be a case of chickens coming home to roost.

It was already evident to some that the Kern County criminal justice system had a contradictory history when it came to homosexuals and violent crime.

Two seemingly soft sentences in homicide cases involving gay victims issued by Kern County courts, one in late 1982 and the other in 1984, got the attention of the state attorney general and helped inspire the creation of county civil rights commissions throughout California.

But at the same time, a number of well-connected local gay men -- accused of having unlawful sex with minors -- were never charged and seem to have escaped scrutiny or sanction almost entirely, according to a number of sources connected to the Lords legend.

Ironic, some might say, in a county known for its tough justice.

"This is similar to the good-old-boy network. The only difference is, if the good old boys are gay, then the good old gay boys are going to be the ones taking care of each other," Los Angeles area attorney Thomas F. Coleman said in a recent interview.

As a member of then-Attorney General John Van de Kamp's Commission on Racial, Ethnic, Religious and Minority Violence in the 1980s, Coleman informally investigated the William Robert Tyack and John Oren Biggs trials -- murder cases in which the defendants were alleged to have won sentence reductions because of the victims' homosexuality.

"What you're talking about is corruption, whether the victim is gay or not," said Coleman. "The presence of sexual orientation as a factor has, in the past at least, given the appearance of unequal treatment."

Five unusual murders over seven years, recounted in occasionally lurid detail by The Californian and others, combined with Lawler's tabloidesque analysis, makes for a smoldering body of fact, coincidence and conjecture. The characters intersect at interesting places -- and when they do, somebody occasionally turns up dead.

The first murder took place 25 years ago this month.

The hairdresser

In many ways, Tommy Tarver was as unlike Steve Tauzer as he could be.

Tarver owned a fashionable hair salon on Bakersfield's F Street known as Mr. T Westchester. He'd been married twice but by the mid-1970s was living as a gay single man.

Among his supposed paramours, according to Californianreports at the time, was Robert Glen Mistriel, a 13-year-old male prostitute who'd been working the streets of Bakersfield and L.A. since age 11.

A gardener working in Tarver's yard the morning of Jan. 4, 1978, spotted blood seeping beneath the back door of the salon owner's Beech Street house. Police called to the scene found Tarver on the floor inside -- beaten, stabbed, nude and comatose.

He died five days later, having never regained consciousness.

By that time, suspicion had fallen on Mistriel. The youth had been stopped the day after the murder while driving Tarver's car, arrested and charged with burglarizing his home and salon. Mistriel admitted having had a key to the shop, according to The Californian .

A taxi driver testified he'd given Tarver, 49, and Mistriel a ride to the Rancho Bakersfield Motel coffee shop about 11:30 p.m. the night of the murder. An hour later, the cabbie said, he gave Tarver a ride home with a different man.

That man was a 24-year-old university student from Santa Rosa named William Kenneth Manly Jr. Manly had been passing through town and he'd registered at the Rancho Bakersfield Motel, falsely listing his profession as a representative for IBM.

Manly testified he'd met Tarver at the Rancho Bakersfield bar and agreed to go clubbing with him. But Tarver, the suspect said, first wanted to stop at his house and change clothes.

While they were there, Manly testified, two other men arrived and began arguing with Tarver. Manly went outside and sat on the front steps, and when he came back inside to get a jacket, according toThe Californian'strial coverage, Tarver was participating in a sex act with the taller of the two men.

Manly, who'd previously taken the opportunity to pocket some of Tarver's silverware, decided that would be a good time to leave.

At 2 a.m., Manly knocked on the door of a house about two blocks from Tarver's and asked to use the phone to call a cab. The couple living there made him wait outside while they placed the call; the next morning they found a silver teaspoon on the ground outside. It matched Tarver's set.

On Jan. 18, Manly was arrested and charged with Tarver's murder.

The trial began May 5, with then-Deputy District Attorney Clarence Westra at the prosecutor's table.

Deputy Public Defender John Ulman was convinced Mistriel, who was never charged with murder, was somehow involved and thought planting that seed in the jury's mind might be the best way to get a favorable verdict for his client. He tried to get the 13-year-old on the stand by granting him immunity for his testimony.

Failing that, Ulman hoped Municipal Court Judge Robert Baca would permit Mistriel to invoke in open court his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination, reasoning that either option would prompt jurors to start thinking about alternate scenarios.

But Westra, according to The Californian's coverage, insisted Mistriel had had no role in the killing, and he convinced Baca to deny Ulman.

Mistriel took the Fifth outside the presence of the jury and never faced questioning -- although Ulman got the cab driver to testify that the youth had threatened to "take care of" Tarver if he crossed him. Mistriel, Ulman proposed, had set up Tarver to be killed.

Manly was acquitted of murder but convicted of first-degree burglary. He was sentenced to three years in prison in July 1978 and paroled after 19 months. His family, which operates a prominent auto dealership in Santa Rosa, hasn't responded to numerous requests for information about Manly's whereabouts.

Mistriel, meanwhile, was sentenced to six months at the Kern Youth Facility for burglarizing Tarver's house and shop.

By the following autumn, he was back on the street.

Death of a school girl

Like Steve Tauzer, Glen Fitts was a private, soft-spoken, widely respected law-and-order advocate.

Like Steve Tauzer, he had a close personal relationship with at least one troubled young man.

And, like Steve Tauzer, almost every cop in town knew Glen Fitts' name.

Fitts had taught a good number of them how to be police officers during the 1960s and '70s, either at Bakersfield College, where he'd been a police science instructor, or at the Bakersfield Police Academy, where he served as training coordinator. Many others knew him through his work as Bakersfield's police commissioner.

The few who didn't recognize his name became familiar with it in 1979.

On April 9, during Easter break from Highland High School, 14-year-old Dana Charlene Butler disappeared. Her body turned up three days later, with 30 or 40 shallow knife wounds and two deep, lethal wounds. She'd been dumped near the Old Corral Cafe just west of Hart Park.

Investigators concluded she'd been at Fitts' house on or about April 10, along with other teens. It seemed Fitts -- 56, recently widowed and terribly lonely -- had started hanging out in Siemon Park, near his home, talking to kids. He invited them to his house in northeast Bakersfield, where marijuana, beer and cocktails were free for the asking.

All he asked in return, according to reports in The Californian, was sex -- with some of the boys, at least. A 17-year-old named Richie Fralick was one of his favorites.

Fitts threw a birthday party for one of his teen-age friends one night during spring break, and he invited about 20 teens between the ages of 14 and 18. Butler, who'd been among a group of girls that met him one day at a pizza parlor, is thought to have attended. No one saw her alive again.

Investigators found Fitts' pubic hair on Butler's body, as well as dog hairs matching both of his dogs. (Even in those pre-DNA days, microscopic matching of that sort was considered sufficiently reliable.)

They found blood matching her blood type in Fitts' house, and neighbors told investigators Fitts had replaced bathroom carpeting and plumbing fixtures the day after Butler disappeared.

Friends who'd met him for dinner at the Rancho Bakersfield coffee shop on April 11 said he'd seemed jumpy, and he adamantly refused to let anyone near his car in the parking lot, according to newspaper reports.

Why no murder charges?

Investigators gathered evidence and presented it to District Attorney Al Leddy on April 30. Sheriff Al Loustalot was so confident they had their man, he told reporters at an unrelated event that same day that they could expect an arrest by the next morning.

It never happened.

Leddy eventually referred the case to the grand jury, which interviewed a parade of people, including Fitts and the plumber who'd worked at Fitts' house. But, after consulting with deputy district attorneys, the grand jury declined to indict anyone in the case.

Undersheriff Loren Fote said he was "disappointed" that Leddy had chosen not to file a complaint and promised investigators would pursue lesser charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and furnishing marijuana -- if murder charges were not filed.

BPD Capt. Bob Patterson, head of the BPD's detective unit (and later to become chief of police), said the police were also looking into filing those charges. He, too, told The Californian he believed there was sufficient evidence to file murder charges against the still-unnamed suspect, and said he was baffled why the D.A.'s office and grand jury both refused to do so.

"I have to believe there's something I don't know about," he said as the controversy built that spring. "I do know what information has been presented" in investigative reports.

He remains baffled today.

"We never could quite figure out the holdup," said Patterson, now retired.

The secret everyone knew

For two weeks, police cars were parked around Fitts' house in a bizarre stakeout probably never before seen in the well-kept, middle- class neighborhood. (Fitts lived two doors down from then-Assemblyman Don Rogers, the former Bakersfield city councilman who'd nominated him as police commissioner four years earlier.)

More than a month after the murder, however, The Californian still had not published Fitts' name in connection with the case. Editors would wait for an arrest.

The rest of the city was fully aware of the suspect's name, it seemed.

On May 17-18, a group of 200 parents dubbed Mothers of Bakersfield picketed in front of the suspect's house, the Kern County Administration building and the courts building and announced plans to seek Leddy's recall.

Rumor that The Californian was part of a cover-up was apparently so pervasive that on May 20, then-Assistant Managing Editor Owen Kearns Jr. wrote a page A1 editor's note explaining why Fitts' name had been withheld in connection with the investigation.

"There was far more danger of being accused of a coverup had we not run the story at all than in running the story and leaving out several elements," Kearns wrote. " ... I would state emphatically that there has been no pressure from official agencies, private organizations or any individual to keep us from publishing information on this case."

It was the fear of a libel suit, not any conspiratorial pressure, Kearns explained in December 2002, that prompted the abundance of caution.

Fitts was finally identified by name in the newspaper May 22, the day after he was arrested on suspicion of furnishing drugs to minors and related misdemeanor offenses.

But the Mothers of Bakersfield wanted more.

Leddy refused to satisfy them. He told KUZZ radio he preferred not to prosecute a suspect "for dumping a body along a road" if investigators could later develop information that might lead to a murder charge.

The following week, one possible reason for the D.A'.s unwillingness to indict Fitts (or anyone else) for the murder became clear: The county coroner's office had failed to take time-of-death tests on Butler's body.

Sheriff's officials told The Californianthey assumed the coroner would take crucial body-temperature readings; the coroner said such tests weren't taken unless they were specifically requested. By the time investigators realized what had happened, it was too late. The body, too cold for useful evaluation, was cremated.

Investigators also were troubled by the theory that Fitts, who had a heart condition, probably could not have committed the murder, or disposed of the body, by himself.

The 'eerie' suicide note

A week after the pickets laid siege to the courthouse, Fitts was charged with three felony counts of providing marijuana to minors and four other charges.

A few days later, he shot himself in the head, leaving behind a letter that seemed to have been unfinished -- a suicide note the sheriff described as "eerie."

"Dana Butler was last scene (sic) in front of a church between 11:30 and 12:30 on April 9. I, on the morning of April 9, was home waiting for ..." And there it ended.

Fitts "was like Santa Claus to those kids," Bakersfield attorney Milt Younger, who represented Fitts, recalled last month. "The kids used him, used his house. He could no more commit that murder than a jack rabbit could. He was a weak old man.

"They just hounded that old man until he killed himself."

Fitts was named in a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit brought by Butler's parents. Ultimately, James E. Brown, the attorney for Butler's family, secured a $5,000 judgment against the Fitts estate and $50,000 from an insurance company.

Fralick, who told investigators he was Fitts' gay companion and one of the people at the Rancho Bakersfield coffee shop the evening of April 11, was named as a co-defendant in the Butler family's civil suit, and then dropped.

Today, Fralick -- who turns 41 this month -- lives in the Los Angeles area and sells used cars at a tiny lot on Hollywood Boulevard. He now calls himself Jeff.

"I'm writing a book about all this," he said in November.

The Dana Butler case remains unsolved. It's one of just a couple that Brown, of the law firm Clifford & Brown, said will always stay with him.

"It had the most intriguing, perplexing set of circumstances I've ever been involved with," Brown said. "... it had enough tentacles to make an octopus -- I just couldn't get them all to connect."

That observation might aptly summarize the entire Lords legend.

"The more I think back about it, the more I wonder if (the Butler case had) a common thread that runs through some of these other cases," Brown said. "I don't know where the connection is. I guess it's just a feeling. "

The Gatsby-like publisher

There was clearly a common thread between two of the so-called "Lords" cases. That thread was boy prostitute Robert Mistriel.

When Edwin A. Buck, personnel director for Kern County, was murdered on July 17, 1981, police almost immediately arrested Mistriel. It didn't take long for investigators to make the connection: Seems Mistriel had a tendency to drive around in cars owned by middle-aged gay men, including two who'd recently been murdered.

Mistriel said he'd met Buck in Beach Park, a notorious gathering place for gay men looking for action, according to coverage from that time in The Californian.

At his murder trial two years later, Mistriel testified that he'd slept with many homosexual men of prominence, including two he'd lived with and worked for: Alfred "Ted" Fritts and Stan Harper.

Fritts, whom Mistriel described as "my best friend," was The Californian's editor and co-owner -- and a party host of Gatsby-like proportions. His mansion at the corner of Oleander Avenue and Chester Lane in Bakersfield, nestled among many of the city's most historic homes, was the scene of frequent social events.

According to people close to Fritts at the time, then-Gov. Jerry Brown was known to have visited; so had then-Sen. Alan Cranston, presidential daughter Maureen Reagan and Randolph Duke, the clothing designer. Steve Perry and his mates from the rock band Journey stopped by. Actress Dyan Cannon once visited, using the occasion to pitch a movie project. Actress Sally Kellerman and columnist Ann Landers, who knew Fritts through the Hereditary Disease Foundation, were guests on separate occasions. Singer Barry Manilow showed up.

So did local politicians.

The parties came in many flavors, all generally kept separate, including: gatherings for Fritts' neighbors in the area; his employees at The Californian;his fellow Willamette (Ore.) University alumni; his friends in local theater; his famous acquaintances in politics and entertainment; and his gay friends -- old, young and younger.

"Ted was the catalyst, and a willing participant," said Matthew Gardner, a close friend of the late publisher who recalls seeing a number of prominent Bakersfield men at the wilder parties.

Mistriel was there, too, working as a "waiter." In a 1999 letter addressed "to whom it may concern" and written from state prison, Mistriel said he dressed in shorts and matching tank top, served drinks and generally tended to the needs of the male guests -- some of whom, he said, were in local government and law enforcement. Mistriel's letter has made the rounds among several Bakersfield attorneys and others.

Fritts gave Mistriel a job at The Californian, allowed Mistriel to live with him briefly at the Oleander mansion, and permitted Mistriel to have frequent use of his luxury cars. ("The Jaguar was Robert's favorite," Mistriel's former wife, Thelma Chapman said.)

The political operative

Harper is a businessman and freelance political operative who made a name for himself guiding Don Rogers' first two Assembly campaigns in 1978 and 1980. He was accused of driving a wedge between conservative and moderate Republicans in 1980, when he allegedly tried to recruit a primary-election opponent for Rep. Bill Thomas.

Over the years Harper has continued to manage the political campaigns of conservative (or non-Thomas camp) Kern County office-seekers. Current District Attorney Ed Jagels is among his most noteworthy and longstanding political clients.

Harper was in the news for another reason during that time. In November 1979, a 19-year neighbor, Michael Joseph Banducci, tried to blackmail him with a threatening letter remarkable for its blunt gracelessness:

"Stan, I know you are gay and Mark (Manda, Harper's 22-year-old housemate) is bisexual, but who gives a (expletive)? But some important people do. I am blackmailing you." Banducci demanded $15,000; Harper called the authorities.

Tauzer prosecuted the case and got Banducci sentenced to two years in prison for attempted extortion. Some have questioned why the D.A.'s office didn't recuse itself considering the Harper/Jagels connection.

In 1980, according to court documents, Harper later won a $225,000 civil judgment for damages connected to the attempted extortion.

Mistriel claims to have been part of Harper's life in those days, too. In his Buck murder trial testimony, Mistriel alluded to a relationship with Harper and one of Harper's friends, Bakersfield merchant Hurbert "Eli" Elias.

Mistriel said he lived with Harper briefly and worked for him as a janitor.

He also testified that he ended his relationship with Harper and Elias because he felt used. However, Mistriel remained on friendly terms with Fritts -- who died of AIDS in 1997 -- until his arrest following Buck's murder.

By that time, Mistriel said, he'd had sex with at least 150 men.

The last days of Ed Buck

Like Steve Tauzer, Ed Buck was a respected administrator who inspired both loyalty and, on occasion, fear. Matters of importance went through his office.

And, like Tauzer, he occasionally enjoyed the company of much-younger men.

For Buck, one of those men was Robert Mistriel. But, at least according to Mistriel's testimony in the summer of 1983, Buck failed to get as close to Mistriel as the older man would have liked.

Mistriel testified that he'd met Buck two years earlier, at age 15, in a Beach Park restroom, and he'd had dinner at Buck's home on one occasion -- using the opportunity to steal money and tools. But he hadn't slept with him, Mistriel said.

Mistriel testified that when Buck, the county's personnel director, made a half-hearted attempt to blackmail him into a tryst, suggesting he could have Mistriel arrested for the burglary, the 17-year-old decided to teach him a lesson.

According to Mistriel's testimony,he recruited a friend, 18-year-old Roy Matthew Camenisch, and they laid out a plan to kill Buck one Friday night. On the pretense of going for a midsummer night's drive out to Lake Isabella, Mistriel chauffeured Buck out onto Bakersfield-Glennville Road, the northern extension of North Chester Avenue. Camenisch followed, unbeknownst to Buck.

At a properly secluded spot, Mistriel pulled over. Camenisch, high on LSD, pulled in front of them, turned off his headlights and got out. Mistriel got out and walked up to him -- attempting, he testified, to talk Camenisch out of it. Camenisch couldn't be swayed.

Then, with Mistriel supposedly sitting in Camenisch's car, where he wouldn't have to watch the carnage, Camenisch walked back to where Buck was still seated and, in the darkness, stabbed him, battered his head with a hammer -- the same sort of implement thought to have been the Tarver murder weapon -- and slit his throat. Having found the ground too hard to dig a grave, the two young men stuffed Buck's body in the car's trunk.

They parked the car in the garage of Buck's place on Pinewood Lake Drive, stole some things from the home, started a fire that eventually gutted much of the house, and got back to Camenisch's girlfriend's house in time to watch the last half of a midnight sci-fi movie, "It Conquered the World."

Investigators found Buck's charred body in the trunk of his incinerated car on July 20, three days after the murder.

Two murders -- one hustler

Mistriel and Camenisch were arrested two days later.

Camenisch's case looked like a straightforward prosecution, but Mistriel -- ordered to stand trial as an adult -- posed a problem. Defense attorneys Robert Vandernoor and Robert Cook feared that the prominence of the victim, along with Mistriel's alleged links to the unsolved Tarver murder and sensationalized aspects of Mistriel's "profession," would make a fair trial unattainable in Kern County.

The case had already generated a tremendous amount of publicity: 72 percent to 79 percent of the public was familiar with the case, according to a poll, and 50 percent knew it had a homosexual aspect.

Superior Court Judge John M. Nairn agreed to move the trial to Riverside County, with Westra prosecuting the case.

Mistriel's alleged but unspecified role in hairdresser Tommy Tarver's murder three-and-a-half years earlier resurfaced. That he was somehow involved in that earlier killing was presented by Camenisch's attorneys in court documents as undisputed fact.

Mistriel, still just 17, named several alleged adult lovers in painting a grim picture of his upbringing.

The son of an absent father and an alcoholic mother, he was molested by an older brother at the age of 6, endured his parents' divorce at age 8 and became involved in prostitution at age 11. By the time he was 13, he was working as a homosexual hustler on Hollywood's Sunset Strip and elsewhere.

While working as a prostitute out of the Rancho Bakersfield motel, Camenisch's attorneys said at their client's 1983 murder trial, Mistriel was "involved as a perpetrator or co-perpetrator" in Tarver's bludgeoning death four years earlier. Over the years, Mistriel himself has given different stories: At one time, he admitted having been present at Tarver's murder, but today he maintains he was not.

In asking the court to unseal the Tarver files, Camenisch's attorneys claimed Mistriel had had sexual relations with both Tarver and Buck (charges Mistriel confirmed in a phone conversation in November), and that the earlier case might yield relevant clues to the more recent one. Dean Rice, deputy to then-Bakersfield City Attorney Richard Oberholzer, tried unsuccessfully to block their efforts.

Oberholzer, now a Superior Court judge, said recently he can't recall the details of the case and didn't want to try to guess why the city might have cared at the time. Rice couldn't be located.

The defense strategy bore little fruit, however, and on April 6, 1983, Camenisch pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. He received life without the possibility of parole.

Three months later, on July 8, 1983, Mistriel was convicted of first-degree murder by a Riverside jury.

At Mistriel's Dec. 20 sentencing, Riverside County Superior Court Judge J. William Mortland described Mistriel as "totally amoral." Mistriel, by that time 19, got 31 years to life in prison.

He remains incarcerated at Corcoran State Prison and in recent interviews continues to maintain that he had sex with Bakersfield men who were then -- and in some cases still are -- in positions of power.

Powerful men never charged

Left unresolved is why none of the adult men Mistriel named in his testimony -- people like Fritts, Harper, Elias or Los Angeles County businessman Darrel Tavelli, all of whom Mistriel had previously told his probation officer about -- were prosecuted for unlawful sex with a minor.

His probation officer, Sally Rockholt, testified in 1983 that Mistriel had told her of his liaisons with adult men. But that seems to have been where it ended.

"Truthfully, back then we looked at it as sort of just rumor, speculation, innuendo," Rockholt said earlier this month. "We had no corroboration. What we did was work with the kid to show him the destructiveness of that lifestyle (as a prostitute).

"We (probation department officials) talked a lot at the time about what we could do to protect the kid, protect the community. Obviously, we failed."

Not that law enforcement officials didn't know about some of the men anyway.

Fritts, at least, was warned by vice officers about his brazen liaisons at Beach Park and elsewhere.

"They caught (Fritts) in places where he had mutual friends, you might say," said former BPD Chief Robert Patterson.

None of the men named by Mistriel ever publicly denied the factual basis of his testimony and none appears to have been investigated, or charged, for having unlawful sex with a minor.

Elias and Tavelli could not be reached for comment. Harper did not respond to interview requests. And Jagels has refused to answer any questions for these stories, including a specific question regarding his longtime political affiliation with Harper -- and whether that affiliation came to bear when and if Jagels ever considered charging Harper in connection with Mistriel's claims.

Given the popularity of Fritts' parties and the common belief among certain county personnel department employees that Buck was almost certainly gay, more reliable witnesses may not have been difficult to find.

(One former personnel department employee enjoyed telling the story of the day he and a co-worker went to downtown Bakersfield's Greyhound bus station at lunchtime, suspecting their boss would be there, trying to meet young gay men. They had Buck paged -- then sat back and guffawed as Buck, mortified, darted out the front door.)

Thelma Chapman, a former teacher of Mistriel's who married him in prison in 1985, acknowledged that Mistriel could be manipulative -- he'd developed that skill for survival's sake, she said.

But, after two decades in prison, he'd have no reason to lie about the basic circumstances of his life, she said.

"I found him to be a believable person and a kind person," said Chapman, who was legally separated from Mistriel in 1995. Their divorce was finalized in 1997 -- but not before Mistriel shared bitter memories with her, repeating the names and places he cited in that 1999 letter.

Mistriel canceled his first parole hearing at Corcoran, set for October 2002, apparently believing he had virtually no chance of gaining release. His next hearing is in four years.

A secret life, public death

Fourteen months after Ed Buck's 1981 murder, Bobby Mistriel was sitting in a jail cell, waiting for his trial to begin. And Nurl Renfro was entertaining young men, sometimes at his mountain cabin, sometimes at his house on Elm Street in the city's downtown neighborhood.

Renfro was a 50-year-old millionaire who'd once harbored political aspirations. Eight years before, in 1974, he'd run for county assessor against Milton "Spartacus" Miller and incumbent Herbert E. Roberts. Roberts routed both challengers, outdistancing Renfro, the last-place finisher, by a 3-to-1 margin.

Renfro consoled himself by building a successful business empire: He owned Gold Coast Realty & Investment, which had several valley and Central Coast offices, and he co-owned My Telephone Secretary & Doctors Exchange answering service.

Like Steve Tauzer, Renfro carried himself in such a way that many who associated with him on a regular basis suspected nothing unusual in his after-hours activities.

In Renfro's case, that included his partner in the answering service business, who testified he had no idea Renfro was gay.

Like Steve Tauzer, Renfro seems to have sought the companionship of young men -- though the two men went about it in drastically different ways.

On Dec. 19, 1982, Renfro's guest was 18-year-old John Oren Biggs, who'd answered Renfro's classified ad for a live-in caretaker. The men shot billiards in the rec room of Renfro's curiously fortified house, which had metal grids on the windows and curtains that neighbors said were always drawn.

Renfro had a few cocktails. Then, according to Biggs, Renfro grabbed him in an aggressively sexual way. Biggs pushed Renfro away -- then, for reasons not fully explained, continued playing pool with his drunken host. But when Renfro made a second pass, Biggs testified, he picked up a fireplace poker and bashed Renfro over the head 40 times.

Biggs stole some cash, drove away in Renfro's 1980 Olds Toronado and contacted a friend, William Harold Blankenship, also 18.

They returned to Renfro's house and wheeled away a small safe. Hours later, they successfully cut it open with a torch -- and were disappointed to find just a few assorted documents and some photos of men, both nude and clothed.

At Biggs' trial before Judge William A. Stone, defense attorney Clayton Adams found three other young men who said Renfro had made unwanted sexual advances. Two had answered ads offering work; one had been raped. Jurors visited Renfro's house and saw that certain rooms, including the rec room, lacked interior door knobs; the doors opened only with a deadbolt key. The implication was that visitors left when Renfro was ready for them to leave.

Prosecutor Dan Sparks successfully convicted Biggs of robbery, burglary and car theft, but the jury deadlocked between first- and second-degree murder. Sparks said the district attorney would pursue a new trial, and in late July, with a new judge, Lewis King, and new defense attorney, Joseph Giuffre, it got under way.

The attorney general steps in

The verdict, announced on Sept. 12, 1984, was a shock: Biggs was guilty, but not of murder. The conviction was for voluntary manslaughter, and Biggs -- sentenced to seven years, four months -- eventually served less than three-and-a-half years. (He returned to prison three times over the next 10 years, however, and was finally discharged from parole in 1998. His present whereabouts are unknown.)

The manslaughter conviction outraged many people, including some who identified themselves as gay.

Leading the charge was Bakersfield attorney Marshall Jacobson, who brought in Thomas Coleman, a civil rights attorney from Los Angeles. Coleman, alleging that homosexual victims of violent crimes tended to be shortchanged by the Kern County criminal justice system, convinced the state Attorney General's Office to take a closer look.

There was certainly fodder for debate.

Equally galling to some was the 1981 case of William Robert Tyack.

Tyack had been convicted of one count of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting deaths of two unarmed gay neighbors following a confrontation on an isolated mountain road.

The killings took place two weeks after the Buck murder, and Tyack testified that he feared becoming the victim of a similar attack -- even with the advantage of a firearm.

The civil rights inquiry helped build steam for then-Attorney General John Van de Kamp's campaign against "hate violence." In 1986, Van de Kamp called for enhanced criminal penalties in cases involving violence and intimidation against certain groups. He specifically proposed funding for county human relations centers, which would work with local schools, police, community groups and victims of bigotry-linked violence. Kern County created its own commission in October 1990.

Marshall Jacobson, who'd been at the forefront of the fight, didn't live to see it.

Mentor's help came at a price

"Crime in Bakersfield is rapidly getting out of control," Marshall Jacobson announced before the Bakersfield City Council in late 1981. He had hoped to convince the council to make the Kern County Crime Commission, a one-year advisory committee on which he served, a permanent fixture. The City Council turned him down.

Seventeen months later, Jacobson was dead himself -- a victim of the same sort of violence that had so concerned him.

Jacobson, a 48-year-old millionaire real estate and criminal defense attorney, was stabbed to death on Dec. 20, 1984 -- almost two years to the day after Renfro was murdered. Jacobson's former lover/protege/housemate, Randy Ray Backen, then 19, was arrested.

Jacobson had met Backen at the city's Greyhound bus station and offered him a place to live. For the next eight months or so, they shared Jacobson's house in southwest Bakersfield, just off Ming Avenue.

Jacobson, like Tauzer, tried to provide for his protege's every need -- monetary, emotional or otherwise.

Jacobson, who enrolled Backen in Bakersfield Adult School, supplied food, lodging and tuition. But there was a price: household chores -- and sex.

Bakersfield police knew Jacobson was gay and some had privately expressed concern about his participation on the crime commission given "his known background," according to unnamed BPD official quoted by The Californian in 1983.

Police once considered charging Jacobson with sexual misconduct with a boy, but the juvenile was reluctant to testify and charges were never filed, according to that Californianarticle.

Backen granted The Californiana jailhouse interview almost a year after the murder. "I'm not a homosexual," Backen said. "It was something I had to do to have a roof over my head."

Jacobson had hired Backen at the Bakersfield Law Center, which Jacobson ran, and at times "was like a father" to him. But their physical relationship "disgusted him," Backen said.

When Backen skipped school for two straight days to look for a job, a violation of their agreement, Jacobson kicked him out of the house.

Backen, still fuming a week later, came back with a 14-year-old neighbor, Trion Blaine Hunt. Backen told the boy he intended to kill and rob his one-time mentor. Hunt, who professed not to have taken Backen seriously, waited outside. Backen later claimed the boy "egged him on"; Hunt family members questioned how a 14-year-old boy might have had such influence over a 19-year-old.

In any case, Backen knocked on the front door, and Jacobson ordered him to leave. Backen hopped a fence and went in the back, through an unlocked sliding-glass door. Jacobson demanded to know what Backen wanted; the teen said he had something he needed to talk to him about, and he led Jacobson down a hallway toward a bedroom.

Then, abruptly, he spun around and stabbed Jacobson in the belly with the double-edged hunting knife Hunt had loaned him. Then Backen stabbed him again and again -- 10 or 11 times in all, by his count.

Hunt expressed amazement when he saw what Backen had done -- but then he started loading stereo equipment into the back of Jacobson's 1983 Cadillac El Dorado.

That night, Backen drove Jacobson's car into Los Angeles and sold it to two men for what he believed was a packet of heroin. Then he went to the North Hollywood bus depot and telephoned a friend of Jacobson's, who promised to help him escape to Mexico but instead called police.

The defendant waffles

Backen pleaded guilty, then changed his mind about it.

He parted ways with his attorneys, Michael Sprague and Robert Birchfield, and attempted to withdraw his plea. He says he fired them; they say they asked the court to relieve them as soon as Backen began making false statements about them.

Backen based his demand for new representation, he said, on jailhouse gossip: A cellmate told him he'd seen Sprague in gay bars. Backen said he therefore believed Sprague could not represent him fairly in a case in which the victim was gay.

Sprague, who died in 2001, denied he was gay, and he later won a libel judgement from a fellow attorney who'd made similar accusations.

Attorney Lee Felice, now a Superior Court judge (and, coincidentally, the judge who ordered Lance Hillis into a drug rehabilitation facility prior to Lance's death) was appointed to represent Backen.

Judge Gerald K. Davis did not allow the plea change, however, and in the end, Deputy District Attorney Stephen P. Gildner was victorious: Backen was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Backen, who's now known as Randy Ray DeCicco, is in Corcoran State Prison.

Hunt, represented by attorney Jay Christopher Smith, was convicted of four counts of burglary -- and first-degree murder. Despite a California Youth Authority presentencing evaluation that found him to be a criminally unsophisticated follower in need of schooling and counseling, Judge John M. Nairn sentenced Hunt to eight years in the CYA system.

Hunt was paroled in May 1993, violated parole six months later and served almost two additional years. He was released in June 1995, two months after his 25th birthday.

Now a recovering heroin addict, Hunt, 32, was living at a Salvation Army detox facility in Los Angeles as of November 2002. "This whole thing ruined my life," he said recently.

The alleged photos: 'Drop it'

The day after the murder, Marshall Jacobson's brother, Norman Jacobson, searched Jacobson's home on Lamar Court. According to court records, he discovered, among other things, photographs described as showing Jacobson and other "persons known to Jacobson" in compromising positions with other males.

Norman Jacobson apparently intended to destroy the photos, but Tony K. Moore, a friend and employee of the slain attorney who accompanied the brother on his search, held on to them, according to a statement attributed to Coleman in Jacobson's probate file.

Coleman -- the civil rights attorney, now brought in as special administrator of Marshall Jacobson's estate -- urged that the photos be preserved in case they were needed in the criminal trial.

Since Backen was persuaded to plead guilty, there was no trial. And there's no mention of the photos in any court files, other than Jacobson's probate file.

Moore, who now lives in another state, won't say what became of the photos.

"Drop it," he said. "Let sleeping dogs lie. You don't even know what you're getting yourself into."

Two more for the Lords file?

It's been nearly two decades since the Jacobson murder, and until the Tauzer case, no subsequent crime seemed to have much in common with the Lords killings of the 1970s and '80s.

The 1998 Sid Sheffield murder case, which shares only a few elements of the murders outlined in the Lords legend, may become part of the defense strategy for accused Tauzer killer Chris Hillis.

Kyle Humphrey, Hillis' attorney, said he's still developing a strategy, but he acknowledges potential in this avenue of inquiry: Could Tauzer's alleged homosexuality have contributed to his own death in a way that parallels that of Sheffield?

Sheffield, a prominent local education and health activist, was found stabbed to death in his mobile home off Columbus Street. When the investigation stalled, police revealed details about Sheffield's life that painted a picture decidedly different from the public image: He was allegedly gay.

"We are going to look at all angles in our defense," Humphrey said. "We'll examine where Mr. Tauzer could have gone (the night of Sept. 13) in that (late-night) time frame. We've had several murdered gay men in the past few years, and a lot of it had to do with lifestyle. So we'll explore everything."

The Tauzer and Sheffield cases bear a few similarities. Sheffield was also white, educated, lived primarily alone and was attacked with a knife. The two murder victims were close in age. However, Sheffield's after-hours activities suggest a promiscuous lifestyle. At the time the investigation moved into the inactive file, detectives were asking about a young man in a cowboy hat Sheffield may have met in a bar.

The cases have important differences, too. Sheffield was robbed. Tauzer, so far as investigators have allowed the public to learn, was not. Sheffield had no known enemies. Tauzer potentially had many. Sheffield was social. Tauzer was private.

Unlike the Tauzer case, there's been no arrest in the Sheffield case.

Whether either murder belongs alongside the Lords of Bakersfield cases of past years remains to be seen. The Tauzer case seems to have more connections; it clearly has more potential to make life uncomfortable for highly placed individuals.

Two acquaintances of the defendant, speaking at separate times and places, had this identical observation: "Chris Hillis knows where all the D.A.'s skeletons are buried."

If the conspiracy theorists are right, that may amount to a lot of skeletons.

Note: Original package of stories published Jan. 19, 2003.

10-01-2012, 09:06 AM
CNN - The CIA's News Network?

