View Full Version : When did chemtrails start??

20-05-2008, 05:06 AM
Seriously, how long has this been going on? My buddy said all of our lives, others say it's a more recent thing.

I became aware of it just recently, but I remember seeing it here and there a few years ago and thinking "wow wtf is this all about". When I was in kindergarten way back in 1988, our teacher hastily pulled us out of the class one day. We got outside, she got all of our attention, pointed up to the blue sky toward two high altitude chemtrails that had crossed and said, "Look!! You see the airplanes up there, you see how they made an X way up there! Look at that!" She was very excited about this as if it was incredibly fascinating / important.

This lady was not exactly pleasant to us at all ever, I've heard that her family has connections to freemasonry, and her son was allegedly part of the crew that "captured" "Saddam Hussien" a few years ago. Now here I am in 1988, 5 years old, and this lady rushes all of us out of class to show us this barium X of death in the sky with such bizarre and unwarranted enthusiasm. I had a dream about this day recently and it's been hanging around in my thoughts. Any ideas? I'm really surprised about how vivid some of my memories still are of random useless days like this one...

And what is your earliest memory of chemtrails? Do you think they do this shit at night? And above the clouds? We all see it so easily when the sky is blue, but when we can only see synthetic greys or black it is anybody's guess as to what is happening above.