View Full Version : Assassination Attempted on Dr.James Garrow

06-01-2014, 01:51 AM
On today’s live broadcast of The Pete Santilli Show, Dr. James Garrow disclosed that there was an attempt on his life yesterday. Dr. Garrow indicated that his vehicle was making odd noises as he was entering a freeway onramp while traveling only 20 mph. He fortunately pulled over with his security detail and it was discovered that his transmission lines and other parts of his vehicle had been tampered with.

Upon further investigation by law enforcement (RCMP) and his personal mechanic, the sabotage was intended to lock up one of his wheels and throw the vehicle into an ”end-over-end” tumble.

For security reasons, his exact location in Canada cannot be revealed but it is important to note that a potential motive for an assassination attempt is clearly due to his public disclosures of sensitive information relating to the USA’s nuclear arsenal by high level military commanders. Dr. Garrow is a whistleblower’s whistleblower, and the establishment wants him gone.

In this episode, Dr. Garrow also discussed the high likelihood there is a stand-off between the Obama administration and former military commanders recently removed from their posts who are safeguarding our nuclear weaponry. Dr. Garrow states that the Obama administration has expressed intentions of harming the American public with a potential nuclear false flag, and that a select few patriotic former military officials have offset the nuclear threat with nukes commandeered for our defense.

Essentially, Garrow insinuated that Obama has been threatened with mutually assured destruction if he makes the wrong move.

We believe Dr. Garrow is a true patriot very concerned about a clear and present danger that the White House administration is hell bent on sounding the death knell for the United States. In recent past, Dr. Garrow has sacrificed his career, his cover as a 40 year intelligence operative, and now his life is reportedly on the line.


Dave Interviews Dr. Jim Garrow 12/22/13

On The Common Sense Show, on 12/22/13, Dave and Annie welcomed Dr. Jim Garrow to the show for what proved to be a riveting 3 hours. Jim spent 45 years in deep cover for the CIA and has a perspective of the world’s geopolitics like very few people. Jim and Dave will be discussing the current state of the Obama administration and the rash of recent false flag attempts which have been thwarted by the American military. And what about those missing nukes? Where are they? Who has them? And how will they potentially be used? How close are we to civil war? A military coup? The answers lie below.