Dave McGowan
May 2000

In February of this year, a story that had appeared in the European press was reported by Alexander Cockburn - co-editor of Counterpunch - concerning the employment by CNN of military psychological warfare specialists. Other than Cockburn's piece, and the issuance of an 'Action Alert' by the media-watchdog group FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), the report was ignored by the American press.
As originally reported by Abe de Vries in the Dutch periodical Trouw, the story went something like this: "For a short time last year, CNN employed military specialists in 'psychological operations' (psyops). This was confirmed to Trouw by a spokesman of the U.S. Army. The military could have influenced CNN's news reports about the crisis in Kosovo." (1)
Could have? The word 'duh' would seem to apply here. In fact, here's a news flash: the military influenced the news reports of all the media outlets that covered the Kosovo bombardment. The only news coming from the area was coming from NATO and the Pentagon. When you are the sole source of information, you tend to have a lot of influence.
But that's not the issue here. The concern here is with CNN hiring military personnel to package for viewers the information provided as 'news' by other military personnel. This is said to be a most disturbing development, and I suppose it would be were it not for the fact that the U.S. media - as a whole - is infested with so many intelligence assets that it is hard to see how a few more in the mix could make much of a difference.
Of course, most of them are posing as reporters, editors, news anchors, analysts, producers, publishers, etc. The difference here is that these particular spooks were employed openly at CNN, without journalistic cover. As Major Thomas Collins, of the U.S. Army Information Service acknowledged:
"Psyops personnel, soldiers and officers, have been working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta through our programme 'Training With Industry'. They worked as regular employees of CNN. Conceivably, they would have worked on stories during the Kosovo war. They helped in the production of news." (1)
The phrase "production of news" is notably ambiguous when used in this context. It could easily be defined as the manufacture of news. Manufacturing news is, in fact, exactly what psychological warfare specialists do. As de Vries notes:
"The military CNN personnel belonged to the airmobile Fourth Psychological Operations Group, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. One of the main tasks of this group of almost 1200 soldiers and officers is to spread 'selected information'. [We should pause here, briefly, to note that in this context, the phrase 'selected information' generally means vicious distortions and outright lies.]
"American psyops troops try with a variety of techniques to influence media and public opinion in armed conflicts in which American state interests are said to be at stake. [We need to pause again to note that 'American state interests' generally means the financial interests of U.S. monopoly capitalists.] The propaganda group was involved in the Gulf war, the Bosnian war and the crisis in Kosovo." (1)
In other words, they did during the war in Kosovo what they have always done. This time, however, they did it more openly. This could have proven to be a major blunder for CNN, with scores of competitors airing this story to embarrass and discredit a rival. But that would require that we have some actual semblance of a free press.
Instead, what happened was that the story got a couple of brief mentions in the alternative press that were easily overlooked and ignored. And this was only after the translated article began appearing on internet sites, most notably on the Emperor's Clothes. Had this not been the case, the story likely would not have surfaced at all on these shores.
Nor would a follow-up article by de Vries in the same publication a few days later. De Vries refers to the Commander of the Fourth Psychological Operations Group, Colonel Cristopher St. John, who described the cooperation with CNN as "a textbook example of the kind of ties the American army wants to have with the media." (2)
The kind of ties that will allow it "to spread handpicked 'information' and keep other news quiet, ... to control the internet, to wage electronic warfare against disobedient media, and to control commercial satellites." (2) Most of which, it should be noted, the intelligence community already does to varying degrees. Still, the control is not yet complete enough.
De Vries reports that the psyops personnel were not completely satisfied with the Kosovo operation: "In their opinion, too much information about the unplanned results of the bombings has come to the surface. [We must pause yet again to note that 'unplanned results of the bombings' refers to the entirely foreseeable civilian carnage.] Rear Admiral Thomas Steffens of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) reportedly would like to have the capacity to bring down an 'informational cone of silence' over areas where special operations are in place. What that can mean in reality was shown by the bombing of the Serbian state television RTS in Belgrade." (2)
Indeed. And speaking of the bombing of the Serbian television station, there was another story that ran in the European press concerning that particular incident which also happened to cast CNN in a particularly bad light. Considerably more so than the story told in the Dutch publication, in fact.
Significantly, this story was not aired at all in the United States. It did appear, however, in the U.K., in an article by corespondent Robert Fisk in The Independent. The report reveals that:
"Two days before NATO bombed the Serb Television headquarters in Belgrade, CNN received a tip from its Atlanta headquarters that the building was to be destroyed. They were told to remove their facilities from the premises at once, which they did." (3)
Apparently it helps to have those psyops specialists on board. Fisk goes on to recount that the next day, Aleksander Vucic, the Serbian Information Minister, received an invitation to appear on the Larry King Live show, ostensibly to give Larry's audience the Serbian view of the conflict via satellite.
There were two rather serious problems with this invitation, however. First, the notion that CNN would invite a Serbian official on the air to give the Serb point of view is rather far-fetched, to say the least. More importantly, the studio to which Vucic had been invited was now deserted. Nevertheless, he was asked to arrive for makeup at 2:00AM for a 2:30AM appearance.
"Vucic was late - which was just as well for him since NATO missiles slammed into the building at six minutes past two. The first one exploded in the make-up room where the young Serb assistant was burned to death. CNN calls this all a coincidence, saying that the Larry King show, put out by the entertainment division, did not know of the news department's instruction to its men to leave the Belgrade building." (3)
CNN's explanation is, of course, preposterous. In fact, the notion that there is some kind of distinction between CNN's 'entertainment division' and its 'news department' is rather preposterous as well. The truth appears to be that CNN was directly complicit in the attempted commission of a war crime.
And this action was, to be sure, a war crime. The deliberate targeting of a foreign dignitary for assassination - even in time of war - is definitely an international war crime. So it appears that our media have crossed the line from complicity in the covering-up of U.S. war crimes - which has been a mainstay of the press for decades - to complicity in the actual commission of war crimes.
A rather serious transgression, one would think, yet one which has been politely overlooked by the rest of the American media outlets. This is quite likely due to the fact that the intelligence community and corporate America pretty much controls all the media.
That is why even when stories such as the CNN/Psyops reports emerge in the 'progressive' media, albeit in a very limited way, they are accompanied by amusing commentary and analysis intended to downplay the significance of the incident.
For example, Cockburn wonders if: "It could be that CNN was the target of a psyops penetration and is still too naïve to figure out what was going on." (4) To the contrary, it appears that CNN was well aware of - and actively participating in - "what was going on."
Similarly, for FAIR what is "especially troubling is the fact that the network allowed the Army's covert propagandists to work in its headquarters, where they learned the ins and outs of CNN's operations. Even if the psyops officers working in the newsroom did not influence news reporting, did the network allow the military to conduct an intelligence-gathering mission against CNN itself?" (5)
Or, more likely, is CNN itself an "intelligence gathering mission," and has it been from its inception? It was CNN, it will be recalled, that pioneered the concept of military conflict as mini-series - complete with theme music and title graphics - during the Gulf War. That is, of course, the blueprint that has been followed by the media at large for all coverage of U.S. military actions since then.
One of the specific purposes for which CNN seems to have been born is the packaging of imperialist military conquests as humanitarian missions. In other words, "to spread 'selected information'" in order to "influence media and public opinion in armed conflicts in which American state interests are said to be at stake."
Glorification of U.S. high-tech weaponry, vilification of America's enemy of the moment, canonization of genocidal military leaders and advisers, rote reporting of the NATO/Pentagon/State Department line, deliberate avoidance of reporting clear-cut cases of American brutality and war crimes - all of these are indicative of a psyops program, not an allegedly independent news agency.
As the group FAIR noted: "CNN has always maintained a close relationship with the Pentagon. Getting access to top military officials is a necessity for a network that stakes its reputation on being first on the ground during wars and other military operations." (5)
Being first on the ground during military operations is, to be sure, a good place to be if one is a reporter. It is also a good place to be, it should be noted, if one is a member of the spook community.
Whether CNN was born as an intelligence front is probably now largely an irrelevant issue, as the cable titan has since the Kosovo war announced that it is to become a part of the AOL family. And AOL is, as was noted in a recent Spin Cycle article (Sony's Magic Cameras), doing a pretty damn good job of masquerading as an intelligence front itself.
So if CNN was not originally conceived as a psychological warfare entity (which appears to be the case, despite its purported status as the brainchild of Ted Turner, husband of Jane Fonda), it has certainly evolved into one. And by the way, does anyone remember when Jane was supposed to be one of the good guys? Just checking.

1. Abe de Vries "U.S. Army 'Psyops' Specialists Worked for CNN," Trouw, February 21, 2000
2. Abe de Vries "The American Army Loves CNN," Trouw, February 25, 2000
3. Robert Fisk "Taken In By the NATO Line," The Independent, July 2, 1999
4. Alexander Cockburn "CNN And Psyops," Counterpunch, March 26, 2000
5. "Why Were Government Propaganda Experts Working On News At CNN?," FAIR Action Alert, March 27, 2000

10-01-2012, 11:34 AM
Here is yet another 'debunked' case of satanic ritual abuse.
This one occurred in Bakersfield, California, 1982 at around the same
time that the 'Lords of Bakersfield' strangeness was going on.
Can anyone tell me why the children in all of these cases ,
years apart, and thousands of miles away from eachother, all
come up with exactly the same story
of being hung upside down from poles
and sexually abused, being videotaped during
sex acts with groups of people, witnessing ritual murders, etc.?
Ask yourself this. When you were a young child,
were you even capable
of imagining such things? Who had ever even heard of child pornography,
let alone imagined oneself being involved in it?
Yet there are all these children, worldwide,
making false and imagined allegations of it.
One odd thing that stands out in this case is that the popular version of the story goes
that the two very young girls at the center of this case were
coached to lie by a woman
out to get revenge on everyone around her,
yet somehow even the children ,
two boys, of the very people she'd been 'out to get',
alleged that they too had been molested.
Again in this case are links to daycare operators,
seeming links to police, with a thorough investigation
leading to convictions,
and then mysterious, high profile whitewashes and acquittals , etc.
A made for TV movie whitewash-udrama was even done about this in 2001 named
'Just Ask My Children'.
Just Ask My Children (TV 2001) - YouTube

In the above video clip
note how the Kniffens and McCuans
are depicted as idyllic-looking, middle-class yuppies.

This is what the Kniffens really looked like:


The girls, Becky and Dawn were repeatedly questioned.
Their disclosures became increasingly bizarre.
They said that had been hung from ceiling hooks,
beaten with belts, rented to strangers in motels
and filmed in child pornography.
They claimed that they were abused by a sex ring
which involved their grandparents, their parents,
their father's brothers, friends of their parents (
Scott & Brenda Kniffen), a co-worker of their father,
and two unnamed welfare workers.
The girls akso alleged that Rod Phelps and his
wife Linda had forced them to witness satanic murders near their home.
The Kniffens' two sons also claimed to have been abused.
At this time Kern County was in turmoil.
Several judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys,
and executives, including the
newspaper’s publisher,
were under the public microscope,
supposedly part of a network of closet homosexuals
known as the “Lords of Bakersfield.”
The District Attorney’s office was also under scrutiny
with respect to its handling of the torture/murder
case of 14-year-old Dana Butler.
The victim’s blood and hair were found in the bathroom of a former
police commissioner but he (Glenn Fitts) was not arrested.

On 1982-APR-6, Becky was driven around the
area to the homes of the alleged sex-ring members.
She said that there were pornographic pictures, a sex toy and other evidence in the Kniffen home.
The Kniffens were arrested two days later.

Sean Penn, who has close links to occult
Kabbalhist Madonna and Gus Van Sant (Milk)
also did a whitewash documentary of this titled 'Witch Hunt':



10-01-2012, 02:40 PM
"Son of Packers offensive coordinator found dead in Wisconsin river

Several reporters on-scene in Green Bay report that a body found in the Fox River has been identified as that of Michael Philbin's, and the news was confirmed by police on Monday evening. Michael was the 21-year-old son of Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.

Michael was reported missing on Sunday night. The last time he was heard from was 2 a.m. on Sunday. He lived in Ripon, Wis., and was visiting friends in Oshkosh, which is 21 miles away.

An employee in a building near the Fox River heard ice breaking and someone call for help around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. They recovered a body fitting Michael's description around 3 p.m. on Monday.

Michael previously was in headlines when he was sentenced to six months in jail for misdemeanor sexual assault and battery charges.

During head coach Mike McCarthy's afternoon press conference, he said that the Packers were holding out hope for Michael's safety. Philbin was in Oshkosh, and the team closed their locker room to press out of respect for the coach. The Packers were reportedly informed of the death late Monday afternoon.

The Packers were off for the weekend, having earned a bye, and learned on Sunday that their next opponent would be the Giants. Joe Philbin, the architect of Green Bay's top-rated offense, recently interviewed with the Miami Dolphins for the open head-coaching vacancy."

10-01-2012, 04:16 PM

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 38 (Were The Trench Coat Mafia Neo-Nazi Satanists?)

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 38 (Were The Trench Coat Mafia Neo-Nazi Satanists?) - YouTube

10-01-2012, 04:21 PM

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 39 (The Zodiac Killer)

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 39 (The Zodiac Killer) - YouTube

10-01-2012, 08:32 PM
"Furor in Greece over pedophilia as a disability

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek disability groups expressed anger Monday at a government decision to expand a list of state-recognized disability categories to include pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs.

The National Confederation of Disabled People called the action "incomprehensible," and said pedophiles are now awarded a higher government disability pay than some people who have received organ transplants.

The Labor Ministry said categories added to the expanded list — that also includes pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists — were included for purposes of medical assessment and used as a gauge for allocating financial assistance.

But NCDP leader Yiannis Vardakastanis, who is blind, warned the new list could create new difficulties for disabled Greeks who are already facing benefit cuts due to the country's financial crisis.

"What's happened is incomprehensible. I think there is some big mistake. The ministry should have a different policy on disability," Vardakastanis told the Associated Press. "The list contains major changes to disability quotients, which could effectively remove many people from access to benefits."

The new list gives pyromaniacs and pedophiles disability pay up to 35 percent, compared to 80 percent for heart transplant recipients.

"It's really not serious to grant Peeping Toms a 20-30 percent disability rate, and 10 percent to diabetics, who have insulin shots four or five times a day," said Vardakastanis.

Greece has been fighting to avoid bankruptcy since 2009. Public spending on health and welfare programs has been sharply cut under austerity measures imposed as a condition for receiving emergency loans from the International Monetary Fund and other countries using the euro currency.

Independently run welfare programs that survived on state grants have been the hardest hit, leaving some disabled groups, including the deaf, facing sudden drops in their standard of care.

The government is also battling widespread abuse in the welfare system, forcing tens of thousands of disabled people to be reassessed."

11-01-2012, 10:38 AM


11-01-2012, 12:03 PM


the whole thing gets so convoluted when you consider that the children of 'alleged satanic cult members' were/are CPS'ed and then returned to them, with wild allegations of wrong-doing flying from both camps. There are stories
of people wrongly convicted of satanically ritually abusing children who spend years in jail and then are released, while CPS does who knows what with their kids. Its hard to know what the truth actually is in each and every one of these cases.
All I do know is that there is a huge concerted effort to deny/conceal the entire existence of SRA ,with organizations like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation very active in suppressing awareness of it.
This organization reminds me of all those other controlled orgs and societies like the Kidney Foundation and the National Cancer Society, which are all controlled . These organizations suppress the truth on other fronts , concealing cancer cures and alternative treatments, and siphoning people's money off from charitable donations.
There is no doubt in mind that SRA exists as a component of mkultra and the military. The documented cases of SRA occurring on or near military installations or military school settings etc. ring especially true . I suspect that some innocent people have been intentionally prosecuted and convicted
on false pretenses, along the way , in a deliberate effort to muddy the waters and discredit all allegations of SRA. In an intelligence circle setting, virtually any form of manipulation and deception is possible. The orchestrated 9/11 attack on the WTC removes all doubt of that.
Now that CPS is under heavy attack, you have to wonder if the satanists
on want CPS done away with so that there is nothing to protect the kids. On the other hand, it makes sense that the satanists would first take control of CPS and then eventually corrupt it. Notice that
the reported cases of SRA convictions, trials, investigations has dried up since the eighties or nineties, so it looks like CPS may have been completely taken over since then, and now is using its powers to procure kids. It is intentionally convoluted and confusing.

11-01-2012, 03:21 PM
"American Doctor Gets 10 Years For “Buying Sex” From Cambodian Boys

A Cambodian court on Wednesday sentenced an American doctor to 10 years in prison for paying for sex with two boys, aged 12 and 15. The boys’ parents filed a complaint to police who monitored Phillip Bruce Shepard, 69, and arrested him in July.

Shepard worked at a private Phnom Penh clinic before he was arrested, The Australian Associated Press quoted an official from a local anti-pedophile group Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) as saying. APLE started watching the Michigan native in 2007 after he was seen going into a hotel room with two boys.

The court ordered Shepard expelled once he serves his prison time. Cambodia has long been a magnet for foreign pedophiles because of poverty and poor law enforcement. In recent years police and courts have increasingly targeted sex offenders."

13-01-2012, 12:03 PM

thursday, january 12, 2012

RCMP officer charged with drug theft

Holy Pandora's box Batman. The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province are both reporting that the Merrit RCMP Detachment commander has been accused of stealing and using cocaine from a police exhibit. Staff-Sgt. Stuart Seib, Merritt RCMP detachment commander, was arrested Tuesday and charged with theft Wednesday. Additional charges are pending.

"On Friday, Jan. 6, we became aware Staff-Sgt. Stuart Seib stole and used drug exhibits," said Sekela, adding that there were multiple thefts. Seib was made detachment commander in Clearwater in 2003 and was transferred to Merritt in November 2011. He has also worked in Alert Bay, Ashcroft and Prince George. Investigators will go back over Seib's 18-year RCMP career to deter-mine whether any other offences may have taken place.

Prince George? Like that's not a red flag. Hells Angels drug capital of BC.

13-01-2012, 12:50 PM
"German priest admits 280 counts of sexual abuse

A German Catholic priest has admitted 280 counts of sexual abuse involving three boys in the past decade, saying he did not think he was doing harm.

Named only as Andreas L, the priest told a court in Braunschweig that he had first abused the nine-year-old son of a widowed woman parishioner.

After being banned by his diocese from making further contact with the boy, he abused two brothers, aged nine and 13.

Thousands of Germans have left the Church over revelations of abuse.

About 180,000 renounced their Catholicism in 2010, up 40% from the previous year, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports.

Pope Benedict XVI, a German by birth, briefly met victims of sexual abuse by priests when he visited his native land in September, expressing "deep compassion and regret" at their suffering.
Disneyland Paris

The priest on trial in Braunschweig faces a minimum prison sentence of between six and six and a half years.

He was arrested during the summer, after the mother of his earlier victim reported him to the authorities.

She acted after her son, now aged 17, revealed to her the abuse he had undergone for two years.

Sexual assaults were made on the three boys in various settings: at the priest's house, on skiing holidays, in a parental home, on a trip to Disneyland Paris and at a church shortly before Mass.

The priest, who covered his face with a ring binder as he went into court on Thursday, said that while working in Braunschweig in 2004, he had begun a close relationship with the widow.

When Fr Andreas was moved to Salzgitter, her son often spent weekends with him, and the two would go off on short trips.

He would give the boy presents such as a camera and a mobile phone.

Abuse would often occur three times a weekend.

The priest said it had not been his intention to get close to the boy sexually, and that it had never occurred to him that he was doing harm.
Pornographic images

When the mother began to suspect her son's relations with the priest were inappropriately close, she approached the diocese of Hildesheim, the priest's employer, which forbade further contact with the boy.

The abuse of the two brothers then began under similar circumstances, the court heard.

After contact with these victims was also forbidden, the priest approached his first victim again, writing him a letter.

It was then that the truth about the abuse emerged.

"It was never my impression that the children did not consent," the priest was quoted as saying at the trial.

When asked in court if he was a paedophile, he replied, according to local newspaper Braunschweiger Zeitung: "It would be wrong to say No but to say Yes would also fall short of the truth."

When a prosecutor asked him in court if he thought a "father would do this to his children", he was silent.

About 2,800 pornographic images were found on the priest's computer, including several of his victims.

Correspondents say members of the public who were in the courtroom watched the trial with faces rigid from shock.

They included parishioners from St Joseph's Church in Salzgitter, where Fr Andreas had once been a respected priest, according to Germany's Spiegel magazine."

"It was never my impression that the children did not consent”, says the moron....

13-01-2012, 12:54 PM
The disappearance of 21 months old Ben Needham, abducted from Greece

"Lost and Found: Missing by Melanie McFadyean

When Madeleine McCann went missing, in May 2007, from the bedroom of her parents' holiday villa in Portugal while they had dinner nearby, it started one of the biggest international media stories of recent years.

The same photograph of Madeleine, a pretty blonde three-year-old with a distinctive black mark in the iris of one eye, was published day after day, as were pictures of her parents, Kate McCann, a GP, and Gerry McCann, a heart specialist, from Leicester, always close together, with Kate holding Cuddle Cat, Madeleine's favourite toy.

Around the world people watched as they were flown from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz, in the jet owned by billionaire retailer Sir Philip Green, to meet Pope Benedict XVI in Rome; as wealthy benefactors, Sir Richard Branson among them, donated time and money to their cause. They spoke directly to Gordon Brown on the phone. Diplomats supported them. Clarence Mitchell, a former BBC journalist, left his job in the government's

Central Office of Information's Media Monitoring Unit to run "team McCann" and act as gatekeeper to the huge press onslaught. The children's author JK Rowling, the footballer Wayne Rooney and pop entrepreneur Simon Cowell contributed to the £2.5m reward.

When Ben Needham disappeared from a farmhouse on the Greek island of Kos, in July 1991, while being looked after by his grandparents, the reaction was very different. He was 21 months old, as blond and photogenic as Madeleine McCann, but this was before mobile phones, the internet, the instant transmission of news; before Princess Diana's death legitimised the public emotion that accompanies so many catastrophes. And Kerry Needham and Simon Ward, an unmarried couple from a Sheffield housing estate, didn't have the same appeal as the professional, middle-class McCanns.

I met the Needhams in September 1993. By then, their story was only sporadically in the news. I had been in Crete that summer with my two-year-old son. Haunted by Ben Needham's story, I never let him out of my sight. One afternoon, in a small village, I was chatting to two old women outside a café when a child playing nearby caught my eye. He had tawny blond hair, pale eyes and a T-shirt with "Kos" written on it. He didn't look Greek. One of the women said he came from a villa a few yards away, but nobody knew the people who lived there.

I took a photograph of the boy and sent it to the Needhams via South Yorkshire Police. It wasn't Ben. In September, I went to see the Needhams in their council house in Sheffield to interview them for the Guardian. They were easy to find; journalists could ring them directly and go and see them. They've always hoped publicity will keep Ben in the public's thoughts.

In 1993, Kerry Needham, Ben's mother, was 21. She was thin, quiet and withdrawn. Her father, Eddie, did the talking. Her mother, Christine, kept out of the way; she let Eddie deal with the press. Since then I have stayed in touch with the Needhams. In 1996 I worked on a Channel 4 documentary about Ben's disappearance, and I have written about them periodically. Kerry Needham's was never a household name. In some ways this was a good thing - she didn't suffer the constant pressure of media scrutiny that the McCanns did - but it had its downside: the story slipped out of sight, she and Ben were almost forgotten. But when Madeleine McCann disappeared, the press remembered Kerry and bombarded her with calls. The attention brought a rush of emotions.

"I was devastated for the McCanns," she told me last July, "but it wiped me out to the point where I needed tablets again. One day I did 27 interviews. Watching them on television took me back - living that day again. And it made me bitter and angry because the official help that they got was unbelievable: the British ambassador gave a statement at a press conference, British police officers flying over, a visit with the Pope, phone calls from Gordon Brown..."

Gordon Brown was reported to have intervened when the McCanns were frustrated by lack of progress in the investigation. Encouraged by this, Kerry wrote to Gordon Brown. It took him three months to respond and his reply, when it came, gave her no hope. "He told me what the British authorities had done in all these years, but nothing about what could be done. I know what's been done and it's not enough. He wrote that the Greek authorities would reopen the case if there was a promising new line of enquiry." In her letter Kerry told him that a white car had been seen in the area the day Ben disappeared, and the police knew who owned it, but that there has been no conclusive investigation into it. She was surprised Brown didn't pick up on this.

She also wrote to her local MP, David Blunkett, in November, clearly spelling out the uninvestigated lead. He responded positively, saying he would approach the Home and Foreign Secretaries to contact Interpol and pressurise the Greek authorities to look at this "additional potential lead". Kerry then had a letter from the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, in which she said she had passed the information on to the chief constable of South Yorkshire Police.

"I've gone round the houses and been sent back to South Yorkshire Police. It still doesn't give me the answer I want, but I'll continue to push for Ben. They're still not telling me if this can be investigated or if Ben's case can be reinvestigated from the start."

In January 2008 Kerry was contacted by a television director, who was making a documentary about the McCanns. As Kerry remembers it, she was asked if she would like to meet Kate McCann; she said yes, as long as there were no cameras, no reporters, that they could meet as one bereft mother with another. But the meeting never took place. When I spoke to Clarence Mitchell in November 2008, he said that the film director hadn't asked Kerry if she wanted to meet Kate McCann, but whether she would appear in the documentary as the mother of a lost child. "Kate finds the idea of meeting a parent in that position quite daunting," he told me then.

"[Kerry] has been living with it for 18 years and the idea of facing it as long and stoically as Kerry has is a bit daunting. It's not that she doesn't want to meet her, she's sure she's a lovely person and maybe one day she will feel like it. But she doesn't want to face a lifetime without finding Madeleine."

So when a letter arrived out of the blue on 24 January from Kate McCann, Kerry was amazed.

"I thought it was sweet of her. I didn't think she'd ever get in contact with me. I was really moved, it's a really heartfelt letter. She'd wanted to be in touch with me, but had been scared of having to admit that Madeleine's disappearance might end up like Ben's. Nobody wants to think a child could be missing for years and years. If the boot had been on the other foot I wouldn't have wanted to get in touch with somebody whose child had been missing for all these years because it would give you no hope. You'd think, is that me in 18 years?"

As banal as it seems, this is the one question you have to ask: how have Kerry and her family endured the years without Ben? "We've survived," Kerry said. "We've all found a way. I don't know what way it is - but a way of coping with it. We've found the strength to live and cope and we'll never get over it even though we deal with it. But we can never understand it."

This is the story of how these 18 years have been for the family since Ben disappeared. There is never a day, Kerry says, that Ben isn't in her thoughts. If she believed he were dead it might be easier. There would be a focus for that grief, a conclusion. But her family is convinced that Ben was snatched, and Kerry's instincts tell her that her son is alive out there somewhere.

Ben, who in his absence is the epicentre of his family, would now be 19. In 2003 the Metropolitan Police released a digitally enhanced photograph of how he might look at 13: a smiling butter-blond boy who didn't resemble anyone in his family. A second digital photograph, in which he slightly resembles Kerry's brother Stephen, was made in 2007, when he would have been 18. It has the unsettling qualities of both a passport photo and a criminal photofit.

Ben was born in October 1989 when Kerry was 17. She had met his father, Simon Ward, when she was 15 and still at school. The Needhams come from South Yorkshire: Eddie Needham, a builder by trade, is from Chapeltown, near Sheffield, and Christine is from Thorpe Hesley, outside Rotherham. They met as teenagers and married soon afterwards. In the early 1980s, they moved to Chapel St Leonards, near Skegness. At first they lived on the caravan site; Eddie worked on a building site and collected scrap metal; Christine worked in a chip shop, then ran a café. They did well and bought a house.

In 1990, Christine's sister treated the family to their first foreign holiday - on the Greek island of Kos. Christine fell in love with the island and with life in the sun. At the end of that year, the Needhams sold everything, bought an old Land Rover and a caravan, and set off to live on Kos with their two sons, Danny, then 11, and Stephen, 17. Kerry stayed in Sheffield, where she had moved with Simon, missing her family and hating their dingy flat. Simon worked away from home and she was often alone. Eventually, in April 1991, she and Ben, then 18 months old, went to join them. She had never even been to London, let alone on a plane or to a foreign country.

On Kos, Kerry blossomed. She lived in a bedsit, shared the care of Ben with her mother and found work at a hotel serving snacks around the pool. She felt justified in leaving Simon behind. Kerry told me that Simon left when she was five months pregnant. "I had no money, living on bread and jam, no life whatsoever," she said. He didn't come back until Ben was born.

Christine, who had been working with Kerry at the hotel, gave up her job to take care of Ben. Kerry upgraded from the bedsit to a small holiday flat and Ben stayed with her or the rest of the family in the caravan which was parked in an olive grove in an area called Paradisi, near the beach, about 10 minutes' walk from Kos town.

Eddie and Stephen had found work renovating a small farmhouse a couple of miles outside the town in a hilly area known as Herakles. The owner had told them that if they did it up, the Needhams could live in the house rent-free, in return for looking after it when he was away.

On 24 July, Christine, Eddie, Danny, Stephen and the owner of the house, Michaelis Kypreos, were in the farmhouse eating lunch. Ben was playing on the terrace just outside the door. He was running in and out, pouring water over his head and messing about with a stick. They could see through the open door on to the terrace where Ben was playing. There was a tree on which they'd hung his wet shorts.

At about two-thirty, Stephen left on his moped to go for a swim, a beer and a shower at Kerry's flat. Ben wanted to go with him; he'd been on the bike before, and now he wanted to go with his uncle. A few minutes after Stephen left, Christine registered that Ben had gone quiet and went outside. He was nowhere to be seen. She, Eddie, Danny and Michaelis Kypreos searched up and down the lane, in the field by the house, in a nearby orange grove, calling for him, looking anywhere he could conceivably be. When they couldn't find him, they assumed he must have gone with Stephen; it was the logical explanation. They thought Stephen had taken Ben for a ride and would bring him back.

About an hour later, thinking Stephen had gone to the caravan instead of coming back to the farmhouse, or had gone to Kerry's flat, Christine walked back to Paradisi, while Eddie, Danny and Kypreos stayed working on the roof.

In the early evening Eddie went to the caravan expecting to find Ben with Christine. He wasn't, so Eddie went to Kerry's flat, thinking he'd be there. Stephen was there, but without Ben. Eddie raced back to the caravan to tell Christine and then went back to Herakles in the Land Rover. Stephen took Christine to the police on his bike and then joined his father. It was several hours since Ben had vanished by the time the police took Christine to the hotel to tell Kerry what had happened. Kerry had finished her shift and was sitting by the swimming pool when her mother arrived, sobbing, to tell her Ben had disappeared.

The police took them both to Herakles to join Eddie and the boys. They searched, going to places that Ben could never have got to, covering some 15 acres, through olive groves and pomegranate orchards, riverbeds and long grass. The next day Kos police began their investigation and their first questions were directed at the Needhams. They were immediately hostile to Kerry. "They banged their hands on the table," she told me. "They shouted, 'Where is boy? How can you lose a baby? Why do you go to work? You must not love your child.'"

She had been unaware of the image local people had of her. They had always seemed friendly, but, after Ben disappeared, island gossip found its way back to her - she was an unfit mother, a slut. Why wasn't she married? Why did she work and not look after her child? Her family lived like gypsies in a caravan. Kerry didn't love Ben, she'd given him away, she'd sold him...

The sightings started within 24 hours. The first was a child seen buying sweets at the airport, but news of it took three days to get to the Needhams. Over the next few years there were to be hundreds of reports of small blond children in situations perceived as suspicious. It took a few days for the news of Ben's disappearance to filter through to the UK press. The first to knock at the caravan door was a reporter from the Sun. In the next few weeks, reporters came from other newspapers, and from TV news stations; but there was none of the frenzied coverage that engulfed the McCanns.

The family stayed on Kos for two months after Ben disappeared. Then Eddie rang the British Embassy in Athens to ask if they could be repatriated. There had been no progress with the investigation and the strain on them was unbearable. He was told they would have to be means-tested and it might take a month.

So, desperate to get back to England, they sold everything and arrived home at the end of September, broke. They went back to Yorkshire, living with various relatives in Sheffield, before being housed by the council.

The second time I met Kerry was in 1996. I was working on a Channel 4 documentary about Ben. The silent, passive girl who had sat in the lee of her father's body three years before had become spiky and edgy. By this time, she had a daughter, Leighanna. She and Simon Ward had drifted back together and Kerry had got pregnant.

Leighanna was born in February 1994; not long after, Simon went to prison for five years, charged with robbery. It was a long time before Kerry had been able to articulate what those early months had been like after Ben went missing. She and Simon were living together again. "I used to get up in the middle of the night and it was like I was hallucinating that Ben was actually there. We'd decorated a bedroom for him and I used to go in there and pretend to rock him to sleep because I thought I could hear him crying. I had a psychiatric nurse who was wonderful, and she said that having the bedroom there was making it worse. Obviously I was dreaming that I could hear him crying and I was just automatically getting up in the night and going to rock the baby."

She made four suicide attempts. She overdosed on antidepressants and attempted to cut her wrists, but says she knows she didn't really want to die. It was more that edging around death brought temporary relief from the pain. It had been people close to her who suggested she have another baby. "They said those maternal instincts that woke me in the middle of the night would be of use if I had another baby."

She looked at photographs of her son and at snapshots tourists had taken of children they thought might be Ben, but never were. She wrote him letters. A few times she roused herself and went with television crews or journalists following up sightings of Ben. In 1992, for example, she went on a trip to Izmir, in Turkey. The photo of the child had been very like Ben, but the child was a girl. Kerry broke down. The child's mother passed her daughter to her, letting Kerry hold her.

There were hundreds of sightings, none of them Ben: BLOND BOY BEGGING ON ATHENS UNDERGROUND, BLOND BOY CLEANING CAR WINDOW IN ATHENS WATCHED BY DARK-SKINNED WELL-DRESSED MAN. The expectation and disappointment of these trips threatened Kerry's sanity. Eddie encouraged her to stay out of it and let him rove the world looking for Ben instead.

The arrival of a new baby, physically similar to the one who was lost, had brought Kerry out of her paralysis, but Leighanna couldn't replace Ben and Kerry found it hard to be her mother. She went through the motions of motherhood but it brought her no joy. "I couldn't be anyone," she says, "only Ben Needham's mum. But I couldn't be his mum because he wasn't there. I couldn't cope with being me, I couldn't be a real person. I couldn't cope with anything. It was tough on Leighanna and tough on me. I plodded on but it was a really awful time."

By 1996, Leighanna was living with Eddie and Christine. They were looking after their granddaughter but Kerry felt they were furious with her. "We have always been very close," said Christine, "the family has been entwined, the bonds are so strong, and we've cried and cried and hugged and hugged and been almost too close or hated each other." They were afraid it would appear as if she had abandoned her child and public perceptions of Ben's case would suffer as a consequence. They were horrified when a story appeared in the Sheffield Star: KERRY GIVES UP HER DAUGHTER. Two days later, there was another in the Sunday Express: "I DON'T WANT MY SON BACK," SAYS MOTHER AS SHE SHUNS NEW BABY. Kerry had spoken unguardedly to reporters. It was true that she couldn't cope with her new baby, but not that she didn't want Ben back.

For the past few months she had submerged herself in the Sheffield club scene and was working in a club bar. Her parents thought she was selfish and irresponsible. For Kerry it was an escape. But even there she was recognised: "I was in the toilets at the club and this woman was looking at me. 'You're Ben Needham's mum... I wouldn't be out if it had happened to me.' I said, 'What do you know?' I pinned her up against the toilet door."

At that time, she said, people found her cold and hard because she didn't cry when asked about Ben. Her grief had given way to anger: she was angry that he had been taken, angry because not enough was being done at an official level, angry that her life had been destroyed when Ben went missing.

In the spring of 1997, when Leighanna was three, Simon Ward's father died. Although she no longer felt close to Simon (by the time he came out of prison their relationship was over), Kerry suddenly felt a pang about her own father, her family, her daughter.

"It made me realise life is short and I wanted to be with them." She went to her parents' house, frightened she might not be welcome. As she walked in Leighanna glanced up from a book she was looking at and greeted her mother as though no time had passed.

Kerry sat reading to her. Eddie, Kerry says, "huffed and puffed for a bit".

She had to prove that she was capable of having Leighanna back. Kerry was lucky: her daughter came home willingly and they settled down. Even then, Kerry's life was not without drama. A three-year relationship ended badly, and another with a nightclub manager ended when he was stabbed to death in a street brawl. She had a brief holiday romance in Dominica with a man who conned her out of £500.

I'd heard bits of Kerry's story from Christine and Eddie in the years since I'd seen her, but I didn't know how she would be when I went to visit her in Sheffield in June last year. Kerry has always been slight; her face is narrow and delicate and she moves quickly and neatly. In her living room, my eye was drawn to two things: on the centre of the mantelpiece, the last picture of Ben taken before he vanished, and, to the right, a birdcage and a parrot. It screeched, "Shut up! Fucking hell Ziggy!" Kerry laughed. Ziggy the parrot came with Craig Grist, a builder, the man she married in 2006.

I asked Kerry how she feels now when she is interviewed. She said she hates being asked what she would say to Ben if she found him now. But she responds openly to most enquiries because every time a bit of her gets out there it might reach Ben, and it reminds people about him. Kerry has taken the lead in the search for Ben, although there are few sightings now.

Her efforts to have Ben's case reopened mean that she is anxious that all uninvestigated leads are followed up. One of them involved a trip to Kos in July 2000 when she went with her father, Stephen and Leighanna to collect Ben's case file. While they were there, Eddie asked the policeman in charge of the case about the white car seen in the lane in Herakles at around 2.30pm on the day Ben vanished. The policeman told Eddie who it belonged to. To the Needhams' amazement, it was someone they knew, but this was the first they had heard of it. "There may be a perfectly good explanation," said Kerry, but she'd like to know it has been properly investigated and feels it hasn't been. There are other unresolved leads, and Kerry's priority is for the authorities to investigate them.

In the years after Ben's disappearance, Eddie and Christine Needham restarted their lives. They had a friend who ran the local tip in Sheffield and in the late 1990s they started looking there for things to sell at car-boot sales. They graduated to the antiques fair at Swinderby in Yorkshire and from the local tip to bigger tips. For three years, until they left England again in 2004, they ran three tips. To their surprise they made enough money to buy a house in Cyprus.

They had been on a holiday to Turkish Cyprus. Once again they uprooted themselves. They bought a villa overlooking the sea on the side of a hill in the village of Alsancak on the north coast. They renovated the house and Christine made a garden. In June 2008, I flew to Cyprus to meet her. To my surprise she asked me to meet her several hours' drive away in Dipkarpaz, in the north east. She had left Eddie. He didn't know where she was and she was going to keep it that way: she was going to stay there, read and grow vegetables. I met her in a beach café. She looked tanned and her hair was bleached blonde. She was gazing out to sea.

I remembered being with Christine in Greece, in 1996, during the making of the Channel 4 film, and the way she had described what it was like when they first moved to Kos.

"It was sunny, peaceful, there was only the crickets," she said. "It was like living in a free world. Most people wouldn't say, 'Let's just go and live in Greece.' So we'd achieved something. We had money in the bank, not a lot, but we lived simply and had everything we needed... sea and olive trees and lemons growing on trees in the streets, like another world, a dream. And then Ben disappeared."

