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Rules and Etiquette - Welcome to the David Icke Forums!

Welcome to the David Icke forums.

You are free to discuss anything of interest, but please can we show respect for each other and the difficult job of the moderators who volunteer their time and hard work to ensure that the discussions are not hijacked and dominated by the few at the expense of the rest.

The David Icke forums have become a focus for lively debate, insights and information and I hope you enjoy your stay.

best wishes,


Rules and Etiquette

Please ensure you have read our Forum and Communication Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions before signing up for an account.

Treating Others
This is a place for open and free discussion on a wide range of topics and we ask that you respect each other by not bullying or harassing other members of the forum.

This is not the place for personal attacks, or to deliberately stop the flow of conversation from taking place. Please; Do not Hijack threads with the same questions if a Moderator has already answered them; do not post irrelevant images or text in other people's topics for no reason other than disruption; do not make any personal insults or irrelevant one word answers. Do not spam “General” or "Today's News" with a bunch of new threads all in one session. Do not sign-up multiple user IDs.

People are welcome to discuss issues surrounding race. Racist remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial stereo-typing and abusive remarks towards a race of people. Anybody trying to stir up racial hatred will be banned without warning.

The issues surrounding Israel are legitimate subjects for debate and David Icke has not flinched from addressing them despite the attacks on him this has triggered over the years. However, this debate can be conducted without falling into the cesspit of gratuitous racist abuse. There is no need for this for a view about Israel's policies to be expressed and this is not a place to dump such bile. There are many forums that would welcome it, this one does not.

We do not shy away from discussing controversial topics. We welcome debates where other mainstream media outlets would not. However, this is not an opportunity for anyone with any kind of racist agenda to spread their propaganda or to recruit others.

Personal Information
Please be very careful about posting any personal information on this forum. We cannot be held responsible if you choose to post information which reveals your location, identity, or anything else which you may later regret divulging.

We advise that you keep details regarding your employer, your location and your friends/family vague, unless absolutely necessary.

Please do not at any time post your telephone number or postal address on the public forums without permission from the moderators. Do not ask other members on the forum for their personal contact information either. We take privacy very seriously here and anybody seen deliberately breaking this rule will be banned without warning.

Private Messages (“PMs”)
Private messages are subject to the same rules and Terms and Conditions as the rest of the forum.

Please do not post PMs on the forums at any time without prior written permission from the Webmaster.

If you feel a PM has broken the guidelines and you wish to bring it to a moderators attention please use the "report PM" feature. To do this you click on the exclamation mark within a red triangle icon which is located to the bottom left of your username and avatar.

The Webmaster of this forum reserves the right to access a users private messages ("PMs") at any time for reasons including, but not limited to:
  • Suspected spamming (including chain PMs)
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Suspected illegal activity
  • Recruitment/solicitation
Please note: Accessing a users PMs will only ever be used in very extreme circumstances. It is not a standard feature we use.

It should be noted that the private message service is not a securely private or confidential means of sending communications to others and you are strongly discouraged from using it to share sensitive information with other users.

We will endeavor to protect your privacy at all times and will never access, read or disclose PMs unless absolutely necessary.

Advertising is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the Webmaster.

Quoting & Copyright
You may quote other sources providing that you name the source URL before or after the quote has been made with a link back to the relevant website wherever possible.

Please limit the quotes to 2 paragraphs of text and provide your own comment on the quote. Do not simply quote another source with no other comment from yourself.

Posting of copyrighted material is not allowed at any time unless permission has been granted from the copyright holder. Even when permission has been granted you must seek written permission from the moderators here before posting it.

Thread Topics
The “general” section is for all matters of a general nature and the Moderators reserve the right to move posts into more appropriate sub-forums at their discretion.

We have many sub-forums and we ask that before posting a thread you consider where your post might best be suited. We also suggest before posting that you use the search function to see if there is already a thread you may add your post to rather than starting a new thread on a subject that may have recently been discussed.

Questions to David Icke
David Icke does not actively participate on this forum. Please do not waste time posting messages or questions to David. If you disagree with David's work you are free to communicate this on the forum, however, as you will see below we take a grim view of “trolling”.

The Religion Forum
The religion forum was set-up in order for people to discuss, debate and expose the true nature of religions. David's view has always been that all religions exist in order to divide and rule. The intention on this forum is to expose religions for what they really are and not to promote them. We will not tolerate posts or posters with any kind of religious agenda. You are welcome to discuss and debate with the rest of us. However, this forum is not for promotion or recruitment to your religion. Any threads or posts which veer towards this will be deleted.

While David welcomes discussions on his research and doesn’t expect everyone will necessarily agree with every aspect of his work, anyone who joins this forum with the sole intention of flaming David Icke on his own forum will find their account suspended without warning.

Please do not flame others or deliberately disrupt users who wish to seriously discuss aspects of David’s work.

While it is perfectly fine to discuss aspects of David’s work you disagree with or do not understand, posters who habitually criticize David’s work while offering little or nothing constructive to other forum discussions will not be allowed to dominate this forum.

Forum wars
You will not use this forum or any feature within it to arrange any kind of attack on another forum or website. You will also not use another forum or website to organise attacks on this one. Anybody caught doing this will have their account suspended without warning.

Threads or posts which are created in order to ridicule, attack, discredit, or make unfounded allegations against other authors or researchers in a similar field to David Icke will be deleted.

We encourage posters to post facts and opinions about a wide range of topics, including; other authors, books, DVDs, articles, and websites. However, this can be done without resorting to unfounded allegations and abuse.

Report Post Feature
If you see a post you believe breaches any of our forum guidelines, please feel free to report the post to the Moderators, who will decide on what action (if any) needs to be taken. The icon for reporting posts is the exclamation mark within a red triangle below members your user name and avatar. Only signed-in members can use this function.

Avatars and Signatures
Any user using an unsuitable avatar or signature (unnecessarily brash, pornographic or insulting to other members) will be asked to remove it. A Moderator may remove an avatar and/or signature at any time if deemed necessary.

Rant Room
Threads which are binned due to abusive, off topic or “petty” rants may be moved to the “Rant Room”. This sub-forum is only accessible by registered members.

It is at the Moderators' discretion whether to delete or lock threads which have descended into rants or to move them to the Rant Room.

Complaints and disputes with regard to Moderation
If you have a complaint against a Moderator or you feel you have been unfairly treated after having attempted to resolve an issue with the Moderator involved, you are free to bring the matter to the attention of one of the Forum Advisors who in this instance will act as an arbitrator to assist both parties to find a resolution they can both agree on. However before taking this course of action, we expect that members will try and resolve these issues with the Moderator involved as a first step.

Serious complaints may be forwarded on to the Webmaster.

Discussing moderation on the forum
While we appreciate that everyone has an opinion, moderation issues may NOT be the topic of thread discussions, no matter how strongly you feel about what may or may not have happened to yourself or another poster. Very often other members are not aware of situations that have transpired if threads and posts have had to be deleted.

The Moderation team is NOT at liberty to discuss such matters on the forum threads.

Please ensure you have read our Forum and Communication Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions before signing up for an account.

For information on our procedures for dealing with users who fail to abide by these rules please read the Rule Breaches section.

If you need any help with regards to posting or have an inquiry about anything forum related, please contact a Moderator who will be happy to help.

It is our hope that you will enjoy being a member of our community.

Thank you,

The Website Team.
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