It was Christine who had taken Ben to the farmhouse that day, while Kerry was at work. In Cyprus she described again what happened; how they'd been sitting inside, eating lunch, and Ben was playing, in and out, and then after Stephen left she couldn't hear him. "I'm thinking - he's quiet. It's an instinct, you just know the quiet bit means trouble. God knows I never thought it would be that much trouble."

She told me how they had assumed Stephen had given Ben a ride on his moped.

"He was mad for that bike," she said. "We've got pictures of him on it. We were waiting for the bike ride to finish, then 10 minutes turned into half an hour and then you're thinking, 'He's a long time'." About an hour later she'd said, "It looks like Steve's not coming back. I'll get off now, get the tea on."

It didn't occur to her that someone could have taken Ben. But if someone had, wouldn't he have screamed? "It depends. If they'd got sweets, that would shut him up straight away. You trust people at that age if they're kind; they hold you by the hand and take you. Like Jamie Bulger [the toddler from Merseyside who was abducted and killed in 1993]. He didn't kick up a fuss. There's just no answer."

The eight weeks they stayed on Kos after Ben disappeared were a blur, she said. "I don't know how we kept alive, but in the first weeks you believe that the next day there'll be news, you're still hopeful and you're on automatic, survival kicks in." She said they wandered round aimlessly, searching, or sat together going over every detail again and again. In the first months back in Sheffield she hankered after the ordinary. The sound of the Hoover and the washing machine soothed her. Eddie was enraged by the domesticity that kept Christine sane. He was obsessed with finding Ben, never off the phone, unable to talk about anything else. His voice, she said, was like a drill in her head.

"All of a sudden life changes," she said. "We had a normal life, then Ben is lost and we are in another world, where people come out of the shadows at you and others talk of guns. All this madness. You can't believe it's happened because if you did you'd probably go insane. Sometimes I bury my head in the sand so I don't feel it.

"Perhaps that's how I deal with it, so it isn't as painful. It's like half-pretending, isn't it?

"We lost our grandson through our stupidity," she said some years ago. "Through not acting quickly, presuming he was all right; we've been irresponsible. It's our fault." Now she says her guilt came from a "failure to be on alert".

"It felt so safe, there was no traffic, no people. I have brought up my family haphazardly, maybe, but they are all safe, and then I get this one job to look after Ben one day and I don't do it properly. I relaxed. There seemed to be no danger. I wasn't vigilant.

"I've said to Kerry, 'Why didn't you shout at me?' And she said, 'Because I never blamed you.' I thought I ought to feel guilty, because if somebody had lost my child, I would be at them. But my feeling isn't guilt, it's more a - what if ? What if I'd done this differently? What if I hadn't gone there that day?"

One theory about Ben's disappearance is that he had somehow fallen into the hands of gypsies. In October 1996, Christine and Eddie appeared on a live Greek TV phone-in show about missing people. A prisoner in jail in Greece called in saying he had seen Ben in March 1992 with a gypsy family in Veria, in northern Greece. Several other people called in independently, also locating Ben in Veria.

In February 1997, I went to Veria with Christine to talk to some of the callers to the show. Most of them were scared, and didn't want to be identified. One woman said she and her husband had seen a striking blond child they thought was Ben in September 1996. She had overheard a conversation between the head of the gypsy family and another man. The gypsy had said, "The kid is here. If they want to take him let them have him." She hadn't gone to the police because she was afraid.

We also went to see a taxi driver who we had spoken to the year before. He'd told us then he was sure that Ben had been in his taxi in January 1994, with a female member of a gypsy family and some other children. When he had asked who the boy was, another child had told him it was Ben or Benzi, and the woman had threatened to smack him. When we saw the taxi driver again, he had been interviewed by the police and changed his mind.

We went to see the police. We were ushered into a room where a group of men were smoking and playing cards. One of them got up to speak to us. He said the prisoner was a "mythomaniac" whose story couldn't be taken seriously.

In Athens Christine met a senior official from the Ministry of Public Order. He told us the gypsy was a criminal, a drug dealer and a car thief and that the prisoner was a liar. Nothing more came of the prisoner's story. It was all disturbing, dispiriting and futile.

At the end of the day I spent with Christine in Cyprus in June last year, as the sun went down, she said, "We all cracked up in our own ways. And we've all tried to be someone else for a little while. But you take on this mother role, holding everybody up, especially Kerry, she was so delicate. I used to jolly them along. I didn't want my family to die. I thought everybody would commit suicide. Everybody thinks that I deal with it better than anybody else, but that is because I know they won't cope if I drop. If I go under, my family will die, I know they will, even now."'

After seeing Christine, I went to visit Eddie. I found him sunk into the corner of a sofa in the living room of their villa in front of a large flat-screen TV with the sound turned off. For years his whole being was concentrated on his crusade, as he called it, to find Ben. The night Ben went missing, Eddie and Stephen had driven to the port on Kos at 3am. There was a line of trucks and cars waiting to board the ferry. Eddie and Stephen peered into the windows. They couldn't believe there were no police checking the vehicles. The policeman who had said he would join them there never turned up.

When they searched the fields around the farmhouse, they heard noises in the dark, like a baby, but never a baby, perhaps lambs or goats. As soon as it was light, Eddie searched sheds and outhouses. He went through bins, pulling out plastic sacks, dreading what he might find.

During the police interrogations he banged his fists on the table, enraged by the suggestion that "our Kerry was a slut" He spent three days next to a digger as it excavated the rubble of a demolished house on the lane in Herakles, bracing himself for the possibility that it would disgorge his grandson's body.

The police told him they thought Ben was alive: if there is a dead body, certain birds flock to it, they said, but no such birds had been seen. A stranger in a taverna told him to get a gun and go to the back-alley bars in Athens. That was where the answer lay. That was where children were bought and sold for illegal adoption or organ transplants.

The police told him that gypsies sell babies and that little blond boys fetch the highest prices. In those first days and nights Eddie said he heard Ben's voice in his head, urging him on, telling him he was nearly there, to go on trying to find him. He remembers collapsing on the road outside the hotel where Kerry worked, weeping. When he walked through a gypsy camp with posters in Greek publicising Ben's disappearance, a woman thrust her pregnant daughter at him, offering her unborn baby for sale.

Eddie feels that his family was ignored by British officials. It still makes him angry. No British representative came to Kos in those first weeks after Ben vanished. Eddie says that when he called the embassy in Athens he was told that since none of his family was in jail they didn't need a lawyer, and since nobody was alone, and there were people around who spoke English, they didn't need an interpreter.

Back in England, Eddie kept up the search, losing count of the times he went to Greece, following sightings, sometimes with TV crews and journalists, sometimes with Christine, occasionally with Kerry, often on his own. He did it on a shoestring, dependent on the press paying expenses or on scraping up a fare by standing outside rock concerts with buckets or selling stuff at car-boot sales. He slept on beaches, or in cheap hotel rooms. He only spoke a few words of Greek and they were mostly to do with building. There were moments when, from a distance, the blond child they were going to see would look so like Ben they'd think they had found him.

At home, Eddie brooded, watched TV and waited by the phone. Unable to work, he signed on the dole. He found himself subject to fits of anger that he had never experienced before. He would listen to anyone - even to the dowsers, clairvoyants and seventh sons of seventh sons who said Ben was in Florida, California, a Scandinavian country, "taken by a man in a leather jacket with an Alsatian dog and he didn't go easily".

Only a few weeks before my visit to Cyprus, the Sheffield police in charge of Ben's case in the UK had been told of a sighting of a young man in Cyprus, thought by a tourist to resemble how Ben might look now. Eddie had been to meet him. "I wish it'd been my grandson, because he was a gentleman and I'd have been very proud of him," he said, "but he was Romanian. Hugged him, kissed him, checked the birthmark on his neck just to make sure, that's how close it was. He didn't have the birthmark."

Eddie seemed to me to be in that state of stupefied sobriety that comes after days and nights alone with the bottle. "I'm just an ignorant person," he said. "I haven't got the intelligence to put the past behind me. Can you understand that?" I said I didn't think it was a matter of intelligence. "Christine understands," he said. "She's got the brains, she can work it out and she knows it's too late, that I'm so thick and stupid I just carry on bulldozing through everything. The thought of Ben is there constantly. When I don't think about it I feel terrible, I feel guilty for not thinking about it."

When I left he was with his younger son, Danny, who lives in Cyprus. A few days later, I went back to see him. He was sober and unexpectedly sanguine about Christine's continuing absence and her insistence that she would never return. Their 39 years of marriage have been punctuated by Christine's intermittent departures, usually sparked by Eddie's occasional drinking. Christine had always returned within a week or two. Later, after Eddie had gone shopping, Danny got a call to say his father had collapsed in the street and been taken by ambulance to Kyrenia, 45 minutes away. He was on a drip and about to be given a brain scan.

I went with Danny to the hospital. He told me that his father had been advised to give up smoking, and that if he didn't he was going to be in trouble. "They said I'd got type 2 diabetes," Eddie reported on the way back, strapped like a sparrow into the front seat. "Got to reduce my sugar intake. Can't smoke in your car can I? Dying for a fag." Christine went back to Eddie a week after I saw them in June 2008.

Ben's uncle, Stephen Needham, lives in the Lincolnshire farm workers' cottage that was his parents' home until they moved to Cyprus. For most of his adult life he has worked on farms, on building sites, or for his father, helping to collect scrap metal. When I visited him last year, he was on disability benefit. He was born with Perthes' disease, a condition that causes the hip joints to crumble. In the last few years it has started to cause him trouble and will need to be operated on again. "So I'm on the scrap heap," he said, ruefully, "but I like pottering and gardening and decorating and drawing."

Stephen looks a lot like Kerry. He has the same blond hair, the same narrow slanting eyes, high cheekbones and slender build. He said his childhood couldn't have been happier. He loved the journey to Kos, when for two months the family and their Corgi made their way across Europe in the Land Rover, dragging behind them a caravan they slept in. "It was funny, it was fabulous," he said.

Stephen was the last of the family to see Ben. "He said: 'Bike, bike,' and I said, 'No chance, go to Grandad.'" Then Stephen got on his bike and didn't look back.

Because of this, when he was questioned by the police he was singled out. They said that his moped looked as if it had been involved in an accident. Stephen told them about a minor crash a few days before, when he'd swerved to avoid some tourists on quad bikes, which explained the lack of indicators and a smashed fairing. But they weren't satisfied. "You fall off, kill the child, bury him?" the policeman said. The questioning had gone on like this for days. "They tried to break him," was how Eddie had put it, "but there was nothing to break."

When the family returned from Kos, though, Stephen got back into a normal pace of life much sooner than his sister and parents did. Within two years he was living with a girlfriend and by the time he was 23, he had two daughters. He was working on a building site, had passed his driving test and was enjoying life. But his relationship with the girls' mother started to break down, and eventually he left. "I know nobody would understand someone walking away from their kids," he said. "It killed me. If I'd stayed I wouldn't have been able to carry on. I'd have given up. I was already going through emotional stress: it was either leave and get away from it or go down with the sinking ship. But I was bonded with my children and that's what nearly killed me."

Ever since the police questioned Stephen, their idea that he might have had a hand in Ben's disappearance has haunted him. "Did I take him, did I pick him up and put him on my bike, did I drive down that lane? I was questioning my own sanity. It was always there. How could a child disappear, how could he just vanish? Did I forget him somewhere or have an accident? Did I run over him or fall off my bike? I've asked myself that again and again."

In 2001, when another TV documentary was made, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Ben's disappearance, Stephen was asked if he would be interviewed and whether he would undergo a form of hypnotherapy on camera. He agreed because he'd heard it might help to retrieve hidden memories. In the film he had to revisit the last moment he saw Ben and confront the doubt created by the police interrogation. It was traumatic but, when the filming was over, Stephen walked away sure that any suspicion that he or anyone else might have harboured that he could have accidentally killed Ben would be dispelled once and for all. Despite this, and although the film exonerates him, Stephen's fears were justified.

A year ago, he was out having a drink with his brother Danny and Kerry's husband, Craig. "One of my mates was half asleep, drunk on a sofa and a group of lads were threatening him, so I went over and said, 'Give up, he's drunk,' and one of them went, 'Oh, aren't you that uncle of that Ben that disappeared?' I said yes. 'You took him on your bike, didn't you?'"

It's taken him years to understand how the trauma of Ben going missing has affected him. "Our feelings were on hold when we were all trying to resolve Ben's case, so your own emotions get waylaid. And then when it starts to fade away, that's when you're left with yourself. If I hadn't been through that experience in Greece, I'd have been mentally stronger and more able to deal with the problems, to work through things." When I asked him how much he thought his adult life has been determined by losing Ben, he said, "It's been destroyed, hasn't it, really?" The one member of the Needham family who never knew Ben is Leighanna, his little sister. As a toddler she resembled Ben so much that they could have been twins. It was this resemblance to Ben that led Kerry to agree, when Leighanna was 21 months old, to go with Christine and Eddie to Kos, to take part in a TV reconstruction. Leighanna was the same age Ben was when he disappeared. Her hair, the same colour as Ben's, was cut short so she would look like him and the TV crew filmed her in Herakles, walking out of the house and on to the lane, to see if it could offer any clues.

She was nearly 14 when I met her last year, but her face still had a childlike quality. She said she remembered going to Kos, and when I asked whether it had felt like a sad experience, she said, "Yep. It was funny, though. There was a cameraman in front of me. I wouldn't go up the road so he told me to follow the duck. I had to follow a toy duck." She went further and faster than they had ever imagined Ben could have done, which chilled her grandparents as they looked on. Leighanna had started to ask questions about Ben when she was around five. "She used to look through the photographs and say, 'Who could be this?'" Kerry said. "Those were her words, 'Who could be this?'"

At school, her missing brother made her an object of special interest. Occasionally she was bullied. Other girls would say they knew where he was, and once, when a hearse went by, a girl said for all she knew Ben could be in it. Leighanna, who says she is "mouthy" like her mother, gave back as good as she got.

She feels protective of her mother. "I've got to look after her. Mum'll think I don't love her if I don't fight for her, or help her with things. I don't want her to get hurt more than she already is. Sometimes I can't tell her everything I want to - where it feels like Ben came first. Because there's been newspaper articles when my mum said she didn't know if she could love me as much as she loved Ben, because of what happened to him. I used to get really upset about it, even though I know Mum loves me as much as she loves Ben. I'd cry and it would make her cry. Sometimes the more we talk about things, the more upsetting it gets."

When I saw them months later, Kerry told me Leighanna had talked to her more openly of her feelings about Ben. She said she thought Leighanna had agreed to be interviewed because there were things she wanted to say to her mother and couldn't. "I think she knew she had to tell me things. I can't help her if I don't know."

Leighanna says even though she's never met Ben, she feels like a sister to him. She described a dream she'd had about him: "I was running, running and running, and he seemed to be getting further away every time I ran towards him. He was running towards me and I was running towards him but it seemed like a never-ending run and every time I would try and grab him he was always a couple of steps in front, so I couldn't, and then I woke up and it was maddening. It was horrible.

"It's the first time I've ever had a dream like that, although I've had loads of dreams before, waking up crying because I've dreamed we were in Kos and the police come to us and say they've found a body they think might be Ben's and we have to go and look at it and see if it is actually Ben's and then I look up just as we walk through to see if it is - and I never find out."

13-01-2012, 01:30 PM
Interesting that Baumeister and Gacy were both involved in political organizations designed for young people, and both killed young men. Baumeister was a member of the Young Republicans
and Gacy was a member of the Junior Chamber.

The Young Republicans is an organization for members of the Republican Party of the United States between the ages of 18 and 40. It has both a national organization and chapters in individual states.

Young Republican Clubs are both social and political in nature. Many of them sponsor various social events and networking events for members. In addition, Young Republican Clubs assist Republican political candidates and causes.

The United States Junior Chamber (JCs or more commonly Jaycees) is a leadership training and civic organization for people between the ages of 18 and 41.
Motto : Leadership Training Through Community Service
Areas of emphasis are business development, management skills, individual training, community service, and international connections. The U.S. Junior Chamber is a not-for-profit corporation/organization as described under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(4).

Gacy and Baumeister may have been linked to trauma-based ritual murders.

16-01-2012, 02:03 AM
Interesting that Baumeister and Gacy were both involved in political organizations designed for young people, and both killed young men. Baumeister was a member of the Young Republicans
and Gacy was a member of the Junior Chamber.

Gacy and Baumeister may have been linked to trauma-based ritual murders.

between Gacy, Baumeister, Eyler, and the I-70 killer, the Chicago-Indianapolis region was busy with possibly satanic homosexual murders
in the 70's and 80s'. Gacy operated in Chicago, while Baumeister
and Eyler operated in both Indianapolis and Chicago. Reverend Jim
Jones was from Indiana, and had his first church in Indianapolis
before moving his operations to San Francisco, a six minute drive away
from the Bohemian Club.

Jim Jones' first church in Indianapolis, Indiana

Bohemian Club member and People's Temple supporter Jimmy Carter at Bohemian Grove

Rosalyn Carter posing with John Wayne Gacy

16-01-2012, 03:04 AM


Saturday, January 14, 2012

RCMP Superintendent Bob Williams

Another Pickton Inquiry Bombshell

This is astounding. The Pickton Inquiry heard evidence claiming that not only did the police delay in arresting Robert Pickton after having several tips about him murdering women on the pig farm, but one officer visited him and told him the name of two informants who claimed he was killing people on the farm (http://www.theprovince.com/news/Tipster+have+lives+risk/5990211/story.html).

Words cannot express how absolutely outrageous that is. RCMP Supt. Bob Williams refused to say on the stand at the Missing Women Inquiry Thursday if naming those informants put their lives at risk or undermined what was still an active serial- murder investigation.

Williams interviewed the officer, Cpl. Frank Henley, for his 2002 report on whether the Mounties could be liable for civil lawsuit compensation to the families of women murdered by Pickton.

"Snitches are not welcome in the criminal underworld. In fact, they are probably often killed?" demanded lawyer Jason Gratl, a lawyer acting for Downtown Eastside aboriginal and women's groups.

Pressed by Gratl to say if revealing sources was a "breach of discipline . . . or a firing offence," Williams, the first senior Mountie to take the stand, protested, "that's going pretty far."

OMG. Who on earth is Bob Williams? If the devil was ever called to testify at the inquiry, that is no doubt exactly what he would say. Telling Pickton the names of two police informants was a colossal breach of trust. They are only worried about civil liability. No wonder. They certainly breached that.

Not investigating Pickton when they had more than one tip and more than one witness was bizarre. Telling Pickton the names of the informants was absolutely outrageous. Unprofessional doesn't cover it. It was pure evil. It makes us wonder about when the inquiry will here the promised evidence that off duty police officers attended the wild sexfest parties at Piggy Palace.

There was another witness who was going to testify in the Pickton trial that Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy's Palace in colours. When "Bikers" showed up at her home she left town and didn't testify. Did Cpl. Frank Henley also tell the Hells Angels the name of the informants that were going to testify against them? This is more evidence that Pickton did not act alone. He wasn't the group of bikers that showed up at that witnesses' home to scare them out of testifying in court.

16-01-2012, 01:06 PM
This is a link to a speech that President Jimmy Carter delivered in the Whitehouse , 1979, to the visiting leaders
of the United States Junior Chamber (Jaycees), in which he mentions being
mentored by the Jaycees as a young man:


John Wayne Gacy was a member of the Jaycees:

In the early 1960s, John Jr. took a job managing a men’s clothing store in Springfield, Ill. Young Gacy, who possessed a natural talent for sales, excelled in the position.

He also began dating co-worker Marlynn Myers.

The couple married in 1964 and moved to Waterloo, Iowa where Gacy managed three KFC restaurants owned by his father-in-law.

Nicknamed “the Colonel,” Gacy was an active member of the community and a leader in the Waterloo Jaycees.

However, in 1968, Gacy’s idyllic middle-class lifestyle and social status were shattered when two Waterloo boys – age 15 and 16 – accused him of sexual assault (one of the boys would later commit suicide).

The felony charge came as a shock to his wife and friends.

“It was all so hard for us to believe,” said Waterloo Motel manager Charles Hill in a 1979 Newsweek interview. “He was such a good doggone Jaycee.”

16-01-2012, 02:30 PM
Note the parallels between John Wayne Gacy and Robert Pickton. Both of them disposed of bodies on their property. Both of them 'took the fall' for the murder of all of the people discovered there. In the following passage, note that Gacy 'hosted elaborate theme parties for hundreds of people'. Again this parallels Pickton , notorious for the huge parties that he and his brother Dave Pickton hosted at Piggy Palace. Also strange is the way both Gacy and the Pickton brothers seemed to routinely duck the attention of police.

Gacy, 25, pleaded guilty to sodomy and received a 10-year prison term at Iowa’s State Men’s Reformatory.

During his incarceration, the stocky 5-foot-8-inch, 210-pound Gacy was a model prisoner and was paroled in June, 1970, after serving just 18 months. (that's 1.5 years of a 10 year prison term, for anyone who is sleeping)

He immediately returned to Chicago hoping for a fresh start.

However, time in prison did little to change John Wayne Gacy.

Within 18 months of his release, he was arrested twice by Chicago police for violent sex crimes involving teenage boys. But the charges – unknown to Gacy’s Iowa parole officer – were eventually dropped.

On June 1, 1972, Gacy married his former high-school sweetheart Carole Hoff, who along with her two daughters, moved into Gacy’s house near O’Hare Airport.

Gacy, who now had a second chance at a happy family life, focused on being a good husband and father. And he supported Carole and the young girls by running PDM Contractors – a small, but modestly successful construction company.

As the years went by, it appeared the charismatic and charming Gacy had conquered his demons:

-He was a respected business owner and neighborhood celebrity who would host elaborate theme parties for hundreds of guests.

-He did volunteer work and would entertain at children’s parties and hospitals dressed as his alter ego, “Pogo the Clown.”

- He became active in local politics, eventually working all the way
up to precinct captain.

-He was photographed with First Lady Rosalyn Carter during the annual Chicago Polish Day Parade, an event he helped organize.

(A precinct captain is an individual who acts as the direct link between a political party organization (which sometimes acts as a party machine) and the voters in an election precinct. A precinct captain helps with voter registration, distribution of literature and other promotional efforts, and helps voters get absentee ballots or get to the voting booths on election day.)

16-01-2012, 05:58 PM
When Madeleine McCann went missing, in May 2007, from the bedroom of her parents' holiday villa in Portugal while they had dinner nearby, it started one of the biggest international media stories of recent years.
Around the world people watched as they were flown from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz, in the jet owned by billionaire retailer Sir Philip Green, to meet Pope Benedict XVI in Rome; as wealthy benefactors, Sir Richard Branson among them, donated time and money to their cause. They spoke directly to Gordon Brown on the phone. Diplomats supported them. Clarence Mitchell, a former BBC journalist, left his job in the government's
Central Office of Information's Media Monitoring Unit to run "team McCann" and act as gatekeeper to the huge press onslaught. The children's author JK Rowling, the footballer Wayne Rooney and pop entrepreneur Simon Cowell contributed to the £2.5m reward.

I have a feeling this whole Madeleine McCann abduction thing is BS.

Any Sally soccer-mom-meets-single-mama-grizzly-demographic-targeting sound bite
which simultaneously involved two 'Sirs' ( 'Sir' Philip Green and 'Sir' Richard Branson), the pope, the BBC, Simon Cowell, Jk Rowling, and the entire 'candlelight vigil' cast of occultist dykes raises flags for me. This could be more fake news designed to fill empty air time on cable news and distract from things that actually matter. It also suspiciously caters to the news networks much desired ratings target demographic of inexperienced and 'empowered' young females , in this case young moms, who control the nations spending, often driven more by hormones and instinct than anything else.

Any news story involving child abduction also keeps communities divided and suspicious and paranoid instead of united against the tyranny of the ruling classes.
I have had doubts about the authenticity of the whole Madeleine McCann story from the beginning.
What triggered my suspicion initially was the photogenic face of Madeleine McCann.


Look at the dilated pupils of the eyes, is this girl on drugs, or is the photo doctored?
Her eyes look like those of Kurt Cobain (or sundry porn stars) on heroin.

The precocious looks of this 2&1/2 year old girl initially made me think that this girl may have been targeted for abduction due to her appearance, but now I am thinking this girl may have been selected for this fake news story due to the fact that she was photogenic. Every rag in the world would want to run the above pic, if only because it is so cute.
Now, I think the whole thing may have been a construct.

If Madeleine had been an average chubby, plain or sickly looking 2&1/2 year old with dry hair, would this have been anywhere as big a story?
Her hair looks like that of some celebrity showing off her hot oil salon treatments.



meet the photogenic celebrity couple:


Just to round things out, maybe Elton John will do a duet with Celine Dionne in memory of Madeleine McCann.



16-01-2012, 06:25 PM

I was actually just joking about Elton John, and then I got curious and googled 'Madeleine McCann Elton John' and found this:


Madeleine Day for the whole world

By Jason Groves
Daily Express
03 June 2007

ROCK legend Sir Elton John is being lined up to front a global pop concert, to carry the message of missing Madeleine McCann's plight to every corner of the earth.

It is hoped the singer will headline a huge series of worldwide events to mark a special Madeleine Day that her distraught parents are planning in the effort to find the vanished four-year-old. Sir Elton's popular appeal is guaranteed to attract a swarm of other film and music superstars keen to offer support to parents Gerry and Kate McCann.

The couple, having promised not to return home until they are reunited with Madeleine, are now planning a series of visits to European and North African cities, to distribute posters and widen the appeal for information.

Sir Elton has played an emotional DVD of Madeline at his concerts, but now believes a larger effort would do more to raise awareness of her predicament.

Gerry McCann, 38, said: "One of the ideas is maybe getting all the people who have publicly supported us to come together. I don't just mean from the UK but from different parts of the world. We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing.

"We would look at high-profile people who have already pledged support. It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary, to tell people that Madeleine's still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period.

"It wouldn't be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that. What we're doing at the minute has its role but doing that down the line in a few months won't have anything like the same impact. We might have a sporting event, something arts, something music.

"We've had backing from sporting people up to now. We have had backing from certain musical celebrities as well. We've got some other musical contacts that we are exploring, who are happy to offer support.

"We're not saying it would necessarily be one big concert, it might be that on a certain day they are playing her DVD.

"What we want at the current time is maximum message out there now, about her disappearance but then just events to bring it back up occasionally just to remind people, if she's not found."

A month after the sleeping Madeleine was snatched from her bed, Gerry and Kate McCann have betrayed the first signs that their hopes of finding her alive are starting to fade.

The couple confessed that they are haunted by the harrowing thought of her being held captive by a pervert. Still desperately clinging to Madeleine's pink Cuddle Cat, 38-year-old Kate said: "We don't know where she is. We'd like to think she's still in Portugal, she might still be in Portugal.

"But we know there's a possibility she's gone over the border – or several borders. We know there are bad people out there, but we know there are also a lot of sad people. We hope it's the latter."

Gerry added: "Of course we believe Madeleine is still alive but you would be incredible if you hadn't considered the worst scenario, that she's dead.

"Kate and I discuss it – not a lot, but we talk about hope, and that while there's some we will not give up. At the minute, there's loads of hope."

18-01-2012, 10:09 AM
"Polish church faces demands to confront sex abuse

WARSAW, POLAND -- When Bartek Obloj, a 13-year-old altar boy, hanged himself in his home village of Hludno just before Christmas 2007, he left a letter to his mother complaining of being molested by his parish rector. Police were called and his shocked parents blamed the priest for their son’s death.

A month later, Poland’s Catholic Tygodnik Powszechny weekly reported that Fr. Stanislaw Kaszowski had been moved to a parish 20 miles away after personally saying the boy’s funeral Mass. He’d denied the accusations, the paper added, and defiantly failed to appear at a court hearing.

Hludno’s mayor, Stanislaw Gladysz, testified that locals had long complained of the priest’s “sadistic behavior” and “sexual exploits,” adding that for a decade he’d asked the local ordinary, Archbishop Jozef Michalik of Przemysl, to move the priest. However, Michalik, president of the Polish bishops’ conference, had given Kaszowski his full confidence, the mayor said, and refused to discuss the claims.

When Poland’s Catholic Wiez monthly published a special issue on clerical sex abuse this summer, it was the first time a Catholic publication had dared tackle the subject. “The harm caused by sexual molestation of children is unquestionable — but the evil is much greater when pedophilia occurs in the community of faith, and when, in a falsely conceived defense of the church, the authorities hide the facts, conceal the perpetrators and ignore the suffering victims,” the Warsaw-based journal said in its editorial.

“In Poland, church superiors react in different ways. Sometimes sentences are passed on the quiet against pedophile priests in secular courts, and sometimes everything is consistently denied. Should a church that demands so much from others not be demanding more from itself?”

The journal said it had sought to ascertain how far the Polish church was complying with May 2011 instructions from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which called for “clear and coordinated procedures” for protecting children, dealing with accused priests and cooperating with civil authorities.

Leading Catholics, including the country’s children’s rights spokesman, have been urging the Polish church to adopt procedures for handling abuse claims since 2002, when Archbishop Juliusz Paetz of Poznan resigned after being accused of molesting seminarians. But media inquiries have been stonewalled and whistleblowers warned off. While millions of words have been devoted to denouncing abortion and defending family values, no Polish church leader has ever spoken up at his own initiative on behalf of victims of abuse.

Paetz himself has continued to appear at high-profile church events, while priests and lay Catholics who helped expose his abuses have faced censure. In 2006, he was shown on TV chatting at length with Benedict XVI during the pope’s Polish pilgrimage. In 2009, a handwritten telegram from Benedict, praising the disgraced archbishop’s “fruitful service” to the church, was published at Paetz’s request in Poland’s Catholic Przewodnik Katolicki weekly.

The situation may change.

Parliamentary elections in October returned a small lobby of militant members of parliament, who’ve pledged to raise questions about the murkier aspects of church life. But Jakub Spiewak, whose Kidprotect Foundation runs a hotline for abuse victims and seven separate child protection programs, is doubtful.

“People are getting restless here — any criticism of a priest, even by loyal Catholics, is treated as an attack on the church and faith, and the worst church penalty a pedophile priest can expect is to be moved to another parish,” Spiewak told NCR. “If the church doesn’t deal with this problem and stop sheltering its priests from canonical and criminal responsibility, it will sooner or later face the same crisis as the church in other countries. But its leaders have avoided many of the issues faced elsewhere, and seem to think they can do the same with this one.”

Ordinary perpetrators of abuse are treated severely in Poland. Under criminal code amendments in September 2009, the country became Europe’s first to permit the chemical castration of convicted pedophiles; and on Dec. 21, a Catholic parish worker from Tarnow was given a 10-year jail sentence and ordered to undergo treatment for molesting adolescent boys.

When it comes to Catholic priests, however, accusations of inaction and indifference have multiplied.

In March 2008, Poland’s Dominican provincial, Fr. Krzysztof Poplawski, publicly rebuked Archbishop Zygmunt Kaminski of Szczecin-Kamien, after Kaminski issued a pastoral letter denouncing an order member for exposing abuse by the priest in charge of local Catholic schools. The Dominican, Fr. Marcin Mogielski, submitted a formal testimony to prosecutors. He was then accused of undermining the church’s authority and forced to leave his monastery.

A month later, Bishop Piotr Libera of Plock, a former bishops’ conference secretary-general, said he had passed the cases of several Catholic priests to the Vatican after they were accused of “reprehensible behavior” with children. However, local clergy told Poland’s Rzeczpospolita daily that other priests implicated in the scandal had not been called to account.

Tadeusz Bartos, a leading Thomist theologian who quit the priesthood in 2007 after criticizing church leaders, says the latest Vatican guidelines have made little difference in Poland. As long as investigations are left to individual bishops, he predicts, most abuse claims will go on being “covered up for the good of the church.” No discussions have taken place at family and school level, and no formal church help has been offered to victims. Although a group of priests’ victims was formed recently with backing from U.S. advocates, its approaches to local dioceses have been left unanswered.

Relatively few abuse claims were made against Polish priests from the 1950s to 1980s, Bartos points out, because the church’s schools and orphanages were confiscated by the communist regime and only returned after 1989. But cases of abuse occurred, even when Pope John Paul II was archbishop of Krakow.

“The strongest mechanism blocking exposure is the wish to settle things discreetly so images don’t suffer,” Bartos, who now teaches at Pultusk Academy of Humanities, said in a 2010 interview. “Victims generally haven’t come forward or considered lawsuits, because the church in Poland has such a strong position and they’re afraid they’ll be ostracized and vilified if they confront it. This is why the church isn’t reacting — it isn’t threatened with loss of face or with having to pay damages.”

In its editorial, Wiez said the Polish church faced a choice between “procedures that one can long hide behind, or a clear, transparent, firm and swift witness.” It remained to be seen, the journal added, whether the church would be “wise before being damaged.”

Fr. Hans Zollner, the Jesuit pro-rector of Rome’s Papal Gregorian University, told the Catholic monthly the situation was comparable to that of Germany before a wave of abuse scandals in 2010. He believes the same crisis will erupt in the Polish church if it fails to “confront the reality” of abuse.

“If the church doesn’t know how to react to such situations because it hasn’t bothered to ascertain the facts,” the Jesuit warned, “its image will suffer much more than if it had said, ‘Yes, we had such cases — they were very painful, but we tackled them.’ ”

Spiewak of KidProtect agrees.

He said the Polish church has shown “extraordinary laxity” in handling abuse cases and hopes for a more up-to-date church with accountable leaders. But he fears “fortress mentalities” will kick in as complaints and accusations spread, fueling a growing anticlerical backlash.

“It’s natural for any great institution, especially a hierarchical one, to want to settle problems silently within its own ranks rather than go public and change its norms of behavior. But I’d prefer the church to draw conclusions from the mistakes of others, rather than waiting to make its own, since people will be hurt when it does,” Spiewak said.

“While the church is a separate institution under the pope, its priests are citizens of this country, and should be subject to the same penalties if they commit offenses. People won’t tolerate a situation in which [priests are] above the law, answering only to their bishops and claiming different rights and duties than other citizens. But it sometimes seems the church is thinking like a child — that if it closes its eyes, the danger will go away.”

The tragic case of Bartek Obloj, the altar boy from Hludno, was covered at length by Poland’s official press agency, PAP, and became the subject of a Polish TV documentary. Four years on, however, Obloj’s grieving parents still await answers.

The parish priest, Kaszowski, appeared in court in July 2008, charged with “psychically and physically torturing” the boy. But his trial was delayed pending a psychologist’s report on the 13-year-old prior to his suicide. Although this was filed last February, it wasn’t made public, and while the trial has now started again, it’s being held in camera, without access for the public. The priest, for his part, is refusing to submit a testimony and still working at the nearby parish."

19-01-2012, 12:48 AM
While there are no obvious occult ritual overtones (known thus far) to the dismembered body parts that where recently dumped and discovered in the Bronson canyon section of Griffith park in Hollywood, my gut feeling tells me that this could potentially be the result of a snuff film blood sacrifice gone awry or perhaps a gruesome mafia hit. Of course multiple scenarios could be just as likely; what happened to the Black Dahlia seems eerily similar and certainly does comes to mind. Here's the recent article detailing the macabre discoveries:

Los Angeles search resumes where human head found
By ROBERT JABLON | Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles homicide detectives are searching a Hollywood wilderness park for clues after a severed human head was found in a bag there.

Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith says a dozen robbery-homicide detectives and a coroner's cadaver dog began searching the brush in the Bronson Canyon area Wednesday morning.

Two dog walkers called authorities Tuesday afternoon after one of their animals pulled the plastic grocery bag out of the brush off a trail and began playing with it.

Smith says the bag contained the recently severed head of a man in his 40s to 60s. He hasn't been identified but police are checking reports of missing persons and coroner's investigators will check dental records.

Smith says there was no sign of violence at the scene and it's possible the man was killed elsewhere.

Bronson is a popular section of Griffith park near the Hollywood sign.

http://news.yahoo.com/los-angeles-search-resumes-where-human-head-found-164439919.html;_ylt=AqgZA9Eao_keul9Ruzi3UpG1qHQA;_ ylu=X3oDMTE2MjFyZjd0BG1pdAMEcG9zAzEEc2VjA01lZGlhU2 VhcmNoUmVzdWx0c0liWEhS;_ylv=3


Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith, second left, looks on as a coroner's vehicle arrives at a crime scene in Griffith Park off Canyon Drive where a human head was discovered Tuesday by two women walking their dogs in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012. A human hand has since been discovered. (AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Al Seib, pool)


19-01-2012, 02:59 PM
While there are no obvious occult ritual overtones (known thus far) to the dismembered body parts that where recently dumped and discovered in the Bronson canyon section of Griffith park in Hollywood, my gut feeling tells me that this could potentially be the result of a snuff film blood sacrifice gone awry or perhaps a gruesome mafia hit. Of course multiple scenarios could be just as likely; what happened to the Black Dahlia seems eerily similar and certainly does comes to mind. Here's the recent article detailing the macabre discoveries:


"More Body Parts Found in Hollywood Hills Severed Head Investigation
Authorities are searching the area to determine whether there are more remains near the Hollywood Hills hiking trail

Investigators found a second human hand and feet Wednesday when they returned with search dogs to a popular hiking trail a day after two dogwalkers discovered a severed head in a bag at the location below the Hollywood sign.

About 12 detectives were conducting a grid search of the area early Wednesday. They are looking in an area about 1/4 mile from the Bronson Canyon Park gates near the 3200 block of Canyon Drive.

Authorities discovered both hands and feet within a 50-yard radius from the location of the head, which was found at about 3 p.m. Tuesday when two hikers' dogs began playing with a bag not far off the trail.

"At one point, one of the dogs ran into the brush and came out carrying a plastic grocery bag," said LAPD Commander Andrew Smith. "As the dog shook the plastic grocery bag, the severed human head fell out of the bag onto the ground."

One of the dog walkers told NBC4 News a reddish-colored golden retriever named Ollie (below) sniffed out an interesting dig site and pawed down a few inches where he discovered something interesting. A light-colored husky mix ran over and tried to cover up Ollie's find with leaves. However, the other dogs assisted Ollie in the dig and eventually pulled up the bag containing the human head.

Park rangers and officers launched a search before sundown, but no other remains were discovered Tuesday night and the search was suspended.

The head, which appears to have been severed just below the chin, probably was placed near the trail just a few days ago after the individual was slain at a different location, according to investigators. It did not show signs of significant decomposition.

The victim is likely between 40 and 60 years old, but the coroner will need to conduct an investigation before more information about the individual can be provided.

"We've got to see if we can get any prints from the hand,'' said Coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter said. "If we get any prints, then the LAPD can go knocking on doors."

The grim discovery put many residents in the area on edge.

"I walked around the house locking all the doors," said Susan Moss, a Canyon Drive Resident. "I hope it's not something that actually occurred in our neighborhood where, as horrible as it sounds, it is a human, but I'm hoping it wasn't a murder that happened in our general vicinity. I'm hoping it's just someone trying to get rid of it."

That examination is expected to be conducted Wednesday.

The investigation is being handled by LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division."

Some say there is a possibility that Mexican gangs may have done it, but after all anyone may have, including a jealous woman.


19-01-2012, 03:16 PM
" 'They're just children': Outrage over school's make-up lessons for 14-year-old girls

A school has triggered outrage for giving make-up lessons to girls as young as 14.

The classes at Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School in Leeds even teach the youngsters how to get ready for a night out, it was reported today.

Teachers claim they help pupils learn how to make a good first impression and can boost their self-confidence.

However, family campaign groups and parents yesterday criticised the school.

The outcry comes just weeks after David Cameron said he was planning tougher action against 'unscrupulous' companies that use sexualised advertising and 'pester power' to sell goods to children.

The Family Education Trust told the Mirror: 'At a time when there is growing public concern about the sexualisation of children and young people, it is irresponsible for schools to provide make-up lessons.

'Parents don’t send their daughters to school to learn how to put on make-up but to receive a decent education.

'The fact that some of the pupils asked for these lessons is no defence.'

Shortly before Christmas businesses were warned by the Prime Minister that they face new rules to address fears over commercial targeting of youngsters.

In a letter inviting senior industry figures to meet the Mr Cameron, Children's Minister Sarah Teather said firms must 'demonstrate the real difference they are making for families'.

'The Prime Minister and I will expect to see concrete progress and for this to feel real and meaningful to parents and children,' she said.

The school hires a professional make-up artist for the lessons.

In the hour-long sessions 14 and 15-year-old girls are taught how to apply cosmetics differently for varying occasions, such as school, job interviews and nights out

One parent, whose daughter is in Year 8 at the school, told the Mirror: 'It’s totally inappropriate. Advising on make-up is something that should be done by parents at home, not a school.'

Mount St Mary’s alumni include Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles.

Around 20 girls have taken part in the classes run by Camilla Lane, of Model Education. Children are also offered advice on hair and styling.

One parent who has a son and a daughter at the school, said: 'It’s far too early for 14-year-olds to start worrying about things like make-up. They’re just children.'

Teachers say the can help pupils who are preparing for work experience or sixth form college interviews.

Deputy head Sue Carluccio said: 'I’m a maths teacher and wouldn’t expect a child to be able to solve an algebraic equation without being taught first how to do it. Why is it any different with this?

'It’s about teaching youngsters how to do make-up differently according to different situations.

'It’s so that they’re wearing appropriate make-up instead of three-inch think foundation. We’ve had no negative feedback and the students had to have permission to stay behind, so we have to assume parents are supportive.'

Model Education said it worked at eight other schools in West Yorkshire, along with some primaries.

On its website it says it has 'one clear goal; to develop and maintain confidence, motivation and positive thinking in children of all ages and adults in order to progress in life'.

It says it helps students with their 'confidence, motivation and interview techniques'. "

19-01-2012, 09:41 PM
Just an interesting little story in the Hollywood hills...


Grisly discoveries continue near Brad and Angelina's Hollywood Hills mansion as TWO FEET are found after discovery of two hands and severed head

20-01-2012, 04:05 AM
Fascinating article on the Saturn Death Cult link to the Black Dahlia murder:

The Minotaur & The Black Dahlia Avenger – Part 1



The dissected female torso is a frequent motif in surrealis art: A sanitized 3D reconstruction of the Black Dahlia murder scene (left) compared with 'Minotaur' by Man Ray (top right), and a detail from René Magritte's 'Marshes of Summer', 1939

20-01-2012, 11:25 AM
"Search for body parts ends but mystery not over

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A search for more human body parts in a secluded hiking spot within sight of the famed "Hollywood" sign has ended, but the mystery is far from over.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office was attempting to identify the remains — a severed head, feet and hands — found in Bronson Canyon Park — as police searched for a motive and the person or persons who dismembered and hid the body. Police said late Thursday that there had been no arrests.

So far, police believe the unidentified man is between 40 and 60 years old.

They also believe the body parts, found by a dog walker who let one of her animals off the leash, had been there only a short time. Just a few days at the most. The head was found Tuesday, the feet and hands on Wednesday.

They note that the coyotes that roam rugged Bronson Canyon Park in packs at night — their howls are the only sounds people hear after dusk — would have destroyed the remains if they had been there longer than a few days.

"If it had not been for the dog walker, we might never have found it," police Cmdr. Andrew Smith said Thursday at the park.

As if to make Smith's point, a coyote strolled by a hillside at that moment, stopping no more than 30 yards away and turning its head curiously toward the assembled reporters as the officer continued to speak.

As 120 officers and firefighters on foot and horseback fought their way through 7 acres of brush this week looking for the victim's torso, some searchers used ropes to rappel into a steep drainage culvert.

Smith said coroner's investigators would try to identify the man through fingerprints first and, if that doesn't work, search DNA databases and dental records.

Police are still searching for a motive, reviewing hundreds of theories provided by both detectives and local residents.

They don't believe the head, feet and hands are connected to a torso police in Tucson, Ariz., found on Jan. 6, Smith said.

That was too long ago for the head and other parts to have survived in the condition in which they were discovered. The head was found inside a plastic bag. Police also believe the victim was killed somewhere else and brought to the park.

They don't believe a serial killer was involved.

"We have no indication there is a serial murderer running around," Smith said.

The discovery, just inside Bronson Canyon Park's front gate, also was the first time police could recall finding a head or other body parts there.

Griffith Park, a huge, rugged expanse on the other side of the hill, is usually the dumping place for bodies, Officer Bruce Borihahn said.

Bronson Canyon is a quiet neighborhood of homes of various architectural styles and sizes that dead-ends at the rustic park, which features picnic tables, hiking trails and the so-called "Bat Cave," where segments of the "Batman" TV show were filmed.

"We're the area even celebrities come to hike when they don't want paparazzi following them," said Susan Moss, who has lived just seven houses down from the park's gate for the past 12 years. "It's so quiet the paparazzi don't even come up here."

Until the remains turned up, the most serious things residents said they had to worry about were the coyotes and the smash-and-grab burglars who sometimes target hikers' cars.

Renee Dake Wilson, who was walking her boxer-pit bull mix, Sweet Pea, near the park, said she was unnerved by the find, especially the fact that the head was uncovered right off the trail where she and her dog walk every day.

"I'm a little worried," she said. "It's a concern to have such an event happen in your neighborhood. But I do think it's an isolated event."

20-01-2012, 11:59 AM
"Her nightmare is over: Mother who spent 25 years as prime suspect in murder of son, 6, is finally cleared as police reveal little Nicholas was killed by pack of dogs

An apparent murder case which remained unsolved for nearly 25 years has been closed after investigators concluded that a six-year-old boy was killed by a pack of dogs in a tragic accident.

The resolution of the investigation into Nicholas Loris' death has brought his mother's decades-long nightmare to an end, as she was the only suspect in her son's supposed killing.

Elizabeth Watkins' torment since Nicholas' 1987 death was increased by the collapse of her relationship with her other son, who has been estranged from her since the horrific incident.

The case was twice investigated and then closed, but a new investigation from the FBI and North Carolina police used cutting-edge technology to determine that Nicholas could have been strangled by animals, not by a human.

They have concluded that the boy was attacked by dogs while he was walking his own pet, a collie which was in heat - which police believe attracted the other dogs.

The dogs pulled on the hoodie he was wearing, tightening it around his neck and choking off his air supply.

Forensic experts used new photographic technology to examine the marks on Nicholas' neck, and compare them to the fabric of his clothing.

They also decided that scratches found on Nicholas' body were probably inflicted by dogs.

There were no witnesses to his death.

The last time Ms Watkins saw her small son, he told her he was going outside to play with two dogs in his Forsyth County neighbourhood.

Since he was found dead near her house, she has always been the chief suspect in what many people assumed was Nicholas' murder.

'She's extremely relieved and grateful to be exonerated and cleared of suspicion,' said her lawyer, 'but it's still very sad for her to relieve this tragedy and learn the details of how he died.'

'I hope people learn from this not to jump to conclusions,' he added.

After Nicholas' death his older brother Alex, now 33, went to live with his father, and has not spoken to his mother since.

Ms Watkins hopes that her exoneration will enable her to get back in contact with Alex."

After all these years, all they can say is that "dogs probably did it". This story stinks badly and its clear the murderer was a human. His mother looks fake to me.


20-01-2012, 12:23 PM
Fascinating article on the Saturn Death Cult link to the Black Dahlia murder:

[B]The dissected female torso is a frequent motif in surrealis art: A sanitized 3D reconstruction of the Black Dahlia murder scene (left) compared with 'Minotaur' by Man Ray (top right), and a detail from René Magritte's 'Marshes of Summer', 1939

Just a thought here that the Black Dahlia was like a reference to a 'split personality'. The body was found cut into two pieces.
It also reminds of the magician's 'sawing a woman in half' illusion.

A closeup of a cartoon from the 1936 Evening News by Joseph Lee. This is when the trick of "sawing a woman in half" was relatively new, having been invented in 1921.

Consider that magic, or 'black magic' is so much a part of the occult.

20-01-2012, 01:16 PM
THe 'Black Dahlia' killer purportedly contacted the media about his crime,
naming himself the 'Black Dahlia'.

On January 23, 1947, the killer rang the editor of the Los Angeles Examiner, expressing concern that news of the murder was tailing off in the newspapers and offering to mail items belonging to Short to the editor. The following day a packet arrived at the Los Angeles newspaper containing Short's birth certificate, business cards, photographs, names written on pieces of paper and an address book with the name Mark Hansen embossed on the cover. Hansen, the last person known to have seen Short alive (on January 9), became the prime suspect. The killer would later write more letters to the newspaper, calling himself "the Black Dahlia Avenger," after the name given to Short by the newspapers.

Who was it at the newspapers who called the victim the 'Black Dahlia'? (a dahlia is a flower)

Could the nickname have been a veiled reference to Salvador Dali?



Its like they were naming the murder some sort of work of black art.

20-01-2012, 02:48 PM
Hi guys, i been doing some research and i found this post. i been reading for about a week or more.
I really liked nirvana since i was a kid and it was stunning read here things as kurt´s body was mutilated and all that shit it was very very shocked for me and i cant stop thinking about it. Personally i beleive Courtney killed him for fame and money.

i have got the certain that secrets societies are true. When i was a kid my father took me to one of his friend, my father was on the meditation but i remember this friend of my father was as a teacher for him, who was a rich jewish from a closed private neighborhood. I made memory i remember that they talk about the ¨golden dawn¨ and when i did some research it was a secret society. he always try to introduce me to that.
i started playing guitar when i was 16 and i remember at him telling me you must do some meditation for to play as the illuminated but i always refused.
When my father meets this friend, all the things for him goes bad, because he went with another women leaving my mother with 4 kids.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
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This article is about the historical organization of the late 19th century. For similar later organizations, see Golden Dawn (disambiguation).
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Hermetic Religion
Hermes Trismegistus · Thoth · Poimandres
Corpus Hermeticum · Kybalion
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Alchemy · Astrology · Theurgy
Influence and Influences
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Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn · Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor · Hermetic Brotherhood of Light
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The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn) was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced theurgy and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism.[1][2]
Concepts of magic and ritual at the center of contemporary traditions, such as Wicca[3][4] and Thelema, were inspired by the Golden Dawn.
The three founders, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers were Freemasons and members of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.).[5] Westcott appears to have been the initial driving force behind the establishment of the Golden Dawn.
The Golden Dawn system was based on hierarchy and initiation like the Masonic Lodges; however women were admitted on an equal basis with men. The "Golden Dawn" was the first of three Orders, although all three are often collectively referred to as the "Golden Dawn". The First Order taught esoteric philosophy based on the Hermetic Qabalah and personal development through study and awareness of the four Classical Elements as well as the basics of astrology, tarot divination, and geomancy. The Second or "Inner" Order, the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (the Ruby Rose and Cross of Gold), taught proper magic, including scrying, astral travel, and alchemy. The Third Order was that of the "Secret Chiefs", who were said to be highly skilled; they supposedly directed the activities of the lower two orders by spirit communication with the Chiefs of the Second Order.
Contents [hide]
1 History
1.1 Cipher Manuscripts
2 Influences
2.1 Founding of first temple
2.2 Secret Chiefs
2.3 Golden Age
2.4 Revolt
2.4.1 Splinters
2.5 Reconstruction
3 Structure and grades
4 Golden Dawn book
5 Known or alleged members
6 Contemporary Golden Dawn Orders
7 See also
8 Notes
9 References
10 External links

[edit]Cipher Manuscripts
Main article: Cipher Manuscripts

Folio 13 of the Cipher Manuscripts
The foundational documents of the original Order of the Golden Dawn are known as the Cipher Manuscripts; they were written in English using Trithemius cipher. The Manuscripts give the specific outlines of the Grade Rituals of the Order and prescribe a curriculum of graduated teachings that encompass the Hermetic Qabalah, astrology, occult tarot, geomancy, and alchemy.
According to the records of the Order, the manuscripts were passed from Kenneth Mackenzie, a Masonic scholar, to Rev. A.F.A. Woodford, whom British occult writer Francis King describes as the fourth founder[6] (although Woodford died shortly after the Order was founded).[7] The documents did not excite Woodford and in February 1886 he passed them on to Freemason William Wynn Westcott, who managed to decode them in 1887.[6] Westcott was pleased with his discovery and called on fellow Freemason Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers for a second opinion. Westcott asked for Mathers' help to turn the manuscripts into a coherent system for lodge work. Mathers in turn asked fellow Freemason William Robert Woodman to assist the two and he accepted.[6] Mathers and Westcott have been credited for developing the ritual outlines in the Cipher Manuscripts into a workable format.[8] Mathers, however, is generally credited with the design of the curriculum and rituals of the Second Order, which he called the Rosae Rubae et Aureae Crucis ("Ruby Rose and Golden Cross" or the RR et AC).[9]

Influences on Golden Dawn concepts and work include: Christian mysticism, Qabalah, Hermeticism, the religion of Ancient Egypt, Theurgy, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Theosophy, Eliphas Levi, Papus, Enochian magic, and Renaissance grimoires.
[edit]Founding of first temple
In October 1887, Westcott purported to have written to Anna Sprengel, whose name and address he received through the decoding of the Cipher Manuscripts. Westcott claimed to receive a wise reply which conferred honorary grades of Adeptus Exemptus on Westcott, Mathers, and Woodman and chartered a Golden Dawn temple consisting of the five grades outlined in the manuscripts.[10][11]
In 1888, the Isis-Urania Temple was founded in London,[10] where the rituals decoded from the cipher manuscripts were developed and practiced.[12] In addition, there was an insistence on women being allowed to participate in the Order in "perfect equality" with men, in contrast to the S.R.I.A. and Masonry.[11] This first lodge did not teach any magical practices per se (except for basic "banishing" rituals and meditation), but was rather a philosophical and metaphysical teaching order. It was called "the Outer Order" or "First Order" and for four years the Golden Dawn existed only in this order. The "Inner Order", which became active in 1892, was the circle of adepts who had completed the entire course of study for the Outer Order. This group eventually became known as the Second Order.[citation needed]
In a short time, the Osiris temple in Weston-super-Mare, the Horus temple in Bradford, and the Amen-Ra temple in Edinburgh were founded. A few years after this, Mathers founded the Ahathoor temple in Paris.[10]
[edit]Secret Chiefs
Main article: Secret Chiefs
In 1891, Westcott's correspondence with Anna Sprengel suddenly ceased, and he received word from Germany either that she was dead or that her companions did not approve of the founding of the Order and no further contact was to be made. If the founders were to contact the Secret Chiefs, therefore, it had to be done on their own.[10] In 1892, Mathers claimed a link to the Secret Chiefs had been formed and supplied rituals for the Second Order, called the Red Rose and Cross of Gold.[10] These rituals were based on the tradition of the tomb of Christian Rosenkreuz, and a Vault of Adepts became the controlling force behind the Outer Order.[13] Later in 1916, Westcott claimed that Mathers also constructed these rituals from materials he received from Frater Lux ex Tenebris, a purported Continental Adept.[14]
Some followers[who?] of the Golden Dawn tradition believe that the Secret Chiefs are not necessarily living humans or supernatural beings, but are rather symbolic of actual and legendary sources of spiritual esotericism, a great leader, or teacher of a spiritual path or practice that found its way into the teachings of the Order.[15]
[edit]Golden Age
By the mid 1890s, the Golden Dawn was well established in Great Britain, with membership rising to over a hundred and including every class of Victorian society.[7] In its heyday, many celebrities belonged to the Golden Dawn, such as actress Florence Farr, Irish revolutionary Maud Gonne, Irish writer William Butler Yeats, Welsh author Arthur Machen, English author Evelyn Underhill, and English writer Aleister Crowley.
Around 1897, Westcott broke all ties to the Golden Dawn, leaving Mathers in control. It is speculated that this was due to some occult papers having been found in a hansom cab, in which Westcott's connection to the Golden Dawn came to the attention of his superiors. He may have been told to either resign from the Order or to give up his occupation as coroner.[16] After Westcott's departure, Mathers appointed Florence Farr to be Chief Adept in Anglia.
Mathers was the only active founding member after Westcott's "departure". However, due to personality clashes with other members and absences from the center of Lodge activity in Great Britain, challenges to Mathers' authority as leader developed among the members of the Second Order.[17]
Towards the end of 1899, the Adepts of the Isis-Urania and Amen-Ra temples had become dissatisfied with Mathers' leadership as well as his growing friendship with Crowley. They were also anxious to make contact with the Secret Chiefs themselves, instead of relying on Mathers.[18] Among the personal disagreements within the Isis-Urania temple, disputes were arising from Florence Farr's The Sphere, a secret society within the Isis-Urania, and the rest of the Adepts Minor.[18]
Crowley was refused initiation into the Adeptus Minor grade by the London officials. Mathers overrode their decision and quickly initiated him at the Ahathoor temple in Paris on January 16, 1900.[19] Upon his return to the London temple, Crowley requested the grade papers to which he was now entitled from Miss Cracknell, the acting secretary. To the London Adepts, this was the last straw. Farr, already of the opinion that the London temple should be closed, wrote to Mathers expressing her wish to resign as his representative, though she was willing to carry on until a successor was found.[19] Mathers replied on February 16, believing Westcott was behind this turn of events. Once the other Adepts in London were notified, they elected a committee of seven on March 3 and requested a full investigation of the matter. Mathers sent an immediate reply, declining to provide proof, refusing to acknowledge the London temple, and dismissing Farr as his representative on March 23.[20] In response, a general meeting was called on March 29 in London to remove Mathers as chief and expel him from the Order.[21]
In 1901, W. B. Yeats privately published a pamphlet titled Is the Order of R. R. & A. C. to Remain a Magical Order?[22] After the Isis-Urania temple claimed its independence, there were even more disputes, leading to Yeats resigning.[23] A committee of three was to temporarily govern, which included P.W. Bullock, M.W. Blackden and J. W. Brodie-Innes. After a short time, Bullock resigned, and Dr. Robert Felkin took his place.[24]
In 1903, A.E. Waite and Blackden joined forces to retain the name Isis-Urania, while Felkin and other London members formed the Stella Matutina, Yeats remaining in it until 1921, and Brodie-Innes continued his Amen-Ra temple in Edinburgh.[25]
Once Mathers realised that reconciliation was impossible, he made efforts to reestablish himself in London. The Bradford and Weston-super-Mare temples remained loyal to him, but their numbers were few.[26] He then appointed Edward Berridge as his representative.[27] According to Francis King, historical evidence shows that there were "twenty three members of a flourishing Second Order under Berridge-Mathers in 1913."[27]
J.W. Brodie-Innes continued leading the Amen-Ra temple, deciding that the revolt was unjustified. By 1908, Mathers and Brodie-Innes were in complete accord.[28] According to sources that differ regarding the actual date, sometime between 1901 and 1913 Mathers renamed the branch of the Golden Dawn remaining loyal to his leadership to Alpha et Omega.[29][30][31][32] Brodie-Innes assumed command of the English and Scottish temples, while Mathers concentrated on building up his Ahathoor temple and extending his American connections.[30] According to occultist Israel Regardie, the Golden Dawn had spread to the United States of America before 1900 and a Thoth-Hermes temple had been founded in Chicago.[28][30] By the beginning of the First World War in 1914, Mathers had established two to three American temples.
Most temples of the Alpha et Omega and Stella Matutina closed or went into abeyance by the end of the 1930s, with the exceptions of two Stella Matutina temples: Hermes Temple in Bristol, which operated sporadically until 1970, and the Whare Ra in Havelock North, New Zealand, which operated regularly until its closure in 1978.[33][34]
[edit]Structure and grades

Rosy Cross of the Golden Dawn
Much of the hierarchical structure for the Golden dawn came from the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, which was itself derived from the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross.[35]
First Order
Introduction—Neophyte 0=0
Zelator 1=10
Theoricus 2=9
Practicus 3=8
Philosophus 4=7
Intermediate—Portal Grade
Second Order
Adeptus Minor 5=6
Adeptus Major 6=5
Adeptus Exemptus 7=4
Third Order
Magister Templi 8=3
Magus 9=2
Ipsissimus 10=1
The paired numbers attached to the Grades relate to positions on the Tree of Life. The Neophyte Grade of "0=0" indicates no position on the Tree. In the other pairs, the first numeral is the number of steps up from the bottom (Malkuth), and the second numeral is the number of steps down from the top (Kether).
The First Order Grades were related to the four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, respectively. The Aspirant to a Grade received instruction on the metaphysical meaning of each of these Elements and had to pass a written examination and demonstrate certain skills to receive admission to that Grade.
The Portal Grade was an "Invisible" or in-between grade separating the First Order from the Second Order.[36] The Circle of existing Adepts from the Second Order had to consent to allow an Aspirant to be initiated as an Adept and join the Second Order.
The Second Order was not, properly, part of the "Golden Dawn", but a separate Order in its own right, known as the R.R. et A.C. The Second Order directed the teachings of the First Order and was the governing force behind the First Order.
After passing the Portal, the Aspirant was instructed in the techniques of practical magic. When another examination was passed, and the other Adepts consented, the Aspirant attained the Grade of Adeptus Minor (5=6). There were also four sub-Grades of instruction for the Adeptus Minor, again relating to the four Outer Order grades.
A member of the Second Order had the power and authority to initiate aspirants to the First Order, though usually not without the permission of the Chiefs of his or her Lodge.
[edit]Golden Dawn book

The Golden Dawn as system and book has been the most intensively used source for modern western occult and magical writing. As a book it is both a text and an encyclopedia.[37]
[edit]Known or alleged members

Sara Allgood (1879–1950), Irish stage actress and later film actress in America
Allan Bennett (1872–1923), best known for introducing Buddhism to the West
Arnold Bennett (1867–1931), British novelist[38]
Edward W. Berridge (ca. 1843–1923), British homeopathic physician[3]:148–149
Algernon Blackwood (1869–1951), English writer and radio broadcaster of supernatural stories[39]
Aleister Crowley (1875–1947), occult writer and mountaineer[39]
Florence Farr (1860–1917), London stage actress and musician[39]
Robert Felkin (1853–1925), medical missionary, explorer and anthropologist in Central Africa, author
Frederick Leigh Gardner (1857–1930), British stock broker and occultist; published three-volume bibliography Catalogue Raisonné of Works on the Occult Sciences (1912)[40]
Maud Gonne (1866–1953), Irish revolutionary, author, feminist
Annie Horniman (1860–1937), British repertory theatre producer and pioneer; member of the wealthy Horniman family of tea-traders[39]
Arthur Machen (1863–1947), leading London writer of the 1890s, author of acclaimed works of imaginative and occult fiction, such as "The Great God Pan", "The White People" and "The Hill of Dreams". Welsh by birth and upbringing.
Gustav Meyrink (1868–1932), Austrian author, storyteller, dramatist, translator, banker, and Buddhist
E. Nesbit (1858–1924), real name Edith Bland; English author and political activist
Charles Rosher (1885–1974), British cinematographer
Pamela Colman Smith (1878–1951), British-American artist and co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck
William Sharp (1855–1905), poet and author; alias Fiona MacLeod
Bram Stoker[41][42] (1847–1912), Irish writer best-known today for his 1897 horror novel Dracula
John Todhunter (1839–1916), Aktis Heliou Irish poet and playwright who wrote seven volumes of poetry, and several plays
Violet Tweedale (1862–1936), author.
Evelyn Underhill (1875–1941), British Christian mystic, author of Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness
Charles Williams (1886–1945), British poet, novelist, theologian, and literary critic
Arthur Edward Waite (1857–1942), British-American author, Freemason and co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck[39]
William Butler Yeats (1865–1939), Irish poet, dramatist, and writer.
[edit]Contemporary Golden Dawn Orders

While no temples in the original chartered lineage of the Golden Dawn survived past the 1970s,[33][34] several organizations have since revived its teachings and rituals. Among these, the following are notable:
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Inc.
The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

20-01-2012, 08:24 PM
"Hollywood body parts identified; name withheld

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The man whose dismembered head, hands and feet were found in a Hollywood park has been identified, Los Angeles officials said Friday, but they're not releasing his name.

Los Angeles County coroner's spokesman Ed Winter said police investigators have asked officials to withhold any information about the man, including his age or hometown, as they continue to hunt for his killer.

The head was found Tuesday in a plastic grocery bag by a dog walker near the towering Hollywood sign, and police searchers found the man's hands and feet during a two-day search that ended Thursday.

Police concluded that no other body parts had been dumped in the wilderness park.

The man is believed to have been killed elsewhere, police have said. Coroner's officials are trying to identify the man through fingerprints, dental records and DNA databases.

The dead man was between 40 and 60 years old. His head, found by a dog that was let off its leash, had been there a few days at most. Any longer and coyotes would have destroyed them, police said.

"If it had not been for the dog walker, we might never have found it," police Cmdr. Andrew Smith said Thursday.

Police identify victim in Hollywood severed head case

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Authorities have identified the man whose severed head, hands and feet were found in the hills below the iconic Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles, but declined to release his name on Friday as homicide detectives worked to solve the bizarre case.

Two female hikers walking dogs in the area stumbled on the decapitated head in Griffith Park earlier this week, and a search later turned up the hands and feet, which Los Angeles police said came the same person.

Investigators have so far been unable to say how the man died or came to be dismembered, but a Los Angeles police spokesman said his identity had been established.

"We have identified the victim but we have not released that," Lieutenant Andrew Neiman said. He said homicide detectives were interviewing witnesses and potential suspects but that no arrests had been made.

Neiman declined to comment on reports in the local media that a search warrant had been served in Hollywood in connection with the case.

"Most homicide investigations involve the service of search warrants and various locations, and certainly that is something that will probably be part of this investigation," he said.

Neiman said detectives had canvassed the area near the 4,200-acre Griffith Park in the heart of Los Angeles looking for clues or potential witnesses, and the section of the park where the body parts were found reopened to the public on Friday.

The sensational case began on Tuesday when two women walking dogs came across the head in a plastic bag and reported it to park rangers. The hands were found the following day in the same general area, one by a cadaver-sniffing dog and the other by a crime scene investigator.

Later on Wednesday, a coroner investigator discovered the feet, together, in the same area.

Police believe the body parts were not linked to a torso found in Arizona missing a head, hands and feet, and said there was no evidence the man was a victim of organized crime or a serial killer.

The iconic Hollywood sign on Mount Lee above Los Angeles was built in the 1920s to promote a housing development and originally read "Hollywoodland." The last few letters deteriorated in the 1940s and the part that remained was restored in 1978.

Griffith Park, which sits in the hills above metropolitan Los Angeles, is the largest municipal park with an urban wilderness area in the United States, according to a city website."

Why so secret?

20-01-2012, 11:14 PM

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 40 (Satanism & Occult - David Berkowitz)

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 40 (Satanism & Occult - David Berkowitz) - YouTube

20-01-2012, 11:55 PM
THe 'Black Dahlia' killer purportedly contacted the media about his crime,
naming himself the 'Black Dahlia'.

Who was it at the newspapers who called the victim the 'Black Dahlia'? (a dahlia is a flower)

Could the nickname have been a veiled reference to Salvador Dali?



Its like they were naming the murder some sort of work of black art.

Great investigative work once again. Wow~! Interesting coincidence.

21-01-2012, 12:01 AM

21-01-2012, 12:03 PM
^ Separated brethren: a review of Protestant, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox & other religions in the United States. Our Sunday Visitor. Retrieved 2010-03-27.

"Among Protestant denominations, Methodists take first place in hospitals and colleges. Some of their one hundred colleges and universities have all but severed ties with the denominations, but others remain definitely Methodist: Syracuse, Boston, Emory, Duke, Drew, Denver, and Southern Methodist. The church operates 360 schools and institutions overseas. Methodists established Goodwill Industries in 1907 to help handicapped persons help themselves by repairing and selling old furniture and clothes. The United Methodist Church runs seventy-two hospitals in the United States."

21-01-2012, 02:33 PM
this video contains some interesting information:

The Cult of Saturn

The Cult of Saturn - Mirrored - YouTube

21-01-2012, 09:17 PM
What's supposed to be an anti-smoking campaign. Of course, with such pictures it's aiming somewhere else. And its name is totally a giveaway to paedophilia: "THE BEAUTY OF AN UGLY ADDICTION". Also the photographer is Belgian - Belgium, infamous for its paedophilia scandals. Some disturbing photos on her site; also photos of her on the Internet. The making of it and more here:


21-01-2012, 09:19 PM
VICTIM IDENTIFICATION PART 2. Who knows if this is his real identity?

"Victim identified in Hollywood human head mystery

Los Angeles police have identified the victim whose severed head and other parts were found near the world-famous Hollywood sign, the LA coroner's office said on Friday.

As police claimed progress in the hunt for his killer, the dead man was named as 66-year-old Hervey Medellin, who was a former employee of Mexicana Airlines, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Detectives have searched an apartment block near to Sunset Boulevard linked to the victim, it reported, but no arrests have so far been made over the gruesome find on a hiking trail leading up to the Hollywood sign.

"Detectives are continuing to make investigative progress on the case, and will release more details and developments when they can," said Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) spokesman Richard French.

Two female dogwalkers made the initial discovery Tuesday after noticing one of their dogs playing with an object, which on closer inspection turned out to be the human head, in a bag.

The LAPD closed the park entrance near where the head was found in Bronson Canyon, and subsequently found the hands and feet in an operation involving up to 100 police and park rangers.

Police believe the victim had only been dead for a few days at most.

The human remains were found in Bronson Canyon, long used as a location for movie and TV productions, not far from what are known locally as the Bat Caves, where the TV Batman series was filmed.

A bodyguard of Hollywood star Brad Pitt was among local residents interviewed about the grisly find, but only because the security man lives close to the bottom of the hiking trail."

21-01-2012, 09:54 PM
Have u seen that? Its disgusting:

"Rich Kids For Romney: An Endorsement (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)"


22-01-2012, 10:56 AM
"Rabbi questioned in rape of minors

Police in France have arrested a prominent rabbi, who founded the Liberal Jewish Movement in the country, on suspicion of raping an undisclosed number of underage girls.

The 70 year old rabbi, Daniel Farhi was questioned by investigators at a police station in Paris for allegedly raping underage girls, one younger than 15.

Michel Serfaty, the head of the Consistoire, the state-sanctioned Jewish religious umbrella group of France, was quoted as saying that if suspicions against the rabbi were confirmed it would be a "disaster."

Established in 1977, the Liberal Jewish Movement of France is a liberal cultural and religious association affiliated to the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

The movement promotes Jewish religious and cultural life through several community centers and synagogues."

22-01-2012, 04:09 PM
An anagram for Lindsay Lohan is Dahlia Nylons. Just thought that was kind of odd/funny/scary..

22-01-2012, 05:19 PM
Hunka ... did some digging on Kesey. Kesey was an early guinea pig for MK drug testing while a student at Stanford.

James Franco went to Palo Alto High School - across the road from Stanford - and Franco's parents were Stanford academics.

At least one member of the Grateful Dead (Bill Kreutzmann)
also attended Palo Alto HS.

Though none of this is conclusive .... Silicon Valley seems like a hotbed of activity. Los Gatos would be an hours drive down the interstate from Palo Alto.


* Merry Prankster Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, volunteered for MKULTRA experiments involving LSD and other psychedelic drugs at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Menlo Park while he was a student at nearby Stanford University. Kesey's experiences while under the influence of LSD inspired him to promote the drug outside the context of the MKULTRA experiments, which influenced the early development of hippie culture.[54][55]
* Robert Hunter is an American lyricist, singer-songwriter, translator, and poet, best known for his association with Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Along with Ken Kesey, Hunter was an early volunteer MKULTRA test subject at Stanford University. Stanford test subjects were paid to take LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, then report on their experiences.

yes, very interesting that Gus Van Sant is so closely linked to James Franco
and Franco's parents are both Stanford academics.

Nicknamed "Ted", James Edward Franco was born in Palo Alto, California. His mother, Betsy Lou (née Verne), is a poet, author, and editor, and his father, Douglas Eugene "Doug" Franco (1948-2011),[2] ran a non-profit agency and a shipping container security company. The two met as students at Stanford University.[3][4][5] Franco's father was of Portuguese and Swedish descent[6] and Franco's mother is Jewish, a descendant of immigrants from Russia (her family's surname had been changed from "Verovitz" to "Verne").[7][8] His paternal grandmother, Marjorie (Peterson) Franco, is a published author of young adult books;[5][9] his maternal grandmother, Mitzie (Levine) Verne, owns the Verne Art Gallery, a prominent art gallery in Cleveland, and was an active member in the National Council of Jewish Women.[10][11][12]

James Franco's father was a member of Phi Kappa Psi

Douglas Eugene Franco, '70 (mathematics), of Palo Alto, at 63. He was a member of Phi Kappa Psi. He earned an MBA at Harvard and founded Orchard International, which sends humanitarian aid to third-world countries, as well as SecureBox Corp. He met his wife in life drawing class at Stanford and had recently been participating in life drawing sessions throughout the Bay Area. Survivors: his wife, Betsy (Verne, '69); and his children, James, Dave and Tom.

Phi Kappa Psi members have included William J. Donovan, founder and Director of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA)and Kenneth Minihan, past Director of the NSA (National Security Agency )

the list of powerful military and intelligence figures in Phi Kappa Psi is remarkable:


List of Phi Kappa Psi brothers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

22-01-2012, 05:49 PM
huge links between Phi Kappa Psi and college/professional sports

One member has been mentioned in this thread in possible relation to mind control:

Walter Byers : First Executive Director of the NCAA (1951–1988)


22-01-2012, 09:15 PM

Conditioning in Conspiracy Theory movie with Mel Gibson


Uploaded by Metallicafan6611 on Apr 28, 2010

In this movie, Mel Gibson plays a Conspiracy Theorist. And of course all close-minded people think he is crazy. The media and Hollywood portray people who are open-minded and question the government as crazy people. But in fact, pretty much everything he says can be proved. I hope that this video can shed some light on the deceptive media. I hope that people will wake up and think outside of the box.

You can also look at my YouTube channel for more videos.

And you can also search YouTube for "Alex Jones" and Jesse Ventura's
"Conspiracy Theory" series.

22-01-2012, 10:01 PM


the above images are from Mack White's site:


hear Mack interviewed on this topic by Jack Blood
on show "Deadline Live.":



22-01-2012, 10:39 PM
Once again, a million thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. There's so much good info here, you could research for days and days just based on these great posts.

I've been trying to find out more about the late Doug Franco's business interests. I visited the Orchard International site and it seems to not have been updated in ages. The contact us link will direct you to the very dead Doug Franco's e-mail. The donate button is disabled. I suspected that this charity may have been a front for something sinister: drug trafficking? human trafficking? As for Secure Box, it's just what it says--extremely inpenetrable shipping containers with super security functions. That could be really bad, if in the wrong hands. The red flag on their website is that you can't even access a listing of their clients without a user name and password! Really? Normally, companies love to brag about the clients they're already serving in order to attract new business. Their executive management team consists of two people: dead Doug and another fellow. According to manta.com, they only have three employees total, including dead Doug. I dunno, something's fishy about both Orchard International and Secure Box. James has never lent his name to his Dad's charity--not one fundraiser, not one endorsement. On the other hand, James has been honored by The Art of Elysium for his charity work with sick kids. Hmmmm...

If it's any help , the current President of the international charity World Vision, Richard Stearns, was initiated a member of Phi Kappa Psi in 1970 , the same year that James Franco's father Douglas Franco attended Stanford as a member of Phi Kappa Psi.

John Hinckley Sr. was president of World Vision, a right wing evangelical association which describes itself as the largest “international Christian relief and development agency” active in the third world, beginning in 1976. He was president of the organization when Mark David Chapman was working for it, one of its lost boys. The organization has deep ties to the intelligence community and has assisted the CIA in many of its projects. Its largest contributor is the U.S. State Department Agency for International Development.

Judge says, World Vision is a far-right evangelical missionary operation that does missionary and "good work" operations in countries where there is a political purpose for it to be there. From it's inception, it was rabidly anti-Communist and it focused on refugee populations of people running from countries that had been taken over by Communism. This was from the fifties on.

World Vision had a hand in the movement of the Cubans into the United States and other refugees of revolutionary regimes. When you're a refugee you're cut loose, basically, and pretty much fair game to be manipulated by whoever is willing to give you a hand because you don't have a home or any place to stay and somebody has got to accept you.

World Vision was able to recruit out of these mercenary populations, people who could be politically turned to their intelligence purposes. World Vision served as a penetration force -- not as visible as the military actually going in or the CIA going in -- going in as missionaries and working among the people. This link between missionary and intelligence for capitalistic infiltration operations goes way back. It was part of the internationalism with the Rockefellers. It's talked about in a book called Thy Will Be Done[4] about Rockefeller, Venezuela, and Latin American Oil, the Summer Linguistic Institute, World Vision and others. But they operated in this way for a long time.

They were paid by the CIA for a long time during the Vietnam war and went into SE Asia -- Cambodia and Laos. Throughout Vietnam they were given U.S. military equipment to use. They still maintain a budget under USAID (Agency for International Development), which was just a pass-over in order to give the CIA more cover. They ran operations through USAID. The current cover replacing that is the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), which is supposed to be how we're exporting democracy around the world.

Here are some great links on the Bush-Hinckley connection and the World Vision connection to Johh Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman:




interesting that Gus Van Sant is linked to both James Franco and William Burroughs, and William Burroughs is known to have been an internationally traveling assassin, while James Franco's father and his foreign aid charity 'Orchards International' possibly has links to World Vision and Phi Kappa Psi. Van Sant, Burroughs, and Franco are all linked to gender-dissociative programming.

23-01-2012, 04:04 AM

Jonestown, CIA, World Vision, Hinckley and Bush

One of the strangest CIA connections to Jonestown was World Vision, an evangelical order which often fronts for the CIA. They performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia while Operation Phoenix (the murderous project that left 40,000 people dead) was in full effect. In Honduras, they maintained a presence at CIA contra recruiting camps in the war against the Sandinistas. In Lebanon, the fascist Phalange butchered Palestinians at World Vision's camp. In Cuba, their refugee camps hosted numerous members of the anti-Castro terrorist group Alpha 66 of Bay of Pigs fame.

After the Guyana massacre, World Vision developed a scheme to repopulate Jonestown with CIA-linked mercenaries from Laos. Laos, of course, was where the CIA was running its "secret war" during Vietnam, which for the most part was a smokescreen for a widespread opium trafficking operation.

One particularly important World Vision official was John Hinckley, Sr., an oil man, reputed CIA officer, and friend of George Bush. You may have heard of his son.

Less than four months before Hinckley Jr. became known as Jodie Foster's biggest fan, another member of the World Vision order, Mark Chapman, gunned down John Lennon in what may have been a practice run for the bigger hit on President Reagan. One of the policemen who found him was convinced that he was a mind-controlled assassin. Chapman was clutching a copy of the novel “Catcher in the Rye,” which was also owned by John Hinckley Jr. (The book was written by J.D. Salinger, who worked in military intelligence with Henry Kissinger during World War II.) Before going to trial, Chapman pleaded guilty after a voice in his head (which he attributed to God) commanded him to do so.

Considering the history of World Vision and what went on previously in Guyana, it is possible that the real purpose behind repopulating Jonestown was to create another breeding ground for brainwashed zombies like Chapman and Hinckley. Near Jonestown there was a place called Hilltown, a compound of 8,000 blacks that followed cult leader Rabbi David Hill, who held his flock with an iron fist. Hill had so much power that he was referred to as the "vice prime minister" of Guyana. There was also another place in Guyana called "Johnstown," as well as similar operations in the Philippines and Chile. It appears that Jonestown (and World Vision's later attempt) is hardly the exception to the rule of using obscure locations in Third World nations as laboratories for covert cult operations.

23-01-2012, 09:57 AM
"Police seek suspect in Huckabee relative's death

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (AP) — Authorities in Arkansas were searching Sunday for a suspect wanted in a homicide and kidnapping case involving a distant relative of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Donald Hux after investigators found the body of Sandy Carl Huckabee at his home in Arkadelphia, which is about 70 miles southwest of Little Rock.

Former Huckabee spokesman Jim Harris said Sandy Huckabee's father was the first cousin of former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's father.

Authorities said Hux abducted his ex-wife, Amy Huckabee, and their three children in Arkadelphia before he drove to El Dorado, which is about 80 miles away. He dropped the children off somewhere in southern Arkansas' Union County, which is where El Dorado is located, the local sheriff's office said in a statement. Union County Sheriff's Capt. Clark Burton told The Associated Press the children were not hurt.

Meanwhile, police in Arkadelphia learned about the situation and went to the Huckabee home to do a welfare check. They found Sandy Huckabee's body inside, but they had yet to find his wife, Amy Huckabee, as of Sunday evening.

Hux is wanted on capital murder, kidnapping, burglary and firearms charges.

He was last seen driving a tan 2005 Chevrolet extended cab truck with the license plate 487-MDZ.

No one answered the phone at one number listed for Donald Hux in El Dorado. Another number for Donald Hux there was disconnected.

Harris, the spokesman when Huckabee was governor, said the former Republican governor was traveling Sunday but had learned of the distant relative's death."

23-01-2012, 01:11 PM
Damon not directing Krasinski film

(UKPA) – 29 minutes ago

Matt Damon will not be making his directorial debut yet, revealed his collaborator John Krasinski.

The Bourne star wanted to take control of the as-yet-untitled drama about a salesman who comes to a small town and experiences life-changing events, co-written by John, but timing issues made it difficult to juggle.

"I brought the script to Matt, who wanted to direct immediately. He looked at his schedule and there was just no way to do everything," the actor told The Playlist.

"He takes it very seriously and he didn't want his first opportunity to direct to be hindered in any way, shape or form. He's doing [Liberace biopic] Behind The Candelabra in June, so he would have had to shoot our movie, go shoot another movie, and then come back and edit and that's just not the way you want to do your first movie.

"I was incredibly bummed, to say the least," he added.

However, Matt has already lined up a replacement director in Gus Van Sant.

"He called and said, 'So, Gus Van Sant's doing our movie' and I flipped out," John recalled.

"I think Gus is one of the most talented directors there is or ever has been. He's an incredible story teller. For our movie in particular, he's going to be incredible. So I'm thrilled. It's my first original script, so to have this experience, I should just call it quits after this," he joked.

The film is set to start shooting in April, for a 2013 release.

Damon is set to play the younger lover of Liberace in an upcoming film based
on the virtuoso penist's life. (Liberace died of AIDS in 1986)

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas can finally heat up those BeDazzlers: "Behind the Candelabra," their Liberace biopic, has found a home on HBO.

The film, which to this point has been traveling under the working title "Liberace," is a look at the famed pianist's relationship with his younger live-in lover at a time when coming out could kill a career. It is scheduled to start shooting next summer under the direction of Steven Soderbergh.

"I wanted people to see the other side of Liberace," Jerry Weintraub told Show Tracker. "I knew Liberace when I was kid. He entertained me a lot, we had a lot of good times together. He was a fun guy and a brilliant artist.

"He was Elton John and Lady Gaga before they even dreamed of it"

Old Hollywood figure Weintraub will produce for HBO, which in March aired "His Way," a documentary about Weintraub.

Douglas will don the jeweled capes of Liberace while Damon plays his partner, Scott Thorson.

"I’ve wanted to make a film about Liberace for a very long time, and after the amazing experience I had with HBO on 'His Way,' I knew that they were absolutely the right place for this movie," Weintraub said.

The project has been gestating since 2009, and its male leads are more than happy to get lip-locking in the portrayal of the flamboyant performer, known for his over-the-top costumes and accessories and, later in life, several business ventures including cookbooks and antique shops.


"Candelabra" will get into the darker, off-stage side of Liberace's life. And few introductions will be needed: Damon most recently appeared in the Soderbergh disease thriller "Contagion," while Douglas was cast in his 2000 film "Traffic," which earned four Oscars, including one for best director

23-01-2012, 01:43 PM
Marylin Manson poses with a couple of his own creations at his art exhibit 'The Path of Misery'.




23-01-2012, 03:46 PM
Has anyone noticed the media hoopla over the death of Joe Paterno? Its all I've been hearing for the past few days... All about what a great man he was and etc.

Wasn't this the guy who was linked to the child molesting coach at Penn State???! :confused:

Joe Paterno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"After 46 years as head coach, Paterno was named the winningest coach in Division I history in late 2011. In November, long-time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested and charged with child sexual abuse; in the wake of not reporting the allegations to police, Paterno was fired."

23-01-2012, 05:56 PM
http://www.whale.to/b/sp/spr1a.html#COMMON ILLUMINATI WORK WITH TWINS[/B]

Common Illuminati Work With Twins

"When one twin disappears, the surviving twin will often develop psychological problems around the disappearance, even if the child is never told that they had a twin disappear. The Illuminati believe that the soul of a dead twin goes into the live twin. They consider twins which have two souls very powerful individuals.

To further complicate things, the Illuminati program their slaves to believe that they have a twin somewhere. Elvis Presley, a Monarch mind-controlled slave, believed he had a twin that communicated with him spiritually."

Salvador Dali

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRlwqeVuWXJrqGvgSwMxGbevRoJtYc9 yZvzsV2UJf5DDMfZxoGqjeijXxY

Salvador Dalí - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"...Dalí's older brother, also named Salvador (born October 12, 1901), had died of gastroenteritis nine months earlier, on August 1, 1903 When he was five, Dalí was taken to his brother's grave and told by his parents that he was his brother's reincarnation, a concept which he came to believe. Of his brother, Dalí said, "...[we] resembled each other like two drops of water, but we had different reflections."[11] He "was probably a first version of myself but conceived too much in the absolute."

24-01-2012, 11:34 AM
http://www.whale.to/b/sp/spr1a.html#COMMON ILLUMINATI WORK WITH TWINS[/B]

Common Illuminati Work With Twins

"When one twin disappears, the surviving twin will often develop psychological problems around the disappearance, even if the child is never told that they had a twin disappear. The Illuminati believe that the soul of a dead twin goes into the live twin. They consider twins which have two souls very powerful individuals.

To further complicate things, the Illuminati program their slaves to believe that they have a twin somewhere. Elvis Presley, a Monarch mind-controlled slave, believed he had a twin that communicated with him spiritually."

Salvador Dali

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRlwqeVuWXJrqGvgSwMxGbevRoJtYc9 yZvzsV2UJf5DDMfZxoGqjeijXxY


"...Dalí's older brother, also named Salvador (born October 12, 1901), had died of gastroenteritis nine months earlier, on August 1, 1903 When he was five, Dalí was taken to his brother's grave and told by his parents that he was his brother's reincarnation, a concept which he came to believe. Of his brother, Dalí said, "...[we] resembled each other like two drops of water, but we had different reflections."[11] He "was probably a first version of myself but conceived too much in the absolute."

Speaking of that, Mae West - since u posted her famous portrait by Dali - was replaced by her brother (though not her twin, as suggested in the previous post) after her untimely death following a heart attack, somewhere at the beginning of the 1950's. The show had to go on and then her brother became "Mae".

24-01-2012, 11:35 AM
Ppl dying around famous chef:

"Body of Jamie Oliver apprentice found in garden near his home three months after he went missing

Jamie Oliver pays tribute to 'my friend Kevin Doyle' and says he is 'deeply saddened' by the tragic news
Chef was due to make emotional appeal for missing Kevin, 26, on ITV's This Morning but body was discovered hours later
Kevin was a trainee on Jamie's Kitchen on Channel 4 in 2002
Second trainee chef tragedy to hit Jamie Oliver: Christopher Pethick, 20, found hanged in 2008

One of Jamie Oliver's apprentice chefs has been found dead in a garden close to his home three months after he vanished.

The decomposed remains of Kevin Boyle, 26, were found in Coulsdon, south London, just before the celebrity was due to make a missing person appeal on This Morning on ITV yesterday.

Kevin had cooked for the Prince of Wales, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Oprah Winfrey after training with the celebrity chef on the Channel 4 series Jamie's Kitchen.

Jamie Oliver said yesterday that he was 'deeply saddened' to learn that his apprentice's body had been found.

The death is being treated as unexplained, although a post-mortem examination is due to take place in Croydon today.

Jamie, 36, said last night: 'I'm deeply saddened by this tragic news. I am proud to have been able to call Kevin a friend for 10 years and he was also a constant supporter of Fifteen and all the apprentices and graduates who came after him through the course.

'I last saw him in September 2011 at the graduation ceremony for the ninth group of apprentices and he was on good form which makes this news even harder to take.

'My thoughts are with his family at this incredibly difficult time.'

He had been due to say on ITV's this morning: 'Kevin's one of life's givers, he's a great lad. If you've seen him please, please get in contact.'

It is believed Kevin may have been dead in the garden for up to three months after he vanished last October. He was last spotted on CCTV at Purley railway station, South London.

After he went missing Jamie Oliver had made a national appeal for information. Family and friends set up a missing person website for the chef who was described as 'depressed'.

Crystal Palace supporter Kevin appeared in the final episodes of Jamie's Kitchen in 2002 after being recruited as one of 15 budding chefs when someone else dropped out.

He beat more than 1,500 competitors to secure his place in the final group set up for unemployed young people.

The chef went on to work at various top restaurants including Fifteen in Shoreditch, London, and most recently Vinocteca in Clerkenwell, London.

He studied at Croydon College and Lancaster University. He was also a regular attender at Purley Baptist Church.

The body was found on Sunday afternoon by a resident living near to the scene.

Kevin's friend Peter Fosdike went on the missing person website that had been set up for him:

'(Kevin) was witty, intelligent and quick to laugh, but also deeply sensitive, compassionate and rebuking of the injustices of this world.

'A world that he helped to change for those around him, the greater loss is to those whose lives he did not touch.'

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: 'The death is being treated as unexplained at this stage. A post-mortem is due to be held at Croydon mortuary today.

'The deceased is believed to be Kevin Boyle, a 26-year-old man who was reported missing from Purley, however we await formal identification. His next of kin have been informed.'

The chef's family were yesterday too upset to speak about the tragedy.

It is the second tragic death to hit Jamie Oliver's apprentice chefs.

In 2008, Christopher Pethick, 20, was found hanged a few miles from the Fifteen restaurant in Watergate Bay, Cornwall. He dropped out of the course in 2006 after two months with severe depression."


24-01-2012, 02:55 PM

Religion in Guyana


The House of Israel was established by an American fugitive, David Hill, also known as Rabbi Edward Washington, who arrived in Guyana in 1972. The cult had no ties to traditional Jewish religion but was a black supremacist movement. In the 1970s, the group claimed a membership of 8,000. The House of Israel had a daily radio program in which it preached that Africans were the original Hebrews and needed to prepare for a racial war

Opponents of the government claimed that the House of Israel constituted a private army for Guyana's ruling party, the People's National Congress (PNC). During an anti-government demonstration, a House of Israel member murdered a Roman Catholic priest because he was on the staff of a religious opposition newspaper, the Catholic Standard. The House of Israel also engaged in strikebreaking activities and disruptions of public meetings. Critics of the government alleged that House of Israel members acted with impunity during the government of Linden Forbes Burnham. However, under Hugh Desmond Hoyte, Burnham's successor, Rabbi Washington and key associates were arrested on a long-standing manslaughter charge and imprisoned

Guyana acquired international notoriety in 1978 following a mass murder-suicide at the commune of the People's Temple of Christ, which had been led by the Reverend Jim Jones, of Oakland, California. In 1974 the People's Temple, a utopian commune, leased a tract of land near Port Kaituma in western Guyana to escape from mounting scrutiny of the group by California authorities. The government welcomed the People's Temple in part because of its interest in populating the interior of the country, especially the area claimed by Venezuela, where Jonestown was situated. Members of the People's Temple also became close to PNC leaders, and the group was allowed to function without interference from the government. Allegations of atrocities by commune leaders and charges that the commune was holding people against their will led a United States congressman, Leo Ryan, to go to Jonestown to investigate the allegations of abuse

Fearing that Congressman Ryan's report on the commune would bring unwanted publicity and restrictions on his operations, Jones had the congressman shot as he was boarding an airplane to return to Georgetown. The United States immediately asked Guyana to send in its army. Before the army could reach Jonestown, however, Jones coerced and cajoled over 900 members of the commune to commit murder and suicide

24-01-2012, 08:03 PM
Elite families in the news again and the news is not good at all. After Huckabee, now follows Kennedy:

"Skakel seeks sentence reduction for Conn. murder

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel on Tuesday again insisted on his innocence in a 1975 killing, as he pleaded with a three-judge panel to reduce his prison sentence of 20 years to life.

Skakel's lawyer, Hubert Santos, argued in Middletown Superior Court that the sentence Skakel received after his 2002 murder conviction in the beating death of Martha Moxley when the two were teen neighbors in wealthy Greenwich was excessive. Santos repeated his claim, which has been rejected by other state courts, that Skakel should have been tried in juvenile court, where the maximum sentence for a murder conviction would have been four years.

"Give me a polygraph," Skakel told the judges. "I've passed three sodium pentathol tests. I don't know what else to say."

Skakel's lawyers didn't ask for a specific sentence reduction.

Skakel, 51, a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy's widow, Ethel Kennedy, wore an orange prison jumpsuit as he spoke to the three judges, who are expected to issue a ruling in about two months. He was handcuffed and his legs were shackled.

Members of both the Skakel and Moxley families were in the courtroom as Skakel said he prayed for Moxley's mother, Dorthy Moxley every day.

"I told Mrs. Moxley if I killed Martha I would take responsibility for it," Skakel said. "I didn't commit this crime."

Dorthy Moxley and her son, John, both called Skakel's words "hollow" and said he got the prison sentence he deserved.

"Michael belongs in jail for the rest of his life," John Moxley told the judges.

Speaking after the hearing, Dorthy and John Moxley said that they were upset that the case keeps returning to court, adding that they have to relive Martha's killing every time.

The state Supreme Court ruled in 2010 against Skakel's bid for a new trial, saying a claim implicating two other men in the killing wasn't credible. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Skakel currently has a habeas corpus appeal pending in state courts, alleging his trial attorney, Michael Sherman, did a bad job.

"It's getting a little frustrating and getting a little old," Dorthy Moxley said. "I'm so convinced Michael did this. He made us suffer for ... 26 ½ years."

Martha Moxley was beaten to death with a golf club in her neighborhood when both she and Skakel were 15 years old. Skakel was arrested in 2000.

Prosecutor Susann Gill said if Skakel was arrested when he was a teenager, his case could have been transferred to adult court and he would have faced the same prison sentence he is now serving.

Gill told Judges Gary White, Joan Alexander and Brian Fischer that the judge who sentenced Skakel considered arguments similar to those made by Skakel's lawyers Tuesday when he imposed the punishment in 2002. She said the sentence Skakel received was appropriate.

"He should have come forward and taken responsibility for this crime in 1975," Gill said.

Skakel also talked about his 13-year-old son during his speech, and how "being in prison it's hard to be a father."

John Moxley said Skakel was using his son as a "shield" in his arguments.

Skakel's brother, Stephen, said outside the courthouse that his family fully supports his brother and believes he is innocent.

"We're still hopeful," Stephen Skakel said about his brother's appeals."

JOHN KERRY is in no better state either. Official version: injured in a "friendly game of hockey":

"Senator's Hockey Injuries Stand Out At NHL Champs' White House Visit

NHL teams have visited the White House for years after winning the Stanley Cup, but it's a safe bet that never before has a Senator shown up more beaten and broken than the hockey players.

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) was part of the ceremony honoring the Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup win, appearing like he had just come from a knock-down, drag-out ruckus.

Kerry, 68, suffered two black eyes and a broken nose during a "friendly game of hockey" with family and buddies over the Christmas break, according to TheHill.com. If that's the result of a friendly game, we don't want to be a part of an unfriendly one.

"He must feel like Mitt Romney after South Carolina," Kerry spokeswoman Whitney Smith told the Boston Globe when confirming the injury. Mitt Romney lost the South Carolina primary vote last weekend after a surprise surge by GOP rival Newt Gingrich.

When asked by a reporter from the Boston Globe, Kerry, who plays forward and right wing, wouldn't rat out who slammed him with a stick to cause the injuries.

The senior Democrat from Massachusetts in his fifth term is a huge sports fan. Kerry played hockey, lacrosse, soccer and fencing while attending Yale University in the 1960s."

http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/7969/ap120123035384.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/35/ap120123035384.jpg/)

http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/6189/30279519640x480.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/818/30279519640x480.jpg/)

http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/7636/kerry5.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/205/kerry5.jpg/)


24-01-2012, 11:55 PM


The Rothschild Masonic Temple called the International House of Religious Fellowships

If the veteran insider to the conspirators of Israel and even the world, Benjamin Fulford, is correct, the construction of the “Jerusalem Tribulation Temple”, or as BibleSearchers Reflections coined in 2005, “The Rothschild Temple” is scheduled to be built in 2012. If this were to happen, be prepared to watch one of the best coordinated construction projects in the world to be erected.

this reminded me of this:


Tribulation Temple?

25-01-2012, 11:47 AM
Wonder if this little boy is a mind control project?


It's a boy! Couple reveal sex of their 'gender neutral' kid after five years


25-01-2012, 02:03 PM

it's hard to believe these two were students at a catholic school considering their less than pious behaviours, but the wealthy heiress and the chart-topping singer actually walked the same halls at convent of the sacred heart. Gaga says despite its very religious views, the all-girls school was like every other high school except, 'we had nuns.'

25-01-2012, 02:38 PM

Freemasonry's African Image Problem :


25-01-2012, 03:02 PM
Wonder if this little boy is a mind control project?


It's a boy! Couple reveal sex of their 'gender neutral' kid after five years


Like this one?


I dont know if we can talk about an MK project, but all I can say is just very bad parenting.

25-01-2012, 03:04 PM
"Glenn Close Talks About Growing Up in a Cult

Before Glenn Close was an award-winning actress, she was a member of a cult. The star, who was nominated today for a Best Actress Oscar for her cross-dressing role in "Albert Nobbs," a film that she also co-wrote and produced, had an unconventional childhood, to say the least.

The Connecticut native's family decided to join the conservative organization Moral Re-Armament when she was just 7. She stayed for 15 years, finally touring with the musical arm of the group, Up With People, until she left at age 22 to go to college.

The "Damages" star told New York Magazine, "It was a cult where everyone was told to think alike, and that's devastating." But, the actress said, being in a cult helped her as a performer.

The 64-year-old admitted, "It also gives you a huge sense of looking from the outside in, and I think that in many ways that has been very good as an actor, because you are somebody who is asked to go into a character.... I always felt that I was held together with Scotch tape and paper clips and, as an actor, that's good."

Close isn't the only actress to have experienced life as a cult member. Rose McGowan admitted last year that she spent her first nine years in Italy living with the Children of God sect. The 38-year-old told People magazine that her family eventually fled.

The "Charmed" star said of that experience, "There are people who will read this story and think I had a strange existence," adding "I think they've had a strange existence!"

25-01-2012, 04:34 PM
another famous member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternal 'brotherhood':



Frank Morgan (June 1, 1890 – September 18, 1949) was an American actor.[1] He was best known for his portrayal of the title character in the film The Wizard of Oz.

Phi Kappa Psi frat-boy Frank Morgan played the part of the wizard in the original Wizard of Oz film, and now James Franco, son of Phi Kappa Psi frat-boy Douglas Eugene Franco, is set to play the part of the wizard in the upcoming prequel to The Wizard of Oz, Oz: The Great and Powerful



Although Robert Downey Jr. was originally in talks to appear in Sami Raimi's prequel to The Wizard of Oz, Oz: The Great and Powerful, it appears now that James Franco is on the verge of closing a deal with Disney to take on the title role in the flick!


25-01-2012, 08:17 PM
Exactly what I previously said about elite families:

"Secret Service: Man detained at Bush home had gun

DALLAS (Reuters) - A man detained outside the home of former President George W. Bush had a weapon in his car, but was released after questioning on Tuesday, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman said on Wednesday.

Spokesman Ed Donovan said the man, who was not identified, told agents and Dallas police that he was spiritually told to pick up a package at the Bush home. He had a permit to carry a gun, which was found in his vehicle, Donovan said.

He said neither the former president nor his wife, Laura, were at the house at the time. He declined to release further details about the Tuesday afternoon incident."

25-01-2012, 08:25 PM

this reminded me of this:


Tribulation Temple?

The Tribulation temple is in the shape of an Octagon or a "Stargate" shape. This shape allows communication with other dimensions

The Freedom Tower and the Octagonal Stargate - YouTube

The Freedom Tower and the Octagonal Stargate - YouTube

25-01-2012, 08:33 PM
Ppl dying around famous chef:

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]"Body of Jamie Oliver apprentice found in garden near his home three months after he went missing

Jamie Oliver pays tribute to 'my friend Kevin Doyle' and says he is 'deeply saddened' by the tragic news
Chef was due to make emotional appeal for missing Kevin, 26, on ITV's This Morning but body was discovered hours later
Kevin was a trainee on Jamie's Kitchen on Channel 4 in 2002
Second trainee chef tragedy to hit Jamie Oliver: Christopher Pethick, 20, found hanged in 2008...


Jamie Oliver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[B]In 2005, Oliver was widely criticised by animal rights groups for slaughtering a fully conscious lamb on his TV show, while PETA praised Oliver for showing the killing uncensored, claiming that it highlighted problems with the methods used within slaughterhouses for viewers at home.[49] PETA spokesman Sean Gifford said that it "could turn the more diehard carnivore into a vegetarian."[49] British TV regulator Ofcom reported they had seven complaints from the public.[49]

26-01-2012, 11:39 AM
A perfect candidate:

'American Idol has given me something to believe in': Bipolar sufferer explains how singing helps her condition as she makes it through to Hollywood

The hopefuls who take to the American Idol stage have a wide variety of reasons for being there.

But for one young teenager who took to the stage on last night’s episode of the show, she had more reason than most to appreciate singing – it has helped her overcome bipolar disease.

Shelby Tweten explained to judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler just how much performing a song meant to her.

She said: ‘love it you don’t even understand but it has made me happy and gotten over so much so.

I was diagnosed with bipolar in March but I have been struggling with depression since fourth grade.

She added: ‘When I’m off my meds I’m incoherent and I’m not myself. ‘

‘There’s been times where I have had hypo-manic episodes…… and my mom will be like let’s sing together.’

She added: ‘American Idol has given us something to believe in.’

The 17-year-old from Minnesota performed Carrie Underwood's Temporary Home and seriously impressed the judges.

Jennifer told her: ‘The sound of your voice, it is just so beautiful,’ before adding: ‘ Big yes 100 percent yes.’

After the pretty blonde had left the room the judges labelled her ‘awesome’ and agreed she had ‘huge potential’.

It wasn't all good news for contestants in Apsen, there were many awful auditions and things certainly got rocky.

At one point Randy Jackson even excused himself from proceedings and made his way to the bathroom during the audition of 'Magic Cyclops'.

Ahead of his audition Magic explained he was a master air guitarist and said: 'I have 11,000 air guitars I think there is a guy in Belgium that has five more than me.'

As he made his way out in front of the judges he proclaimed: 'Bring in the kraken,' flubbing a reference to the Clash of The Titans film.

Jennifer was quick to notice the error and pointed out: 'It's release the kraken, but anyway.'

As Randy Jackson asked for his age Magic answered: 'It's not polite to ask a lady her age.'

Randy exclaimed: 'A lady with a beard?'

Despite being from Iowa he spoke with an awful British accent which he said was down to only having British programmes growing up.

Randy remarked: 'This is really silly I just want to tell you this'

When he finally took to the stage his efforts did not leave Randy impressed and he was further agitated when Jennifer asked Magic to sing another song.

He exclaimed: 'Now Jennifer, really?' Before declaring: 'I have to go to the bathroom.'

Magic wasn't the only one who was unable to convince the judges they deserved a place in the final and Aspen proved to lack talent seen in other cities.

Alaina Snare caught the judges attention when she revealed the bar she worked in serves Rocky Mountain oysters, which are bull testes.

But screeching her way through Dolly Parton was not enough to land her a place in Hollywood.

Jenni Shick's energy proved useful in swaying the judges and her appearance also proved popular with Steven Tyler.

As the music teacher strode into the audition in her thigh-high boots Steven joked: 'I'll take this one.'

It wasn't just a ticket to Hollywood that Jenni received but she was also granted a smooch from Steven himself.

Hayley Smith was labelled a 'real flower child' and astonished the panel with her individuality"


26-01-2012, 12:20 PM
"Glenn Close Talks About Growing Up in a Cult

"It was a cult where everyone was told to think alike, and that's devastating."

Sounds like your average university campus, or television addict.
Some university-prepped "recovered television addict " will some day write a book about being a member of the 'Children of Oprah' cult or
'Children of Ellen' cult.

26-01-2012, 08:15 PM
On the evening of May 27, 1991, two Milwaukee police officers responded to a call from two 17-year-old African-American women, Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress. The women had found a 14-year-old Laotian-American boy in the street. The boy, named Konerak Sinthasomphone, was apparently drugged and bleeding from the anus.

The officers arrived in time to find the women protecting the boy from 31-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer, who was insisting he be allowed to take the boy home with him. After sizing up the situation, the officers agreed to release the boy to Dahmer. The women protested, indicating the boy’s injury, and the officers threatened them with arrest.

The officers escorted Sinthasomphone back to Dahmer’s apartment. Despite what must have been a strong odor from the decaying body of Tony Hughes, whom Dahmer had killed three days earlier, they left the couple in the apartment. Dahmer later explained that he murdered the boy only moments after the police left.

We might want to explain the behavior of the police officers as gross negligence or simple incompetence. But because those two women had called 911, there were records of conversations between the police officers, their dispatcher, and the women involved.

May 27, 1991; 2:00 a.m

Dispatcher: “Milwaukee emergency. Operator 71.”

Nicole Childress: “OK. Hi. I am on 25th and State. And there’s this young man. He’s buck-naked and he has been beaten up. He is very bruised up. He can’t stand. He has no clothes on. He is really hurt. And I, you know, ain’t got no coat on. But I just seen him. He needs some help. . . .”

After investigating, an officer reported back to the dispatcher.

Officer: “The intoxicated Asian naked male [laughter in background] was returned to his sober boyfriend.” [more laughter]

An officer later reported that the assignment was completed and that the squad was ready for new duties.

Officer: “Ten-four. It will be a minute. My partner is going to get deloused at the station.” [laughter on the tape]

A short time later, Glenda Cleveland, the mother of one of the young women called the police to inquire about the incident. She was eventually connected to one of the investigating officers.

Cleveland: “Yeah, uh, what happened? I mean my daughter and my niece witnessed what was going on. Was anything done about the situation? Do you need their names or information or anything from them?”

Officer: “No, not at all.”

Cleveland: “You don’t?”

Officer: “Nope. It was an intoxicated boyfriend of another boyfriend.”

Cleveland: “Well, how old was this child?”

Officer: “It wasn’t a child. It was an adult.”

Cleveland: “Are you sure?”

Officer: “Yup.”

Cleveland: “Are you positive? Because this child doesn’t even speak English.† My daughter had, you know, dealt with him before, seeing him on the street. You know, catching earthworms.”

Officer: Ma’am. Ma’am. I can’t make it any more clear. It’s all taken care of. He is with his boyfriend, in his boyfriend’s apartment, where he has his belongings also.”

Cleveland: “But what if he’s a child? Are you positive he is an adult?”

Officer: “Ma’am, like I explained to you, it’s all taken care of. It’s as positive as I can be. I can’t do anything about somebody’s sexual preference in life.”

Cleveland: “Well, no, I am not saying anything about that, but it appeared to have been a child. This is my concern.”

Officer: “No. No. He’s not.”

Cleveland: “He’s not a child?

Officer: “No, he’s not. OK? And it’s a boyfriend-boyfriend thing. And he’s got belongings at the house where he came from. He has very nice pictures of himself and his boyfriend and so forth.”

Cleveland: “OK, I am just, you know. It appeared to have been a child. That was my concern.”

Officer: “I understand. No, he is not. Nope.”

Cleveland: “Oh, OK. Thank you. Bye.”

“This could have all been prevented,” said Nicole Childress, one of the young women. “If they had listened that night, that little boy would still be alive and all the others wouldn’t be dead.”1

Had the police been paying even a little bit of attention to the scene before them, the stench in Dahmer’s apartment might have tipped them off that something was wrong. Had they bothered to call in the routine background check on Dahmer that procedure required, they would have learned that Dahmer had been convicted of molesting Konerak’s older brother two years earlier. Had they not been so amused by the apparent otherness of the situation, they might have saved the boy’s life as well as the lives of the four victims who followed Sinthasomphone.

They later reported smelling a strange scent while inside Dahmer's apartment but did not investigate it. The smell was the body of Anthony Hughes, Dahmer's previous victim, decomposing in the bedroom. The two policemen failed to run a background check which would have revealed that Dahmer was a convicted sex offender and child molester still under probation.[30] The officers laughed about the incident, one joking that his partner was "going to get deloused."[31] Later that night, Dahmer killed and dismembered Sinthasomphone, keeping his skull as a souvenir.

In response to a public outcry over the incident, the two officers were terminated from the Milwaukee Police force. After appealing, both officers were reinstated with back pay totaling over $100,000 and were named “Officers of the Year” by the Milwaukee Police Association for their “righteous battle to regain their jobs.”

Sergeant Dennis Forjan, president of the Milwaukee Police Supervisors Organization, said he and his fellow officers were “elated” by the decision to reinstate the officers. “There were many elected officials who were out there demanding the dismissal of these officers, primarily black officials,” he added.2

One of the officers, John Balcerzak, was elected President of the Milwaukee Police Association in May, 2005.

The family of Konerak Sinthasomphone later brought a civil suit against the City of Milwaukee, charging that it had violated his right to the equal protection of the law based on race, sex, and sexual orientation. (Sinthasomphone, Estate of, v. City of Milwaukee, 1995). The parties eventually reached a settlement of $850,000.

On September 26, 1988, one day after moving into his apartment, he was arrested for drugging and sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy in Milwaukee named Somsack Sinthasomphone.. He was sentenced to five years probation and one year in a work release camp. He was required to register as a sex offender.Dahmer was paroled from the work release camp two months early, and he soon moved into a new apartment.Shortly thereafter he began a string of murders that would end with his arrest in 1991.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

In the early morning hours of May 30, 1991, 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone (by bizarre chance, the younger brother of the boy whom Dahmer had molested) was discovered on the street, wandering naked, heavily under the influence of drugs and bleeding from his rectum. Two young women from the neighborhood found the dazed boy and called 911. Dahmer chased his victim down and tried to take him away, but the women stopped him.[29] Dahmer told police that Sinthasomphone was his 19-year-old boyfriend, and that they had an argument while drinking. Against the protests of the two women who had called 911, police turned him over to Dahmer.

So its just coincidence that Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of molesting
adolescent Somsack Sinthasomphone and then convicted of murdering his younger brother Konerak three years later? Were these two Laotian boys somehow connected to the World Vision refugee camp in Laos where Mark David Chapman was sent to, or to Jonestown, where it is rumored that after the Jonestown Massacre, the same (empty) Jonestown compound was repopulated with some sort of operation transplanted from the same Laotian World Vision refugee camp.
Can anyone find anything on their past and family background? One odd thing is that the women who tried to protect Konerak said that they had known that he was a child and not an adult because they had seen him on the streets before playing with worms, and that they knew that he could not speak English, yet the police claimed that he could speak English, and even his family insisted that at that time Konerak could speak English.
So, why wasn't he telling them, in English, what Dahmer was doing to him and asking for help that night? Could it be that one of his 'alters' was still a unilingual Laotian child? Did Konerak have Multiple personality Disorder?
If anyone can find more background on this family please post it.
Also notice the boy was from Laos, and the officer joked that his partner needed to be 'deloused'.

26-01-2012, 08:40 PM
Its all I could find about those poor kids' family. You are right, everything connects, I mean the American base refugee relocation program, the scummy Catholic church and all the rest. Read and u will see. I hope it helps:

"Family Sought New Life Only to Find New Pain

In a white, neatly kept bungalow on this city's north side, the Sinthasomphone family grieves quietly for its youngest member. The family who had fled repression in Laos more than a decade ago is trying to make sense of the death of 14-year-old Konerak, said family members, whose dismembered body was among the 11 found by the police last week in the apartment of Jeffrey L. Dahmer.

Sounthone, the boy's 52-year-old unemployed father, sits listlessly in the kitchen smoking cigarettes, unable to speak about his son's death. His mother, Somdy, 50, has fainted three or four times since the news arrived, family members said, and early this morning was rushed to a local hospital by one of her sons because she was shaking uncontrollably. His four brothers and three sisters have existed in a numb world in which they quietly reflect about their brother.

"We don't have energy to do anything," said Anouke Sinthasomphone, a 27-year-old brother of the dead boy. "We can't sleep. We can't eat."

Mrs. Sinthasomphone has had all the photographs in their home of her son removed, except the one that adorns a small shrine in the living room. Brimming With Hope

They arrived in Milwaukee a decade ago, a new immigrant family brimming with hope and lured to America by other relatives and friends already living in the city's flourishing Laotian community of 7,000 people.

The family fled Laos in March 1979 because the communists threatened to take away Mr. Sinthasomphone's rice farm in a village near the Laotian capital of Vientiane, said Kongpheth Vonghasouk, who is married to Mr. Sinthasomphone's eldest daughter, Thaeone.

"The communists tried to get his land and that's why he escaped," Mr. Vongphasouk said. "They also tried to get him because they said he did something wrong, but he didn't do anything wrong."

Thailand, which offered a refugee for Laotians and Cambodians fleeing repressive regimes at home, lay just across the Mekong River. Mr. Sinthasomphone built a canoe and sent his entire family across the river late one night, with the youngest children drugged with sleeping pills so they would not cry and attract the notice of soldiers near the river, Mr. Vongphasoukh said.

A few days later, Mr. Sinthasomphone swam the river himself, and was reunited with the rest of his family in a refugee camp where they lived for a year. At the camp, the family made contact with representatives of American-based refugee relocation programs and, with the help of a relocation program supported by Catholic archdiocese in Milwaukee, the family moved to the city in 1980.

In the past decade, the Sinthasomphone children have become acclimated to their new lives and are fluent English speakers. Several of the older ones have taken jobs as welders, machinists or assembly line workers to support themselves and their parents. The parents have had a harder time adjusting to their new home and speak little English.

Their lives here have not been easy but they felt America offered more opportunities and a better quality of life than what they had left behind, said one son, Anouke, 27.

But since Konerak's remains were found in Mr. Dahmer's apartment last week, Mr. Sinthasomphone has been asking why he moved his family to America.

"My father-in-law said: 'I escaped the communists and now this happens. Why?' " Mr. Vongphasouk said. "I feel very sorry. I didn't think something like this would ever happen."

The Rev. Peter Burns, a Catholic priest in Sheboygan, Wis., who has known the family for most of their time in this country, agreed that this a difficult time for Mr. Sinthasomphone. "Obviously anyone who has gone through such a tragedy as this would wonder if they've chosen the right path for their lives," he said. A Pain Hard to Bear

Indeed, other family members said nothing about the harshness of their past could prepare them for the anguish they now feel about the details surrounding Konerak's death.

Neighbors called the police on May 27, when saw a young boy, now identified as Konerak, on the street near Mr. Dahmer's apartment building. He was naked, bleeding and disoriented, apparently because he had been drugged. Witnesses said the police returned the boy to Mr. Dahmer after Mr. Dahmer told the officers that they quarreling lovers.

Konerak's death, family members said, has been all the harder to bear since the family had been victimized before by Mr. Dahmer.

An older brother, now 16 years old, was sexually molested by Mr. Dahmer in 1988. Mr. Dahmer, who is charged with four counts of murder and is likely to charged with more, was convicted of that crime in 1989, but his eight-year prison sentence was stayed by State Judge William Gardner after Mr. Dahmer wrote a remorseful letter apologizing for the incident. He was released in early 1990 after serving one year of his sentence and put on probation.

The family refuses to talk about its first brush with Mr. Dahmer. "It is a touchy topic with them," Mr. Burns said, a Catholic priest in Sheboygan, Wis., who has known the family for most of their time in this country. And the family only reluctantly speaks about its second contact with the 31-year-old unemployed man, who lured Konerak into his apartment with the promise of money for posing for pictures, the police have said.

Family members said they wish they had been told about Mr. Dahmer's early release from jail. But a spokesman for the Milwaukee Police Department said the department did, tell the family that Mr. Dahmer had been granted probation.

The family has turned to their culture and faith for comfort. They have built a small shrine, with a photo of Konerak surrounded by burning candles and fresh flowers, on a small table in one corner of the room.

Small bowls of sliced cucumbers, fried rice and vegetables from the family's kitchen sat before the photo, where twice a day the family and visiting friends offer prayers for the young boy's soul.

"We will do this until we get his remains and bury him or create him," Anouke Sinthasomphone, one of the brothers, said quietly. A service is tentatively planned either for Sunday night or Monday night at St. John's Cathedral here, the church that helped sponsor the Sinthasomphone family's voyage to America.

While Anouke Sinthasomphone watched, two of his brothers and a cousin knelt before the shrine. They stared at Konerak's photograph. Not far from the photograph, a small card taped near the shrine offered some comfort, "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

26-01-2012, 11:45 PM
thanks for that, Emerald. What is noticeable is that the family refuses to discuss the strange involvement of two of their sons with Jeffrey Dahmer:

The family refuses to talk about its first brush with Mr. Dahmer. "It is a touchy topic with them," Mr. Burns said, a Catholic priest in Sheboygan, Wis., who has known the family for most of their time in this country. And the family only reluctantly speaks about its second contact with the 31-year-old unemployed man, who lured Konerak into his apartment with the promise of money for posing for pictures, the police have said.

You have to wonder if the family was not pimping out these boys under some arrangement forced on them.
Why would Konerak go to the home of the man who had molested
his older brother just three years before that?

And as you highlighted here, why was St. John's Cathedral paying the freight to ship this whole family to Milwaukee?

26-01-2012, 11:54 PM
Also notice the boy was from Laos, and the officer joked that his partner needed to be 'deloused'.

Again a parallel with William Burroughs. Assassin William Burroughs' nickname was 'the exterminator', so presumably he viewed his victims as insects.

27-01-2012, 09:55 AM
"German priest jailed over sex abuse

A German court has convicted a Catholic priest of 250 counts of sexual abuse involving three boys over the period of several years and sentenced him to six years in prison.

The state court in Braunschweig on Thursday found the priest guilty of abusing the boys, aged 9 to 15, between 2004 and 2011.

The 46-year-old man, whose name was not revealed, told the court he abused the children during youth camps.

“He exploited the trust of their parents," said Judge Manfred Teiwes as he passed the sentence.

The Catholic priest admitted the charges after he agreed to a plea deal at the start of the trial, fixing an upper limit on the sentence.

Abuse allegations have rocked the Roman Catholic Church in Germany in recent years, making thousands of disenchanted Germans leave the Church over revelations of abuse.

About 180,000 renounced their Catholicism in 2010, up 40% from 2009, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported earlier this month."

27-01-2012, 10:00 AM
thanks for that, Emerald. What is noticeable is that the family refuses to discuss the strange involvement of two of their sons with Jeffrey Dahmer:

You have to wonder if the family was not pimping out these boys under some arrangement forced on them.
Why would Konerak go to the home of the man who had molested
his older brother just three years before that?

And as you highlighted here, why was St. John's Cathedral paying the freight to ship this whole family to Milwaukee?

The same simple and logic questions I asked myself. Unfortunately, just like u I also share the same point of view: under some arrangement the boys were used and abused on a regular basis. Think of other countless ppl who have been thru that, some of them becoming celebs.

27-01-2012, 10:30 AM
"Paedophile of 'the most sickening order' was able to film himself abusing girls in primary school classrooms because bosses did NOTHING despite 30 warnings

Nigel Leat was jailed indefinitely for abusing five girls - some as young as six
Teachers at Hillside First School, in Weston-Super-Mare, complained... but managers did nothing about his increasingly sexual behaviour
The 51-year-old continued to work at the primary school for 15 years
He was finally arrested when victim told her mother she had been sexually abused almost every day for TWO MONTHS

A paedophile teacher filmed himself abusing girls in the classroom after school bosses failed over 14 years to act on 30 warnings about his behaviour.

Nigel Leat, 51, was described by a judge as a ‘paedophile of the most sickening order’ when he was jailed indefinitely last year for abusing five girls, some as young as six.

Yesterday a damning report showed that the primary school where he worked had catastrophically failed to protect the children in his care.

Over 14 years, concerns had been raised repeatedly about Leat’s behaviour with pupils, but his conduct was never investigated. He had abused children in the school’s computer room, resource room, staff room and even during lessons with other pupils present.

Leat also regularly filmed the pupils’ harrowing ordeals using a camera provided by the school, storing hundreds of films on more than 20 memory sticks labelled with his victims’ names.

Staff at Hillside First School in Worle, Somerset, first noticed Leat selecting girls who were ‘less academically able, emotionally needy or pretty’ as his ‘favourites’ a year after he started teaching there in 1996.

His inappropriate behaviour was so well known that staff tried to prevent children likely to become his ‘star pupils’ from being put into his Year Two and Year Three classes.

In 2004, a mother claimed Leat had been taking pictures of her daughter with a mobile phone but he denied the accusation and no action was taken.

Four years later, two children told staff that Leat, a married father of two, had been touching their legs and kissing one of them – causing her to be sick – and a teacher twice reported him to the head.

Another member of staff saw Leat projecting an indecent image of an adult on to a wall during a lesson.

Leat was also seen lifting up and groping young girls in the playground, tickling and cuddling pupils in class and sitting on cushions with a schoolgirl while visibly aroused.

But those staff members who reported Leat’s behaviour were told they should not ‘insinuate things’ and were bullied into silence, a report said yesterday.

It was later discovered that Leat would routinely hide a camera under his desk and then summon his victims, recording the subsequent horrifying images of the abuse.

In many of the videos, which are up to ten minutes in length, other children can be seen or heard in the background.

When police finally became involved, Leat first denied wrongdoing but later admitted 36 sexual offences including rape, assault and voyeurism.

Yesterday a review by the North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board concluded that his appalling crimes could have been stopped much earlier if the school had not failed to act on the warnings.

Instead, out of 30 disturbing incidents noted, only 11 were mentioned to the school’s headmaster, Chris Hood, and none was passed on to an agency outside the school.

Leat was only arrested in December 2010, when a schoolgirl told her mother he abused her ‘every day apart from when the teaching assistant was in the classroom’.

Police who raided the home he shared with his wife, also a teacher, found more than 30,000 images, including 61 pictures and 21 movies at level five, the most serious level.

At least 20 children were victims of Leat’s abuse or witnessed it at the school, which caters for 128 children aged between four and eight.

Three Ofsted inspections undertaken during the time Leat was abusing his students graded it as ‘good’ and a report in 2009 noted: ‘Pupils feel exceptionally safe and secure because they know that staff have their well-being at heart.’

Tony Oliver, who chaired the serious case review, said: ‘There was a failure at every level within the school.

‘There was a culture which just did not empower people to voice their concerns. It could be interpreted as a culture of bullying.’

He said the headmaster had been sacked following a disciplinary process."


27-01-2012, 11:39 AM
JESSICA BUCHANAN much in the news nowadays, officially kidnapped in Somalia, then saved. Just another hoax, folks!


27-01-2012, 12:14 PM
The same simple and logic questions I asked myself. Unfortunately, just like u I also share the same point of view: under some arrangement the boys were used and abused on a regular basis. Think of other countless ppl who have been thru that, some of them becoming celebs.

I think we're getting warm. Have another look at this passage from the article:

Thailand, which offered a refuge for Laotians and Cambodians fleeing repressive regimes at home, lay just across the Mekong River. Mr. Sinthasomphone built a canoe and sent his entire family across the river late one night, with the youngest children drugged with sleeping pills so they would not cry and attract the notice of soldiers near the river

Is Thailland not famous for its sex tourism in child prostitution?
So, is it not funny that these two little boys arrive from Thailland,
from what probably was a CIA-front World Vision refugee camp,
and end up being photographed and tortured and videotaped by
Jeffrey Dahmer, who appears to have had regular contact with the
family? The family which was afraid to talk to the media about it.
What ever happened to all those videotapes that Dahmer captured
with the closed-circuit camera system installed in his ceiling?

Then there are the satanic aspects to the whole thing.
Dahmer had books on witchcraft and a satanic shrine in his apartment.
Mark David Chapman was possibly from the same World Vision camp
that the Sinthasomphone family was involved with:

"World Vision ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States.

"Mark David Chapman, who eventually shot John Lennon, worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there.

"The chairman of the board of World Vision, for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps.

"There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp...

"Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush..."

CIA theorists claim that Jim Jones had many questionable associations with the CIA throughout the years he was establishing The People’s Temple.

The Temple had a strong association with the World Vision organization that many believe to be another CIA front.


"Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: Jones was ... sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia." (http://www.subversiveelement.com/Firefromsky20.html)

Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon outside the Dakota because Lennon
had gotten his green card. The green card made Lennon immune to deportation from the United States, and free to resume his political activities in the United States, namely peace activism.


So Lennon was taken out before he could use his celebrity to build powerful global opposition to the CIA's global activities.

The Manson CIA hippie cult had murdered Sharon Tate in what was likely part of "Operation Chaos", designed to discredit the peace/love movement.
By targeting a famous actress, the crime was guaranteed world wide headline coverage.
Under the intense media glare of such a sensational crime, this CIA hippie cult happened to also demonize the Beatles music by associating the murder of a celebrity like Sharon Tate with the celebrity of the Beatles (the Beatles song Helter Skelter had purportedly driven the killers mad with its satanic energy)

Was the Tate murder in a sense the first attack on
John Lennon, in that it was designed to demonize
Beatles music, and reduce Lennon's ability to influence
things in the direction of world peace?
Was their second attack on Lennon a tad more direct?

[Note that here we have two Beatles-obsessed murder cases, targeting celebrities.

First, the Manson cult blames Beatles music for their act of murder.
Next, Mark David Chapman essentially blames Beatles music for his act of murder. (He was reported to be a lone nut obsessed with Beatles music.)

The Tate murder served as predictive programming for the later
Lennon murder.

In the Tate case, a celebrity was killed by people purportedly obsessed with Beatles music. In the Lennon case, a celebrity was killed by a man purportedly obsessed with Beatles music.

The Manson cult and the Mark David Chapman/Hinckley Jr. cult share an association with CIA operations (Operation Chaos and World Vision).]

Then there is the similarity of the Manson murders to the Jeffrey Dahmer murders. Both cases reputedly involved satanists, snuff films, and blood drinking/cannibalism.

So the Manson murders link to Mark David Chapman , and Mark David Chapman links to World Vision, and World Vision links to Jeffrey Dahmer,
with an undercurrent of satanism throughout.

Finally, the Tate murder , (the brutal murder of film maker Roman Polanski's wife and baby), may have been equal parts CIA retribution for Polanski's making of the film 'Rosemary's Baby', which brought satanism to the light of public scrutiny , (filmed in one of the very buildings associated with Skull n' Bones castle Singer Castle and Dark Island)

Polanski may have been threatened into sacrificing Tate and his baby, forced to allow the crime to take place while he was away, or had direct involvement in the sacrificial ritual slaying.

27-01-2012, 12:26 PM
True again. When I saw Thailand mentioned I automatically thought of child prostitution. Everything connects.

27-01-2012, 12:28 PM
'Shredded' evidence which caused collapse of £30m police corruption trial over murdered prostitute 'found in a box' by force under investigation

Lynette White corruption case told files had been destroyed
IPCC confirms documents were found intact in their original boxes

Supposedly 'shredded' missing documents which caused the collapse of a multi-million pound corruption case have been found intact by investigators.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed files that the Lynette White trial was told may have been destroyed had been discovered in their original boxes.

Ten people, including eight former police officers, were accused of fabricating a case which led to the wrongful jailing of three innocent men for the Cardiff murder of the prostitute in 1998.

All were acquitted last month after Swansea Crown Court heard that a top cold-case detective at South Wales Police (SWP) had ordered the destruction of files containing evidence relating to the case. Mr Justice Sweeney discharged the jury telling them the accused could not get a fair trial.

However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which is investigating the collapse, revealed the missing files had been found in the hands of SWP.

The revelation prompted Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, to order an independent probe into the disclosure exercise conducted by prosecutors involved in the case.

Stephen Miller, who was wrongly jailed for the murder, last night reacted angrily to the development describing it as 'ridiculous'.

He told the Independent: 'There has to be a public inquiry. Some of my co-accused have now passed away - where is the justice for them?'

IPCC commissioner Sarah Green confirmed documents that the Lynette White trial was told may have been destroyed and 'were not shredded as first thought'.

She said: 'The court was told that some inquiries had been made about documents relating to complaints made to the IPCC itself and that it seemed that these documents may have been shredded on the orders of SWP senior investigating officer Chris Coutts.

'The documents were found in the original boxes that the IPCC had sent those files to SWP as part of the trial disclosure process in 2009. These boxes were still in the possession of SWP and have subsequently been verified.'

The IPCC said its ongoing investigation would seek to establish what happened to the two files of documents, while liaising with officals from the Crown Prosecution Service.

Mr Starmer, who was informed of the discovery by the IPCC, said: 'Shortly after the collapse of this trial I initiated a full and detailed review of the circumstances in which the decision to offer no further evidence was made.

'I asked leading counsel for the prosecution to prepare a comprehensive analysis of the reasons for the decision.

'I have now considered that analysis and as part of the review have decided to ask Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, an independent statutory body, to consider the way in which the prosecution team conducted the disclosure exercise in this case.'

Miss White's body was found with more than 50 stab wounds.

Detectives arrested Mr Miller, Yusef Abdullahi, Tony Paris and cousins Ronnie and John Actie for murder.

The cousins were cleared but the three other men went on to serve two years in prison before being released on appeal. Mr Abdullahi, 49, died last year.

In 2003, Jeffrey Gafoor, a client of Miss White, admitted murdering her and is now serving life behind bars.

His admission was the catalyst for the investigation into the officers in the original case.

Arrests were made in 2005, and the 10 defendants went on trial accused of bullying witnesses into agreeing to fabricated accounts of the killing.

Senior among them were ex-superintendent Richard Powell, 58, and former chief inspectors Thomas Page, 62, and Graham Mouncher, 59.

They were accused of conspiring with Michael Daniels, 62, Paul Jennings, 51, Paul Stephen, 50, Peter Greenwood, 59, and John Seaford, 62, to pervert the course of justice.

Civilians Violet Perriam, 61, and Ian Massey, 57, together with Mouncher, were also accused of two counts of perjury.

When the trial collapsed it was wrongly claimed Mr Coutts, who headed the cold case review, had ordered the destruction of material relating to a complaint made by John Actie to the IPOCC.

Mr Starmer added that he had agreed a number of terms of reference with HM Chief Inspector, Michael Fuller. They include the HMCPSI's independent review to examine whether the prosecution team 'approached, prepared and managed disclosure in this case effectively'.

Another area which will be looked at is whether the prosecution team 'complied with their disclosure duties properly'.

Mr Fuller said: 'It is important the public can have confidence in the way the CPS conducts its cases and the Inspectorate will examine the issues with the utmost thoroughness.

'South Wales Police has decided to refer their part in this matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and we will work in tandem with the IPCC inquiry into what happened.'

A South Wales Police spokesman said: 'This is an ongoing IPCC investigation and, as such, it would be inappropriate to comment.'


The murder of prostitute Lynette White in her small dingy flat above a Cardiff bookmakers shop was so brutal local dubbed it the St Valentine’s Day Massacre.

She was stabbed more than 50 times on February 14, 1988 in a frenzied, sustained attack.

Even now, almost 24 years on, the case - and its multi-million pound investigation - remains mired in confusion, controversy and shame.

People were wrongly convicted of murdering the 20-year-old prostitute, in a gross miscarriage of justice, and police investigators found themselves standing in the dock.

Amid inquiry after inquiry, judges and barristers have been scathing of alleged police abuses claiming witnesses had been intimidated and manipulated.

It had seemed so simple back in November 1988 when five black men were charged with murder – much of the prosecution evidence had come from prostitute friends of Miss White.

One of the accused had a mental age of 11 and was said to have confessed to the murder after denying it on more than 300 occasions over several days of intensive police questioning.

During the trial of the men, the judge had died unexpectedly and a second trial – which lasted 197 days – was ordered.

Two of the men were cleared but their friends Yusef Abdullahi, Tony Paris and Stephen Miller were found guilty and sentenced to life in jail.

The men became known as the 'Cardiff Three' as disturbing doubts soon emerged about the conviction of the men. In 1992 the Court of Appeal quashed the guilty verdicts and said a gross miscarriage of justice had taken place.

Lord Justice Taylor criticised police officers in a devastating ruling for the way they had interviewed Miller.

He said it had been a ‘travesty of an interview’ and that ‘short of physical violence, it was hard to conceive of a more hostile and intimidating approach by officers to a suspect’.

A fresh murder inquiry was launched by South Wales Police in September 2002, with forensic tests leading to a breakthrough on traces of blood from the crime scene.

No match was found in the DNA database but officers then revealed a partial match with a youth who had not been born when the killing happened.

Tests on relatives of the 14-year-old found a close DNA match for a man called Jeffrey Gafoor, an uncle of the boy.

A security guard from Bridgend, he was jailed for life in July 2003 after pleading guilty to Miss White’s murder.

After an Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry, five retired police officers were arrested in April 2005 in connection with offences of false imprisonment, conspiring to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in public office.

Days later, four more retired police officers were arrested in connection with their roles in the original murder investigation together with 13 others who were questioned in connection with evidence and information that they had provided in 1988 which had incriminated the Cardiff Three.

In February 2007, three witnesses who gave evidence at the original murder trial were charged with perjury and the following December found guilty of committing perjury. They were sentenced to 18 months’ jail.

By March 2009 the Crown Prosecution Service concluded there was ‘sufficient evidence’ to prosecute three serving officers and ten former officers involved in the original investigation with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Two further witnesses in the original trial were also charged with perjury.

In July last year the long awaited trial of the eight former police officers began and a further four were due to stand trial next year. However, the corruption case collapsed in farce in December 2011."


27-01-2012, 01:22 PM


Having been adopted by the madam of a southwestern brothel, a now adult Adrian must cope with the fact that he's Satan's kid, and not living up to his expectations.

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby

This is the 1976 sequel to Rosemary's Baby, again starring Ruth Gordon and some others. This was done as a made-for-television (read: lowest common denominator) project instead of a feature film.
(mainly to attack the plausibility of the original film, by association,with its ridiculous made for TV (read: made for children) plotline and supernatural garbage?

the plot is included at the end of this post. Notable is that the demon child of Rosemary (Adrian) grows up to be raised in a brothel after the deaths of his parents Rosemary and Guy in a car accident

The whole film is online here:

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (1976) P1 - YouTube

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (1976) P2 - YouTube


Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby is a 1976 TV movie, and a sequel to the 1968 film Rosemary's Baby. It has little connection to the novel by Ira Levin on which the first film was based.


The Book of Rosemary

The first part opens with the coven preparing for a ritual, only to discover that Adrian, who is now eight years old, is missing from his room. Knowing Rosemary must be responsible for this, they use some of her personal possessions to enable the forces of evil to find her. We then see Rosemary and Adrian hiding in a synagogue for shelter. While hiding there, strange supernatural things begin to happen around the rabbis. But since they're in a house of God, the coven still can't get to them. The next morning, Guy, who is now a famous movie star, gets a call from Roman. Roman informs Guy that both Rosemary and Adrian are missing and that she might try to contact him soon. Later that night, Rosemary and Adrian stop at a bus stop. Rosemary makes a phone call to Guy while Adrian plays with his toy car nearby. As soon as Guy answers the phone, Rosemary immediately tells him she wants him to send her money followed by her instructions. Outside, some nearby kids start teasing Adrian and picking on him by stealing his toy car. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, Adrian knocks them unconscious to the ground. After hearing all the noise, Rosemary hangs up on Guy and runs outside to get Adrian. Trying to run away, they bump into Marjean, a prostitute who saw the whole thing and offers them to hide in her trailer. After a little while, Rosemary asks Marjean to go see what had happened out there. After Marjean comes back, she lies and tells Rosemary that two boys were killed. Marjean is obviously one of Roman and Minnie's followers, but offers to help Rosemary get a ride on a bus somewhere. After a bus finally arrives later that night, Rosemary gets trapped inside. The doors slam shut behind her before Adrian can get on. Rosemary then turns to the driver, only to discover that there is no driver at all. The bus is possessed and is actually driving itself. We then see Marjean holding Adrian in her arms as he sees his mother for the last time being taken away by the self-driving bus.

The Book of Adrian

Over twenty years later, an adult Adrian and his best friend, Peter, are pulled over by cops for speeding. When he arrives at his home, which is his "Aunt" Marjean's brothel, she confronts him about his reckless behavior. She tells him that she's always worried about him ever since his parents were "killed in an automobile accident". Afterwards, Adrian decides to go take a joy ride and recklessly gets into a fight with a gang of violent bikers. After Peter comes looking for him, Adrian tells him what happened and how he's been suffering from strange nightmares and violent urges. Later that night, Roman and Minnie arrive at the brothel pretending to be Adrian's aunt and uncle. As they prepare for his birthday party, Minnie drugs Adrian into unconsciousness and dresses him up into a costume and devil makeup. Peter, who notices something is wrong, becomes even more suspicious when he sees a big star like Guy Woodhouse arriving. After Guy and Roman join the rest of the coven, they begin to chant to Satan to appear to them. After their plan fails and all hope seems lost, Adrian suddenly becomes possessed and runs out on the brothel's dance floor. Roman soon realizes that Satan is using Adrian to possess all the innocent people on the dance floor. Guy soon becomes frightened and runs away. When Peter sees Guy running away, he tries to catch up with him to make him help save Adrian. Guy panics when Peter struggles with him and electrocutes Peter with a broken power cord.

The Book of Andrew

When Adrian wakes up, he's in a hospital and has amnesia. He is being kept there against his will because his fingerprints were the ones the police found on the broken power cord that killed Peter. A nurse named Ellen tells him his name is Adrian, but he says his name is Andrew because he remembers his mother used to call him that. Not knowing if Ellen will believe him or not, he is hesitant about telling her what he remembers about the cult. Ellen does believe him and helps him escape. When Guy hears about Andrew's escape from the hospital, he fears Andrew might come after him and kill him in a fit of rage. On the run, Andrew and Ellen stop at a motel, where she seduces him. She then confesses to him that she is a cult member and rapes him, while he's drugged. He apparently falls asleep having a terrible nightmare of Ellen as a type of harpy that tears at his chest. When Andrew later wakes up and goes outside looking for Ellen, a speeding car comes right for him out of nowhere. Andrew manages to get out of the way, but Ellen is run over. When the car finally crashes to a stop, Andrew discovers that Guy, who is now dead, was the driver of the car trying to kill him. Confused and scared, Andrew runs away into the night.

The film finishes with Roman and Minnie sitting in the waiting room of a hospital to visit their pregnant granddaughter. After the doctor informs them that the pregnancy should continue as normal, it is revealed that a pregnant Ellen has survived. During the end credits, Ellen is seen giving birth to Andrew's baby.

27-01-2012, 02:05 PM

in the archives of the ludicrous, a special room should be reserved for look what’s happened to rosemary’s baby (1976); a nursery, perhaps. This made-for-tv movie features exactly one returning cast member from rosemary’s baby (1968), ruth gordon as minnie castevet (she won an oscar for playing the character the first time), and manages to make every wrong decision that novelist ira levin and filmmaker roman polanski had so carefully avoided almost a decade earlier. Which is to say that while it fails utterly as psychological horror, it succeeds as fabulously entertaining camp. Polanski took two hours to reveal that, yes indeed, the father of rosemary woodhouse’s baby is satan. But in a trim ninety minutes (without the commercial breaks), writer/producer anthony wilson and director sam o’steen (co-editor of the 1968 film) pile in glowing demonic eyes, black magic-driven buses, electrocution, young boys getting their necks snapped, stunt car flips, mime makeup, and rock ‘n’ roll…the devil’s music.

27-01-2012, 08:39 PM
"Utah girl credited with outing school bombing plot

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A 16-year-old Utah student who shared a suspicious text message with a school administrator foiled plans by two schoolmates who apparently were plotting to set off a bomb during a school assembly and run away in a stolen airplane, police said.

Roy High School sophomore Bailey Gerhardt told The Salt Lake Tribune she received the text from a friend, one of the suspects, and told one of the administrators, which led to the arrest of the two teens. Roy is about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Gerhardt said Thursday the text from the 16-year-old boy asked: "If I told you to stay home on a certain day, would you?"

That boy, whom The Associated Press isn't naming because he's a minor, and Dallin Morgan, 18, were pulled out of school Wednesday.

"It was the work of a very courageous student who came forward," Roy police spokeswoman Anna Bond said Thursday. "It could have been a disaster."

Gerhardt characterized the 16-year-old as an angry person recently dumped by his girlfriend. She said he had told her he had looked into the 1999 mass shootings at Colorado's Columbine High School.

The juvenile later told investigators he was so "fascinated" by that massacre that he visited the Littleton, Colo., school and interviewed the principal about the shootings that killed 13 people. Roy police said the principal, Frank DeAngelis, confirmed that the boy made his visit Dec. 12.

The Roy High School plot "was months in planning," said Roy Chief of Police Gregory Whinham, and included plans for a device designed to "cause as much harm as possible to students and faculty" at the school, which has about 1,500 students.

The FBI is examining the suspects' computers, police said. Local and federal agents searched the school, two vehicles belonging to the suspects and their homes but found no explosives.

Morgan told police the 16-year-old suspect had previously made a pipe bomb using gun powder and rocket fuel.

"Dallin told me that (the juvenile) bragged about using a bomb to blow up a mail box and having three handguns in his house," a police affidavit states. The 16-year-old boy "claimed that he did not have the guns but Dallin was the source of the guns because he is 18 and can purchase a gun."

The two students prepared by logging hundreds of hours on flight simulator software on their home computers, and they planned to take a plane at Ogden Hinckley Airport after the bombing, Bond said.

Besides hinting at the plan, the juvenile also texted to a friend that both suspects wanted "revenge on the world" and "we have a plan to get away with it too."

He hinted at the plan by writing "explosives, airport, airplane" and added, "We're just gonna kill and fly our way to a country that won't send us back to the US," according to a probable cause statement police filed to make the arrests late Wednesday.

Morgan was being held on $10,000 bail at Weber County jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit mass destruction. The juvenile was in custody at Weber Valley Detention Center on the same charge. Prosecutors were weighing possible additional charges.

Both students had "absolute knowledge of the security systems and the layout of the school," Bond said. "They knew where the security cameras were. Their original plan was to set off explosives during an assembly. We don't know what date they were planning to do this, but they had been planning it for months."

School officials said there were no imminent plans to hold a school assembly.

The parents of both students "woke up in the middle of a nightmare," Bond said. "They've been very cooperative."

27-01-2012, 08:42 PM
"Erin Brockovich investigating mystery illness affecting NY teens

Famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich has begun a private investigation into a mysterious illness affecting more than a dozen teens in Le Roy, New York.

Le Roy was home to a dangerous chemical spill 40 years ago and the children's symptoms--facial tics and verbal outbursts--may be connected, Brockovich tells USA Today. "We don't have all the answers, but we are suspicious," Brockovich said. "They have not ruled everything out yet. The community asked us to help and this is what we do."

More from USA Today:

She told USA TODAY on Thursday that after families of affected teens and other community members asked her to look into the Le Roy case, she has spent the past week studying federal and state reports of a 1970 train derailment that spilled cyanide and an industrial solvent called trichloroethene [TCE] within 3 miles of the high school attended by the 12 girls who started reporting neurological symptoms last fall. Three other teens, including one boy, are reportedly experiencing similar symptoms.

An Environmental Protection Agency report issued in 1999 says that the cyanide crystals were removed after the spill but 35,000 gallons of trichloroethene were absorbed into the ground.

A more-detailed description on the New York State Department of Health website describes how TCE spills can affect people:

TCE can also enter air and groundwater if it is improperly disposed or leaks into the ground. People can be exposed to TCE if they drink groundwater contaminated with TCE, and if the TCE evaporates from the contaminated drinking water into indoor air during cooking and washing. They may also be exposed if TCE evaporates from the groundwater, enters soil vapor (air spaces between soil particles), and migrates through building foundations into the building's indoor air. This process is called "soil vapor intrusion."

Brockovich gained national notoriety after a 2000 film bearing her name and about her efforts against PG&E to expose a toxic chemical coverup in California. Currently, Brockovich is a consultant for the New York law firm Weitz & Luxenberg and several other agencies.

The school district where all of the affected children are currently enrolled issued a statement denying any connection between the chemical spill and the children's condition, saying, "Medical and environmental investigations have not uncovered any evidence that would link the neurological symptoms to anything in the environment or of an infectious nature."

Still, Brockovich says she'll continue her investigation, which began about a week ago. "When I read reports like this that the New York Department of Health and state agencies were well-aware of the spill and you don't do water testing or vapor extraction tests, you don't have an all-clear," she said.


27-01-2012, 08:49 PM
The Duchess involved in scouting...

"Scouting for Kate: Duchess of Cambridge is latest cover girl for movement's magazine

Anna Wintour may be one of the most successful women in publishing, but she has nothing on Scouting magazine. For they have succeeded where Wintour didn't, by securing the Duchess of Cambridge as a covergirl for their latest issue.

Last October, rumours were abound that the U.S. Vogue editor was desperate to place Catherine on the cover of her magazine. But the Queen was said to have disapproved, and nothing came of it.

Now - just weeks after the announcement that the Duchess is going to help out with her local scout packs - she has been given the ultimate seal of approval.

Although Catherine did not pose for the photo - it is an official picture which was taken shortly before her wedding - she is sure to have approved of it being used for the magazine's cover.

The picture, which shows the Duchess' trademark flowing locks and a wide smile, is accompanied by the headline: 'A Royal Role Model.'

An article on the magazine's website is gushing in its praise of its newest recruit.

In the opening paragraph, the writer asks: 'Where were you when you heard the announcement about the duchess joining Scouting?'

They describe Catherine's involvement in the scouts as 'a boost not just to the beavers and cubs in north Wales whom she will be supporting directly, but to all of us across the UK who are trying to recruit new adults.'

St James' Palace announced that Catherine would be helping out her local troops on an ad hoc basis on January 5.

A spokesman told the Mail that the Duchess had been keen to become involved as she ‘loved the idea of Scouting and working hands-on with children’ and felt it tied in with her own interest and hobbies, particularly the outdoors.

As a former Brownie, the young royal will already have experience of many of the scouts' activities. Now she will be helping to facilitate them.

According to the Scout Association, Kate will lend a hand with the day-to-day working of her packs as well as activities including running games, teaching first aid and helping out with cooking and campfires, as well as helping the girls and boys work towards their badges.

Chief Scout Bear Grylls gave a delighted reaction to the news that she would be helping out.

He said: ‘The Duchess has an incredibly busy life, which makes it all the more inspiring that she has chosen to volunteer alongside us.

‘Over the last few years it has been our mission to make it easier for adults who volunteer with us to give as much or as little as they are able – it is how we change our society: many people doing a little bit.’

The movement hopes that the Duchess' committment will persuade others to take up volunteering too.

Scouting Magazine reads: 'Think about how you can make it work in your area – you might not be able to recruit a duchess, but you can get more people involved by being flexible.

Women have been allowed to join the scouts since 1976 and there are currently 66,000 girl members and 40,000 female leaders.

The movement was founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907 to help young people with their ‘physical, mental and spiritual development’.

It requires members to be loyal, friendly, courageous and considerate – as well as keeping to the famous motto to ‘Be Prepared’.

Helping out at the scouts will also see the Duchess pledging allegiance to her grandmother-in-law, the Queen.

The scout promise includes the vow: 'To do my best to do my duty to God and to the Queen, To help other people, And to keep the Scout Law’.

http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/7488/article0117d1773000005d.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/827/article0117d1773000005d.jpg/)

28-01-2012, 10:04 PM
"Former police worker downloaded 110,000 indecent images of children

A former police worker could face jail for possessing more than 110,000 indecent images of children.

Nicholas White, 27, admitted 20 counts of possessing indecent images and two of possessing extreme images at Cambridge Crown Court today.

He worked as a communications officer employed by Cambridgeshire Police and was deployed to a unit overseen by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).

White, from Royston, Hertfordshire, had been employed since June 2008 and resigned after his arrest in February last year.

The charges cover more than 110,000 images including photographs and videos of eight-year-olds and extreme pictures of children engaged in sex acts with animals.

He was released on bail on the condition he does not approach unsupervised under-16s or access pornographic images on the internet.

Nerida Harford-Bell, defending White, asked for a psychiatric report to be compiled before sentencing, as White had a history of self harm.

She added: 'He is a very isolated individual who found himself with a growing addiction.'

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth said: 'This report should not be taken as any indication of the likely sentence.

'I keep all options, including custody, open.'

White, whose elderly father attended the hearing, will be sentenced at Cambridge in March. He covered his face as he left court.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: 'All applications for employment with the constabulary are subject to rigorous checks and vetting, including the examination of criminal records and employment history.

'Any allegations against employees are fully investigated and disciplinary action and, if necessary, criminal proceedings, will be instigated if appropriate.'

Acpo is an independent body which brings together the expertise of chief police officers across the country."

28-01-2012, 10:14 PM
"Blood found at home where Maine tot was last seen

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Investigators have been analyzing blood found in the basement of a Maine home where a missing toddler was last seen six weeks ago, an official said Saturday.

The blood was found early in the investigation into Ayla Reynolds' disappearance from her father's home in Waterville, state police spokesman Steve McCausland said. The state crime laboratory has been running tests on it since then, but it was unclear when results would be available.

Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, reported her missing Dec. 17. He had put her to bed the night before in the home he shares with his mother and said she wasn't there the next morning.

McCausland called the discovery of the blood "troubling." He declined to discuss how much blood was found in the basement or how old it might have been.

Ayla was 20 months old when she disappeared. She had been staying with her father at the time in the house where DiPietro lives with his mother. Her mother, Trista Reynolds, lives in Portland.

DiPietro told police she was wearing green pajamas with polka dots and the words "Daddy's Princess" on them and had a soft cast on her broken left arm.

DiPietro, his mother and a third adult were home the night of Dec. 16, and police have questioned all three, McCausland said.

"We believe they have not given us the full story," he said.

Trista Reynolds was participating in a vigil Saturday for the girl and could not be reached for comment. DiPietro did not immediately return a message left on his cellphone.

The two came face to face for the first time since Ayla's disappearance at the vigil on the City Hall steps in downtown Waterville, said Bob Vear, a friend of the DiPietro family who organized the vigil. They spoke privately for about 10 minutes before giving each other a hug, Vear said.

A woman who answered DiPietro's mother's cellphone hung up after being asked about the blood.

The blood was among hundreds of pieces of potential evidence that were removed from their home as part of a criminal investigation into the girl's disappearance. The discovery of the blood was first reported Saturday by WCVB-TV in Boston.

Ronald Reynolds, who is Trista Reynolds' father, said DiPietro hasn't been forthcoming with his version of what happened or what he knows. DiPietro has said he took a polygraph test, but has declined to say what the results were.

"They haven't given the full story, but this family has gone through so much pain, so much hurt," said Reynolds, who lives in Portland. "We're going into two months now and don't know anything, and all we get is the runaround."

Vear said he was first made aware of the blood sample Dec. 24, but he doesn't think it'll amount to anything.

"I cut myself at home all the time," he said. "It could be Justin's, it could be the baby's. There were five or six people in the house that night."

29-01-2012, 01:38 PM

Can anyone identify the lapel pin that Gus Van Sant is wearing?
Notice how the photo is cropped to conceal it.

29-01-2012, 05:18 PM
John Lennon was living in 'The Dakota' at the time of his death, which
means that he may have been under close surveillance, considering
that The Dakota was built by a founder of the Singer manufacturing company,
which also built Singer Castle on Dark Island, which is now owned by the Skull n' Bones society. Both 'The Dakota' and 'Singer Castle' are said to
contain secret tunnels, secret staircases and passageways etc.
Roman Polanski chose to film 'Rosemary's Baby' in the Dakota on the suggestion of Garson Kanin, Ruth Gordon's husband, whose mentor was
Thornton Wilder.

Thornton Wilder

Wilder was born April 17, 1897 in Madison, Wisconsin, the son of Amos Parker Wilder, US diplomat to China.

After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War I, he attended Oberlin College before earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Yale University in 1920, where he refined his writing skills as a member of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, a literary society. He earned his Masters of Art degree in French from Princeton University in 1926.


After graduating, Wilder studied in Rome, Italy, and then taught French at the Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. In 1926 Wilder's first novel, The Cabala, was published.


Thornton Wilder invited readers into a global arena when he set each of his first three novels in exotic times and places--Italy, Peru and Greece. Of the three destinations, he had spent nearly a year as a student in Italy.

In Wilder's first novel, The Cabala (1926), Samuele, an American student, spends a year in the fabulously decadent world of post-World War I Rome. He experiences first-hand the waning days of a secret community--a "cabala" composed of decaying European royalty, eccentric expatriate Americans, even a great cardinal of the Roman Church. The vivid portraits he paints of these characters, whom he views as the vestigial representatives of the gods and goddesses of Ancient Rome, launched Thornton Wilder's career as a celebrated storyteller and literary stylist."


So Thornton Wilder's father was U.S. diplomat to China shortly after the Opium Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, which are linked to the East India Company and the Skull n' Bones Society

For Yale University's campus, Alpha Delta Phi ranked first among all of the university's fraternities. It was brothers of Alpha Delta Phi that were mostly tapped to join the university's top-ranked senior society Skull and Bones. Issues with the number of Alpha Delta Phi's tapped for Skull and Bones also led to the creation of Yale's second society Scroll and Key.[3]

The Secret Origins of Skull & Bones

The story begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history -- espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies -- intertwine into one.

Elihu Yale was born near Boston, educated in London, and served with the British East India Company, eventually becoming governor of Fort Saint George, Madras, in 1687. He amassed a great fortune from trade and returned to England in 1699. Yale became known as quite a philanthropist; upon receiving a request from the Collegiate School in Connecticut, he sent a donation and a gift of books. After subsequent bequests, Cotton Mather suggested the school be named Yale College, in 1718.

A statue of Nathan Hale stands on Old Campus at Yale University. There is a copy of that statue in front of the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Yet another stands in front of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts (where George H.W. Bush ('48) went to prep school and joined a secret society at age twelve).

Nathan Hale, along with three other Yale graduates, was a member of the "Culper Ring," one of America's first intelligence operations. Established by George Washington, it was successful throughout the Revolutionary War. Nathan was the only operative to be ferreted out by the British, and after speaking his famous regrets, he was hanged in 1776. Ever since the founding of the Republic, the relationship between Yale and the "Intelligence Community" has been unique.

In 1823, Samuel Russell established Russell and Company for the purpose of acquiring opium in Turkey and smuggling it to China. Russell and Company merged with the Perkins (Boston) syndicate in 1830 and became the primary American opium smuggler. Many of the great American and European fortunes were built on the "China"(opium) trade.

One of Russell and Company's Chief of Operations in Canton was Warren Delano, Jr., grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt. Other Russell partners included John Cleve Green (who financed Princeton), Abiel Low (who financed construction of Columbia), Joseph Coolidge and the Perkins, Sturgis and Forbes families. (Coolidge's son organized the United Fruit company, and his grandson, Archibald C. Coolidge, was a co-founder of the Council on Foreign Relations.)

Despite her waif-like appearance (which would ultimately prove beneficial, as Rosemary became more frail as her pregnancy progressed), Polanski agreed to cast her. Her acceptance incensed Sinatra, who had demanded she forgo her career when they wed, and he served her divorce papers via a corporate lawyer in front of the cast and crew midway through filming. In an effort to salvage her relationship, Farrow asked Evans to release her from her contract, but he persuaded her to remain with the project after showing her an hour-long rough cut and assuring her she would receive an Academy Award nomination for her performance.

Robert Redford was the first choice for the role of Guy Woodhouse, but he turned down the offer. Jack Nicholson was considered briefly before Polanski suggested John Cassavetes.

Sylbert was a good friend of Garson Kanin, who was married to Ruth Gordon, and he suggested her for the role of Minnie Castevet. He also suggested that The Dakota, an Upper West Side apartment building known for its show business tenants, be used for the Bramford.

So there are some interesting connections between 'The Dakota', Yale's skull n' Bones/Alpha Delta Phi society, Rosemary's Baby,the Jewish occult society the Kabbalah, and of course Singer Castle on Dark Island.

Interesting that both John Lennon and his purported shooter Mark David Chapman both had Japanese wives.

His name was Mark David Chapman. The pictures show us a suety little man, with a small nose, porky jowls, lank hair flopped forward. Those pictures, drawn on the run while Mark David Chapman was being arraigned for homicide, don’t tell us what was teeming around in his brain. Neither do the details of his life.

“He was a people person,” said Paul Tharp, community-relations director of the Harold Castle Memorial Hospital, in whose printshop Chapman had worked for two years. “He was a man who liked to be with people, and got along well with co-workers. He was a good worker and a go-getter. He was an all-around good guy.”

Yeah—and the details of his life tell us other things. That he was born May 10, 1955, in Fort Worth, Texas; that his father was named David Curtis Chapman, originally of Connecticut, then an air-force sergeant stationed at Carswell Air Force Base; that his mother was Diane Elizabeth Pease Chapman, from Massachusetts; that he was brought up in Decatur, Georgia; that his father left the air force to work for an oil company, then a bank in Atlanta, and that along the way he had taught his son how to play a box guitar.

The details tell you all of that, and how young Mark David Chapman collected Beatles records, graduated from Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia, where he briefly played guitar in a rock band, went to work for the YMCA, and in 1975 traveled to Beirut at his own expense to work in the YMCA’s International Camp Counselor program, was caught in the Lebanese civil war, escaped death, and returned to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, to help process refugees from Vietnam.

“The staff was pretty close,” said Gregg Lyman, who worked at Fort Chaffee with Chapman and now lives in Oak Park, Illinois. “We talked a lot about music, rock ’n’ roll. Mark came to my apartment and looked at my record collection and picked up an Allman Brothers album. I guess you can’t live in Georgia without being an Allman Brothers fan. But I can’t really recall any specific comments about the Beatles or John Lennon. Mark really wasn’t into the Beatles that deep.”

Chapman apparently used a lot of drugs in high school, but, according to Lyman, that phase was over by the time he got to Fort Chaffee. “He was the straight member of the group. I knew he had Christian convictions. We’d all be having drinks, and he’d be sitting there with a Coke.” Rod Riemersma, who was also at Chaffee and is now executive director of the Lamar YMCA branch, in Baton Rouge, agreed. “He was more straitlaced than we were,” he said. “If I told an off-color joke, he’d give me a little smile, and I’d lay off out of respect for his feelings.” Chapman had become deeply involved with Christianity in the last two years in high school, carrying around his own personal Bible and making entries in a “Jesus notebook.” Riemersma said that he and Chapman stayed in touch for a couple of years after the Fort Chaffee project, “and he concluded his letters to me with a quote from the Bible or a music lyric.”

Lyman said that Chapman grew very close with a young Vietnamese kid at camp. “The child would do what he could to help Mark,” he said, “sweep out his room, that sort of thing. Mark would sit him on his lap and talk with him, even though the child couldn’t understand what he was saying. Mark was very sad about the departure of that child. We let him lean on us that week.”

Chapman confessed some deeper troubles to another staffer named David Moore, now the 40-year-old executive director of the Duncan YMCA, in Chicago. They shared a room at Fort Chaffee.

“He was in the drug scene and had done some barbiturates and amphetamines and maybe even heroin,” Moore said. “But then he met this woman who changed his life. He was madly in love with Jessica, and she kind of straightened him around. She made him a Christian.” Under her influence, he enrolled in Covenant College, in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. But he couldn’t hack it, either at college, where he flunked out after a semester, or with the girl, who soon left him. “He was a real bright kid who just didn’t have the discipline,” Moore said. “And he was in love with this woman. But he became unglued when he couldn’t cut it in school, and the girl told him to pack off.” Then he added, “He blamed it on himself, the breakup. He tended to blame himself for everything that went wrong. In clinical terms, he had a very low self-image. The girl was very nice: young, cute, a devout Christian. She is going through hell now more than anyone.”
Failure attaches itself to some people like an odor, and finally Mark David Chapman carried his failure with him to the sunny reaches of Hawaii. We know that in May 1977 he applied for a Hawaii driver’s license, describing himself as five-foot-eleven, 170 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. The 1980 Chapman is at least 30 pounds heavier. He was living then in Kaneohe, a bedroom community on the windward side of Oahu, about eight miles from Honolulu. Here the details blur: He appears to have checked himself into the Harold Castle Memorial Hospital, a small Seventh-Day Adventist institution nestled in a banana grove at the foot of the Koolau Mountains. The hospital has a catchall “human relations” unit to handle a wide range of psychiatric disorders, and there are some reports that Chapman came there because he was suicidal. (Moore saw him in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1978, and he told Moore that he had suffered a nervous breakdown.) By August 1977, Chapman was working at Castle Memorial as a maintenance man, mopping floors, tending the grounds, and then, after Paul Tharp discovered that the young man had a talent for art, he was transferred to the printshop. Most of the work was routine printing of hospital forms, but he also designed some posters. Sometimes, during lunch breaks, he would show his slides, proud of his travels.

By Christmas 1977, he was living in an apartment at 112 Puwa Place in a development called Aikahi Gardens, in Kaneohe, overlooking the Marine Corps Air Station, with a view of the Pacific beyond. The units had Mexican tile floors and, overhead, ceiling fans, and Chapman rented one with three bedrooms and then went around introducing himself as Mark from Fort Worth, Texas. His neighbors were mainly new arrivals, what Hawaiians call malihinis, or transients from the marines. Most were like Chapman in other ways; rootless, on the move, always searching for the one perfect place.

Meanwhile, other events were crowding in on Mark David Chapman. Nearly three years ago, his parents had divorced; he was reported to have been very upset by the news. His mother soon arrived in Honolulu; she was never to leave. During the same period, he met a young Japanese-American woman named Gloria Abe. She had graduated from Kailua High School in 1978 and gone to work in the Waters World travel agency in Honolulu. Chapman met her there. She was then a pretty, gentle girl who weighed about 90 pounds, and was described by a friend as “one of the world’s nicest people.”

They were married on June 2, 1979, at the Kailua United Methodist Church in a ceremony whose details were supervised by Chapman himself. One of the wedding guests remembered. “One funny thing we noticed was that he wouldn’t allow any chairs. He wouldn’t allow anyone sitting. Another thing that really kind of got me was that although it was a formal wedding his mother came in sports clothes. Mark and his mother seemed very close.”

After the marriage, Mark kept Gloria away from her old friends, then got her to quit her job at the travel agency, where she had risen to assistant manager. She took a job in the accounting department at Castle Hospital. In November 1979, Chapman decided to quit his hospital job, and the following month went to work as a $4-an-hour security man at 444 Nahua Street, a palm-encircled condominium between Waikiki Beach and the Ala Wai Canal.

In April, the couple moved to Apartment D2107 on the twenty-first floor of the Diamond Head tower of the Kukui Plaza condominium. They paid $425 a month for one bedroom. Each day Chapman went to work on the 7 A.M.–to–4 P.M. shift at Nahua Street. One of the people he worked for was a man named Joe Bustamante, who said later what everybody else said about Mark David Chapman. It’s what people always say when you knock on their doors after a homicide: “He was quiet. He never did anything unusual to make you think he would do something like that. You never had any trouble with him. I would have hired him again.” He thought for a moment. “He was a normal, regular guy. Everybody liked him.”

One day in October, Chapman told Bustamante he wanted to quit because he had to make a trip to London. He worked his last shift on October 23, breaking in his replacement, a tall, russet-haired man named Mike Bird. That day he walked through his rounds with another name on a piece of paper taped over his brown-and-white plastic name tag. He also signed that name into the building’s logbook, in high, angular letters that appeared to have been crossed out. The name was John Lennon.
On October 27, Chapman went to a Honolulu gun shop named J&S Sales, Ltd., a store whose slogan is: “Buy a gun and get a bang out of life!” He bought a five-shot 38-caliber Charter Arms revolver for $169 and added special rubber grips for another $35. The process of buying the gun was simple: He needed only to fill out two forms, one at police headquarters, a block from the gun shop, the second at the gun shop itself. He needed only to produce a driver’s license. No photograph was required.

He apparently borrowed some money from his mother and went to Castle Hospital, where his wife still worked, and borrowed another $2,500 from the credit union. By last Saturday, he was in New York. He had more than $2,000 in cash with him, fourteen hours of Beatles songs on tape, his personal Bible, a copy of J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye, and the gun. He registerèd under his own name at the West Side YMCA, on 63rd Street, off Central Park West, and paid $16.50 for his room. Those are facts. It’s a fact that the following day he left the Y and checked into an $82-a-night room at the Sheraton Centre—the old Americana, visible from John Lennon’s living room—and said he would pay with a credit card. He went to Room 2730, high above Seventh Avenue. All facts.

But the facts don’t tell us what was in his head. Later, when it was over, psychiatrists theorized about what might have happened. They talked about a man who had been suicidal and then became confused about his identity (in this case thinking that he was John Lennon and that his own wife was Yoko Ono), a man who might, then, commit a murder that was actually a kind of suicide. They discussed a man who had suffered a loss of “ego boundaries,” with the blurring of lines between fantasy and reality that is the mark of the classic schizophrenic. They talked about a man who worshiped stars and could think of no way to become a star himself, except by uniting with a star in violence. They discussed the possibility of a man so crazed with love for John Lennon that the slightest rebuff—a curt word that afternoon, a scrawled autograph—might drive him to kill. They were all theories. Nobody knew for sure.

They did know for sure that Mark David Chapman left Room 2730 of the Sheraton Centre on that Monday, a day soft as spring, and went to 72nd Street. He had taken a long and winding road, from Texas and Alabama, through Lebanon and Arkansas, and all the way from Honolulu. But at last, that night, he arrived at the door. He was waiting there when John Lennon stepped out of his limousine. He was still waiting there when the cops arrived and John Lennon lay dying.

29-01-2012, 09:16 PM

Can anyone identify the lapel pin that Gus Van Sant is wearing?
Notice how the photo is cropped to conceal it.

Its the French Legion of Honor. Here's a link on that event, in French, but u can use Google Translate, just in case. They were decorated by the infamous FREDERIC MITTERAND, involved in paedophilia scandals.

http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/8168/78168degaucheadroitegus.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/78168degaucheadroitegus.jpg/)


29-01-2012, 11:07 PM
Its the French Legion of Honor. Here's a link on that event, in French, but u can use Google Translate, just in case. They were decorated by the infamous FREDERIC MITTERAND, involved in paedophilia scandals.

http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/8168/78168degaucheadroitegus.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/78168degaucheadroitegus.jpg/)


interesting coincidence in this thread; on the far right, also honored is American writer James Ellroy, the author of "Black Dahlia".
btw, the woman in the center of the photo is Eva Marie Saint who starred
in director John Frankenheimer's 1966 film 'Grand Prix'. John Frankenheimer
directed the 1962 film 'The Manchurian Candidate' , and attended La Salle Military Academy as a teen. La Salle Military Academy bought Singer Castle in 1961 for less than $100.


http://www.audiobooksonline.com/media/The_Black_Dahlia_James_Ellroy_unabridged_compact_d iscs.jpg

30-01-2012, 01:37 PM
Interesting that the founder of Yale University, Elihu Yale, was born in Salem , Massachusetts , and was involved in the Opium and slave trade prior to the Salem witch trials (which , in my opinion, likely never happened and were a false flag event used to create a protected region for occult activity) The 'spice trade' is , imo, a euphemism for 'drug trade'. This has all been whitewashed as 'spice trading':

The Salem, Massachusetts pepper trade began with a man called Elihu Yale. Yale was born in Massachusetts. He made his fortune working for the East India Company in its heyday, and a large part of his success was the establishment of the pepper trade out of the port of Salem. In 1654 he sent representatives to Aceh in northern Sumatra in 1654, with the aim of breaking the European monopoly of the lucrative spice trade.


The venture was successful almost beyond the dreams of avarice. In 1806 one single consignment of five hundred tons of pepper was valued at over one million pounds. Ever since the RAJAH of Salem had loaded the first Susu pepper, Salem had held a predominant position in that trade. So important had its position been, that a hundred years later, in Australia, whole peppercorns were still known as "Salem Pepper". As an acknowledgement of the source of its wealth, the seal of the City of Salem still bears an image of an Achenese person in traditional dress. On a different scale altogether, as an acknowledgement of his financial backing, a college in New Haven, Connecticut, would be re-named in Elihu Yale’s honour.

yes, oh yes, pepper was the source of the wealth, right

30-01-2012, 07:44 PM
Zio-Wiki says Yale was Welsh. "Elihu" is not a Welsh name as far as I know, regardless, lets say, of how religious his parents were. I tend to think he was a Welsh Jew/Jewish convert. How about that:


30-01-2012, 09:54 PM
Zio-Wiki says Yale was Welsh. "Elihu" is not a Welsh name as far as I know, regardless, lets say, of how religious his parents were. I tend to think he was a Welsh Jew/Jewish convert. How about that:


that's it exactly, and Yale University's official seal has hebrew on it.
It contains Latin and Hebrew:


Lux et veritas is Latin
The text written on the book is Hebrew

both the Latin and Hebrew are said to translate to 'light and truth'


31-01-2012, 10:41 AM
Brainwashing perhaps?

"Colorado Mom Can't Remember Leaving Kids in Van, Walking 12 Miles

A Colorado mom who does not remember leaving her two young sons in a van and disappearing for hours is being examined today by doctors for clues into what happened.

Police arrested the 26-year-old woman for child abuse and are eager for answers; a handgun has gone missing from the woman's home.

Almost 12 hours after leaving her two sons, ages 2 and 4, in a van parked at a Thornton, Colo. gas station Saturday, Sarah Hatfield said she could not remember leaving her boys, nor could she explain how she arrived outside National Jewish Hospital in Denver around midnight that night.

"She called me and said, 'I don't know how I got here, but I'm here. Please come get me,'" Hatfield's husband Matthew told ABCNews.com. "She was frantic and crying and sobbing and just confused. We just have no idea what happened."

Hatfield, who has a history of insomnia and debilitating migraines, was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor child abuse. She is currently undergoing tests at a local hospital for a possible seizure disorder.

"There's no doubt that people can have a seizure and afterwards be confused, be lethargic and have an impairment of memory for what happened shortly before," said Dr. Orrin Devinsky, director of the NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. Devinsky, who has not examined Hatfield, said seizures can lead to a fugue state. "Most of the time it's brief. A fugue state lasting for hours would be very uncommon, but it certainly can occur."

Devinsky said insomnia and migraines are more common among people with seizure disorders, but they can signal other problems, too.

"It's possible is may have been a psychotic episode, unconsciously motivated, where there's a reaction to some stressor," said Devinsky. "It could also be a conscious thing -- life just got to be too much. And after realizing they shouldn't have done something, the person has to come up with a story."

At around 2:30 Saturday afternoon, Thornton police responded to a call from the gas station alerting them to an abandoned gold van in the parking lot. Inside police found the two boys, as well as Hatfield's wallet, cell phone and keys.

"We did an extensive search of the area and filed a missing persons report," said Thornton police spokesman Matt Barnes. Hatfield seemed disoriented when she was found 10 hours later after asking a security guard at National Jewish Hospital to use a phone to call home, according to police.

When police arrived at the hospital,"She advised she could not remember what had happened from the time she pulled into the gas station to the time she arrived at National Jewish," said Barnes. "She didn't suspect foul play or abduction, nor was she injured."

But she was sore, possibly from walking 12 miles down Interstate 25.

"My arms, my legs, my stomach -- everything was sore," Hatfield told ABC News affiliate 7NEWS after her release from Adams County Jail Sunday afternoon. She was immediately admitted to Denver Health, a nearby hospital. Child Protective Services has blocked Hatfield from seeing her sons until further notice.

"Basically the whole way from the jail to hospital yesterday she was sobbing because I had to tell her she can't have any contact with them," said Matthew Hatfield. "I had to tell the boys she's visiting grammy for a while."

A handgun normally locked away in the Hatfield home is also missing, Matthew Hatfield said.

"I don't know when it went missing," he said of the gun, which was last seen around New Years. "It's possible that if we are dealing with a seizure disorder, it could have gone missing at any point."

Thornton Police are requesting a search warrant for the van hoping to recover the missing weapon.

Matthew Hatfield said his wife's behavior is out of character, adding she's never been in trouble before and doesn't do drugs.

"Maybe there's a positive side to all this," he said. "No one got hurt. Maybe this drew attention to an issue we may not have otherwise known about until something bad did happen."

31-01-2012, 12:18 PM
interesting coincidence in this thread; on the far right, also honored is American writer James Ellroy, the author of "Black Dahlia".
btw, the woman in the center of the photo is Eva Marie Saint who starred
in director John Frankenheimer's 1966 film 'Grand Prix'. John Frankenheimer
directed the 1962 film 'The Manchurian Candidate' , and attended La Salle Military Academy as a teen. La Salle Military Academy bought Singer Castle in 1961 for less than $100.


http://www.audiobooksonline.com/media/The_Black_Dahlia_James_Ellroy_unabridged_compact_d iscs.jpg

JAMES ELLROY mom's middle name was ODELIA. ODELIA/DAHLIA - coincidence? Just saying.

01-02-2012, 10:55 AM
BERNDT. Jewish name? No wonder.

"Teacher Charged with Taking Bondage Pics of Students

A former elementary school teacher in Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly molesting nearly two dozen children after photos of students posed in bondage positions were passed to the Sheriff's Department.

Mark Berndt, 61, a teacher with over 30 years experience at Miramonte Elementary School in south Los Angeles, is charged with molesting 23 children, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Police began the investigation after a photo processing facility passed along suspicious images depicting students blindfolded with their mouths covered in tape. Female students were depicted with a blue plastic spoon containing "an unknown clear/white liquid" in front of their mouths, while other students were pictured with live cockroaches on their faces. In some photos, Berndt had his arm around the children or his hand over their mouths.

Police found the spoon, along with an empty container in the trash in Berndt's classroom and, through DNA testing, determined that both contained Berndt's semen.

The students were between the ages of 7 and 10 years old when the alleged crimes occurred, police said.

Authorities launched a widespread sex crime investigation, interviewing current and former students and school employees and searching Berndt's home. They recovered a total of 390 photographs and an adult "sexual bondage" film which mirrored the photos of the children, according to a statement by the sheriff's department today.

More than 26 children from the 390 photographs have been identified; an additional 10 children have not yet been identified, police said.

Shortly after the investigation began, in March, 2011, Berndt was fired from the school. The school did not immediately return calls for comment today.

Berndt was arrested Monday and charged with 23 felony counts of lewd acts upon a child. He is being held at LA County jail in lieu of $2.3 million bail. "

02-02-2012, 10:49 AM
"550 abuse claims filed against Wis. archdiocese

MILWAUKEE (AP) — About 550 people have filed claims for restitution for alleged sexual abuse by clergy in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee — the most of the eight dioceses in the U.S. that have sought bankruptcy protection, a lawyer in the Milwaukee case said Wednesday.

James Stang, a bankruptcy lawyer who represents creditors in the Wisconsin case, estimated about 550 claims had been filed by the Wednesday afternoon deadline set by the court. The Milwaukee Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy protection last year, saying pending sex-abuse lawsuits could leave it with debts it couldn't afford.

The archdiocese has paid more than $30 million in settlements and other court costs related to alleged clergy abuse. The archdiocese only had $4.6 million in assets to be applied to claims in 2010. The bankruptcy court will decide the final payout, archdiocese spokeswoman Julie Wolf said.

A victim's advocacy group called the number of filings "extraordinarily tragic," but said that represented only a small portion of people abused by clergy.

"It's sad and it just shows how devastating these crimes have been on this community but it's obviously far from over," said Peter Isely, the Midwest director for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

More than a dozen sex abuse lawsuits pending against the Milwaukee Archdiocese have been halted due to the bankruptcy proceedings. They include allegations against a priest accused of abusing some 200 boys at a suburban school for deaf students from 1950 to 1974.

The other seven Catholic dioceses in the U.S. that have filed for bankruptcy since the clergy abuse scandal erupted in 2002 in Boston are in Davenport, Iowa; Fairbanks, Alaska; Portland, Ore.; San Diego; Spokane, Wash.; Tucson, Ariz.; and Wilmington, Del. Two other religious orders have also filed for bankruptcy.

Of the seven other dioceses that also filed for bankruptcy, the number of claims ranged from about 40 to 250, Stang said. About 535 claimants had come forward against the Oregon Province of the Jesuits, he said.

Both Wolf and Jeff Anderson, a lawyer who represents clergy abuse victims, including some in the Milwaukee case, said it's hard to compare the cases. Anderson said each diocese represents a different number of people. And Wolf said some dioceses are incorporated differently.

Stang acknowledged some people file claims even though they weren't abused but said that was "extremely rare."

"Most people are not willing to come out and publicly say they were masturbated by someone," Stang said.

Anderson and the archdiocese both said they advertised the deadline both locally and nationally.

Anderson said his firm paid for TV and newspaper advertisements because he didn't think the archdiocese's efforts made the victims feel safe coming forward.

Wolfe disputed that. "We've just been focused on getting this message out far and wide to as many people as we could in order to make sure everybody who had a claim was able to submit it before this deadline occurred," she said.

A Feb. 9 court hearing is set for a judge to consider a request from the archdiocese to throw out some claims by people on grounds they were filed beyond the statute of limitations, they involved someone who was not an archdiocese employee or involve a victim involved in a prior settlement.

Wolf said she didn't know how many of the claims would be included in the request.

Payouts in the other bankruptcy cases have varied based on the severity of the abuse and the quality of the diocese's insurance coverage, according to Stang. For example, cases in Southern California yielded an average of about $1.2 million per claimant, he said, while the amount was far less in Fairbanks, Alaska, where less money was available.

Stang predicted the payouts wouldn't be on the generous side in Wisconsin. The creditors' committee, archdiocese and its insurance company will negotiate a dollar amount. After that, those who filed claims will negotiate between themselves on how to divide the money.

"Insurance-coverage issues in Milwaukee cases haven't been very good for survivors," he said. "The rulings by courts there have not been survivor-friendly."

02-02-2012, 10:52 AM
What an irony, in PARADISE VALLEY!

"Bodies found bound, burned in posh Arizona town

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — Two people were tied up and killed, and their bodies burned beyond recognition in a posh Phoenix suburb, shaking residents who were being told to lock their doors and pay attention to their surroundings and a police department that last investigated a homicide in 2004.

Police in Paradise Valley, most known for its scenic mountain trails and upscale resorts, said Wednesday that investigators were not able to positively identify the bodies because they were so badly burned. An autopsy was under way Wednesday to determine the identities and whether the people were killed in the fire or by other means.

"This particular crime is a heinous crime and it can happen anywhere," said Police Chief John Bennett. "People in Paradise Valley hopefully understand it can happen even to them."

He said investigators had no suspects and had not determined a motive, including whether the stylish stucco home had been robbed.

"This has been a very trying two days for us," Bennett said a news conference. "This is going to be a prolonged, complex investigation that's going to take probably quite a lot of time."

Paradise Valley officers went to the home Monday morning after Phoenix police found a car on fire behind a strip mall about 20 miles away. The car was registered to the home's owners.

When an officer arrived at the house, she saw smoke coming from inside. Firefighters put out fires that had been set in two bedrooms, including the master bedroom, where the bodies were found.

The home is owned by Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro, a couple in their 70s that started their own charitable organization in 2010 and have actively supported many local civic organizations and charities.

Bennett said the Shapiros could be the victims but police needed the autopsy results to be sure.

The home showed almost no damage from the outside, but sooty footprints and broken glass were strewn about the porch Wednesday, and part of the original wood door was replaced with plywood.

The sprawling home sits in a neighborhood near some of the area's nicest resorts and lushest golf courses, and has stunning views of Phoenix's Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak — areas that are popular among hikers, runners and mountain-bikers.

Neighbors declined to speak on the record about the killings, but they said it has shocked the community and has made them more fearful.

Bennett said detectives were investigating possible connections to other crimes in the Phoenix area, but he did not say there were any specific cases.

Although police weren't confirming the identities of the bodies, the Shapiros' grown children, who live in Salt Lake City but are in Arizona this week, set up a website saying that they are "shocked and saddened at the loss of our parents."

The family also posted photos of the couple at their recent 50th anniversary, their children's weddings, and dressed in their finest to attend fundraisers. A family friend confirmed the website's authenticity.

Lawrence Shapiro had a 45-year career as a gastroenterologist, and Glenna Shapiro was the former longtime executive director at the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona, according to the site. The Shapiros actively supported many civic organizations and charities, including the Phoenix Symphony, the Arizona Opera, the Phoenix Art Museum and the kidney foundation."

02-02-2012, 11:00 AM
"Artist Mike Kelley Found Dead In Los Angeles Home

LOS ANGELES -- Mike Kelley, the daring and influential contemporary installation artist who counted the band Sonic Youth and artist Paul McCarthy among his collaborators, has died, police said Wednesday. He was 57.

Kelley's body was found at his home Tuesday night and it appeared he had committed suicide, South Pasadena Police Sgt. Robert Bartl said, without providing further information on the death. An autopsy was pending.

The artist's death brings a tragic end to a career empowered by both a punk-rock rebelliousness and pop-culture kitsch. Kelley famously filled art spaces with sculptures and unorthodox objects, and his solo exhibit "Catholic Tastes" at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York," which provocatively combined dolls, drawings and other objects, established him as a major figure in the art world in 1993.

"His work was widely collected and exhibited internationally," said Stephanie Barron, senior curator of modern art at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. "He had a voracious appetite for all kinds of art. He was enormously curious and worked incredibly at his craft. He was never afraid to think really big. Artists like that don't come around very often."

Bartl said authorities went to Kelley's home Tuesday after a concerned family friend went to the residence, and then called 911. The friend told investigators that Kelley had been depressed after recently breaking up with his girlfriend, but no note was found, Bartl said.

Kelley's work will be included in the upcoming 2012 Whitney biennial in New York.

In addition to "Catholic Tastes," other major solo exhibitions included 2004's "The Uncanny" at the Tate Liverpool in the United Kingdom and 2006's "Profondeurs Vertes" at the Louvre in Paris.

"Mike was an irresistible force in contemporary art," Kelley's studio, Gagosian Gallery, said in a statement that the Los Angeles Times published on its website. "We cannot believe he is gone. But we know his legacy will continue to touch and challenge anyone who crosses its path. We will miss him. We will keep him with us."

Kelley's notable works included a life-size re-creation of his childhood home on wheels, tiny rendition of Superman's extraterrestrial birthplace encased in a glass jug and several spherical sculptures made of stuffed animals.

"His works often violated notions of so called good taste and blurred the boundaries between art, music and popular culture," said Barron.

He erected a life-sized Colonel Sanders statue alongside a miniature Sigmund Freud at the Gagosian in Los Angeles in 2011 and was influenced by old yearbooks for a sprawling 2005 exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in New York that featured a 15-foot-long missile called the "gospel rocket."

Kelley was a student of conceptual artist John Baldessari, and he collaborated with fellow bold artists like Paul McCarthy and Tony Oursler. The band Sonic Youth used Kelley's work on the album cover for "Dirty" released in 1992.

Born in Detroit, Kelley founded the band Destroy All Monsters with three other musicians in 1974. He left the band in 1978 to attend the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, near Los Angeles, but never strayed far from the music scene, frequently contributing to music journals and always counting music as an inspiration.

"He was extremely intense, very serious, phenomenally well read. He would go very deep into his subjects, a real artist scholar but with a real passion for whatever he was investigating," Barron said.

After encounters with him, Barron said, "I always came away learning something new, thinking about things differently and in awe of his curiosity."

Although she corresponded with him in the last couple of weeks, the last time she saw him was a month ago.

"It's incredibly sad," Barron said. "It's hard to imagine somebody with the life force and intensity that Mike brought to bear is no longer with us. His impact will be seen with distance as all the more powerful and we'll have to begin to process this."

02-02-2012, 08:09 PM
TAYLOR MOMSEN as she appears in the newest issue of FHM

http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/8283/taylormomsenfhm.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/taylormomsenfhm.jpg/)

And on another occasion. Notice the t-shirt

http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/5131/taylormomsengallery.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/267/taylormomsengallery.jpg/)

03-02-2012, 08:37 PM
"Micron CEO dies in plane crash

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The chief executive and chairman of the memory chip maker Micron died Friday morning when a small, experimental fixed-wing plane he was piloting crashed at the Boise airport, the company said.

Micron spokesman Dan Francisco confirmed Steve Appleton's death in a release, and trading in Micron stocks has been halted.

Appleton, a professional stunt plane pilot and former motocross racer, was the only one in the plane when it crashed at the Boise airport.

In a prepared statement, Micron's board of directors said, "Steve's passion and energy left an indelible mark on Micron, the Idaho community and the technology industry at large."

Micron Technology Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Through its worldwide operations, Micron manufactures and markets a full range of DRAM, NAND and NOR flash memory.

Appleton, 51, started on the factory floor of Micron in 1983 and worked his way up. In 1991, he was appointed president and chief operating officer of Micron and in 1994, he was appointed to the position of chairman, chief executive officer and president. He assumed his current position in 2007. Boise-based Micron is one of Idaho's largest employers.

Ada County dispatch Friday received reports of a small plane that was on fire before it landed. Airport spokeswoman Patti Miller said the airplane is a fixed wing single engine Lancair.

The Lancair is built from kits, and others like it have design characteristics that allow the planes to fly much faster than most small planes.

Accidents involving amateur-built planes like the Lancair have caught the attention of the National Transportation Safety Board, which is in the midst of a study of their safety. Last year, the agency investigated 222 experimental and amateur-built plane accidents in which 67 people were killed. More than half the accidents involved planes that were bought used rather than having been built by the current owner.

The study is scheduled to be finished this spring, after which the board is expected to hold a public hearing on the issue.

An FAA analysis found that the planes have experienced fatal accident rates substantially higher than other small, personal use planes, including other types of planes made from kits, the advisory said.

In 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a safety advisory to pilots because the planes are prone to stalling out during slow-speed operations close to the ground.

Micron shares were up 23 cents at $7.95 Friday before trading was halted in the early afternoon for the announcement. The company's shares have traded between $3.97 and $11.95 over the past year.

It's not the first time Appleton has been in a small plane crash, and questions have been raised in the past about whether the head of a large corporation should be engaging in that hobby. On July 8, 2004, Appleton sustained a punctured lung, head injuries, ruptured disk and broken bones after his stunt plane crashed in the desert east of Boise.

Appleton didn't immediately reveal the severity of injuries he sustained in that crash, and in 2006 a corporate governance expert began questioning disclosures about the crash.

Appleton owned several different types of aircraft and frequently flew the planes in the skies over Idaho. He had a penchant for other adventures too: In 2006, he won the 20-car Baja Challenge Class of the SCORE Tecate Baja 1000, completing the 1,047-mile (1,685-kilometer) run from Enseneda to La Paz late Friday in 25 hours and 25 minutes, 30 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor."

03-02-2012, 10:56 PM


Henry Lee Lucas and The Hand of Death cult: Interview with Max Call

In 1990 I conducted an interview with Max Call, author of The Hand of Death, a book detailing Henry Lee Lucas’ involvement with an alleged satanic cult of that name. The video was part of preproduction work on an aborted documentary about Henry Lee Lucas and part of our information gathering. It was never intended for public consumption, hence the production values are crude to nonexistent.

(FederalJack.com) - The notorious Adam Walsh homicide case was closed this week, and the evidence that was used to close the case was a fifteen year old confession from a dead convict who was an alleged hitman for a Satanic cult.

The case was officially closed by the Hollywood Police Department, seemingly in an effort to bring closure to the Walsh family. The agency admitted to mishandling the original investigation, offered a formal apology, and closed the case with the declaration that the already dead Otis Toole had committed the crime.

Otis Toole, a convicted pedophile and serial killer, had confessed to the killing multiple times while in prison on unrelated charges, however it was ignored for over a decade. For a period of time, it was suspected that Jeffery Dahmer was involved in the abduction and murder. There are witnesses from the scene of the abduction that report seeing Walsh and Dahmer together, and Jeffery Dahmer is known to have been living in Miami Beach at the time.

John Walsh, Adam's father and the host of FOX's "America's Most Wanted," always suspected that Toole was behind the murder.

The mainstream media is ignoring vital information relating to the case, and is reporting on it in the usual manner that it uses to quickly wrap up loose ends of controversial investigations.

Primarily, it is overlooking the connection that Otis Toole had to Henry Lee Lucas, his partner in crime. According to Lucas, Toole and himself were involved in a Satanic organized human trafficking ring that operated out of the Florida Everglades. The organization was known as the Hand of Death. Lucas and Toole were supposedly hitmen that were used to carry out orders of the cult.

The details of this organized criminal enterprise of Satanists are not being spoken of at all in the recent reports from the mainstream media, however they are explored thoroughly in the book Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story by Max Call.

Call interviewed Lucas at length, and shocking information was revealed about Lucas and Toole's involvement in Satanic cults, human sacrifices, organized human trafficking, and organ harvesting.

In 1990, Max Call was interviewed on video, and spoke about his research into the Hand of Death cult and his interviews with Henry Lee Lucas.

Interview with Max Call about The Hand of Death, Henry Lee Lucas, and Otis Toole (35 mins 44 seconds)

But... why?

There are many lingering questions that overshadow the Adam Walsh case, despite the fact that the case is now officially closed.

Why did the Hollywood Police Department choose this point in time to close the case? What was it about Toole's confession that was deemed credible? Toole had recanted his confessions, and was notorious for falsifying admissions to crimes.

Why did it take over 20 years for the confession to be utilized in the investigation?

The body of Adam Walsh was never recovered, and the only remains that were recovered was his decapitated head. Was the body used for organ harvesting?

Why is the investigative team so quick to dismiss the Jeffery Dahmer connection, despite the existence of eye witnesses? Dahmer was known for removing the heads of his victims. Could Dahmer have also been involved in the Hand of Death, or a similar organization? If so, why cover that up?

Why does the organized cult aspect not enter the mainstream media's investigation analysis? Could it be that the reach and influence of organizations like the Hand of Death go further than just a syndicate of murderers and pedophiles camped out in the Everglades?

Examples of Satanic oriented human trafficking organizations reaching into the top ranks of government are not unheard of, especially during the 1980's. Ted Gunderson, former FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles division, has compiled a considerable amount of research into the topic of Satanic human trafficking rings. Specifically, Gunderson exposes a CIA front group known as 'The Finders.' This group would contract Satanic cults to carry out abductions. The children would be used in sex slavery in order to blackmail those who take part in the services, such as politicians.

Problem / Reaction / Solution?

The problem / reaction / solution dialectic of the Walsh case also demonstrates a disturbing trend. The widespread publicity of the case has resulted in the implementation federal DNA, fingerprint, and sexual offender databases. Despite the fact that these technologies have been put into place under the guise of protecting children, there is still a record number of unsolved disappearances that take place every year, and sexual offenders continue to prey on victims, despite the existence of forensic and databasing technologies.

These technologies do not serve to solve or prevent crime, they simply create the infrastructure on a federal level for the cataloging and databasing of information. In fact, it has been recently reported by the Associated Press that over 60% of all homicides remain unsolved, despite these technological advances.

It is sold to the public under the guise of protecting children from exploitation, a noble cause, and supposedly target only the worst offenders. However, analysis of historical trends will indicate that controlling technologies administered by the government only start off targeting the criminal class, and eventually expand to include everyone deemed to be in opposition of government policies.

It is a historical tactic of dictatorships to roll out controversial policies that target the most offensive criminal classes of society, since no one in the public will object to violent and dangerous predators being restricted in their day to day activities.

The Walsh abduction also resulted in the creation of FOX's "America's Most Wanted," hosted by John Walsh, Adam's father.

This television show is an example of New World Order entertainment at its finest, creating a real life version of "The Running Man" to condition the population to enjoy the thrill of hunting the bad guys.

04-02-2012, 02:48 PM
Amazing interview with Dr. Paul Williams, researcher and journalist who has visited an actual muslim terrorist training camp in America. He describes how he discovered that the training bases exist underground at these camps, using black muslims recruited from American prisons. Williams is very knowledgeable and this interview is a must listen. In 1965 there were less than 10,000 muslims in America. Williams meticulously describes how the entire Muslim counterculture was intentionally created in America's prison system and describes the intentional creation of a network of terrorist training camps in America.
Williams has been to a camp named Islamberg near Hancock , NY.,
in an isolated and rural part of the state.


this confirms to me the likelihood that mkultra crap is going on in the prisons, using solitary confinement and god knows what technology/torture techniques.

04-02-2012, 08:43 PM

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 41 (Dennis Rader - The BTK Killer(s)?

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 41 (Dennis Rader - The BTK Killer(s)? - YouTube

04-02-2012, 09:10 PM
BERNDT. Jewish name? No wonder.

"Teacher Charged with Taking Bondage Pics of Students

A former elementary school teacher in Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly molesting nearly two dozen children after photos of students posed in bondage positions were passed to the Sheriff's Department.

Mark Berndt, 61, a teacher with over 30 years experience at Miramonte Elementary School in south Los Angeles, is charged with molesting 23 children, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Police began the investigation after a photo processing facility passed along suspicious images depicting students blindfolded with their mouths covered in tape. Female students were depicted with a blue plastic spoon containing "an unknown clear/white liquid" in front of their mouths, while other students were pictured with live cockroaches on their faces. In some photos, Berndt had his arm around the children or his hand over their mouths.

Police found the spoon, along with an empty container in the trash in Berndt's classroom and, through DNA testing, determined that both contained Berndt's semen.

The students were between the ages of 7 and 10 years old when the alleged crimes occurred, police said.

Authorities launched a widespread sex crime investigation, interviewing current and former students and school employees and searching Berndt's home. They recovered a total of 390 photographs and an adult "sexual bondage" film which mirrored the photos of the children, according to a statement by the sheriff's department today.

More than 26 children from the 390 photographs have been identified; an additional 10 children have not yet been identified, police said.

Shortly after the investigation began, in March, 2011, Berndt was fired from the school. The school did not immediately return calls for comment today.

Berndt was arrested Monday and charged with 23 felony counts of lewd acts upon a child. He is being held at LA County jail in lieu of $2.3 million bail. "

Same school, another Jewish scum:

"Second teacher arrested amid L.A. sex abuse probe

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Days after the arrest of a school teacher accused of taking bondage-style photos of students with cockroaches on their faces, a second instructor from the same school was arrested on Friday on suspicion of molesting two girls, authorities said.

Publicity surrounding the arrest of the first teacher, Mark Berndt, 61, led to complaints being brought against his colleague, Martin Springer, 49, though the two cases were believed to be otherwise unrelated, said Captain Mike Parker of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Word that a second teacher had been accused of sexually abusing students at the Miramonte Elementary School heightened the anguish of parents already angry and bewildered over news of Berndt's arrest on Monday.

"I'm about to pull my child out of the school," parent Latanya Morris told reporters outside the school, located in a mostly low-income neighborhood near South Los Angeles. "There's too much going on at this school right here, right now. I don't know, so it's a lot to think about."

Adding insult to injury, Los Angeles Unified School District officials have confirmed that Berndt, terminated a year ago after coming under investigation, was still receiving a state pension of nearly $4,000 a month.

School officials suspended Springer on Thursday after receiving "allegations of possible inappropriate behavior," the LAUSD said in a statement. The district's superintendent said he would ask the school board at its meeting next Tuesday to fire Springer.

He was arrested on Friday on suspicion of performing lewd acts on two girls and was jailed on $2 million bond, Parker said. The girls accused Springer of fondling them in class during the past three years, the sheriff's department said.


Berndt, who taught third grade, was arrested on Monday and charged with 23 counts of lewd acts on children. He remained jailed on $23 million bail, officials said.

His arrest followed a year-long investigation that began when a drug store photo processor turned over pictures to police that showed students blindfolded and with their mouths covered with tape.

Some of the pictures, which were taken in a classroom, showed students with spoons of a substance later determined to be his semen held to their faces, sheriff's officials said.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Berndt was suspected of convincing the abused students they were playing some kind of a tasting game.

Johan ElFarra, a public defender for Berndt, could not be reached for comment on Friday.

The latest allegations against Berndt result from 390 photographs investigators have collected in the case, as well as interviews with more than 80 current and former students and school administrators, authorities said.

The children involved were seven to 10 years old at the time they are believed to have suffered the abuse, which prosecutors say occurred between 2005 and 2010.

In some cases, children were pictured with large, live "Madagascar-type" cockroaches on their faces and mouths, the Sheriff's Department has said.

In one aspect of the case that sheriff's officials say underpins the sexual nature of Berndt's alleged actions, the photographs show the children being offered a plastic spoon containing a milky liquid.

A spoon recovered from the trash bin in Berndt's classroom later tested positive for semen, and Berndt's DNA was found to match that of the DNA profile found on the spoon, said Sgt. Dan Scott, an investigators for the sheriff's special victims unit.

Investigators also recovered a DVD video from Berndt's home depicting adult sexual bondage activity that mirrored the bondage-type photos of the children, sheriff's officials said.

Scott said sheriff's deputies previously investigated allegations from a 9-year-old girl who claimed Berndt in 1993 had tried to reach under her desk to fondle her.

Prosecutors the following year declined to file charges in the matter after determining they lacked sufficient evidence, the District Attorney's Office said in a statement on Thursday.

LAUSD officials said the school district had no record of the previous investigation of Berndt."

04-02-2012, 09:16 PM
Why are they so sure? Could be another hoax for distracting attention mabe like in MADDIE MCCANN's case?

"Parents believe missing KC baby is alive and well

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The parents of a Kansas City baby missing since October said Friday they believe the child is alive and pleaded for her safe return.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin reported their 10-month-old daughter, Lisa Irwin, missing from their home Oct. 4. Police and the FBI have conducted several searches and cleared hundreds of leads in the baby's disappearance but have not identified any suspects in the case.

"My daughter is missing ... she is OK somewhere because nobody kidnaps a 10-month-old beautiful little girl to hurt her," Bradley said in a taped interview on the "Dr. Phil" show. "She is out there somewhere, and I am desperate to find her ... I just want my daughter home."

Bradley reiterated that she was drunk the night of the baby's disappearance and said she will "have to live with" that "even when (the baby) comes back."

Bradley did most of the talking during the interview and cried at a few points. She also defended inconsistencies in her stories about the events surrounding the evening of the disappearance, particularly about whether the house lights were on or off when Jeremy Irwin returned home late at night.

"People don't understand just how difficult it is to wake up and find out that someone has came into your house and taken your baby, and then you are accused of doing something to her or covering something up or whatever theories, insane theories, they come up with ...," Bradley said.

"And then I do all this media and be on TV for the purpose of hoping and praying that somebody ... has seen someone with her, and it is literally impossible to remember every single detail and say it exactly the same every single time."

Joe Tacopina, a lawyer for Bradley and Irwin, also appeared on the show and said police told him Bradley did not fail a polygraph test when police asked her if she knew where the baby is. Bradley said early in the investigation that police told her she failed the polygraph.

Tips increased dramatically Friday after the show began airing, up from about seven calls since early January to about 44 in a couple hours after the show, said Det. Kevin Boehm, coordinator of Kansas City's Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline.

"What we're looking for is specific information about where she is or who was involved," Boehm said.

Sgt. Stacey Graves, Kansas City police spokeswoman, said in a statement that "our one and only goal, from day one, has been to find out what happened to Lisa Irwin."

05-02-2012, 02:26 AM

Deanna Spingola interviews author Dave McGowan on 'Spingola Speaks', Jan. 30, 2012

05-02-2012, 12:02 PM
"Could Jeremy Bamber be cleared of murdering his family? Fresh doubt cast on 1985 case after review by gun experts"

Adopted by a family of religious pshychos. No wonder poor guy ended up like this.


05-02-2012, 01:18 PM
this guy definitely has some stories to tell, and consider that way back in 1975 he (Thomas Eugene Creech) was talking about having been hired as a hit man for a satanic cult, being part of a biker gang , and killing 42 people.

Michael Aquino, provided one believes a thing which that man says, has associated Creech with Anton Lavey's Church of Satan, which is not all that farfetched when one considers that the Manson family had close ties to the same satanist/biker milieu which Creech claims association with.

Michael Newton - An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers - Hunting Humans

Thomas Eugene Creech

Charged with double homicide in Ada County, Idaho, in 1975, Tom Creech astounded his jailers by confessing to 42 murders, allegedly committed over thirteen states since 1967.

In his statement, Creech alleged that many of the homicides were sacrifices ordered by a cult of Satanists; a biker gang reportedly commissioned others, sometimes paying Creech upon completion of a "contract." Several jurisdictions airily dismissed the tales as fantasy, while others claimed that bodies had been found by following the prisoner's directions.

By October 1975, Creech was reliably linked with at least nine murders, including two in Idaho, two in Oregon, two in Nevada, and one each in the states of Arizona, California and Wyoming. Ironically, for all of his confessions, Creech denied the double murder which had led to his arrest in Idaho. Itinerant housepainters John Bradford and John Arnold were shot to death in Ada County after giving Creech a ride, but Creech professed that he had merely been a witness to the crime.

His traveling companion, 18-year-old Carole Spaulding, had been charged as an accessory to murder in the case, but Creech named Spaulding's teenaged sister -- with a missing youth named "Danny" -- as the killers.

Members of his jury were unimpressed, and Creech was convicted on two counts of first degree murder on October 23, 1975. State law made the death penalty automatic, and he was formally sentenced to hang on March 25, 1976. Investigation of Creech's confessions, meanwhile, listed his verified victims as Gordon Stanton and Charles Miller, killed near Las Vegas; Sandra Ramsamoog, 19, of Salem, Oregon; William Dean, in Portland, Oregon; Riogley McKenzie, murdered outside Baggs, Wyoming; Vivian Robinson, of Sacramento, California; and Paul Schrader, age 70, in Tucson, Arizona.

Creech gave directions to alleged Satanic ritual sites near San Diego, Seattle, and Missoula, Montana, but authorities describe the solid evidence as negative in each case. As with Henry Lucas a decade later, many of Creech's confessions remain impossible to verify or disprove.

Prisoner Kills Fellow Inmate

Fourteen Years Later, His Appeals Still Thrive

June 6, 1995

In 1975, Thomas Eugene Creech was convicted of first degree murder in the deaths of Edward T. Arnold and John W. Bradford and was sentenced to death.

Four years later, on the basis of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Woodson v. North Carolina, 428 U.S. 280 (1976), the Idaho Supreme Court held that the statute under which Creech had been sentenced was unconstitutional because it provided for a mandatory death penalty. Creech's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Thomas Creech is a serial killer. He has admitted to killing or participating in the killing of at least 26 people. The bodies of 11 of his victims -- who were shot, stabbed, beaten, or strangled to death -- have been recovered in seven states.

In 1981, while serving his life sentence in prison, Creech killed again. Creech was an inmate of the Idaho State Correctional Institution. The victim, Dale Jensen, had been convicted of car theft and was in the same institution.

Some years earlier, Jensen had been shot in the head which had necessitated the removal of part of his brain and the placement of a plastic plate in his skull. His speech and motor functions were somewhat impaired.

Both Creech and Jensen were housed in maximum security where ordinarily only one inmate at a time was allowed out of his cell. Creech, however, had been made a janitor, and while performing his cleaning duties he was allowed to be out of his cell while another inmate also was out.

Creech and Jensen were not on good terms. They had argued over television and over Jensen's littering, which Creech, as a janitor, particularly resented.

The circumstances surrounding Jensen's death are unclear because Creech has given different accounts. It appears that on the day of the murder, Jensen approached Creech and swung a weapon at him. The weapon consisted of a sock containing batteries.

Creech took the weapon away from Jensen, who returned to his cell but emerged with a razor blade taped to a toothbrush. Jensen made some movement toward Creech, who then struck Jensen between the eyes with the battery laden sock, knocking Jensen to the floor.

According to Creech's version (he being the only witness), Jensen swung at him with the razorblade, and he hit Jensen with the battery-filled sock. The plate in Jensen's skull was shattered, and blood from Jensen's skull splashed on the floor and walls. When Jensen was helpless, Creech kicked him about the throat and head. Sometime later, a guard found Jensen who was taken to the hospital where he died the same day.

Over the objections of his counsel, Creech pleaded guilty to first degree murder. At the sentencing hearing, testimony was offered by both the state and the defense on Creech's mental condition. The district court did not expressly rule on Creech's sanity, but he did rule that Creech was of adequate intelligence and capable of being trained and educated.

After the sentencing hearing, the judge found (as a mitigating factor) that Creech "did not instigate the fight with the victim" and that Creech "was initially justified in protecting himself."

However, the judge also found (as aggravating factors) that, "[the victim, once the attack commenced, was under the complete domination and control of the defendant" and that "[the murder itself was extremely gruesome evidencing an excessive violent rage." The violence "went well beyond self-defense" and "appears to have been an intentional, calculated act."

The judge sentenced Creech to death, saying he "intentionally destroyed another human being at a time when he was completely helpless. "After a couple of appeals and petitions in the Idaho courts and an unsuccessful petition to the United States Supreme Court, in 1985 Creech filed a habeas petition with the federal district court.

The court denied the petition. Creech went to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and in 1991 the Court of Appeals held part of the Idaho death penalty statute unconstitutional. The court also found two other defects in the original sentencing. In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the court of appeals and upheld the Idaho statute but did not consider the other aspects of the 9th Circuit's holding. The case was returned to the Idaho courts for resentencing. It remains pending.


06-02-2012, 01:28 PM
"Fire kills husband of missing Utah woman, 2 boys

GRAHAM, Wash. (AP) — Josh Powell's note was simple and short, a farewell to the world after two years of being scrutinized in the media, hammered by police and questioned by judges, prosecutors and social workers, living his life under a microscope since the day his wife vanished.

"I'm sorry, goodbye," Powell wrote in an email to his attorney just minutes before authorities say he set fire to his home, killing himself and his two young sons days after he was denied custody and ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation.

The Sunday blaze at Powell's home brought yet another twist in the very public scandal that began when Susan Powell vanished in 2009. The case had since spiraled into a salacious saga of finger-pointing and accusations of sex and lies — and now the unthinkable loss of two young lives caught in the crossfire.

A social worker brought the two boys to Josh Powell's home Sunday for what was to be a supervised visit. They rushed toward the home, leaving the social worker behind. By the time she got to the door, Powell had let his sons in but locked her out, Graham Fire and Rescue Chief Gary Franz told The Associated Press.

The social worker called her supervisors to report that she could smell gas. Moments later, the home burst into flames, igniting an inferno that neighbors said rattled their houses.

Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Ed Troyer said it appeared some sort of accelerant was used to make the house burn faster.

He said emails Powell sent just prior to the blaze seemed to confirm that Powell planned the deadly blast. Troyer didn't elaborate on the content of the emails.

Jeffrey Bassett, who represented Powell in the custody case, said he received an ominous email from his client just minutes before the fire.

"I'm sorry, goodbye," it read.

Susan Powell, a pretty 28-year-old mother of two, was reported missing Dec. 7, 2009, after she failed to show up for her stockbroker job in Utah.

Authorities in the couple's hometown of West Valley City, about 10 miles outside Salt Lake City, quickly turned their attention to Josh Powell. He's been the only "person of interest" in the case, but had repeatedly denied any involvement in her disappearance.

"I would never even hurt her," a tearful, red-eyed Josh Powell told CBS' Early Show in August. "People who know me know that I could never hurt Susan."

About a month later, police spent 12 days in the remote central Utah desert looking for clues, and Josh Powell and his father, Steven, quickly disappeared from the limelight. The search area around Topaz Mountain, a popular spot for rock and gem hunters, was about 30 miles south of where Josh told police he went camping with his two children in the hours before his wife's disappearance — his steadfast alibi.

On Sunday, the lawyer for Susan Powell's parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, told the AP the children had started talking to their grandparents about things they remembered from the night their mother vanished.

"They were beginning to verbalize more," said attorney Steve Downing, whose clients had custody of the children. "The oldest boy talked about that they went camping and that Mommy was in the trunk. Mom and Dad got out of the car and Mom disappeared."

Police turned up no clues in their desert search, but a day before ending it, Steven Powell, 61, was arrested at his Washington state home and accused of secretly videotaping his daughter-in-law, other women, and young girls taking baths and sitting on the toilet in neighborhood homes.

The elder Powell is now jailed and facing child porn and voyeurism charges. He claimed in previous television interviews that he and Susan Powell were falling in love and even implied a sexual relationship had occurred.

"Susan was very sexual with me," Steven Powell said in one interview at the time. "We interacted in a lot of sexual ways because Susan enjoys doing that."

Susan's father denied the allegations and said Steven Powell had been initiating unwanted sexual advances, and that his daughter had no interest in her father-in-law.

The children, 5-year-old Braden and 7-year-old Charles, were ordered by a judge to then go live with Susan's parents as the parallel cases were investigated.

The custody matter got so heated that at one point a court commissioner in Washington state ordered Chuck Cox and Josh Powell to keep 500 feet apart.

Custody hearings continued, with the latest on Wednesday, during which Josh Powell pleaded with a judge to return his children to him.

"For over four months already, my interactions with my sons and many other aspects of my character have been investigated and documented by" social services, he wrote in an affidavit to the court. "I have proven myself as a fit and loving father who provides a stable home even in the face of great adversity. ... It is time for my sons to come home."

But the judge ruled against him, ordering the children to remain with Susan Powell's parents, at least until Josh Powell underwent a psycho-sexual evaluation, a process more often used as an assessment tool by courts to determine whether a defendant, largely in sex crimes cases, is likely to reoffend. In this case, the judge ordered it in light of the explicit material found on computers inside Steven Powell's home that led to his arrest.

Sherry Hill, a spokeswoman for the Washington state Department of Social and Health Services, said the social worker who was with the children Sunday was not a Child Protective Services employee but a contract worker with a private agency that supervises visits for the state.

"The visit supervisor for this particular agency had taken the children to the home. When she does that, she sits through the visit and might take notes on her observations," Hill said. "She pulled up in the car, and the kids ran out ahead of her. He closed the door and locked it. She wasn't able to get in, and that's when she smelled gas."

Downing called it "the most horrifying thing you can imagine happening ...The Coxes are absolutely devastated. They were always very fearful of him doing something like this, and he did it."

Bassett said he represented Powell free of charge because "every parent deserves the right to an attorney." Powell called or emailed him at least once a day, and often more than that, and in their conversations "he never once admitted doing anything regarding Susan. In fact, he denied it."

Sgt. Mike Powell of the West Valley City Police Department in Utah said it was too soon to say how Josh Powell's death may impact their probe.

"Quite frankly, this has obviously quickly unfolded up in Washington and we're obviously just working through the details ourselves here," said Powell, who is not related to the family.

Powell did not return a telephone message later in the evening Sunday regarding the children's assertion that their mother had been in the trunk of the family's car on the night she disappeared.

In a statement Sunday night from West Valley City police, authorities said the investigation will remain ongoing as they work to find Susan Powell. It said Utah police were headed to Washington state to work with investigators there in the continuing probe.

Kirk Graves, 39, of West Jordan, Utah, whose wife is Josh Powell's sister, said they were stunned by the news.

"We never contemplated the idea he would do something like this. You just don't expect it from a father," he said. "His world was falling apart around him and he was going to lose his boys and get arrested for Susan's disappearance. He's a narcissist and he has no love for anyone but himself."

06-02-2012, 03:28 PM
"Josh Powell Tragedy: Son Said Mom Was In Trunk of Car, Lawyer Claims

The young sons of Susan and Josh Powell, who died with their father when he ignited an explosion in their Washington home, were beginning to verbalize that their mother was in the trunk of their father's car on the night that she disappeared in 2009, a lawyer for the missing woman's parents said.

Attorney Steve Downing told the Associated Press that Braden and Charles Powell, who were 2 and 4 at the time of Susan Powell's disappearance, were beginning to tell their grandparents details about the night that their father took them on a late-night camping trip during a blizzard, including the fact that their mother disappeared after leaving in the car with their father.

"They were beginning to verbalize more," Downing said. "The oldest boy talked about that they went camping and that mommy was in the trunk. Mom and dad got out of the car and mom disappeared."

Sgt. Mike Powell of the West Valley City Police Department in Utah did not return phone calls inquiring about the children's assertions about their mother's presence on the December 2009 camping trip, AP reported.

"Quite frankly, this has obviously quickly unfolded up in Washington and we're obviously just working through the details ourselves here," Powell, who is not related to the family, said earlier on Sunday.

Josh Powell set off an explosion at his home Sunday that killed himself and his two sons, who were there for a supervised visit.

"We believe that he killed his kids and himself," Pierce County, Wash., Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. Ed Troyer said Sunday.

Josh Powell's lawyer, Jeffrey Bassett, said he received an email from his client minutes before the explosion that said "I'm sorry, goodbye," but he didn't see it until two hours later, when he was informed of the blast.

Bassett told AP he knew his client was upset about being denied custody of his sons at a court hearing last week, when he was ordered to undergo a psychosexual evaluation and polygraph test in order to get them back.

Click here for a look at the history of the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Graham, Wash., Deputy Chief Gary Franz told ABC News that a Child Protective Services (CPS) worker had just dropped off Powell's two sons at the house for a supervised visit. Powell took his two sons inside the house and then locked the CPS worker out.

"The children were just right in front of her as she was walking up to the door," Child Protective Services spokeswoman Sherry Hill said. "They went into the house and Josh shut the door right in front of her and locked it."

The CPS worker smelled gas, stepped away and the house exploded. The case worker was not physically harmed.

"He grabbed the kids, locked her out of the house, and immediately the house went up in flames, very quickly, very big, so we believe that Josh Powell intentionally set this fire," Troyer said.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and found the three bodies. Police are awaiting verification from the Medical Examiner's Office, but said they believe the bodies are those of Josh Powell and his two sons.

Troyer told ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle that emails Powell sent to authorities seemed to confirm that Powell planned the explosion. Troyer did not elaborate on the contents of the emails.

The house, which was on a dead end in a quiet residential neighborhood, has burned down to a charred frame.

Josh Powell is the only named person-of-interest in Susan Powell's 2009 disappearance, but he had not been charged. The couple's two sons were placed in custody of Susan Powell's parents in 2011 after Josh Powell's father, Steve Powell, was arrested on charges of voyeurism and child pornography.

At a hearing Wednesday, a statement from the West Valley City, Utah, police noted that information and images were found on Josh Powell's computer that "specifically related to their children's welfare," according to ABC affiliate KTVX in Salt Lake City.

The police did not specify what the information was, but Judge Kathryn J. Nelson ruled that because of that information, Josh Powell would not be allowed to have his children back until he submitted to a psychosexual evaluation and a polygraph test, the report said.

Bassett, Josh Powell's attorney, said the ruling was unfair to his client, who has not been charged with any crimes.

"Utah was dangling the alleged content of this disk. If this disk contains what they're saying it contains why haven't they arrested my client?" he said at the hearing.

The children were to remain with Chuck and Judy Cox until Josh Powell's next hearing, which was scheduled for July. Josh Powell was allowed twice-weekly supervised visitations with his sons during that time, KTVX reported.

08-02-2012, 11:08 AM
What if her cancer was induced? I see much numerology here anyway:

"Janice Voss, Veteran of 5 Space Shuttle Flights, Dies at 55

Astronaut Janice Voss, a veteran of five spaceflights and a former science director for a NASA exoplanet-hunting spacecraft, has died after a battle with cancer. She was 55.

"Just got the very sad news that U.S. astronaut Janice Voss passed away last night," the Association of Space Explorers, an international organization representing more than 350 individuals who have flown in space, wrote on Facebook. "Our thoughts go out to her family and friends."

NASA confirmed Voss' death in a statement issued on Tuesday (Feb. 7), saying she had passed away overnight.

Chosen by NASA for the astronaut corps in January 1990, Voss served as mission specialist on five space shuttle missions, including the only repeat flight in the shuttle program's 30-year history. She flew with the first commercial laboratory, rendezvoused with Russia's Mir space station and helped create the most complete digital topographic map of the Earth.

Five-time shuttle flier

Voss launched on her first and final missions aboard the shuttle Endeavour. As a member of the STS-57 crew in June 1993, she helped conduct biomedical and material science experiments in the first commercially-developed Spacehab module, a pressurized laboratory mounted in the orbiter's payload bay that more than doubled the work area for astronaut-tended activities.

In February 2000 Voss again launched on Endeavour, this time for NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. After deploying a nearly 200-foot (60-meter) mast, Voss and her crewmates worked around the clock in two shifts to map more than 47 million square-miles (122 million square-kilometers) of the Earth's land surface. [Shuttle's Best Science Missions]

Voss' second flight to space marked the first time a space shuttle came within the vicinity of Russia's space station Mir. Flying on the shuttle Discovery, Voss and her STS-63 crewmates — including Eileen Collins, the first woman to pilot a U.S. spacecraft — rendezvoused with the Russian outpost to verify flight techniques, communications, and navigation and sensor aids. The February 1995 "Near-Mir" mission set the stage for the first shuttle-Mir docking later that year.

Voss' two other spaceflights, STS-83 and STS-94, were the only time in the shuttle program's history that an entire crew was launched twice to achieve the same mission. The crew's first attempt began with a liftoff on Columbia on April 4, 1997. Three days into the mission however, a problem with one of the orbiter's three power-generating fuel cells resulted in the flight being cut short and the crew members returning to Earth.

Three months later with Columbia back in working order, Voss and her six STS-83 crewmates launched again, this time as the STS-94 crew. During the successful 15-day flight, Voss and her fellow fliers worked inside a European Spacelab module, conducting experiments as part of the Microgravity Science Laboratory (MSL) mission.

In total, Voss logged over 49 days in space, traveling 18.8 million miles (30.3 million km) while circling the Earth 779 times. Her five missions tied her with the record for the most spaceflights by a woman.

Four years after returning to Earth for a final time, Voss transferred from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif., where she headed the science program for the agency's Kepler space observatory. Designed to search for Earth size planets orbiting distant stars, Kepler was launched in March 2009 and to date has confirmed 61 exoplanets and identified more than 2,000 planetary candidates.

Voss left Ames in 2007 and most recently served as the payload lead in the astronaut office's space station branch at the Johnson Space Center.

"As the payload commander of two space shuttle missions, Janice was responsible for paving the way for experiments that we now perform on a daily basis on the International Space Station," chief astronaut Peggy Whitson said in the NASA statement. "By improving the way scientists are able to analyze their data, and establishing the experimental methods and hardware necessary to perform these unique experiments, Janice and her crew ensured that our space station would be the site of discoveries that we haven't even imagined."

"During the last few years, Janice continued to lead our office's efforts to provide the best possible procedures to crews operating experiments on the station today," she said. "Even more than Janice's professional contributions, we will miss her positive outlook on the world and her determination to make all things better."

Path to space

A native of Rockford, Ill., Voss received her bachelor of science in engineering science from Purdue University in 1975, a master of science degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1977 and 1987, respectively.

Voss' first work with NASA was during her undergraduate studies at Purdue. A member of Johnson Space Center's co-op program, she worked on computer simulations in the engineering and development directorate in the years leading up to the start of the shuttle-era. Voss returned to the Johnson in 1977 for a year, working as a crew trainer teaching entry guidance and navigation.

Before becoming an astronaut, Voss worked at the Orbital Sciences Corporation, supporting mission integration and flight operations for the Transfer Orbit Stage that launched the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite from the space shuttle in September 1993, and NASA's ill-fated Mars Observer from a Titan rocket in 1992.

A multiple recipient of NASA's Space Flight Medal, Voss donated her personal papers documenting her spaceflight career to Purdue Libraries' division of archives and special collections in 2009.

"Knowing that someone else got from here to there brightened many of my days at Purdue," Voss said at the time, referring to the university's earlier astronaut alums. "Maybe my papers will help someone else feel that they aren't that different from me."

"If I can do it, then so can they," Voss said."

08-02-2012, 07:58 PM

Johnny Depp, friend of snuff film and bohemian grove insider Hunter Thompson and owner of the Viper club where pal River Phoenix o.d'ed is set to make a film about the West Memphis Three


With the West Memphis Three out of prison, there seems to be no shortage of interest in telling their stories. HBO recently premiered the third installment of the compelling Paradise Lost documentary trilogy, and the Amy Berg directed (Peter Jackson produced) documentary West of Memphis made it’s premiere at this year’s Sundance film festival.

The mystery of the murders of three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas is unsolved, and it will stay that way until the person or people responsible for their deaths are brought to justice. But three men, who were just teenagers when the crimes were committed, spent eighteen years and seventy-eight days in prison before being released last year after new DNA evidence produced led to a deal that resulted in their release. Given how widely publicized the story was, especially after the original Paradise Lost film debuted, it’s understandable that there’s more interest than ever to understand what happened to lead to the three wrongful convictions, and speculate over what really happened to those children"

Johnny Depp Got Tattooed & Visited Disneyland With West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols


"I received my first tattoo as a teenager. My skin is a record of my life. Recently, right before coming to Austin, I went to Disneyland with Damien (Echols) of the West Memphis Three. He had just gotten out of jail. He wanted to see Disneyland so I took him. Afterwards we went and got tattoos together. That’s my way of documenting things in my life"

Plus an interesting thread on Depp at datalounge


08-02-2012, 09:04 PM

Johnny Depp wife Vanessa Paradis has some interesting connections too
as she got her start singing songs of the known pedo and incest loving french musician Serge Gainsbourg

(see also
http://pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com/2010/09/mind-controlled-lolitas-french-touch.html )



Indeed, the legendary singer/songwriter soon contacted Vanessa Paradis, offering to write a series of songs for her. Vanessa, more than eager to move away from sugary little pop songs and try her hand at something completely different, jumped at the chance of meeting Gainsbourg. Accompanied by her manager Didier Pain and songwriter Franck Langolff, Vanessa visited Gainsbourg in his famous home in la rue de Verneuil in Paris. Vanessa Paradis and Serge Gainsbourg hit it off immediately, Gainsbourg nicknaming the young singer "Lolycéenne" ("Lolita schoolgirl"). Gainsbourg and Langolff soon set to work writing new material for Vanessa